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Peter (00:00:02):

Hey, good evening, everybody. Peter Vekselman here with Julie. Muse in another side, Julie. How are you?

Julie (00:00:07):

Oh, I am doing great. I’m doing awesome. Awesome. I’m actually back in Georgia again. Um, I’ve been in Louisiana for a couple, two to three weeks, so I’m glad to be back home. Um, I don’t know if you’ve got homes in a couple of different places. I don’t know what you call home, but I guess Georgia will always be on my mind.

Peter (00:00:29):

I tell you, we, um, there’s a very famous minister here and I’m sure you know him, Julie, uh, Mr. Stanley Stanley. Yes. And, uh, I love Andy. I actually was able for, to them to get to know them a little bit personally. And Andy always says, there’s what are known as rich people problems and poor people problems and having a couple homes in different areas. That’s, what’s known as like a rich person situation. So, but that was the first time you were there, right? I mean, I know you guys walked, but you were there, but then this was the first time you guys actually stayed there. Wasn’t it?

Julie (00:01:06):

Oh yeah. It was first time I’d ever seen it. Besides the first time I seen it when I walked through in about five minutes. So it was different.

Peter (00:01:14):

That’s crazy. That’s crazy. We’re going to get started here in a minute or so Julie people look at this real estate business and they say, oh, you can’t find a property to buy. I mean, you know, I can’t, it’s impossible to tell everybody this story, how you bought this one. Like, you know, people say, oh, it’s impossible. You can’t just drive for dollars. You can’t make cold calls the stuff. Doesn’t which by the way, totally leads into what we’re going to share with you guys tonight. But people let’s say it just doesn’t work. Does it work? Just calling sellers?

Julie (00:01:48):

Absolutely. It works. I mean, it works so much. I’m working on three deals right now, here in Georgia doing the same thing because you know, we, we, everybody knows we run a partnership program, right. And we focus on working with people just like you across America to find deals, but I’ll tell you, Peter, I love doing deals, right? So I’m always constantly looking for deals, doing deals on my own or with you generally, you would not do them together, but it does work. And sometimes you got to go back to the tried and true methods of doing things to find the D these deals and you know what that’s okay. And that’s how I found that house in Louisiana. I mean, driving for dollars, you know, calling the seller, I actually brought, bought that property on creative financing, um, which was beneficial. We didn’t have, I didn’t have to pay all cash up front for it. So, you know, really the difference in doing deals and not doing deals is the effort that you put into it. Right? And you’re never going to tell me in any market that you can’t do something because a real estate market doesn’t dictate success, personally. It just doesn’t.

Peter (00:03:06):

That’s so true. You know, people a lot of times say, well, is this a good time to get in? The business is a bad time to get in the business. Is it a good market? Is it a bad market? And obviously right now we know we’re in an amazing market, but I also tell people along the way, things are going to change. I mean, real estate. The one thing about real estate we know is that it’s, it’s, it’s constantly changing. It’s going up, it’s going down, easy money, hard money, all that kind of stuff. And, but you’re absolutely right. If you know what you’re doing, if you know how to adapt the right way, it really doesn’t matter. It really does not matter what kind of market you’re in and all this. Um, but again, to tie that into what we’re going to share with you guys tonight, um, there is some things you need in this business to make it work. And we’re going to be talking to you guys about one of those things. We’re going to talk about lead gen, you know, and, and, and, and we’re going to share with you the importance of lead generation. We’re going to share with you, um, today, the kind of lead gen preparation that Julie and I do with our partners and, and stay to the very end. We’re going to just like give them a hundred free leads tonight. Aren’t we?

Julie (00:04:19):

Yes, absolutely. I believe in what we do so much, Peter that in and talk about, you know, we were definitely going to do that. Right. But the biggest thing is, is that I believe in what we’re talking about tonight so much that what we’re going to do is we’re going to give everybody on this call a hundred free leads and the importance of those leads. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Peter (00:05:05):

Pop this thing on boom, boom, boom. We are all right. I’m old. My internet that is going, that is going out. Um, is it, uh, Kristen is my internet going out? Cause if it’s mine, Kristen, I could move before we get started. Am I, am I internet going out? Let me know. Or as Julie’s is clear. So it’s gotta be your video. We do things live right? When you do things live,

Julie (00:05:41):

All I can say is, is this is the first time ever that my Internet’s been better than yours. I was going to say that too, but Hey guys, as you guys are popping on and his Peter’s getting located in a different spot in his house, um, if you would, please, please, please let me know, um, where you guys are calling in from. Cause we love to hear where you guys are from. Like, even before we got started, as Shane is out of coming Georgia, we’ve got, um, John from Rochester, New York. So glad to have you on tonight. We’ve got Michigan from, um, we got Rhonda from mayor Lynn, James from Charlotte, North Carolina, Michelle from Washington state, the west coast is in the house. She says Attleboro, Massachusetts, Kevin from Louisville. I’m assuming Kentucky. Um, love Louisville, Kentucky. Kevin. I’m actually working quite a few deals there with one of our partners, Ms.

Julie (00:06:48):

Margie and our partner driven max program there in Louisville. And you’ve got a hot, an up and up-and-coming market there. We’ve got Joseph from Connecticut Gordian. He says from Delaware, we’ve got Graham and Jenny from Phoenix, Arizona, Vincent from Latonya, Georgia, Amy from New Hampshire, Jamie from Gainesville, Georgia, Sandra from Gainesville, Georgia, by the way, Jamie and Sandra, I was born in the hospital in Gainesville. Um, so it’s right next to, I haven’t made it too far in life. I’ve lived in the same little corridor, my entire lap. We’ve got Karen and Carl from Massachusetts, Jerry from Kodiak, Pennsylvania. Awesome. Awesome. So, so glad you guys are popping onto now. We’ll get started here in a minute. Isaac from San Francisco, California, actually, Isaac, um, this weekend on Saturday, I believe what we’re doing is we’re going to California on a little trip, Peter and his wife and me and my husband, Chelsea and Rafa. Um, we’ll be in, I believe it’s Richmond, California, which is a little bit above, um, a little bit above San Francisco. I believe Jerry. I am so sorry. Um, I was wondering, I’m like, I’ve never heard of Kodiak, Pennsylvania. Jerry says, no, that’s my last name. So I’m thinking, are you sure you’re not from Alaska, Jerry. Hi,

Peter (00:08:23):

Julie, how do I sound now? Is this better, Kristen. Julie, am I coming in loud and clear?

Julie (00:08:28):

Yes. And now you can do the cooking show.

Peter (00:08:31):

All right, here we go. That’s true. I am in my kitchen. I came up from upstairs in my office to now my kitchen. Uh, but that’s what it’s all about. It’s about making adjustments. It’s about doing what you gotta do. Well guys, welcome, welcome aboard. For those of you that are joining us from zoom, those of you that are joining us for social media tonight. Again, my name is Peter Veksleman. Someone on the other side, I have my partner, Julie muse, Julia and I have been together for gosh over 10 years now. And what we are is we are real estate investors. We do real estate deals. We have been doing that ever since we got together and we’ve done a lot, a lot of deals personally, I’ve been an investor for well over two decades going on about 22, 23 years, I’ve done a lot. I’ve done thousands and thousands of real estate deals in tonight.

Peter (00:09:15):

We want to add some value to you guys. There’s two types of people listening into us tonight. Some of you guys are our partners, and if you’re a partner here tonight, we’re going to teach you some stuff. But we also want you to know if you’re already a partner with us tonight and we are already are in a process of doing some real estate deals. Everything we’re going to teach at a night and everything we’re going to show you tonight. You already have access to simple as that. Some of you all are not our partners. You guys are maybe checking us out. You’ve talked to, you’ve heard about Julie. You may have heard about myself. You’ve heard about the partner driven model. And you’re like, this sounds intriguing. It’s something I potentially want to be a part of. And so for those of you that are not our partners yet.

Peter (00:09:54):

Okay. And maybe you want to kind of do, I don’t know if this is a good word, but you want to do like you T you want to tread your way towards us tonight is going to be a good opportunity for you guys. Because tonight we’re going to teach you some stuff about how we put real estate deals together. What we do in terms of putting real estate deals together, and then we have a special, special treat for those of you that stay on all the way through the training tonight, we’re actually going to give you some leads, right? And I can tell you right this from somebody who’s an investor, who’ve been doing this for, for many, many, many years. There’s nothing more important in real estate than the ability to get seller leads. I mean, that’s it, uh, you couldn’t give me enough contractors.

Peter (00:10:35):

You couldn’t give me enough closing attorneys. You couldn’t give me enough money people to replace what we’re going to share with you tonight, because I could tell you the only reason that Julie and I had done as many deals as we have is because we have figured out how to go after seller leads and how to generate seller leads. But before we get started, for those of you that may not a hundred percent know what we are and who we are and what the partner driven model is all about. I just want to give you a quick overview of what partner driven is all about partner driven, which is, you know, I, I used to say it’s a company, but really I don’t, I don’t say that anymore lately. I say it’s a way of doing real estate deals. You know, Julie and I have done real estate deals just as regular real estate investors for many, many years, but now a hundred percent of our deals come as a result of partnering with people across the United States. Okay. So when you’re a partner of ours, when you’re a partner of ours and we do real estate deals, we basically from RN provide what we call, what are the pillars of success when it comes to real estate investing. For instance, if you’re a partner of ours, you have the ability to get trained and coached by myself, Julia,

Julie (00:12:09):

Okay, guys, we’ve got some, uh, technical videos again. So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to take over Kristen, if you will just kick Peter off the webinar. And, uh, we we’ll just kind of go from there, but let me explain to you what the partner driven model is. Okay. What partner driven driven is, and I’ll take it exactly from where Peter, you know, we’re where he left off. Partner-driven, isn’t a company anymore. It is a literally a group of investors across America. Okay. And we’ve all kind of gotten together and we’ve decided to do deals together, right? So here at partner driven, one of the main things that we do is we provide mentoring and training. So that is literally every day, Monday through Friday at 9:00 AM. Eastern standard time, we do a live daily training call. This live daily training call is going to help you understand exactly what you need to do in this business, really to get to that next step, right?

Julie (00:13:18):

I’ll take my jacket off. It’s getting a little hot, um, what you have to do to be successful. You’re going to have multiple different coaches on this call. We’re going to go anywhere from driving to dollars to, um, to understand the deal driven app, to understanding what numbers to put your properties under contract for, um, multitude of training. On top of that every day for 12 hours a day, we open it up for you to have the ability to schedule a live daily training call with us. Um, that’s going to be any of our master coaches because sometimes in this business, you’re going to have questions and it’s a lot, lot easier to get on the phone and talk to someone and get your questions asked immediately, which is, which is huge because that is, you know, for me, sometimes you might know the answer, but being able to just have a sounding board or get an answer, um, a question answered immediately is can, can literally be the difference and not doing a dealer, not on top of that.

Julie (00:14:30):

We’re going to provide to you guys, our back office support our back office support is going to be there to help you with contracts, help with any contract questions all the way down to, if we flip a house together, help pay the contractors, help find all of these people. Um, and, and for you, it’s like going into business and already having an entire staff around around you, which is crucial because we want you to do is we want you to spend time doing things that actually made it you money. And what is that? That’s good going out and talking to sellers each and every day, right? If at all possible getting in contact with sellers and making as many offers going on appointments, that’s truly the key being successful in this business. So we’re going to provide that for you next. We want you to be able to understand software.

Julie (00:15:26):

So we’re going to provide you our deal driven software to help find some of these motivated sellers, be able to look up property, information, valuations tax records, the whole nine yards. Now what we just added in the last, I dunno, I would say like four months is something called engine and what is deal? Engine deal engine is literally an engine to run your follow-ups for you. Okay. Or your contacts for you. So, you know, the old way of doing it is you’ve got someone’s phone number. You pick up the phone and call them. If you could place this information into a system that will put them in a dialer for you. Well, as a dollar important, a Doppler is important because it is literally going to, um, reduce the amount of downtime. Okay? So when I was making calls, when I’m handling from an office phone or my cell phone, the most calls you could make an hour is between 25 and 32 calls, utilizing a dialer, even a one-line dialer.

Julie (00:16:37):

You’re going to be able to make up to 60, 70 phone calls an hour. So that’s like taking you times two on top of that, it’s going to send out automatic text messages, automatic email addresses from information derived from deal driven. Now, why is that important? Well, because it deal driven. We’re going to give you the information there to be able to enter into this program, because we’re not just, it’s a mentoring or a coaching program. Our entire goal is for you to do deals. We are going to arm you with all of the tools, tricks, and the trades of this business, because we’re invested in you doing deals. So for those of you that are partners use this technology, right? Um, if I’d have had this technology years ago, there’s no telling how many deals that we would have been able to do. Now, once you find them the deals, here’s another important thing.

Julie (00:17:39):

What we’re going to do is we’re going to take these deals. We’re going to actually purchase these for you. Okay? We’re going to put whatever pairs we need into it. If we need to double close, we’re going to do that for you. We’re going to put all of the funds into the deal. And then once we closed the deal, what are we going to do? We’re going to split the profits with you 50 50. Okay. So if you would like to learn more about being one of our partners here at partner-driven, then all you need to do is contact this number at 7 7 0 7 4 6 8 5 8 5. Again, that number is 7 7 0 7 4 6 8 5 8 5. Okay. So if you’re thinking about it or you want a little bit more information on that, then go ahead and, and call that number there. And there’ll be somebody there to answer any questions that you may have, but let me tell you, this is anybody on this call ever gotten a hard money loan. You could put it in the chat if you have. I’m just curious if anybody on this call has ever gotten a hard money loan.

Julie (00:18:55):

So what’s nuts is that the cost for being a partner is less than it is to join being partner driven with a hard money loan. You’re going to get the money to buy a house, right with us. You’re gonna get the money to buy the house, plus plus the mentor and plus the coaching plus the technology. So what it costs to join us is less than what a hard money lender is going to charge you sometimes is what it’s called hard money, hard money lender. So it’s not going to hurt you to just make a call and check that out. But what I would like to get into, um, and, and thank you guys for sitting through that. I’d like to go over that every time. So everybody understands whether you’re a partner or not what we have to offer, because sometimes we always need to be reminded, use the resources.

Julie (00:19:50):

Guys, use a resources that you have. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. This business is really the art of buying and selling. There’s not a lot of nuances in there unless it comes to marketing, right? So we want to be there for you, but I want to get into what we’re going to discuss tonight, um, which is the art of getting a deal done and why? I think certain sources are better than others. Okay. So many of, you know, there are several different ways to find deals right in your marketplace, um, in the chat, let me know, give me some ideas. What are some different ways for you to find deals in your marketplace, not how you market to those people, but what are some different ways that maybe an investor might buy a house?

Julie (00:20:48):

I’ll give you a hint. One is sometimes people buy them from other wholesalers. Sometimes people buy them from and that’s right. Word of mouth. Um, they bought them from auction sites. Maybe they bought them from the MLS, but what I Craigslist Karen and Carl said, there’s lots of different ways to find properties. I feel that the best way to find the best deals to do what you’re looking to do is to always be direct to seller. Okay. What does that mean? That means there’s no middleman there in the middle, right? So what you’re doing is you’re looking to problem solve, um, one, you know, one reason why I feel like I’ve been so successful in this business over the years is because I’m more of a problem solver, right? So I’m looking for people that maybe need help out of situations by buying their properties.

Julie (00:21:56):

I’m able to come in and help about of those situations. Maybe get a move into a different spot. Unfortunately, maybe someone passed away, someone lost their job. They’re wanting to downsize or wound to upsize. There’s lots of different types of motivated sellers out there. The other reason why I like working direct to seller is because of discussions that I have are between me and that seller. So depending on what the exit strategy is for me, for me, it’s not determined by somebody else. Okay. So what do I mean by that? So let’s talk about some exit strategies right now here at partner driven, we focus mostly on wholesale deals and fix and flips, which is called short term investing. Okay. But you know, there’s a lot of us out there that want to do wholesale and want to fix and flips, want to do owner finance, want to do subject to their existing mortgage seller, carry that all of these things, when you are direct to seller, you have the ability to have these particular conversations with these sellers, right?

Julie (00:23:15):

If there was a realtor in the middle, getting a realer to understand, you know, and have the proper contracts can be very difficult. Okay? So that’s why I always work direct to seller. You’re going to make the most profits on a deal. Number one, because there’s no middleman, you have less drama in a deal. You know, you put someone in the middle of a deal. It’s just an extra piece of drama, right? Who likes drama? Not me. So I want to literally focus my time work in direct to seller. I’m able to build rapport. I’m able to talk to them about different things. So my point is, is that in any marketplace, in any market, the best pace to find deals is always going to be direct to seller. Okay. But a lot of investors out there, you know, maybe they’re doctors, they’re lawyers, they’re accountants, and they don’t have time to go and find deals direct to seller.

Julie (00:24:18):

It can be a lot of work. Right? I know a lot of you on this call know that I can be a lot of work to go out and find these deals direct to seller. So what do they do? They usually go to the MLS or go to another wholesaler. They’re going to be paying a little bit more for not doing that. Sometimes 25, $30,000 higher than what they should be paying. The thing that I love about working direct to seller is, is that never do I have to rely on someone else to aid in my success because I control what I do in marketing. The marketing does not control me. So in a market like this work in direct to seller, you know, some of us not feel it’s a little bit difficult and it can be, especially when properties are flying off the market and people are wanting to highest that they can get for a property that could be tough. Anybody on this call is experience experiencing that. We’re all experiencing that. Right. But the deals are still there. Okay. Now in a market to where we’re not like that being direct to seller, there’s a lot more opportunities. Okay. So let’s talk about the different lead sources that are out there and why I feel that vacant properties is one of the best lead sources out there. Okay. So put in the chat. What are some bad? Think about the bad reasons why you should never leave a house vacant.

Julie (00:25:59):

I mean, in the chat, let me know. I know everybody’s got some, a lot of good ideas here. I mean, why should you ever leave a house sitting vacant? Gordon says vandalism squatters robbery. Break-ins theft animals will move in rats. Absolutely. Any more squatters? Yeah. What about the actual home itself? Like Ron says absolutely frozen pipes, mold, water, damage, a Lakey roof. These reasons are you’re looking at your plumbing and your seals, not having water through those right. Or something saying stowed up. It just gets worse and worse and worse. It just deteriorates. It’s almost better to have someone live in there for free, almost taking care of your place and to leave it sitting vacant. You never want to have a house sitting vacant. And there are tons. I mean, tons of vacant houses in America. Now you guys, you know, you’re, you’re in the bills are looking to get in the business.

Julie (00:27:13):

So in your mind, you can see, or you can visualize all the reasons why you wouldn’t want to see a vacant house. Right, right, right. That’s a great point. He said, property taxes, like right now, I have a vacant property sitting over here that, um, was in rough shape, but I didn’t really just didn’t want to fix up. So I thought, oh, that’s a height of the market. I’ll try to sell it. Well, I already knew it was kind of a property that probably wasn’t going to sell. And it’s been sitting vacant for four months. Well, I talked to my realtor today and I’m like, I can’t leave this house sitting in this Georgia heat and humidity for any longer. Number one, like Gordon says, I’m paying property taxes on it. I’m paying homeowners insurance on it. I got to pay somebody to go over there and we’d eat and clean up the yard and keep things clean over there.

Julie (00:28:07):

And that, and the not to mention the power bill, the water bill. I mean, even if you’re you have a house sitting vacant, I’m never going to turn the power off at that property. So the bills just add up and add up and add up. So tonight what we’re going to be doing is, is we have the ability to pull all of the vacant properties in the lower 48. Okay. So in the lower 48, we have the ability to send you 100 vacant property leads. Okay. So why is it important to have these 100 vacant property leads? Would it be useful to have, if you told me your city and I sent you vacant property leads and you at least had who owned it, what the property address is and their mailing address, would that be useful in your town? If you had a hundred, if you knew what those leads are, well, how much useful do you think it’d be to have their phone number to the person that owns that property? Would that be useful?

Julie (00:29:20):

Absolutely. Well, what if we included their email? So tonight what we’re going to offer you is we are going to give you 100 free vacant property lead leads that have equity in there in the property. Whenever I set that up up, I didn’t just set it up for properties that didn’t have equity. I want them to have at least 35% equity or more, and I want them to be vacant properties. Non-owner occupied and you’ll get the owner’s name, their cell phone numbers or landlines and their email address. Uh, promise you if you work, these particular leads to them. The biggest is the biggest. I don’t even know if I’m saying this right. To the extent that you need to, there are money in those leads. Okay. Now you’re like, well, what do I talk to the seller about? Did we not just go through that?

Julie (00:30:23):

If you’re talking to someone that’s got a vacant house, do you now know the reasons why you shouldn’t leave a house? It absolutely. You do that. The house is deteriorating. You’ve got squatters. Do you know what’s going on to a lot of houses? Is anybody seeing that evictions are hard right now in a lot of states, a squatter can move in to your vacant house and you can’t even get them. That’s nuts, right? Yeah. Someone can move into your house without paying you money and you can’t make them link. You do not want that happening to you. You do not want that happening to you. So yeah, if you’re going to be in this business, it would behoove you to go after this, the owners of these properties and you’re thinking, well, why would they even do that? A lot of times, a lot of these sellers, they are not in it position.

Julie (00:31:30):

They don’t, they’re not in real estate. Maybe they were gifted the house and it was a second home. They don’t know what to do about getting attended in there. Maybe they don’t have the money to fix it up and put it on, on the market. Right. Or maybe they just don’t care, but you should take it upon yourself to go find all the vacant properties that you can in your area. Yeah. Okay. Now, if getting 100 leads is great, right? We all agree to that. Well, man. And what if I could get an unlimited amount of these leads? Wouldn’t that be even better?

Julie (00:32:11):

I mean, if you, if you really worked an unlimited amount of vacant properties, do you think you could close a deal regardless of the way the economy is right now or the way that the sellers are right now? Absolutely. You could. I’m going to show you tonight how you can pull it leads, utilizing our software and Bob, the way would these a hundred free seller leads that we’re going to give you tonight. You are not required to buy anything. Okay. If you choose to do so, you’ll have the ability to pull an unlimited amount of leads. Okay. And that’s what we’re offering. But at the very least, if you don’t want to purchase something, we’re going to give you a hundred free seller leads either way, but I’m going to show you now exactly how to pull these particular leads. Now, what I’ve done is I’ve taken you to my account inside of our software called deal driven.

Julie (00:33:15):

And I want to show you how powerful it is. And some of the things that you can do to pull these lists in your area. So number one is I’m going to search for property leads nationwide, utilizing our search filters. Okay? So we’re going to go here. Then. I’m going to enter a location had just, since we had two people that were in Gainesville, Georgia, I’m just going to go there. So I’m going to go to Gainesville, Georgia, and I’m going to do, let’s say, I don’t know, a 25, maybe I’m at 24 or 24 miles search radius around the city center of Gainesville, Georgia. Now I want to find all of the vacant properties. Are you guys seeing this in Gainesville, Georgia alone, there are 3060 properties that are categorized vacant. How do we know it’s vacant? We don’t know 100% that they’re vacant.

Julie (00:34:22):

But what happens is, is that we have a direct link to the United States postal service and the United States postal service have deemed these properties vacant. I mean, Gainesville, Georgia is not some huge town like Atlanta or Houston, Texas, or Los Angeles or a big city. It’s a little suburb. Um, but there’s over 3000 properties there. Well, let’s check this out. Do I want to call every vacant property owner regardless of how much they owe? Well, I mean, it really depends on what your exit strategy is, but for me, I’m more looking for properties that have equity in them. All right. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to pick single family homes, townhouses. See, I’m what I’m doing now is called list stacking. Cause I’m the only looking for, for me, I’ll do townhouses, condos, duplexes, triplexes, quads. There. Aren’t going to be any row houses in Gainesville, Georgia.

Julie (00:35:32):

For those of you that live in, let’s say Pennsylvania, you might find grow. Um, now I want to go to the equity. Well, B it ends that the equity is a difference between what someone owns and what the property is worth. I want to go after the best possible deal. So I’ll want the houses, the vacant houses that I’m looking for to have a little bit of equity in them. So I want them to have, at least let’s say 40% or more equity in their home. Check this out. There are 2,729 properties in here of these type of properties that at least have 40% equity or more. Well, what if I don’t want something that was purchased within the last couple of months, right? Maybe, maybe if somebody purchased a property last month or the month before, maybe they’re not that motivated to sell, right?

Julie (00:36:35):

So maybe I want them to be sold before. I don’t know, January 1st, 2017, I’m narrowing down my list a little bit more and a little bit more in a little bit more. You could go your bill, you could go bedrooms and bathrooms. If you wanted to, for me, this is a great list for me to work. So what I’m going to do is from here, I can build my list. Okay. I could completely build my list from here. I mean, this is 1,609 properties that you could send a letter to, right? You could also cold call them. You could email them. You could knock on their door. You could do all sorts of things to market, to these potential sellers. You’re simply going to take this entire list, add it to your list and create a list from there. I’ll have the ability to skip, trace them, to find out who the owner is.

Julie (00:37:41):

I’m not going to add that many to my list for tonight’s purposes. I’m just going to pick a few of them and show you how easy it is for me to build the list that I’m looking for. Okay. I’m not going to go. After company owned, um, probably would have took that out of my search criteria at the beginning. I’m going to add this to my new list and call it vacant. Gainesville. If I was adding the complete list, okay. It just takes a second for 1,609 properties to run. So I’m going to just run like seven of them, 40 to nine. And when I say a couple of minutes, I literally mean maybe 45 seconds to a minute and a half. All right. So now that I’ve found, I’ve got my list together here of my vacant properties in Gainesville, I am able to in here and literally it’s still populating my list. It’s adding these as I go. I can go into these individual properties or all together. I can. Let’s see. We see who the owner is. She lives on garden road. This house is on Martin Luther king Jr Boulevard.

Julie (00:39:02):

She only owes $10,000 on this property. The cons are looking to be about 110. It’s a two in one built in 1959. I can send a mail from here. I can go here and skip trace them, which is going to charge you a credit, which by the way to night with those hundred free seller leads, we’re not going to charge you a credit. Okay. So as you’ll see, I’ve got the two landlines that are attached to this individual. Didn’t come back with an email address, which is okay. Um, so this is just one of the many, many, many lists that you can pull, utilizing deal driven. I just wanted to show you guys how simple and easy it is to pull motivated sellers in your area. You guys all agree with me than a house sitting vacant. Shouldn’t be there sitting vacant. Correct? You would think if somebody had a house sitting vacant that they wouldn’t want to leave it that way.

Julie (00:40:12):

Right? So, um, you can pull pre-foreclosures, which is going to be, we’re not going to talk about pre-foreclosures tonight, but that is literally a tsunami about what’s going to hit the real estate market was so many people in pre-foreclosure I’m already seeing auction set for next month. So what I would like to do is Kristen, if you would, I’m going to place where she’s going to place the link for you to receive those hundred free seller leads. This is no obligation, okay? This is no obligation. So we’re going to give you those hundred free seller leads, whether you purchase deal driven or not, but I’ll tell you, after you get those leads, you’re going to have the ability to get unlimited amount of leads from there. And I would definitely do that if I was you, but now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a second here and I’m going to answer any questions that anybody has. Um, I will answer them to the best of my ability. Um, I’m going to allow you to talk on here and then you’ll just unmute yourself. Um, I seen Ryan had your hand raised if you had any questions, raise your zoom hand and unmute yourself and I’ll bring you on with here. So let’s see, uh, Jerry, you can unmute yourself.

Julie (00:41:44):

Hey Jerry. All right. I don’t know if you have your microphone attached, so I’ll let you figure that out for just a second. I’m going to go to Karen and Carl,

Speaker 3 (00:42:04):

Julie, we’ve been doing the, um,

Speaker 4 (00:42:08):

Equity at 35%. Um, is that just for the pre-foreclosure or is that for, do we use that for the vacant property and out of state and all that? Or should we use that?

Julie (00:42:25):

So the reason why I use 40% on this is because this list was so large, I was just going, I was just using 40% instead of 35 to narrow the list down. So, you know, 35% equity is just fine, really? In my opinion, then it’ll just get you more leads. I was hoping because there was 3000 something I was trying to narrow that list down. So I didn’t have so many there.

Speaker 4 (00:42:51):

Okay. All right. So we’ll still use those 35%.

Julie (00:42:55):

Yes. 35 is perfect for vacant, uh, pre foreclosures. For those of you out there that do read a financing deal, you necessarily have to have that. Alrighty. Thank you, Carl. Thank you. Thank you. All right. Let’s see here, James Johnson on the line

Speaker 3 (00:43:16):

For two grand. It was talking to him. Can you hear me

Speaker 5 (00:43:31):

Okay. Hey, how you doing? Uh, just, just one question. I have the deal driven app and I’ve been with that. We’re actually you close to a year. Uh, I’m sure that there are costs that will be incurred with going the routes you’re talking about. Would the fact that I’m already with deal driven, afford me any type of, um, discounts.

Julie (00:44:03):

Are you talking about for the hundred free seller leads or with partner driven hun?

Speaker 5 (00:44:08):

Well, with partner driven as far as what you’re doing, as far as the technology and the leads going forward, other than the a hundred leads,

Julie (00:44:17):

Well, partner driven is, is, is a partnership program we’re deal driven is just the software, right? So the difference is, is that with deal driven that you have right now, you’re having to pay for your skip tracing? Correct?

Speaker 5 (00:44:33):

I would, if I were doing that, but I, I, I also do asset recovery on surplus funds. I’ve been doing that for years and um, I already know how to skip trace, so I don’t, I don’t need that, that piece.

Julie (00:44:47):

Got you. So you’re just exporting your leads out and putting them into another system is skipped. Yeah. Well,

Speaker 5 (00:44:53):

I’m looking on the system for different opportunities.

Julie (00:44:58):

Okay. So like, for me, like when you’re doing your asset recovery and your skip tracing, you’re going to another website to do it. Are you doing them one by one?

Speaker 5 (00:45:09):

I’m actually doing them one by one. That’s why I’m asking about the technology there. Being with dual driven already will deport me anytime discount because I have, I think I have been offered a partnership so much of what you’re talking about.

Julie (00:45:23):

Yes, sir. Uh,

Speaker 5 (00:45:28):

But for lack of better words, I find it hard to pay for that when I’m already paying for something else. And I’m not going to say what they charge me, what they say with my charge.

Julie (00:45:40):

Gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah. And it’s a completely different thing. It’s still driven is just one of our tools. Okay. So by the way, when you’re a partner of ours, you get a thousand free skip traces a month. Okay. And that’s a big deal. And like, for me, like your time is worth more money than a little bit of a Mount that deal driven charges to look them up one by one. Um, because your time is valuable. The time that you had spent looking up, skip, trace in a property at a time, you could be talking to another potential client. Right. So

Speaker 5 (00:46:18):


Julie (00:46:19):

That’s the way that I would look at it. So I want to show you something here. Okay. I want to see if this, this, um, I’ve got something populated here. Like for instance, do you see, like, this is a list that I was pulling for St. Augustine, Florida the other day. Okay. You could put a thousand properties in here. So let’s say, I don’t know if you’re using it for asset recovery or for, um, or for the real estate purpose. I’m going to select all of these. Okay. If you press free skip and you don’t pay anything now with just having deal driven, which is beautiful by itself, you press skip, trace. Okay. What it’s going to do is it’s going to take a third of a credit. This is essentially going to cost you about $9. No, not even $9. A third of the credit is about 30 cents a piece. There may be 17 in here, but literally within 30, 45 seconds, I’m going to have all the, that you’re doing one by one. So I would change that if I were you, I just think that efficiency to it would save you some headache.

Speaker 5 (00:47:39):

Okay. So what you’re saying is that for all of those that you selected just now, it was skip, trace every one of them. And give me phone numbers to leaves on these.

Julie (00:47:51):

I’m sorry, and emails. And it’s already back. Do you see this? This one has three numbers is when it has two emails is when I was three numbers is when I had seven emails. Literally, while we were on the phone, I skipped traced every one of these, like that. That’s the beauty of using this software. So you don’t have to go in and go to real people, and look up every word.

Speaker 5 (00:48:17):

Yeah. It wouldn’t be real people, but, uh, but it is, it it’s really hard. I actually pay more money without seeing what the results are. You know, I have to, I have to be able to get into it. Cause I’m already paying money for something that I’m not really using for the purposes that were stated to me that they shouldn’t be used for.

Julie (00:48:51):

Okay. So let’s put partner driven on one side. Okay. And let’s just talk about deal driven for the minute. Okay. They’re two separate companies. Okay. Yeah. Everybody can hear us.

Speaker 5 (00:49:08):

Okay. Yeah. It’s, it’s fine. But I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna throw salt on, on you.

Julie (00:49:14):

Listen, tell him, sell, tell me he’s not going to hurt me. I’m not a slug. Okay. So I just want you to understand the power of this software. So all the driven is a partnership. We’re going to put this on the other side. This is a software program that is completely different from partner driven. We just so happened to give it to our clients, to help us. The reason why deal driven has been official to you is that you’re not using it right now. If you want to do real estate investing and you want to see results, you gotta be talking to motivated sellers. I’m showing you a more efficient way to find motivated sellers in your area about pulling lists and skip tracing these clients. And with very little money, a lot of websites charge, you know, a dollar, $3 a piece for a skip traced. This is literally between 15 cents and 33 cents a piece. And it’s done very quickly. So I feel that the time that it saves you and the cost, it’s not comparable personally. So whether you go with partner-driven or not deal driven alone is just the software utilized to find motivated sellers in your area and help stack your list, help fund information about the seller, have all your tax records in one place. Does that help? I explained it correctly. Yeah,

Speaker 5 (00:50:55):

You have, but I have a lot more questions. Is there any way that I can contact you personally? Cause right now I am actually on the fence when, before I was just thinking, I’m just going to shut it down all together. Is there any way I can try to touch you?

Julie (00:51:11):

Um, yeah, you can, um, about deal driven. Yeah, absolutely. So you’re not a partner now, James, correct?

Speaker 5 (00:51:23):

I am not a partner of partner driven. I do have the deal driven software.

Julie (00:51:29):

Okay. Um, I’ll call you tonight after this webinar, if you would, you know how in the chat, there’s a little button that says panelist, send me your number in there and I’ll call you after this. Okay. That will work. Okay. Cool.

Speaker 5 (00:51:44):

All right. Thank you very much. And I’m sorry to waste and not waste your time. Uh, thank you for listening to me.

Julie (00:51:51):

Absolutely. Any time man, any time. That’s what, that’s what I’m here for. Okay, awesome. Yeah. Just put your number in the chat for me. Okay. All right. Let’s see. Um, if you would, if you have any questions and you’d like to be online, literally just raise your zoom hand and I’ll be able to bring you on in front of everybody. I do not mind any question you have whatsoever. Any questions? Okay. So I see a question in chat right now. It says if we contact people on those hundred lists of vacant owners and get one under contract, how do we find investors to flip that too? Okay. So as if your goal is to bill is to do a wholesale deal, am I right? Your goal maybe is to do a wholesale deal to where you’re going to find another investor to purchase that property from you or purchased the rights to your contract above what you have it under contract for.

Julie (00:52:58):

Right. So wanna make sure of the question and correct. So one you’re putting the house under contract, so you need to make sure you have the right contract. First, the contract needs to allow you the right to pre-market the property. It also needs you the right to give you the right to be able to assign that property. Okay. Once you have the right contract on the other side, what you should be doing is, um, you should be looking for cash buyers in your area. Once you’re finding cash buyers in your area. And, and I would love to go over this Isaac, that’s about an hour conversation by itself, but once you’re finding cash buyers in your area, you’re literally going to assign the rights to your contract because you have equitable interest in the contract because you placed it under contract, okay, you’re going to assign it to them at closing.

Julie (00:53:54):

And then you are going to make what is called an assignment fee, which is the difference between what you have at, for sell for and what you purchased it for. Or if you’re a partner at par or driven, we actually have the ability to pre-market the property through any brokers choosing. So by doing that, we’re able to pre-market the property utilizing the multiple listing services and it partner driven to make sure that that is a legal transaction. That’s all we use our back office and we will actually double close on the deal, meaning we will buy the house. And in the same day or the next day, we’re going to take title the house, turn around, close on it, on that same property. And by the way, guys, these are things that we literally talk about every day at partner driven to help you with these questions. But man, what a great question, honestly, what a great question. All right, Isaac. No, I’m sorry on Isaac Andrew, if you would unmute yourself.

Speaker 4 (00:55:02):

Yeah. So, um, I’m interested in kind of how, how the organization that the system is. So we’re pulling the list, we’re doing the skip trace. Um, so I have my list of numbers and I’m calling, um, and that’s, that’s pretty much it. So as I go through my list and I call and I try to play doctor with sellers to figure out what, what situation they’re in and what they need,

Julie (00:55:25):

Andrew, I’m going to start using that.

Speaker 4 (00:55:28):

And, um, and I’m just so, um, how, I guess, how do I get some of that information? Because I’m more of a, a landlord in vacation rental. I haven’t really, I bought houses and rented them, but I haven’t really gone into wholesaling and flipping gotcha.

Julie (00:55:49):

Mostly VRB O’s and things like that.

Speaker 4 (00:55:51):

Yeah. BRBO Airbnb. We have a private site. Um, yeah, we did. I had long-term rentals in Detroit and then moved to vacation rentals up in the lakes. Awesome. Um, so, but, uh, I would like to, you know, get into wholesaling, but I heard a lot of people that try to do it and, you know, struggle in the beginning. If you haven’t been doing it for awhile, it takes a little while to get in the system. So I, you know, I would say, see the power of the software, um, for instance, how am I, how would I, how would I get assistance or help if I needed, um, you know, someone, you know, was behind on their payments or whatever. And so it might be a subject to like, how long does it take for me to get a hold of? Like, who would I call? So I just put in a ticket, how do I get some more information? Like, Hey, here’s all the details. Or do we even have templates of, okay, well, if they’re in this situation, we might want to move towards subject to, or seller financing or whatever. Like, I’m just trying to figure out how that works with you guys. Personally. I was just the most important part is that.

Julie (00:57:00):

Gotcha. And I would love to help you with that. So, Andrew, can I ask you a question? Are you currently a partner with us? No. No. Okay. So are you asking if you were a partner or if I

Speaker 4 (00:57:12):

Wasn’t? No. If I was, if I were to, to be a partner.

Julie (00:57:15):

Okay. So I’ll start from the beginning on how I would do cause you were talking about systems and then questions. So first you’re going to pull the list, right? And you’re going to [inaudible] because if I were you I’d be wanting to still work my vacation Reynolds too. Right. I’d want to do both at the same time. Um, some deals will be wholesale. Some deals will be your sub twos and your owner finance I’ve pulled my list and those particular areas, right? When you’re a partner, you also have the ability to have something that we have, but I’m not showing you tonight called deal engine. Okay. Deal engine automates all of this calling for you. It’ll auto text. It’ll put your phone, call your, your, your numbers into a dialer and it’ll also email them. Okay? So that’s your automation. We don’t charge extra for that.

Julie (00:58:07):

We pay for that for our clients because we built that system for you guys. Now let’s say you’re talking to a seller and you’re like, geez, I don’t know. Is this a wholesale deal? Is this a good sub two deal? Is this a good owner finance deal? All you’ve got to do, there is no tickets. All you have to do is schedule a call with us. And literally we always have times available within 24 hours, you will literally schedule a call with one of our master coaches, um, who were partners before that I’ve trained and they will be able to answer any question you have. If it’s beyond what they can answer, they’re going to put me on the phone with you. You have the ability to schedule a call with us 12 hours a day, or you could send a question to support. But like, if you’re like me, Andrew, I like talking to people. Right? So you, all you have to do really is just schedule a call with us and we’ll go over it. Cause one of my coaches, that’s all he does just about as Airbnbs and wholesale bills. Interesting. Okay. Yeah. And like for like, I like, I, well, I’m probably not as versed as you in that industry, but I do VRB owes too, to an extent like once that I buy owner finance or in a vacation spot, I’ll do VRVO on those, but I’m mostly do wholesale at fix and flips.

Speaker 4 (00:59:33):

Right. You know, you know, I, I see the wholesale and the fix and flips is more cashflow. And then once I have cash, then I might find something that’s a vacation rental.

Julie (00:59:43):

Or if you, if you, you know, negotiate it correctly, then those people will be paying your payments on that owner finance deal. You know, so point is, is that we will always be there for you to answer any questions because Andrew, because we, we’re not just a mentoring company, like when you need money for a deal, we’ll fund the deal with our money and split profits with you. The more deals you do, the more money we make too. I know that’s a selfish thing to say, but so of course, I’m going to have people there to answer any questions you have. It may be the difference of you not doing a deal or not.

Speaker 4 (01:00:19):

Right? Yeah. I was just curious about the time I was kinda curious about the timeframe and the support. It may be. If I don’t ask all the right questions and we need more information, is there ever, is there ever a three-way call where potentially, if you’ve got that time slotted with your, with your coach or your mentor, and then you just kind of dialed up to the owner again, maybe to get more information, have you ever done like that?

Julie (01:00:43):

Do you mean like get on a three-way call with a seller? Yeah. A bunch of times I did it two times today already with two of our clients. Yeah, absolutely. And we do this from like, because one of my master coaches lives on the west coast and like I live on the east coast along with a couple other ones. Were we own on Eastern time, we have availability from nine in the morning to nine at night.

Speaker 4 (01:01:11):

Okay. Wow. All right.

Julie (01:01:16):

Great question. Thank you so much, Andrea. I really hope to work with you, man. You sound interesting. Awesome. Awesome. All right. If you have any questions, guys, just raise your hand, your zoom, hand, your zoom hand, and I’ll bring you on. I got time for a couple more questions. Oh. And by the way, um, if you guys are interested in partner-driven and you’re afraid to ask me questions, I get that, you know, in front of everybody, you know, I literally have team members standing by right now and all you have to do, all you have to do is call this number. Um, if you would put that in the chat again at 7 7 0 7 4 6 8 5 8 5 7 7 0 7 4 6 8 5 8 5.

Speaker 4 (01:02:11):

Hey Jerry. Yes. Finally.

Julie (01:02:15):

Yeah. You got that microphone working.

Speaker 4 (01:02:19):

Is it, is it that loud?

Julie (01:02:21):

No, you’re good. You’re good. Okay.

Speaker 4 (01:02:24):

Um, what I wanted to ask you is with being, since I’m new at this, um, this Saturday, I’m going to look at two properties with a realtor. Uh, my question to you is until I get my feet wet and get my first deal under wraps, uh, what is a good fee or cost for the realtor and the deal like, like helping me with the deal? Like what do they charge? What just so I’m not going to get raked over the coals. If that makes any sense. I was just curious, cause I, I have no clue. I’m like going into this blind, so

Julie (01:03:16):

Oh no, I got, I got you. And Jerry don’t mind and I hate to ask you this, are you a partner or not? And yes, you am. You are. Gotcha. So you’re going to look at a property with a realtor or are these properties listed on the MLS?

Speaker 4 (01:03:34):

Yes, they are.

Julie (01:03:36):

How long have they been listed for?

Speaker 4 (01:03:39):

Um, the one is like 55 days and the other one is don’t quote me on this. I’m pretty sure it’s like 45 47 ish give or take.

Julie (01:03:53):

Okay. So, so right now we’re in a very bullish market. Okay. I keep hearing that. Um, your PR and I’m, um I just want to be like real distrait up with you. Cause I don’t want you to waste your time either. They’re probably not going to be a deal. Okay. There probably won’t be a deal. Why do you say that? Well, because if they were a deal, they would already be gone by now, unless you can negotiate the purchase price way below what they’re listed for. Okay. Because there’s investors and people that scour the market, looking for deals right now. And any time a deal comes available, it is gone in the first day. That’s how, that’s how bullish the market is right now. So before I ever went to see these homes, what we need, what you need to know is, is talk to the realtor. And there’s a buyer’s agent and there’s a listing agent. The agent that’s taken you to look at these homes. Are they the listing agent for those homes or are they an agent that you’ve found to help you?

Speaker 4 (01:05:05):

This is the agent that I found to help. Okay, cool. It’s a local realtor. Okay. Which, like I said, with the way you’re explaining, like, it’s, it might, they’re probably not going to be a deal. How does, how does a new person survive? I have in this field the way the market is, to be honest with you, like all I’ll be as society, like

Julie (01:05:30):

All BS aside. That’s why it’s important. You work direct to seller and work the leads kind of like I showed you tonight. Okay. Um, but I don’t want to necessarily discourage you from the path you’re going on, but also don’t want you to waste time and not make money either. Okay.

Speaker 4 (01:05:46):

Yeah. That’s, that’s what everybody’s helpful. You all mighty dollar.

Julie (01:05:52):

Yeah. So, but I want to explain to you kind of how this real estate commission thing works. Number one, when you have a listing, the agent commission comes out of the sellers, proceeds. It doesn’t come out of your pocket, Jerry.

Speaker 4 (01:06:07):

Okay. So she did, she did mention, I believe she said, if we start to do deals together, she said something about a 5%. Does that sound about right or not?

Julie (01:06:22):

Yeah. Yeah. Yep. So generally agents for these, is that reasonable? Yes. It’s very reasonable. Okay. So generally as long as she’s not taking, okay. So generally when you go to sell your house, let’s say I have a hundred thousand dollar house just to make it easy. And I want to list my property. I’m going to sign a listing agreement with the listing agent and I’m going to agree to a set amount of commission upfront. Generally the standard is 6%. Okay. So you’ve got a listing agent. Then you’ve got a buyer’s agent. So then somebody that comes to bought a house, the agent that represents the buyer makes 3%. The agent that represents the seller makes 3%. However, that total commission comes out of the seller proceeds. So on a hundred thousand dollars sale, that’s $6,000 to come out of the seller side, 3000, going into your buyer’s agents, 3000, going to your listing agent. Now people probably like screw it. Like cringing agents don’t make that. Cause it got brokers to pay. They got, you know, insurance, they got all kinds of stuff they have to pay. So technically all of that money comes out of the seller side of things. So what your agent might’ve been telling you is she used to be, she’d be willing to list your properties for 5% commission instead of six, correct.

Speaker 4 (01:08:00):

Now that you say not, you say it like that. Yes. If it does ring a bell

Julie (01:08:06):

Like a two, two and a half split is how she’s probably would list that property.

Speaker 4 (01:08:12):

Yes. I think that’s the way she was explaining it. So that does make sense. So I appreciate your input. Like, you know what I mean? Um, and I can’t, I can’t complain about partner driven. Uh, I’m telling you, you guys are wonderful. Uh, you guys are more than willing to help always there. Um, I, you can’t ask for anything more than that. So

Julie (01:08:38):

Man, thank you so much, Jerry. Um, Bob away. Okay.

Speaker 4 (01:08:42):

It’s a rough, rough way to go out there cause you’re just sent out to the wolves and you got to fend for yourself for the most part. So

Julie (01:08:53):

You do, you do and by the way, tomorrow morning at nine, 8:00 AM. Um, Jerry, I don’t know where you’re located. I don’t know what, okay, so you’re still on the east coast at 9:00 AM. Tomorrow is my day to do the live daily training call. And I’ll call Wednesday’s call. It’s called fun with numbers. Yes. So if you’d like to join me tomorrow, I’ll literally go over what you should place properties under contract for. You you’ll really enjoy that training.

Speaker 4 (01:09:24):

I I’ve, uh, been there. I think it was last week. I’ve been through, you know, those morning meetings and stuff like that. I’ve been doing them every morning. So wasn’t

Julie (01:09:36):

On last week. I’ll be on tomorrow. No,

Speaker 4 (01:09:38):

It was, was, was Peter on or was Stephan on?

Julie (01:09:43):

No, Peter was on because um, I traded Wednesday for Friday

Speaker 4 (01:09:47):

With him. That’s right. He did say that. Yeah. But yeah, like I said, I’ve been on the morning calls and trying to learn as much as I can, you know, all along here. So I put my first deal here, so,

Julie (01:10:03):

Well, I, I believe so, Jerry, we’re going to do whatever we can to help you. And I’ll always tell you straight up and down how it is, right? Yeah.

Speaker 4 (01:10:12):

That’s the way I like it. You know what I mean? There’s no, you don’t. There’s no reason to sugar coat. So no, it is what it is.

Julie (01:10:22):

I want you to be successful. So. Well, thank you so much. I really appreciate that, Jerry. And you have a blessed evening. Thank you. You do the same. Yes, no problem. All right guys. Um, um, so what am I going to do is I have ended too. I’m going to end tonight. We’ve ran a little bit over. I want to value everybody’s time this evening. Um, but if you are a partner, I’ll see you tomorrow morning on our daily training call, um, at 9:00 AM Eastern standard time for fun with numbers, we’re, I’m going to go over exactly what you should be, placing your houses under contract, what deals work, what deals don’t work. And I’ll always be there for, um, any questions you may have. It’s always live. So I’ll see you there. Thank you so much. Have a great night. Um, for those of you that are on the fence about partner-driven give them a call, give us a call and if you’ve got any questions, you know, we’ll, we’ll definitely answer them for you. Um, Mr. James, I will call you here in just a minute. Okay, dear. All right. Thank you. Bye-bye.