Peter (00:01):

Hey, good evening, everybody. It’s Peter and Julie, during the time of quarantine, where quarantine in the same place, right at, we haven’t done this in about a month or two, have we not done?

Julie (00:15):

Not in

Peter (00:15):

Months. Yeah. Well, well, two things are going on line. We’re in a place where it’s being reopened. Right? Georgia, like officially went to open a couple of days ago. So we’re not doing anything we’re not supposed to be doing. And two we’re like, we’ve been kind of just antsy, right. Sitting home doing that, like

Julie (00:34):

The office, you know, it’s like, it’s a 45 minute drive and I used to dread it. I’m like, yeah, I get to drive to the office.

Peter (00:40):

Yeah. And, and I’m going to be as bold as to show a picture. I just took of Julie A. Little bit earlier. I don’t know if you all could see this, but that’s Julie taking a so-called nap earlier today covered in postcards.

Julie (00:54):

We had a bunch of return mail and I’m like, man, I’m going to just get a lay with the postcards on the couch so we can see where our

Peter (01:00):

Yep. The things we do to entertain ourselves, right? Yes.

Julie (01:03):

Yes. But welcome Brad, Carl Charles Charlotte, Corey, David, Eugene, Ezra for HOD, Harry Jim, Johnny Martin, Marty Neal, Rob, Rodney Russell. Shane Steven Todd. Yes. Valerie. William, if I’ve missed anybody, don’t be mad at me. Okay. Which I probably have, but I did want to tell everybody we’re excited to have you in our office with us tonight, um, for our Tuesday night webinar and as much as we love it, um, as, um, thank you from Delaware. We love to hear where you guys are coming from. Uh, Charles he’s in, uh, Dallas, Texas, unless it’s Dallas, Georgia. Cause Charles there is a Dallas, Georgia. Shane is here in coming. Um, Brad is in Marietta. Russell’s from Buffalo. We got Steven from Indiana, um, McLean, Virginia with, uh, Mr. So, so excited to have you all with us tonight.

Peter (02:13):

We’ll begin started here guys. And just a couple of moments. We got very, very good stuff for you guys here tonight. So we’re so glad we are so glad that you guys are on. I mean, literally tonight, one of those nights we were can say we have something for each and every single one. And yet we literally are going to hit something today that whether you literally never heard about us before, and this is the first time you’re like checking us out to whether you’re already doing business with us and deals with us and anything in between. We got a great, great topic and that we’re going to be covering with you guys. So we appreciate you guys logging on. We usually get started pretty early, so we’ll give it about another minute or so and a couple of minutes and then we will, uh, we’ll get rolling.

Julie (02:56):

We got Dave from a Raleigh Durham, North Carolina, uh, Marty from Bama. Now, for those of you that don’t know, Bama is Alabama, right? Uh, sits up next door. I know, I know what Bama is. So he’s from Alabama, Craig from Ohio. Um, so glad to have you guys on this evening. Um, man, I don’t know, is everybody having a good day, upstate New York for Eric? I’m actually working on a deal right now in, um, whereas it in New York trying to think, I can’t just literally lost the top of my mind, but I was working on deal today in New York. So I’m glad everybody, Eric said he’s having a fantastic day. So that’s awesome. That’s awesome. You know, um, I started doing this new thing, you know, with my daughter because, and my family at home, because as you know, we’ve all been doing homeschool and working from home. So first thing in the morning when we drink our coffee or tea, I say, you know what, let’s talk about something that awesome that happened yesterday. Right? So starting your day with something awesome. Um, whether it be small where it, whether it be big and you know, after a couple of weeks, we kind of look forward to talking about that. So Fargo North Dakota, what’s up, Michael? I haven’t heard that one yet. That’s that’s great. Um, so, so glad to have you hope everybody is having an awesome week. Um, God, it’s getting warm outside.

Peter (04:23):

Yeah. The summer is hitting us here in Georgia, which I think you just said you got an alert about what a storm coming here. Something tonight.

Julie (04:31):

Yeah. At least at my house. I’m sure.

Peter (04:36):

Yeah. So, but no, we’ve been enjoying amazing weather. Uh, we’ve got our windows open and um, but again, we’re, we’re just glad you all are here. As you guys are dialing in. We’ll give it about a minute. Then we will get, uh, we will get rolling. So settle in guys. You may want to take some notes tonight. We got some good stuff to share with you to go over with you. Um, and so we will, uh, we will be getting started, but guys, the way we do get started is it’s kind of the same way that we’ve been doing it. And I always point out this, that this is one thing that we’ve been doing corporately for awhile now, right? I mean like we just like any other corporation during different things, different situations. We’d sometimes change directions. Sometimes times we add a little or sometimes we take a little bit off.

Peter (05:25):

This is the one thing that we have done from the time we started doing this. We’ve never deviated from these Tuesday night webinars. And I’ll tell you why from, you know, for me personally, I have realized just after talking to people that get into our world, start doing deals with us, partnering with those, maybe some other way across the board. So many people let us know that they got to know us through these Tuesday night calls. And so we know this is a great, great either entry point into our world or for some of you already are in a world as another point of contact. So these, these Tuesday nights, we take very, very seriously. We plan. We kind of plan our whole days around these Tuesday nights when we go, when we do Tuesdays. So

Julie (06:08):

Live every time I know I watched a bunch of webinars and you never know if it’s live or not, but these are live every Tuesday night. I don’t think we’ve ever seen.

Peter (06:17):

Nope. We’ve we’ve, we’ve always gone live. So that’s why sometimes we make mistakes right now.

Julie (06:25):

But quite often, quite often I remember doing my first webinar actually in this room. I was so afraid, but didn’t realize it’s like, Hey, I don’t know why you’re trying to act because it’s just regular people on the other line. It’s, you know, us regular people here. So we might as well be sitting in a restaurant eating, which would love to be doing right now, by the way, happy Cinco de Mayo. I wish I had something like, like some Morocco,

Peter (06:50):

I get it. We did get some, uh, Mexican food here a couple minutes ago. Um, but anyway guys, so, so here’s the way I like to always start out is just by dressing you all that are listening to us tonight because you know, as long as we’ve been doing this, I realized over a period of time that there’s really two types of people that listened to us tonight. The first category you might find yourself in, you are not quite part of our world yet. Um, and our world is partnering, doing deals with people. So some of you all are not, you’re not in any level involved with us, but you are checking us out. Okay. You know, you may have heard about us. You may be following us on social media. You might be aware of some deals we’ve done. You may have known some partners we’ve done deals with.

Peter (07:34):

And, and, and you’re just, you’re I think for those of you that are find yourself in that category, um, you’re still getting comfortable with us as the best way I could describe it. And these, this is just another way to figure out who we are. I mean, are we for real, do we actually do deals? Do we even, you know, I get asked this sometimes. Cause sometimes people get ahold of me before getting into our world. They’re like even have a, like an office or, you know, what do you, how do you, yeah, we, haven’t not, we’re actually sitting in our offices, we’re in our large conference room here today. It’s a little dirty, it’s a lot dirty. This is one of the camera around. And uh, but it’s at about a 10,000 square foot building. So we are real. We do actually do deals.

Peter (08:12):

We have invested literally in continue to invest across the United States and, uh, we are an investment company. Um, so yeah, everything you’re trying to get comfortable with, I can assure you, we are that. Um, so that’s the first group that’s listening. And so it’s tonight and, and guys, um, we’re glad you’re here. We’re going to give you something really cool to get involved with, uh, tonight with us. And so we’re going to talk about that. Uh, here in a minute, uh, the other set of group, the other group, that’s with us here tonight and, uh, you know who you are, you are our partners, meaning you are already full you’re. Like you’re part of the family is what we call it here. You know what I mean? You are fully taken advantage of everything we do here as an investment company and for our partners that breaks up into a couple of categories, uh, pretty much on a daily basis, you have the ability to connect with us, uh, one-on-one basis in a group environment, whatever it makes sense to you.

Peter (09:09):

So you get coached and mentored by us and our staff. You get leads from us. We skip trace things for you and things like that. You’re utilizing our technology like the deal driven app. And you could literally, especially in today’s world, build your business, utilizing our technology through your telephone. Um, um, if you’re a partner, you might be utilizing some of our funding to do deals with and you might be utilizing our construction piece. And, and so if you’re a partner, you know who you are and you know what that means. You get coached and trained. You get leads, you get, uh, unlimited capital. If you need it, you get help with construction. Once the project’s done, we put it in the market, sell it, split the profits down the road, down the middle 50, 50.

Julie (09:54):

It’s a school about tonight. Hey partners, guess what? We’ve got another free before.

Peter (09:58):

Yeah, absolutely. That’s exactly right. So that, and that, and that, that’s why I think some of your partners are here tonight because this is just another way for you to see what the latest and the greatest for being a partner is. And, and you know, the other thing is I talked to so many partners, um, it’s another way for you to re to connect with us. And, you know, I remember, and I shared a story of a time, like when I got started 20 some years ago, like I was a mess. I mean, I lost a bunch of money, created a big havoc for myself. My family like lost everything. You know, first three years I worked for nothing in real estate, like literally nothing. Um, um, but then when I started meeting some people that were started to help me and became like my pseudo partners, um, my coaches, my mentors, anytime I can get around them, anytime I could listen to them at any time I could be part of anything they’re doing.

Peter (10:48):

I was there because that gave me phew. Okay. That was like, that was fuel attitude, my fire in my desire. And so if you are our partner, you know what this all about, right? It’s reset recharge. We commit let’s go. That’s, that’s our, that’s our, that’s our mantra to our partners. So whatever group you fall into guys, we are so, so glad that you are here. Um, by the way, everything that Julie and I are about ready to talk to you guys about. It’s a very simple, if you already are a partner of ours, you get all of this, you know, this is all, this is just another value add to being a partner. This is, this is, this is kind of like, this is inside your kingdom of the partner driven model. Well, we really,

Julie (11:34):

You know, and in my perspective, we’re willing to help grow businesses across the United States. Right? So any time we can add extra business tools to people that they don’t have to go out and pay for. Right? We do that.

Peter (11:48):

Absolutely. So simple as that, if you’re a partner, everything we’re about ready to lay out everything, all the amazing things. And even the new tool that Julie’s about ready to go over. All of that is yours. Um, just at a click of a button, but today we’re kind of hitting this from a little different angle. Some of you guys, literally who are not yet our partners, and you’re trying to figure out a way to a little bit, stair-step your way into being a full fledged partner, like tip toe in, right? Like, you know, kind of like getting the notion. I’m one of those people I can’t, I can not understand how some of these people run and dive in. I do, I don’t do it. I get it. I get it. But that’s just not me. So, so specifically those who are not our partners yet, and you’re just trying to figure out, man, can these people really giving me some value?

Peter (12:38):

Like, can these people really change my life? How do I, you know, we call it a proof. Okay. In, in, in as much as, um, some of us don’t feel like we need to prove ourselves and that that’s not what we try to do, but we do know that some people need a little bit reproof as a way to kind of stair-step themselves into our world guys tonight, we’re going to give you an ability to literally stair-step your way into our world. And so what we want to talk about is it’s really where it started almost as a kind of a product that’s really becoming to a way of life for us here. And, and, and, and, you know, sometimes when you start developing and doing something, you think like you’re going to do it and you’re going to do it like at this level.

Peter (13:24):

And then you’re going to just like, just release it and go with it and hope it does well. And what we’re about ready to talk to you about did kind of start out that way, where we, we, we all were going to do it, something to this level. We’re going to give it to the real estate world, to the real estate community, and they’re going to utilize it to the level that was meant to be utilized. And, and that’s great. Uh, but what started out like that has literally literally, um, been transformed it’s been expanded on and it, you know, it’s almost like it’s almost like, I know it’s probably not a good example, but if I’m at like a car designer and I just started designing a car and I’m like, okay, I’m going to design this car and I’m going to sell it for $20,000.

Peter (14:09):

And then I happened by the time I’m finished or realized that went from like a $20,000 car to a hundred thousand dollar car. Cause I realized, wow, there’s like better features I could put on there’s better safety equipment I could put into it. You know, there’s better tires I could utilize. There’s a stronger, more powerful engine. And, and, and a lot of things like that start out in life, they start out kind of at a, at a certain level. I mean, any, I think, any big corporation, like, I mean, who thought that when, when Zuckerberg started Facebook, you know what he did it for his dorm, right. He did it for his university and who, you know, it’s easy to look back now and say, well, yeah, I knew that, but I don’t think that he had any idea that then when he started at 20 now and it, at that level, that it would become one of the largest, I guess, the largest social media platform.

Peter (14:59):

And that’s what we’re here to talk to you guys about. Because initially, initially, when we designed the 21 day deal challenge and beyond well, and, and ultimately beyond, but when we initially designed it, our goal was very simple. We said, listen, let’s focus on what we consider to be the most important facet, uh, real estate investing. And that is simply this getting a deal under contract, right? I mean, let’s face it if you become good, not even brilliant, but just like pretty good at getting properties under contract, you’re going to be pretty good in this business. You know what I mean? And you hear me talk about it all the time. You know, I don’t understand anything about construction. Never did no don’t now and have no intention to. And I’m, I would say I’m a very good real estate investor. So, uh, but one thing I do know, no matter how good I got to be in construction, I would probably never become a better investor.

Peter (15:59):

Might’ve been able to save some more money along the way. Might’ve been able to get some jobs done quicker. Uh, might’ve been able to bring a little bit of a higher product out here and there, but in the end, I don’t think anybody, any, any unbelievable real estate investor says well, it’s because I understand how to be a general contractor. That’s what makes me an investor. And there’s a lot of parts in real estate that are exactly the same way, except for a few. And this is one of those few, if you get good at putting properties under contract, getting deals locked up at fairly good property, it’s fairly good prices with good equity spreads telling you, you, you could be like, if you just learn how to do that, you’re going to be a, okay, you’re going to be pretty darn good in this business.

Peter (16:45):

And chances are like me, like thousands and thousands of deals later. I still don’t know how to fix a roof or what a shingle cost, but I sure as heck know how to put a property under contract. So when we initially designed to 21 day deal challenge, initially the goal was very simple. Let’s take an individual. And a lot of those people were may maybe one would’ve been the first deal they put under contract. Maybe they got some deals along the way, but never really got good at deals. Putting deals under contract. We said, let’s put together a legitimate program that an individual can go through. And there was a reason we call the 21 days. Okay. But something that can go through and under a month and utilize the knowledge, the infrastructure, the contracts, the technique, let’s put it all under one roof and give it to any person, whether it’s a beginner, intermediate advanced person, and let’s have them use this product, the 21 day deal challenges.

Peter (17:47):

What we called it and legitimate have people, the ability to start putting deals under contract. And initially guys that is exactly where the 21 day deal challenge was, uh, started from. And in, you know, let’s be honest, it’s not the first product we’ve ever put out. Um, it’s not the only product we’ve ever put out. Um, but we felt good about this because, because we thought it was very, very relevant. Okay. It was like very specific. It was like yet properties under contract. And here’s the step here’s a 21 day plan of, of how to do that. You know, what you would do step by step every day, literally that like 21 days, that’s what it was called. It shouldn’t take anybody more than let’s say a month or so, or maybe even a little bit to get a property tied up under contract. It was a very detailed, specific plan of action.

Peter (18:46):

And it’s like so many things in life. You do something at a certain level. And just like I just talked about a second ago, uh, the needs, the evolution takeover. So what happened is we started doing that as we started putting together, as we start, as the people that were going through our 21 day deal challenge, we started getting these incredible back feedback. Hey, I love it. I’m doing it. I’m on my 10th day. I’m on my third day. This is great. I understand, you know what the process you got to go through. I understand the paperwork. I understand how to read it. I understand how to contact seller. I understand your scripts. I’ve got your scripts. I mean, we just, it’s one of those things that, you know, you know, again, this is like one of those things that you don’t, I don’t know if you wish you, I shouldn’t be saying this, but like sometimes you do something and you’re like, gosh, didn’t work out the way I want it to be.

Peter (19:37):

Sometimes that did not work out the way you want it to be actually works out way, way better. And this was one of those times we started getting incredible, incredible feedback from people that were going through the 21 day deal challenge. And not only from a perspective of how they were using it, how they were buying into it, how they were excited about it, how they started putting, putting properties under contract. But the other feedback we started getting is, well guys, w w what else can we help you do? Like, like, okay, I got my deal under contract. What do I do now? Do I just like, run and hide? Do I like, you know, what do I do? Do I burn this contract? Do I, how do I make money? How do I, how do I get more? And so we started thinking about it in, in a lot of times, and this is a little bit off topic, but I will tell you, um, when you’re in business, sometimes where you end up as business is not necessarily what you, when you plan to end up in business, sometimes where you end up in business is where the road leads you.

Peter (20:36):

Okay. Like, for instance, right now we’re doing this, obviously in the middle of, of, of something that’s taking place out there. Um, the virus and in many of us right now, without even realizing are being affected by our environment. Okay. Like a lot of us are doing things a lot. A lot of you guys that are listening tonight are doing things today that you didn’t even know. You don’t have to do two months ago. Like wasn’t even in your realm of imagination. Right. But you’re doing them because you’re kind of forced to do them. Well, that’s what started happening with 21. They deal challenge. As we started getting great success from the people that became part of the 21 day challenge, as we started getting, um, more and more involved with those people, we all start getting feedback from them. And they started saying, well, guys, there’s more to this thing.

Peter (21:23):

Can you help us with like, maybe some technology, uh, or like, he, you know, Hey, we’re cooped up in the house. How do we get a property under contract? It’s sitting at home, you know, like you’ve told us to go see the owner. I can go see the owner. Right. Um, and, and, and so the first, I think major way that we, well, first of all, we expanded the name. We went from a 21 day deal challenge to two, one what Julie said already. So 21, the deal and beyond meaning, we didn’t want to just get you involved with you in that first month, a critical month, but we want it to take it beyond that. Like we mentioned that we didn’t want to just teach you how to deal, get a deal under contract, but wanted to give you the tools to do it with.

Peter (22:05):

So we said, you know what? We have this unbelievable app, the deal driven app that literally allows you to do every function of getting a property under contract from, from the Palm of your hands. And it became even more relevant in, in the world we’re in right now because of the pandemic, because of stay at home. Um, but beyond that, it just, it’s like, it’s one of those ease of use things, right? Like, you know, you want to get a deal under contract and you might have to go to the courthouse. Well, when we couldn’t go to the courthouse to look up, let’s say owner information, that’s one thing. But can you imagine being able to go to a courthouse but saying, ask, screw it. I’m just gonna pull, I’m gonna just turn my app on, right. Click a button and get the exact same information I can get at the courthouse. Right? Or like before, like when you, when, when, when a lot of times when we’re getting deals under contract, we have to get owner’s information. So remember we used to go to these websites, pay these absorbent fees, you know, do skip tracing on. We said, why can’t we just package that and do it right out of our app? And so goodness gracious

Julie (23:07):

And leads, you know, to me, that’s the thing that millennials don’t realize. And still to this day, you go to these websites to buy leads, leads that cost eight to 15 cents a piece. That’s a piece whenever. And if you’re not buying that many, it could be upwards of 25 cents a piece. But now because you have the deal driven app, for those of you that are in our 21 day deal challenge and beyond or partners, you have full access, 2000 leads a month. I want to ask you a question and, and I’ll just, I’m trying to, for you to kind of understand what used to be, imagine a thousand times 25 cents. I can’t even do the math on that when you see

Peter (23:49):

You’re better.

Julie (23:51):

Yeah. That’s like one did it, like, I’m really terrible that four or five times the cost of what deal driven is only if you were to get a thousand leads a month to me. That’s.

Peter (24:04):

Yup. Yup. And, and so really what w w what Julian are saying is that, um, we added, this was a thing as we went from 21 day and beyond, we added, we wanted to give people the opportunity to get technology also to, to not only get their first deal under contract, but now start doing multiple deals and ease of use and convenience. And, and then, you know, we added a feature just a couple of weeks ago, which has gone off like gangbusters. So many of us, and, you know, you, and I matter of fact, that people could see they’re in a corner. It was like 5,000 postcards there of direct mail. We were huge direct mail people. And so, so deal. So, so, so, so the deal driven app, uh, then we gave it the functionality to direct mail. So, so we added that to the 21 day deal challenge and beyond, uh, and, and, and even better response.

Peter (24:59):

There are more people joining the 21 day deal challenge and beyond, and utilizing the app. And I’ll do, but guess what? The better something is. I think the more people want to use it, but the more people want to use it, the more people say, well, can you also do this? And so the obvious thing that started happening is people were like, well, yeah, that’s great yet that, that Pete, you and Julie, your told us how to do it. And you put it on video and you give us incredible tool, but, but Pete and Julie, like things happen on the weekly basis. Like, is there a possibility that we could connect with you on the weekly basis somehow for you to teach us and to teach us more and you could do to take our, our questions. And so then we elevated the 21 day deal challenge and beyond to the next level where Juliana would literally, and I think we’re doing it tomorrow, right? Every Wednesday, 2:00 PM

Julie (25:47):

Actually tomorrow is going to be a special

Peter (25:49):

Tomorrow is going to be very special day. But what we decided is that we’re going to introduce us personally into two, into the 21 day deal challenge, you know, once a week, she, Julie and I get on a call with all of our 21 day challenge participants. And we talk just like we’re doing right now. You know, we teach, we educate, we answer questions. We talk specifics about the deals that you’re doing. Um, we’re giving you a helps and all this. So it just kind of started growing and expanding and, and guys, again, what started out as just like a, almost a one and done thing. Let’s put it together. Let’s teach people how to do the very basic concept has now taken a life on of its own. Not only really from our perspective, but from the demand we’re seeing. And guys, when I say demand, literally hundreds and hundreds of taking on the 21 day deal and beyond.

Peter (26:47):

And so it, our commitment to it is getting higher and stronger. So now we’re taking this thing online and expanding it and creating more value. And that’s kind of the highlight of tonight. Um, we are now adding on and, and, you know, there’s certain things we need in today’s world. Okay. Let me preface it bites. Before I tell you what it is that you now will also have access to as a participant 21 day teal deal challenge. Let me kind of tell you the world that we as investors are living in today, um, it is more and more and more important to have some kind of web presence, okay. For like a million reasons, right. A million and a billion reasons. One that’s where people go to when they check you out. Like, you know, if you’re claiming to be a real estate investor, if you truly want to do deals and you’re talking to a legitimate seller, right.

Peter (27:43):

Let me tell you to make no mistake about it. The first thing they’re going to do when they’re done talking to you is they’re going to go to their internet browser, and they’re going to see, well, does this person even have, like, how do I know this person’s for real, right. And, and so you need to have legitimacy. Whereas, so many of us before, like when I got started, when I was old school, 22 years ago, you know, my only form of legitimacy was to show up somewhere, right? And you’ll maybe a business card that said real estate investor on it. You know, nobody was checking me out online. Nobody asks me for a website. So you need legitimacy in the marketplace today. And the way you create legitimacy is the, seller’s not going to say, where’s your storefront. Many of them don’t even care if you have an office or not, but they do want to feel that you kind of, sort of, at least to a certain level are a professional.

Peter (28:33):

And so they’re going to go online. They’re going to check out later to hopefully a website that you have. Okay. Um, or they’re going to utilize the fact that you don’t against you. Okay. So having web presence is more critical, I think now than ever. And what makes it even more important is the times we live in, right. We all understand what’s going on in the outside world right now. Right. It’s harder and harder to have people to people interaction. And who knows when that’s going to come back. I mean, even here in Georgia, we’re open, but then like, that’d be like, we’re a hundred percent open. You know, there’s still plenty of empty parking spaces in, in office buildings and things like that. So in, in, you know, we’re utilizing verbiages today, the verbiage today that we didn’t even know two months ago, like social distancing and you know what I mean?

Peter (29:19):

The only mask I ever knew about it was the kids that the masks, my kids asked her and Halloween, you know, now I walk around and everyone’s got a mask. So we’re in a different world than like I said, who knows when it’s going to come back, which is more important to have some kind of a web presence to have some something out there from a credibility perspective. So as we expand our 21 day deal challenge and beyond, and now we go online and really, really address more and more the needs of everyday real estate investors. We’re so happy to introduce, uh, a web presence for our participants. Now, now when you’re part of the 1 21 day dealing and being 21 day deal challenge, and beyond you will have your own websites. And these are not guys, these are not like websites that like, we went to the marketplace and said, Hey, let’s just get some, let’s just get something.

Peter (30:11):

We don’t even care what it is. You know what I mean? We could have done that a long time ago, guys, by the way, some of you, all I know are excited enough already that you’re like, okay, how do I get started in the 21 day deal challenge? Okay. If you’re like ready to get started. Right. Um, this is crazy. Like how much does it cost for the book? Right. It’s a dollar for the first month after the first 30 days, it’s nine, $9 a month, but there’s no obligation or nothing for, so, so for those of you that are like, I’m ready. Well, where do I get this job that I don’t want to get? Those deals started new to this whole business thing. And I need to decide, is this right for me, then you need to, uh, immediately go to, and what does a 21 big deal

Peter (30:59):

So www dot 21 day deal, build there, right? It’s only a buck guys. Um, the reason it’s a buck, it’s because we know it’s, it’s worth way more than what you get, um, uh, than what you pay for. And we just want you to just, we’re like, just, just prove to us, you’re a legit person, invest a dollar, uh, for the first 30 days and you will be overwhelmed and all this. So if you’re ready to go to 21 day deal challenge, www dot 21 deal, deal,, get yourself set up for a book, test it out for 30 days. And we know you’re going to absolutely love it. So, but back to the topic at hand. So we, when we said that our participants need web presence, we took our time with it. Okay. Again, we could’ve had something slapped up there that really didn’t serve the purpose.

Peter (31:48):

That didn’t feel right. That didn’t look right. That didn’t do the, that didn’t give you the credibility that you needed in the marketplace, the functionality and all this. We did it, we held back, you know, we held back a little bit, actually quite a bit. We could have done something silly and cheesy long time ago, we actually got one of our own, uh, people involved. And, and that’s Chelsea, Chelsea’s a world-class designer top 1%, top 1%, top 1% of 1%, 100%, top one. Well, I mean, top 1% of the 1%, but no, Chelsea’s amazing. Pretty much everything you see, like, even this, this right here, that’s not like one of those things, like where do they do? Like what they think your background. Yeah, no, this is a real background, but this, even our logo was designed by Chelsea. If you’re at all involved at the partner driven level, whether from the outside of the inside, and you’ve seen our websites, you’re seeing our web presence. You’ve seen our social media, you know, you’ve seen the production we’ve done. You’ve been to our live events. I can tell you pretty much Chelsea or ha has her foot footprint, handprint all over everything.

Julie (32:54):

I am so thankful for, because even though I’m a girl, I’m not the type of girl. That’s good at that kind of thing. I’m the one that like, imagine this, like go into the, the, a store to pick out clothes. I’m good at picking out the clothes on the mannequin, not the ones where you gotta like put stuff together. Right?

Peter (33:10):

And, and this is where Chelsea comes in. I mean, Chelsea is not only brand that us to an extremely high level, but she’s helped to do that to people in outside industries, outside of real estate and all that. So Chelsea where like, Chelsea, this has gotta be done, right? We want our partners and we want our participants in the 21 day deal challenge. We want them to be proud of showcasing themselves because really in essence, you know, your web presence is you in this business. I mean, it really, really, really is.

Julie (33:39):

And the cool thing about it is, is what we’ve done is we have put together a training series and templates on how to do it yourself. Okay. I’m not talking about going and paying another four or $5,000 for someone to build your websites, but these templates are already created so that you could go out there and build it like for yourself. And it’s not even going to be that hard so that any of you, no matter if you’re just getting started, or if you’re like Glen, that’s on here and I’ve got, I’ve got to stop guys. So Glen did his start his first mailers with the deal driven. Okay. So Glen correct me if I’m wrong, he got his first call and he has a, uh, appointment tomorrow at 10:00 AM, from his, from his direct mail. Sorry. I had to stop everything.

Peter (34:30):

That’s what real estate. It’s all about. It’s about everyday people doing the things that we show them how to do and get results. So guys, back to the temple, this websites are phenomenal. So Julie, do you mind taking this thing for a test drive and showing people now that you’re part of our 21 day deal challenge, this isn’t, you’re getting this. You’d like to not, is this all active? Yeah, this is active. So like when you’re done today, go to what you should have. See it. And if you’re not starting at 21 day deal challenge, this is, this is another huge reason why you need to, so Joe, Julie, show him, show him the web presence that they’re going to be able to.

Julie (35:04):

Okay. And by the way, if I’m all weird in the camera here, that’s just, cause I got, my eyes are going, I’m getting old. Okay. So I want to take you, oh man, excuse me. I want to take you to the Woodstock 21 deal challenge. Um, so let’s say you’re, I would go over kind of everything again, what you’re getting by joining the 21 day deal challenge and beyond. And by the way, remember how we said earlier that once a week you are going to be getting a live coaching call once a week, by the way, if you sign up tonight, you’ll be able to have the opportunity to get on our, the one that we do tomorrow, we do it every Wednesday at 2:00 PM Eastern and this week, the most exciting thing. And as Chelsea, the lady that created this, which by the way, if any of y’all that know Rafa, that’s his son, his better half, but she’s going to go on and do the training call tomorrow to show you exactly how to get started with these websites.

Julie (36:15):

So for all of you partners to please make sure you’re on that call. So let’s kind of go over what you’re going to get. Again, if you don’t mind, number one, you are going to have the ability to be inside of our 21 day deal challenge, course material. This course material is going to show you exactly what you need to do to, to scale your business in the next 21 days, or get your PR your, your you’ll be on your way to learning what you need to do to get your first property under contract. Really? Whether it’s your first, second, third or 10th, it’s, it’s still great knowledge. Okay. We just really want to put the emphasis on you, take an action. And we filled out putting that in a 21 day scenario. We’re kind of forcing you with a timeline, right? Um, you’re going to get that Bob, the way boom, everything we talked about with the deal driven app, that by the way, you just, by signing up tonight, I, I can’t even actually believe we are doing this.

Julie (37:26):

We’re going to, we’re giving everybody that signs up for the 21 day deal challenge. And beyond 30 days, 30 days of free access to deal driven for you to try out. Could you imagine like getting it this tonight and then tomorrow being able to pull leads, um, a skip trace indirect to mail and do everything any big time investors ever done to me. That’s incredible. And it’s hilarious because I I’d want to mention this earlier, but I don’t know quite how to say this, but do you know how there’s like other people that are in this business? There’s other peoples that are, that are at our level, right? Other national speakers, other people that run coaching programs that are awesome by the way. And they tell us we are crazy, absolutely crazy for not charging more than what we charge for these things, but just like Peter, myself and Rob has always had an idea from the start is that we did not want to make our products or something incredible, like deal driven, call so much that everybody can’t afford it.

Julie (38:39):

Okay. So in our 21 day deal challenge and beyond you get 30 days free access. And by the way, after that, it’s only $49 a month. And I’ll tell you, comparable programs could be upwards of $2,500 just to start using that program again. That’s what I was telling you, that Peter Rob and myself, Ben, that created this app, we wanted something for everybody not to be out of the reach of, of some people, right? Cause we all start from different places. That’s why I put this together. But if you sign up for our 21 day deal challenge and beyond, you’ll get to test drive this thing for 30 days. Okay. Um, and again, a little bit about dieldrin for those of you that already don’t know, I rave it’s glory. So I feel like it’s redundant, but maybe not for some of you, number one with your phone, you’ll be able to identify and capture properties with point and click while you’re using it on your phone, you’ll get instant mortgage information immediately get accurate property evaluations, including the new comparables feature and know exactly how much equity is left in the property.

Julie (39:58):

Of course, equity is the difference between how much you owe on the property and how much it’s worth, right? The more equity the better sometimes also you’ll be able to organize your, your quick flip flip leads, prioritize based off of equity and value assigned tasks and due dates. Get owner’s contact information in one click, right? Imagine pulling a list, getting their phone numbers, their mailing addresses, right? And sometimes their social media profiles crazy. Huh? Well, when you do that, you could contact the owner, set an appointment, call them directly from your app or from your computer, possibly send direct to mail. So I want to paint this picture for you. Okay? No matter what city you are in America right now, imagine the ability to pull vacant properties that are non-owner occupied with at minimum 40% equity, you’ll be able to check the evaluations, the bedrooms and bathrooms when it was last sold.

Julie (41:10):

Could you imagine stacking a list like that for your area? I don’t know, but some of you, this has held you back for a long time because you just didn’t know where to start. That’s what we’ve done. That’s what we’ve put together. The 21 day deal challenge. So you know exactly where to start in this journey. Okay. Also new bonus. Whew, exactly what we were talking about tonight are three real estate investor, website templates. Again, anybody that’s new signing up, you will get this, anybody that’s in 21 day deal challenge or a partner. This is already included in your bundle inside of our university. So you’ll be able to try all of this stuff. I mean, come on. I really, if all you got with the free investor website templates to night to try for a dollar, would that be worth it, but not only are you getting the free investor website templates, you’re getting 30 days of deal driven.

Julie (42:21):

You are getting our university that shows you exactly how to get properties under contract as quickly as possible. Along with the university, our once a week group coaching call. These is just a few of the things that we we have provided to you. And right now there is a few, um, uh, some few spots open for you. Um, I have another awesome bonus. Okay. You also get access to our partner driven live video recordings. We’re in, partner-driven live. We did a live event over two days where we went over all sorts of details about this business. People pay thousand dollars or so just to get here plus whatever. I can’t even remember what it costs to come to our event, but they can watch an entire live event that we did in person at your home as an added, as an extra added awesome bonus for only $1.

Julie (43:27):

Come on. Is it worth $1 for you to see if this business is right for you? Tell me in the chat now, is it worth it for you to give it a try? Is it worth it for you to decide? Yeah. I want to do something for myself and take away, you know, all of this stuff. That’s been holding me back all these years, the Tom clock, right? The boss, the heavy burden of that on your, just your shoulders and your heart and soul. And I encourage you to night to invest in yourself. If obviously we want you to become a partner because I believe that’s your quickest way to success, where you work with Peter. And I want a one, our team, everything we talked about, okay. Maybe you’re not ready for that. Maybe you’re not. And Hey, that’s okay. But what if you could decide if it’s right for you tonight for just a dollar, wouldn’t just the idea of, of quit. Wondering if you have to question yourself anymore, if this business is right for you, would that be worth a dollar for you to try for 30 days? Yeah, of course it would be. That’s why we’re doing this because we want you to realize your dreams and goals. Just like we were able to just like, you know, our other partners, I’m trying to think everybody that’s closed deals in the last two weeks. I mean, heck I even closed a deal today, right? We’ve got Bonnie closing a deal. We had ed closed one on just Monday. Chris,

Peter (45:07):

Chris Bryant

Julie (45:08):

Eugene’s on here tonight.

Peter (45:10):

Yep, absolutely. Absolutely. Well guys, th th this is it. You know, we did a little bit of different approach today. You know, we usually, we usually talk to you, teach you, give you real life examples, and we want people to be par partners and guys, for some of you like you’re ready to be a full-fledged partner. We love it. Let’s go, go to www dot partner,, learn more about what it means to be a one of our partners and apply and apply. And then one of our team members will call you, we’ll go through a quick interview and if it’s a good fit, we’ll go. Um, but for those of you that are kind of want to stair-step, we’ve been utilized, use the verbiage today, kind of ease into the whole thing. Then the 21 day deal challenge is for you. Okay? So just for the cost of one investment of $1, um, you could check out everything. Literally, everything we talked about today are per recorded, live events, weekly live training sessions with Julie and I unbelievable web web temp lets the ability to access deal driven for 30 days. Um, immense amount of training

Julie (46:18):

The coach had called tomorrow, by the way, who Chelsea has never ran a coaching call. Okay. I’m telling y’all, it’s a treat for her to get on and teach you guys how to build websites. Like I kid you not y’all. This is like a top level person teaching you how to build your template. That, I mean that that’s amazing. That’s incredible.

Peter (46:42):

No, it’s, it’s huge. It’s huge. So for those of you that are ready, go to www 21 day deal challenge, uh, dot com get set up, invest in yourself. It’s a dollar. I mean there’s no one here. That’s only worth a dollar, but invest into your future and let’s get started guys. Uh, well, from my end, I can tell you this. I enjoyed it. I loved it as I always have. I can’t wait to see you next week. Um, maybe we’ll be right back here. Maybe I’ll be back at the lake house and I

Julie (47:13):

Love getting away from the house

Peter (47:16):

Sometimes. Actually. Good. So from my end, I’m signing off. I don’t know if you have any parting words,

Julie (47:22):

Parting words. Oh yes I do. Actually. Um, I, you, if you have the financial wherewithal to shop local, to keep our local businesses going, especially our local restaurants. So if you have a little bit of extra money, I know I’m not trying to sell you nothing, but let’s do what we can guys to keep our small businesses open here in America. All right guys, we enjoyed it. We’ll see you next week. Bye bye.


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