Grab your tickets before they are gone.

Speaker 1 (00:00):

Hey, good evening, everybody. It’s Peter and Julie it’s Tuesday night, seven. O’clock here in the east coast. We’re back to where we have been now. For what? Couple years? Consistently. Every Tuesday night here doing,

Speaker 2 (00:16):

Oh yeah. Yeah. So excited to be here. I look forward to it every week. Everybody knows the routine on Tuesdays. Uh, what we do, it’s one of my favorite parts of the week. We get to talk people that are partners that are not yet partners or people that just, you know, like to join in. And for those of you that are popping on, we do love for you to let us know where you are from. And we’ve already got Brad woods and Marietta Shane Ray from, Georgia. So glad you’re here. So use the chat box and just go ahead and enter where you’re from. We got Joe from Greenville, South Carolina. So glad you’re here, Austin, Texas. One of my favorite places to visit is Austin. What a fun town that is.

Speaker 1 (01:06):

Yeah. We’re we got some good stuff for you guys tonight. So settle in tonight. We’re going to be talking to you about one of, I know my favorite things that we do here at partner-driven. Um, I think I could speak on Julie’s behalf. It’s one of hers. It’s just another it’s like we call it level up level up in terms of getting connected with our partners or non partners. It’s another way for us to deliver our teaching on our coaching and educating. It’s another way to build friendships and relationships, and really it’s another shortcut, which we very much believe in here. We believe that there is actually shortcuts, especially when it comes to real estate business, that there are actually shortcuts of getting there quicker. And so that’s what we’re going to be talking about tonight. We’re going to give you guys an actual shortcut, uh, of, of leveling up of getting to the next level of getting your first deal done or getting your 15th or 20th deal done.

Speaker 1 (01:59):

So that’s what tonight’s all about. We’re going to get started here in just a couple minutes. I hope you guys are. I was going to say, I totally forgot you. I almost thought like we were talking to anybody in Atlanta. So almost I was like, I hope you guys are enjoying this amazing weather that we’re having. And we are having amazing weather here in Atlanta. Like I could literally be in the t-shirt today. Um, but I hope wherever you guys are actually tomorrow, I’m heading down to Florida to key west to be specific. Um, hopefully the weather will be, uh, amazing there also.

Speaker 2 (02:32):

I would only imagine it would be well, we do have, you know, um, Martin from dequeue Mueller, from tequila, Georgia. Um, I can say that Martin, because I’m from here, that that word is, can be hard to say Bill’s from Sacramento, California, Don from the north suburbs of Chicago, Pamela from Maryland, uh, Brian McKinsey from Beverly Hills, Florida Lynn far from Tallahassee, Florida, Karen and Carl from the great Barrington, Massachusetts Jeffrey Craig from long beach, California, Terry from Baltimore, Maryland. God’s thank you so much for sharing your location with us this evening as always, this is a live call. We never do recordings and throw them up on Thursdays. They are on Tuesdays. This is always, always live for you guys. Um, so, um, I know for me, the lot of it is, and what we’re going to be talking about tonight is one of my favorite things that we do and this year, and for this one, it’s going to be like what we’ve never done before. I mean, it is going to be an absolute production. You’re going to have a great time.

Speaker 1 (03:49):

Yeah. It’s definitely us here at partner-driven just like, we always challenge everybody to level up level up level up. This is us leveling up. This is us here internally saying, you know what, we’ve been doing something we’d been successful at it. And we’ve had great results as a result of it, but how do we level up, you know, how do we get, create a better experience, a better atmosphere, a better content, you know, uh, more interaction, you know, that’s what this is all about. And so that’s what we’re going to share with you guys here tonight. Get started here in about a minute. We’ll get rocking and rolling, but I will tell you guys, this is one of those nights that I’m like be prepared to act. I mean, we’re going to give you some incredible, uh, benefits. We’re going to give you guys some incredible where we’ll share with you some stories that have come out of these in the past.

Speaker 1 (04:38):

But we also gonna, I’m going to tell you right up front, you know, by the time tonight comes to an end, um, we want you to make a decision like, you know, boom, are you in, are you ready to take it to the next level? Are you ready to level up? And you know, are you ready to get to a rock and rolling. So, um, all right, why don’t we do this? Let me get all my stuff set up here. Let’s go ahead and start getting rolling. All right, guys. Well, for those of you that don’t know me, my name is [inaudible] and my partner on their side is Julie muse. Julie and I are real estate investors. We have been real estate investors, our whole real estate careers. I wouldn’t say we’re professional educators. I wouldn’t say we’re professional webinar givers. We’re none of those four and foremost.

Speaker 1 (05:21):

We are a professional real estate investors. We have been investing successfully for many, many years. You know, I personally well over two decades to Julie, uh, over a decade, uh, we we’ve done all kinds of techniques and strategies in our investing career. Uh, we’ve done, um, all kinds of areas too. You know, the one thing that we’ve done is we didn’t just do things investing in Atlanta, Georgia, which is where we’re from right now, but we did it regionally. Uh, and then all the way to the national level. And today we are a partner driven model. That’s like, that was our way of leveling up. That was our way of saying, okay, how do we like, how do we just like, not just have offices in several parts of the United States, how do we like blanket the United States? And that’s where it is this crazy idea of what if we just start partnering with everyday people across the United States, teach them how to do this business, support them in doing this business, provide back office for them, give them money to close on deals, show them how to structure deals.

Speaker 1 (06:33):

And then let’s split the profits on the back end. And you know, like when I started investing, I’ll be honest with you. If somebody told me that Pete, you’re going to be doing deals with people in Texas and California and Wyoming, and you’re just going to be wiring money for them. And I’d be like, that is, as a matter of fact, I’ll be honest with you. We teach against that. Like if somebody came to us brand new and said, well, you know, I live in Ohio, but I’m going to knock my first deal out in California. The first thing Julian. And I would say like, hold your horses. Probably not a good idea. So understand it took us many, many years, thousands of deals to really have the guts and the beginning to say, you know what? I think it could work. And I could tell you now, a number of years down the road, not only can it work, it is working.

Speaker 1 (07:17):

We are absolutely killing it with our partners across the United States. And we love the partner model. We love it so much that at a certain point in time, Julia and I just like, we ain’t going to do our own deals no more. We ain’t going to negotiate our own deals anymore. We’re going to put our arsenal on everything. We got all our knowledge, our little capital, all, everything. We, all our people, all our infrastructure, all our technology. We’re going to put it right back into our partners. And I’m happy to say we’re doing more deals with partners than we ever have before we’re growing in that area also. And the other cool thing, guys, it’s only getting better and better. It’s getting better and better on two fronts. One just the real estate market. Like if you have, if you’ve been around the single family market at all in the last couple of months, several months during the pandemic, I ain’t telling you nothing.

Speaker 1 (08:07):

You don’t know already. It’s a darn good market and it’s only gonna get better. We’re going to be able to help tons and tons of people who are going to be in trouble because of the pandemic because of their inability to make payments because of potential looming foreclosures. So we are like, you know, I’m not going to compare ourselves to the real frontline workers, but I’m going to tell you, we are helping a lot of people and we’re going to be able to help a lot more people by solving their problems that are related to their, uh, properties. So it’s an incredible time to be in this business. It’s an incredible time to be in our partner driven model. If you’re a partner here tonight, checking in, um, we’re glad you’re here. You know what you’re going to do, right? You’re going to reset recharge recommit.

Speaker 1 (08:51):

And today we’re going to show you how you and myself and, and everyone behind us, how we could all get together, uh, over a, a weekend here coming up and really level you up to the next level. And if you’re not a partner here at tonight and you’re like, okay, I’ve been looking at this thing long enough. I’ve been listening to these guys long enough. I’m ready to get started. We’re actually going to give you a chance to get started in our partnership program. And I didn’t even talk to you Julie about it today, but if you’re not a partner and you get to S and you want, and you’re going to start today in our partnership program, um, we’re going to just include everything. All right. Is that okay, Julie? That’s like their, that’s like their bonus for starting tonight. So everything we’re going to share with you tonight, if you’re not a partner, we’re going to give you a phone number to call.

Speaker 1 (09:39):

As a matter of fact, if somebody put that number in chat, you can call that number. There are team members on standby. And if you get started with us as a partner, because we do want you to get started with us. We want to do have many, many, many partners tonight, everything that Julie and I are going to share about our next live event. We’re just going to throw it all in for you that, but that’s only if you start tonight, like you make the commitment tonight, you finalize everything tonight and you moving towards the, towards success with partners. So what are we here to talk to you guys about tonight by now? And I probably brought it up in our introduction several times. So the cat’s out of the bag, but we are excited. We have not done a live event in bef pre COVID.

Speaker 1 (10:20):

I think it’s been over a year, Julie, or about a year. We’ve done a couple of virtual events we’ve done. That’s right. That’s exactly right. We are no longer doing virtual live events. We are doing real, real live events. And so what we’ll want to do is want to spend a little time with you guys today. And we want to just share when our next live event is what that’s going to be about and why we believe very strongly in live events. Let me tell you how strongly Julie and I believe and what we preach tomorrow. At two 30, I am taken off from Atlanta, Georgia heading to key west Florida to a live event. So I could level up my world. Okay. By the way, most of the guys that are going to be there, I already know them. Like I could literally be doing this with them.

Speaker 1 (11:10):

Okay. But I personally know that when, when you go into a live environment, even with people you already know with people you already interact with, with people that you’re maybe even already doing deals with, when you go into a live environment, something changes, you go to the next level, you’re able to experience more. You’re able to communicate more well, to feel more. You’re able to be impacted more. I could tell you in the next day or so, Julie’s leveling up and going to a live event also. And she’ll share that with you too. So we want you to know, we don’t do these live events because we’re like, well, you need it, but we’re cool. We got it all figured out. Ah, Julie and I, as an oh, and I just got back from a loss. I forgot last week, I was at another lab event with a bunch of other people, very successful individuals, both real estate and non real estate.

Speaker 1 (12:04):

And I could tell you coming out of that meeting, that live event, I was leveled up. I was at the next level. You know what I do. I tell you what I do when I go to these live events, I used to go to them very open, like meaning, you know, like, uh, you know, let’s hope something happens. Okay. And, and I think that’s still good. Sometimes you just go to these live events in a very open environment, in a very open format. But what I’ve personally learned after going to many, many, many live events in my history, I go in there with a purpose. Like I literally tell myself ahead of time, this is what I’m going to accomplish. This is what I’m going to get out of this live event. And I could tell you when you go into a live event with a purpose, whatever that purpose is like last week I had to, I head up a main purpose and I had a side hustle purpose, and I accomplished the main purpose, knocked it out of the ballpark.

Speaker 1 (13:07):

And I accomplished the side hustle, part, a purpose this tomorrow, I’m going to another live event. And this time I got three, I got my main purpose. I got my second side hustle and my third side hustle. Okay. And see what I’ve learned when I go in with those kinds of purposes. For at least for me personally, I tend to get more out of these events. Like I tend to be like things come to me specifically to accomplish what I came to accomplish. Okay. I’ll also tell you a story that happened about 20 some years ago. You know, a lot of times, it’s interesting when people ask me questions about things. It’s very interesting to me that most of the time they asked me questions about what happened in my past. Like, I would think like the question will be, well, Pete, you know, now that you’ve done a bunch of deals, you know, and now that you got achieved, some measure of success, tell me about now.

Speaker 1 (14:04):

It’s not really true. The reality is when I get on these situations where people, when I interact with people, most people ask me about the past. And I think the reason people ask them about the past is because it’s more relatable, right? It’s more relatable to the person getting started. It’s more relatable to the person, you know, kind of going through some potential struggles. You know, everybody wants to know the potential, but reality, everybody wants to be relatable. So let me go back and tell you a story about a live event. I tended many, many years ago, and it was in the middle of, it was, it was in the middle of the lowest time I ever had in real estate. It would, I mean, it was in the middle of times where I was quitting, like on a daily basis, you know, I know some of you guys are like, you know, this frustration, discouragement, I went through like a year or two, probably to where I quit, like almost every single day.

Speaker 1 (14:59):

So I was in the middle of quitting almost every day. When I went to this live event, I don’t want to share with you. Um, I was dead broke. Couldn’t really afford it, but I’m sure it was credit card financed and everything back then, for me, first two years in real estate, if it wasn’t, I could tell you right now, if it wasn’t for the credit card industry, my first three years in real estate, I wouldn’t have, I wouldn’t have made it because I lost everything I had. And when I got into real estate, and then on top of that, I lost another quarter of a million dollars. Like I lost things I didn’t have, which was like, you know, things I borrowed basically. Um, so I was in the middle of my I’m sure it was in the middle of a pity party because I lived pity parties back then, um, had no money.

Speaker 1 (15:39):

Um, didn’t really have anything going on. I mean, I had some deals going on, but they were losers. I don’t know why I even stuck with him. And I remember I went to this live event and back then I was going in with the approach back then was a very general open approach. Kind of like, okay, well maybe I’ll hear something again. Now I’ve learned to go in with a specific approach. But, um, did that lab event with a very, I went with a kind of an open approach and the open approach was always, it was by the way, it was a very bad open approach, right. It’s kind of like, okay, keep me in the business. Okay. I’m here now to your re you know, just very, I had a very bad attitude first couple of years in this business. And the other thing is I was never, ever one of those raw rock people, like, you know, you’ve been to live events where everyone’s jumping up and down, right?

Speaker 1 (16:28):

You’ve been there. And some of you guys love that. I know Julie is a lot more into that. Me now, I am a lot more now because now I understand the value of high energy excitement back then, I was just like, you know, cross my hands. You know, why am I doing here? I shouldn’t have even come here. And guys, this is like 20, some years later. I can’t tell you what the live event was about. I can’t tell you if I learned anything as a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I went with someone. I can’t remember even who I went with. I can’t remember anything about that live event, except for about 40 seconds of it. But that 40 seconds resonated so much within me that 22 years later, when people ask me about the past and what were the, the straws that kept you in the game?

Speaker 1 (17:26):

What were the pivotal moments that got you to the next level? What was the, what were the events that took place? This was one of those, because here, let me just set the stage for you. I was standing in the crowd like this. Casey was the speaker still remember him. I was kind of towards the back because you know, I can leave quicker when I’m in the back, because that’s my attitude back then you’ll get, I’m going to stay at toward the back. Cause when it’s over my butts outta here, man, you know, I was towards the back. I was surrounded by crazy people. You know what I mean? It was raw, you know, excited people. And I thought, what a bunch of weirdos. Right. And I was standing there. Um, and all of a sudden it’s like, Casey started talking to me like, literally it’s like the crowd parted.

Speaker 1 (18:15):

It did it. But it’s like that. It’s like the sound went off. It didn’t. But it sounded like that. It’s like Casey stared at me from all the way up at the stage. He didn’t and Casey said something like this. He said, there’s a lot of you guys right now, hyped up, but it’s fake hype. You lose it. As soon as you leave the door. And I was like, Hmm, he said, but there’s somebody in this room right now. Who’s just standing there. I’m like, Hm. And you’re not jumping up and down. You’re not high-flying everybody. You’re not any of that. Matter of fact, you’re just, you’re quiet.

Speaker 1 (19:09):

That was me. And then he said this, he said, you’re not jumping up and down. You’re not telling your neighbor that you’re going to be successful. But deep down inside, you got one word done done guys. That’s it. That’s all I remember from that seminar 22, some years ago, those 40 seconds. I can’t remember what he said before. I can’t remember what he said after, but that was me done that night. I made a decision. It was done deal. Of course, other events transpired. But for me, for me, that was one of the pivotal points. See, I think the key to success is to hang around long enough to, for it to happen. It really is. You know, I wish I wish Julie and I could just sit here tonight and tell you, well, if you just like, you know, a hop, skip, and a jump, do a roll over, you know, stand on your head for 20 minutes.

Speaker 1 (20:13):

You could be successful. Sorry. Um, but I will tell you, in order to be successful, you have to have some pivotal points. And I could tell you for me, it happened to have happened at a live event. That’s why to this day, I just got back from a live event. I’m flying out to one, Julie. I’m sure we’ll share about the one she’s going to we’re believers. These live events take you up a notch. I don’t care if I don’t care. If you’re not the guy like this, I, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to be the guy that doesn’t believe or the way I didn’t believe you don’t have to be guide that down in the dumps. You don’t gotta be the lady that, that that’s already quit. You could be the most fired up excited top of the world. Guys. I am like, if any, one of you guys know, like you could talk to Julie, I am high energy already.

Speaker 1 (21:06):

I am fired up. I like, it’s hard for me to, I still go because we all got that next level. We all got that next gear. Right. You know, it’s like being in a fast car until the driver says really well, let me show you. And then any floors it one more time. Right? And you’re like, oh my God, I didn’t know. You could do that. Yeah. Everyone’s got a high gear. So who’s the live event really? For it’s for everybody. If you are the guy, the lady like me, who’s still not sure. Not a hundred percent sold, not a hundred percent committed, kind of going through the motions. Hey, I could relate. It was me for three years in this business. Like I faked it. If there was ever a faker in real estate, it was me like Julie got in first week, started putting a deal together.

Speaker 1 (21:58):

I got in first week, started digging a hole, you know? So I was that naysayer. Okay. There are certain things in this business that I believe we all need to get to the next levels. And I could tell you when the pandemic kit, this is, this is going to probably come out wrong. So I’m going to just like tell you ahead of time. This is going to come out wrong. But one of the biggest issues I had with the pandemic was that we couldn’t do lob events. Okay. And I didn’t know, I’m sorry. I know there was other things that people should have worried about and I’m worried about some other things I promise you. But to me, that, that w th the biggest thing is it relates to like the industry, the world we’re in was we lost our lot. We actually started doing better in a lot of other things during the pandemic.

Speaker 1 (22:48):

But when that pandemic hit, I immediately went into the mode of, oh my God, this is the going to be the big, big piece that’s going to be missing. These live events are critical. It don’t matter if you’re a partner driven partner, or if you’re not yet a partner driven partner, or if you will be between now and then. And hopefully tonight, these events are for everybody. I could tell you stories. I mean, I remember being at a live event. And by the way, when we do our live events, it’s, it’s, I almost think we should rename them. It’s like a, it’s a, it’s a live weekend. It’s not like you show up, like, from this time to this time. And then we go to the right and the crowd goes to the left and we don’t see you again. No, I mean, it is, hands-on interactive intimate events where we do like, Julie will talk about it.

Speaker 1 (23:38):

We’re going to do a whole talk about love, leveling up. You know, one thing I believe in is leveling up. One thing I do believe in is big lifestyles. One thing I do believe in is the VIP. And so this weekend, and Julie will share more with you. We’re going to give some of you guys to one, to a VA, a chance to take the VIP experience. Okay? So that means you’ll get in there the night before Friday night, Julie and I are going to take you to dinner can be an amazing dinner. But beyond that, it’s just going to be amazing time. We’re going to actually share stuff at that dinner that we’re not going to share the rest of the weekend. Cause it is it’s for level up people. It’s a VIP level, right? So we’re going to share some amazing things. We’re going to have a amazing conversation.

Speaker 1 (24:24):

We’re going to build our bond because real estate is a bond building business. Okay. For those of you that want the VIP experience, we’re setting up special seating for you for the VIP experience, you’re going to be sitting with partners that are knocking it out of the ballpark, which is very important. You know, why do they say fly first class? Not just because it’s more comfortable it’s because chances are the guy sitting next to you is more successful than the guy sitting in coach, right? So the VIP experience is going to get you around the players in this business and some other things. So, um, but my point is, we’re going to start the whole thing with the VIP experience Friday night, and then we’re going to go for 40 hours straight after the, um, by the way, I’m going to be teaching some of those, what I consider to be some of the most important things in real estate, but also some of our strengths.

Speaker 1 (25:10):

That’s what we do during these live events. We teach our strengths like Julie has strengths. She’s going to be sharing those with she’s going to be teaching you in a live environment. I have strengths. Like I’m a pretty good negotiator. I think I’m probably better than a good negotiator. Well, I’m going to spend a couple hours just showing you. Step-by-step how I knocked deals out of the ballpark and get them down 20, 30, 40% on average, is that worth coming to a live event for, you know, we’re going to have Ben Howerton, you know, a lot of people know partner-driven for deal driven, our incredible technology. Well, Ben, our partner who actually is the code or the program or the road, it is going to spend an hour with you guys talking to you behind the scenes of how to really utilize it. It’s going to be amazing.

Speaker 1 (25:53):

We’re gonna have Rafa Rafa runs our whole marketing department. And he’s going to talk about marketing. You think marketing’s important in real estate? Like think about it with us or without us, how important is marketing? You know, Julie’s going to get up there and she’s going to talk to you. How to contact sellers. Like, do you think like you could shortcut real estate, but the one thing you’re not going to get away from is contacting sellers. So Julie’s contact the tens of thousands of sellers. I haven’t seen anyone better at contacting sellers and scripting it. Julie’s going to be sharing that with you. We’re going to have our info back office team up there. Talk to you about what a real back office is all about and how we’re supporting our partners or of how, if you want to set up your own back office, this is what it needs to look like and on and on and on.

Speaker 1 (26:31):

So you’re going to basically see behind the scenes of how to run a high level real estate investment company. And by the way, whether you’re a zero deals or a hundred deals, you better be shooting for a high level real estate investment company. We’re going to share with you some incredible things that we have planned that we’re not going to release till then, then we’re going to hang out at night at night, we hang out, right? Cause what do people do at night? They hang out. So Saturday night we’re going to have a get together right in the, um, the area that we’re going to be doing the seminar in for, for those 48 hours. We’re going to have some cocktails we’re going to, and we’re going to tell stories. I could tell you and I’m sure Julie will confer confer. Is that a word? I think so. What does it, Concord of C uh, we’re gonna have a little low English language, uh, to

Speaker 1 (27:22):

Melbourne, but, but, um, I will tell you this, from my perspective, I know Julie will, uh, put a stamp on this sun. The most incredible things that have taken place in the past that are live events actually happened after hours. Like some of the stories, some of the commitments, some of the sharing, some of the like, because that’s when we’re all together and it’s like, you know, we let it loose. Like, you know, you’ve been there, done that. Well, let me tell you. And that is just it’s we call it the meeting after the meeting. So it’s going to be absolutely amazing. I can tell you this, if you’re a partner, just go there. We’ll, we’ll, it’s a, it’s a level up. It’s a, it’s a shortcut to get you from a to Z, wherever a is. Now, wherever Z is for you. If you’re not a partner, you need to go there because we will change your life.

Speaker 1 (28:12):

We will absolutely change your life. And so I’m going to flip this over to Julie. She’s going to get a little bit more into like her side of it, why she thinks it’s important. Um, she’s going to get a little bit more granule into the details of the event itself and stuff like that. Um, but I could tell you, I am sounds weird, but I am actually putting a stamp of approval on this. Whenever people tell me, have a chance to be in the live environment with whoever, as long as that whoever’s to the next level of you, right? If you have a chance to go to the next level with a bunch of losers, I’m like, okay, that’s I don’t know if that’s an event you want to, but if you can have a chance to go to a live environment with somebody that has what you want, that is knocking out of the ballpark, someone who is successful, and I’m not just talking about us, there’ll be people that are just like that. You just, you cannot lose by doing that. You just cannot do. So having said that, Julie, please share about the live event.

Speaker 2 (29:08):

Well, I’m like I’ve been sitting here cause I’m so excited. Um, you know, for me, when we talk about a lab event, um, who here in this call or in the chat and just put it in the chat who here has ever been to a live event or like a seminar in your past, whether it be real estate, whether it be something else, just go ahead and put that in the chat now. Yeah. Quite a few people have. Right? Well, I’ll tell you, you know, I believe in lot of events so much because of the same things that Peter talked about, Peter talked about, you know, being able to hear that, that aha moment for me, it’s always, every time I go, the main thing that I want to go away come away with is an aha moment. Sometimes the aha moment doesn’t even come from the speakers.

Speaker 2 (30:05):

Right. You know, when you come to an event like this and it’s about real estate investing, what you guys all imagine that everybody else, instead of Ben is there to learn about real estate investing. Yeah. What you, what you agree with that? Well, where else can you go around where you are to be around people with like-minded interests. Okay. It’s, it’s what you’re going to learn, but it’s the people that are around you. I mean, you may meet your next best friend who knows, or someone you may do business with in the future. Um, I’m going to a lab of it this weekend and I’m looking to learn a little bit more because every time I go to something, even if I already know the topic, I always walk away with just this nugget, this nugget of that I could take and carry on. Right?

Speaker 2 (31:05):

And gosh, this is a couple months away. There’s plenty points. I want to give you a few details. Now I do know are in a COVID environment right now. I want to go ahead and break the barriers for you there. So what we’ve done is we have situated the room to where there is one person, every six foot table. Now it’s going to be a little different, have that big of a, that big of a room, but we will have all of those precautions there for you for people that need that. Right? So we will have that available to you guys. Another thing about our lab events, of course, I’ve been to lots of lab events and who have been to a lot of it and felt like the entire time you didn’t learn anything because the entire time they were selling you something, does anybody ever felt that way? A lot of it, you never really learned anything because everybody wants you to pay more money, to get the next details. The next details, the next detail, anybody ever felt like that?

Speaker 2 (32:14):

Well, the beauty is, is that us Peter and I and our team. Then what we did is that we, because we own the company, we can do what we want to do. I don’t like that part of it. Right? I understand that there to make money, I want to be taught something. This event is here to whether you’re a partner or you’re not a partner. I guarantee you. And I’ll say this now, and I haven’t asked you about this payer. If you pay for this lab event at the end of the event, if you didn’t get out what you paid for, I’ll personally give you your money back.

Speaker 2 (32:57):

There’s not many guarantees in life, but I 100% believe that I won’t, I won’t have anybody asking me for their money back because of what we’re going to provide to you. Oh, and by the way, it’s only $97 a person. We charge $97 to make sure that you’re going to come if you paid for it. Right. But we want everybody to do more real estate deals this year, next year. I mean like he was talking about earlier, like, wow, like, yeah, the market’s good, but there’s going to be a lot of stuff coming down the pipeline. Okay. And if you want to be in this event, guys, and now is the time to really hone your craft here. Okay. You can always be a better negotiator. And I am not blowing smoke with Peter. When I tell you, I have never heard anybody explain the negotiations, those negotiation tactics that you’re going to learn.

Speaker 2 (33:58):

Even if you only showed up for that one hour or two hour session, it’d be worth whatever you paid to get there. Okay. And you’re going to also hear from myself and yeah, I’m pretty good at, at a few things in real estate, but you’re also going to meet our people. Partner-driven is not one person partner driven is our entire team and partners. We want you to meet everybody and selfishly for me, it’s way different. When I’ve met you in person, when I’m talking to you on the phone, right? I’ve been going to see partners over the last couple of months. We’ve been doing some things and I get so excited. I think I’ve been working, started to see our partners bigger than they are to, to see me. And you know what, Peter and I are not these like where we do a seminar, we just leave and we walk away and we’re like an untouchable celebrity.

Speaker 2 (34:58):

I promise you the interaction that we get from you guys, it fuels our business. It fuels my soul and it reminds me every time why I’m doing what I’m doing. Okay. So I want to give y’all some more details because I have a surprise for you. I want to share my screen. So right now what I’m going to do. Oh, and I did, um, there’s a person wanting me to accept you into our one-on-one Facebook group. Well, give me a minute till I get off of this webinar and I’ll take care of it. Okay, sweetie. Um, all right. So I’m going to share my screen here. So if you would, because I know you’re going to register now. And by the way, because of the commitment that we had to make with this hotel to put something like this on there is a limit to how many people we can bring to how many people, once it’s sold, it is sold.

Speaker 2 (36:00):

There’s no more and tables and chairs once it’s sold, it’s sold. So if you wait, you may not have an opportunity to come. And I promise you, the people in that room are going to be closer to doing deals than if you weren’t there. So welcome to partner-driven live in it. Land today, Georgia, June 26 and June 27th, that is a Saturday and a Sunday. The location of the hotel that we’re doing, this is adjacent to the airport. So like you’re literally gonna be able to hop off of a plane and just catch a ride right next door to the hotel. Um, I’m re when we talk about like leveling up and Peter was talking about leveling up with our experience, that’s why this year. Oh, and by the way it costs $99. It’s actually $99, I think, for the ticket or is it 97, 90 $9 for your ticket?

Speaker 2 (37:05):

If you would like to bring somebody with you, that additional ticket is only going to be $47. Okay. So for you, it’s 97. If you want to bring a guest with you, you can do that for only an additional $47. Okay. Because you know what, it’s wrong to go to an event with somebody else. At least it is for me. Um, you have somebody to talk to at night, you know, what have you, but so it is June 26, 27. You guys, you got to get your tickets now because it will sell out and it’s going to sell out fast. Let me in. So obviously Peter’s a keynote speaker. I’m a keynote speaker along with Ben. I can’t get down fast enough in this website, dah, dah, dah. I’m so excited. I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to do a giveaway like this. Okay. So one lucky person for this event, what we believe, like one thing that I love is I love the idea of dream cars, right? If you could have any dream car right now, put it in the chat, what would it be? I mean, I’m just curious what everybody’s dream car is.

Speaker 2 (38:23):

Put it, put it in the chat. Like if you could get anything, but would it be, oh, Jim says that mini Cooper, Pamela, an Audi, a five convertible. Oh girl, I hear you. I want one of those two. Brian says a Jaguar, um, all of these. So what we’re going to do here on partner-driven is for one lucky winner, we’re going to put, give you $500 a month for eight year towards the car of your dreams, towards the car of your dreams. That’s our big, big, big giveaway. I’m super excited about that in the past. We’ve given away laptops and I’m like, I don’t want to give away a laptop. I want to give away something cool. Right? Like, like, like Matthew says a brand new Jeep. Well, we’re, you know, as well as I do something about a Jeep, if you’re talking about a Jeep Wrangler, those things never go down in value.

Speaker 2 (39:15):

I swear to goodness, if you’re looking at 1993 Jeep Wrangler, they’re still $10,000. Um, Matthew P he’s talking about a GPR. He already knows that. And the next cool thing is once you sign up for that is we are going to give you an opportunity at the end of that form to sign up for our VIP experience. The VIP experience is $395 a person. Okay. But look, the reason why we’re doing a VIP experience is because I’ll tell you anytime I have an opportunity to sit in the front of the room, I’m going to take it so that the speaker knows I’m there so that, um, you know, a serious, we’re going to carve out a spot for you at the event.

Speaker 2 (40:11):

Um, we can, we’re going to carve out that spot for you. You’re going to get some cool swag gear. And I would like to tell you what you’re going to be getting, but I haven’t chosen it completely yet, but we’re going to give you some cool giveaways in the biggest and best thing is Friday night. We’re going to literally do a semiformal dinner. That means put your church clothes on. Let’s go to a good dinner. And you know, a lot of us will be there together, right? Not only will Peter and I’ll be there, but Barry and Bob and Stefan will be there. Um, some other members of our team. And also it’s a lot of people I guarantee you it’s going to be in that VIP. Cause I’ll make sure it happens are going to be our partners that are doing deals already. Right.

Speaker 2 (41:00):

Because what did I say earlier? Sometimes your all ha moment doesn’t come from the speaker Mo a lot of my aha moments come from other people that I meet with like-minded interests. Okay. So God put that link up again, please. Um, in the chat post, if everybody knows how to raise their hand in the ch in on zoom, let me, if you’re coming to the event, raise hand, I want to stay at thank you. I’m so glad I can not wait to meet all of you guys. Just raise your hand. Okay. Joyous in Pamela’s in brought up resents Dave Benson, Lynn BARR, Mark Conway, Karen and Carl and Brian, her Nando. I can’t wait to see you and get actually, I just saw Karen called a couple of weeks ago in Hernando about a month ago, skip Raymond fill up. Uh Goulian um, let’s say Mary Maryanne gas.

Speaker 2 (42:09):

Don’t wait to the last minute to do something like this. Plan it out. It led us on a bad place to be in June. You will get everything that you hoped for, from ourselves, from other people that are there. And I it’s fair to say that you’re going to meet some really cool people because I know our partners and some of them are incredible. And I mean, absolutely incredible people. Right? So being around those like-minded people, you’re going to get motivation that you don’t normally get in life, right? There’s not, there’s not many groups besides my group of friends with Peter and Roth up and people at work that I can go talk about real estate with, which I’m pretty passionate about real estate. So it’s nice to have other people with like-minded interests, um, to, to be there, to help control that. Right. So, and you can also, when that lease on the car and let me tell you, I cannot wait to do that.

Speaker 2 (43:13):

Giveaway cannot wait, not wait. And I’m sure I’ll have a special gift for everybody that comes on top of, on top of it anyway. Right. So my question is to you, have we covered everything tonight with you? Is there something that may make you think, well, if there, if I knew this answer, then I would sign up. If you have any questions, put that in the chat right now. And I would love to, to answer any questions that you may have about this event. Okay. We have time to plan. We have time to go. Um, you’re going to learn a bunch of cool things. Thank you guys for participating with me to not by raising your hand. Um, one thing too, that I would like to go over, um, is this a lot of you are looking to, to, to join partner-driven right. I would like, again, to not to show you a way to join partner driven for, uh, for as low as 350 to $500 a month, who would like to learn that who would like to hear about that this evening?

Speaker 2 (44:29):

So you said, what time do we need to be there? If you’re a VIP, the dinner starts at seven. So early enough for you to get off of the plane and, um, and get to that dinner. Registration will start probably about 8:00 AM on Saturday, I would say. So I would get in, um, I would get in, you know, that Friday night, that way you’re settled and let him, but if you need to come in, the good thing is, is Atlanta is a major hub. You’ll probably be able to get a direct flight from any city into Atlanta at a really good price. Okay. But, um, uh, Christian, would you please grow the link in for the funding please?

Speaker 1 (45:14):

Hey Julie, instead of giving the link for the funding, we want them to call the phone number, explain the funding and then call the number. That’ll be on your screen. And we have a representative. We have team members on standby. They’ll just actually walk you through. Step-by-step how to fill it out. So explain it, and then we’ll walk them through.

Speaker 2 (45:33):

I cannot believe that we were approved with this company, right? So this company is at lending company. They approved us as a reputable company, that they will have some of their lenders loan money to you to help with your business starter. Okay. That includes our partner driven program, right? So if you are already a partner and you’re like, well, you know, it might be easier to, you know, to pay this off by renegotiating my rates down to a lower monthly payment that may be good for you. Or if you’ve been wanting to do partner driven for a long time. And, and maybe this is your way to get in. All you’ve got to do is call the number (770) 746-8585. Guys listened to the criteria that this company has like, listen up. This is nuts, okay. This is what will help you qualify. So if you have a W2 job and you’ve worked there for at least a year, okay, now, by the way, if you’ve worked there for at least a year, but for some reason you were laid off for a couple of months due to COVID, but you went back to the same company.

Speaker 2 (46:53):

They’ll count that, okay, you need to make at least 40,000, around 40,000 a year of your gross income and a six 20 credit score or higher a combination of those two will be on the way to helping you become for you to be able to, um, apply for this particular loan. Then once you get the loan, that money needs to go back to partner driven as that is the, um, that’s the requirements for this company as that we’re a certified or certified company with these guys. So if you thought about doing real estate and you’re, you’re wandering, or you’re sitting here waiting for the next opportunity now is the time now is the time there are no guarantees in life, the things worth having in life. You’ve got to jump out and you’ve got to grant and you need to grab it now. Right? The, the idea that I had 10 years ago, 11 years ago to grab this opportunity has changed my life.

Speaker 2 (48:01):

Absolutely. It’s hard work. It’s a lot of hard work, but the reward for your hard work is your reward for your hard work. It’s gonna, it’s going to come back to you in much higher and in much higher forms of financial payments. So yeah, you can always draw there too instead of playing. So if you would like to learn more about that, the CD you can call 7 7 0 7 4 6 8 5 8 5. And I was reluctant to share my next thing. So I’ll wait now that I’m at the end of the call. Um, those of you last that were with me last Tuesday for the webinar, I talked to you about a program called partner-driven mats, where I helped set up your company. I hired your callers for you. We work together, get your business going. And I guaranteed to my motivated seller leads a day. Okay. I just realized today I have two spots available.

Speaker 2 (49:07):

So I know I’ve gotten a lot of calls for people wanting me to, you know, help them with their business. I have two spots available for this month. So if any of you are interested in that, just call that number (770) 746-8585. And they will talk to you about it and get you on the phone with me directly. Okay. So, oh my God. I can not wait to see you guys in June. I mean, I literally almost have butterflies in my stomach. I’m that? I’m that excited, um, to see everyone’s beautiful face, but you know what? Be there or be square, be there or be square. Right? I don’t know anybody uses that terminology since the seventies anymore, but, um, I, I, to personally, I wanna meet you. I want to meet you. I want to shake hands with you. Um, I want it to be a weekend of, of starting a movement.

Speaker 2 (50:07):

Cause you know what, you all, you guys deserve for your dreams to come true in real estate, I need to, the live event will be a catalyst and it will be a time for you to recharge. Just wait till you meet the other people. Okay. Um, but that’s really all. I have to save us, not to beat me over the head and say it. I want you to come. I want you to come so bad, but click the link because this opportunity may not be here because literally, cause I told you about how the seating and everything goes. I can’t just add more people. So once it’s sold out, it is sold out. Okay. Oh. And if you sign up for the VIP event, I want to see there too. We’re going to have a blast on Friday night and I’ve already picked the menu and it’s going to be delightful.

Speaker 1 (50:56):

Well, listen, Julie, we’ve thrown a lot of information at the people listening in tonight. And number one a, we appreciate you hanging with us. We really do. I mean you, hopefully when you listen to Julie and myself, the one thing you know is that we believe in what we do. We believe it’s so much, we live it. We live it. So, uh, in summary, in summary, if you’re a partner tonight, um, or if you’re not a partner, we want you to go to the live event. Um, there’s a link partner-driven live, just hit that link registry, get yourself a spot. Bottom line is there’s one thing I’ve learned. If you’re going to do something, do it like do it. Don’t like don’t make a decision today and act upon it a week later. Cause most of the time that never happens. Okay. That’s number one.

Speaker 1 (51:41):

Number two, if you’re not a partner here tonight and you’re like, you know what, I’m ready to make that decision. Then we have a couple team members on standby, uh, at 7 7 7 4 6 8 5 8 5. And that’s also in your chat. So if you’re ready to get started in a partner driven world, and as Julie mentioned, for those of you that are ready to get started with us in terms of partnering, doing deals, we now have a third party that will actually, if you qualify, give you the money to join. So it’s like you, somebody money that you join, use our money to do deals. It’s a seamless transaction. Um, and if you happen to be a partner tonight and you love what Julie said about partner-driven max, she was adamant about shutting it down. I was adamant about, Nope, let’s see if we could figure out to get a couple more people in.

Speaker 1 (52:26):

And she did call me today and tell me, Pete there’s room for two more. So if you’re a partner tonight and you love the partner experience and you want to take it to the next level where Julie literally jumps in and she does for you, what you did for me, she becomes your CEO. She sets up your call or she generates the motivated seller leads. She, you know, all that kind of stuff. So if you’re interested in upgrading that, also call that number (770) 746-8585. The one of the team members will walk you through how to use somebody else’s money to get you to that and the level, because that’s just a smart thing to do. So having said that, guys, we are excited. We’re fired up June 26, 20 seventh, Julie. And I will be there. We hope to see many, many of you guys there it’s partner-driven live so on behalf of myself, Julie, but most importantly, everybody behind us that makes all this possible because there’s a lot of people that are behind Julie and I, that kind of set it all up, make it all look all pretty. We just kind of show up and talk about it. So we appreciate you guys. We appreciate what you know, what the fact that you guys hung with us tonight. Um, we’re signing off next week. We’ll be back here. Same time, same place. We’ll have some more information for you guys. Thanks.

Speaker 2 (53:36):

Thank you. And thank you to all partner-driven staff for making this possible. We really appreciate

Speaker 1 (53:41):


Speaker 2 (53:44):