If you are serious about Real Estate Investing, then you need to be serious about your back office. Partner Driven is looking for Real Estate Investing Partners who are coachable and ready to work.

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The one thing nobody thinks about when they get into real estate is back office. Like literally nobody thinks about the back office, all the stuff that needs to be done, but as an investor, you better have a back office. So we’re about ready to close up $400,000 property. On Monday, Friday, we get an email from our attorney saying somebody literally filed some paperwork in Florida claiming to be a member of my LLC. Not that that if that literally could have been a deal that would have gone beyond sideways with the kind of legal implications of something like that, taking place, Mary realizes what’s up, looks up with my attorneys, gets it resolved problem before. No problem. Now my back office is the best. Absolutely the best I’m looking for more partners to do real estate deals. One of the benefits, my back office becomes your back office. DME, the word partner. If you want to do some deals.