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00:19 A subject that’s not very popular
00:52 Real estate investing 101 requires being healthy
01:22 You’re selling yourself
01:59 Energy is an asset
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My name is Peter Vekselman. I’ve been flipping houses and teaching real estate investing 101 since 1999. I invite you to call me at 404-990-4395 if you want to discover my methods to get into this business or grow your current enterprise.

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Here’s the thing that many real estate investment firms lack: they don’t let students see the mechanics how to set up advertising that returns results. The outcome is always lost money and lots of frustration. When done correctly using my formulas, you can count on generating a massive amount of seller leads.

Believe me, I know you’re probably searching for real estate investing 101 strategies to make money right? Too many investors miss out on creative real estate deals because they never learn the proper way how to market and then negotiate with sellers. These types of formulas work if you know how to manage them (which is what I teach my students).

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A long time ago I was where you probably are right now desperate to pinpoint the best real estate investing 101 strategies. Investing was a tough challenge and I was way over my head in my early days. Fast-forward 15+ years and I have a thriving business and now offer real estate marketing seminars how I close nearly a deal per day.

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