offers elite training if you’re interested in becoming a real estate investor. The difference between dabbling in this business and doing profitable deals is all about negotiations.

00:39 My former career
01:27 Success completing a job
02:01 Becoming a real estate investor is a process
02:37 Lack of success drives people out of this business
03:56 Find immediate gratification to feel better
04:19 Figure out your strengths
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I remember (more than 15 years ago) when I was interested in becoming a real estate investor. I had zero experience and had lost more than a half million dollars in bad deals in my first year. You could say I was desperate to find a real estate investing business mentor who could help me grow not only my income but my skills.

If you’re reading this sentence, I suspect you’re desperate to learn the finer nuances of becoming a real estate investor. Or maybe you wish to grow your existing business. I work one-on-one with my coaching students to help them get better at investing. Plus they learn how to replicate my business model.

Too many “gurus” who offer you training on becoming a real estate investor don’t have real-world deal experience. They usually teach outdated techniques that can cost you enormous amounts of money. Or worse, they teach out of a book. That’s not where you want to invest your time.

I’m often asked what it really takes becoming a real estate investor. Honestly, the skills you need are determination, a tenacious passion to learn and be able to duplicate my techniques.

Replication is vital to becoming a real estate investor. You need to pinpoint the best high-end model and then apply it in your market. That’s how I built my own model to generate 8-10 deals a week.

If you’re ready to learn what I’m doing with my elite national coaching students, here’s what you need to do next.

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