teaches his best real estate investments techniques to students interested in making more money.

00:12 Negotiation is the foundation of profitable deals
00:34 Best real estate investments and how to negotiate them
01:38 Continuous follow-up always leads to more closed deals
02:10 Pinpoint the leads that have the best probability of closing
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My name is Peter Vekselman. I am one of the leading real estate investment training coaches in the U.S. Are you struggling making more money and close more deals? Then please call me at 404 915 9685.

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A long time ago, I was exactly where you are right now desperately trying to find the very best real estate investments. After years of fine-tuning my process, I developed a proven formula for success. One that closes 8-10 deals per week.

Too many investors settle for bad deals that get them into trouble. But why? Honestly, it’s because they don’t understand how to find the right kind of buyers and sellers to negotiate profitable deals.

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Remember one critical point: finding the best real estate investments requires that you stick to a formula that sorts out the bad deals from ones that will convert into bigger profits. My formula works because it’s been tested on thousands of properties and taught in my strategic real estate coach program. Here’s a few videos to watch…

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Best real estate investments

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