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Speaker 1 (00:00):

Barry, Hey, check this out. I know that you’re expecting Julie and Peter. Um, I’m not them as you can see. Uh, but they are taking in an RNR, uh, much needed rest and relaxation down in Florida. So I hope they’re being safe, them and Rafa and the whole team. So I hope you guys are staying safe, but Hey, today is tech Tuesday part three tech Tuesday, part three. And it’s your boy Barry. I’m here to take over the Tuesday call. So hopefully everybody who’s on here today. You know, some of your partners, maybe some of you may be just, uh, new to, uh, partner driven. And some of you may be people who’ve been coming on these webinars, you know, year after year because Peter and Julie been doing this for a little bit for about, well, a couple of years. So I’m so super excited.

Speaker 1 (00:51):

You guys jumped on the Tuesday night call. And what I’d like to know is where is everybody from? So if you don’t mind throwing the chat where you’re from, I want to know exactly where you’re calling from, uh, where you, you know, what part of the country you’re in and all that good stuff. So we got somebody Shane coming, Georgia. Cool, cool, cool. What’s up Gordon from Delaware. Hey, we got Pamela from, uh, Maryland and we got Tommy from so Cal west side. You know what it is, baby? I got Joe Church. Oh man. Y’all popping on here real quick. I gotta move. Y’all where, so I can see a bigger cause you know, I got that little screen on the bottom. So who else we got out of here? We got a Timothy from Rochester and we got, uh, Joe Church from Greenville, South Carolina, GA Dan Q from Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Speaker 1 (01:44):

Oh man. We got George Briscoe, another Cali person, you know, west side really represented strong. You know, I’m out here on the west side. Uh, Tommy Jones, Tommy Jones from Virginia. All right. And then we got who? Glenn and Judy port Richey, Florida. I know the weather is nice down there. I heard it was really good. And then we got know a couple got Maria. Hey Maria. What’s up? Uh, we got Vitaly from Portland, Russell from Buffalo, Tim from New Jersey, new Joisey in the house. Uh, chilly Willy from Philly. I know it’s chilly. Ain’t it? Uh, we got, uh, Dave from St. Augustine. What’s up? Uh, Sandora from Miami Jeffery Craig. What’s up homie down in slow long beach LBC in the house. And when we got Melissa Vincent from Greenville, south calculate the upstate. I know where that’s at. So congratulations. We’re not congratulate, but hello to everyone and welcome to the Tuesday night webinar.

Speaker 1 (02:46):

I dubbed it tech Tuesday and yes, you see behind me, it’s all about the deal driven app. But before we get started into the app, okay. Uh, I know that Peter and Julie had been this for a while and just like you, uh, I started out as a partner with partner-driven and, uh, I was on this webinar a couple of times before I actually joined. And when I did join, uh, man, I was super excited because after about a month of me being here with me and my business partner, being with a partner-driven family, Julie came out here, she came out to California guys and we had dinner. And from there we cultivated a pretty good relationship. And over a course of a few months, um, we, you know, talking about different deals and, you know, getting some information and I’m putting out stuff. Um, she gave me a call, man.

Speaker 1 (03:41):

I check this out. She gave me a call on a Friday, late afternoon for me. It was late at night for her. And she asked me, she said, Hey, Barry, do you want to come and help me, you know, help me do this. Be a part of the team. And of course I put my hand up. I said, heck yeah. You know, at first I was trying to play hard. I’m like, let me ask my wife, but I already knew what the deal was. So anyway, um, I joined the team, uh, in, shortly after I joined the team, I was on the coaching and I started doing coaching. And so guys, I really truly enjoy helping our partners. And for those people who’ve been on this call, it’s normally, you know, two types of people. Peter always talks about the two types of people that are on these calls.

Speaker 1 (04:25):

It’s usually the ones. Number one, who’ve been with us for a while, who, who just come on here on a regular basis because they just want to get that information that Peter and Julie puts out. And so they’ve been on, you know, going in and joining them because maybe this is the only thing making get as far as real estate or at its closest. And they just enjoy it. And we enjoy giving you out, giving out that information. And then there are some people who’ve come on and like, I haven’t made my decision yet, but I’m thinking about it. And the more I watch them, the more I jumped on this Tuesday call, the more it seems like, yeah, this might be a good fit for, for those people who are wanting to join. Okay. If you want to become a partner, uh, in the chat, we’re going to drop the phone number.

Speaker 1 (05:12):

You can call tonight. You can call right now and you know, somebody is going to talk to you and you can join up. Or you can just go to our partner driven website at partner-driven dot com and click on the link and get there. Uh, the number of this out there is (770) 746-8585. Call it and Hey, come on and join the family. And it is a family guys. It’s not just a program, it’s a family. So we’re S I mean, I’m super excited about having the opportunity to do this. I was, you know, I’m guest the guest host tonight. Uh, and I really relish this time, especially with some of the people that I’m seeing popping up on the chat. Um, so those are the first type of people. And then we got our second, which are our, and then our partners, man, they come out strong when we do things they’re always there to support us.

Speaker 1 (06:03):

And we’re here to support them 110%. And if you ever talk to any of the people who are a part of the partner driven program, or the family as we call it, you’re going to, you’re going to see a recurring thing that, Hey, they get the support they need. Uh, they feel like they a part of a family. And the greatest thing about it is the other partners. We help each other, all the partners that we have from, you know, the east coast to the west coast or the Midwest or the south, we all try to help one another, especially when we do our daily training calls. So, you know, south, south to all the partners who are a part of partner-driven and those who are thinking about being a partner, uh, like I said, all you gotta do is just click on the link.

Speaker 1 (06:46):

And man you’re in there now, tonight is all about the deal driven app. And actually it’s about technology and, and, and, uh, what we have to offer as a partner in the partnership. You know, we have this deal driven hap uh, I remember when it first started, uh, it didn’t look like it does now. And the reason it looks the way it does now, when I show it to you is simply because of all of us as partners, all of us as users, partners, and non partners, man, we had the opportunity to make an input into the development of this and you know, the engineer and Mr. Ben, the great band, he is doing a fabulous job of creating this app. And it’s really, you know, from where it came from to where it is now, it is a thousand times better and it’s only getting better.

Speaker 1 (07:39):

We keep improving this thing every day. Ben keeps on putting in stuff. He’s taking your suggestions because you know, on the app, you can actually put into suggestions. You can go to the feature requests and put suggestions in, and he takes a look at those things. And they actually, a lot of the stuff that we’ve talked about in the past, those things are starting to come into fruition. So man, shout out to Ben, you guys, he’s doing a fabulous job with the app. Now, if you don’t have the deal driven app, you’re missing out, okay. So what we’re doing, if you want to use the app, all you got to do is go to, And I think there’s going to be a link in the chat as well. But if you go there, we’re giving away a seven day free trial. You can try this thing free seven days for free.

Speaker 1 (08:32):

And after you use it, I know you’re going to love it. It’s only 49, 95 after that, but give it a try. Go ahead, click on the link and also go to the website, try it out. You don’t have anything to lose because man data is king. And we’re going to talk about that here in a few minutes, but you can try it out. Seven days, free trial, 49, 95. After that, uh, also we have a deal driven community on Facebook. So if you want to know what’s going on with the app, you want to know what people are saying about the app. Join our Facebook group is deal driven community. Uh, you don’t have to have the app to join the community, but we want you to get the app because we want to know your experiences with it. You know, that’s what helps it get better when you find stuff out when you’re out there using it and something’s not working the way you think it should be working or something’s not working correctly.

Speaker 1 (09:24):

That’s why we have a great support So make sure if you’re out there using it already and you’ve run across some things, make sure you let us know so we can address those things. Don’t wait a week later or two weeks and say something. If you notice something, let us know so we can get on it. Okay. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to open up, I’m going to share my screen with you guys. I’m going to share the deal driven app. And I’m just going to show you some things about it for all those people who don’t even have the app, man, you’re going to love this thing. Uh, it I’m telling you is come full circle. If I, if you have to ask me, he’s come full circle from where it was so deal driven app, this is what it looks like when you open it up.

Speaker 1 (10:13):

Now the deal driven app is a web based app. Meaning when you sign up for the app, okay, all you have to do is when you sign up, you can go to the link, you know, put the web address in there into Google Chrome or safari. And you can actually open the app that way. Now we do have it on the Google play store for people who are Android users, you can download it from the Google play store. We are in the process of getting it on the app store, but it’s not there yet. Just a few hoops. We got to jump through in order to get it on there, but it’s coming. So don’t worry about that. So if you’re not, uh, an Android user, all you simply have to do is just open up Chrome and make sure you use Chrome because it’s the best, uh, operating system for it or the best browser.

Speaker 1 (11:06):

Uh, but you can use safari as well. And then you just simply put an, forward slash login. After you sign up, boom, boom, boom. Put your email address in there and create a password. And you’re in. All right. Now we’ll ask you for a credit or debit card on the free trial. No worries. Go ahead and put it in there. And for seven days you can use it. It’s not going to charge you. If you decide to keep it, then it’s going to charge you that 49 95 and it’s 49 95 afterwards. Okay. So when we’re looking at the deal driven app, guys, this is the new look dashboard. Now some of you may have already seen it. I know some of our partners they’ve seen this already. Um, but this is the new look dashboard before it didn’t look nothing like this. Now it does.

Speaker 1 (11:53):

And the first thing you’re going to notice is going to say right up here in big bold letters, what do you want to do today? Okay. And then you got the blue dialogic boxes and they are full of information. We know that data is king. And the thing is what the deal driven app. You get a ton of data just at a click of the map or a tap of the map or the click of a mouse on these boxes. So one of the things you want to do is when you’re doing driving for dollars, okay? Yeah. I said, driving for dollars. Some people think driving for dollars is old school. And it is because it’s one of the things that, you know, everybody started out. But no, no, this driving for dollars is still the best way. You’re going to find those unfundable deals.

Speaker 1 (12:43):

Okay. You can sit back and pull lists and all that great stuff. But if you’re not out there actually driving through the neighborhoods, knowing your area, knowing where those hot pockets are, you’re not really getting to the good deals. The ones that nobody is really looking at. Well, the great thing about the deal driven app. That’s what it does. We call it the off market property tool. It’s got tons of data. So when you click on the lookup properties by GPS and address is simply the driving for dollars map or the app, the partial search, excuse me. So when you open it up, you’re going to see a map. All right. And you’re going to start to see all these little circles, the little colored circles around there, looking like jolly ranchers. Well, what that is is it just indicates what types of properties are in that particular neighborhood.

Speaker 1 (13:36):

And the legend for that is down here in your lower left. So you see there’s a lot of blue here. That means it’s a lot of non-owner occupied properties, which really translates into rental properties. Now we both know, or everybody out here should know because of the moratorium. There’s a lot of people who are landlords who were tired. They’re like, man, I’m tired of this. I want to get rid of this property. This is an ideal for a location where you can go and do some driving for dollars, looking around doing searches. And when you’re out there, whether you’re doing this virtually, like from your desktop, like I’m doing right now, demonstrating, or you’re physically out there. When you open up the map, it’s going to show your location. And if you see a property are you simply do is just tap on the map, just like that.

Speaker 1 (14:25):

And what it does is it pulls up a property card. Now check this out. The property card has a ton of information on it. I mean, in the back in the day, he didn’t say back in the day, only a few years ago, you’d have to go to two or three different programs to get all this information just right here. Right? So you have the property address. You’re going to have the valuation, which translates to the as is value or the value that this house would sell for as is you see the equity, it tells you how much equity it has in dollars and, and percentages. And then any total loans. You’re not going to get that just by tapping on one thing. Sometimes you used to have to go to two different places. They even get that information. Now you’re getting it right here.

Speaker 1 (15:14):

Total loans that are, uh, attached to this property, the last sale date, the last time this property was sold and the type of property it is. Okay. That’s a ton of information just right there, right there. You have enough information to make a decision on whether or not you’re going to jump on this property, but wait, there’s more okay. When you tap on the property card, it’s grows up and it gives you some more information, right? Like characteristics of the property, you know, some tax information, loan information and owner’s name the current owner. All right. So that’s a lot of information just off the property card itself, but wait, there’s some more, okay. So let’s say you want to pull comps are you got to do is click on the comps. It’s going to pull up comps if there’s available. And it depends on the state.

Speaker 1 (16:09):

Okay. Some states are non-disclosure states, but it does a real good job of pulling as much as it can. And as you can see, the subject property is probably a three bedroom, two bath house. So what it’s doing is it’s trying to find comparables three bedroom, two bath houses, or at least two bathrooms within a half mile radius of the subject property. That’s a quick way to pull comps. You know, just to give you an ideal of what it, you know, prices are, but you can actually be more detailed with this thing. I’m telling you if you close it out, right? Uh, and I’ll show you this, as far as pulling comps, I’ll show you that in a minute, but let’s say you’re a behind your computer. You want to take a look at the property? Well, click on the virtual. And what it does is it pulls up a Google street view of that property.

Speaker 1 (16:55):

And there you go. There’s the property right there. And you can look around in the neighborhood. You can say, this is almost in a cul-de-sac is right at the beginning of the call, the SAC or no it’s in the curve. So that’s the property right there. Now what you can do while you’re out there, you can add PR added to a list. So when you add it to a list, this is how you create your driving for dollars list is you just click on, add, and then you either add it to an existing list or you create a new one just by clicking on, add to a new list. You label it, whatever you want. Let’s say you’re in this shady acres community or subdivision, just label it shady acres, and you can put the data on it. Then, then you go through there and you start adding properties to create that list.

Speaker 1 (17:41):

And that’s the, that’s one of the coolest things about this. But like I said, if you want to be more specific about doing a comp, what you want to do is you want to add the property to a list. And when the changes, the car is going to change, and it’s going to say details. You want to click on the details tab. Okay? And there’s a lot of information on the details page about this property. You can see a lot of stuff, but what I want you to do is I want you to go over to comparables and the reason I want you pull it, there is because it’s going to pull up a map and all the properties that are similar square footage and bathrooms and bedrooms are right here. This is the subject property. And we all know the closest, the closer to the subject property, the better the comp will be.

Speaker 1 (18:26):

So what you can do is just tap, go click on the box. And I’m going to pick like the first four properties, maybe maybe five, uh, cause there’s 30 within there, but I’m going to pick the ones that are closest. And it’s going to tell me the average sale price for this. Maybe it’s a three bedroom, two bath. I’m not sure cause we’re not getting a lot of data because it’s in Texas. Uh, but 2 85 now, right there, that is your beginning where you can start negotiations. You can take that number. You can apply whatever formula you want to it. You got this information when you skip trace this property and you get in contact with the property on and you go out and take a look at the property. You already have information that is far beyond what you would’ve normally had. If you did not use the deal driven app. So guys, this thing is super, super, uh, intuitive, and it cuts down on your time of research. If anything else, that’s what it does. It cuts down on the time or research for our property. So that right there is what we call the Lea building or the driving search. Okay. Um, let me see, before I go to the next thing, is there any questions in there? Uh, thank you. Everybody’s answering my questions for me, so great. Uh, that, uh, that, that, that partnership with shrub, uh, okay.

Speaker 1 (19:54):

All right. So now what I want to do is I want to go back to the, uh, the dashboard. So anytime you want to go back to the dashboard, don’t matter where you’re at in the deal driven app. You want to click on the house, the house will take you all the way back to the dashboard. So no matter where you’re at, you can get to the dashboard. Now, another search that we have is called a lead building search. So you know how people build lists and they send you lists on, you know, pre-foreclosures or you know, a vacant properties non-owner occupied. You gotta get these lists from different people. Well, not anymore. You can do this straight from the deal driven app. Guys. I’m telling you, you just click on search for your property leads, you click on it and it’s going to do a nationwide search, no matter where you are, all you simply got to do is start right here and you can put in a city, a zip code.

Speaker 1 (20:49):

You know, you can put that in it or straight. You can put that in there and it will actually center the map. So I’m going to put in, um, somebody was from Greenville. So I’m going to put in Greenville, South Carolina. So there it is right down in the bottom. I’m going to click on it. And what the, the deal driven app does is it centers downtown Greenville, South Carolina. Okay. The upstate. And by default, it’s going to be doing a search radius of 20 miles. That’s what you see that dark circle. Now the 20 mile radius can be adjusted. You can go all the way from one mile or you can go all the way to 50 miles. It’s your choice. But by default, it’s going to be 20 miles. Okay? So you’re going to see that dark circle. Now, at this point, you can go ahead and click, continue to search by selecting your search type, or let’s say you’re familiar with Greenville and you want to look in a specific area or a street.

Speaker 1 (21:51):

Maybe you want to look over here and say, what is going on over here in this neighborhood right here? What is this right in here? Well, you can do what we call draw polygon, neat stuff, big a word. But basically you’re just drawing on the map. So once you click on draw polygon, all you got to do is tap on the map and it will start to draw a line and you can make this thing as big as you want as wide as you want. You can move it around just like that. And once you decide where it is, you’re looking, you say done drawing. And what it does is it pulls all the properties in the shaded area you see right here is 352 properties, single family residences right here. And you, can you be specific about it and go on and do your search type.

Speaker 1 (22:39):

Or you can do the search radius. You know, either one, you can utilize it, but once you get your area that you’re looking in, you want to go to search type, click on that. And then you’re going to see some predefined searches that we already have. And then you have some individual searches. These predefined searches are pretty dope. So when you click on, I’m like tired landlord, single family. It’s going to show me that there’s 565 properties in that 20 mile radius. Non-owner occupied with, uh, they’re single family. And they have at least a hundred percent equity in them. That means they’re all paid off. And they’re all have been sold before December the 31st, 2005. So given the pandemic, given what’s going on with people who have rental properties and people not paying, there’s a lot of landlords out there who was like, I’m done.

Speaker 1 (23:34):

I don’t want to do this no more. I’ve been doing it for awhile and this is just making it worse. Well, the deal driven app has identified 565 properties just in that you can actually create your list, skip, trace them, get in contact with these property owners and see if they like, Hey, do you, are you interested in selling? Do you want to, you know, sell I’m buying and there you go, this 565 leads. Okay. You can do it that way by doing the predefined searches. Or let me be clear. It is results. If you want to just do the one-offs like the pre-foreclosures. How many pre-foreclosures are there? There’s 314. All right. Or what about a company owned properties? There’s well over 10,000. So I can’t even pull that one up as too many, but the non-owner occupied. There’s a lot of those maybe vacant properties is probably going to be a lot of those.

Speaker 1 (24:29):

Oh, Nope. There’s 220 or 2,274 properties. So you get the drift and you can also stack these right here. So you can do vacant, uh, cash buyers, uh, non owner occupied. You can, you know, put them together like you want, uh, you can do a lot of things with it, but I’m going to do pre-foreclosures on this one. Okay. And remember when it says auction, remember this guy’s auctions, they have nothing to do with like or a bank, no auctions or anything. This is really tied in with free pre-foreclosures. So it’s going to give you an auction day is going to let you know when this property is about to go into auction when it’s a pre-foreclosure. Okay. So I’m going to go ahead and take it a step further. I’m going to go to additional filters because I want to filter this down just a little bit more now property type.

Speaker 1 (25:23):

I’m going to choose single family homes and there’s 253. Now I could choose whatever I want to, but I’m going to go with single family and then I’m going to put the equity in there. I want at least a minimum of 40%. Okay. That’s my number. That’s what I like a 40%. So you see it dropped it down to 106 properties. Okay. So this is a pre-foreclosure. Now you can put valuation in there. If you want to, if you know, you know, prices in your, in your area, you know, how’s the sell for 50,000 to maybe 250, or in my case out in California, they sell from 300,000 to a million. You can just, you know, put them in there. If you want to, you don’t have to, you can put bedrooms and bathrooms. Notice of default. That’s simply letting you know, when did these properties go get their notice of default?

Speaker 1 (26:12):

You can put that in there, but I’m just going to leave it just like that with this two filters, and then I’m going to show results. Okay. And when I show results, it’s going to show me on the map in relation to where these properties are located. So when I look at it, right, I’ll zoom out. You can see all of these right here are located there. That’s the first 20, cause this comes in a pages of 20. I go to the next page, it’s going to bump it out. And it’s going to show me where they’re located at. And they’re all the way around this area. So you can actually click on some of these and you know, if you want to not do the whole list, you can just pick on the ones you want. If you’re just looking in this area, you can just select these and create a list from them.

Speaker 1 (26:56):

Or you can choose the whole list. Now I did see some that had the red on it. Okay. So the ones that have red that just lets you know, that they’re about to go to auction. Okay. So if I scroll down here to number 19, this one has a lot. It’s going to tell me there’s an auction day coming up. So this is when you can go after somebody have past auction dates, uh, if they have it and they’re still on the list as simple because they didn’t go the first time or maybe the owner has a forbearance or something is going on, but they’re still good leads. So always contact them. Okay. Uh, so at this point, I’m going to choose the whole list. I’m going to go ahead and select it. It’s going to select every property on there and I’m going to add it to the list and then I’m gonna create a new list.

Speaker 1 (27:48):

Or if I had an existing list, I could just put them in there, but I’m going to create a new list and I’m gonna call this Greenville pre I’m going to save it. And what happens is it does this thing. You know, it does a little spinning thing. And uh, it gives you this, uh, wording verbiage right here. And then you can just go to your list. And at that point, it’s going to take me to the list so slowly and there we go. Now that does pop up in card view, but you can change it to list, view, same information. It’s just a different format, but it’s the same thing. Uh, the card view is good. If you want to add pictures, all right. If you don’t want to go out and take pictures of everything, you just click on, get photo, get it from there.

Speaker 1 (28:34):

Google street, pigs, boom, few seconds. And it’s going to pull a picture of the property and there you go. And that’s the picture you can use when you do your direct mail using a deal driven app. All right. So I’m going to put this in list view, and I’m going to show you how easy it is to actually skip trace these. Um, so you can do the whole list by just simply clicking right here. It’s going to select all your properties in the list, or you can only do it. You can do a few of them like one, two, however you want to do it. Uh, but when you do the skip trace, click on it right up here, instance, skip trace. And it does require credits. It’s going to tell you how many properties are being skipped. It takes a third of a credit per property.

Speaker 1 (29:21):

It’s going to tell you how many credits you have available. And it’s going to tell you how many credits it will consume at most. When it says add most. What it means is if you look down at this little note, it’ll tell you each skip trace, consumes a third of a credit. Only, only if an email address a phone number or a owner million dressed is returned. What that simply means is if it does a script, skip trace and one, or all of these comes back, it’s going to charge you that third of a credit. If none of that comes back, you do not get charged for it. If you do a list it’s already been skipped traced. It was skip over those. It won’t double charge you. So there you go. So when I do, yes, it only takes a few seconds. And once I get it, I’m going to get that information.

Speaker 1 (30:09):

It’s going to say, oh five, skip traces completed zero skipped. And there you go. I got phone number, email, address, phone number, email, address, phone number, phone number, email addresses. And all I gotta do is do a dropdown. It’s going to give me the phone numbers. I can make calls. Uh, also email. I can do email. So guys, this is how easy it is to do your skip tracing. Get your list together and start contacting these people ASAP. Also you can do direct mail. Direct mail is pretty simple. Just click on, start direct mail, same thing. It’s going to pull up our templates. Once it pulls our templates up, you just scroll down. You pick the one that you like the most, right? And if you click on it, it’s going to turn green. And at that point, you just click on, start Miller. And it’s going to go out.

Speaker 1 (30:56):

It’s going to tell you, Hey, five properties. And it’s going to tell you how many credits. And if I say, yes, what happens is it does this little thing. You’ll see this as the campaign is set, okay? And you can see right here is turned. It turned yellow. Now all these didn’t turn yellow, but they turn yellow, which means it’s pending. And when it’s pending like that, that means it’s going to our process or a third party vendor. They’re getting it ready. And when it goes out, when they send it out, this will turn green to let you know that the campaign is active. All right, go ahead and take that off. I’m not going to send it to them. All right, guys. So that is how easy it is to use this deal driven app. For me, all this information, I have more, but let me see if I got any questions that I need to answer. Let’s see me scroll down here. Um, I’m looking, are we good?

Speaker 1 (31:57):

I think we’re good. See me looking down on my eyes. Uh, we’ll see. What does this say? Somebody said something about the pandemic. How do we benefit from landlords rental properties when tenants aren’t paying rent because of the pandemic. That is a great question. Okay. And that was from Pamela. So believe it or not, if they are not paying that’s, you know, that’s fine. And the rental, the landlord wants to get rid of their property. That’s fine too. Because guess what? There are a ton of players in the game, a lot of cash buyers who are looking for those properties. Okay. So it doesn’t really matter if they’re not paying, we want them to pay because we want the landlords to be okay, but they’re not paying. And so those properties are available. And so there’s a ton of cash buyers, a ton of people who are getting into the real estate game.

Speaker 1 (32:54):

Again, you know, they missed the last bubble and they’re like, man, I’m not gonna let this happen to me again. So they’ve been waiting all these years for this type of thing to happen again. And here you go. As soon as properties are getting, you know, sold or getting under contract or getting sold to cash buyers. So that’s what makes it so great right now. We’re in a great time when it comes to real estate, especially in the partner program and you, if you’re a partner with us, man, you will start to see that we didn’t miss a beat last year. And we only slowed down just a little bit at the end of the year. But what we did was we told our partners, Hey, it is a slow period. Is the holidays. Ain’t nobody want to make no moves, but still reach out to people, still contact people, get your pipeline full. And as soon as this first of the year came a couple of weeks. Afterwards, more contracts started coming in, more contracts started coming in and more people are starting getting those things turned and closed. So Hey, people are selling. Landlords are trying to sell their properties and there are buyers who were buying them. So that’s a great thing. Um, let’s see here.

Speaker 1 (34:08):

Hopefully let me get anything else in here. Yep. So if you’re looking up at, you know, doing your skip tracing and stuff, this is public records. Okay. I want you guys to understand that, uh, no, there’s no app out there that’s a hundred percent on public record information, but we come pretty close. And if your name was associated with a phone number out there, we know how many years ago it was, is likelihood is still out there in the public eye. So sometimes we do pull that information. Sometimes that number gets reassigned to somebody else. So when you’re doing your skill tracing, you know, don’t look at it. As you know, I was trying to call Mr. Smith and I got Mr. Jones. So it’s a bad number. No, don’t look at it that way. Just look at it as another opportunity, another opportunity to create another league.

Speaker 1 (35:05):

So what you call Mr. You’re trying to get Mr. Smith. You got Mr. Jones simply to say, Hey Mr. Jones, or, Hey, I was trying to call Mr. Smith. So I apologize, Mr. Jones, you know, and, uh, I’ll make sure I’ll make a note of that on my list. Hey, but before I hang up, do you or anybody, you know, have a property to sell? You never know who you’re talking to. We’ve had partners do that very same thing. And the person they were talking about or talking to, yeah, I got a portfolio of properties are no, you know, but my next door neighbor who wants to sell, you know, and you can always let them know, Hey, if I, if you send me a property and we do a deal on it and I close on it, I’ll pay your referral fee. People are always motivated by money. So you can always use that to your advantage. So never ever look at those numbers as being bad, then if they’re disconnected or if they’re not working, that’s one thing. But if you get a hold of somebody other than who you’re trying to, that’s just another free lead for you to go after. Okay. Now, um, scroll down here.

Speaker 1 (36:19):

Somebody said, uh, what is search by APN? Uh, APN is just a number that is assigned by the county. Uh, uh, what did they call it? Parcel something, parcel number. It’s just a way to search for a property by the parcel number. If you’re going to use, uh, the county records and some of the deal driven properties. Let me see if this one has it actually, let me go through real quick, just to see, click over all properties and let me go over here. Sometimes it has it in there. Um, uh, some people do search by the APN number is the parcel number right there. So if you put that in there, it’s going to pull this property up. Same thing as doing this, tapping on the map. So it’s on the records. You can, you can, you can search that way. All right. Um, one other thing I wanted to show you guys that we add it, let’s say you created that list. Let me go back to that list.

Speaker 1 (37:32):

We can go back to one of these properties, right? And let’s say you, you created this list and you don’t have a buyers list. You don’t know where to find a buyer. Okay. Well with the deal driven app, you can click on find an investor for this property. And when you click on it, what it’s going to do, it’s going to open up the cash buyer search and the cash buyer search is going to look within a five mile radius of that subject property for people who have purchased properties for cash. And you can see this starts to populate it over here, uh, for people who have purchased and what they’ve done, but maybe you want to be more specific. So if you scroll down and you click on choose filters, right, you can pick the property type. So the person that you’re looking for, maybe you’re looking for single-family buyers.

Speaker 1 (38:21):

You can click on that. It starts to do his thing again, to try to filter it down a little bit more, uh, you can go ahead and fold that back up. And then maybe you want to look at people who invest, you know, properties, at least a minimum of maybe thousand dollars to, I don’t know, maybe $250,000, get that. And you click on that and it starts to do some more and it starts to bring it down a little bit farther. And then the property count by default is going to be a minimum of two properties. But if you really want to find some good ones that are doing deals all the time, bump it up. Maybe they want somebody who does five deals at the, at the least, and maybe, uh, 15 at the most. Go ahead and click on that. And you’re going to see it narrowed it down pretty far to four buyers within a five mile radius.

Speaker 1 (39:18):

Now, Dr. Horton, and I don’t know if they’ll buy those homes like that, but you’ll see. And these are cash buyers. People who bought, purchased for cash, the number of deals that they doing, the average deal price. Uh, so you can get in contact with these people simply by sending them a postcard or a letter, letting them know that, Hey, I’m a cash. I’m a investor. I’m out here all the time, looking at properties. And I see that you’re a cash buyer. Are you still active? If you are, let me know what types of properties you look for. And what’s the best way I can contact you once I get these properties under contract. So this is a great, great way to find, build your cash buyers list. You can do it per property, or you can go back here to the dashboard and you can search wherever you’re looking nationwide.

Speaker 1 (40:06):

You just enter in the street city or zip code and you can search that way too. So, man, that is the deal driven app at its finest. And like I said, if you guys have not used a deal driven app, make sure, make sure that you go click on the link or go to deal,, and sign up for the free seven day trial we’re giving away for free for seven days. And then after you use it, if you like it just continue using it 49 95 a month, as well as join our deal driven community. We want to know what you guys are. Think about the app and you can go and check it out. You don’t have to have the app to be a part of the community, but we want you to try it. Okay. So go ahead and join up the deal, drove the community, um, Facebook and Hey, see what people were talking about. Um, so let me see, let me see. Can you say the list of cash buyers?

Speaker 1 (41:08):

Yes. You can’t save it. Uh, so if you go here and you click on and you create a list, I’m just going to throw up another name. Uh, let me see San Jose, right? And I’m just going to let it do what it does right here. It’s going to start to populate. Um, and what you want to do is you want to see where it says export. If you click on export, as you can do it as a PDF, or you can do it as a CSV and you can export that to your desktop or laptop, even on your mobile device, if you, you know, you can pull it down and put it in one of your folders and you will have that information as well. And it’ll save all this information that you have right here. So once you filter these out and then you got your list, you can just go ahead and export it as a PDF or CSV, one of the other. Okay. Uh, what else?

Speaker 1 (42:11):

Uh, let’s see. One more question lies. Okay. Fairly new features. I believe. Yeah, it is. Uh, it’s actually been around for about, uh, about a month and a half, two months. Now we’re still going to be improving on this. Okay. Cause sometimes you get people because right now, the only way you can get in contact with them is to send them some messages or send them some postcards or something like that. But what you can do using a deal driven app, this is a little hack. I got this from one of our partners. If you take this person right here, right? Benjamin say whatever his average deal is, 2 91, he’s done six deals, even though he’s not done them in a while, he still may be active. Well, what you can do is you can actually do this. You can copy the address. You can go back to, uh, the individual property search.

Speaker 1 (43:04):

You can paste it right here. All right, it’s going to pull it up. Uh, there is a property right there. It’s a single family residence. And guess what added to a list creates you a cash buyers and you can skip trace it and get the phone number and email address. And that’s another way for you to get ahold of them. Okay? So you can try that all day long. Now that doesn’t work for everyone of them, but for the most part, it will. If it’s in a business, if there are offices in a business park, if you’re not going to be able to get that information as, you know, phone numbers and stuff. But if there are like most investors, they’re at home and they use their home is their home office. Boom. There you go. And that’s a quick way to get that builds your cash buyers list and you’re on your way.

Speaker 1 (43:53):

Okay. That was just a little hack. And that’s what happens when you’re a part of the partner driven program. I’m telling you guys, we have so many partners who have great ideals and they put it out on these daily training calls. So for those people who are on here, who are partners, make sure you get on the daily training calls. It’s not just us talking and you know, giving out, you know, training. It’s much more than that. So we help each other and that’s how we grow. And for those people who’ve been coming to this, you know, Tuesday night webinar. And they’re like, I think I want to join. I think, want to join? Well, come on, all you gotta do is pick up the phone and call the number. You know, the 7,700 number that she’s going to post in the chat again, or go to partner and click on the link.

Speaker 1 (44:43):

So somebody can talk to you and you can become a part of the family. Okay? Um, there you go. There it is in the chat. Make sure you do it. And for those people who just like calming, we always want you to come. We try to provide value as much as possible. We appreciate you guys. You know, Julie and Peter, they, they appreciate the support that everybody, if everybody’s getting them, that’s why they’ve been doing this for so long. And every Tuesday, we try to do something to make, you know, give you value. And so tonight the tech Tuesday night, this is another value. And guess what? If you’re a partner, if you become a partner, if you’re a partner, we have another piece of technology that you can use. It’s going to really make your investing career a lot more easier. I said that real slow dinner.

Speaker 1 (45:34):

Yeah, we have something else. So if you’re a partner, you can be a part of it. I’m not going to tell you what it is. But some people on here already know what it is, but it’s going to help you organize your list. It’s going to help you do your follow-ups. This even got a web page that you can use to put out there so people can get inbound. And it’s just at its beginning stages guys, you know, we got more stuff to come. That’s why Peter and Julie and Rafa went to Miami. They wanted to do some RNR, but guess what? They got a lot of more, they got a lot more ideals and a lot of more things is going to come up this year. Things that they haven’t told us about, but I know some of them, but I know they haven’t told everybody, but you can only going to get it.

Speaker 1 (46:14):

If you’re going to become a partner. And if you’ve haven’t done this yet, make sure you jump on it. Get on that link. Join us. Be a part of the family. Also, if you don’t have the deal driven app seven day free trial, like it, you’re going to love it. 49 95 a month afterwards. Okay. And if you’re a partner, it comes with the partnership. Okay. So guys, you know what? I really appreciate you guys being on here tonight. Uh, I think I’m out of breath right now. I don’t know. Uh, Kristen, are we good? Do you think we need to do anything else? I think we’re good. All right. All right guys, appreciate you guys spending a little time with your boy. You guys have a great rest of the day or evening. Whatever it is is still afternoon for me. I’m going to go find me something to eat and then enjoy the rest of the day. All right. See you soon.