trains people how to profit in commercial real estate for dummies. This business is highly lucrative if you can learn my methods…

00:39 A recent conversation with my CEO Julie
01:21 She fired a team member
01:56 Commercial real estate for dummies requires devoted employees
02:49 Make sure to empower your people to make decisions
03:28 True success involves delegation

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I realize you’ve probably seen many commercial real estate for dummies videos here on YouTube. But I’ll bet dollars to donuts you’ve never experienced the results my formula provides. What’s my secret? Consistency. My students are taught how daily tasks grow into huge profits.

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Beware. There’s many commercial real estate for dummies gurus that charge enormous amounts of money. I’m not opposed to paying for good service but be careful. What you want to avoid are weekend seminars that are designed for quick learning (not ideal in this business).

The formulas I use in my commercial real estate for dummies program are far different than what you will see advertised by other real estate training centers. My techniques begin by developing a lead generation machine that brings us thousands of leads per month.

It doesn’t happen overnight. However, my approach is built around a systematic method to generate enormous quantities of distressed seller leads. That’s why my commercial real estate for dummies coaching students love my help.

Remember one thing: no matter how you approaching your education be certain whomever you hire has the thousands of deals under their belts. The reason is you want to work with someone who’s doing this business rather than earning their income teaching it.

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