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Speaker 1 (00:00:00):

Hey, good evening, everybody. Peter, Vexcel been here with my site. Kig Julie, mucin the other end? How are you doing?

Speaker 2 (00:00:07):

Oh, I’m doing awesome. Peter, thank you for asking. I’m super excited to be on tonight. Um, for our Tuesday night webinar. One of my favorite favorite, favorite times of the week.

Speaker 1 (00:00:20):

Yes, for sure. As long as we’ve been doing the partner model, w we’ve been doing these, so these are, this is something that Julian I’ve committed to quite a while ago, back in the old stone ages, I guess you could say for, for where we are today. And we started doing these weekly webinars and, um, you know, to this day, I still find that a lot of people that know about us hear about us, learn about us, ultimately, join us, come as a result of these Tuesday night webinars, we’re going to do something really, really unusual tonight. We’re going to teach you some really cool stuff. And then literally at the end, we’re going to give you, we’re going to give you something that you could literally take action on. Like tonight, like you ever like, like ever been somewhere and learn something and studied something.

Speaker 1 (00:01:04):

And they like, oh, I can’t wait to get home so I can implement it. Or, you know, I can’t wait for the next, you know, when, when everything will arrive, well, tonight’s gonna be very different. We’re going to teach you and we’re going to give you immediately, like, okay, right now, here’s what you’re going to do. And, and so literally what you’re going to learn tonight from myself and Julie you’ll be able to implement tonight. So this is something that’s really, it’s, it’s even a little bit unusual for what Julia and I do. Um, but we thought what a great way, a great way to teach is not to just teach and say, well, good luck. Go do it. Your own speed and pace, but actually teach. And then immediately afterwards, give you for free. Okay. Here, what you just learned. Here’s how here’s, here’s the leads to go implement it.

Speaker 1 (00:01:45):

So it’s going to be very exciting tonight. Tonight’s a time we could talk about leveling up. You know, a lot of times, Julie and I talk about stories, we share about our existing partners. Um, we celebrate victories tonight, tonight. We’re getting like down into the weeds of things. So not really like, we’re going to teach you guys some stuff tonight. It’s all action. It’s all about taking action. It’s all about, uh, leveling up. It’s all about getting to the next level. And uh, so if you’re one of those people that just says, just tell me what to do and I’ll do it. That’s what we’re gonna do tonight. So not, we’re going to tell you what to do. We’re going to give you what to do it with at the end, and then you’re going to go do it. So if you’re like, like myself and I know like Julie, like when we see something we’re all over it, we’re like, okay. W how do we start yesterday on this thing? That’s what tonight is going to be all about. All right. So we’re going to get started here.

Speaker 2 (00:02:40):

Yes. Everybody’s popping on, um, our Tuesday night tradition is for you to let us know exactly where you’re from. Um, and we’ve already got people putting that in because there used to be an on our Tuesday night webinars. So, um, I would love to welcome, uh, let’s see, Brad woods from Marietta, Charles Harbin, syn Gordon from Delaware, Joe Church from Greenville, South Carolina and Erica from, Georgia, Charles he’s over there in Asheville, North Carolina, keys from Atlanta, Dawn from Chicago land Richard from Chicago, Brent from Illinois. My goodness. We got everybody from Illinois tonight, Cal from Alabama, uh, Karen and Carl from Massachusetts. Hey, congratulations, Karen and call, who are one of our partners, which I just saw on our Facebook group. They got their second deal under contract.

Speaker 1 (00:03:43):

And what does that mean, Julie?

Speaker 2 (00:03:45):

Well, at our last lab event, I told them if we closed three deals before their wedding, I would personally pay for their honeymoon up to $12,000. Right? So y’all, can’t go to ARD.

Speaker 1 (00:03:58):

You can get a nice honeymoon for $12,000. And, uh, I am incur, like, we always talk about level up. I am encouraging them to level up to make Julie level up because that’s going to be amazing. That’s going to be, uh, oh. And if they get three, they also come to the lake house, like three for three, come to the lake house and visit and have Julie pay for your honeymoon. I like it.

Speaker 2 (00:04:23):

Well, we got Antonio from Rio, Rancho, New Mexico, Eugene as always from Chicago. So glad you’re here. Eugene Stanley from St. Louis, Missouri, bill from Sacramento. Larysa from Georgia. Ms. Tammy from Virginia, uh, ran in G from Phoenix, Arizona. I literally just got off the phone with Graham and Gina, Jenny, Jenny, excuse me. Uh, they’re in our partner driven max program. And actually what we’re talking about tonight has what I’ve been working on with them with partner-driven that. So I’ve been working with their brand brand, brand new phone caller to work with them in their Phoenix, Arizona market.

Speaker 1 (00:05:07):

And by the way, Julie, if you don’t mind me interrupting, I know we’re not going to talk about partner-driven max, but what I do love to share with our success stories, we’re like, you’re not in our business guys, look we’re investors, right? Let’s face it. What does a success story? And people are doing deals and partner driven. Max is just, it’s, it’s a level up for us here at partner driven. It’s where Julie literally steps in, uh, is acts just like she did with me for 12, some years as my CEO. And she got my business to where it is now. And then we went to the partner model and all that, but, but an amazing success story. Julie, I’d love to share with, uh, the partner Duramax about Patricia, a retired police officer, correct me if I’m wrong. She retired

Speaker 2 (00:05:47):

June 30th.

Speaker 1 (00:05:48):

Okay. Almost retired police officer from Florida, Orlando, uh, started got into our partner driven max because she’s like, all right. It’s to take it to the next level. Um, we’re closing our first deal. Right. And again, I might be the timeline drawn here in the next couple of weeks. She’s only been in, uh, uh, the partner driven max for like a month or so. We’re closing our first deal splitting $50,000. And I think there might be one or two more on the horizon also. Huh?

Speaker 2 (00:06:17):

Yeah. Yeah. We’re working on that. Actually. We’re working on two more, but one was a reverse mortgage and we had to do some paperwork, but that one’s coming up soon. Also Shannon. Um, we listed her second deal, just like literally at five o’clock. Um, and her first deal is closing next week, but we got Russell Barcelona from Buffalo, New York. Thank you, Russell, for being on, he actually joined partner driven. Max, what was it last week, Russell. So we’re at the beginning stages of getting your business going. Uh, let’s see, we got Wayne from Brook park, Ohio. Um, Kyle, I know you’re in, in Alabama when Nita for Ms. Um, from Paris, Texas close to Dallas, um, Keith from bend Oregon. Let’s see what I’m trying to get to the comments gods. We got Allen from Jamaica, Queens, New York, Ronnie from Houston, Texas, miss marina from North Carolina.

Speaker 2 (00:07:25):

We got skipped from Epping, north New Hampshire, Freddie Jackson from Chicago. Let’s see co uh, we got Brooklyn in the house, man. It just goes on and on. I can’t even tell you guys how, you know, honored that I am able to spend this time with you tonight to teach you some of the things that I’ve learned over the last 10 years after completing a little over 1600 deals myself. Um, and you know, what’s crazy is like some people make real estate out to be so hard when guys it’s a relationship business. I mean, it truly is a relationships business. And when, you know, when you understand how to talk to sellers in the positions that they are in life, I mean, that’s what truly makes you this, the money in this business. Um, I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but I can tell you from me being able to go out and talk to sellers has been the lifeblood of my business, right? So I’m going to teach you a little bit tonight about how all of you, whether you’re in partner driven, partner-driven max, whether this is your first time tuning in. I always want to leave you with something to get you to that next level, because whether you’re in partner driven or partner driven, max, I do really care about your success. And I know for sure if I can do it, you can do it right. And everybody says that, but like, seriously,

Speaker 1 (00:09:06):

That’s the truth. That’s the truth. Well, Julie, let’s go ahead and get started. And we are tonight. We’re going to roll out some of our strengths okay. Tonight. And I can tell you, Julie, I’m going to flip it over to Julia here in a couple minutes. Uh, I can personally tell you from a, from someone that’s like lived this business for a couple decades, who’s seen the ups, the downs and everything in between, um, completed thousands of real estate deals myself. I could tell you, there’s no one better than I know of a teaching, the subject of sellers contacting sellers than Julie. So tonight, tonight, literally, if you’re ready to go to the next level, not just be inspired to the next level, but actually do something tangible that you could use. That’s what Julie and I are going to talk to you guys about.

Speaker 1 (00:09:50):

But if you don’t mind, I’m going to take a step back and I’m going to just introduce Julie and I one more time, because some of you guys are hearing, you don’t know who we are, right? You might, somebody may have sent you a link, someone, but you might’ve just been invited here. Some of you maybe be kind of been following us, but you’re not all the dots are connected, but at heart, Julie and I are real estate investors. What that means is that we do deals and we do a lot of real estate deals. And for years on end, we did deals the way any other real estate investor does deals, right? You like find a deal. You do what you do with the deal. And then you exit the deal. And, you know, I call it the CDL do deal strategy. And we did a very well, we did it to a tune of thousands of deals, just like that.

Speaker 1 (00:10:31):

We even expanded that model, where we had a number of locations set up across the United States, where we were doing deals and closing on them. But, but like anyone else who gets to a certain level of success, we wanted to ourselves figure out how do we go to the next level? And that’s when years now ago, the partner driven model was initially more. We said, why don’t we just take everyday people? And we give them all the tools and resources that we have developed ourselves over quite a number of years. What if we provide them those tools at their local level? Meaning what if we coach them in general, uh, coach them and mentor them? What if we help them with lead generation? What if we help them secure the most incredible technology that’s available in the investing world? What if we give them all the capital they need to close on these deals. And then in exchange for that in exchange for basically being their back office, being their mentors and coaches and being their funding sources and exchange for that, when we sell these properties, let’s do a poll, let’s do a split, let’s do a split right down the middle 50 50. And that has been now for years, the model that Julie and I have been investing through ourselves. Okay. And we loved the model. As a matter of fact, we love it so much. We’ve stopped looking for deals ourselves. We

Speaker 2 (00:11:45):

Do every once in a while, Peter will

Speaker 1 (00:11:48):

Tell you, we do it any longer. Sometimes just by accident. We’ve been at it for so long. We have a reputation. People still contact us. Sometimes we experiment ourselves, you know, locally here, before we release different things to our partners. So every once in a while, something does fall through to us, but, but the real emphasis than 99% of the emphasis that Julie and I have now is on our partners. As a matter of fact, everyone that used to help us do deals now helps our partners do deals. Mary, who was instrumental in closing an tremendous amount of deals for us now focuses on closing deals for our partners. Laura handles our back office. Uh, you know, so what we did is we literally, we literally transitioned the inside staff that helped Julie and I become very successful in this investing game. We transitioned that staff to helping our partners.

Speaker 1 (00:12:38):

And part of the reason, you know, we were just talking about why we get on these Tuesday calls. Part of the reason is we do we want to help you. We want to educate you for those of you that are partners tonight. We want to level you up to the next level and all this, but the other very big reason that we get on this on, uh, on this webinar every Tuesday night is that, uh, we’re looking for more partners. You know, we see an incredible opportunity, especially we’ve always seen opportunities in real estate, make no mistake about it, but especially now, and what’s about ready to transpire because of, you know, coming out of COVID the moratoriums being lifted. Um, what’s about, there’s literally a tsunami about ready to be unleashed in, in terms of deal flow in terms of opportunities. And Julian are, I just want to position literally ourselves and the way that we could capture as many deals as possible, but to do that, we need more partners.

Speaker 1 (00:13:29):

So for those of you here tonight that are like, well, does this partner driven model makes sense? I can tell you, it makes sense from our end. I think if you talk to most of our partners, they’ll tell you, it makes sense from their end. And for those of you that are here. And you’re like, kind of at that decision-making time, if you stay on till the end of it, we’re going to give you an opportunity to literally start partnering with us tonight. If you stay on till the end of it, we’re going to give you a hundred free seller leads, which by the way, by the way, guys in today’s marketplace, there’s nothing better than a direct to seller lead, right? And, uh, in between now, and then we’re going to actually teach you what to do with that seller lead. And so what we’re here to teach you guys tonight is something that every real estate investor really needs to know.

Speaker 1 (00:14:12):

And that is how to talk to sellers, right? Like if you think about it, if you think about it, what when like, like when I got started in real estate, I did not know how to talk to sellers. And by the way I was in sales my whole life, but the kind of sales I was in never really kind of, you know, you know, it never ran on the circles of a homeowner per se. Right? So the one thing I realized is that some of us have a little bit more of a gift for gab. Some of us are a little bit more personable, but very few people get in this business with the specific skillset of talking to sellers. But that is a skill set you need. As a matter of fact, the quicker mastered the skillset, the quicker you’re probably going to do your first deal and the better you get at it, the quicker you’ll go to the next levels of this business.

Speaker 1 (00:15:01):

Like there are some things in real estate that, you know, you kind of get to the point where you got to figure it out. Like, you know, you can get your rehabs down where you just it’s like a cookie cutter, right? I mean, you might save a little bit more money by going with a different supplier. You know, you might exchange, you know, a trade here and there, but you kind of dial it in, right. Well, let me tell you something, this is a skillset that this is why I love this skillset. You could go to the next level and the next level and the next level. And then ultimately you could really, which not ultimately you could really, but ultimately you need to really start scaling this skill, set out through other people on your team and help them level up. So the, the, the art of contacting sellers, an important one, it’s a critical one.

Speaker 1 (00:15:47):

It’s one that we all have done. Like, I, I could tell you, um, I think they want, I got started in real estate. That’s the first thing I’d be like, okay, I gotta find a fight. I gotta find a seller. I gotta find a sell. Right? Like when I got started, I didn’t like, think like, okay, let me find a contractor. Or let me go find a closing attorney. It’s like, who wants to sell their property? And I can tell you guys, and I say it all the time. And if you follow me to any level anywhere you hear me say it. And sometimes people think I exaggerate it. Sometimes people think like, well, you’re just pumping your own people up and I can tell you, I’m not. Um, I’ve seen, uh, I’ve done it myself. Thousands of times, talk to sellers. I’ve seen I’ve, I’ve trained tremendous amount of people.

Speaker 1 (00:16:28):

Like I used to train bird dogs. They used to be our model many, many years ago for my partner. And I, we got our deals through bird dogs, right? These are basically people, uh, that were out in the field, finding deals, bringing them to us. Well, guess what we taught up when we taught them one skill set, how to talk to sellers. So I’ve trained thousands and thousands and thousands of people, how to connect with sellers. I’ve seen other people that have been trained in other areas, talking to sellers. And I could tell you for as long as I’ve been at this thing, and I’ve been at it for a long time, well, over two decades now, I’ve never seen anyone as good as Julie talking to sellers. So tonight is a special treat for some of you guys. Who’ve never seen Julie cheetahs because I could tell you, you’re literally going to be looking at, at a master operator.

Speaker 1 (00:17:12):

And, and she does it. She did it so well when Julie’s and my relationship was like, she was working for me and she was kind of bumming, uh, raising through the ranks. This was her number one thing she did. This was our number one thing. She scaled our whole investment company through the ability to not only do it ourself, but to teach people just like you, who are listening here tonight, how to really level up and how to contact sellers. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to flip this over to Julie. I can tell you, take some notes tonight. There’s some key things she’s going to tell you. That’s very critical. But beyond that, please, please stay till the end. Because the one thing I learned about success is that when you make a decision like tonight, some of you are going to be like, I got it.

Speaker 1 (00:17:59):

I see it. The worst thing you could do is put it off. So tonight is a special bonus. We’re going to actually give you guys 100 seller leads, right? Where you live. It don’t matter where you live. I don’t care if you live in Maine, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, tonight, just by staying till the end, we’re going to give you the opportunity to get a hundred seller leads, which means tonight, you’ll be able to actually implement what Julie’s talking about, which means potentially tonight, you can be on your way to either your first deal or your next deal. So we’re going to do that for those of you that stay all the way through the end, we’re going to give you a hundred free skip trace seller leads, by the way, today’s marketplace. There’s no better quality of lead than a seller lead. So having said that, Julie, take it away.

Speaker 2 (00:18:43):

Okay. Thank you so much, Peter. And we’re in for a treat tonight. I’m actually going to let Peter put me on a little bit later this evening, I’m going to let Peter put me on the chopping block here, going to pretend like he’s a seller for me. So you guys will kind of see an actual seller call, but you know, first I want to start with, this is who in here, that’s in this chat and God’s looking at your chat because I love like reading your comments and things who is here right now. And you feel right now that cold calling sellers and talking to sellers is holding you back from where you think you could be. And, and be honest with yourself. I mean, please be honest with yourself. I mean, are you, are you, do you feel like you’re nervous to make these calls?

Speaker 2 (00:19:42):

Do you know how to move? And a lot of people say a little, they say, yes, we’re nervous. And, and you’re right. It can be nerve wrecking. And what I want to do tonight guys, is I want to kind of break some barriers for some of you this evening, because first I want to start off by talking about why is it it’s so important that you understand how to talk to sellers. Um, and you understand why it’s so important in your real estate investing business. So I’ve learnt, you know, I’ve worked a lot of people, um, you know, doing this business and that are first getting started, or I’ve been doing this awhile and I’ve been there just like you. I felt like, oh my gosh, I’ve been hitting this brick wall and I don’t know how to get to the next step. So what we tend to do is start taking shortcuts and that’s okay.

Speaker 2 (00:20:47):

I mean, that’s human nature. So we take these shortcuts by saying, well, you know what? I think I’ll find some deals on the MLS because all I’ve got to do is contact a realtor, right? Um, or you may say, well, maybe I want to go to another wholesaler in fond to deal and gods. Those are all viable ways to find deals, but I will say this. It is super important that you build your business with a strong foundation. Okay. And when you build your business on a foundation of finding deals from other people like realtors or other wholesalers, what you’re doing is you’re letting your business rely on somebody else, right? You’re letting your business rely on the success of others. And like right now in this market that we’re in right now, honestly, and this is just my opinion, go in and find something on the MLS, go into another wholesaler. You’re not finding the best deals that way. And even if you find a deal, it’s getting to your next deal, your next deal on your next deal. Okay. What truly is building this business is understanding how to be a problem solver.

Speaker 2 (00:22:20):

Okay. And I gave a little pause there guys, because a lot of us are like, let me make cash offers. Let me make cash offers. The point is, if you don’t understand how to be a problem solver in this market or any market, then you’re really, really cutting yourself short. Like when I go to an appointment, I literally imagine a tool belt around me. Right? I’ve got this tool belt of different skills. And my goal is to listen to what someone has to say and what problems that they have. I want to solve those problems by helping them, which in turn helps me. Okay. Because obviously, you know, I’m, I’m a, I’m a real estate investor and I profit from these potential deals. So I wanted to break the cycle right now with everyone of going and looking for deals with, with other sources. Okay. Now you might say, okay, well, Julie, there are times when buying stuff off of the MLS is great. Yeah, it’s great. But if you understand how to work with sellers, you’ll never go out of business. You see what I’m saying? Whether the market’s high or whether the market’s low, if you know how to be a problem solver, there will always be need for you. Okay. So let’s, let’s break that barrier right now.

Speaker 2 (00:24:01):

So I’m mostly always deal direct to seller. And I always, literally conditioned myself to, to find my deals this way. So we want to get over the fear, but let’s talk about a few things in God’s. I’m going to ask for your participation here tonight, and we’re going to go over a script. We’re going to actually go through some role-playing if that’s okay with everybody. But first off, I want you to understand that when you are talking to a seller, a lot of you are worried because you’re worried what somebody is going to tell you on the other end, if somebody hangs up the phone on you, if somebody cusses you and hurts your feelings, does that really necessarily, does that really affect your personal life? No, it doesn’t. So, number one, you’ve got to get rid of that fear enough to start with, because if your ultimate goal in this business is to help others while helping yourself, then you’ll always do well.

Speaker 2 (00:25:18):

But you know what? There’s a reality to it. There are really about two different types of people in this world. Okay. And one of those is a fighter and one of those is a FLIR and any situation in life, you’re either one or the other. Okay. And I’ll tell you about 90% of the population are Fleers about 10% are fighters. Hey, we need everybody. And it doesn’t matter which one you are. Right. Because that’s human nature. I want to ask you guys something. Okay? So let’s say, you know, you’re in a situation to where you choose to flee or you choose to fight. What really makes you guys think this? Somebody plays a situation. I mean, literally let’s say a snake is coming after me or a bowl or something is coming after me. Why do I play? Why do I choose the way Charles says fear? Rob says, fear. Barbara says being afraid. Gordon said that he’s maybe be scared or embarrassed. Maybe you don’t have enough knowledge, fear. The fear of getting hurt. The fear of being attacked, right?

Speaker 2 (00:26:52):

You hate confrontation. Charles says he thinks he may be too aggressive. Well, it really boils down to the same thing. When you’re talking to sellers, why do sellers choose to flee their initial conversation as opposed to fight or as opposed to state in that conversation? Why do you think that is denial? Gordon says absolutely lack of confidence out of ammo. He says, right? I don’t know. I don’t know if we’re shooting sellers, maybe a snake. I’m not sure. But your point is, is when you are talking to sellers, your goal is definitely not to get the deal on that first phone call. Do you know what you should do on this first phone call is that you should stop and a Boyd people from leading the conversation like Dana says, they’re embarrassed for being in that situation. Hey, some of us have been there before on our life and it’s our job to make people feel comfortable, right?

Speaker 2 (00:28:17):

It’s totally our job to make people feel comfortable. So when you get on the phone, a lot of us are just worried about the next deal, worried about the next deal. We’re worried about the next deal. When you should be worried about building relationships in confidence. Okay. How do you do that? How do you build confidence? How do you build rapport and how do you have someone trust you seriously? Tell me in the comments, how do you get there? Judy and Glen says, empathy. Brent says, listening, Erica says, be yourself in light hearted. Charles said, spawn small talk things in common, put yourself in their shoes, create an ice breaker moment. Great job. Or that’s a great one, guys. All of those things are absolutely correct. You know, the answers, but the moment that you try to be somebody that you’re not is the moment that somebody on the other line knows that. Okay. Like, I’ll just take me for instance. Obviously you can tell by listening to me that I have a little bit of an accent, teeny tiny from Georgia, right? And in my career or in this void being myself, I try to avoid or talking to a different, in a different personality or a different personality of my boys. And I realized if I gave myself to others, the real me, when I talked to them, they trusted me.

Speaker 2 (00:30:10):

So whether you’re following a script or not stop worrying about the way you say something, the way that you say a certain word, people know the difference when you’re being yourself or you’re faking it. And let me ask you this, who in the world wants to go through life, faking who they are in the first place sellers do business with who they know and who they trust. Okay. They do business with who they know and who they trust. So I see this so much with people when they get on the phone, they turn into a different person. If a seller can tell whether you’re being yourself or not. If someone can tell then are they truly trusting you? No, they’re not. They’re not also, now that we’ve got past that, because all I can tell you guys is stop trying to be somebody you’re not just be, you use your terms be genuine, but there is something to say about the tonality of your voice.

Speaker 2 (00:31:31):

Okay? There’s about three different voice types. You’ve got your chest, right? You’ve got your mouth voice and you’ve got your head voice, okay. You’re your check voices low. Like I use that when I’m getting onto somebody, you know, or like, if I’m telling my daughter go clean your room, that’s my chest voice. Your, your mouth voice is something that you’ve used on a daily basis. Then you’ve got your head voice, which shows that excitement. Right? You’ve got to understand when to use which top of voice, if I’m calling to talk to a seller in the very beginning of my phone call, if I use my chest voice and say, Hey, Mr. Seller, this is Julie. I’m not going to get very far. Right?

Speaker 2 (00:32:31):

One of the best things that I ever did when I got started is before I made calls, I literally put a mirror in front of my face. So tell me your, and, and believe me, it’s not because I wanted to look at myself all day. I promise you that. But I knew that when I looked at my face in the mirror and when I was smiling, when I talked, started to use that head voice, right? People like Rob said, people can tell if you have a smile in your voice, handling objections in this business is much easier when someone trust you. Okay? So when they trust you, when you’re getting onto these calls, that that’s the best thing that you can do. Now I’m excited tonight because I am going to go over the exact script that I use, that my people use when calling off of a marketing list. And absolutely. Yes, this is a cold call. Do you guys mind for me to share something personal with you tonight? You all don’t mind for me to segue a little bit, cause I’m just excited about it and I just want to share it with you. Okay. Cool. Cool. So I want to show you what I was able to do, uh, like literally last week. Um, let me see if I can find my pictures here. Okay.

Speaker 2 (00:34:12):

So, Hey Peter, you stay in this. So to everyone on this call, you’re probably like, well, that’s a, you know, kind of a dumpy looking house, right? Believe it or not. This house right here for me is I have this dream. I want a mountain house. I want to buy you house. And I want a beach house. Okay. And I want to travel, you know, with my family, my husband’s from Louisiana. So I visit Louisiana quite often. I absolutely fell in love with this little house because over here to the right, there’s a little Bayou that goes right into the lake. Not to mention, I may or may not know a little bit about fixing up homes, right?

Speaker 2 (00:35:07):

The, the thing about what I just showed you is, and by the way, I’m closing on this house in another, I’m closing on this house in another couple of weeks, I used, I didn’t know the area. I was able to go there because we had a family reunion last weekend and communicate directly with a seller about why I wanted that property. So a lot of people say, well, I can’t get a deal done in my first month or my second month. It’s because you’re not being you. And you’re not communicating well with the seller. The house is vacant cold called them. And I actually did an owner finance deal on that property. And there you go. There’s my, there’s my Bayou house. That’s something my family can go stay in. When we go to visit my husband. So that’s proof that like dreams really do come true. I can show you pictures. I’m building them out house right now. That’s a whole different other story. But utilizing the same skills that I’m about to go over with you right now is how I was able to go there to Louisiana for three days and buy a house.

Speaker 2 (00:36:29):

And Eric has right. You’ve got to learn to listen. You’ve got to learn to listen and hang on to every word that someone has to say, right? So I’m going to share my screen right now. And I’m going to go over a script with you guys. This script is meant to use while literally calling where for those of you, that aren’t partners, you’re going to get a hundred free seller leads. I’m telling you if I made these calls to this hundred seller leads, I can get a deal. Now I will say, I’ve been doing this a long time, but I’m going to go over right now. What I would say if I were to receive those hundred seller leads, for those of you that are partners, we’ll show you exactly how to pull these same leads and skip, trace them. Listen, let’s make these calls. Okay. This is what I train people to make these calls for other members of my team.

Speaker 2 (00:37:35):

I’m going to put myself out there anal. Let me tell you, working with Peter, not easy as being a seller, but Peter’s going to be the seller tonight. I’m going to be the investor. I’m going to share my exact script in front of you. Don’t fold your arms. Peter. I’m going to, I’m going to go over the exact, I knew that meant like I’m going to be tough on her. So I’m going to go over the exact script right tonight that I would use. If I were to receive those spree, 100, 100 seller leads who thinks that’s awesome, who would love to receive 100 free seller leads and know how to talk to them? You better because this is the keys to the kingdom in this business. All right. So I want to go ahead and share my screen, Peter, so everybody can see my, okay. So it’s important at the very beginning of this call that you start this call correctly. Okay. I hear a lot of people when making this call, the first thing they say is Pyre. You’re the property owner of 1, 2, 3 main street immediately. I would hang up the phone. I’m trying to build a relationship and to do so. I’m going to do it like this. Now I’m going to stop in the middle of all of these conversations so I can explain to you why I’m doing what I’m doing. Okay. All right, here we go. Ring, ring.

Speaker 1 (00:39:20):


Speaker 2 (00:39:21):

Oh, Hey Peter. This is Julie. How are you doing today?

Speaker 1 (00:39:27):


Speaker 2 (00:39:28):

Oh, well, good, good. Well, you know, Peter, actually, the reason for my call is I’m a local home buyer right here in Atlanta, Georgia. And I was just reaching out to you today to see if you might be said any hearing an offer from me on your home.

Speaker 1 (00:39:51):

Um, how’d you get my information?

Speaker 2 (00:39:53):

Oh my goodness. I wanted to talk to you so much cause I saw your house and I just looked it up on the internet. I mean, it’s crazy what you can find on the internet these days, right? Peter?

Speaker 1 (00:40:07):

Yeah, I guess,

Speaker 2 (00:40:09):

Well, if, if you don’t mind, I can get you that offer. If I could just verify a little bit of information from you,

Speaker 1 (00:40:18):

Um, what, what are you going to give me for it?

Speaker 2 (00:40:21):

Well, um, I will actually help you with that cash offer here in just a minute, but I just need to verify a few things. So I kind of know the condition of the property and make sure I have the right information. Sound good, Peter.

Speaker 1 (00:40:38):

Um, well I thought you know about the house already.

Speaker 2 (00:40:43):

Well, how in the world would, I know what the inside of the house looks like if I’ve never seen it, unless you tell me. Hmm.

Speaker 1 (00:40:51):

Yeah. Well, yeah, I don’t have much time now. So

Speaker 2 (00:40:54):

This isn’t going to take you very long. Um, Peter, so let me see here. I just want to make sure your address is 1, 2, 3 main street.

Speaker 1 (00:41:03):

Yeah, of course.

Speaker 2 (00:41:04):

Atlanta, Georgia.

Speaker 1 (00:41:07):


Speaker 2 (00:41:09):

All right. Oh, I see here. It’s three bedrooms. Two bathrooms. Okay. Bill it’s around 1700 square feet, huh?

Speaker 1 (00:41:23):

Yeah. I’m not a into square feet and I don’t know. That sounds right or wrong. I don’t know.

Speaker 2 (00:41:27):

Okay. Gotcha. Gotcha. So would you say it was built around like 1973?

Speaker 1 (00:41:34):

Well, I don’t know. I’ve owned it for 15 years. I don’t know when they built it.

Speaker 2 (00:41:39):

Oh, okay. Well cool. Cool. All right guys. So what I’m going to do is I want to stop everybody right here. Painter’s a tough seller. So what I’m doing is I’m asking questions that I feel that Peter will tell me the word. Yes. The more often that Peter tells me yes. Three bedrooms. Yes. Two bathrooms. Yes, yes, yes. The more likely he’s going to tell me yes. In the future. Okay. All right, Peter, let’s see your, is your home, is it on a basement across space or a slap?

Speaker 1 (00:42:20):

Uh, yeah, it’s got a basement.

Speaker 2 (00:42:22):

Oh it does. So is that, is the basement finished?

Speaker 1 (00:42:28):

Um, well, I’m standing in it right now.

Speaker 2 (00:42:31):

Are you are? Cause I know that there you’ve got three bedrooms, two baths upstairs, but down there in the base that, did you guys finish it out for like maybe a family room or out of bathroom or anything down there?

Speaker 1 (00:42:45):

Yeah, just for some private stuff. It’s kind of additional to my own stuff here.

Speaker 2 (00:42:51):

Oh, that’s cool. That’s cool. All right. So you’re, you’re able to use that basement space. That’s great. Um, let’s see here. What about the roof? Is the roof older or younger than 15 years old?

Speaker 1 (00:43:05):

Uh, yeah, I haven’t touched it since I’ve been here for 15 years.

Speaker 2 (00:43:09):

Okay. Gotcha. So it’s, it’s at least 15 years or older. Um, do you have any leaks in that roof anywhere that you know we’re up?

Speaker 1 (00:43:20):

Yeah, I’m sure we’d fix those. Right. And when it makes no sense to have leaks in the roof foot,

Speaker 2 (00:43:25):

I mean, you’d never know. You never know, but you know, at 15 years that’s kinda getting at the laugh end of, of a roof. So I’m just checking. What about the heating and air conditioning unit? Is that older or younger than 15 years old?

Speaker 1 (00:43:40):

Oh, I haven’t touched it.

Speaker 2 (00:43:41):

Okay. So it’s cool in the house. Well, and it’s heat in the house. Well then, like it is,

Speaker 1 (00:43:48):

I’m still married. Right?

Speaker 2 (00:43:51):

I don’t know if you’re married or not Peter. Okay. So, okay. So we’ve got the roof is older than 15 years along with the heating and air conditioning unit. So, um, how about, let’s see your, I do want to get an idea of the overall condition of the property. Okay. So this means just the overall condition of what that house looks like on the inside. So let’s just do a scale on a scale of one to 10. I mean 10 minutes moving. Ready. It’s in perfect condition, like so much. So you like eat off the floor and one main and the right note floor and five meet. And there’s a four, but just barely. Where would you say your house is on that scale?

Speaker 1 (00:44:45):

Um, I don’t know. I’m sitting on a floor right now in basement and eating. So I guess right there,

Speaker 2 (00:44:50):

Well, you’re sitting in the basement eating, but I mean, as has your, your flooring been updated as your kitchen been updated? Is your bathroom been updated in the last 15 years? All I’m trying to do is give you a cash and an offer for your home. That’s a win-win for both of us. So I got to have a little bit of information to go off up. I’m not really talking about the basement. I’m talking about the upstairs.

Speaker 1 (00:45:15):

Yeah. Yeah. I couldn’t eat off the floor anymore.

Speaker 2 (00:45:19):

Okay. So you could eat off the floor. Everything’s completely updated except for the, the, except for your heating and air conditioning unit and the a roof then. So you’ve got brand new kitchen, brand new bathrooms, brand new paint on the walls. Brand new floors.

Speaker 1 (00:45:36):

Yeah. Yeah. Are you going to give me a top market for this? Right. I mean,

Speaker 2 (00:45:42):

Well, I mean, it, it, it depends. That’s why I’m trying to figure out from you what the condition of the house says. You’re just not giving me anything to go off of. So right now, the way that I’m seeing it is that will possibly not might to replace a rave and maybe the heating and air conditioning unit, because the rest of the house is in perfect condition. So would you agree to replace those couple of things? It’s probably around $20,000.

Speaker 1 (00:46:12):

I’m not a contractor. I don’t know,

Speaker 2 (00:46:15):

Probably for, for a house, you know, around 1700 square foot. It’s going to be a little bit around there. And by the way, Peter, don’t worry about these questions because when we purchase house, we’re going to buy them as is. And, and we would probably do the works. We’re not going to ask you to do anything. I just kind of need to know what we’re going into to get you an offer. That’s fair to both you and I sound good

Speaker 1 (00:46:41):

Fixing squat.

Speaker 2 (00:46:43):

I don’t blame you and you don’t have to worry about it. Well, let me see. So you guys live there. How much do you own the property?

Speaker 1 (00:46:54):

What does that mean? How much

Speaker 2 (00:46:55):

Do you owe on your mortgage?

Speaker 1 (00:46:58):

Well, my wife does all that and I, I’m not allowed to look at that stuff.

Speaker 2 (00:47:02):

Oh, okay. Well, how much are you looking to get for the property?

Speaker 1 (00:47:07):

A lot.

Speaker 2 (00:47:09):

What’s a lot to you. I don’t a lot to me and use two different things.

Speaker 1 (00:47:14):

Um, yeah, just the most you can give me,

Speaker 2 (00:47:18):

Come on, man. You got to have some idea of what you’re looking to get for your property. You’re not in the blue that much.

Speaker 1 (00:47:26):

Ya’ll know I’m if, if I can get at least a

Speaker 2 (00:47:30):

And a hundred thousand then yeah. Okay. Well, that’s a starting point. Thank you so much. Well, you know, Peter, one thing I want to mention to you is we are investors. So whenever we buy from you, the thing is, is you don’t have to worry about paying any real estate commissions. You also don’t have to worry about paying any closing costs, man. Those two, right there is going to save you every bit of 10%. And we’re going to make this simple and easy for you guys with all of that being said, Peter, I mean is a hundred thousand, the lowest gelatin.

Speaker 1 (00:48:10):

He going to pay me a hundred thousand for this.

Speaker 2 (00:48:14):

Well I possibly can do so, but remember I was telling you about us paying for all of the w we’re gonna pay for all the closing costs. We’re going to buy the property as is. I mean, if you didn’t have to fix the roof, by the way, when a someone comes to buy your house on the market with a loan, they’re not, they’re going to have to have a roof that is in fairly new condition, along with the heating and air conditioning unit. And yours is kind of at the end of its life expectancy. I’m not going to ask those things. So what I want to know with you saving all of that by selling to us is a hundred thousand. The lowest you would take.

Speaker 1 (00:48:57):

Yeah. I’d have to ask my wife. I mean,

Speaker 2 (00:49:00):

She at home right now.

Speaker 1 (00:49:04):

Um, yeah, I don’t want her to know. You’re I’m talking to you. She might get,

Speaker 2 (00:49:10):

Well, why would she get mad? I mean, if y’all talked about possibly getting an offer for your home,

Speaker 1 (00:49:17):

Um, I don’t know. I don’t know. Can you give me a hundred thousand?

Speaker 2 (00:49:23):

You know, I think that’s something I might be able to work with. My thing would be though, Peter, is, is there a way that we could come out there and meet you and your wife? I would need for you to talk to her because I see you and her on the tax records. Could I come up there and meet with you? Take a few pictures. So that w so that I know that we could make that a hundred thousand dollars offer. Does I need to look at the house? I mean, you wouldn’t buy a car without a used car without looking under the hood, would you?

Speaker 1 (00:49:57):

Um, yeah. Yeah. Maybe you should just call her, but don’t tell her even I talked

Speaker 2 (00:50:04):

Well, it’s important. You guys are on the same page. Yeah. I mean, if something’s going on either way, y’all gotta be on the same page. So, um, do you think our come out there and meet you guys tomorrow at 5:00 PM?

Speaker 1 (00:50:20):

Um, yeah, I think so.

Speaker 2 (00:50:24):

Okay. All right. Cool. Cool. Well, is this number I’m calling you from, um, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Is this the best number for me to reach you at?

Speaker 1 (00:50:37):

Um, yeah.

Speaker 2 (00:50:38):

Okay, good. I’m going to text you when I’m on my way. Um, but I’ll see you tomorrow at five o’clock.

Speaker 1 (00:50:47):

Um, okay, well you, but you can, if you can try to bring the cash. Okay. Well,

Speaker 2 (00:50:52):

I’m not going to bring cash with me because it is, I am going to bring a contract because I’m really excited about your home, Peter, but it’s important that, that we do this the right way by going through an actual closing. So you’ll get cash at closing, but there’s a few things that have to be done prior to that. Just let me come out there while I’ll talk to you tomorrow about that. Okay.

Speaker 1 (00:51:17):

Okay. Yeah. Okay.

Speaker 2 (00:51:19):

All right. Cool. See you tomorrow, man.

Speaker 1 (00:51:22):


Speaker 2 (00:51:23):

Okay, bye. Okay. So my goodness, Peter, I’m not calling you anymore. I’m just so you know, guys calls do go like this, right? And if you, if you, if you understand, you know what you’re trying to do, and even though I’m giving you a script, I’m listening to every word he’s saying, I’m building off of these things that he’s saying, right? So if you don’t listen, you’re not going to get to the next step. But even if he loses his cool, I’m never going to lose my cool, because I could just tell you where the way you’re talking to me here, if I was going to guess, it sounds like you and your wife, maybe about to go through a divorce. I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. Um, so you always want to go for an appointment therapy and if you cannot negotiate over the phone and when you’re asking for an appointment never, ever, ever ask, when can you meet always set up time and say is tomorrow at five, good for you. Because instead of Peter saying to me, I don’t want to meet you. He’s thinking about what in the world he’s going to be doing at five o’clock tomorrow. Right. So always offer up a time to meet, to get to that next stage. Okay. Um, all right. So what do you think, Peter, you think with that, that those hundred seller leads and somebody was brand new, getting started. Do you think that could at least get them going on making these calls?

Speaker 1 (00:53:12):

Yeah. I’ll tell you Julie, the best piece of advice I can give somebody, um, just, just do it, just do it, you know, ultimately, um, it is very good to be at somebody like Julie’s level. You know, obviously I wasn’t making it easy on her. Uh, one showing her if I was motivated or not, you know, I was throwing things out, like, you know, potential family issues. You know, I basically put the truckload on her, but I will also tell you after doing this for a couple of decades, that you can’t say the right thing to the wrong person and the wrong thing to the right person. And so the reason we’re going to give you guys a hundred leads tonight, is it really in the end? I don’t want you to be discouraged if you’re a beginner. And you’re like, well, how I can’t handle this?

Speaker 1 (00:53:55):

Like if I was in a situation that Julie just went through, don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. Just get out there in, in, and, and make the calls and make the calls. Because when you’re calling the person that is even remotely motivated, you’ll see it pretty quickly when you’re calling somebody that really you’ll never do a deal with. You’ll see it pretty quickly also, but the biggest piece about it, and by the way, this next piece happens to everybody. The more you do it, the better you’ll get. It’s just the bottom line. That’s not what I want to give you. One lead or 10 leads. Let’s just go for it. Go for a hundred. The goal is to make a commitment, to go through all 100 of them. And when you’re talking to the right seller, you don’t have to be at the Julie’s level.

Speaker 1 (00:54:38):

I promise you when you’re talking to somebody that is going through a COVID situation, a divorce situation, a health situation, uh, I got to move and transfer situation. You don’t gotta be very sophisticated. So go for it. Do what Julie taught you as much as you can understanding, you know, it’s like walking in a basketball court and watching Michael Jordan, it ain’t going to happen. I promise you, you’re going to have to go through like you, ain’t going to start at that level. And that’s what you saw today. You saw somebody that really talked to somebody, you know, I didn’t give her any, any, any ins into this whole thing. Uh, but I just want you to know that the better you get, the easier it will be, the better you get. You’ll have an answer for every kind of a situation. And then, and something that Julie did not talk to you guys about that is probably even more important than what she did.

Speaker 1 (00:55:34):

Talk to you about what Julie just did there with me. If nothing else, she started building a relationship for when the time is right. So maybe now the time is not right. Maybe she did call somebody in the middle of divorce. Maybe she did call somebody that has no intention of selling. Maybe she’d maybe the timing is a hundred percent of goods. It’s always, it’s just a timing thing, right? But if nothing else, Julie today puts somebody else in a coffer that if she can’t get the deal done tomorrow, when she shows up, she puts somebody else in the coffer that when the time is right, when the, when the right circumstances arise, Hey, I, as a seller, I got somebody to call because before I, as a seller, I had no one to solve my situation. Right. I had the Google, that’s it like?

Speaker 1 (00:56:18):

And, but now Julie kind is building a rapport. She’ll show up. She’ll build even more rapport. And so maybe not now, but when the time is right, maybe then, and I will tell you, I will tell you the reason we’re so excited about giving you some leads. It’s not for that initial thing. I mean, hopefully, hopefully something will come out of that, but a hundred percent, this is no question about it. 100% will come out of these leads is followups. 100% unequivocal. You’ll talk to somebody. That’ll say Julie, not today, but check back with me, check back with me. You’ll come up with somebody today that you’ll going to start building some kind of rapport with some kind of a relationship with that. You’ll just know I got to follow up with them, right? Because somebody will say those magic words. Well, you know what?

Speaker 1 (00:57:13):

My job is thinking of moving me, Seattle, somebody will come up with those key words. You know what? My kids are about ready to go off to school and I’m probably gonna need to downsize in three or four months. You’re going to, those are the things you’re going to listen for, you know, a potential opportunity. And it might not be even a timing opportunity. How else you want to read? What’s going to take place is like, let’s say in that scenario, we played it out. She showed up, you know, I want a hundred she’s at whatever, 80 or 90. And let’s say we can’t come to the meeting of the minds, but let’s say when she showed up, I went from a hundred to like 93 or 94. That’s uh, that’s, that’s a good signal. It means I’m negotiable. I might not be negotiable quite to where I need to be.

Speaker 1 (00:58:00):

You know, it might not be like, like bullseye. She can’t make the deal tomorrow. But what she saw was that, wow, they’re willing to negotiate. We just haven’t come to a meeting of the minds yet. So there’s a lot of signs to move forward. A potential conversation about something that may happen, potential price drop, just not a big enough price, drop a potential just to get along with somebody, you know, there’s deals that we’re doing now, that when we contacted the seller, it wasn’t a deal. But we got along with that seller, we knew that ultimately when the time comes that’s that it’s going to be with us. So getting along with somebody, hitting it off with somebody, having people do some price drops, it just not big enough price drops, signaling, reading the tea leaves about events coming up in people’s lives. And right now, guys, I could tell you because of what’s going on with the pandemic and you know, obviously we’re coming out of it.

Speaker 1 (00:58:58):

Um, but what’s going about right? And take place with the pre-foreclosure world in the next, you know, several months, it’s going to be crazy. So if you’re going to invest your time into anything, going forward, invested into what Julie taught you tonight in, you know, if you’re going to level up at any area in this business, it’s not on the contracting side. It’s not, well, I’ve got to find a cheaper closing attorney so I could save some closing fees. It’s not like, oh, I got to talk to my hard money lenders so I can get my appoint chief, none of that right now, if you’re going to level up in anything, it’s exactly what Julie taught. You. Get better at talking to sellers, contacting sellers, building a rapport with sellers, by the way, what will happen is that some of them will just it’ll just happen.

Speaker 1 (00:59:42):

You’ll just time it, right? Because she going to call me. And my first answer was like, how’d you get my number? My first answer could have been like, thank God you called. We’ve had those two, like, wow, great timing. You know, great. Um, man, you mean people like you exist that I could actually buy this junker. So along the way to getting better, you’ll also, I call it luck. It’s not a good word, but you will just like walk into the right timing. You walk into the right time of somebody’s life. So invest your time into what Julie taught you. It’s good stuff, Julie.

Speaker 2 (01:00:16):

Thank you. Thank you. Well, you know, what does, I mean, that’s really, I think, you know, all that I have for you tonight, the more you talk to people, the better you’re going to be, but again, if I can teach you one thing, just be yourself and be a good listener. Okay. And don’t be afraid of rejection. Okay. Knows just not right now. Knows not indefinite knows just not right now. So building that rapport, um, fortunate, it’s always going to be in the follow-up. So building your followup programs, by the way, if you’re with partner driven, you have access to our revolutionary software called deal engine where it helps do the follow up for you. Okay. So, um, gosh, what I would like for you to do is if you would like to receive those 100 free seller leads and you do not already have deal driven and, or a client, um, check the link in the chat right now.

Speaker 2 (01:01:22):

Um, Kristen’s going to go ahead and put that link in there. Hey guys, we’re literally just doing this because I know the opportunities that are coming up. Okay. So don’t give me any excuses. We’re going to give you a hundred free seller leads with their phone number. Don’t tell me this business. Isn’t possible. You haven’t tried it. Call set appointments, follow up, be yourself and rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. Okay. Um, for all of us here at partner-driven, unless you have anything else, Peter, I’m going to stay on for just a second here to make sure everybody’s gotten, um, everyone has received the link to your 100 free leads, courtesy of deal driven, which by the way, is a frigging awesome platform. And I could spend another hour just show when you guys would all it does, but just get your free leads. You’re going to literally get a spreadsheet with bacon motivated sellers in your area and their phone numbers.

Speaker 1 (01:02:39):

Yeah. Julie, that’s very clear. Uh, guys, listen, we enjoyed it. We really appreciate you guys. Uh, listening to us, you know, Julie and I are very committed to these Tuesday night webinars where we train you where we try to give you as much value back as possible, whether you are a partner or not, not yet a partner, but on our way to doing a partner, I could tell you from somebody that’s done thousands of deals, there’s nothing more important, whether you do it with us or whether you do by yourself, you know, you might be at a crossroads right now in real estate and you may want to do a go at it yourself. And you’re trying to figure out what, what do I, this is what your grasp onto what Julie taught you today. You could be a disaster and every other side of this business, but if you master what was taught to you today, you will be a superstar.

Speaker 1 (01:03:21):

How do I know? Because I pretty much suck at every other aspect. I don’t understand construction there. You know, closing, fixing title work. It’s like, take me out of that game, but I sure as heck know how to talk to a seller. And so when I look back at my career and the thousands of deals that I’ve done, if somebody asked me today, how do you go from zero to hero in this business? I tell them, invest all of your time, all of your time and understanding what we taught you today. The art of contacting the seller, the art of the followup, the art of building a relationship. If you learn nothing else, do that. And so our special gift for you tonight is very simple. We’re going to have, we’re going to skip trace these leads. We’re going to provide them to you in the platter tonight. Literally can be the first data rest of your life as it relates to real estate investing industry. So on behalf of myself, Julie, most importantly, the whole team behind us that makes all this possible. We appreciate you guys listening. We appreciate you guys being here and we’ll be back at the exact same time, same, same place next week. So you guys.