OMG…Will Covid Kill Real Estate In 2022?

Americans have woken up this morning to learn that we have broken the world record of 1,000,000 daily confirmed coronavirus cases nationwide.

You read that right, 1 million daily cases.

We could have never imagined this when it all began back in 2020, yet we have gone through a lot of things that we could have never imagined.

When COVID hit our nation in 2020 it was one of the most scary things that we have ever seen.

Our nations small business community was hit the hardest with 100 of thousands of businesses closing their doors never to open again.

It was predicted that Real Estate would be one of the hardest hit.


Because people thought things like,

“Who would buy houses during a pandemic?”


“Can real estate even be sold virtually?”


“Will government moratoriums hurt real estate”

Very few could predict what actually happened next…

Real Estate is one of the industries that not only came out unscathed through the pandemic, but also flourished.

We have not seen a real estate market this hot for this long since pre 2008.

And here is the thing… it is only going to continue


Because we are still in the grips of the same pandemic that was predicted to wipe out small investors like us.

While it is definitely bad news for our nation that we are still dealing with this pandemic, we can definitely say it is not for real estate.

2021 was the hottest year for my Partners ever.

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It is crazy how simple the process is

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  3. I fund 100% of the deal
  4. Our office takes care of all closing work
  5. We split the profit 50/50

It really is that simple… and that is why it works so well.

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