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Every Tuesday, welcome to the Tuesday webinar. Of course you see, this is not Julian is not Peter, it’s Barry. It’s your boy Barry. And I called this the Tuesday night tech Tuesday, all about the deal driven app takeover. Okay. But before I get started, I want to know how many people are actually out there listening. Who’s in the house. Tell me where you’re from. Go ahead and put it in the chat. Tell me exactly where you’re calling from. Whether you’re in Hawaii or Texas. Let me know where you’re calling. Got South Carolina. All right, Melissa. Thank you for charming in on that one. Uh, we got Indiana. We got, uh, Gordon from Delaware. We got Tammy in Virginia, Florida. North Carolina Lackey is in the house. All right. We got a few people around the oh, another Indiana. Uh, let’s see. Who else we got? We got Frederick, Maryland Thomas in New Jersey, Minnesota, Detroit, the dirty D motor cities in the house.

All right. We got Austin, Texas, Ronnie from Houston, Sandra Tai. What’s happening out of Arkansas. And talk to you in a while, Sandra. Uh, we got Dimitri from Illinois, Don Oklahoma city. Oh man. We got, oh, I told you we had somebody from Hawaii. I knew it. And then we have some Atlanta’s in the house, you know, hot Atlanta, Phillies in the house, man. We’re all over the United States. And so we really, I really want to thank you guys for charming in on this. We got to one Texas Houston, Phoenix. Oh, we got a lot of people charming in. So really what I want to do is first, thank you for joining on this Tuesday webinar. This is a webinar that Peter and Julie’s been doing for a long, long time. Every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM. Eastern time on this network, on this channel, you know what it is, same bat time, same bat channel.

And so what this real, what does webinars truly about is really for two people. Okay. First for all of our partners who are part of our partner driven family, you know, you jump on here just to get a refresher, just to hear something new or just to listen. Now we appreciate you guys. We always want to keep you in the loop. And then for the second set of people, it’s for those people who are not partners, okay. People who are not partners with partner driven, but they keep coming back every week, every week, getting some information about, you know, real estate about the things that we’re doing about with Peter and Julia doin. And then every now and then you have guests hosts such as myself or other master coaches would get on and talk about things. Uh, so this is really for those people who they they know about partner-driven but they haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

They’ve been thinking about it. They’ve been coming out here for a long, long time, but they don’t, you know, they haven’t got that push. Well, hopefully tonight this will help you make a decision on whether or not you want to be in it. But if you’ve been going through these, you know, these webinars, you’re like, I want to join. We got the number in the chat. You know, all you gotta do is get in the chat or look on the chat. And the other have a number for somebody, you, for you to call at (770) 746-8585. You called that number and somebody will guide you through and get you locked in to the parties, driven a family. Because one thing about it, guys, if you ever been in real estate, if you’ve ever started in real estate, if you’ve gone to those weekend seminars to join other programs, you’ll see that all programs are not equal.

And matter of fact, we don’t even call this a program. We call it a family, right? And so when you get into those other programs, which no knock on them, they’re still great, but they don’t give you as much support as we do. You know, there’s not many programs out there where you can join us in it every day. If you need to, you can schedule a coaching call with us and we can walk you through things where we have daily training. And we’re Peter, you know, in July they fund the deals, man. There’s not another program out there quite like ours. And so what I’m going to do tonight is I know some of you guys have already heard about the deal driven half, okay. And every now and then we bring it out to the clouds that we’re going to get it out there on the Tuesday night webinars.

So you can see it. This is a call that I usually do on a daily training call with our partners on Tuesdays. So we’re going to bring it up. We’re going to call this the evening edition of the deal driven app. Okay. And so with that, as a partner, you get this app. It’s a part of the partnership along with another piece of software that we have, that we call the deal engine. It’s our CRM. And we’re not going to talk about that tonight, but we’ve had past webinars where they talk about it. And this thing is really rocking with our, uh, with our partners. Man, you can actually make phone calls. You can text through it, you can do email campaigns. And so when you’re using the deal engine and the deal driven app and the conjunction is a wonderful thing, right? You got all the software, you need to make calls and send out texts and send out emails.


You’ve got, uh, uh, uh, a piece of software that can actually find off market properties. And that’s what we’re going to talk about. The deal driven app, it’s actually a off market property tool located. That’s what we call it. Okay. It’s not going to, uh, give you motivated sellers to say no to speak, but it will give you indications with the data on property owners who may have an high, uh, a high, the word I’m trying to use. I’m trying to use a bill word on this one, but it will point out property owners that may have the high potential for, uh, the distress or looking to be motivated or motivated to sell their properties. So tonight I’m just going to jump into one of the basic things that we use, the deal driven app for. And let me go ahead and share my screen and then go ahead and get that started.

All right, we’ll move this out the way, move that over. All right. So when you open up the deal to them and now guys, when you actually get it, matter of fact, let me just back up, if you haven’t tried the app and you don’t have the app just simply go to deal driven.com, www bill driven.com and you can actually sign up for a seven day free trial. Now we do have this app in other people’s programs. So if you find it in another program, go ahead and try it. But if you go to the www.deal, driven.com, you’ll get a seven day free trial that you can test drive this thing for seven days, absolutely free. And I guarantee you, once you start getting into it, if you actually use it, you’re going to actually want to keep it. Okay. Some people will say, yeah, I love it.

Or some people say I don’t love it because you know, we just, I just don’t love it. And I’ll ask them, well, did you use it? How many times did you open it up? Did you go out and look, did you do the driving for dollars and pull, pull list and skip trace and send direct mail. And most of the time you’re like, well, no, I use the one-time go ahead and use it, man, go ahead and take it and drive it, know, test it, you know, create lists, do whatever you want to with it, to see how good this is. And also you can join our deal driven community. If you go to Facebook and just type in deal driven, you can join our community for free. It doesn’t cost you anything. You actually don’t even have to have the app to be in the community, but you can see what people are talking about.

You know, what’s going on with the deal driven app and you’re going to hear some good things about it. All right? So what the deal driven app? When you open it up, guys, you’re going to say, this is what we call our dashboard and what the dashboard is going to ask you. What do you want to do today? And now on these top roles, these are things that you’re going to be looking for. You’re going to be searching for, for the lookup individual properties by GPS. That’s what we call driving for dollars. Or actually, you know, pick an individual properties. If somebody sends you and you can put it up, plug it in there and it can pull up some information. So when you’re making an offer to somebody, you’ve got good data to make a good, precise, clear offer. Okay. Then when you have search property leads nationwide using search filters.

Now this one right here is this is how you can create lists. Okay? If you’re looking for pre-foreclosures, you can create your list for pre-foreclosures. If you’re looking for vacant properties, you can make your list for vacant properties. If you’re looking for non-owner occupied tax delinquent, uh, uh, what else? Senior home, uh, all kinds of different things. And I’m going to go over that tonight. I’m going to show you that because I’m going to create a list and show you what you can do. Then you use this right here to look at the properties that you create, the list that you created. So every time you add properties to a list, you can create a list and then you can show your list, uh, with the bill driven app, you can just break it down. And then we have search for cash buyers. This is one of those searches that most people don’t use.

They don’t know that they have it, but this right here can help you build your cash buyers list. So you need to start getting familiar with it. And then on the bottom, it says some other stuff like your marketing campaigns. If you’re doing direct mail, you’re sending the postcards. You can see how many you got in progress, uh, view your account profile, help videos. Now the help videos, you can actually click over here with this question, mark. And when you click on it, you can see, watch the onboarding video. Now the onboarding video is just a basic video. That’s going to show you how to create a list. You know, when you do your driving for dollars, adding properties to list how to skip, trace, how to start direct mail, how to create all, create a list. So it’s got a little bit of everything and it’s, you can watch it as many times as you want.


It’s embedded in the app. No need to go to YouTube and all that. It’s all in here, but we do have some additional training videos as well. Okay? So you can watch those 24 7 365 now, and then we have premium content that you can go in and do some other things with. Uh, also you have your stats, so you can look at the bottom and see how many lists you have. And it’ll tell you how many properties are in that list. Uh, the mailers, you know, how many mailers you’ve got and go on out. How many credits you have? You know, we use credits when you’re doing the instance, give trace. When you want to get that skiptrace done instantly, boom, you have those credits. You can use those. You get, well, actually you can buy them and add credits to do that along with a couple of other things.

And then you have your monthly quota usage. This thing right here can help you, you know, kind of guide you and help you keep your stuff in order. So like, if you’re doing the skip traces and you get upon your, you know, get over your quota, it’ll let you know when you get close to it. That way you’ll know whether or not to add more credits, to get more free, skip trace, get more skip traces or more properties that you can pull. So this is all everything up front all year, but tonight I’m just going to go through, uh, creating a list. Now we know the moratorium is over with, right? And you know, there’s a lot of people out there talking about pre-foreclosures this pre-foreclosures that we’re actually here at partner-driven. We have been talking about it since last year. And we told our partners, Hey, start contacting these people.

Because when the moratorium is over, you’re going to see a lot more of these things pick up. And some people we’re not going to know what to do, but if you keep in contact with them and keep your follow-ups going, like we tell you to when that time comes, they don’t know what to do. Boom. They already know, well, I can call. I can call a Jamie or I can call bill because they’ve been talking me this whole time. So this is what we’ve been teaching our people. But let me go through this real quick. So what the search for property leads, okay. When you click on it, it’s going to let me go ahead and allow my, my location. It’s going to pull up this page right here is illegal in search. And so what you can do is you can put it a location and you can put it in a city.

You can put it in a county, you can put in a zip code. Okay. You can put that in there. And the deal driven app, it’s going to search. Now, when you do the counties and the zip codes, it doesn’t pull up the full bar on the map, but it only searches within the boundaries of the county or the zip code. And so that’s great for some people who live up north who have zip codes and counties that are like this they’re on top of each other. And so it kind of, it makes it a lot easier before we could do it, but it didn’t have a boundary. Wouldn’t keep boundaries. So it would bleed over to different zip codes or different counties. But now we’ve got it to where it’s locked in. So I’m here in California. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to pull a new list, uh, for pre-foreclosures and the area that I am.

So I’m going to pull it in Sacramento, dispel it, spread out a little bit of it in Sacramento, California, and I’m going to click on it. And so by default, it’s going to do a one mile radius search okay. Of the downtown area of Sacramento. So when I bought no zoom out, that’s too far, you can see one mile radius. You can always move the slider up all the way up to 50 miles or anywhere in between a good search radius for somethings, some places, depending on how big your city is or town is, it’s probably a good, a 20 mile radius. But if we’re going to do this one at 10, okay. So I’m going to take it down with 10. Come on. So now I’m searching 10 mile radius around Sacramento now. So you’ll see right here, it’s going to show you, so tell you, you’re searching your Sacramento with the 10 mile radius and your properties that is pulling up is the type is single family.

So right now it’s found over 10,000. That’s a lot. So then I go to continue to search type. So I click on continue to search type, and this is where the magic starts to happen. Okay. This is where you decide, what types of properties are you going to pull? What type of lists are you going to create? What are you looking for? And so here at the top, on the deal’s ribbon app, we have what we call pre defined searches. And these searches already have parameters built into them. So you can just actually just click on them and go ahead and show the results. Now, you know, you’ve got your tired, single family landlords. You’ve got your tired multifamily. You’ve got single family pre-foreclosure and 30 day auctions, you know, multifamily, most of default with no auctions, no, pre-foreclosures got low equity homes free and clear in high equity.

These are all pre-defined you just click on them and boom, they’ll show you, you know, the properties and you’ll look at the list. Or if you want to be more detailed, your doc type person, I just want to pick one, or I want a combination of different ones. Then you just go down here and select it. So like I said, I’m going to do pre-foreclosures and it’s going to tell me, you know, that in this 10 mile radius, there’s 337 currently in some state of pre-foreclosure. Now, if I didn’t want to do pre-foreclosures and let’s say I wanted to do non owner occupied, which is another one tired landlords. I could easily just click on tire landlords up here, or I can go right here and click on non-owner occupied. All right. And just go say, the max is the max. So then I want to say, okay, I got it.


Not owner occupied. Let me see how many of these are vacant. And I click on bacon and it’s still going to say the max. Okay. But what you can do to actually narrow this down is when you go down here to where it says any and all, if you click on all, it should reduce the number which it did, which is great. And so what that means is that every property on the list that I picked is now has two things going forward. This is the vacant property and it’s a non-owner occupied. Okay. So that’s what all of these properties have is this is the status of each property on this list. We’ll have, uh, if you do any, what it does is it’s picking randomly, you know, the properties may be vacant, non-owner occupied, or did they just maybe bake it or they just may be non-owner occupied.

But to narrow your number down, when you get this many, just simply click on all and it breaks it down to a number of this manageable. Okay. Uh, and you can also do a combination of that. You know, non owner, occupied mail delivery chains, vacant. You can take that out and you can say, oh, well, let me do out-of-state owners. And see it dropped it down to 43. So 43, those properties fit all three of these categories. But if you want a big lease of the big list, you can take that out. Or you, if you want a more targeted list, this is it right here. Okay. It’s 43 of them. So I’m going to take this out, this one and that one. So I’m going to pull a pre-foreclosure list because that’s one of the things that’s really out there, but people are really finding, we’re finding that people are really going through this pre-foreclosure they didn’t know what to do when they got off this forbearance.

So, oh, I’m going to click on it. So 337 properties, 337 single family homes in a 10 mile radius in Sacramento are under some sort of pre-foreclosure. So what I’ll do is I’ll go to continue to additional filters. And this is where you can really fine tune, okay, this bill, these filters over here, you’ve got a whole bunch of them and you can actually fine tune your search to make it kind of pinpointed. So it’s already single family, but if I wanted to do something else, I could add townhouse houses, condos, duplexes, triplexes, whatever, residential vacant land. I could do all these things, but I’m going to stick with single family homes on this. And then I’m going to find something that has at least a minimum of 35% equity, got to have some equity in the deal or in the property to make a deal with somebody now.

And is that always the case? That’s not always, but for the most part, you want to have it. So we generally hear part of Trevor driven, tell our partners put in 35% and you can leave at most blank. And so when you do it, it reduces the properties down from 300 plus to 2 7, 6. So we got 276 properties that are single family homes and they have at least 35% equity on them. Great. Now, one other thing we can do if I really wanted to be targeted on this, I could have used the predefined search to do this, but in this case, I’ll do it this way. I’m going to go down to the auction date. And I want to know how many of these properties are going to auction after today’s date. And you’ll say, well, Barry, why do you want to do that? Because it’s going to show me people who are really motivated, who are potentially really motivated because they’re about to lose their homes is so we can catch them before that happens.

If we have enough time. So 30 days, there’s not a lot of time, uh, but if we can catch them before that, you know, or during that, you know, three weeks or before, there’s something we can do about it. So when I click on it, it’s going to tell me 55 of those properties out of that 276 about to go to auction. So I will click on show results to see what dates. So all these properties in red, when you see red, that means they’re under the gun 30 day auction. The clock has started ticking. It’s been taking, but now does ticky real fast. So you want to go ahead and try to, you know, catch and see what’s going on. So what I’ll do is I’ll click on one of the properties to see when the auction date is okay. So the auction date for this one is November the fourth.


So that’s a little over two weeks away is, is possible. If you can get everything in, but, uh, you know, cut it close. So there, there, there could be pretty motivated. I may scroll down and do a couple more. Uh, this one was November 30th, so you got a little time on it. So this list is what I call a super hot pre-foreclosure list. These are people who are about to go to auction that potentially lose their home, potentially get a pre for a pre I’ll, get a foreclosure on their credit. So it’s going to make it even harder for them to find an apartment or somewhere else to live. So we can go and try to help them save to a credit, you know, give, maybe put a little money in their pocket and get them moving on what life. Okay. So that’s the super pre-foreclosure list.

It’s like the hot hot list. But if you just want to do some work on the list, go back over here. I’ll take this out, take this out. I’ll click on this. And it goes back to 2 76. I click on this, show my results. And here I got a list. If some of these have auction dates, some of them don’t, this one just got a notice of default back in March. So they’ve got time. You’ve got time to go talk to them, find out what’s going on. So you can use this any way you want to. This one was made eighth of last year. They must’ve been on a forbearance and it’s still showing in county records. Now just be a biased. Everything that we pull this from county records, okay? These are county record public records that are out there and they’re not always created equal.

Not every county is equal, not ever a public record at two pool is going to have all the correct information, but you got enough information right here to actually find out and do your own investigation. But to do this, like you used to back in the day, you would have to go downtown to the courthouse, go talk to somebody in the clerk’s office. See if you can get a list or you can buy a list from somebody who’s done it for you, but they did the same thing. This way. You can do your own list. You can curate your own list in a matter of seconds. So now that I got a list right here, what I want to do is I want to contact these people. I want to get a hold of them. So I’ll go ahead and create a list. Now, what you do is you click over here, all records, you click on, add to list, all right? And if you have an existing list, okay, if you have an existing list, you can actually put it in the existing list and go ahead and go to it. Or you can create a new list. I’m going to create a new list and I’m going to call this query for sec. Um, what the day’s date is the 19th.

So this, my, my list, my pre-foreclosure list. So then what I’ll do is I click on confirm right now, once it’s completed, I can say, okay, you know, it’ll take me to the list or I can say, okay, excuse me. I can click on, go to list and I’ll take me to the list or I can say, okay, and continue to search. I’m going to say, okay, because what I want to show you is some people think, well, when you click on safe search, right? When you click on the saved search, some people think it’s going to save the list that you created, but what the safe search is, it really saves the criteria that you use. So if you’re doing pre-foreclosure single family home with 35% equity, it’s little typing that in every single time you just saved a search. So when you click on it and you name it, give it a name, um, pre for test one, that’s what I’m gonna call it now. And I can save the, the location and radius. But what that does is it sends me a link. So I can actually see that list. But if I just want to keep this type of search saved, I’ll just click on save search. Right. So it’s there. So then if I go to another city, let’s say, if I go to, let’s go to, and I do clear search, and let’s say, I’m going to another study. Maybe I’ll go to Dallas.

You know, there it is right there, click on Dallas and then I’m going to use my searches. So when I click on my searches, I just scroll down to, I think this is the new one right here, or is it? Yeah, all I do is I’ll just, uh, choose that search. So that’s not the right one, but it automatically pulls in my search parameters for me. And all I gotta do is go to the list. I got a couple of those searches in there, but it automatically goes to the list. I didn’t have to go in and type in my, you know, my search parameters and fine tune it. It was already done. So it makes it a little bit quicker. So just remember when you click on safe search, it’s searching the parameters that you use for the search. So you don’t have to keep typing them in every single time.


Okay. Now, once you got your list created what the deal drove an app. You know what makes it easy? Here it is right here is saying there’s zero in here. So you can always update the counts. Just click on update. It’ll do a little thing and it’ll show me how many properties are in here. 276. At this point, I’m going to go ahead and contact these people. I want to get ahold of them. I want to find out if I could help them. So the easiest thing to do in a deal driven app, and the simplest thing is when you open up the list, right, it’s going to open it up. You want to skip trace it. Now there’s two views. You can look at this right here is what we call the card view. And then we have what we call the list, view same information.

It’s just a different format. Me personally, I happen to like the card view and the reason I like the card view is because I can get pictures. I can get a photo of the property simply by clicking on, get photo. It’s going to say, get Google street photos. Or if I hadn’t been out driving for dollars and I took pictures, I could pull it from, uh, my, my gallery, but I can say, get photos. It’s gonna say, pull from Google. And I’ll say yes. And what that does is it pulls an image of the property. So that makes it a lot easier when you’re doing your direct mail from the deal driven app, putting these postcards, it’s going to use that picture instead of generic houses. Okay? So people say, oh, this is my house. That’s why we do that. So you can go ahead and, you know, add the photos all day long on here.

Uh, we do have what they call the automatic Google picture, where every time you create a list, if it’s enabled, it will automatically pull the pictures for you over a period of time. But this is what this is. So at this point, um, I’m ready to do, um, my, uh, skip tracing. So what I’ll do is I’ll click on the box right here. It’s going to say select it. Now this version of the deal driven app is what we call the partner version. If you’re using on the public, you will not see the free skip trace. Okay? So that’s another perk for being a partner. So if you don’t, you want to be a partner driven partner we’ve got to do is talk to somebody tonight. We can get you in. Um, but you will see the instant skip trace. You will see the direct mail.

And I think you see one other thing on, on the non-partner version, but what I’ll do is I’m going to skip trace teams. And so if I got enough credits, I can do an instance, get traced instantly means I’m going to get this instantly. I’m going to get phone number. I’m going to get an email address and then maybe a couple of phone numbers and maybe a couple of email addresses, or maybe one-on-one, we don’t know the search in the public records to give it to you, but it’s going to give it to you instantly. Okay. Um, and let me just do some, I’ll do some, just to show you how fast it does that, uh, do these first eight.

Normally I would do the whole list, but, uh, this is for demonstration purposes. So, uh, when I do the instant skip trace, it’s going to tell me, uh, how many properties are being skipped, raised, how many, uh, how many credits it will consume, how many I have available, or you have available in your account and then how many it will take to do this whole thing, potentially just be advised. It will do to skip trace. If it identifies an email address, a phone number or confirms a mailing address, then it will charge you the third of a credit that it takes per property. If it doesn’t confirm any of that stuff, it will not charge you. If you’ve already skipped, trace this in your list, it will not double charge you either. It will not do it again. So keep that in mind. So when you do the skip trace, you click on, it says, yes, it says a skip trace is running in the background.

Cool. Um, when I, I can refresh to see if it’ll pop up or I can just move on to doing whatever. So I’ll just do a refresh and I believe it was still doing the skip. Tracy got a couple, let’s see, that’s an LLC. That one should’ve skipped trace. Uh, somebody may be in trust. If they’re in trust, they will not pull information so anywhere. And people put stuff in trust for a reason, so you can find them. And so they could put their assets, you know, in a, a vehicle that can take. So the only way you can actually get a hold of somebody in the trust is direct mail, unless you know them personally. So that’s what that’s about. But I pulled the list and instantly I got phone numbers. I got phone numbers here, which is a lot of them, okay. And email, which is here.


So at this point in time, I can start calling them now. And if you’re a part, a part, a driven, and you have, uh, what we call our second piece of software to deal engine, you can actually export these lists, import it into the deal engine. And you can do all your calling, texting, and emailing from the deal engine. But if you do not have that, which you don’t, because you’re not a partner, another prop, another props would be in a partner, uh, then you’ll be able to still do this. You just have to do it manually, but you can call from the app. And you also can email from the app. If I wanted to send them some direct mail, all I gotta do is click right here. Or I can say start direct mail campaign. And what it does is it pulls up, uh, our postcards.

You find the one that you like the most, it fits what you’re looking for. Okay. You just click on it. It turns green and you click on start melon. It’s going to go through, as the process is going to tell you how many pieces of mail, how many credits and everything is on a cost. And I’ll say, yes, this is demonstration purposes. So the windows thing campaign, this started, it’s still running in the background. So I did the refresh again. So here’s some more numbers that came up. Uh, so you have your direct mail. So when you see this, this yellow, that means it’s pending. Okay. Once it goes through our third-party processor and they, they send it out, once they mail it out, it turns green. So to let you know that the direct mail or the direct mail piece of the postcard has been mailed. Okay. So once it turns green, it means it’s active. When you got your skip trace is done. It turns green right here. And then you see, I got more numbers on these right here. So that’s how easy that’s how quick it is to utilize the deal, to have an app, to do, uh, exactly what you needed to do. This is just one aspect of the deal driven app. We’ve got a lot of things. Okay. Um, let’s see. We have a question.

Let’s see. What is the investment? Home? The credits. Oh, great question. All right. So what the credits, let’s go over here and take a look at it. When you all put up your deal driven app, you’re going to go down to my account. Okay. In my account, you’re going to go down to payment method. Now, if you have a payment method already in there, like I do, then all you got to do is click on buy credits. And when you click on buy credits, you’ll see a $10 for, and then the more you buy the cheaper again. Okay. Uh, just remember this, you control the spending on that. That’s going to be something that you control. That’s number one, number two, when you’re doing the instant skiptrace, just remember that it only takes a third of a credit per property. So theoretically, $10. You can skip trace 30 properties. No problem. So the best all you have, make sure you pick the ones that you really want. Skip, trace them and make contact with them. So that’s how you get it by you credits right there. Okay.

All right. One other skip trace. I wanted to show you. I forgot to show you this one. Let me go back to this list. We have another one that’s called the deep skip trace. Okay. And I’ll show it to you on, let me select, let me pick a good one. I think it may have it. They may have one. So these skip trace, this is what we use black. You’ll want to use. If you have a property that you like, I really want to find out who owns this property. Okay. So you can do it from here. It’s called the instant phone, email and social skip trace. You could do it from here, or you can go into the property details page.

So once it opens up, you got a lot of information in here, valuations and all that. And you can run a comparables from here. Um, you go to owner detail and you click on skip trace, and you do the email social. So what this is, we call it the deep skip trace. It does cause wonderful credit because it’s doing a lot deeper look at the property owner. And so it’s got all of this that it’s looking for. Now, if you do this, if their own, um, social media, right? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, anything that was these people weren’t. But if they were, I could actually click on their social media link. It’ll take me to their page, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter, wherever, and I can actually drop them a direct message and say, Hey, do you own the property at 1 23 main street? Would you be interested in selling them?


I’m interested in buying or whatever you come up with. This is how powerful this is now not everybody’s on social media. Believe it or not. Okay. Not everybody’s on Facebook, not everybody’s on Tik TOK or Twitter. So don’t get frustrated because of that. But you got some more, more information, you know, dresses that they’ve been at, you know, that they been mailing addresses. They’ve been to email addresses that they may be associated with the people. You have their names, names that they may have gone by. Uh, so there’s a lot more in there then the regulars skip trace, but it’s great to use if you’re trying to find out somebody you want to get to them quickly ASAP. So that’s the deep skip trace. All right.

Okay. One last thing. And then we’ll wrap this one up. Uh, I was talking about the comparables. One thing about the deal driven app. It’s going to pull comparables. Okay. So when you go into a property detail page, uh, what you want to do is you want to look at the middle part of the, the details page. Okay. And you want to look at, you know, the characteristics. What type of home is, is it’s a 3, 2, 3 1 2 1 4 3, whatever it is now, sometimes the information does not appear on a deal driven app. So you can actually go over to Zillow to see if they got it over there. But the great thing about it is if you find out what it is, if it’s not there, you can just do the edit pencil and you can change it and save it. And what that does is once you do the say, when you do the comparables and you click on the comparables, it’s only going to pull up properties that are three bedroom, two bath or four bedrooms or whatever you changed. And the total good thing about the deal driven app. There’s two ways we get valuation. So you can pull comparables. So a three bedroom, two bath house, 1400 square foot. This is our subject property. So all these properties that are in or properties that got sold right, 18 months ago.

So what we can do is we can take the slider bar and take it down to 90 days. The last 90 days, you always want to be within a 90 day window. If you have a big population, last Mondays tells you a lot about what houses are selling for. The next thing you want to do is you want to adjust the radius. The closer you get to the subject property, the better, you know, but don’t go no further than a mile out, right? Unless you’re in a rural area, don’t go out further than a mile. Try to stay within a mile or less, but the closer, the better. So what I can do is I can take this radius right here. I can move it in. It changes my parameters right here. And there’s a lot of houses that are three bedroom, two bath bath houses that sold in this area right here.

Another thing you want to look at and back up just a little bit, is it, if there a major street right here, which there is trucks hill road, and is this side of the street more expensive than this side? Or is it vice versa? Cause sometimes valuations in cops, they go straight to the street subdivision to subdivision. So sometimes you have to be real precise with this, but you can. So what I’ll do is I’ll move it a little bit closer. So my subject property, I want to see how many properties are sold, like on this side of the street. So right down, I see there’s 1, 2, 3, and then we got these other tutors, pretty close. Everything is within, you know, a 0.2 miles it’s really cost. So it’s telling me the average sale price is $455,000 for a three bedroom, two bath house. So when I’m running my comparables to just get into the door, the talk to the person, I know the average sell price is around 455 based off of the comparables in sales.

And you can see the sales are all within the last 90 days. This is 9/22, 8, 9, 7,8. So these are all recent sales. Now these are public record sales. These are not MLS sales. There’s a little difference. Okay. Uh, MLS has, you know, the agents has already bought it. They sold it. Whatever they did is one of good MLS. These are just public they’re public sell to got recorded. So sometimes they don’t match up, but this is a number that you could actually, um, use right here to start your negotiations. You can also go to, um, the valuation. Now, sometimes it’s a little tricky here. Uh, the valuation, this information is taken from a national title company, okay. Is something that’s updated once a month. So sometimes it may be a little behind one of the other, but it’s still a great, so anytime you see a valuation number, there’s a higher 85% or higher, the confidence percentage.


Then the estimate of valuation of the property is probably going to be what the property would sell for. Okay. Uh, what is worth. And so sometimes you have to go back and forth between the comparables and this to make a good judgment. And sometimes you can pull it as a low to help you out, you know, whatever you can do. But this right here is a lot of information. Okay. This is the information that you want, uh, to be, um, to use. So let me go on here and let’s see what else in order to be successful. How many credits do you have? Do you buy and continue to borrow or kept in certain threshold in your account, if not too personal or to cloud? Um, as many as you want. I mean, there’s no set number, you know, it depends on how much, how many leads you, you’re going to skip trace it. It really depends on you. So whatever you can afford, if you can afford a thousand, put a thousand in here, if you can only afford 30, put $10 worth. So it really doesn’t matter what that okay. Um, there are ways to get the Google photo for multiple properties or a complete list at the same time.

I think you’re asking, um, is there a way to get the Google photo for multiple properties or a complete list at the same time? Um, if I’m understanding the question you’re asking, if I pull a list of properties, can I get the pictures, all the multiple picture, photo pictures at the same time? Uh, when I do it, I think that’s what you’re asking and yeah, whenever you do, I’m like, I’m going, I want them to go back to this list. Okay. Now I’ve got the automatic, uh, Google, uh, pictures take, it turned down. So every time I create a list, it’ll start adding pictures over thing over time. So you can start seeing these to start an ad in here. It takes a little while for the populate, but it’ll populate or you can just go through and just click on Google each one of these and say, yes, you can do it all at the same time. There’s not a button that says pool pictures. At the same time, you got to do it individually. Or you can turn on the automatic, uh, picture and it will turn it on. So every time you create a list over a period of time, you will add that Google photo in there for you. I hope that answered your question. I think that’s what you’re asking. Okay.

All right. Anything else that we have in here? Let’s see. Oh yeah. Uh, let’s see here. Omar, are you Sam? Since I have family members in Sacramento, Stockton, Oakland, can I still use the radius theory, but news my soldiers in the cities and starting point for my radius? Well, yeah, you can. When I’m at what I’m thinking is that you’re saying and correct me if I’m wrong, Omar, you may be somewhere else, but you got family members in the, uh, in the area and you want to do searches. So you can do searches anywhere in the United States and you can create your own radius and everything. And if you’ve got people on the ground, you’ve got boots on the ground. They can go look for you by all means. Let them go. Yeah, you can use that. Okay. Um, Barbara says, when you send the postcards, do you feel each one out or do they get auto feel for each person with each person’s info?

Great question, Barbara. And the answer to that is no, you do not have to fill them out individually. Yes, it does. Auto fill for you. So the most important thing about setting up the part of the postcard is making sure before you do anything else in the deal driven app, you know, getting your, uh, credits is one of them. We’re making sure you have your signature blocks set up. And so when you first sign up, you just go to your, to my account and you’ll scroll down to my signatures and make sure this is filled out. Okay? Uh, it’ll have a little bit information there, but what you won’t do is go to the edit pencil and make sure you got all these lines filled out, especially your contact information and your return address. If you don’t do this, it will not let you continue on.

You may start it, but it will not let you finish doing a postcard until the signature block is filled out. And you can put your there, or you can put a logo, it’s your choice. But once you do that, then yes, the system automatically fills out every property with the name, address, you know, same message on there for different properties. Okay. All right, what else we got? Oh, cool. Thanks Victor. I got you. Um, it says I can no longer send texts through the app. What could be the reason a search? What you want to do is number one, email support@dealdriven.com. Take a picture of what you’re showing, do a screenshot so they can see it and then send it to them. So that way they can actually take a look in your account and see what’s going on. That sounds like a technical thing, but you want to go ahead and check it out?


No, send it to support@dealdriven.com and they’ll take they’ll square you away. Okay. Omar says, correct. Barbara says, thank you. You guys are welcome. Let’s see house. Naomi. Not sure if I missed it, but the virtual view feature included with the partner driven package or we pay the $15 a month. Great question. You know me? So I know a lot of our partners who were in partner driven prior to May 1st of this past year, uh, anybody before that, they didn’t have to pay for the virtual view. After that May 1st, everybody who is a partner, regardless, you know, you come in after May 1st, you do have to, uh, enact. You do have to activate that feature. Reasonably being it got really, really, really, really expensive for us. Google was hitting us all the time, so we had to offset it. So therefore, unfortunately, if you’re a partner, you still have to pay for the, uh, virtual view feature. Okay. All right.

That’s about it. So listen guys, uh, for those people who are not partners, okay, if you, if you have not been going to stop this, right, let’s say you’ve been coming here forever in a day. You know, you’ve been coming through part of the ribbon every Tuesday, listening to Peter and Julie, talk about all the great things about partner-driven and also about just getting involved in real estate period. If you’ve been on the fence and you’ve been thinking about, should I be a partner or should I not be a partner? Well, hopefully this is one of those things that you really will enjoy. One of these things that will say, Hmm, maybe I need to get up being a part of this because there’s black is one thing. We have a lot of people with a lot of partners all over the United States and most of them, 98.9 99.1% of them say, Hey, this is a great program.

I’m glad I found you. You know, for some of us who’ve been in the game for a while. If we would have had this opportunity back in the day, you’d probably would’ve sped up our investing career. Uh, but we bring a lot of experience to it. We have a great coaching team. We have a great support staff. Uh, Peter and Julia are awesome. Like I said, you know, he’ll find a deal. As long as you’re following our guidelines that we have set forth with our partners, you can get your deals in. We can get them done, you know, wholesale and, and fix uplift, whatever hotels we can do those things. But you got to pull the trigger guys. You gotta say, okay, let me go ahead and give this a try. I think if you actually give this a try and actually dedicate yourself and follow what we tell you doing, you’ll be successful because you don’t have to worry about too much of anything.

Speaker 1 (48:12):

The only thing you got to do is just participating. All you gotta do is follow simple directions. All you gotta do is follow the guidelines. Will you take care of most of the heavy lifting? You don’t have to worry about the funding. That’s what most people worry about for money. You don’t have to worry about the funding. You don’t have to worry about not knowing how to negotiate because we teach you that you don’t have to worry about running numbers because we help you with that. We help you get good at it. You don’t have to worry about trying to find properties. We got the deal driven app, right? You don’t have to worry about making calls. We got, you got the deal engine. It’s going to speed up your calling. You’re texting. So there’s a lot of things that we have that a lot of people don’t have a lot of programs.

So, you know, if this is something that you feel like you really want to do, just pick up the phone call (770) 746-8585, and somebody will help you to Mike. You know? So I’m not going to keep you all. It says, what is this? If you want to, we want to learn more first. Yeah. Okay. I forgot about that. Thanks for it. So if you want to learn a little bit more about us, go to eight or www dot apply or click the link in the chat where it says, apply to our partner driven dot 48 hour classroom. Okay, go ahead and do that. Click on that also, you know, if you just want to go ahead and do this thing, get into it. 770-746-8585. Okay. All right, guys. I want to thank you for your time. I appreciate you being on this call, guys. Have a great weekend, great rest of the week and an even better weekend. All right. Peace.