Speaker 1 (00:00:00):

I’m seeing everybody Peter here and my buddy, my friend, my comrade Rafa, and other side, Rafael, how are you today?

Speaker 2 (00:00:08):

I’m doing great. What’s up everyone,

Speaker 1 (00:00:11):

Man. What an exciting time to be together? You know, Rafa, we’re going to take a couple minutes. We’ve got a lot of people joining us tonight for obviously, cause we got to, we were dropping a bomb tonight, but, but you know, not everybody who’s joining us knows who you are. Uh, even there’s a lot of partners that are, that, you know, they hear about this mystical Rafa behind the scenes. Tell people as they’re, as they’re joining us, what is the value that the amazing Rafa brings to the partner family?

Speaker 2 (00:00:42):

Well, first of all, I’m just so excited to be here tonight. Um, I do enjoy being kind of behind the scenes most of the time, uh, myself and my team, Kristen, uh, my wife, Chelsea Stefan, and the rest of the technical marketing support team. What we do, what we focused on doing is making sure that everything hits on all cylinders in every which way. Right? We do that for a partner driven internally for our own purposes and getting the art word out, our mission out to the world. But we also do it for our partners and technology and for deal driven. Um, it’s really a dream come true for me to have the opportunity to work with superstars at every front superstars at deal driven with Ben Howerton, which by the way, it’s his birthday today, happy birthday Ben, uh, superstars like, like yourself and Julie on, on the, when it comes to the real estate and the coaching, right.

Speaker 2 (00:01:39):

And the rest of our team. It’s I mean, it’s incredible. So I think I have the easiest job in the whole universe, which is to keep the engine running for the, for the superstars. Right. Um, there’s a lot of technology involved in it and I’m really grateful that I love and enjoy that kind of stuff. And it’s really kind of what we’re diving in today because without giving away anything while we’re still waiting for people to, uh, to join us, you know what we’re going to share tonight, it’s a culmination of years and years and years of dreaming to be able to create a process. And it’s in a system that is as efficient as the one that we have to present today and also as easy to use as the one that we have today so that we can pass it on to our partners, to everyday folks that may not have, uh, uh, uh, technical backgrounds who have gone to college for business information systems and so forth.

Speaker 2 (00:02:33):

And I know Peter has been something that’s been in our, in, in uni’s plate for, for a long time. And it, and it’s really been the last six months as we started this little secret project that we’ve gotten closer and closer and closer to the point that we’re be ready to beta launch this thing and to start taking some volunteers to help us run the system. As we begin to smooth over the onboarding process, build all the training and videos for all of our partners and Peter, this is really what I’m most excited. I know you’re going to be really proud of us for this really building a first-class level support for everyone that’s using this technology because as we know, it’s a little bit different support than deal support. I mean, we already have first-class support for deals and we have our incredible team with Laura and Mary and you, he, uh, leading that charge up, but their world is contracts and real estate deals. And should you do this or not do that? Or how do I talk to the, the, the realtor is a completely different set of support than what we’re going to be getting into. Um, and guys, we’re building, we’ve been building this for a few months. We’ve been testing it for a few months, but I’m gonna show you today is not theory. We’re actually going to show you real live working, uh, campaigns that we have running and hopefully inviting a few of you guys to come join us.

Speaker 1 (00:03:58):

Yeah. Amazing stuff. Amazing stuff by the way is we’re still got a lot of people bopping on. We’re going to give it another minute or so, you know, one of the things I just love when you all share what you’re dialing in from or zooming in from. So if you don’t mind put it in chat, put the city, put the state. That is very exciting. I’ll let me, let me, let me just kind of piggyback right before we get started a little bit off of what Rafa said. Um, gosh, when I got started 22 years ago, I would say I probably wouldn’t have been needed a Rafa because 22 years ago there wasn’t the stuff that’s possible. Now I can tell you at this point, someone like a Roth is invaluable and not only is he invaluable to like myself personally, but to so many of you partners that th th th the, the edge that he would, he does the edge that he gives you, the, the, the, the advantage that he gives you, it’s, it is absolutely critical.

Speaker 1 (00:04:49):

And in, and that’s one thing that I, you know, I love working with, with Rafa about or on we’re constantly like strategize. Okay. How do, what do we do more for our partners? How do we do it better? And guys, today, like I said, we’re dropping a bomb like today. It takes you from wherever you are to the next level, as far as being an investor. So it’s going to be big settling. We’re going to get started here. Hope I got a selfless, selfish, self, selfless, selfish. I forgot to plug to make about myself. Okay. And I think Ralph knows where I’m going with this, but God,

Speaker 1 (00:05:23):

But guys, for those who have been following me at all, know what I am absolutely jacked about here in the last three weeks as this new Instagram account I started. And, and I think if you’re a partner, you, if you’re a partner, it’s a must have you absolutely have to follow me on Instagram. I’m doing everything real estate related. Everything’s success related. I mean, literally up to 15 times a day, I’m going, uh, through their story mechanism. I’m sharing, sharing, sharing, and if you’re not a partner and you’re just trying to figure out what’s all this stuff about, you gotta, you gotta join me. So if somebody could stick a, if Kristin, you could stick a link to my Instagram account in there, it’s just my name. It’s instagram.com forward slash my name, Peter Beck, someone, please, please follow me. I appreciate the support. And it’s really, it’s really magical what’s happening there.

Speaker 1 (00:06:10):

So, all right, well, let’s get rolling guys again. Uh, tonight I’m here with my super-duper buddy Rafa, but not only is he a super-duper, uh, buddy, but he’s also a partner here at partner-driven. So before we get into the meat of things tonight and guys tonight, we have mean things. I mean, sometimes we do inspirational stories. Sometimes we do a little techniques and strategies, not little, but techniques and strategies. Sometimes we showcase our partners and every once in a while we dropped bombs. Okay. Like game-changing things tonight, we’re dropping a bomb, but before we get in there, um, I just want to share, take a couple of minutes and share our story here, our partner driven story and what it is and who it is and why we do what we do. But at heart, I personally, I’m a real estate investor. I’m a 22 year veteran of this industry.

Speaker 1 (00:06:57):

I’ve literally done thousands of real estate deals. And for many, many, many years, I get what any typical real estate investor does. I went out there and I try to find deals and I did it very successfully and I closed them and I did something to them and I sold them, or I kept some and all this. And I did it very successfully to tune of, of, you know, I build out my own, um, call center with, with callers taking calls for motivated sellers. We developed full-time negotiators. I had full-time closing, uh, agent on, on right in the office. I had construction workers. I then ultimately started setting up offices across the United States. I branched out from here in Atlanta to Jacksonville, Florida. Then we set up other locations all the way to the west coast in California and things were going great until one day we were just trying to figure out like any business owner tries to always figure out how do you get to the next level?

Speaker 1 (00:07:50):

You know, I think very few business owners sit back and say, well, how do I slow down? I mean, I guess maybe if you’re ready to retire, but very few business owners have that mentality. You know, when you achieve a certain success in life, you know, you kind of want more, right? Like you want to get to the next level. And so I was trying to personally figure out how do we scale this model of ours? And, uh, um, and so we kind of came up with this crazy idea back then. We’re like, you know what, why don’t we just start finding everyday people anywhere in the United States who need help to do deals and why don’t we like partner with them? Why don’t I just I’ll give them all the money and then we’ll execute the deal and we’ll sell it and split the profits.

Speaker 1 (00:08:32):

And the messaging took off like wildfire and it was great. And we were having fun. But when we were doing it at that level, there were also some issues with the initial model, because these were sometimes unsophisticated investors. These were people that didn’t know what to do. So, you know, we were making mistakes. Uh, I I’ve shared this in the past. I’ve lost a ton of money in the beginning doing of these deals. We also made tremendous amount of money. And, but when you had something there, so I’m going to take you from where that started a number of years ago to where we are now. So what we are partner driven now is, um, we literally enable everyday people to do real estate deals. And we do that by really, by providing to them what we consider to be. I think anybody would consider to be the ultimate pillars of success.

Speaker 1 (00:09:20):

When it comes to real estate investing, number one, we provide coaching and mentoring to our partners. And, and I could tell you, there are some businesses you could learn as you go like no harm, no foul, no big deal. I made a mistake. Real estate is not one of them. I mean, real estate is a, is a business. You, you could sneeze the wrong way and lose $10,000. So number one, pillar of success in real estate in, in this business is you got to know what you’re doing. And we coach and we mentor, and we educate all of our partners. Number two, what almost nobody knows real estate for, but as a critical aspect of real estate is you need a back office. Like, I don’t think anybody ever got into real estate to do paperwork. I don’t think anybody ever got into real estate to figure out how to clear a title or like figure out like how to read a term sheet.

Speaker 1 (00:10:04):

You know, we, none of us got into real estate for that, but guess what? You better be able to do all of that. So for our partners, we provide our back office support. Okay. In terms of closings, paperwork, files, deal flow, and all this, the next pillar of success is you gotta have some leads coming in, right. Real estate. It is. We never claim it to be easy, but, um, not only is it difficult, it’s competitive at finding deals side. So you need an advantage. You need an advantage. And so that’s the other thing. We help our partners with lead gen in today’s world. You better have technology. If you don’t have technology in real estate, you’re not just like in the pack, you’re going to be left behind by the pack. So it is a critical component. A pillar of success in real estate is to have technology.

Speaker 1 (00:10:50):

We provide that to our partners. Also we provide money when deals are found, many deals need capital to do them, to buy him, fix some Oldham, whatever it is we decide to do it. That’s all on us. By the way, with that side, we also provide something that is absolutely critical. We assume all the liability, because guys, I will tell you, even after doing this for 22 years, um, we still make mistakes. As a matter of fact, not too long ago, I stroked the check literally at closing for over a hundred thousand dollars to close a deal out with a partner. And so if things go wrong, it’s all on me. I’ll never come to a park or to a partner for anything. If things go wrong. So bottom line is we use, we assume all the liability and the final pillar of success we provide is rehab and construction, help.

Speaker 1 (00:11:33):

If a particular deal needs it. Okay. We then put them in the market, sell them, split the profits down the middle 50 50. And in that sense, that is our partner driven model. So some of you guys are our partners here tonight. We’re so, so glad you’re here. You know what I’m gonna tell you, right? You’re gonna reset recharge recommit, and we’re going to get you to the next level. And I promise you today, you will reset recharge recommit. And tonight you’ll go to the next level. Some of you all are not our partners. Some of you guys have been kind of testing the water. You’ve been talking to a team member and you just you’re here tonight for a specific reason. You’re going to be, you’re like I’m either in or out. So for those of you that are going to be ready to be in tonight, we actually have a number of team members on stand by tonight.

Speaker 1 (00:12:13):

And all you have to do to get ahold of them is just simply call 7, 7 0 7 4 6 8 5 8 5. I’m sure that’ll be in your chat. 7 7 0 7 4 6 8 5 8 5. So for those of you that are ready to join the partner family, that means you’ve probably already been talking to team member and you’re ready to commit police do that. So of you guys just kind of ended up on this call, right? Got a friend of yours, told you about us. You may have been following us on social media and you’re at the very beginning of your journey. And we welcome you here also. And the way we liked for, uh, for people that are excited to kind of start the journey with us, there’ll be a link to the website, www dot partner-driven dot com and just go there tonight. After the webinar, take a look at who we are, what we do. Um, and there you’ll have a chance to input your information in there. And, um, and then a team member will touch base with you and we’ll figure out if we’re a good fit for each other. And then off we go, we’re going to be running.

Speaker 1 (00:13:13):

All right guys, like I said, Peter Beck, someone here, my good friend, Raphael Zabala on the other side, guys, what we’re going to share with you here in the next couple minutes as a game changer, see in real estate, in real estate, there are some things that absolutely we as investors need to make things happen. Like for instance, like, uh, we need some rehab, right? I’ve done about 3,500 deals in my career now. And thousands of them needed some kind of rehab, whether it’s experienced for me or someone else, you know, there’s negotiations, there’s raising capital, there’s closings, there’s buying things. There’s finding the right realtor to sell things. There’s finding the decorator. Sometimes we bought properties that needed surveys. Real estate literally is one of those. It’s one of those businesses that literally has a lot of moving pieces, but I will also tell you as an investor, there are some moving pieces that are more important than others.

Speaker 1 (00:14:10):

Like for instance, I’ll be honest with you. And sometimes I joke around about it, but 22 years in this business, like I have no idea how to even estimate a 5,000 forget a $50,000 rehab. I couldn’t even estimate a $5,000 rehab. Okay. So, but look, it’s gotten me this far. So bottom line is in real estate. A lot of moving pieces. Some are more important than others, but when you separate the ones that are more important than others, there’s one or two that are the most important of all. There’s one or two pieces in this business that are just kind of like, I call them the non-negotiable. If you cannot figure out how to these pieces in place, like nothing else matters, like literally nothing else matters. And what we’re about ready to discuss with you guys tonight is one or two of those critical pieces.

Speaker 1 (00:15:05):

It’s it’s this is a must have, this is like the thing that we all as investors chase after, right? 22 years in this business guys, you know, if they say, gosh, Pete, what’s the one thing you’re still chasing for every day. It is what we’re about ready to discuss, right? I’m not chasing for the next contractor. I’m not chasing for the next hard money lender. I’m not chasing for the next closer attorney, but to continuously I chase what we’re about, ready to get to, to discuss with you. Having said that, I will tell you, um, aside from being such a critical piece, I will also tell you as somebody who has been in this for a long time, there are no questions, shortcuts in real estate. Like for instance, let me tell you, like, I’ll just use myself as an example. Okay. Like shortcut long way.

Speaker 1 (00:15:55):

In this beginning, when I got started, I decided to do everything the long way. I don’t know why, but I decided to do everything long way, right? And that long way caused me to lose money, go almost homeless, you know, make bad decisions, lose credibility in the marketplace, lose some friendships, all that stuff. So when people say it’s only, her only matters how hard you work, hard work matters, but there are shortcuts to success. And what we’re going to introduce to you tonight is a shortcut to success. It’s not a must have not like not everyone here tonight is going to be like, I’m going to use this. I get it. But I will tell you as a veteran of this business, this is an absolute shortcut. So think about this. Just take a second. If you think about a, what is the one thing that we’re always chasing as investors in this business and that’s this a motivated seller, right?

Speaker 1 (00:16:45):

We’re looking for somebody that wants to sell a property. You know, when you hear me talk and teach about real estate, you know, people sometimes will say, Pete, what should I be doing? Like, like Pete, lay out the calendar for me. And I, I just, this is how I lay out people’s calendar. Um, how much time do you have to work on this business? Opiod. I got an hour a day or I got three hours a day or I got 20 minutes a day. Here’s what I say. 95% of it. Look for sellers. Like people that want to sell their properties. Like, there you go. There’s a calendar there. There’s your road to success. You know, people sometimes will ask me, well, Pete, go back when you started and what guy you audit, the disastrous hole. You dug, you know what? I answered them. I say, I said, what got me out is what I call my two-day strategy back then.

Speaker 1 (00:17:27):

It was very simple. My strategies was to identify two people a day that kind of threw their hands up and say, yeah, I guess I’ll sell. That’s it. They weren’t necessarily going to give me the property for nothing. They weren’t tremendous equity deals, but they were just two people that would like raise their hand. Literally I went from like losing everything. I had basically making myself whole homeless to going to a day for the next couple of years. And I went from zero to hero. Okay. So anyway, you slice it. You know, people say, well, what, what Pete? Um, I want to make money quickly. Okay. How many sellers did they, can you get ahold of? Right. So almost anything that you want to do in this business, make money, make money quicker, make more money, you know, get to the end goal, be able to retire.

Speaker 1 (00:18:17):

Um, always steering people back to this thing. It is all identifying people that raise their hands and say, yeah, I guess I’ll sell. And Amy thing you could do to shortcut that process. You’re going to shortcut your journey to success. I mean, it’s really, that’s really what it comes down to. And so a lot of times people will even ask me, Pete, well, um, okay, Pete. So I’m already doing that every day. And so what I tell them is this, you cannot guarantee anything, but what you can control is your numbers. You can show your numbers. You know, if you’re every day making five outbound calls a day, you can then make 10 outbound calls a day. But ultimately here’s what else happens. What, if you have tools in place to help you increase your numbers? Right? Right. Now, a lot of times we teach people to increase their numbers by like going, tapping into another resource, like hire a caller or, you know, you get somebody to make calls for you.

Speaker 1 (00:19:16):

But then now you’re talking about training, motivating, you know, they’re quitting all the time on all this. The only thing that, the thing that like precludes all that, but still allows you to scale is what, if you had technology on your side, what have your technology reaching out to sellers? What if via technology reaching out to sellers? Like on your behalf, not in the general kind of a form. They found somewhere in the internet. I possibly want us say, but what if you had laser-focused technology that on your behalf would start reaching out to sellers by calling, by texting, by emailing. And this whole time the seller is under the impression that I, Peter [inaudible] am the one reaching out to them. And what if this technology did it? And when the seller says, yeah, I got a property I want to sell. What if this technology then notified you?

Speaker 1 (00:20:14):

Right. And when you call Bob, Bob’s like, oh yeah, Pete. Yeah. We’ve been texting back before. I’m so glad you’re calling me. Right. And so not only is it speeding up the process on your behalf, but it’s building your name up and let me tell you something. That is a piece that many times goes very much unnoticed in this business. So let me explain to you what I mean by that. There’s a saying, and Robin knows this in marketing. Usually people have to be touched multiple times. Like if I out of the blue, see something that I want to buy, even if I want to buy it, I’m like, I don’t know the company. I don’t know the guy selling it. But if that guy, or if that company constantly touches me multiple times through different marketing techniques, what that does is that builds up credibility.

Speaker 1 (00:20:56):

So like when I used to do a tremendous amount of direct mail, we would literally mail to the same people over and over again. And people would always say, gosh, people what a total waste of money. But what they did not understand is that almost all the time, almost all the time when we bought a property from a seller and at that closing table, we did what we always try to do. Like, how’d you hear about us? It was always Pete, you call your people would just like call me every month, Pete, you would get a card from me every month. So when it was time to sell, we called you. Now think about it to do that. I have to spend a tremendous amount of money. I had to have a call center doing, you know, working for me. I have to spend, when I, when I say I spent over six figures a month on direct mail in those days, I’m not exaggerating at all because even then I couldn’t utilize technology.

Speaker 1 (00:21:53):

The other thing about technology that I love to pieces is it’s a lot cheaper to scale, a lot cheaper to scale, to scale direct mail. It’s just, it’s a cost thing. It’s just, if you have money, you scale it. If you don’t, you don’t. But when you really truly understand the value of technology, finding motivated sellers for you, it accomplishes multiple things. It allows you to scale, it builds brand recognition. It builds a relationship with that potential seller without you having to do too many things, you know? And it just, it, and it does it in a way that is beyond cost-effective like beyond cost-effective. So when you start looking at the pillar of success of a motivated seller, I’m claiming it right now. It is the top pillar. We all are chasing the, we are all chasing it. And if you could increase in terms of your ability to find that motivated seller to any level, you’re moving the needle in your business, it’s the quickest way to move a needle, right?

Speaker 1 (00:22:58):

Finding a motivated seller a month quicker than the other way, you know, finding two motivated sellers instead of one motivated seller, right? So there’s no quicker way to move the needle in the real estate investing industry than to find something that allows you to find motivated sellers quickly. And so what I’m excited to share with you guys tonight is the journey that Rafa and Kristen and, and Stefan and Peter and Julie and Delania and Patty, and a number of other people that I’m sure I’m overlooking have been secretly on for the last several months, how to put this technology to use and how to make it available to our partners. We, by the way, guys, we’ve hit some dead ends in this journey. This was not something like one day I wake up and I’m like, Hey Ralph, you know, motivated sellers, can we get that done tomorrow?

Speaker 1 (00:23:54):

Ralph was like, yeah, no, sorry. And so we have gone down a number of wrong paths. We have spent a tremendous amount of money going down directions that we shouldn’t have even gone down. And as we started dialing this in, I still remember our conversation one night raw Bravo. I’m going to, I’m going to hit on you a little bit. Okay. If you don’t mind a month or a couple of months ago, we’re having a conversation with Ralph. Um, and Rafa is you’ll know, he says, he’s got the easiest job in town. He really doesn’t. He probably has the, the Mo the least appreciated one because the only people that can truly appreciate Rafa is like myself and the Julie’s. Cause we see what he’s doing behind the scenes and we see the impact. Whereas most people don’t see what he’s doing behind the scenes.

Speaker 1 (00:24:38):

They just see the impact. Then they’re like, well, I guess it just happened. It doesn’t happen. Ralph has probably got one of the toughest, if not the toughest job here. Uh, and, and he’s fallen on a sword many, a times for no fault of his own, other than we push push push. And I remember a couple months ago, he and I are talking at night. We do a lot of check-ins little huddles at night. And, uh, because we always put tremendous amount of pressure on Rafa to get things done because when Rafa get things done, our partners benefit. And I remember one night we were having conversation and he said something to me along the lines. Like, I think we gotta, you know, I gotta just take a, just a small break on this. And I literally remember I got mad at Rafa. I said, no, we’re not taking a small break in this.

Speaker 1 (00:25:17):

This is the one thing we will not slow down on. We need a system that allows our partners to find deals quicker, more efficiently with a lot less stress and a lot less headaches, because ultimately that is how we get to the big mission where we’re closing a deal a day with our partners. That is like, that is like my personal goal that I have put in front of all, everyone here at the partner driven level that by the end of 2021, the reason I ran with this mantra 20, 21 best year ever a number of fronts, but one of the big fronts is by the end of this year, I challenged everybody here. Get to the point that we’re closing the deal a day with our partners. And there’s nothing that I think we could have done for partners in terms of expediting that there’s just, I can’t think like, what could we have done?

Speaker 1 (00:26:06):

Could we have provided more money now because I don’t care how much money you have if you don’t have, if you can’t find a motivated seller, could we’ve taught rehab estimates better. Don’t forget rehab estimates. If you don’t know how to find. So there’s no other needle that we could’ve moved in this business. Then the ability for our partners to find motivated sellers in the do it quicker, more efficiently with a lot less stress. And so this was a project that has been very near and dear to me, to myself, to Rafa to everyone behind the scenes. We, we, a lot of times individuals champion causes this one was by us all. And when Rafa and the team brought this one across the finish line a little while ago, and he’s like, I’m ready to start testing. I don’t know. But I was just like, I it’s, like I put myself back to where I was many, many years ago I would have died for something like this.

Speaker 1 (00:27:00):

I mean, because back then this stuff just didn’t exist. I mean, it just, it just did not exist back then. You’re calling white pages and almost people tonight are like, what’s a white page that just tells you what a dinosaur I am in this business. It was all cold calling. There was no lists to even pull. It was all just very unsophisticated stuff. Um, I could tell you, I would have apps. If I had this tool in my hand, I probably wouldn’t have gone homeless because of real estate. If I would have still screwed it up, I would’ve gotten myself out of the mess quicker. And there’s no question in my mind with what Rafa is about right. To show you. I would’ve gotten to the promised land a lot quicker. This is a tool worthy of everything that had to be done by the team behind the scenes to do it.

Speaker 1 (00:27:43):

And we rolled it out. Um, just a little while ago, from a beta standpoint, we took some of our top partners and were like, you know what? Um, let’s, let’s test it. Let’s test it. Guess what? Julia was even a test, or we don’t have a better, closer than Julie. And we’re like, Julie, we’re gonna, this is so important. And I know your time is valuable. And I know you’re supporting a lot of people and you got a lot of people counting on you, but this is such an important project. So near and dear to my personal heart, and it’s gonna be so important. I challenged you. I said, Julie, I want you to test this thing. I want you to take leads from this. We took our top partner in the nation. We took the top partner nation. Who’s already grooving and like nothing needed to be changed.

Speaker 1 (00:28:24):

And we’re like, Hey, would you mind, would you mind testing? Because this may actually slow your things down. We know it. We know it’s going to be great, but who knows things about the thought had been great sometimes when turn out to be so great in the beginning. And so we challenged the best we had. And we said, we got to get this grooving. And so we started internally testing it here in Atlanta, in our own office. Uh, we started testing it with a top partner we have, and, and you know, a lot of times when you test, you don’t have the best results. You just don’t. I mean, that’s why, you know, when, when they test rocket ships, they don’t put like astronauts in them. That’s not the time to test and ask. You know, they, you know, Elon Musk launched hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rockets.

Speaker 1 (00:29:09):

And some of them blew up by the way, before he actually put a live human to one of them. And so tonight we could have come out here tonight and we were prepared to do it and say, you guys, this is the best thing since sliced bread, but we’re still tinkering with it. And it’s just the results. Aren’t that great. But guys, I’m coming up here with my head, held high. The results have been phenomenal, like phenomenal, like game-changing. And, and, and, and we took, like, we took some of our callers that have been with us for like a number of years. And by just introducing this tool that Rafa is about ready to show you a little bit, the back door of her numbers, like check this out. This is a color that’s been calling for me. She used to call them my personal deals.

Speaker 1 (00:29:54):

She’s been with me for years. We have over triple folded, over triple folded. How many leads she’s now kicking out. That’s phenomenal. That’s not done very quickly in this business, but we’ve done it. We’ve done a thanks to and Rafa. It’s amazing. You’re here tonight. I don’t think we’ve been planted this way, but things kind of, you, you, weren’t a guy that belonged here tonight. You do, you, the credit goes to you and the, by the way, and the team behind you, who I love to pieces, one of them is actually driving the show here behind the scenes. That’s the amazing team you have. So there’s no better person to roll this thing out tonight. Then you up, I will tell you personally, just from an investor, forget that anything else, but from an investors perspective to someone like you, a marketing guy, thank you. This is killer. This is fricking killer. I am amazed that we were able to put this internally together. I’m amazed at the speed to which you guys did and rolled it out. My hats are off to you to Stefan, to Kristin and everyone else. That was part of the journey. So without further ado, I’m pulling back the curtain Rafa, take it away.

Speaker 2 (00:31:06):

Awesome. Peter, thank you so much for that intro and you’re right. It guys, thank you guys for being patient, as we’re kind of laying this down, because you really have to understand the history to really be able to appreciate what we’re going to be sharing with you guys today. Because as Peter just told you the actual results that we are going to be sharing with you guys to guys are, are increasing by a threefold. There were sorts of professional phone callers and generating out the audio. So like, if you can grab a Ferrari and make it run three times faster, you think you got something hot going. Absolutely. And so with that said, I want to jump in, in, in, in share with you guys what it is, what we’re doing, how you can get access to it as early as, or at least get on the list as early as tonight. Right. And, uh, what our vision is moving forward with this. So with that said, I’m going to share my screen a little bit instead. Okay. Peter,

Speaker 1 (00:32:04):

Let’s do it,

Speaker 2 (00:32:05):

Do it guys. So I’m going to share my screen because I want to start the conversation there. I want to start the story briefly over at deal driven, right? As many of you guys know deal driven is a software that we developed internally with the help of our brother, Ben Howerton at deal driven, uh, about a year and a half. Well, it’s about two years ago now, since we actually started the project and the vision was the same as the one that what Peter was just telling you a moment ago, it’s like, all right, guys, what can we do to help our partners be more successful? What is it? What have we, what haven’t we done yet? What’s already out there, but could be improved. Right? And so at the end of the day, we landed on the one thing that all business owners, this is not just specific to real estate.

Speaker 2 (00:32:54):

This is true for all businesses. It all comes down to how do you generate more opportunities? That’s what that’s, that’s it as well. It’s all it is. And not only how do you generate those opportunities, but how do you automate it, organize and manage that process in a way that not only you could do it, which is the goal that we have in our hearts for 2021 for all of our partners. But guys, the opportunity to hear is bigger than that. It’s not just how you could do it, is how you can have a team under you doing it. And what I’m gonna show you tonight. And the technology and the way that we’re building this out is specifically made to scale. But this journey started with deal driven a couple of years ago, because we were like, all right, how can we help our people locate more properties?

Speaker 2 (00:33:38):

Right? And so with Ben Howerton, we, we developed, uh, the deal driven technology. And a lot of you guys are very familiar with it, but basically we have over a billion records of every home in the United States and the ability in a, just a few clicks to be able to pull up their information, pull up all of their financials, pull up what their mortgage is, click another button and get all of the contact information, email, phone, number, everything that you could ever want. Right. So that you can reach out and go hit that off market properties. Right. Which is guys, which is the white whale that’s out there. It’s all about finding these off market properties. Right. So, wow. We were so happy when we did this deal driven, kind of knocked it out of the park. In that sense, it met the goal that we were looking for.

Speaker 2 (00:34:27):

How do we find these properties? But it’s oftentimes when it comes to technology, as soon as we solve one problem, we realized that we have another problem coming up, right? Because great. I mean, like we just gave access to our partners it, and by the way, you can get deal driven. Even if you’re not a partner, you can go to deal driven.com and check it out yourself. A highly recommended. It’s incredible. But we just gave our partners the ability to generate thousands of leads in a few clicks, right? Imagine putting in your state or your zip code or your city, and you’re looking for whatever, pay vacant properties or preferred, whatever you want and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of leads come up. What do you do then? And boom, that’s when we had kind of a existential crisis. And we were like, all right, well, we’ve reached our goal, but in the process of reaching our goal, you know, how, how do we help them now reach out to the thousand people that we, that we have.

Speaker 2 (00:35:23):

And of course, in our partner program, Julie does an incredible job explaining the process of jumping in here to deal driven and doing the outbound marketing strategies that work. What does outbound mean? Outbound means that I got the information and I’m reaching out to them. Right? I have identified that there are likely going to be a great opportunity for me. So I want to reach out to them. And so we, we teach phone calling. We teach, uh, letter writing, you know, direct mail, as Peter mentioned, because all of these things still work, but they do take a lot of effort. Like guys, that’s the great equalizer in real estate. That’s why real estate is something that people like your, like you and me can jump into without having a lot of experience. Because at the end of the day, even the big guys, they have to break through the work barrier, the effort barrier, which means that it equalizes everything for all of us to come in is a competitive.

Speaker 2 (00:36:23):

Absolutely. Right. But it allows it, it creates an environment where even the little guy can come in work really hard and make a big guy results and make big guy money. Right. So we got deal driven, set up and we’re all we, we, we decided to take a corporate trip in November with, uh, Peter and Julie, and we ended up meeting together. So like, all right guys, 2021, the message. They like our company mission is how can we, how can we fall in, love more with our customers? How can we serve our customers more? What are we missing now? We, I mean, we invested several six figures worth in building deal driven. It did exactly what we wanted it to do. It’s doing even more than we ever dreamed of. Right. But we still, we, and so we saw the, the goal got closer, but there were still a gap.

Speaker 2 (00:37:17):

There were still a gap. And how do I get, so how do I get all this data that I just generated and put it in and put it in a way that our partners can just hit a button and start marketing to them and start having conversations? Well, guys, that’s how, uh, the deal engine, um, our deal engine experiment was born right for the last 20 years I’ve been working in, in marketing CRM systems, right. Marketing automation and CRM systems. And I love it. It’s incredible. Right. But Peter will be the first one to tell you if Julie would be the first one to tell you, oh my God. I mean like cross eye level, kind of, oh, technology, that’s a pain in the butt to use the work, to do anything with man Rafa, we’ve got to make this thing easier. And man, have we struggled with that?

Speaker 2 (00:38:07):

Haven’t repeated that, finding the right tool, the right way, the right process. Because we realized that at the end of the day, what we want it to do is simple. We want it to grab deal driven data, which we already knew is the best in the market. How do we know that? Because we have invested ourselves to make sure that it is right. So we want to grab this deal driven data, but then we want to put it into a, an all-in-one system for our partners. Right now, these all in one systems for you guys to have a little bit of a technical background, they’re called CRM systems. They’re called customer resource management. And guys they’re all not the same. They’re not all made equal for any of you guys that have probably had the painful experience of working on a CRM in the past.

Speaker 2 (00:38:54):

Uh, you know, they’re, they’re a little cumbersome, they’re all technology they’re not made and tailored for that. The process that, that, that agent or that sales person, that individual is running through, right? Because there’s a big break in the marketplace out there, guys, you have people like me building technology by ourselves in a hole, and then not under not having the benefit of a community, not having the benefit of partners that, that we can really dive in and fully understand the needs and then build the processes and systems. So because of that, most of the systems are crap. I apologize. I mean, actually they take it, you know, because not only are they substandard, excuse my language, substandard, right? But God bless. They take 12 other systems to be integrated into this one system to make it all work. Right. You have your CRM, you have your email marketing system, you have your texting system, you have your phone calling system, you have your scheduling system, guys.

Speaker 2 (00:39:53):

Any of this stuff sound familiar. I mean, we literally, we had, this is how partner-driven was born. We had a do all these things and set it, all of these separate systems and why people like me have jobs is because connecting the systems and integrating the systems. It’s kind of a big old pain in the butt, um, until today, because as technology has continued to develop, right, we’ve been able to make some strategic partnerships that have allowed us, allowed us to bridge and create an all in one platform that we can now bring in our awesome deal driven data into. Right? And that by itself is a huge fricking win, right? Uh, we had to figure out how we were going to do it for all of our partners also because as you know, everything we do in partner driven is to improve our partners levels of success.

Speaker 2 (00:40:42):

So we didn’t just want to create something that we’re going to sell to our partners. We wanted to create a platform that we could run for them. They’re already partners with us. We’re already benefiting, benefiting, doing deals together. Why not give them more power? Right. And that wasn’t easy either because these technologies are also ridiculously expensive, right? For you to try for someone to try to recreate it on their own, or even for us to try to recreate it over several hundred people, we are talking about six figures a month investment in the past and the way of all those things had to be done. And it really, I mean, it really made it really difficult to, to do, but, but guys, that’s just the second part because even if I could have that roll it out to all my partners, throwing on the deal, driven data into it, well, what the heck do we do next?

Speaker 2 (00:41:30):

Right? How do we set it up in such a way that our partners, they don’t have to have a Rafa or Kristin or on their team. They don’t have to go write all of the emails and texts and our strategy and how and how we’re going to do our pipeline management. Right? How about if we could set it up in such a way that was easily able for me to propagate it a basically turn it on, share it with the rest of my partners in a way that they got the absolute best from Peter and Julie, literally guys, we went to, we went on a vacation, we went on a partner vacation. And what we did was sit down at tables and work and writing scripts and emails and you, and please don’t feel bad for us because we had a blast doing it. It’s, it’s the most fun that we have.

Speaker 2 (00:42:20):

It’s how, how we can take things to the next level. And so we knew the concept was easy right now, how were we going to do it? So we were really fortunate in, as I mentioned, through different strategic partnerships that we’ve had to get clued in to a system that would allow us to, that would allow us to do everything that we wanted to do, but needed to be basically kind of baked in by us. We needed to come up with what the strategy was, what the plan was. Right? And so we launched our first version of deal engine HQ right after, um, right after that, that, uh, end of November, a partner vacation that we did together. And we began testing it as Peter mentioned with some of our top partners across the nation. Because if we were going to try and figure this out, I needed to have the best of the best working on it so that they could break it or they could find what was wrong with it.

Speaker 2 (00:43:17):

It’s really easy for me as a creator or for any technology person to sit in our little office in the dark with our little keyboard and go, oh my God, this is amazing. And like, leave it at that. No, I don’t want any feedback. I don’t want to hear from anyone using the system. It’s already good. I finished. I’m done. But as you guys know, that’s not who we are partner driven. We w we’re not afraid of the hard questions. We’re not afraid of failure. We were, we, we, we, we seek it out because we know that if, and when I can find that something is broken and address it, then I can move forward. Right. And so we brought some folks in, and today I’m going to give you a little tour of what that ended up looking like right. In the results that we generated, because really guys, you know, I know you guys get to see Peter smiling on the webinars here quite all the time. Right. But most of the time Peters is like, Hmm, how are we improving everything for everybody yesterday?

Speaker 2 (00:44:15):

And it wasn’t really launched this. And he saw the results that his smile went from here to here on his face saying, this is it. This is what we’ve been looking to to build and provide for our partners. Right? So the key to this, and I’m about to, eh, I want it to lay down the story because I wanted you guys to be really clear on the three major components of deal engine, right? Because we already know about deal driven and you guys have learned about it and how we can generate the data and stuff like that. We’ve talked about now, the platform, the all-in-one platform. And I’m about to jump in there. But even that wasn’t the key, the real key was how we automated our campaigns, right? How we grabbed what’s inside of Julie’s brain, because guys it’s truly an incredible honor to work side-by-side with a Julie, because, you know, sometimes I don’t even know if Julie really fully appreciates her incredible superpower. She is a master at sequencing conversations with potential sellers and to be able to sit side by side with her and, and, and do her strategy, it was incredible. And so what we did guys, and this is just a little screenshot. I know this is crazy. This was outside of the house that we were staying at.

Speaker 2 (00:45:32):

And we taped up all these boards on the pillars, around the house, around the pool that we were at, or I guys, all right. So we’re going to grab deal driven data. And I’m like, all right, Julie, what’s the best deal driven data. And she was like, well, the best one is she like laid out all of the different components. Right. And we say, all right, what’s the next best list that we can build? What, Hey, all right, now we’ve built all these lists. We know that we can generate hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of leads of opportunities like that. What happens next? Right. And that’s where this, this next picture. Let me see if I can zoom in a little bit here, because I know this looks really simple. Right. But I want it in Ashley. This is not the final draft of it, but this will give you a good sense of what we worked through.

Speaker 2 (00:46:16):

So like, all right, so now, okay, so we got the data in there. What are we going to do next? Well, how about if we then use automation, brotha, then automation that you’ve been able to create and we’re using now internally a partner-driven right. Could we use it for our partners to automate texts, going out, automate emails, going out, automate phone calls, automate voicemails, automate fricking almost whatever you want. Right. And create a sequence that, where we’re going to be reaching out to folks and start conversations. And so we call it ATC, and this is just an internal, our internal phrase for it. It means attempt to contact campaign, right. And we kind of charted out, okay, well, this is what would happen on day one. Right now we’re going to, we’re not going to spam people and hit them like a million times. This is what’s gonna happen on day three.

Speaker 2 (00:47:06):

This is what has happened on day six on day nine on day, 13 day, 19 guys, this will campaign that we build out. And I’m about to show it to you. It’s a 45 day campaign, right? Reaching out to folks that we haven’t identified via deal driven that are potential hot sellers. Now what’s beautiful about the system. Then this is something that Peter and I had not ever seen before. Right. Was the ease of turning on and turning off campaigns because nothing’s worse than starting a conversation with someone and they still get your stupid marketing text. Do you think you’re going to build a good relationship with someone that way? No. Do you think you might some people off? Absolutely. Ask me how I know. I have upset many people through my marketing over the years, and I knew that that was an incredible problem.

Speaker 2 (00:47:59):

How do we handle this? Right. So we baked into the technology, listen to this, that at the moment that that person responds either by phone or calls you back, right? The systems all tied together, listening to it, listen to what I’m saying, or text you back or emails you back. It’s all going to one place in identify that this person has reached the goal of attempt to contact, which is contact and the campaign ends. And at that point, the agent, the investor, or the individual has the opportunity to choose what they’re going to do with it next. Um, so Peter Juliana and Chelsea wrote this up on the walls and they’re like, Peter’s like, alright, it’s done. Go ahead, give it to the partners. And I’m like, whoa, it’s not done yet. Peter. This is just the board on a pillar that we did with pen and paper.

Speaker 2 (00:48:53):

We have to take this to the next level. That’s going to take up. There’s going to be a lot of, kind of a baking that we need to do to make this go. So what we did is that we ended up writing out all these campaigns, uploading the campaigns into the system. And then we got our two best callers in the whole network and our whole network. Right. And this is saying something guys, because you know, Peter and Julia been at this for the last 20 years, we know we have partners that are big hitters as well. We got the best two callers in the whole network. And I’m so grateful because when we asked them, Hey guys, we have some, we have some things that we want to do. We want to do them because we want to improve the experience of our partners.

Speaker 2 (00:49:36):

Uh, you guys are top of our partners obviously. And if we can make it work with you guys, uh, you know, we want you guys to have the first bite at the apple, of course. But our goal is to be able to share this with all of our partners, as soon as we can. And man, they did not. It’s incredible when you’re in a community of people that say yes, if people say, yeah, I am interested in helping the rest of my partners instead of the selfishness that you can find in a lot of different places where the false sense of, of competition, it’s like, oh no, I got to keep my secrets to myself. Your secrets, aren’t going to hurt you, bad, your secrets grow. If you share them, you’ve helped. And so they signed up, they said, yes. And we launched the complete new system, um, inside of the dashboard for our partners.

Speaker 2 (00:50:27):

So we’ve got some to tell you a little story here. Um, uh, I’m sharing with you, uh, the insight, uh, inside of one of our top partners. This is our partner, Seth, uh, out in California, you guys have probably heard some of his stories. Seth is amazing. He’s one of those guys that failure’s not an option. And when he jumped into real estate, that’s the kind of approach that he took and he’s taking that approach with everything he’s done. He has built an incredible team, uh, you know, in the, in the, in the tens of folks that he has working with him in both the investor side and the real estate side, he’s really squeezed, uh, squeezed the lemon per se, the F the juice out of this and every which way. And when I told him, I said, Hey, how about if I’m able to automate phone calls, texts, and emails all from one place.

Speaker 2 (00:51:18):

So you’re going to be able to monitor, that’s going to make your salespeople faster and do more deals. Would you like that? And of course, he’s, he’s like, yeah, yesterday, Robin. So we set it up and we started with our number one big task, right. Which was to set up the campaigns. Now, these campaigns are really quite complex. And, uh, and we’ve built out multiple different campaigns, but today I’m just, we’ll talk a little bit about our general campaign, because we D we, we, we realized that out of the top five super hot lists that we can generate out of, uh, out of deal driven, three of them, it’s kind of the same pitch, right? Uh, for them they’re not owner occupies the vacant properties. These are all people from out of state owners, right. It’s kind of the same message for them, right? So we built out the same idea that we showed you.

Speaker 2 (00:52:07):

We built down into these campaigns where we automated a phone call, and I know this that’s manual call here, but I’m gonna show you. It really means in the system. It means autodialer, I don’t know. I think it’s a misnomer, but how we drop the leads then from deal driven. Because again, for you guys to work with deal driven, you know, that sometimes you’re working with several hundred, uh, pieces of contact, information, properties, and data, right? How many of you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with several hundred opportunities that you’ve never talked to before? Right. Well, imagine we load them into the system and it puts them into an autodialer for you, right? So that it drips through while you’re able to just auto dial, click a button and it just moves through the system. If they don’t answer then a move, they move into the rest of the campaign.

Speaker 2 (00:52:54):

We send them an SMS message. We send them an email and everything is set up so that it automatically fills in all of the contact information. So you’ll notice here, it says contact first name, there’ll be the first name of the property owner. Right. I reached out a couple of days ago about your home at contact address. And I didn’t hear back from you. I’m a local home buyer in this town. Your home is exactly what I’m looking for. Right? All we’re doing, I love this because this was very different than what I’m used to doing, because I’m used to doing what we call, call to action, a call to action, to marketing. And that means that at the end of this message, it would say click here to fill out a form, right? And Julie’s like, no, refer. That’s not how we’re doing it.

Speaker 2 (00:53:39):

We’re in direct communication with these folks via SMS, email and stuff like that. I want them, I want the system be able to be smart enough that they don’t have to fill out a form. They can just reply in the system. We’ll know what to do next with it. And that’s exactly what we did. So Julia, we call these curiosity hooks. It’s just the ability they like, okay, they’re getting a message. All they need to do. If they reply to either the phone number, email, or email or text, right. It goes into one place one. And I’m going to show you in a second where all the conversations are for that one record. Right. So that you don’t have to worry and wonder. It’s like, oh my God, did I talked to John Smith? It’s like, oh, I think he emailed me. Or I think he filled out a form.

Speaker 2 (00:54:22):

I think we talked on a text. Oh my God, what a mess? How do you run a business like that? Right. It’s hard. Like some of us have figured it out because we’re just hardheaded and, or are willing to put the work in. Right. But what if it could be easier than that? So this thing then goes out into a 45 day attempt to contact campaign, trying to get these people to reach out, respond, guys, you can see some of these open rates, 38% open rate. Anyone that’s done any type of the marketing out there knows that you don’t get that kind of open rates on email ever. Right. And this is not just to tout the results of the system is also to tap the results of our data, which is the key, uh, have other people try to build marketing automation systems for real estate investors.

Speaker 2 (00:55:13):

Absolutely. Is it as good as this? No. And I’m going to show you why in a second, but even then they didn’t have what we have, which is the data, the deal driven and Ben Howard and the rest of the team over there have been able, able to build out for us. Right. So you can see it goes into a giant campaign and it’s not until at any time that they respond, then this campaign ends and the agent takes over, which makes it incredibly powerful. So I mentioned to you at one point that the system also incorporates phone calling. You know, I think one of the hardest parts about phone calling or cold calling is that, you know, you know, you have to make a lot of them and it’s kind of a pain in the butt just to go through and hit the number to dial again, to go to, you know, it’s going to be 80% chance that it’s going to be no one answers or you leave a voicemail, it’s just kind of disheartening.

Speaker 2 (00:56:09):

Um, and for anyone that’s been in sales and cold calling, you know, that feeling, it really, really sucks. Right? But imagine the system as smart system that knows where they are in the sequence and depending on where they are, where they are in the seat points, we’ll, we’ll put them in a seat. It will put them into a auto color for you, right. When it’s time to call them again, it’s like, all right, you, last time, three days ago, I am your call system again. So that you’re able to do this outreach and do this outreach automatically in what I mean to do it and to do it painlessly guys, painlessly. And that’s exactly what we’ve been able to do with this system. So here in, in, in the manual actions area, which is really the autodialer imagine sitting in, Hey guys, you only have one hour a day or you have three hours a day, whatever it is that you have available to you, right.

Speaker 2 (00:57:05):

It’d be able to sit here and then just sit, let’s start and click one button. And that’s it. And that system begins to dial for you from here in the, uh, on your computer, on your laptop. It pulls up all the information on that property. It did any additional notes if they had ever contacted you back or responded or whatever the heck is going on it all in one simple place, right? So that you can run through tens, if not hundreds of phone calls in a week time period, when in the past, you might’ve been able to only be able to do 50 and to do it in such a way where you don’t have to worry. Here’s the key guys. All right. So I didn’t reach someone. We know that’s going to be the conclusion for a lot of our phone calls. And I know that’s disheartening for you guys, but imagine if you knew that if they weren’t, if you didn’t reach them on the phone call, that they were automatically going to get a text, email and voicemail, would you feel better about making that phone call?

Speaker 2 (00:58:04):

You would, you know, your effort is not being lost, you know, your F uh, your, your efforts. Now, it’s not just being tracked as being supported, right. Because you know, a lot of people, aren’t going to answer the phone on the first call, but if they get a phone call and then five minutes later, they get a text and an email, and then three days later, later, they get another phone call from you. Right. Do you think that they’re going to be more likely to answer? Well, if you are a doubter, I want to show you guys some of the results that are taking place, because, um, it really is neither Peter, nor Julia, nor myself have ever seen anything like this in the industry. And it truly is a combination of the data and the process, right? So one of the great things about using a system of this nature, so it helps you organize your, organize your efforts and be able to quantify and qualify what the heck is happening.

Speaker 2 (00:58:59):

What are you putting your efforts on? I know this morning, someone asked in our, in our, in our private partners group, someone says like, man, sometimes I feel like I’m just repeating actions. And I just don’t know. I just don’t know what’s happening. I feel like, am I crazy to think that, you know, maybe I’m just doing it wrong or, or, or what it’s in. And I understand that feeling, especially if you’re out flying blind, it’s really hard, but what if you weren’t flying blind? What if you knew exactly what you’ve done exactly what has worked or even better, and for you guys, for, for the smart people. Well, and I know everyone’s smart on this, on this phone call, but for you guys advanced people, right? What your, what your team is doing, right? Imagine being able to have this kind of data and be able to actually grow a team under you and be able to manage it right. And be able to say, Hey, I know exactly how many phone calls have been made. How many have been missed? I know exactly that I have a 47% answer call rate. Now, Peter, I want you to chime in here a little bit on this. Have you ever seen anything like that? Like this in your whole life?

Speaker 1 (01:00:12):

So let me talk to you Rafa from an investor’s perspective, this is the shortcut I was talking about. This is really how to scale your business. Um, you know, in the end you hear me talk and teach literally on a daily basis. That’s the one thing I have in common is you have to, you got to scale and I always teach people to scale through other people, right? Because that’s ultimately how you really, really scale. But this allows you to scale through technology. And when you scale through technology, you can scale quicker. You could scale cheaper. And in the end, because technology does not have to be trained Roth and the team already trained the technology you could scale and get to the end, result a lot faster guys from somebody who’s been doing this for 22 years. Now, I can tell you, I wish I could tell you that I was part of the effort of putting this together, but let me just tell you, let me just tell you the part of the effort I was part of as Rafa started slowly, rolling this out.

Speaker 1 (01:01:17):

Remember Rafa is a super geek genius. Like, you know, to him, you know, do marketing CRM. You know, the one, this is the truth. This is exactly how we started rolling this out internally in our team, Rafa put this thing together. And we all got on that initial call. And I, although I knew the end result was critical. I also understood how important the process to the end result was. And I remember we got in that first meeting, it was Rafa and Kristen, and I think a couple of our super genius callers they referred to and I told Ralph, I said, our office is too complicated. You got to dumb it down. You got to dumb this. You got to dumb this down to my level. You got to make it easier. And guys, one of the things we, we, we, we, we pride ourselves on here is being very transparent.

Speaker 1 (01:02:04):

And so what we decided to do is we started rolling this salad. We decided to meet once a day. We decided to meet once a day with the marketing team and the callers and myself. And after that initial meeting, because I knew the end result was grand slam. I knew the process was not easy. Wasn’t dumbed down yet. I called Kristin that day and I said, Kristen, I don’t want Rafa to be the Roth is Miami part of these anymore because Roth was just too smart, too geeky, too high level. I gotta be, we gotta be at my level, like just raw investor level. And I remember I shot texts to Rafa. And I said, Rafa, we got these calls. We got this. We’ll, we’ll just, we’ll just meet with the team ourselves. And I could tell you, there were two purposes of meeting beyond that initial meeting when they presented this to me, one, I wanted to hear from the people using it, like every day, the callers that the Patty, the Delaney, they got on the phone.

Speaker 1 (01:03:00):

And I just said, listen, are you liking it? What’s the hole. And what’s working. And those were the two questions I asked them. And the thing I tasked Kristin, with the marketing side, we got to dumb it down. Let’s keep on dumbing it down. Let’s make it so simple. So easy to use because someone like me, who’s not a tech guy. Sometimes I won’t use something that’s helpful just because of the complexity of using it. And the goal is to have everyday member what’s, what’s our mission to help everyday people do real estate deals not to help guys like Rafa do real estate deals to whom this is easy. So as we started kind of fine tuning it, I just wanted to know from the users, the initial callers. Okay. Is it making it easier for you? What’s the hole we still got to plug in.

Speaker 1 (01:03:53):

What’s really working so we could do better. And from Kristen and the marketing side, how do we dumb it down a little bit more? Just let’s dumb it down a little bit more. Let’s make it so easy, so easy. And I could tell you now, this is how it works. Now, we, by the way, stop those calls. We stopped those calls because I finally went to every day we met and I said to the callers, I said, forget who I am. If I’m a brand new partner, let’s say, and I have one of two ways of contacting sellers. One the way we’ve been doing up to this point, and you go to deal driven, like Ralph has said, you pull a list, you contact the list to you, use the system. What would you recommend that brand new person do? When they finally resoundingly said, Pete, are you stupid for even asking us that question?

Speaker 1 (01:04:44):

It’s a no brainer. I was comfortable with it. And when I finally got to the point where I would say to Kristen, can we dumb it down anymore? I said, no, Pete, this is easy. Now this is a no-brainer. It’s just like one or two clicks, one or two screens. And so when the user said, by the way, these, these call, like Delaney has been with me for years, like I think five years, a day or two ago, she’s been with me calling every day. That’s all she does for me is make calls to sellers. When Delaney finally came to me and said, Pete, it’s a, no, I’ve been doing this. I’ve negotiated tons and tons of deals. I’ve made you guys seven figure profits in the back end. I’m all in on this side, lots of them. And when I went to them and said, is this easy to use? And they said, yeah, I got it. I said, we don’t need to meet every day. So yeah, we’re alpha. We are exactly where we need.

Speaker 2 (01:05:40):

Absolutely. And so there’s a little bit of a learning curve for certain, as Peter has pointed out and we’ve been working on dumbing, this down, you guys are seeing my panel, which is a little bit more, uh, complex as an admin. We’ve dumbed this down to three little places that you have to jump in. Uh, right now I’m inside of conversations. I wanted to share with you and just to share with you how all, everything is easy to find in one place here, Kenneth Grogen. We know that there was an outbound phone call, made a text was sent out and he responded saying, no, we don’t own that house. Okay, great. That’s good to know. Right? I mean like, it’s absolutely incredible to be able to have it all in one place. Not only that from a management perspective, if you are managing a team, you can actually listen to the phone calls, read the text, read the emails, right.

Speaker 2 (01:06:26):

And be able to support your team. Because one of the things that we hope that we are passing on to you guys is that it’s the same spirit that we have. How do we help our team succeed, possess the secret to success. That’s how a Peter becomes a Peter. He doesn’t do it all on his own. He does it at one moment. Peter realized, Hey, I’m really good at doing these certain things. But if I had helped doing these other stuff, I could do more. And then he got that and he grew, and then he’s like, well, shoot, if I could help those people that are helping me be the most successful, they can be, I can grow infinitely indefinitely. And that’s exactly what’s taken place. So I want to be really respectful of y’all’s time and share with you guys what’s happening. Right. We kind of talked through a little bit, this is kind of a very high level, uh, go through of the system, what we’ve put together and that’s it.

Speaker 2 (01:07:20):

And to announce that we are launching this beta, right. And I went to, and want to talk just a little bit about how this beta is going to work, right? Because, um, we, well, number one, we really appreciate your patience. As we’ve been rolling this out in the last couple of months, I promise you, man. I, it, there’s no faster way to do stuff like this in a couple of months. I mean, we are screaming on speed because we want this to impact 20, 21. We don’t want this at the end of 21, 21. We want this in the beginning of 2021. Right? So we have now tested, we’ve shown you a little bit. It kind of a bigger picture of what the results are. Um, I didn’t mention that. Remember how Peter said two a day, right. I think that in just a few, just a couple of weeks, uh, Delaney has turned over, over 70 deals, right back over to, to Seth, uh, going through the system, right?

Speaker 2 (01:08:14):

This is triple the amount that she would be able to do before you using other technology for you guys are out there using mojo dialer. She was, I mean, we’re not technology dumb. We were using other things. It’s just that when you combine the sequence together, right, the results are drastically different. So how does the beta work, who wants to hear how the beta works? If you guys are still with me typing, yes. I want to see this beta what’s going on. Okay guys. So this alpha beta works and the first thing is first, right? This is not available to the public, sorry, public. I mean, there’s a lot of stuff we share with the public. We love doing all this stuff on Tuesday nights and Monday nights for motivation and sharing. Um, we see a lot of value in giving back, but of course there’s a lot, there’s stuff that we hold back just for our partners.

Speaker 2 (01:09:07):

And this is one of them, right? This tool is only for partner driven partners. Right. And it’s going to be rolled out such right. Um, in this initial onboarding, as I mentioned before, we have to kind of go progressively through, uh, through this and get some of the, the, get more of, of, of the right volunteers to help us continue to test the system. That’s why it’s called a beta test. Now, do we feel comfortable enough to be rolling it out to partners? Heck yes, we are there. Uh, but as a good little technology nerd that I am, I know that there’s going to be challenges and problems that I’m going to find along the way, um, that my partners, my awesome partners are going to help me figure this out. Right. And so not only is how to use the system, but how we’re going to onboard people into the system, right?

Speaker 2 (01:09:53):

How we’re going to train people in the system, because there is a training process. We just went through our first learning curves with that, with our callers, right? And then even more importantly, how to build a five-star support system, to be able to support people on technology that they may have never used before. And for anyone that’s done anything like that, you know, this is quite a goal that we’re working through. We feel incredibly confident and excited that we, uh, we have built the right process and the right team. We’ve been hiring more people here at my, uh, in my department to help us support this and guys we’re ready. Right. So there are a few things that I need you to know to know before I give you the link to where you can sign up for the, uh, to be, uh, to apply for the beta.

Speaker 2 (01:10:41):

Okay. It potentially be in our next round, but don’t worry if you’re not in the immediate next round, because this is going to be released to all of our partners. This is our promise to you. We need your help helping us get through this and be able to onboard it. Right? So before you even sign up for this thing, number one, you need to make sure that you are our current partner or if, by any chance you’re on here tonight. And you’re not a partner yet. Uh, but, but you want to be right. I hope that I hope that you do. I mean, this kind of brings in the final piece of the puzzle. We provide the funding, we provide the coaching, we provide the leads, and now we’re going to provide the backend technology 100% for you to not be able to use that only to be able to use it yourself, but to even be able to scale a team guys, this is fricking ridiculous, right?

Speaker 2 (01:11:30):

So at first you must be a partner, a current partner, right. Or be in the process of becoming a partner, right. Number two. And this is the most important part. And I know that you might be excited and just know it might not be the right time for you yet, if you can’t answer, if you can’t say yes to this next point. And then I say, this is it, this, the people that sign up for this, we want them to be committed to putting in at least four hours a week into the system. Okay. Because we know that it takes, this is an outbound marketing system. It takes an agent, it takes an investor running it. Now you’re going to find that this is so much easier and funner to do than anything else than you’ve done in the past, right? That you will find that putting in four weeks into this until the week is super easy and that you’ll be able to actually scale more, or maybe there’s a team member that can even scale more.

Speaker 2 (01:12:21):

Right. But for this first round, as we’re fine tuning all of these processes, please be someone that’s willing to be coached. That’s willing to put the effort in. That’s willing to deal with a little bit of an, a work in progress. Right? Okay. The third one, now this is a big one right now, for those of you guys to sign up for this and for the beta, we want you to know that we’re providing this to our partners at no additional cost. All of the technology, all of the campaigns, all of the support and effort that we’re doing it, we’re rolling it into our partner program. We’ve already said, why, why? Because we love our partners. We want to see them succeed. We want to triple the results of every partner on this call, right? And for that reason, we are providing it and no additional cost with that said there is a cost associated to running the system and all, and that is your phone calls and SMS costs.

Speaker 2 (01:13:22):

And all we’re asking is for you to be responsible for that piece, right? Depending now of course is a per use kind of situation. But let’s say you are someone like one of our top phone callers, killing it through the system. Right. You know, you might be spending a hundred bucks a month extra, right. Uh, and, and for people that understand what this technology costs and stuff like that understand that that’s even less than what the actual technology costs. We’re just letting you guys be responsible for your calls and SMS. And that will allow us to be able to be able to roll this out for all of our partners. Right. So that’s an important thing to be to, to, to remember. And then the next one is that this is an advanced CRM system, even though I have put it through the Peter dummy test.

Speaker 2 (01:14:09):

And not that Peter is a BW, but he definitely pushed me on it. Like, no, prove-up not good enough. Nope. Easier. Nope. And so we’ve definitely put it through our litmus test of how we can make it as simplified as possible. It’s still a CRM system. Right? So for those of you guys to sign up for this beta, we need you guys to be people that are comfortable with technology, right. Um, maybe you have CRM experience in the past. That would be awesome. You don’t have to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination through this onboarding process, we are going to be, or through this beta process, we are going to be training you guys, supporting you guys and building out that the training system for the rest of our partners. Right. So we, we really do ask that you are, you know, someone that can, that that says, yeah, I have a laptop.

Speaker 2 (01:14:55):

Yeah. I can work on my work with technology. I’m okay with that. And by the way, I didn’t mention this at all in this whole call, this thing has an app and runs everything that I just showed you tonight runs right off of your phone too. So you don’t even have to do it on your laptop. I just like the freedom of a laptop. A lot of our colors do it right off the phone. Right. So, and then the last thing is that you’re absolutely committed to become a deal engine. Right. And not just it deal engine, but man, something that our industry hasn’t seen ever before, because that’s what we’re creating. We are creating the next generation of real estate investors. Right. And arming you with, with the, with the weapons that it’s taken us years to develop. And I’m telling you, this does not exist anywhere else in the world.

Speaker 2 (01:15:44):

Right. And the ability to, I mean, frankly, I think we got lucky, Peter. I mean, it’s just that it’s just our continual drive to improve processes for our partners that led us down this path. If it wasn’t because of that, we wouldn’t have created this. Someone did someone can’t create something like this and says, oh, I want to go create the best system in the world. You don’t know. Right. But when you say, oh, I want to go do the best thing I can for my partners. That’s the path that has led us to this. I’m really proud of that. Okay. With that said, guys, there’s only three more things, right. As well. And we’re going to drop the link for you now into this here in one second. Right. But as you sign up, we’re going to get back to you, but please be patient.

Speaker 2 (01:16:25):

Okay. You might not get into the first round of, of the beta. Right. We’re going to be moving this in rounds and don’t worry, we’re going to roll it out to all of you. Right. Um, all of our partners that sign up today, we’ll be at the top of our waiting list because we know that you guys are committed, motivated, saw the presentation and said, heck yeah, I want to be part of that. So there’s a value to it. There’s a little value to patients in this value of taking action tonight. Right. Number two please. And I know this is going to be hard. You ready? Please? Don’t bombard support with emails about this, um, eh, or set up coaching calls with our, with our internal coaches about this. This is a beta experiment. That’s really living on the marketing technology side and today we own it, right?

Speaker 2 (01:17:14):

So they’re not going to be able to provide you any more information than, than, than that I’m giving you right now. And by the way, getting on this waiting list or the beta list is how you’re going to find out all of the latest of what’s going on, including the successes that we’re having in everything else. I mean, it’s going to be absolutely incredible. Right. Um, and guys, that’s it that really covers the things that I need you to be aware of what we’re expecting of you. If you sign up for this, this process, now I did a little video. You can’t see it here. When you come back to the patient, I invite you to go through the video. One more time. It’s a six minute video that kind of goes over in a much more simplified version. A lot of the stuff that we copied, we went over today.

Speaker 2 (01:18:00):

But just so we make sure that you understand it, there isn’t a rush to get into this beta. Like I promise you, we’re going to let it, we’re going to get everyone in here. It’s just for the, for the ones of you that are on this call that know you could help us. We want to hear from you, right? So Kristen, if you can go ahead and put that link in there for me, right. Uh, into the chat, it there’ll be able to, to, to send it out there. It is, uh, applied dot partner-driven dot com for slash beta. And you’ll be able to come in. Uh, I mean the guys, you know, will be able to fill out the form. We even asked you to make sure that you understand what it is that we’re expecting of you, because this is, I mean, this is next level stuff, guys.

Speaker 2 (01:18:41):

And, um, we couldn’t have done it without you. We couldn’t have done it without the motivation to serve and support you. And we’re not going to be able to do it, take it to the next level, without your support in helping us make the system the best it can be. Uh, and with that said, Peter, that kind of covers everything I have tonight for the deal engine excu. I hope to see lots of people filling out this form, even if you’re not a partner yet, but you know, you’re going to become a partner, make sure to call Kristen, if you can put the call that number in there now and call our people. We have people on the line right now, so that we can make sure to take you into consideration and include, and potentially include you in this initial beta. But with that said, everyone’s going to get it.

Speaker 1 (01:19:29):

Yeah. Big stuff, guys, big stuff. So by the way, how quickly you fill out the swarm will not determine, um, who gets in on the beta side. So if you can, if you don’t mind, just give me a couple more minutes here because I want to round this whole thing off. Uh, and I’m going to put kind of the bow on top of this whole thing. This is big guys. This, this is like, you know, marketing gets excited over marketing things. Uh, I, as an investor, get excited over results. And I can tell you, this is a result driven tool. There’s another way to look at it. This is the real deal. This is a result driven tool. Remember if you’re a part

Speaker 2 (01:20:04):

And Peter, I’m getting a text from Kristen of something that wanted to make sure that, that we said mono, I want, if this is for everybody right within the system in the first beta test for Delania working with Seth, our top partner, right? 20% of her phone calls turned into leads.

Speaker 1 (01:20:24):

Let’s hang up. That’s kind of dropped the mic and walk up guys. This works. This is a game changer. Uh, remember if you are a partner, you are going to get this in the grand scheme of things, whether you’re at a first beta launcher or you’re launched 30 days or 35 days from now, irrelevant, not in the big picture, the big picture is your partner. Keep going, keep on doing what you’re doing. Now. I’m going to do some fun. Cause I always do some fun. Number one, I want you to partner. And if you’re ready to get going, I want you to do that. But number two, because technology’s involved, we have to be smart in how we roll this thing out. Right? We have to, we just, I want to roll it out tonight. Like if I was me, I would just say, Rob, can we just click a button and have all our partners do it? And when he tells me no, to me, it doesn’t like, I don’t connect. Like why can’t we lost all my hair, Peter,

Speaker 2 (01:21:14):

I’ve already lost all my hair, buddy. I can’t lose

Speaker 1 (01:21:17):

Anymore for me. I’m like, why wait a second. Why couldn’t that clinical button? And why cannot we get, you know, hundreds of partners started tomorrow. We can, it’s a technology thing. And it’s, it’s an, it’s a capacity thing and all that. So we’re going to roll it out. You guys are all going to get it, but I want to kind of game-ify this a little bit. I want this. I want, you know what, one of the things that I’ve always prided myself on is I always said, I always wanted batter than anyone else, whatever it was, I wanted bad. And I’m really, so once you’re done filling it out, when we sign off here in a couple of minutes, I’m going to go back to our private Facebook community. And I’m going to just do a quick post. I’m going to call it deal engine at the top.

Speaker 1 (01:21:55):

And why do you want to be one of the first beta testers? And I want to hear your story. I want to hear how you’re committed, how you’re willing to do whatever the heck it takes. And, and, and, and, and we, as we start rolling this out, I’m going to go back to these stories because in the end, the story tells a lot, but I also am going to follow you through on how you’re actually performing and what you’re doing in which you’re committing to. So I’m going to do a quick post. When we sign off here at my end, then I want to hear your story. And I want to hear your story of why it’s important to you to get to success quicker, because that’s what this tool is. Now. Some of you guys are listening here tonight and you’re like, yes, I want to be part of it.

Speaker 1 (01:22:34):

I’m not yet part of the partnership and family I’m ready to get started. I heard of all of other benefits involved, and this is a game changer. And by the way, for those of you that, like here it is and get started with this. You will be part of the rollout. And we have a number of team members on standby tonight and noise to do. What’s called 7 7 0 7 4 6 8 5 8 5. And if you ready to rock and roll tonight, call them, they’re ready to get your starter guys. This is what we do here apart. We’re driven for us. It’s all about the end success for our partners. Simple as that, the more partners we get to cross the finish line of closing deals, the more successful we feel like we are. That’s our goal. That’s our mission. That is how we that’s. That’s our mile marker. How many people can we get into the family?

Speaker 1 (01:23:17):

And how many of them can we help cross the line of completing deals? Because when I started this an hour ago, I said, I’m a real estate investor, but I can tell you now I’m a real estate investor because I do deals with people across the United States. And I, along with the team behind me provide what we consider and what truly are the ultimate pillars of success. When it comes to being an investor, we coach we manner. We provide back office support. We provide technology. We provide lead gen today. We showed you, we provide seller motivated like motivated Legion. Cause anytime somebody raises a hand that says, I want to sell, that’s called a motivated seller. We provide that. We provide funding on your deals. We help with construction. We sell them, split the profits. And that is what the partner driven model is all about.

Speaker 1 (01:24:05):

So I think we’ve said everything we could possibly say guys, on behalf of myself, Rafa and the whole team behind us that makes all this possible. We love this. We enjoyed this tonight. Tonight is a game changer. Act on something you saw tonight, do it. This is a game changer. And if you’re a partner I’m bouncing to our private Facebook community, I’m doing a post after you fill out the link that that Kristen has showed you. Go there. I want to hear your story or why you be wanting me to be one of the first beta testers. Thanks guys. We’ll see you soon. Thank you everyone.

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