is one of the leading real estate investment groups in America. Now you can learn from Peter Vekselman how he’s done more than 3000 deals…

00:33 Doing the right thing
01:02 When deals fall apart
01:44 Real estate investment groups should follow this advice
02:29 All the way through the process
03:53 So many investors often leave a trail of bad relationships
04:37 Always update your sellers about all facets of a pending deal
05:19 Doing so will keep you very profitable
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It was way back in 1999 when I was researching successful real estate investment groups. I had zero experience and had lost more than a half million dollars in bad deals in my first year. You could say I was desperate to find a mentor who could help me get good at how to wholesale houses.

I was lucky. I latched on to a few proven real estate investment groups. They guided me through the BS mistakes I kept making.

I suspect you’re desperate to learn this business without losing your shirt. Or maybe you want to grow your existing business. I work one-on-one with my coaching students to help them get better at investing. Plus they learn how to replicate my real estate referrals business plan.

Too many “gurus” who own real estate investment groups don’t have real-world deal experience. They usually teach outdated real estate referrals techniques that no longer work.

Or worse, they teach out of a book. That’s not where you want to invest your time.

I’m often asked what it really takes becoming a pro. Honestly, the skills you need are determination, a tenacious passion to learn and be able to duplicate my techniques.

You need to pinpoint the best high-end model and then apply it in your market. That’s how I built my own model to generate 8-10 deals a week. Very few real estate investment groups use my techniques.

If you’re ready to learn what I’m doing with my elite national coaching students, here’s what you need to do next.

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