teaches his students how to find houses to flip. My one-on-one coaching is an elite service and you will profit following my techniques…

00:37 What is virtual investing?
01:11 Do you actually visit your target markets
01:37 I teach these techniques in my how to find houses to flip training
02:24 Our new market – Jacksonville, FL
03:15 Building relationships is vital to your success
04:00 Getting good at building your team
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My name is Peter Vekselman. If you’re serious about how to find houses to flip please call me at 404-990-4395. I would enjoy speaking with you about your situation and share details about my approach to closing nearly a deal per day.

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Years ago I was approached by a real estate agent who wanted to know why I was doing so many deals every week here in the Atlanta market.

He asked me if I offered training how to start real estate investing. After we spoke for a few hours, he actually visited me here in my Cumming, GA offices to see my operation and learn about my coaching.

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Remember, if you’re serious about how to find houses to flip training, you need to get access to someone who has a process you can replicate.

One of my recent students went from doing one or two deals per month to more than ten.


By working with me one-on-one in how to start real estate investing training to learn exactly how I find, negotiate and close nearly 35 deals per month.

When you discover how to find houses to flip my way, you will be highly profitable. How to get into real estate investing requires following a systematic real estate investment training formula which I’ve developed over the years.

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Too many people waste time using the wrong how to find houses to flip training techniques. What usually happens is your numbers are wrong and you end up suffering massive losses.

Get in touch with me by calling 404-990-4395. This is my cell phone number and I answer it consistently. If you get my voicemail, please leave a detailed message about my personalized training on how to find houses to flip.

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It’s never been a better time to learn how to find houses to flip if you’re ready to tap into a huge wealth-generating industry. I promise you my program is customized for your situation.

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