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Peter (00:00:01):

Okay. Hey, Hey everybody Peter Vekselman here. And Julie Muse, how are you Julie?

Julie (00:00:08):

Oh, I’m doing awesome. And I’m even doing more awesome to be able to spend Tuesday night with all these wonderful people like Brad and Brenda, Chris, Donald George, Gordon, Michael, Ralph, Shea, Stanley. I mean the names go on and on, but I am totally excited to talk about what we’re going to be talking about tonight. One of my absolute favorite subjects, which is finding motivated sellers.

Peter (00:00:36):

Yes ma’am. Yes. Ma’am. As you can see, I’m a little bit rushing around here, cause I am not where I usually am. I’m actually here at the lake house, very close to Julie. Usually I do this, uh, from, in town, but today I’m really close at the lake house. And uh, so if you see the kitchen behind me, it’s not because I’m trying to be unprofessional its the best lighting here, actually. So that’s the way it’s a

Julie (00:01:00):

Cooking show. Peter.

Peter (00:01:04):

Uh, I don’t know about that. My, my cooking, especially when I will tell you, show you guys something cool that I don’t know if he could see it or not. Julie’s been here a bunch, but those right there, that’s the lake. That’s about 250 miles or shoreline of lake linear. And it’s an amazing, amazing place. Um, so I can do a cook show, but maybe one day I could do this on our boat. And that would be really, really, really cool. Oh yeah. So we’ll going to get started here guys. And just a minute or two, we appreciate you guys being here. Peter and Julie, we’ve been doing this forever and ever really, since we started partnering with people across the United States, putting real estate deals. Tuesday nights have become something really special for both Julie and I. So tonight tonight’s going to be really cool because tonight we’re going to get into the nitty gritty of real estate.

Like, you know, it’s all exciting when we talk about stories, when we share successes, sometimes we talk about some of the things that didn’t work out perfectly, but ultimately you got to get down to business, right? Ultimately you got to do something in there’s business to make money. And that’s what tonight’s all about. We’re going to share with you guys about working with motivated sellers. And I could tell you like, if Julie and I could pick out 40 minutes and talk about anything, like we could talk about construction, we could talk about maybe raising capital, the art of closing a deal, coordinating buyers, sellers inspections. I mean, you know, really there is no shortage of things for Julie and I talk about there’s none more relevant topic than Julian I can be talking about in terms of making money, then what we’re going to talk to you guys about today. So for those of you that are like in the point where like, okay, I’m ready, I’m ready to make money. I need some action steps. I need to know what to do. Like what is the one thing I need to do? Well today, we’re going to be talking to about that one thing that, that you need to do in order to start making money. So get ready. We’re going begin. Starting here. Julie. I’m surprised you haven’t said it yet, but Julie was wants to know where everybody’s dialing in or zooming in from.

Julie (00:03:05):

Yeah. Yeah. I was about to get to that. So as you guys are dialing in or people that are already here in the chat, if you would put the location that you’re from. And also obviously Brad Woods is from Marietta, Georgia. He is on top of every Tuesday night Alton, Illinois. We actually did a deal in Alton, Illinois before Jermaine, um, Pennsylvania. Shay’s in Los Angeles, California, John Walker from Rochester, New York Gordon from Delaware day from St. Augustine, Florida. Um, love St. Augustine. I believe that’s the oldest city in America.

Peter (00:03:51):

And it’s also the number one place in America for people to get married. Literally not more people get married in St. Augustine than anywhere in the United States. That is like, I don’t know how useful fact that is for tonight, but, um, reason I know that there was a time that Julia and I ventured into Jacksonville, that was like our first market that we physically went into, set up an office, set up a physical location, just did really, really well, probably did, definitely did hundreds and hundreds of deals there. And, uh, and, uh, we used to stay in St. Augustine a lot of times when we go to Jacksonville. So, um, yup. So all good stuff. Where else are people from Julie?

Julie (00:04:34):

Well, George from north little rock, Arkansas earnest from San Francisco, California, Melissa, from South Carolina, David from Washington, DC, Kevin Kevin from Louisville. I’m imagining that’s Kentucky. Cause he said Derby city, um, Mr. Samuel from Austin, Texas, Ohio, New York, Paris, Texas, Sacramento, and Nevara Kent Washington, we’re literally all over the United States did not. And I can’t think of a better way to spend my Tuesday night than to spend it with you guys, especially talking to you about the thing that makes you the most money. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about because a lot of people spend their time and energy on things that really don’t make them any money. And if you don’t understand what a motivated seller is and how to find them, then you’re really going to have a tough time in this business. I know a lot of you out there like, well, you could buy things off of the MLS and you could buy things from other wholesalers. Yeah, you can, but your deals and your business is never going to build to the levels. It needs to be without understanding what a motivated seller is and how to work with them. Wouldn’t you agree, Peter?

Peter (00:05:57):

Yeah. Yeah. As we roll into the topic of tonight, guys, I could tell you that, um, there’s things in this business that you need to do. There’s some things you kind of, sort of have to do. And there’s some things that, to this day, decades into this business, I’ll be honest with you. I mean, I don’t know if I’m proud of it, but I still don’t know what to do. Like I couldn’t really walk into a house and bid it out. You know, I couldn’t supervise the general contractor. Um, you know, if it came to like, okay, here’s 20 files close, all these deals. I’d probably stumbled through it. Coordinating buyers, sellers, closing attorneys, title issues, and all that. But the one topic, the one thing that we’re going to talk to you guys about today is an absolute must have, especially, especially if your number one goal is to make money as quickly as possible. Okay. And so obviously we’re going to be talking to you guys about motivated sellers.

But before we get rolling, there’s some of you guys, um, some of you may be new to Julie myself. Um, and uh, so what I want to do is I want to take just a minute or so until you who Julie and I are, what we do and how we got by the way for some of you guys are probably like, this looks like he’s doing it. I was kitchen. I am I’m at the lake house and it just happens to have the best lighting here. So excuse the background. Um, I guess on zoom, you could change your background, but I don’t know how to do that. So, um, but anyway, so Julie and I are real estate investors, you know, I’ve, uh, uh, I’ve been at it for, well over two decades now.

I met Julie over a decade and, and together she and I had an incredible and still do have an incredible run in this business. We, you know, when I met Julie, I was, it was just about, I guess, a year or two out of the crash, the oh eight or so. Oh nine crash. Uh, you know, I took a little time off just cause I, you know, realities, I got whopped when that crash happened. So I had to back away from the business for a minute just to regroup. Then I entered back in a business and Jay and Julie came, um, as really just, she wanted, she needed a job and I needed somebody to do some work. And that was how Julie and I met. And very quickly I realized that Julie was more than just somebody to do some work. And so she grew, grew, grew, grew group, ultimately the point where she did everything, she pretty much ran the whole investment company.

And um, you know, I’m not shy to say that we did a very, very good job in terms of running our real estate investment company. Um, we did tons and tons and tons of real estate deals. We understood the concept of leveraging through people, meaning we brought on other people to really scale. If you want to learn how to really grow a big business, you have to know how to scale. We brought in employees on, uh, we brought on negotiators. I mean, we literally have full-time negotiators, I guess you could say we had a mini call center of taking inbound calls. There were days checked us out. There were days that we, we had upwards of a thousand think about a thousand potential sellers calling her office, looking to potentially sell their properties to us. So when it comes to just like, when you look at an evaluated real estate investment company, you could say we were successful.

You know, when you measure, uh, real estate investors in who they are and what they do, we had a very, very successful real estate investment business, but like anyone else who gets to a certain level of success, the goal was not to slop a stop or slow down the goal is to expand. So our first expansion was exactly what Julie was just talking about IEM to the Florida market. We physically set up an office in Jacksonville, Florida, and that was our first time we realized that we can successfully do things outside our own boundaries, which happened to be Atlanta, Georgia. We rock it out in Jacksonville to a tune of hundreds and hundreds of real estate deals. We had literally local presence there. We were just absolutely killing it. And we said, okay, well, how do we get even bigger? Right? Because again, when you’re successful, the goal was not to get smaller.

When you start achieving success in life, the goal is to get bigger. And so we then started basically expanding through, uh, a model that we had put together. And, uh, we had to set up presence, locations all over the United States, all the way to the west coast, all the way to like literally in California. And we were like, wow, this stuff’s working. We’re really getting a handle on how to do things outside of our boundaries. And let me tell you something, there is a reason I tell you the story for those of you that don’t know who Julie and I are. I tell you the story because to do things outside of your boundaries and real estate is very difficult. Okay. You know, you hear people say, you know, we would do virtual investing when most people that do that, there are one-offs. They happen by chance. They don’t tend to repeat themselves on all this, but we had developed this talent as gift as we spread across the United States that, you know what, we really can do things outside of our own boundaries and outside of where we live.

And so then we thought the next level, right, and the next level was, how do we even get beyond those 17 locations? And we came up with this idea of why don’t we start partnering with people literally across the United States. You know, we would support them in terms of doing their deals, uh, to the best of our ability, right? Because we, you know, we had traction back then, we felt like when you will, we’re doing, we would support them. We would help them execute deals that they would identify, we’d even provide them money to do it. And, um, we’d sell the property, split the profits down the middle.

And that was years ago where the partner driven model was born. And here we are years down the road where we would, I could say, you know, I guess you can’t really say you’re totally perfected something, but I could tell you, we are extremely good at our partner driven model right now. And now we literally take our partner driven model all over the United States. I think we do have presence at this point have had, as we’ve done this model presence in pretty much all the states, and we literally look for local partners to partner with. And what we do is we provide what are known as pillars of success to people across the United States, in terms of helping them find, identify secure clothes, and then actually profit from real estate deals right in their locations.

And we do that by number one, coaching and mentoring, every single one of our partners, Julie and I are huge, huge believers that this is not a business that you do and use figured out as you do it and how we know it from personal experience, cause there some things we try to do on a fly, and I could tell you from two decades in a business, it does not work. Try to figure this business out on the fly and really what it costs. It costs a lot of money and that’s really what puts most people out. So we, we, we Julie and I, and the team here believe fully that you have to know what you’re doing. And so we are a huge, huge into coaching and mentoring each and every single one of our partners.

Number two, it’s about lead gen, right? So a little bit what we’re going to talk to you guys about here tonight, you gotta be able to find people and identify people that are motivated right. The days of, and we’ll hit on in a minute that these are realtors that days the wholesalers are long gone.You now have to know how to find properties and deals directly from owners. So for our partners, we literally provide a proprietary CRM system called deal engine HQ. And that system that CRM literally literally on our part and local partners behalf begins to market, to local owners of real estate, identifying those that are interested in selling. And then once that happens, those leads get flipped over to our partners. So we get involved at a very high level, identifying good deals for our partners. We provide our partners technology in today’s marketplace. If you don’t have technology, you’re in trouble. It’s the best way I could describe it. You know, years ago, like when in the stone ages, when I got started, technology was unheard of, then technology was a luxury. And now technology is a must have if you’re a real estate investor. And you’re still trying to figure things out through local court courthouse. If you’re still trying to pull records from 30 different places and combine them, I’m telling you you’re at a huge, huge disadvantage.

So we provide incredible technology through our app called Deal Driven to each and every one of our partners, once the right properties are identified, we provide all the capital. That’s a big piece. Okay. And let me tell you why it’s becoming even a bigger piece. There used to be in, there were days in business and this was the attractive part to a lot of people getting into real estate, that there were certain types of transactions that you could do without the use of your own money. Okay. And there’s still a couple sideline peripheral ones. Okay. But the big one, why almost like I would say probably 90% of us got into this business. Like when I got in this business, the very first thing, the thing I gravitate this, I want to wholesale.

Right? Cause I don’t need money. And you know, it’s all these other great things that come with it. Well, those days are slowly disappearing. What I mean by that is this. Even though these big transactions that we’re still very involved in strategies like wholesaling strategies, where we used to, you used to literally anywhere do them without the use of our own money. Those days are gone. Okay. They’re not totally gone, but there’s a disappearing. So even in the, in the short-term transactions, you now need money if you’re going to be successful in this business. We provide that capital. If we decide to fix and flip a property, we provide that capital. So the bottom line is we provide all of the capital to our partners to execute deals. The other thing we do, which is huge, if something does go wrong and guess what? To this day, things go wrong. We assume all the liability, okay? Which means our partners have no downside and all the upside in this business, we then execute the deal, put it in the market, sell it, split the profits down the middle 50-50.

And that right there is the partner driven model. And part of the reason, a huge part of the reason we do these Tuesday night webinars is one is to help our existing partners. Um, it’s another way for us to connect with them, teach him some more things to get them more motivated. But the other thing, the reason we do these two tonight webinars is there’s a lot of people that join us that have probably you might’ve been following us. You’ve already probably maybe talking to a team member or maybe somebody just sent you a link. This is a way for us to share with people who it is we are, what it is we do. And to really get people interested in doing more deals. Why? Because Julie and I, and the team here want to do more deals. We’re all about doing deals. Our goals here are huge. We want to help by the end of the year and a 30 day cycle, do a deal with a different partner. That is huge goal, but that’s, you know, that’s just some of our goals. So that’s what Tuesday tonight all about. So having said all this guys tonight, we want to talk to you guys about a very, very important topic. It’s a topic that you cannot escape in this business, you know, and you know, I share it as, oh, I think I even said to you, when I got started, there’s certain things, there’s certain parts of this business that I’m, I know for a fact, uh, are more important, um, than others.

Okay. In terms of knowing and understanding, like for instance, like people sometimes are shocked. I’ll tell them I’ve been, I’ve been at this thing for over two decades, you know, I’ve done thousands of deals. And, and so there are certain assumptions people make, when I say assumption, number one. Wow. He must understand rehab. Wow. He must understand, you know, how do you know, how do I do close out deals? You know? Wow. He must, you know, uh, process and raise capital and all this stuff. And I’ll be honest with you. I know nothing about rehabs. Like to this day, I know nothing, nothing about rehabs. I haven’t processed the deal. Okay. I haven’t processed the deal well over a decade. So there are certain function as this business that I could tell you that I’m extremely confident in that are a more important than others, but here’s the other big piece I’m going to tell you here, there are certain functions that you almost can to a certain degree, if you know how to leverage it out and get the right team members involved, you don’t need to worry about too much.

But what we’re about to share with you guys here tonight is not one of those functions. Okay? If you do not understand how to find and how do identify motivated sellers in your marketplace, it is very possible. You’ll never get anything done in this business. Okay. It is very possible that the deals you may actually do are the wrong deals because you’re going to be dealing with the wrong sellers. You may be what happens is a lot of times when people don’t understand how to identify motivated sellers, they do what we all tend to do, right? Like you try to do this, this doesn’t work. So then you kind of back off, right? And you try to do something else. The problem, the problem in real estate that in today’s marketplace, like as we sit here today, 2021, if you do not know how to work with motivated sellers. And you’re like, well, I’m going to back off of that. I’m just going to go find other type of sellers, right? Maybe not so motivated, uh, or maybe I’ll just get my local realtor. You know, here it is. They’re talking about, I’m just going to call Johnny the realtor and I’m going to have him get, you, see, you cannot back off of this. This is a non-negotiable. And the reason this is a non-negotiable is I could safely say that this is pretty much where almost every single good deal is now located. See, there were two times and I share this with people. There were times where, uh, someone like myself or actually myself, I did it, uh, I would be able to call my local realtor and I could literally just kinda build a relationship with them. And I did. I built relationship with some really key strategic real estate agents here in the marketplace in Georgia.

And as a result of those relationships, there was a point of time. I literally had just had to sit back and Jeff, my partner back, then he totally get, he would just, he would get these links in the more from the local realtors. He then get in his truck. He go out to the marketplace. He looked at these properties and inevitably every week, like 2, 3, 4 or five deals we did, we spent like, you know, I look at it now, what has to take place in terms of marketing, in terms of the kind of money you got to spend the kind of infrastructure we had. Like, I look at my like first, you know, eight, nine years in this business. I didn’t have any of that. I literally did not have any of that. But guess what? Even at the level, I’m at where I’m about as network does anyone you’re gonna find?

I haven’t bought a real deal from a realtor in years in. If someone like me has been bought a deal from a realtor in years, then I would strongly suggest if you’re fairly new. And you’re out there running around with realtors, trying to find a deal you’re tremendously, tremendously wasting your time. Tonight’s not the seminar to tell you why or webinars tell you why, but I could literally spend an hour explaining how they’re, how they’re not looking at you as a someone who’s savvy. They’re literally looking at you as a paycheck. And again, I lived all this stuff. Okay? So that door has been closed. Wholesalers. I used to do deal with wholesalers, but that business got so out of control. So out of hand, every person now that gets in thinks they’re a wholesaler, right? It got so convoluted. It got so full of, of Daisy chains that legitimate wholesalers have literally taken themselves out of that. Okay. Have taken themselves out of that pool have now spent all their time, identifying a couple of key players in their marketplaces like me. And when legitimate wholesalers get deals, you as an individual, like a beginner, you never would see that deal because they don’t want to be part of that. That mush that’s been created that rat race, that’s the rat infested pool that’s been created. So the wholesaler game, unless you’re like, like someone like me, whose network, who’s got tremendous amount of contacts, that door has been shut. And you know, the REO business, well, that door has been shut because they haven’t been foreclosing in a year. Right? And B the banks are very, very solvent. They were doing great. They didn’t have to give inventory way the way they did back then when we were buying a bunch of foreclosures. So the REO door got closed, right?

Which means in turn, the auction door got closed because auctions are nothing more than just an extensions of the REO game. So what started happening in this business? And by the way, this happens all the time. You know, people think that real estate just kind of goes up and down. Well, it does, but so does every part of real estate constantly changes including marketing. So just what used to work a little bit ago, doesn’t work anymore. So as far as identifying deals and where to get them and the supplier chain, the doors have been shut down except in one legitimate area. And that is finding motivated sellers. So what I want to do, if you don’t mind, I’m going to flip it over to you. And we’re just going to go back and forth, talking about how we find motivated sellers, what, you know, what we do, what we’ve gone. And I could tell you now, and Julie, you could vouch for this or not vouch for this because you probably know that our numbers better. I think all of our deals we’re doing right now across the board have come as a result of us identifying with our local partners, motivated sellers. True.

Julie (00:23:31):

Oh yeah, absolutely. And you know, the thing is, is that no matter what the market is, when you understand how to go direct to seller, you don’t ever need anybody else. Right? Because everybody’s about businesses going like this wholesalers agents Oreos. But this strategy has always been around from day one. Everyone in this business wants to go out and put a big flashy light. So the newest, greatest thing on, on how to find motivated sellers. But it’s, it’s, it’s pretty simple when you think about it. So I’m actually going to have to go put this in the chat. Um, what do you think constitutes a motivated seller? Now, once we understand what constitutes a motivated seller, then we can start talking about how do we find these individuals? So I’m going to give you one example, um, and, and feel free. Cause you’re only helping others.

So a motivated seller is someone that generally wants to sell their house, right. Peter, and is willing to take some sort of a discount. Now that’s one thing, but there are circumstances that happen in someone’s life that get them into that situation. Right. So what do you guys think? Get someone in that situation, put it in the chat now, like for an example, unfortunately, financial hardship, like Ron said, divorce, John Walker, divorce, tired landlords. I mean, come on. There’s a lot of landlords out there that haven’t been getting rent for months and a lot of them have mortgages. Do you think someone can continue like that? I would consider that a motivated seller. Shannon said somebody that’s downsizing, death, divorce facing foreclosure. Exactly. Maybe you got to move for a job. Maybe the house is just sitting vacant. Maybe someone has ran into medical expenses, death of a parent.

Now a lot of these things or terrible things that happen to people. So I want to be clear here that your goal is not to go after people that are in a desperate situation, your goal is to make it a win-win for both you and them, by helping them get to the next stage of their life. Would everybody agree with that? Right. So we’re going to talk about a few ways this evening to where you can find motivated sellers and yeah, I’m going to take it right back down to the basics. Because again, when I said earlier, everybody’s chasing shiny objects, lead sources, this, this, this, it really always goes back to human. And how do you contact these people? Okay. So one thing on the most basic level, now that we understand what a motivated seller is, and this is like old school, old school is bandit signs, right?

Bandit signs are a little sign, okay. That you place out in different locations that maybe says something like I buy houses and a phone number. Right? Well guess what that tried and true methods still works to this day, still works to this day. Now you’re going to put out a lot of songs. A lot are going to get thrown away a lot are going to get destroyed. So don’t fall in love with them. Right. But at the same time you could go and spend $500 in signs and get one appointment with a seller. Is that worth it? Yeah. When you do a deal, it sure is worth it. It sure is worth it, but are you willing to go do it? Okay. Let’s talk about another tried and true method, Peter of finding real estate deals. Okay. Did, by the way, I don’t want to hear any excuses from anybody because let me tell you this with almost no money, you can do this strategy and succeed. I still do this strategy today. I bought a house a couple of weeks ago that I found utilizing this particular strategy. Because money doesn’t separate you from someone else when you’re doing this, what do you think that is? Peter?

Peter (00:28:36):

Is it cold calling?

Julie (00:28:40):

Well, sorta throwing up. I’m going to call it driving for dollars. We’re going to put it in a little bucket, right? So everyone that’s on here. There’s no reason why you can’t go out into your marketplace and drive around in areas, in search of a property that needs work. Okay? Like if you, if you train yourself to look for these potential deals, you will not be able to unsee it. Let me tell you every time I go on vacation or I go to a new city, I can’t help myself for driving for dollars. Because when I got started, guys, I didn’t have the money to spend on marketing. This strategy right here can make you the most money, but it involves a lot of time. And Tom, you can’t really put a value necessarily on your time, but here’s the synopsis of driving for dollars.

For those of you that don’t know for those of you that do know, here’s a quick reminder. So I like going out and like blue collar working class areas. I’m going to just tell you right now. I am not the investor you see on HGTV buying multi-million dollar properties, spending a million dollar property, spending a million on rehab to sell it for 5 million. That’s not my world. Okay. My world is, I want to be in areas where the most people buy the most property. Who do you think in America? Who do you think there’s more of middle-class or high-end tell me the chat.

So I’ll go ahead and answer you for it’s definitely the middle-class. Why would I spend my time only upper echelon who may not be as motivated who every time the rehabs are ridiculously expensive and there’s a little pool of buyers work in an area of abundance. The abundance is in the blue collar, working class areas, right? Where we’re, you know, and you think like where in my city are these blue collar areas. Once you figured that out, I could talk all night on where these potential honey holes are. But once you locate that in your city, and I’m not looking for neighborhoods where every single house looks the same, does everybody get a neighborhood or an area around them where there’s like houses that were built in the sixties, seventies and eighties, and this house looks different from this house. And this house looks different from this house.

You got all know what I’m talking about. I want you to spend your time driving through those areas. And I want you to start looking at these houses. Okay. And what are some things that we should be looking for when we’re looking for these homes? If I’m out driving for dollars in the blue collar, working class areas, like I just discussed, what are some things that you like would see about a house that leads you to believe that maybe the seller might be in a desperate situation? Because I would say, you know, really human nature, unless, you know, you’re just a hoarder. Bob being wanting to, most of us want to keep our properties up. You want to keep the grass cut. You want to keep, you know, a nice paint job on the out Scott side. You want the landscape, everything taken care of, but there are some things about homes that you can drop by and you can see something’s going on there. They can’t afford to take care of this. Jeez. They must not. I’ll be able to afford to like, fix that roof. Or maybe that gutters just hanging down. What are those things? Well, let’s look in the chat. So George, um, era says tall grass. Yeah, absolutely. Well, George says maybe it’s just run down. Gordon said the landscape is just not taking care of, um, maybe the house, you know, just needs an overall paint job.

If you really go look, you’d be amazed at how many you would find. Okay, you’re going to see overgrown landscape broken and windows sheets in the windows instead of blinds or curtains. Um, maybe the gutters are hanging off. It needs a new roof, maybe in the winter. For those of you that have snow, there’s no footprints. It hasn’t, they’ve not shoveled the snow. Maybe in the fall, you might see tons of leaves everywhere. A bunch of trash drove to everywhere in the yard. Maybe just old junk in the yard. Melissa says notices on the door.

I vow to you this. I promise you if I went out, driving for dollars, Peter, and I’ve proved this many, many, many times. I just want you to trust me. If you go out and find a hundred of these properties, you place them into our software deal driven and you skip trace them, or you skip trace them from another service. Obviously I want you to use our software deal driven for those of you that aren’t clients of ours who bought the way data-driven is part of being with us and you call every one of those people. And your only goal is to set an appointment to go see the house. You’ll get a deal. Now does that, Hey Tom. Heck yeah, it takes a lot of time and effort, but those are deals. That’s another way to find motivated sellers. Now, Peter. I know I’ve went on and on, but guys I’m really passionate about driving for dollars.

Cause when people tell me I don’t have the money to spend on marketing, there’s no excuse with the two things I just told you. If you’re going to get in this business, you got to have a little bit of money to get started, right? You gotta have a little bit of money to invest in yourself. Whether that’s bandit signs, whether that’s paying for skip tracing or dorm partner driven and all that comes with it with, with not the bandit signs, but definitely skip tracing. There’s no excuse. It’s the time that you’re taking to call the sellers. So Peter, um, give me another one. And by the way, I’m going to show you guys tonight. My last thing I’m gonna show you is how to find hottest motivated list in your area. What everybody liked to see that what the hottest motivated seller list is in your area. And by the way, when I show you, this is something all of you can do to night to night, you’ve just gotta be willing to make the calls or send the letters. So Peter, give me another way to contact motivated sellers.

Peter (00:36:04):

You know, Julie, before I do that, I want to point something out to you guys. Like here’s the huge other equalizer. When it comes to working with motivated sellers, see if you go back to the old school, the old ways we used to do it. And sometimes people like wish that they’re like, Pete, I cannot believe I can’t work with a realtor. I mean, he used to have it so easy or working with a wholesaler, but let me tell you what I did not have control of back then, that you have a hundred percent control of now. I didn’t have control of what they’re going to give me. Like if I want, if I, you know, back then I was, uh, there were times where I was solely relying upon a real estate agent or maybe two or three of them. Well guess what? If they were dry, I guess who else was dry?

I was dry if their inventory coffers, all of a sudden we’re not being replenished by the banks guess was feeling the pinch there. When I was working with wholesalers, let’s say a wholesaler had an off month. Let’s say my biggest supplier had a bad month, which happens. I mean, that’s reality, right? Well, guess what? Then had a bad month, right? Someone like me, one of the great things that you guys can understand about what Julie’s talking about and what we’re, um, the examples we’re giving you, you’re in control. This is the ultimate ultimate equalizer. Meaning if you take what we’re telling you here seriously, and you’re like, well, that makes sense. I buy into it. And by the, well, by the way, there’s nothing to buy into. This is reality. You can verify all this and check all this stuff out. But if you buy it, you know, if you’re like, okay, this makes sense.

The only difference between you and the guy three months ahead of you or you and the one a year ahead of you, if somebody contexts who’s going to make, right, that’s really the only difference. And you know, when I started understanding, you know, when I, and this has been a years in the coming now that we were couldn’t really work with realtors, couldn’t work with wholesalers and all this. When, when that turns started taking place at first, a lot of us old timers, we rejected it. We’re like this. Can’t be, I mean, you mean now we got to, you know, we got to put time into this and effort into this. Some of these strategies, you know, take some money and stuff like that, but then it just one day hit me. Well, this is the ultimate equalizer, because if you’re telling me driving for dollars works, I’ll, I’ll max myself out.

Plus I’ll get Bob down the road to work for me and max himself out and Steve to maximum self out. And guess what? That means. I’ll do more of it than anyone else. So the great thing, guys, this is a, this a, super-duper the great thing about the strategies that we’re teaching guys here today is they could literally take a brand new person working in the right environment. And you could literally elevate yourself very, very quickly in this business. If you understand certain concepts, the concepts of leverage the concept of scaling the concept of building a team around you, the concept of aligning yourself with the right people. So this is the marketing techniques of today. And the strategies of going after motivated sellers are actually a lot more exciting, especially if you’re one of the newer people like maybe you don’t have any deals behind you, or maybe you only have, you know, a couple of deals behind you, because guess what? When we were all doing business with realtors, good luck getting to my realtor, right? I already have history with him. He knows I can close. He and I have a track record. He and I, if it had a relationship and you brand new call him, you know what happens? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Yeah. Peter

Julie (00:39:55):

Is, is something that’s funny that you say that when you talk about that and you’re talking about the greatest equal equalizer, do you know for me, what else it did? This is that whenever you buy from a realtor or you buy from a wholesaler, I’m stuck with their terms. Meaning there’s certain terms that that seller is utilizing. Like when they list with a realtor, they have certain terms. When you have another wholesaler, they have it under contract with certain terms. Now that like that, I understand it. And I know how to talk to a seller. If I could like stand up and show you a tool belt, I can go to a seller’s house now. And I don’t have anybody in the middle. I don’t have anybody in the middle to mess things up. That’s how I feel about it. Because when I go to the appointment, Peter, it’s about doing the deal, but it’s about finding out what their real need is.

Do you know how, like earlier in the calls asking people, like what makes the motivated seller? We talked about death. We talked about force moving and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All of these things. Well, when I can go meet a seller directly, I, now this is my new title. I’m a problem solver. You know what I mean? Not all problems solved with a cash offer. Other options that you might have. You wouldn’t even be able to even put that in front of the seller. But when you know how to be direct to seller, like Peter’s talking about the world is your oyster.

There is no limit to what you can do. If I want to wholesale it, I can wholesale it. If I want to fix and flip it, I can fix and flip it. If I want to buy it, owner finance, I can, if I want to buy it subject to I can’t. Now I knew a lot of you may be fairly new and those are some new terminologies. And I wouldn’t even worry about that, but you are never, ever, ever wasting your time. If you’re sitting in front of a seller and some of us want to learn, and God, I love you guys being on the webinar. Thank you so much for being here. Do you want to know the true way to learn this business?

It’s to start going on appointments and start taking action. Now it’s important that you educate yourself on how to be a good investor, how to be a problem solver, understanding that you need money to close some deals, understanding that you may need a partner sometimes, but when you understand this part, you’re never going to need anybody else. And that’s the most beautiful thing. If, I mean, I could literally go pick up in any city tomorrow and start doing deals because I don’t need to know realtors. I don’t need no house sellers. I need to know how to be a problem solver to sellers. And I need to know where they are and how to find them. That’s it, that’s it. And that’s the beauty of what we teach here at partner-driven. And if anybody got anything out of this tonight, which by the way, I’m still going to show you guys an amazing way to find motivated sellers in your area, um, utilizing, um, our software. But guys, you can take action today without anything. If you’re not willing to do that, then are you, I mean, what, what are you willing to do? Wouldn’t you agree?

Peter (00:44:07):

A hundred percent, a hundred percent guys. The cool thing about what we’re teaching you guys tonight, there are no barrier barriers to entry to this. You could literally take the information that we’re giving you tonight and literally tonight. And if not tonight, tomorrow get started in terms of finding motivated sellers. So let me just kind of, I we’re kind of running a bit long, so let me give you a quick one that I, this next one, I’m not going to, I’m going to spend just a couple of minutes on it. I hold this near and dear to my heart. Cause I did this. I did this for years when I got started, it’s safe to say that probably out of the first 200 deals, I did a hundred of them. I did like as a result, I’m about to share with you. We have some amazing partners that are doing what I’m going to have to share with you.

One of them, uh, Gemara Scrool. We just closed. I think our, I can’t remember. He said, I think our eighth or 10th, it was a 10th, 10th deal, uh, with, and that is knocking on the worst. Remember knocking on the worst is one of those it’s like you don’t even think of about real estate. When you’re talking about knocking on doors, knocking on doors is like old school. You know, this is how people used to sell things. Well, guess what? It still works in real estate. It still works in real estate. And we have some amazing partners. Like I said, just one of our partners Jumari we closed, I believe about 10 deals with and every single one of them had come in as a result of him knocking on the door and simply asking, Hey, are you open to selling your property? I can tell you, I did this for years in the business.

Like I said, I did tons and tons of deals as a result of knocking on doors. The cool thing about knocking on doors. If you’re willing to do it, I get it. Not everybody’s willing to do it, but if you’re willing to do it, this is one of the easiest ways to find meals. Um, let me tell you the strategy that I used to use. Couple of things. One, I tended to knock on doors in small confined areas. You got to just like randomly go all over Atlanta and knock on doors. I literally zeroed in on a couple about four, three or four different pockets. The reason I did that is because I wanted to establish credibility there. I wanted to build rapport. I want it to get known. And I understand so that if every one of these little pockets knew who Peter was, that when they wanted to sell a property or anyone they knew wanted to sell a property because of their relationship with me, they would automatically raise their hand and say, oh, Hey, I know somebody that’s a virus real estate.

So if you will knock on doors, I say zero in on a couple of key pockets. Number two, when you’re not working one of the worst, this is the thing that you have to kind of understand. It’s not the person whose door you knock on that. You’re probably chasing after a deal. Now make no mistake about it. There will be deals as a result of that. But I can tell you from experience of doing this over years, almost all my deals came as a result of a no, I’m not interested in selling and then a follow-up question. Okay. But do you know anyone else that is now think about this? Let me think about this tomorrow, tomorrow. I want to challenge you to something. When you go back to your jobs, you know your businesses, you know what, wherever you’re going to tomorrow, I challenge you to ask 10 people like 10 colleagues, 10 people you talk with tomorrow, ask them this question.

Do you know anyone looking to sell a house? Not them themselves, because the answer will probably be no, but just ask them, do you know anyone, anyone that might be interested in selling their house? You’ll be shocked that I bet one out of 10 of those people, if not two of those people will say, uh, yeah, I think like my uncle or my neighbor, right? Because then you’re getting to not just you, like, you want to sell your house, but what about the hundred people that, you know, and it’s a much bigger chance that out of a hundred, somebody wants to sell than just out of one. So when we used to knock on doors, one pick and area, you know, pick a couple areas, build a rapport there. So everybody knows you there, like who would go to their community functions? We would go to HOA meetings.

We just made ourselves part of the community because we wanted to establish ourselves as the guys that buy houses. Um, number two, when you’re knocking on the door, you know, obviously are you interested in selling your house? But the next key question is what I was just talking about when they say no, and most of them will, that’s fair. Do you happen to know anyone else looking to sell their property? And that right there is out of the a hundred or so deals. I did knock it under worse. I guarantee you about 90 of them came as a result of that question because people would say, huh, come to think of it. Harry across the street was just talking about that at a barbecue or my aunt who’s sick, probably needs to sell. And by the way, that’s how you also get beyond those territories, right? Because all of a sudden the aunt doesn’t live in this little pocket that you’re knocking in on. She lives 20 miles down the road, but we don’t care what the deals are. So knocking on doors, concentrated areas, get to know the pockets and always do a follow-up. If not you, who else do you know? I Julie, what’s the super-duper one you got?

Julie (00:49:56):

Well, um, obviously I love that one and you know, what’s crazy about what you just said, and I have to just hit on this for just a second. I, it can almost be overwhelming to ask that question. Let me tell you why you guys would be really surprised at how many leads, excuse me, how many leads you will be given. Like Peter said a big thing to not who here tonight is willing to Morrow to ask at least 10 people, if they want to sell or they know somebody that wants to sell their price. Weird.

Raise your hand on here. Give me a yes. In the comments. I promise you for those of you that are saying yes, those of you that are raising your hand. If every one of you took that challenge and really executed it, I guarantee you, you guys have a deal. Does that cost you any money? No. And you’ll be really surprised at the relationships that you can build now because I value your time. And I know we’re running short of time. I want to show you my super hot list. So what I’m going to show you is I’m going to share my screen with, um, with you guys tonight and I’m going to share, um, our software called deal driven. If you are a partner at partner-driven, this is something you get. So for those of you that are partners, pull this list for those of you that are not partners. Well, obviously I want you to be a partner, but if not at the very least get the software because it’s freaking cool and I’ll, and you’ll see tonight how all of you can pull this particular list. It’s going to be a very small list, but it’s going to be a super hot list. Okay. So I’m going to share my screen, Peter. All right. So can you see my screen now, Peter?

Peter (00:52:09):

Wow. Yep. Totally perfect. Now.

Julie (00:52:14):

Okay, good. Good. So for time’s sake, I’m just going to use the city next to me. It’s like a medium size city. Um, not a huge city, but definitely a medium size city in Georgia. So it’s Gainesville, Georgia. So I’m picking Gainesville. And what this software does is it takes the city center of that town. Now, if I’m looking at the city center, I’ll want to go a 20 miles search radius around the city center of Gainesville. I could go, I could draw a polygon or I could increase or decrease the amount of, um, miles from the city center. Okay. Now let’s go to the search type. Well, let’s think about what motivated sellers are. Let’s think about a really highly motivated seller. Someone put this in the chat earlier and they said tired landlords, right? Let’s take it step forward. And let’s find really tired landlords. Okay. So Peter, if a property, if you own a property and it’s just sitting vacant, you think you might be motivated to sell it all day long? Well, what if you owned a property that was living vacant, that was vacant and you owned it here in Georgia, but you lived in Florida where you, what you didn’t live, you think even more motivated. So I’m going to stack these leads on top of one another. Meaning I’m going to stack motivation guys, write this down. This is a super hot list. Okay.

Well obviously I want it to be non-owner occupied. Well, that’s really the same thing of being an out-of-state owner. Meaning I own a property that I don’t live in that is sitting vacant in another state that I don’t even live in. Well, huh. Well, what if within the last 90 days, Peter, I received a notice that the mail has been changed from that location. So that would mean that the person that lived there would have just recently moved out. So that’s telling me I’m an owner that’s from out of state that has a property sitting vacant and someone just moved out of it. I can’t think of being a more motivated seller and gosh, think about it. And I’ll tell you this. As investors don’t ever leave a house sitting vacant every month, it goes by you are losing money. Your plumbing’s going down. You’re looking for theft.

You’re landscaping. I mean, it’s, it’s nuts. So you don’t want to have a house that’s sitting there. Well, I want to take it one step further because I’m personally looking for single family homes, townhouses, maybe do plexus trap Lexus quadraplexes. And like if I lived in Pennsylvania, maybe a row house, okay. But I only want to work with people that have at least 35% equity or more in their property. What is equity? Equity is the difference between what someone owes in their mortgage and what the properties work do. I want to call a motivated seller that has a vacant house and they owe what the house is worth as a real estate investor.

Do you think that’s something to go after? No, it’s not right. I want somebody that has a little bit of equity in the home. So even this 35% in a medium sized town in Gainesville, Georgia, right this minute without leaving my home, look what I’ve done. I have literally found what I feel to be some of the most motivated sellers in the next town over from me. Do you guys want to see how easy it is to like get in touch with these people? I’m going to show you, I’m going to add this to a new list and call this a super hot list. Okay. We’re going to save that now once that’s populating the list, okay. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to go look for my list, which is here. The one that I just created now, here we go.

So from a click of the button here, I am able to select them all and skip, trace to find their phone number and their emails just like that. Okay. So right now the skip trace is running while I’m speaking. Okay. And it’s okay. Was it in a couple of minutes here? I’m going to be able to literally have their phone numbers and their email addresses right here in front of you. So within five minutes, I’ll be able to make these phone calls as well as reach out to these sellers, which is like literally what you guys need to take action tonight, along with the 10 people tomorrow. So I really hope you guys enjoyed this evening. Um, and I, I really hope you took away with some action steps. Okay. Wouldn’t you agree, Peter?

Peter (00:58:29):

There’s no question. You know, when we started this, you know, I told people, this is, this is the fastest pathway to success in real estate business, identifying motivated sellers and, um, connecting with him. But the key to all of this, that Julie and I always talk about is that it’s not what, you know, it’s what you do, it’s what you do. And that leads me to the final topic of tonight. And that is the partner driven model. We feel like, you know, sometimes it’s weird. You know, sometimes the veteran is the guide that should say, okay, this is the, you know, I’ve been there, done that. You could do it. And it’s easy. And I guess I’m kind of the veteran here is the guy that’s done it for a couple of decades. I could tell you, this is not an easy business. It’s a difficult business that Julie and I could teach you everything we know about, like this part and that part in this part, in that part.

And then when you get out there and you try to execute it, it’s just, it’s like, you’re like, what are they talking about? You know, I say this to the motivated seller and they’re say this and Julie, didn’t cover this on all this. And this is why we firmly believe that the ultimate pathway to success is to align and partner with somebody in this business. And this is why Julie and I are so proud about what it is we do. So if you’re a partner here tonight, you’re a partner here tonight. We challenge you to do exactly what we challenge all of our partners to do on a daily basis. Reset, recharge, recommit, utilize what we just taught you. And let’s get this thing going and plug in tighter and more into the system. If you’re not a partner here tonight, and you’re like, you know what?

These guys sound like. They know what they’re doing. And number two, I want to be successful in the real estate business. Then we invite you to call tonight. I have it somewhere here, here we go. We have a couple of team members on standby to get the non-partners to be partners tonight. Like if you’re at the point where like, you know what, I got to do deals, I get what they’re saying, but I also get there’s a lot more to it. I get, there’s a lot more training. I get, there’s a lot more support. And I get, once I find a deal, I need the money and where do I get the money? And then how do I raise capital? And how would I close this? How do I say there’s a lot more to this doing deals. So we have a couple of team members on standby tonight at 770-746-8585.

If you’re not a partner and you’re ready to take it to the next level and you’re ready to start doing deals, then simply call 770-746-8585. If you’re a partner, let’s go reset, recharge recommit. If you’re not a partner and you’re ready to get going, we want you to take the opportunity to make the call having said that next, not this weekend, but next weekend, we’re also getting together. Both would partner non partners here in Atlanta. And, uh, we’re doing 26 and 27th, 48 hours of what would Julie and I just did now. But can you imagine doing that over like a 48 hour time? Right?

Julie (01:01:43):

I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see it.

Peter (01:01:46):

Yeah, it’s going to be, it’s going to be next level. We’re going to squeeze in a tremendous amount of knowledge, tremendous amount of techniques and strategies, and it’s over two days. So whether you’re a partner, you’re not a partner. We invite you to be there and we’re closing the doors on this Friday. Okay. So just go to simply go to partner driven, live.com. Uh it’s I think it’s something like 99 bucks to get in. Then if you bring a partner, it’s not even, it’s not even half of that. Um, so go to partner driven live, and you know, we’d love to meet you guys if you’ve not made that decision. If you’re not quite registered do that. So I’m going to do my closing and Dooley. I’ll let you do yours, but on behalf of myself and everyone else here behind us, I can tell you, I truly, truly enjoy these Tuesday nights. You know, the goal is to get our message out or the partner driven model. But the goal is to also give back, to teach, to educate, to give you guys tools and resources to help you elevate yourself in a business. So I hope tonight was one of those nights where you learned something where you saw like, yes, I could do this and now I know exactly what to do. So again, on behalf of myself and Julie and all the team behind us, um, we’ll see you again, same time, same place next week, Julie?

Julie (01:03:02):

You know, really the, the, the parting words for all that I have for you guys is this success doesn’t come without action. Okay. And really it’s just about putting one foot in front of the other and mastering just one thing, whether that be bandit signs, whether that be driving for dollars, whether that be door knocking, whether that be cold calling from list dope, don’t overwhelm yourself, but start taking action tomorrow because you deserve it. And I can’t wait to see you there next Tuesday night, but I also can’t wait to see all of you guys that are going to be at the live event. It’s going to be epic, happy Tuesday night. Good to see you. Bye-bye.