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Speaker 1 (00:01):

Hey guys, Peter Vekselman here. I got my great, great partner then it’s Morgan on the other side, Dennis, how are you,

Speaker 2 (00:08):


Speaker 1 (00:08):

Awesome. Awesome. Thank you. Thank you for being here. I’m always excited to share partners, knowing, getting to know other partners, partners, getting to know some potential non partners. So tell us about yourself before, like you met us before real estate. Tell us about Dennis.

Speaker 2 (00:25):

All right. Well, well before real estate, I was in management, uh, logistics management for probably 15 years. And again, good business loved it, but you know, the nine to 5, 15, 16 hour days, it just was, you know, seemed like it wasn’t paying off to where you really want it to pay off. So I’ve always had a passion for real estate. Uh, actually done a little real estate when I was in my early twenties and, you know, got into, I guess you can call it the corporate world and now it’s time, you know, in a place in my life, whereas, you know, definitely kind of get back to it. And so before partner driven, I tried to, you know, on my own, uh, wholesaling and it’s rough. It can be rough. Um, not having the proper tools I would say makes it rough. And so here at partner driven, you know, with the tools provided makes sense,

Speaker 1 (01:22):

But by the way, Dennis, quick question. How did you find out about us,

Speaker 2 (01:26):

Uh, doing research again? Uh, talk to a couple people. I’m just doing my daily research and ran across the website. Uh partner-driven and again, I probably seen it a couple months ago. And so, you know, just doing due diligence of, you know, is this something that, you know, I think it worked for me and I believe I spoke with Julie a month or so ago and she told me all the benefits of Partner Driven. And so, you know, discussed it with my wife and I said, you know, this is, is this something we need to be a part of? You know,

Speaker 1 (02:03):

You know, that’s an interesting point. Talk from that perspective of somebody who’s tried to do this before. So you kind of already knew what, like what you were lacking, what was it about us that made you say, yeah, I want to do this, like talking from the perspective of somebody that was already trying to do this.

Speaker 2 (02:21):

Well, I would say the number one thing probably was your team, your team, uh, you know, be knowledgeable, uh, nice, you know, and they, they seem driven and there’s, you know, myself. So I, I see myself in the people that you employ. And so I’ve spoken with several of your, you know, associates from Renee to Julie, a couple of, you know, Patricia. Um, I spoke with a couple of them and it’s all coming from trying it on my own. And again, it’s rough because you know, it’s hard to get the tools and it’s hard to get good connections with people that are knowledgeable and have the same goals and mindset that you did. And so once I spoke to partner driven, it was almost one of those no-brainer things to where you say, this is where I need to be, because you know, your goal is, you know, to build wealth in, you know, and that’s obviously my goal and to do it smartly, you know, cause you can just go out there and just kind of gung ho and say, Hey, we’re going to do this, but you’re going to hit some snags. And so the tools that you guys provide and the coaching and, you know, just everything that comes along with it is I would recommend it to anybody. And I’ve told several people already, this is where you should be doing.

Speaker 1 (03:48):

You know what I tell people kind of what you’re saying is in this business, it’s like, you don’t know what you don’t know. You know what I mean? And this is not a business that you want to learn as you go and well, but the other thing that you mentioned, that’s so key that I talked to so many people, they don’t even, some people like literally disagreement with me about this, but you need a team in this business. So many people like think this is a business of one man, one woman show and it really isn’t, it it’s just there’s so, so many moving pieces. So I appreciate you bringing that up. So let’s talk about our latest and greatest current deal we’re doing, first of all, how did you, uh, even find it?

Speaker 2 (04:29):

Uh, it was a for sale by owner. Um, so it wasn’t on the market. Um, it’s really kind of in my area, I would say a couple streets from where I live and, uh, noticed it and you know, did due diligence on it, rents numbers. Um, when looked at it took pictures of it, talk to the owners. And, uh, I had a great rapport with owners that, you know, that’s one of the things is building rapport with the owner and so built a great rapport with the owners. Uh, again, this long story short for offering, they accepted it and that’s where we’re at right now.

Speaker 1 (05:10):

That is awesome. What, uh, give us some numbers. We, uh, first of all, how did you come up with the offer number?

Speaker 2 (05:18):

Uh, offered number. So I did my, you know, 70%, uh, the value ratios and they didn’t accept that for software. They did well, and I can, I can kind of understand it cause I mean, it’s, uh, houses, it’s moving ready. So really it needs no work so they could move. And that’s really what the, you know, the, the wife was wanting, was a family to move in to the house, you know, and live for the next 50 years. And so I told her that if we do, you know, I’ve been fixing flips. I also do wholesale. And so, you know, it’s my job. I’ll make sure that a good family, it here, it’s not going to be, you know, tear down, not going to, you know, destroy your, your old property. And uh, so the first numbers they didn’t accept. So I had to come up a little bit. I didn’t come up too much, but the location and that’s huge in this business is location because you could find a great property in a physical location. You’re never going to sell it. So you put, you know, X amount of dollars into it or, you know, whatever. And it could be the most beautiful house on the block. But if it’s in a bad location, you’re not going to get traffic to it. Well, this one has it all. It’s got a good ARV and it’s got great location.

Speaker 1 (06:39):

That’s awesome. So you got it. What’s the number, what we got under contract for how much what’s the sales price?

Speaker 2 (06:48):

Uh, one is the 4 1 3 9, 1 45

Speaker 1 (06:54):

To buy. And how much to sell for

Speaker 2 (06:57):

One? How about, do I want to sell it for

Speaker 1 (06:59):

What are we going to sell it for? What’s our,

Speaker 2 (07:01):

What are we going to, we’re going to sell it for 180 9.

Speaker 1 (07:05):

Can’t argue with those numbers. Can you? That is absolutely awesome. Well, listen, I love, I loved the nuggets along the way. I mean, I love talking to guys like you, who kind of like me try to do it our own way. Try to experiment with it a little bit, you know, caught ourselves in time, kind of got on the right track. So in conclusion, there’s people listening, going to be listening to this and they’re thinking, well, I can do it myself. I don’t need a team. I don’t need a, uh, infrastructure. I don’t need help. I get it’s real estate. It’s easy. It’s easy. What do you tell that person going that way? As opposed to partnering with us way,

Speaker 2 (07:47):

You could try it that way, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I would recommend having a partner and it’s still, I mean, it’s still going to be challenging. You know, it’s not as easy, you know, it’s still going to be a little challenging. You’re still going to have to do your due diligence. You’re going to have to put this work, but with a partner, it just, it makes it that much. I will say, I don’t know if easier is the right word, but it makes it that more, that much more, I would say less stress, less stressful. Because if you go on your own, there are probably people who who’ve done it just on their own. At least they say they’ve done it on their own and have maybe had some success. But if you partner up with partner driven, I mean, your success is almost a hundred percent. So that’s what I would definitely suggest this.

Speaker 1 (08:37):

Awesome. Well, I couldn’t have said, I wouldn’t have said it myself, but like that there’s certain things you can’t say about yourself. So that is awesome, Dennis. You’re you’re, you’re spectacular. You’re awesome. I’m looking forward to completing, not only this one, but many, many more to come. Let’s do it. Let’s do it again. Hey, I appreciate it. Thank you very much. And we’ll talk soon.

Speaker 2 (08:58):

Thank you.