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Speaker 1 (00:01):

Hey guys, Peter Vekselman here. I got my great partner, Krista Tillman on the other side, Krista. How are you?

Speaker 2 (00:07):

I’m great. How are you?

Speaker 1 (00:09):

Good, good. As soon as Krista logged on, I’m like, oh my goodness. You’re driving. Tell where are you driving to?

Speaker 2 (00:17):

I believe it or not. I’m actually driving to get some Chinese food because they finally opened back up.

Speaker 1 (00:24):

I love it. It’s like the before and after. Right?

Speaker 2 (00:27):

Exactly. So like now

Speaker 1 (00:31):

I hear it. I hear it. Awesome. Well, I’m not going to hold you long. I want to make sure you’re safe out there. Um, but, um, I’m so glad you’re on. I’ve been meaning to have you here for, for quite a bit. Uh, our back office just always says. Great, great, great and amazing things about you. So just to introduce you to, to, to the Boral that doesn’t quite know you crystal, tell us a little bit about before partner-driven what did you do? Tell us a little bit about yourself. What about your background

Speaker 2 (00:59):

Before partner driven? Which actually is still my current day job. Um, I’m currently a custodian in the school district of Gibson, New York. Um, so I still do that, but I started my real estate business about two years ago. Um, and I just couldn’t, I felt like I just wasn’t smart enough to get where I needed to get. Um, and finally I just said, you know what, I’m going to go for it. And I found partner-driven through a lender actually. Um, and I, I said, you know what, I’m interested. You know, I was interested in, you know, the fact that I can do the legwork, but you guys will help with everything else. And as well as with the coaching. So I, at first I didn’t believe it, but you know what I was like, okay. You guys definitely changed the way I think now

Speaker 1 (01:59):

That is awesome. Tell me the biggest thing that was not working for you before. What was like, if you have to say this was, um, the biggest piece that was not working, what was it?

Speaker 2 (02:14):

Uh, the financial piece. Um, so I was able to get deals, but I just couldn’t, I couldn’t figure out how to fund them. Um, and then when I felt like I was lost, I just stopped because I didn’t know how to, where else to go from there.

Speaker 1 (02:33):

Yup. Yup. Very common, you know? Yeah. Well, and you know, what I, what I say is it really relate to that crystal. There’s a lot of moving pieces in this business. Right. And, and you gotta have a lot of them in place. I mean, you know, some of you could be a little bit flexible on, but man, if you don’t have these pieces in place, you could be like out of business as quickly as you got in the business or you could spend forever and ever. Um, all right. Awesome. So tell us now, and I know we’ve got some stuff going on. Tell us about the deal that we’re currently working on.

Speaker 2 (03:07):

Uh, so currently we’re working on a four bedroom, sorry, four bedroom, two bath. Um, and it is, it was kind of run down. So at first it’s also a pre-foreclosure so I actually through deal driven.

Speaker 1 (03:28):

Alright. So talk about that. Talked about, talk a little bit about deal driven, how you utilize that to find a deal.

Speaker 2 (03:34):

Okay. Uh, so actually what I did was I actually did virtual driving for dollars, uh, because I’m pretty familiar with the area. Um, so I knew, you know, I noticed that, okay, this is actually a great area. So I, you know, call them up, but I skipped trace. Uh, so that was an awesome thing, very handy. Um, I was able to call them up and they couldn’t believe that I was like, what they say is an angel who saved them out of, you know, going into foreclosure here and having to go into bankruptcy and everything. Um, so right now we’re actually at a point, um, we got the property under contract on Saturday and actually we have a full cash offer as we speak. I got it today.

Speaker 1 (04:24):

I love it. Okay. So what did you, uh, get it under contract for?

Speaker 2 (04:30):

Uh, so I got the property under contract for one 20.

Speaker 1 (04:33):

Okay. Now as just quick question, as you got under contract that our back office helped with that also.

Speaker 2 (04:40):

Oh, absolutely. Um, so once I got it under contract, um, they were able to get all the paperwork and everything done for me. Um, I was actually able to use, um, your formula in, um, for wholesaling. Um, and so you showed me how there was a part in part, it would think it was a partner program and you actually showed us how to negotiate. And I think that was like the greatest video I’ve ever watched. I took full blown notes on it and I used your negotiating, how you showed me the view and everything, the formulas that you told us to write out. So I mean, every property that I look at now, I already know whether or not it’s going to be a good deal or not just because of your negotiating class.

Speaker 1 (05:30):

Awesome. Awesome. So we got a locked up for how much,

Speaker 2 (05:34):

Uh, so we got locked up for one 20 on the contract and the full ask is one 50.

Speaker 1 (05:41):


Speaker 2 (05:44):

Um, let’s say about two weeks

Speaker 1 (05:47):

So far. No, from the time that we started selling it to the time we got an, uh, uh, uh, got under contract about two weeks

Speaker 2 (05:56):

From that was this Saturday. So Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, four days.

Speaker 1 (06:01):

Wow. So under contract for one 20

Speaker 2 (06:04):

Or one 20 and,

Speaker 1 (06:06):

And, and selling it for one 50, that’s fricking awesome. That is, that is, I’m so happy for you, crystal. That is totally, totally, totally amazing. And not, and remember, well, you know, I know you listen to kind of this things we teach and we, the one thing I always say, and I’m sure, you know, this never get hung up on one deal. You know, you don’t live and die with one deal. You always want to have multiple deals going on. Um, that is awesome.

Speaker 2 (06:31):

Got the property under contract. I mean, I was so scared. I was, I was like, my heart was racing. I couldn’t believe it. That that paper was signed. And honestly, when it first got signed, I really didn’t know what to do with it. The only thing I could do was call my mom. Who’s right there. By the way

Speaker 1 (06:54):

You got a winner,

Speaker 2 (06:56):

Mom and sisters, great supporters. They are in my wife.

Speaker 1 (07:00):

I love it. I love it. I got, I got my dad sitting downstairs right now where we are right now.

Speaker 2 (07:05):

Oh, there you go. So my wife is my number one partner, number one, partner, number one before.

Speaker 1 (07:12):

Love it. Love it, love it. Love it. Well, that, that is totally awesome. So, uh, and I know you guys are kind of at a stop now, so, so there’s people watching this, or we’ll be watching this crystal that are thinking, well, I want to partner up with these guys. Are they for real? Did they actually do deals? Did they actually have a back office? Do they actually have people? What’s your kind of a feedback to someone like that?

Speaker 2 (07:34):

Oh, go for it. Go for it, jump right on. It. Become a partner. You know, it’s helpful every, I mean, step by step. Even when I kept second guessing myself, I spoke to very, you know, and very kept saying, you know, you know what you’re doing? You don’t have to call me. And I’m just like, what I have to call you and just confirm there. You just have to confirm. And you know, he sat on the phone with me for a few hours. Just getting me to understand that I know what I’m doing is just, you know, I ha I didn’t have the confidence. So it was very helpful for back office, you know? And you know, you guys have, you know, when I schedule an appointment, you guys are right on it. Whenever I send an email, somebody always monitoring back Monday, Monday through Friday, Saturday, Sunday, it doesn’t matter. What’s going on. Somebody is answering me.

Speaker 1 (08:26):

That’s awesome. Well, listen, I appreciate it. You’re a winner. You’re a super-duper partner. I can’t wait to, for us to be able to actually interact in real life. Now that we’re getting past all this junk going on out there, but, uh, listen, say hi to everybody again, all over in that car, crystal. You’re the best. Love it. Love it. Love it. Partner-driven thanks, Chris.

Speaker 2 (08:47):

Thank you. Bye.