Peter (00:00):

Tuesday night live seven o’clock Eastern. Uh, I am Peter Vekselman I’m so glad you all are here. Uh, everyone’s popping on, uh, very, very exciting. Um, we’re going to get started here in just a couple minutes. I want to give everybody a chance to kind of pop on, settle in, relax. We’re going to have fun tonight. You know, sometimes we get really serious and I say, get all your pens and pencils out. And tonight you all get to juice. Enjoy you guys are going to enjoy hearing what we got to say. So if you’re married, gather your husband and your wife around and show him why does he do what you do? Because we’re going to talk success tonight. We’re going to show you what it means to be successful in this business, how we like to split deals, how we like to cash checks and all that.

Peter (00:54):

So, but along the way you will learn. You know, I always say when you’re listening and watching other successful people, no matter what they talk about, you’re kind of always learning so great to have you, for those of you that have been listening in the last couple of weeks, you guys know that I have been quarantining here at the lake house. Uh, yes. It could be worse. I don’t know how many of you all feel sorry for me. Um, but it is an amazing place, like literally right behind me. If you could see, I got about 250 miles of shoreline. Um, and uh, we’d like to take the boat out. We just actually got back about 20 minutes ago after, um, a long day, a good day, an exciting day at the office got back here. We took a quick spin and it’s to like calm, you know, you could be at level 10 and then you get out there for 15, 20 minutes.

Peter (01:51):

And you’re like a level two. So really cool. All I guys, I appreciate you guys logging in. I see a bunch of people all over the United States. Very exciting. If my partner Julie would be here, you guys know what she would say, right? Tell me where you guys are dialing in from. Um, I see DC, I see California, Alabama, Huntsville. I see Los Angeles, Charlotte, North Carolina, very familiar. My parents used to live in Matthews, so I used to go to Charlotte quite a bit. And then they moved to Providence road. So very familiar about four miles, four miles, four hours from us. I see a bunch of people in Georgia or Ohio con cocky, Illinois, where the heck is con cocky. Probably mispronouncing yet.

Peter (02:49):

Okay. I’m being told, like, I’m probably saying something as chin, but it says concoci Illinois. Uh, I see Minnesota, the llama, Georgia, what I’m doing. Good. Okay. Thanks. Uh, what’s up, Brad? I see you in the house. That’s uh, absolutely awesome. Um, yeah, it’s funny. I see the lawn I go up there and the lawn and get like literally where I am the lake I’m on connects to the lawn. And so that is a totally cool Michigan. What part of Michigan? We used to go to Michigan, uh, um, quite a bit. We did some serious skiing there. When I grew up in Ohio. I see Delaware, somebody else in Georgia, the wide gr the watch Jaak Michigan. See another place that I’ve never heard of. Amazing. Here it is. I am to teach you all something tonight, but you all are teaching me a bunch like geography.

Peter (03:56):

Hey, I hope you all are having, uh, your guys are, you know, you guys are utilizing this time. Well, you know, we’re in one of those kinds of times where so many people are forced to do things that they don’t want to do. You know, people are out of jobs that don’t want to be out of jobs. People shut their businesses. Don’t want to shut their businesses. You know, people are quarantined who don’t want to be quarantined, but it doesn’t mean you can’t prosper. Can’t mean it doesn’t mean you can’t grow. Doesn’t mean you can’t not get better at a craft such as this, or maybe whatever else you’re involved in. So, you know, this is not a time to lay, as I say, and, and here’s the bottom line. If you’re dialing in tonight, I know one thing you’re not laying low, you know, cause I don’t think anybody dials into like real estate webinars just to like, well, let me see, you know, like people dial into talk shows, podcasts, famous people, comedians, maybe TV shows like anybody sits around and has nothing to do with like real estate, you know? So that tells me you all are players. So I’m actually gonna open up this behind this.

Peter (05:05):

Okay. Yes. My wife was saying it is not hot. That she’s hot. It’s true. All right. We’ll get started here in about a minute or so. Hey again, guys, just really exciting that you guys are dialing in. We got a, we have a community-based, uh, uh, organization here. Some of you guys are part of the inner community already. Some of y’all are not, but it’s so cool. Really for me to see y’all on here week after week after week. Um, we actually, I’m going to bring on in just a couple minutes. I’m going to bring on one of our partners and I’m so excited. You know, I don’t know why we kind of got away from having partners on this. And um, I don’t know why. Cause you know, we had a lot of things going on that we wanted to share and talk to you guys about.

Peter (05:55):

And, and then all of a, like, you know, we got, we have great success is going on and we have great partners. And Pete, instead of you kind of flapping your mouth for 40 minutes, let’s listen to some partners that are really making some amazing things happen. So this is the second week in a row. Uh, we’re doing that. All right guys, well, let’s get rolling. And I like to start out kind of the same way as I always do. There’s two types of individuals. And by the way, this is something, these twos in that webinars, we’ve been doing these for a long, long time. Like this is something we corporately made a commitment to do long, long time ago. And they’ll, there’s things that have changed and we changed some things up. It’s the one thing we haven’t changed and I’ll tell you why, because it’s, to me, it is uh, very apparent.

Peter (06:47):

People get to know us through these webinars, whether you’re already a partner and it’s another way for you to connect with us or you’re not a partner yet. So many people that, that become partners in, in join us in our world and our journey like flat out, tell us, Hey, I’ve been following you guys on those Tuesday night webinars and they’re awesome. So we appreciate that. So this is why we’re so committed to doing it. Having said that I will tell you there’s two types of individuals that are listening to us tonight. You fall in one or two categories. Some of you guys are a full fledged partner. Some of you are just getting started. Some of you you’ve been with us for awhile. Some of you had done deals with us. Some you’d done multiple deals and you guys are already partners and you use Tuesday nights.

Peter (07:27):

It’s just another way to connect. I mean, that’s just really what it comes down to. Um, you know, because really as goofy as the sound, so many of our partners is they just become family. I mean, it really do. I mean, we had some of our partners pass through Atlanta here a little bit ago and, and, and, and at that point we weren’t here at the lake house. We’re at our other place. I mean, guess where they stayed. They stayed right here, you know, just like family. And, uh, and we all went out, we hung out together. We had a good time. And so as a partner, this is just like another way for you to connect. There’s 50,000 other ways you’re connecting with us. Um, but this is just another connection. And for the partners every week I tell the same thing. What do you got to do?

Peter (08:07):

Reset recharge recommit. Let’s take it to the next level. Okay. That’s it. That’s what a partner needs to do. That’s what I do on a daily basis. Some of you all are here tonight and we appreciate you guys being here who are not quite a partners yet. You know, for whatever reason, you might not know us well enough yet you may be checking us out. You, somebody may have told you about this. I mean, you guys are downlinking cause a buddy of yours, maybe a partner. And you’ve heard about this concept of partnering in real estate. And you kind of think you understand what that means, but for some reason you were, you’re like, well, I got to get clear. So you want to hear it kind of from the horse’s mouth, right? And, and, and we’re excited, you guys are here. And our objective for those of you that are not our partners, for whatever reason, our job is very simple.

Peter (08:56):

We want you to be our partner for one very important reason. We are real estate investment company, our number one goal, our number one mission, you know, somebody would say, Pete, what are you best at I’m best at doing real estate deals? That is my claim to fame. That is my expertise. If you go on the internet and Google my name, it’s going to be tied into real estate one way or another. Um, and, and so, but we also also, we’re a very unusual real estate investment company in that we are a partner driven real estate investment company. And what that simply means is that we do our deals by partnering with people across the United States. And who do we partner with? We partner with all kinds of people. It might be somebody just getting started in a business and they need to like learn it all.

Peter (09:40):

A lot of our partners started with us. They already had some things going on and some of our partners started at a ton going on, but it just needed to get to the next level for whatever reason, maybe knowledge, expertise, money, construction, whatever it is. And that’s what our partnering is all about. Because when we partner, what we corporately get out of it is we get a partner in a certain location, could be anywhere United States. And that gives us another opportunity to do more deals. That’s what’s in it for us. You know, we make no, you know, we w we’re not afraid to showcase that yet. There is a value to us having partners, all our deals come as a result of our partners. But on the flip side, we also don’t run away from the very simple fact that the real benefit is to our partners.

Peter (10:26):

Because when you’re a partner, you get to be mentored and coached. I myself, my partners, my team, and things like that, um, you get to, uh, we help you generate leads. We skip trace for you, things like that. And your marketplace, we provide all the capital. If a deal needs money provided for it, we provide all the capital to do the deals. If for some reason, construction needs to be done. We help on that aspect too. We just throw them on the market, sell them, split the frosts, and that’s our partner driven model. And so for those of you that are not quite our partners yet, we’d love for you to join. And anytime today or after the webinar, all you have to do is simply go to www partner driven, I’ve been told by people, I have to say dot www dot partner-driven dot com.

Peter (11:14):

And there you can learn more about what it means specifically to be one of our partners. Um, one more housekeeping thing this weekend, I believe it’s this weekend, uh, this Saturday, the second May 2nd, we’re having our next virtual live event and guys, um, it, we, we, we we’ve been having live events for a long time here, obviously, cause of the virus, you know, we change what for, you know, here’s what the virus did is some people that knocked them out. I mean, they’re like, oh, we can’t meet live. We can’t meet face to face. So we’re done until this is over. We feel that the live event and the value we brought in through our live event to both our partners or non partners was unbelievable. So we decided as soon as we couldn’t meet with people alive in our live events, we just made them virtual.

Peter (12:04):

We did a virtual live event. Um, I believe last month we went fantastic. We have, as a result of that, contracts were put out deals were, you know, taking place and all that. And so our next live virtual event is this Saturday, we go from 9:00 AM till about three or 4:00 PM, uh, in afternoon, where we teach you how to contact sellers, how to make calls and blah, blah, blah. It’s a lot of handholding hands-on and stuff like that. And then we actually go above and beyond because it’s virtual. It gives us the ability to actually provide more value than we did when it was live. Because, because what we do is then we break those people up in the groups and we actually spend even more one-on-one time with them in the next upcoming week where we actually make seller calls, script, go over objections.

Peter (12:58):

But the live events are very simple. It’s all about how to do the most important part of real estate. And that is, uh, getting a hold of sellers, talking to sellers, getting them, uh, to the point where they get excited, uh, show you how to negotiate the initial call, where you can take a deal from a hundred thousand to let’s say, 70,000, no problem. And it’s, it’s just, it’s about contacting sellers talking to sellers. And it’s a very hands-on. So if you’re not committed yet, all you have to do. And I know that Ralph is going to throw that link, but I believe it’s, partner-driven Partner-driven We always, even though it’s virtual, we still make it very intimate, very small. So we limit the spaces. Um, if you are not our partner, um, I think the fees $349. If you are a partner, you were emailed a special code to put in there and you get it at half price.

Peter (13:53):

If you’re a partner and you have not received that email, or you can’t find that email, just email support at partner-driven not comp support a partner and they’ll email you that code, but it’s going to be fantastic. All right, guys, let’s roll. Let’s roll. Let’s roll. Let’s roll guys. Listen, this, this is really, you know, when people say, when people ask like, Pete, you guys do these webinars and like, um, what’s your favorite topic? You know, what’s your favorite thing? What do you like to do? Blah, blah, blah. And without a shadow of a doubt, what we’re doing tonight is my favorite thing to do. And as a matter of fact, we just need to do more of it. You know, we have plenty of partners to do this with, and we need to do more. And that is, this simply showcase one of our partners.

Peter (14:34):

Okay. See, I think it gets to the point where a lot of times the biggest hangup that we individual, I know I had it when I got started. So I know a lot of people have it, but one of the biggest hangups in this business is simply this it’s that old cliche. Well, he can do it, but how do I know I can do it? Or, well, no kidding. They could do it, but there’s no reason I can do it. Well, they had all those advantages and I don’t have any of those advantages. And I promise you, 22 years ago, when I got in business, I went through all of that crap. You know, I looked at people way more successful than me. I gave them way more credit than they deserve, but ultimately became almost like a roadblock to me. It was became a mental roadblock.

Peter (15:17):

You know, I remember one time literally talking to a seller. And this is when I was doing mobile homes. I started mobile homes. I remember talking to a seller and it was like an elderly gentlemen, like in the eighties or something. And he walks out of his house. I was cold calling door knocking. He walks out of his house and he likes like, and he looks at me like in a very kind of weird way. And he’s like, son, what are you doing? And he knew what I was doing. And he’s like any like points to the mobile home across the street. He points in a mobile home next door. He points to this mobile home, that mobile home. And he’s like, what are you doing? He’s like, do you really think that you could just knock on my door or knock on somebody else’s door and get them to sell your, their property.

Peter (16:05):

And you think you could just get them to sell it to you at a great price. And you think you could do that consistently? He said, son, it took me a lifetime to build these five mobile homes here and put them all together. And guys, let me tell you something, 22 years ago, those five mobile homes to me, it’s like dropping me in the middle of Manhattan and somebody telling me I owned the whole Manhattan. That’s how intimidating that was to me. Okay. And so there were those, there was a roadblock. Oh, well, yeah. I mean, look at this guy, it took him a whole lifetime. He’s 80 years old and he bought five mobile homes. And I was thinking what the heck makes me think. So another reason why I love to have partners on board and it gives you guys an ability to look at someone other than myself or Julie is in the ability to look at someone who’s a little bit newer in the business.

Peter (16:52):

Somebody who went through it exactly to challenge. As many of you guys are going through, gives you the ability to look at somebody. Who’s probably got the same doubts along the way, some of the same questions that some of you guys have, but somebody who’s doing something about it. And that’s why we love to have partners on board. So without further ado, I want to bring on Brian Horn. One of our amazing partners, Brian, if you’re there, um, I know you’re there. Go ahead and make yourself live. Um, there you are. How are you buddy? Hey, I’m great. Pete. It’s an honor to be here with you this evening. Uh, listen to honor’s all mine. I was just telling, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but you know, to me, this is really cool for me. It’s and I always tell people, it’s like one thing for me to say, Hey, do this.

Peter (17:38):

It’s another thing for someone who’s a little bit newer in the business. Somebody who’s, you know, a little bit, hasn’t done as many deals as we have. And so Brian, you’re really cool. I mean, that’s the way I can describe you. You’re a cool dude. You’re easy to get along with you. Got you. Just your, your, your, your, to apitomy of the kind of partner somebody wants to have. In my opinion, I’ve had a lot of partners by the way, not just real estate. I used to be in a franchise and business. I used to have other businesses. So I’ve been through my share of partners and, and, and Brian, one of the things that you naturally have is you’re just a really, really, really cool guy. So instead of me kind of talking you up and telling everything about you, why don’t you tell everybody, first of all, let’s start out free real estate. Tell us about Brian.

Speaker 2 (18:25):

Well, you know, uh, it’s, it’s a long story and I don’t want to overestimate anyone’s interest here, but, you know, I, I had a very similar story to what you and Julie have spoken of. Um, I spent most of my adult life in the car rental business, um, worked my way up, uh, from the ground and, and bought some parts or bought some franchises in Colorado, actually one franchise and grew that, uh, from one location in 54 cars, up to seven locations, with 750 cars. And, uh, my partners, we just got a little bit too big for my partners and they wanted to sell and, and, um, you know, one point my, my wife for 23 years decided she didn’t want to be married anymore. And so my partner sold, my wife moved out then. And, um, through that, I started a transport employee, transportation business in Nevada. Um, that went south. I was trying to run it from Minnesota. That doesn’t work well for me. And, uh, so then I just started researching real estate. When I lived in Tulsa for a few years, I, uh, I bought and sold three or four houses and just kinda got the bug, but left it for the, uh, car rental world. And, and, uh, just worked my way up the ladder there. I spent my time and focus there. Now I’m a little older by myself and I have lots of opportunity here.

Peter (19:47):

You know, very interesting. You do have a very similar story. I’m sure if Julie was here tonight, she could relate a lot, you know, losing a business, uh, losing partnership, losing a marriage. And Julie went through the exact same thing before she got in the real estate. She had a miscarriage, she lost the high paying job, you know, she had to, she had to go bankrupt. She had to be with her dad. I mean, blob, you know, all this stuff. Interestingly though, a lot of times when that happens in life, people will look at those events and point to those events as the reason, I mean, there’ll be they’ll point back 20 years like, oh, 20 years ago, this crap happened. And this is why I am where I am today. And it’s easy to deal because there’s, Hey, you had every reason to quit, right? The wife leaves the business falls apart. You know, let’s just kind of start working at Walmart, the rest of our lives and take it easy. Tell me what made you at that point say, Nope, I quit. And I gotta just, I gotta move forward through it. And I got up and I got to find something else. What, what drove you at that point?

Speaker 2 (20:50):

Yeah, I I’ve always had the, uh, the attitude. If you get knocked down, you get backed up, never quit, just keep plugging away. And you know, life is a roller coaster and I, I, I can’t tell you enough, you know, all of the peaks and valleys that I’ve encountered over time. And so my, I I’ve, I’m a normal guy. I have nothing special about me. I just get up and I go about my business every day. You know, one of the things Pete that, that got me interested in partner-driven was the live event that she did, um, last fall, I think it was. And, uh, I attended that event and I thought to myself, well, these guys are real, they’re authentic what they say they do. And, and, you know, for you to take time, I, you know, I got a couple of photos with you and one would ULI and I thought, well, these guys are real. And so that really was what gave me the kickstart to, uh, to sign up and join you.

Peter (21:49):

All right. So let’s kind of make that transition initially. How did you hear about us? Did you hear about us through a internet, social media, somebody, you know, introduced this? What, what, how to initially was that contact made?

Speaker 2 (22:03):

Yep. It started out, uh, just, uh, some internet online searches and I’d actually signed up, uh, with an another program. And I went through the program and I just wasn’t, it wasn’t authentic. And, and it just wasn’t, I didn’t feel that connection. You know, you talk about the partner driven family, you use that word a lot and, and it didn’t have that. So when I met you after researching and, and watching videos and, and going through the process, I thought, you know, this is where I want to be. This is, this is a real partnership and not just a, you know, a way for somebody to make some money, you know, there’s, there’s real bonding where relationships that happen here at partner-driven.

Peter (22:48):

Yeah. That’s cool. Uh, let me ask you this. And a lot of times when people listen to these, they really haven’t even forget us. They haven’t really even decided that real estate is the right venture for them. And I get it. I mean, I kind of almost got forced into real estate. You know, I came out of one business. I’d hate, I had no real skill set to do anything else. Like no company was calling me to come work with me and all that. So I kind of almost like was like, this was the only thing I had, but specifically for someone like yourself, why real estate? I mean, obviously you did have other ventures, you did have other industry successes. Why real estate, what did you see in it? What do you see in it that you, that, that makes you drive this thing?

Speaker 2 (23:31):

You know, I, I th there’s flexibility here. Uh, there’s a great opportunity for income and financial freedom. Uh, I have a son and lives in Colorado in a way, and grant two grandkids and, uh, and just a great, uh, great time to be down there with them. And so I can travel back and forth. I’m not tied to an office specifically and I can travel about, so I think those were the main things. The flexibility, I like real estate. I built a couple houses, not myself, but, um, I built a couple houses in my lifetime and, and, uh, just enjoy real estate.

Peter (24:12):

Cool. Cool. Okay. So there you go. You find us you’re in the right business, because this is a business you knew you wanted to be in. You found us in the beginning, it seemed like a good fit for you. I mean, obviously we know it’s a great fit now, but back then, it was just like, you kind of went off the gut, which congratulations, uh, you know, a lot of people need like a hundred percent of the information in before they can make a decision. That’s why they never make a decision. Sometimes it’s okay to get some information and just kind of roll with it. So congratulations there. Um, I’ll tell you, and I dunno, I didn’t know if I do not know if you remembered this, but my first kind of real longer term interaction with you came a couple months back on a weekend. And again, I don’t even know if you remember this, but, um, do you know the story?

Speaker 2 (24:59):

Uh, the, the one where I called you, uh, for a little support. Yes.

Peter (25:07):

And here’s the, here’s the crazy thing about it? Like, I don’t know if he could see my background, but literally right here. I don’t know if we could see that couch. I was on this couch. I still remember that call. And what happened is Brian called me and Brian, you take over the story, first of all, why did you even call me?

Speaker 2 (25:27):

Yeah, I, uh, I had, uh, contacted a homeowner. He had three properties that he was willing to talk about Stelling. Um,

Peter (25:37):

Let’s walk it through step-by-step. How did you find out about the homeowner?

Speaker 2 (25:41):

Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So it all starts with, with your training and the program. So I, uh, I was driving for dollars one day and I tried to do that on a pretty regular basis to keep fresh on things. And so I found a property in a town that’s nearby. Um, I, I made a call, no answer. I said, well, the next step is to send a ladder Santa letter called again, no answer. So this went on for more than two weeks. And then one day

Peter (26:12):

I keep on interrupting you, but this, this is what you’re saying is powerful. So I want to make sure nobody understands. So you were driving for dollars and this is what we teach people how to literally go out and identify potential deals. What makes you pick that house? What was it about that particular property that made you say, wow, I got to check this thing out.

Speaker 2 (26:29):

Yeah. That particular property met the profile that Julie talks about in her trainings that we find on the training programs. Um, it was a vacant house. It was looked a little bit rundown, um, and you know, no, no gage, no curtains. The gutter was hanging off just a little bit. Uh, and, and so I just felt that that would be a good property. It was a nice area town, blue collar area. And, uh, so that was what prompted me to reach out to that particular homeowner.

Peter (27:02):

And how did you know who the owner was? I mean, I hear it as you’re driving for dollars, you, you, you know, utilize our training, fantastic. You know, which properties to look for how’d, you know, who owns it and how to get ahold of them.

Speaker 2 (27:13):

I use, I use the deal driven out and I pay typed in the property address and boom, there was his, his name and his information. And, and, uh, I did a skip trace to get his phone number. And,

Peter (27:27):

And again, I hate to keep interrupting you, but what you’re saying is so crucial. I want to tell everybody how powerful, what Brian just said. So driving for dollars as a technique and strategies would that we teach all our partners to do because it works. Okay. So all, all Bryant. And this is this, like, when people tell me this, just like, I always think of 20 years ago, Brian. Okay. Cause like what I have to do 20 years ago, like when I would identify property before I’d have to like, write the address, then drive another 30 minutes to, to the courthouse, whatever county I was in, I would have to like go to a special room. And they were like, these rooms suck because they were like, there wasn’t anything in them. Other than a million files I’d have to like do research for the files or height, find a Huna had to own, or was pray to God. It was the right information. It was always wrong in and do that now, now with our deal driven app it’s point and click. Right.

Speaker 2 (28:22):

Lily and that’s exactly. That’s exactly what I did there.

Peter (28:27):

Perfect. So you point and click you, did you skip trace them? Yep. Okay. So you skip traced it to our app, told you, right. You saw the right opportunity. Our, our app immediately tells you, okay, who’s here’s who the owner is. You make a call to the owner. How’s that initial call go?

Speaker 2 (28:44):

Well, again, it was, it was no answer, no response sent a letter. Didn’t hear anything for two or more weeks. And then one day out of the blue, I get a phone call. I know a number that well with the answer and see who it is. And sure enough, it was the, the gentleman that owned that property and through our conversation, you know, it’s he said, well, Brian, I’ve, I’ve actually sold that property. And I said, well, you have any other properties that you’d like to sell. And he said, well, yeah. As a matter of fact, I do, you said, I have two properties in a town that’s nearby. And then one that’s a little further away. He said, I’d like you to take a look at those and make me an offer on those.

Peter (29:25):

That is awesome. And I will 0.1 thing out that I don’t think a deal driven, used to be able to do when you initially found this deal. And this was only, you know, a month or so ago to what it does now. Now you could actually, when you say you sent a postcard now and you know, right now you could actually click another button on deal driven and boom, it’ll send a postcard to that individual. So love it, love it, love it. Okay. So the guy calls, you says, I don’t have that one, by the way, huge learning experience for everybody. So many people say, well, gosh, you know, I called, I skipped trace and I got, you know, the guy doesn’t own it. Who cares? What else does he own? Right. So beautiful work. So T he says, I got a couple others. What do you do? Then?

Speaker 2 (30:09):

I said, well, I’d sure like to take a look at them. I got the address. Does he say he lives in Iowa? So I said, what are the addresses? He gave him to me. I said, when are you going to be up here next? Cause we’d talked a little bit and always building rapport with him at that time. So we kind of became friends a little bit. And I said, you know, give me the addresses. And I plugged them into the bill driven app again and, and, uh, found out the information on them. Um, he came up, uh, about two weeks later, I believe it was, he said, let’s get together. And then that’s where, that’s where our phone call comes in because, um, my first deal and I’m thinking, holy moly, you know, I, I got these contracts that was sent to me by your office.

Speaker 2 (30:54):

And, and I’m sitting there thinking, I need to talk to somebody. I’m gonna get nervous. You know, I haven’t done a real estate deal in a while and I thought, I need a little more support. And so I made a couple calls to some other people, um, that I know, and I got no answer. I thought, you know what? I’m going to try Peter. I said, I know he’s too busy. He’s got more things to handle than then. Brian’s, uh, concerns, but sure enough, you answered. And that, that, that almost me right there. I thought, wow, this is pretty awesome. So we talked to you, you told me, you answered my questions. I went to the meeting, we signed three contracts and, uh, you know, then we’re working on it since, but you know, that’s awesome.

Peter (31:34):

Okay. Now this, th th this is it’s cooler than what you’re saying. I mean, this is what I love about you. You’re just always downplaying success, but then it’s cool. So you may, you, you, you, you and I strategized, you went in there, right? You got under contract. What price, the deal that we just closed. What price did you get it under contract for?

Speaker 2 (31:53):

Uh, we bought that one for $71,850.

Peter (31:57):

Okay. 71,000. So did you get it under contract for that price? That first meeting? Yes. Okay. So you were able to, how much was he asking? Was that the price he was asking? Did we do some negotiation?

Speaker 2 (32:09):

No. Wait, we renegotiated. He wanted to do a package deal. Okay. It gives me this big number and I, and I told him, I said, you know, I, I need to, uh, take a look at it. And I’m thinking in my mind, fast trying to come up with some numbers, you know, that would work. Uh, cause again, we’re talking about three properties and not individuals. And so, uh, I countered at a lower, lower number. Uh, and again, we’re talking about three properties and he agreed to that lower number. Then from there, uh, he wanted to meet, uh, after that it to sign the contracts. And he wanted me to break them down into individual numbers. And so it went from a big number to a reasonable number to negotiate down to three individual contract numbers.

Peter (32:58):

Okay, cool. So we got them tied up. We got this property under contract. What happens next? Well, I don’t know if this is right and I might’ve had this confused, didn’t you call me afterwards? Or did you not find,

Speaker 2 (33:15):

I called you up and said, Hey, Pete, we signed three contracts. You said killer. And we talked a little bit that and went about our business. Yeah.

Peter (33:25):

Okay, cool. Check it dead on. Awesome. All right. So walk us through, from the point that we have an under contract, how did you work with our office, with the team walk, start walking us through now, now we got under contract, which is cool. That’s where everything starts now. Start walking through how we all start moving towards closing.

Speaker 2 (33:47):

Yep. So, so we got the properties under contract. Two of them actually had tenants in, so I didn’t focus on those. Uh, but one of them was a vacant property in, so I got my re holding my realtor. I said, let’s take a look at this property. Give me an idea. You know, what’s, what’s the, as is price today. What’s the price. If we fix it up and make it nice, um, you know, we’re, where are we at? So he, he gave me those. He gave me comps. He gave me those numbers where he felt we should be. I sent all the paperwork into, uh, so your office there in the Mary. And, um, and from there, it was just, uh, it was just things just kind of float along. We did hit a couple of bumps along the way we did, you know, he wanted to close by March 31st and I’m, I’m getting a hearing it’s March 31st and we’re not ready to close.

Speaker 2 (34:39):

And we had a listing, you know, the nice thing about your contract, which I didn’t, I wasn’t even aware of. It would have never dreamed of it, but we were able to market that property from the time that we signed the contract. We, we marketed, it ended up finding a buyer before the 30 day mark. We actually ran over a little bit, but the seller stood with us. We were able to get the deal completed and closed. And I, you know, and I just can’t, you know, I told you, last time we met, I wanted to share shout out to Mary because she did a great job. I really appreciate that. And if I back up even further, you know, I, I talked to Renee one or two times, you know, here in Minnesota, he’s up here in Minnesota, uh, prior to this deal. But, uh, just the support that I’ve gotten from your staff is just amazing. And so anyway, we, we worked our way through the deal and we closed the deal and we made a little money.

Peter (35:32):

That’s awesome. But you’re amazing. Like you glossed through some of these amazing things that you’re doing and that we’re able to put together. And, and I want to, I want to kind of take a step back again because there’s some pretty cool things we did together, right? And, you know, in an average wholesale deal, the way it works is this, you get a property under contract, you find a list of you develop a list of cash buyers. You try to match up the two and make the spread and what our contracts allow our partners to do these, to do more than that, our contracts, which is really it’s unheard of. I’m just telling you, I’ve been this thing for 20 some years. This is unheard of, but our contracts literally allow us to take a property under contract and before we have to close on it, pre-market it.

Peter (36:17):

And what Brian was with meant by saying that is we have the ability to have that property listed on MLS. And let me tell you something, there is no one in the world that has a bigger cash buyers list and MLS. So what we’re able to do on our side, on our wholesale deals, which really nobody else is able to do. I don’t know anyone else doing this. Um, at least not legally, we’re doing it in a very legal, very systematic way is we’re able to expose our wholesale properties literally to the world. And we’re when we’re able to do that, we’re able to, uh, make more on them, get more cash buyers, interested in them and take our chances of closing on them from like skyrocket and absolutely skyrocket. So we found a local, a realtor, right? Brian. So we had under contract for 71 8. And, uh, what’s the, what’s the realtor, his name was human shout out to him.

Speaker 2 (37:12):

Oh yeah, yeah. Dan Kavanaugh.

Peter (37:15):

[inaudible] Dan, Kevin. I love it. And I know where we’re utilizing him and this, this, and, and, and, and by the way, uh, just last week, uh, for our partners, we had a round table. We do virtual round tables once a week. And we brought some of our most successful agents. I don’t know if you were part of that, Brian, but we brought some of our most successful real estate agents. Like somebody we use here in Atlanta, Ivan, um, Lindsey up in Chicago when we did a round table with all our partners and just told them, told them the value and how to correctly utilize local agents. So that was awesome. So, uh, Mr. Kavanaugh is going to be part of that. He I’m hearing his name more and more. Brian that’s awesome. Big, big kudos to him and let him know. We appreciate it. So he puts, he pre-list it. We got it for 71 8, let’s say 72. What did we pre, what was our listing? What was our sales price?

Speaker 2 (38:09):

I ran upselling it, I believe for 95,000 was the gross on that one.

Peter (38:14):

Um, okay, cool. So we got it for 72, uh, that we, uh, we listed it for 95 or do we actually sell it for 95?

Speaker 2 (38:23):

No, we actually listed it for one 15. That was our initial testing.

Peter (38:28):

Perfect. So they want aggressive, what we always teach people to do go aggressive. And we went from 72 and selling it through the pre-listing through MLS for 95, right? Yes. Yeah. We paid our realtor commission and if there was any other commission involved and this is so cool. So we close this deal last week and I wish I would have saved this Brian, but like last Thursday I get this, uh, God, I wish I was to tell you that I should’ve had Mary texted to me. I get this text from Mary. And it says something like, because what happens is whenever we close deals, the Brian with, with our partners, I just wire money to them. You know, it’s like money comes in. We just split the deal in half and half gets wired out and it’s all exciting. People get excited. And then we do high fives. We cheer, we encourage everybody and all this, but I get this weird text from Mary he’s, like do not wire. When you do not wire. Tell him, tell him a little, what happened, Brian? Why did Mary tell me why are your money? Yeah.

Speaker 2 (39:26):

Yeah. I, I told Mary, I said, you know, Mary, I’d rather have a paper check. If you do paper checks, I, I want to take a photocopy of it. I want to put up here in my office, on the wall. And everyday when I’m sitting here making calls, I’ll be looking at that saying, wow, I can do this again.

Peter (39:43):

That, that is amazing. And by the way, uh, we closed the deal a couple of days ago. I split up the, I haven’t done a paper check for partners, Brian, I think in like forever. Okay. But I just

Speaker 2 (39:58):

The norm.

Peter (40:05):

No, I think that is, I mean, I think that is absolutely awesome. You know, the one thing is, I think part of being successful is always have something to drive you. Right. And, and just kind of reminding us, you know, that first deal, that first contact at first negotiations that first, first, first, first, first it’s a way to drive it. So I think it is absolutely absolutely phenomenal what you’re doing there. And, and, and here’s the other thing is, so now Brian, you and I are working like, literally you and I are working together, aren’t we?

Speaker 2 (40:32):

Yes, we are.

Peter (40:36):

Because, you know, you know, sometimes people say, well, Pete, what are you into at 40 Verde done all these deals. And you’re just looking and you know what, all condo alluded now we’re in this thing to do deals. And so when I, when I personally see someone like Brian, who’s, who’s, you know, no nonsense, no excuse, no. Like, oh, why this, why that, you know, I, I personally take interest in, in partners like that. And so Brian and I have accountability going every day, right. Um, every day you’re reporting to me, you’re telling me what you’re doing. I’m kind of, you know, making sure that you get things done. Um, so tell us a little bit about some of the things you have going on now in terms of some potential deals.

Speaker 2 (41:17):

So I met, I actually met with a homeowner, um, yesterday with my realtor. Uh, we looked at a couple of properties, um, working through some numbers there, trying to see if we can make those work. Um, in, in every day, um, my, I have a goal. I, my goal is to make contact or at least attempt contact at cause I do work a full-time job. So my goal is to every day to make 25 attempts, you know, at the minimum, uh, to contact. So every day I’m doing something. And then of course, when I do that, I kind of report back to you to let you know where I’m at, what successes we had, you know, and I’m running across to all of them, all of the same challenges that everybody else is running across. And, you know, consistency, I think is important. Um, you know, set goals and do a task every day. It builds, builds momentum. And when you build momentum, you build success. And so that’s kind of, kind of how I approach every day when I, when I make my,

Peter (42:18):

Oh, that’s awesome. And what, what are the numbers that you hear from me every day

Speaker 2 (42:25):

Five to seven, I’m going to tell that’s going to be my new hashtag five to seven,

Peter (42:30):

Seven. I love it. Tell everybody what five to seven means

Speaker 2 (42:33):

Five to seven deals under contract all the time.

Peter (42:36):

That’s it. Five to seven deals under contract. See the good thing about real estate that so many people, a lot of people think real estate’s luck. It’s like, oh, he got lucky. Or like, oh, he happened to be at the right place at the right time. And no, it’s not real estate actually is a very predictable business. You know, real estate is a very, is a business that literally could be charted out. You know? Um, it’s not a free for all. It’s not, I got lucky. It’s not, I just happen to. And so one of the thing that I’m teaching Brian right now is there some milestones and he, and I have some goals that we want to get Brian to and things like that. And the first milestone in this business is five to seven, five to seven properties under contract at all times.

Peter (43:17):

And so what I told Brian is very simple. When you have five to seven properties in a contract all the time, here’s, what’s going to happen. Some of them are gonna fall out. They’re just not gonna be deals. You know, for whatever reason we got off on a wrong numbers, you know, sellers changed their mind. We couldn’t make the deal work, whatever it always happens, some are going to get postponed, right. And Brian’s got a couple of deals right now that they’re just postponed. You know, they’re just going through some issues. We’re going to get them done at a later time. And some are going to close now, simple as that. So when you have five to seven legitimate deals under contract, some fallout, some get postponed and some close, and that way you will get consistently to the point where you’re closing deals consistently a couple of months, a couple of months, couple of months.

Peter (44:03):

And that’s my first goal with our partners to get them to the point that we can consistently close on a monthly basis. And then we take it to the next level. Okay. Here’s how we go to consistently close a couple on every month. Here’s how we go to consistently closing one a week. Once we hit those numbers. Okay. Here’s how we go to the next level. Okay. And so we kind of, stair-step it all the way through the process. Uh, anyway, Brian, listen, I love it. I love it. I appreciate you taking the time today. Um, I want to see a picture when you get that check and I want to see it mounted on the wall. Okay. And then I’m gonna throw it back in your face every single day. Okay. I’m going to say five to seven and I’m going to quote that thing back at you because we got to get to the next, I love it.

Peter (44:53):

That’s awesome. I mean, that’s really what it is. I mean that it’s just being consistent, being persistent, having that next level you want to get to and all that. So listen, Brian, you’re, you’re, you’re awesome. I mean, that’s all I could say. You’re, you’re a great partner, you know, at my level, in this business, if I do another 20 deals or another 30 deals, I mean, it’s cool, but you know, whatever, it’s just another deal. But when I have another Brian in my life, when I have another, uh, friendship like yours, when I have another person that I can honestly say, you know what? I was a little part. I was just a little bit part that, that means the world to me. You know, when I got started money was everything because I was broke. I was destitute. And back then, that’s how I counted success.

Peter (45:33):

You know, how we count success now in our environment is how many people that we’re partnering with that are actually doing deals. So you’re awesome. You’re the best. I’m going to challenge you more and more because Brian, you are also the other thing that you have that I think he was more than I knew. You’re very relatable. You know, I don’t think I’m the most relatable person to people across the spectrum. You’re a very, very, very relatable because you’re just down to earth. You were just a great, great person. So my challenge to you, and I’m one public with it now, Brian, okay. I want us to get the five to seven. No I’m doing it. I want us to get the five to seven very quickly. And at least once a month, whether it’s through these bigger webinars or a smaller ones, I want to kind of, I want people to hear your story.

Peter (46:19):

I really do because you are somebody people can relate to you. You have that, you kind of, you have that inspirational thing about you. You know what I mean? Um, so I want to challenge you to not only help yourself, but I’m going to challenge you tonight to help other people, okay. And the way you’re gonna help other people is you’re going to get more and more successful. So listen, I appreciate it. I’m glad you’re on today. Um, and I’ll finish this off to myself, but thanks. Hey, one other parting thing, there’s people listening tonight that are not part of our partnering program. And they’re like, well, I don’t know. I don’t know, man. You know what, what the hell is this? Tell them, should they partner?

Speaker 2 (47:04):

Absolutely. Absolutely. I I’m 100% sold on, on you and partner driven. And I would recommend to anybody out there that’s on the fence to join up. If, if I can do it, if Peter can get me to the point where I’m selling properties, they can get you there too.

Peter (47:22):

That’s awesome. Ah, Brian, I appreciate it. I’ll finish off myself, signing off and I want to accountability today. Send me a text. I will do it. I will do. Thanks. Have a good night. Thanks. Appreciate it. Thanks. Hey guys, listen, and this is what it’s all about. I mean, you know, we could sit here and when we could dissect the partner driven model, I could sit here and tell you why I did the partner driven model. I could sit here and say, I want to do more deals. I could sit here and say, well, I want to go from 3000 deals to 5,000 deals, but this is it. I mean, this is it. This is the result of what we’ve done. It’s real life people doing real life deals, um, with our help. I mean, that’s really the best way to describe it. And um, for those of you that are our partners, we really, really need you to do more.

Peter (48:09):

I mean, we really do. I want you to commit more because every one of our partners, every one of our partners needs to be on this, uh, on the, on these calls. I mean, we really, this is what it’s all about. You know, we want you to battle for, you know, 22 years ago when I got started in this thing and I lost everything. And when I lost, when I say I lost everything, I mean, I was sleeping in a car some nights, okay. That’s how screwed up. I, uh, you know, how bad I screwed up this business. Um, but somebody along the way back then challenged me and they said, Pete, you got to, you got to do this thing. You gotta do this thing because you can help other people do this thing. And I never knew how that would happen. I didn’t know how that would manifest itself, how, how I could ever help anybody much less myself.

Peter (48:50):

Okay. And this is it. This is the partner driven model. It was, was what they were talking to me about back then. Um, so if you’re a partner reset, recommit recharged, let’s get it to the next level. If you’re not a partner yet. And you’re serious about this business, let’s get started. Okay. I mean, that’s, it let’s get started. Um, we are, we are a full-fledged, we’re all in, we’re working with, with, with, with, uh, individuals like Brian all over the United States. And we have more capacity to do that. I mean, we are, even in this quarantine, we are so committed. I mean, Julie and I were in our office today for six hours doing stuff. Um, you know, before I got on this call, I was talking to her, you know, uh, our third partner Roth about, okay, here is what we got to do and, you know, blah, blah, blah.

Peter (49:34):

It’s w we are, we are doubling tripling, quadrupling down right now. We see incredible opportunities, uh, in terms of expanding our partner program. And we see incredible opportunities about helping more and more partners to do more and more deals. So if you’re ready, if you’re serious, if you’re beyond tire kicking, if you’re quitting, you know, if you’re beyond just looking for that next, quick rich scheme, if you’re ready to do things, go to partner, www dot partner-driven dot com register there. One of our team members will, you know, we’ll touch base. Um, if you just need another kick kind of like, okay, what then go register for a live event, virtual love event this weekend. And I’m sure somewhere in there Rafa has the, that up also, but that’s a, partner-driven live www dot partner-driven And, uh, and you’ll see how we interact with you.

Peter (50:26):

I mean, it’s a great way to test this out. You’ll see what Julie and I are all about. And that whole day, the Saturday, we are going to teach you how to connect with sellers in your marketplace. Um, there’ll be lead flow for you. I mean, we do a lot of cool things. So anyway, that’s all I got guys. I love these Tuesday nights. Really enjoy them. The Lake’s calling me though. I got it. I got to take the boat out for one more spin, but I love it. I enjoyed it guys. Uh, partner-driven we’re all in. We want you guys to be part of it. Thanks guys. Bye.


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