Speaker 1 (00:00):

So many here from, uh, the warm and sunny beaches of lake Lanier, Georgia. All right. When was the last time you heard that name? So, uh, appreciate everybody joining us here tonight. We’ve got a lot of people jumping on, so I’m going to give everybody a minute or soda, jump on. Don’t be shy. Introduce yourself. Tell us where you’re dialing in from calling in from, um, always, always love to hear where, where, uh, our participants are from. Like I said, I am, uh, here in our, I guess this is like B camp beginning to be known as our quarantine house. Cause this is like last year we literally spent one, not even one. We spent like four or five days out of the whole year at our lake house. And now since the quarantine hit and we’ve been here for like 60 days straight, so yeah.

Speaker 1 (01:02):

Uh, I rival to anybody have a better location where you’re quarantined and right here. So, um, I see people from Indiana. I see people from Florida, a couple of Georgian friends, uh, Alabama, actually, we’re just in Alabama. Yesterday. We went to, um, Florida and a route, took us through Alabama. Um, amazing story in Alabama. We’d like stop too. We were with some friends and one of our friends wanted to stop at a nursery in Alabama to see if there’s any kind of cool plants and, um, picked up a couple of plants or get in the car. Um, and, and we’re like, man, there’s some unbelievable strawberries inside your nursery. We wanted to buy him. And one of the guys said, oh man, love to sell them to you. But peak, if they’re already spoken for, we specifically pick them for the people that come here and then they pick them up later.

Speaker 1 (02:00):

And literally, as I was pulling out of my, with my car, uh, the guy comes running out. It’s like, ah, man here. And so the great people of Alabama, uh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It was a great, great gesture and we all feasted it on a bunch of big Alabama, uh, strawberries. We got South Carolina represented, uh, Texas represented, uh, coming Georgia. That’s literally like for those of you don’t know, uh, I’m in Gainesville, Georgia. And we got somebody here from, Georgia, which is like literally 15 minutes from the house. So glad you’re here. Uh, Charlotte, North Carolina, very familiar about four miles, four miles, about four hours, literally from where I’m sitting right now. Um, so awesome. Awesome. Glad you guys are dialing and got people from Pennsylvania, Houston Nashville, uh, in the house, California literally just got off the phone. I w when I saw California, I almost had to look at the who the partner’s name was.

Speaker 1 (03:11):

Cause literally just got off the phone with one of our amazing, amazing California partners. Um, and, uh, as people are dialing in and dialing on and jumping on, we appreciate it. Quick story about a California partners. So California went into lock lockdown mode. Um, I guess about the same time we did, they kind of rode the initial wave. And I still remember when they went into lockdown. Um, I was talking to phone with my partners and I’m like, so what’s going on? And he’s like, everything’s shut down. Title companies. Aren’t closing, uh, county courthouses are shut down. So we can’t file deeds. We can’t record needs in California on those states that even if you do a quick turn, you gotta record your deed before you, uh, uh, do the second part of the transaction. And it was like literally within 24 hours, everything, when the quarantine hits shutting down, I mean, like everything we were, we were out of business.

Speaker 1 (04:10):

I mean, it was, it was that, that quick and that severe. And, and the reason I love to share this story is that within three to four days we were fully operational, right? Like people found out how to do things from home closing attorneys, closing agents, like move their staff in their house and not in their houses, but individual houses, uh, somehow courthouses figured out how to keep on recording documents and deeds. So it’s just, I mean, that’s just, that is, that is like, to me, I will tell you some of them, you know, we’re all gonna remember, uh, this quarantine for different things. I mean, let’s face it. Some people are gonna re member quarantine for like extreme things this way. Some are going to record, remember this quarantine for extreme things this way, I’ll tell you where I’m going to be. I’m going to be like extreme this way.

Speaker 1 (05:04):

And that is just the engine nuity of things we’re seeing that people are doing and taking place to not slow now, not to be stopped, you know, not to be barricaded, not to be put in a position where they can operate. I mean, I could tell you story upon story where it’s like a state went into shutdown mode and within three or four days, you know, we, our partners along with our staff, we’re like, okay, here’s what we got to do here. So I got to figure it out. And, and it’s just that to me, that’s what this thing was all about. So anyway, glad you guys are all on board. Um, we got some really, really good stuff today. I mean, um, I’m gonna bring on here in, uh, in, in, in, in about five, 10 minutes, one of our partners and guys, let me tell you something.

Speaker 1 (05:49):

It, it’s, it’s one thing for, for me to sit here and just, and, and talk about maybe myself, maybe our investment, maybe our deals, maybe our success stories and our, our, you know, and that’s, that’s cool, you know, but I will tell you for us here at partner-driven, I think for everyone, everyone who’s involved at the partner driven level from the top down are our most amazing things to share and to talk about and to, and, and to showcase our, our partners across the nation. And so you guys are, you guys are in for a treat. Let me tell you something. Um, like I said, w we’ll we’ll, we’ll bring Eugene onboard and just a little bit, but you guys just like, this is like one of those things. And I, I can’t remember the last time I said this, but I will tell you tonight, this is one of those things.

Speaker 1 (06:46):

Like if you’ve got kids, you know, if you’ve got wise, if you’ve got husbands who may be like, uh, maybe I don’t know what, what dad or mom does, uh, maybe you have some people that aren’t a hundred percent supporting you, you guys, you guys got to hear Eugene story. Uh, and, and so this is going to be really, really cool. It’s not only going to be inspirational for you all, but I promise you anybody, you can kind of get gathered around the living room, um, your computers, um, it would be really, really, really worth it. Cause, uh, we’ve got a really, really special, uh, guest with us tonight. So guys I’ll start the same way I started all the time. I want to tell you just a little bit, this is not about us. This is about our, uh, this is our, about our model.

Speaker 1 (07:32):

This is about our partners. This is about our communities is about our family. Um, uh, but to kind of how do we get here, right? Not people know. Well, gosh, did you guys just like one day wake up and like become this partner driven world partner driven community and the answer’s kind of, yes. I mean, you know, it just kinda started a little bit here and then I got a little bit bigger and a little bit bigger and a little bit bigger, and guys I’m telling you right now, it was getting bigger and bigger and bigger, but here’s our history. You know, I personally, obviously my name is Peter [inaudible] 22 years in a business. Um, just did what, what all investors do lost a ton of money, make good money, you know, uh, rode the cycles of real estate, approached the cycles of real estate down.

Speaker 1 (08:20):

Um, but really ultimately after many years in this business, you know, the really settled in to very, very, um, sound real estate model. Uh, now conceptually the model was very simple. You know, I’m an investor built a nice real estate investment company around me. And, uh, it was is what us investors do. It’s like fine deal. Do deals, CDL, do deals C deal, do CDL, do deal. And for years that was our model, right? And we did tons and tons of real estate deals. You know, I did, you know, thousands and thousands of real estate deals. Um, we were running on all cylinders, you know, even I had a call center that was taking inbound seller calls. We had days where we were, we had hundreds and hundreds of sellers call us. Um, and so the model was great. We were excited. And then we do what anyone else really does.

Speaker 1 (09:13):

Who’s in the business world. You know, like if you have a job, what’s the goal. The goal is to, you know, to, to move through the ranks, right, to move up the food chain, to get promoted, to make more money. Well, it’s no different if you own a business, you know, if you own a business and you get it to the point where it somewhat becomes successful, you do the next thing, you kind of start moving up, the food chain you start progressing. And so is our real estate investment model, uh, started to and began to progress. Um, I started doing what other investors do in real estate to grow and progress. Like for instance, I started increasing our territory. You know, we, we, we initially went from just having Georgia market. We set up an office in Florida in Jacksonville, Florida, and we started really killing it in that model.

Speaker 1 (10:02):

Um, and then we progressed to some other states and set up offices. Ultimately, I think we had about, uh, 15 or 17 locations across United States all the way from the east coast, all the way to the west coast, California, where we had a local presence and we were doing real estate deals with, okay. So that was our first kind of big, big expansion mode. And then we continue to thinking this through, okay, well, how do we get this? Now we got, you know, 15, 17 locations locked down, but United States is way bigger than 15 or 17. How do we take it to the next level? How do we take it up a notch? And so slowly our partner driven model began to take shape. You know, we started thinking like, what if we like start partnering with people, not based upon, um, like we only have 15 locations, but what if we like anywhere, anywhere we find real legitimate people, uh, whether they’re beginner investors or advanced as many answers, uh, advanced, uh, investors.

Speaker 1 (11:03):

And we literally true do true partnerships and we’re going to bring everything we got to the table, everything that we’ve learned, everything, you know, uh, all the monies that we’ve raised, all, we’re going to bring everything to the table and we’re going to pour it into like the investment is going to be into that local partner where we help them support him, teach him, educate them, mentor them, generate leads for them, uh, provide capital when they need it, help them with construction. What if we started investing our time and money into not real estate deals, but into actually people across the United States. And let’s start, let’s start doing that. And then as we start to selling these properties that we started doing together, let’s just split the profits and really literally where the model started. And, and I could tell you, it just took off like hotcakes.

Speaker 1 (11:59):

Okay. You know, to the level, you know, to bring it to where we are today. We have partners all over United States. Okay. And, and, and some of you guys are here tonight and we’re so glad you guys are here. You know, Tuesday nights is kind of the one we call it the open mic, right. Where everyone’s welcome. Right. Whether you’re a partner, maybe you’re not a partner. Maybe you’re thinking about being a partner. That’s what tonight’s all about. So some of you guys listening in to us tonight, you guys are already partners and, and you guys know exactly what I’m going to tell you, right? Because I tell my partners the same thing every day, when we’re connecting, it is a time for you to reset, recharge recommit, and just take it to the next level. And so some of you guys already are partners.

Speaker 1 (12:43):

You’re taking full advantage of everything we, we provide. And we do some of you guys, we’re doing deals with some of you guys. We’re not quite doing deals with some of you guys are just getting started. Some of you guys would put it longer with those shorter with us, but it’s like, it’s a family to community. And Tuesday night is just another time for us to connect and, and, and, and hang out and learn from each other. And, uh, and, and again, it’s a, it’s a time for you guys to just kind of get a little bit more piece of, of, of what we do here at partner-driven now the second set of people that are with us here tonight. You’re not quite a partner partners yet. And I get it. Okay. Because, you know, partnership is a serious commitment, right? No matter what, you know, partner is a friend partner is a husband or life partner as a business partner.

Speaker 1 (13:27):

You know, we, we, I never took those decisions seriously. You know, I wanted to know if I was going to partner with someone, you know, before I analyze the thing I was partnering with, I’m going to analyze my partner. Right. I mean, I don’t care how great the thing is that we’re going to do. If I got the wrong partner, I’m like cutting myself in the throat the day we start. Okay. So, and, and we understand that, we appreciate that. We’re glad you guys are here. So for those of you that are not our partners, we are going to just, we’re going to share with you guys tonight and we want you to get a feel about, are we the people, are we the community? Are we the, uh, corporation, um, you know, are we just overall the kind of individuals that you want to do deals with and partner with?

Speaker 1 (14:12):

You know, do we have that kind of good feeling about each other? And so for you, for those of you that are not yet our partners, you know, we don’t hide our mission statement. We want you to be our partners. Okay. That’s really the bottom line. So as much as I love that you guys are listening to us that you’re here tonight, that you’re dialing in, um, or that you’re zooming in. I don’t even know if zoom was even a big time word a couple months ago, but everyone knows the word zoom now. Um, what, how were you guys got here? And however, you are listening to us in a live environment or recorded environment, and you’re not white our partner yet, so glad you’re here preciate it, and we want you to be our partners. You know, we feel like, um, I really, I’ll be honest with you.

Speaker 1 (14:53):

And I know it sounds so goofy when I say it. And it sounds like almost like, well, that’s little pompous and that’s a little bit arrogant. So I, I gotta make sure I say this in the right way. But as an investor, who’s been at this thing for 22 years as an investor, that’s done thousands of deals as an investor. That’s made a ton, lost a ton and just been, you know, to, to, to kind of all the extremes of this business. I can tell you if, if 22 years ago I had someone who was willing to partner with me and coach me and mentor me and educate me and generate leads and opportunities for me and provide me capital. So I don’t have to go out there and try to figure out how the whole capital game works, um, and help you with the construction, which is by the way, where I lost almost all my money when I got started in the construction piece, uh, and, and then do deals with me and like, still let me have 50% of the deal.

Speaker 1 (15:45):

I’d be like I’m in. Um, and so that is all to say that I feel like our partner program is, is an incredible opportunity for those of you that want to be in this business, and that are serious about doing this business. So if, if, if somewhere along the line today, you’re like, okay, I’m ready to, I’m beyond talking. I’m about kind of, um, beyond thinking about this thing. I want to do deals for you. You need to just check us out a little bit further, do some more research and see what we’re all about at www dot www dot partner-driven dot com. You’ll see testimonials there, you’ll see our partners. You know, you’ll see what the partnership is. A little bit more nuts and bolts there. If you love it the way you think, we think you will put your information in there, and then a member, a member of our team, we’ll, uh, we’ll touch base with you.

Speaker 1 (16:38):

And literally within like literally within 24 to 48 hours, we could be often going. And, um, as I tell, our new partners was go to work. Okay. All right. So that’s that out of the way. So now this is what tonight’s all about for those of you that are listening tonight, you are here because not really because of me, um, hopefully, you know, I probably have something to do with it, but you here to hear a story. And I think one of the most, this is the thing. I think one of the most important things we have when we do something, okay, it doesn’t matter what level you’re at. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new beginner. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing this forever, but one of the most amazing and inspirational things that could keep you in the game, keep you in the game long enough, keep you fired up.

Speaker 1 (17:28):

Keep you fired up long enough is to hear other success stories. Okay. I mean, that is just like, it’s so interesting. It’s just, this just hit me just literally about 30 minutes ago, I was on YouTube and I was listening to an interview that LeBron James, no one has to know who everybody knows who LeBron James is. It was an interview. LeBron James did last night or this morning. And it was about a series that he’s watching that Michael Jordan starts and starts in. I forgot what it is, but there’s a big mini series right now with Michael Jordan. And look, you don’t have to know basketball to know that LeBron James is the, is the, like the, one of the best, if not the best basketball player in the world. And they asked them, well, what’d you think about this mini series that Jordan starring it.

Speaker 1 (18:12):

And his answer was very simple. Inspiring makes me want to get out there on a court and do it makes me, you know, makes me realize why I do what I do. Right? So if the person at the highest level in their profession can get inspired by success stories, I could tell you, we all can, you know, sometimes I’ll be honest with you, you know, like somebody could say, well, Pete, let me teach you something. Or let me talk to you about someone who was successful, who did that? I think across the board, I would say, let me listen to somebody who was successful in teaching me. And because that won’t put me to, you know, that won’t put me to bed, they won’t like bore me to tears. All right, let me listen to somebody who was already doing it. Let me show you, show me somebody who’s successful at it.

Speaker 1 (18:59):

Somebody’s got, you know, some kind of, you know, something to hang my hat on. Right? And so to me, to me, listening to other people in my own field, or for you listening to other people in your field is probably the most important things that we can do as real estate investors. You know, I could tell you, um, almost every day I try to listen. Like if I get up early, early, or sometimes if I’m driving in a car, I’m not listening to like the technical stuff about real estate, because ultimately there’s like, you know, it’s, it’s like, there’s only so much you can learn about real estate, you know? But like, you know what, I’m listening to, I’m listening to like other successful people tell their stories, right? Because that’s inspiring to me because like, when a truly successful person tells their story, they’re not just telling you, well, look, I got in and I made a billion dollars and look at me now, and it’s so easy and I didn’t have to do any work.

Speaker 1 (19:57):

And I just kind of flipped the switch. And here I am. Now, the reason I like to hear other people’s stories is not just for that. I mean, that’s all well and good. Right. But I want to listen to their story of like how they got there, right? Because like sometimes, you know, you’re doing something like I’ll be doing something and I’m like, I must be an idiot because I just, this isn’t working. This isn’t going anywhere. Uh it’s it’s taking way too long. And then I’ll like, listen to somebody else who’s been through this. And they’re like, well, let’s see, I got started. I was an idiot. It took longer than I thought it wasn’t going anywhere. I lost it all. I’m like, oh, okay, good. So I’m on track. Right? And by the way, that’s how I built this business. I built this business by like hanging on the, kind of the shreds of other people’s clothes who were ahead of me. Right. Because when I got started, like everything went wrong, like forget just losing money. But I was like literally to the point where I was embarrassing myself. Okay. And so, um, other people’s stories is cool. So this is like a way or very, very long-winded conversation. But I mean, I got a special, special, special place in my heart for the partner. I wanna introduce you Eugene, you there somewhere.

Speaker 1 (21:13):

You come in on Our, you buddy.

Speaker 2 (21:20):

Pretty good. Pretty good. Doing pretty good.

Speaker 1 (21:23):

Awesome. Well, for those of you that don’t know Eugene, uh, it’s Eugene Faulkner. I’m doing great by the way. And I’m so glad you’re here to join us here today. Uh, Eugene hails from the amazing state of Illinois, um, and, uh, and you and Eugene, and then I’m going to turn this over to you cause I’ve been talking way too long, introducing. Okay. But you literally truly hold a very, very, very special place in my heart because honestly, your story mirrors, my story, actually, your story is nowhere near as bad as my story, but I’m like always try to bring people to my level. But so my story was a lot more extreme. It took me a lot longer to do this. I lost a lot more money. I had a lot more failures, you know, blah, blah, blah. But at the same time, at the same time you got be fair. You know, I do think our story is somewhat intersect, align and, and let’s face it when we find other people like ourselves, we kind of, we, we, we, we do have those special places in our hearts. So before we get into the nitty gritty, taught how everybody bought Eugene, like before real estate was even in your world, what was in your world and what did your world look like?

Speaker 2 (22:33):

Well, actually I was, I’m a chef working at this retirement facility for 14 years. And, um, basically I got tired of not being able to progress in life. I didn’t see where I was going to try to get ahead of somewhat. So I decided that I was going to try to go into real estate. So I, um, end up doing some research on it here and there. And, um, and, uh, going into fixing, flipping and buying a property on my own, which I thought that I can do on my own, which I know now you need your partners, but, um, yeah. And, uh, the process of me going into the fix and flipping all along, it was just, um, something that I wasn’t prepared for, you know, um, and my family, um, the time, the investment of the money, you know, I’m going into our savings and everything. And, um, it kind of pretty much just backfired on me. So from there on, I said, I’m gonna

Speaker 1 (23:32):

Go back to the joint, But this is very important we were talking about because I know there’s some people that are listening to us tonight that that is literally a legitimate option for them. They’re like, well, why would I want to partner with somebody? You know, why would potentially want to give up any profit? I mean, look, anybody can do this. Anybody could see a property, evaluate a property, buy a property, fix a property. So tell us some problems you ran into specifically when you try to do this by yourself.

Speaker 2 (24:03):

Well, basically I had contractors not showing up on time, not completing the work when it needed to be completed. Um, realtors giving me a price where they thought it should be sold at and it’s set for months. So I got killed on that. Um, basically it was just all around disaster somewhat. And so then I went back to the drawing board and said, what do I need to do? So I went on YouTube. This is why I found you guys. And, um, went through the process of, um, looking at everything to see how you guys were doing your businesses and everything. And I kind of grabbed onto the concept of home partner. I can, I can use a partner because me doing this by myself, I’m going to be a upside down for a long time. So, um, once I found you guys, I did a little bit of research and then I liked the way you and Judy, you know, was giving it where you all came from from a similar background of how you started off from the ground and worked your way, your way up. And so, um, I kind of grasp onto that. And, um, from there on, I gave you a call and invested into the program, which I’m right now is been a big success. So here I am.

Speaker 1 (25:20):

Well, let’s, let’s talk a little bit about that. So you kind of go down at yourself by the way, every mistake you made. I made myself personally, I just did it at a higher level. And like, I like everything else instead of doing like one property and losing some money, I decided to do six properties and lose a lot of money when I got started. So that was probably like my biggest mistake. Um, so now you go back to the drawing board, you start doing research, right? You’re like the concept of getting help starts making sense to you, which is smart. You know, you caught yourself at a time before it was too late. And by the way, that’s another piece in real estate. A lot of people do not catch themselves quick enough. And some mistakes in real estate, are you repairable? You know, let’s face it.

Speaker 1 (26:05):

If you lose like all of your money, you know, it’s hard to just kind of gain it back while your credit. It’s hard to just go to sleep and wake up with your credit back in tech. Right? So real estate is one of those businesses that I sometimes point out to people. You know, there’s some things, there’s some businesses where you can make some errors and you’re going to be like, oh, okay, right. Like you can start a dry cleaning and somebody gives you a shirt and you could lose it. And like, well, okay. So now I have to invest on a $50 and two shirt, chances are, it’s not going to put you out of business. You know, you get into real estate and you buy a hundred thousand dollar home and you think it’s going to cost you like 30,000 to fix. And it cost you 60,000 to fix, which guess what been there, done that, um, you know, that could wipe you out. So I’m glad we, okay. So now you start realizing you need some help. You start going on. If they found us on YouTube, the one thing that was interests me, because I like, I’m like not the only one on YouTube. I know that there’s like thousands of others, people on YouTube specifically about us. Uh, what was it about, uh, you know, what was it that caught your eye about this?

Speaker 2 (27:19):

Well, I did a lot of, I did a lot of research with other investors also, but, um, it was just something about you and Juliana. Um, you just, it just seemed like I was a good fit for you guys know from here on now from, well, from the research that I saw and then from all the testimonials, from other people that I saw that worked with you guys also.

Speaker 1 (27:43):

So you do the research, you got a good feel for it, which is important because like when you get in trouble, you start getting feels like, okay, this is not a direction I want to go into, or this is a direction I want to go into. So back then, were you still a chef? Yes. Okay. So you were still,

Speaker 2 (28:03):

I quit my job. Yes. But just part-time though. I ended up

Speaker 1 (28:09):

Okay, got it. So you were working part-time but obviously the one thing you did is you made a decision that this was going to be your future. Right, exactly. Then another great point. I mean, to you, like, just as you talk, you bring up so many good points, you know, I always tell, sometimes I tell people like, they’ll like, well, Pete, I’m not as far along as I want to be. I’m not as successful as I want to be. You know, I’m not as this, as this, as this. And then what do you know? The thing I always try to do is I try to kind of evaluate what it is they’re doing. Right. And, and I’ll tell you, I think the biggest issue that I find with people is that they don’t treat this thing seriously enough right now, you know, it’s kind of like sometimes I know in my life, sometimes my back had to be against the wall for me to like, do anything like in college I had to like, just about totally fail to like start figuring out, okay, I’d better get my crap together or I’m going to be living under the bridge, you know?

Speaker 1 (29:07):

So, um, and I know, um, and, and by no means, would I tell somebody, okay, get in this thing and quit doing what you’re doing, but this is what I do tell people, act as if, act as if your back is against the wall. You know, when you, any kind of business act as if your next mortgage payment comes from this business, you know, spending your time as if this is the only thing you’re doing. And I know for some people it’s impossible to literally do that, but at least mentally, at least mentally, that’s a, that’s a very important piece. All right, cool. So you’re going, part-time as being a chef, would, you know, soon you’re going to let your, you were letting that go anyway. And so start walking us through kind of the initial steps of us working together.

Speaker 2 (29:54):

Well, um, I got on a call with you. I got on a call with Julie, you know, um, went through the training. I got links to, um, how can I better myself with you guys? I got the, uh, the training links. So I went through all of that. Um, and then a lot of it was very, very, you know, informative for me. So, um, it kinda gave me, uh, a boost or where I want to go next. And, um, so I ended up doing, um, bandit signs. No,

Speaker 1 (30:23):

Um, well, let, let me, let me just let me, and I don’t want to keep on trucking, but one very important piece. So you started training with us. So tell me what that looks like for you, because look, we’re not the only people that know about real estate, right. [inaudible] was the one piece that you feel like you’re, you know, obviously then even now that you really got out from us that was important to you, you know, what was the, what is it, what is it about our training, I guess is the best way to say it? What is it about a training that separates maybe from some other training that you received?

Speaker 2 (30:54):

Well, the in depth one-on-one call with you guys. I can pick up the phone and call you and you’re right there whenever I need you. And that’s a plus, and you don’t get that from everybody, you know, no matter what time of the day it is, if I have a question, you guys will be right there to answer. So that’s a field for a partnership, you know, and that’s something that I was really appreciative of and, uh, keep me on track and moving forward with you guys, which I’m really excited about.

Speaker 1 (31:18):

Yeah. And I’ll tell you, when we initially made that decision to literally go to one-on-one training, and obviously we do group trainings and all that. I mean, that, that goes without saying, because a lot of times in a group setting, you also learn from other partners, other participants and all that. But the thing about real estate and why we, you know, still to this day with our partners do the one-on-one aspect is that, and you know, this Eugene, um, every deal is different, right? So you can’t just like generally teach a hundred people at a time, does business, uh, because all those 100 people we’re describing, let’s say each one of them was involved in some kind of a deal. And each one got on stage and talked about the deal they’re in. You would think like they’re in different professions, right? Because every deal has got its own unique set of issues.

Speaker 1 (32:06):

Every deal’s got its own unique set of problems. Every deal has got its own set of upside. Every deal has got its own set of downside. Every deal has got its own set of financials and all this. And so we, we here at partner-driven believe that the ability to interact on a one-on-one basis is like a deal breaker. Like if you can’t do that and ain’t worth it because you have your real situation and your situation is specific to you. Okay, good. So I pray. So, so you got involved initially started with our training and then let’s kind of progress it from that point.

Speaker 2 (32:40):

Um, so I was still going through the training, um, but not the bandit signs when everything he was saying, um, right. Doing direct mail, um, doing a little bit of cold calling here and there, um, and trying to stick with the process, which, um, I think is pretty great in my favorite Peter.

Speaker 1 (33:02):

Well, okay. Let’s talk about those things, like for instance, and let’s kind of bring it up to where we are now. And like, for instance, I know, and this is, let me tell you where I’m going with this. Like for instance, you mentioned direct mail, like before we introduced technology into this world, direct mail for us was a pretty, you know, pretty in-depth process. Like we have to come by compile different lists. We have to come, you know, coordinate with the certain mail houses. We even negotiated our pricing with, uh, you know, with, with, with people that were going to deliver this. We had to fine tune our own postcards, like in our, how do you do, are you still doing some direct mail?

Speaker 2 (33:48):

Yes. I’m still doing direct mail. I’m doing it through the app, through the app. And I’m also sending out letters also.

Speaker 1 (33:55):

All right. Let’s talk about what does that look like doing direct mail through our deal driven app? What does that look like for you, for somebody listening, doing direct mail through an app? Nobody does that. Yeah, we do. What does that look like?

Speaker 2 (34:10):

I just got to say guys, it is unbelievable. One touch of a finger. You get up all the information from the, the sellers that you’re looking for to potential sellers and you do it with one finger. You can send out direct mail, right. To the person.

Speaker 1 (34:25):

What else are you, uh, or are you utilizing, uh, our app for anything else?

Speaker 2 (34:33):

I’m utilizing it for skip tracing, um, looking up, um, properties, equity, uh, moves the owner, which is a great tool for me because, um, I don’t think there’s any other, anything else out there like it, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s pretty, um, right there in hands reach. You don’t have to go anywhere. I have to go anywhere. And before this app, before we got the app, you know, I was doing everything right now, let us, like Julie said, write out letters, you know, and, um, send them out, direct mail, put up bandit signs. Um, now with this app, you really don’t have to do that as much, but I still try to continue to doing it because it’s

Speaker 1 (35:15):

Eugene. I don’t know if you know the story of how we developed our deal driven app. Right. But literally I kid you not, this is how we developed our deal driven app for, it was kind of a sideline story, but for long, long time, like months upon months, I had this like world-class engineer slash program. Or like, if, if Ben was it, I used it some technical term. He wants me to use all the time, but he and I were like really good friends. And so once a week we’d get together for a B or for a beer. And we just started kind of like someone when we started brainstorming member, he’s a world-class programmer systems programmer. I’m a pretty good real estate investor. We kind of wanted to get into each other’s world more. And we just started brainstorming. Like, if you didn’t come up with this perfect app, what would it be?

Speaker 1 (36:02):

And like for months we did that and he would just take notes. He would just take notes. He would just take notes. He would just take notes and ultimately the mission, the goal. And then I got my partners more involved in the development side. And the mission for us became very simple. Like if you can have this like near perfect app in a real estate business, like that would allow you to do everything you need to do, but do it in the, in the most modern way possible. What would that app look like? And, and, and really that is how we develop the, the, the, the deal driven app. That pretty much everything that you need to do. And you just said it, you can get, uh, owner’s information from it. You could skip trace from it. You could do direct mail from it. You could do literally driving for dollars for those of you that don’t know it.

Speaker 1 (36:51):

I know this is going to sound weird, but you could pull up the hap pull up like any city USA, you know, and literally right from your phone, drive the streets and like, look at the properties. And all of a sudden you see this property and you’re like, darn, that looks pretty cool. You click a button. It’s like Mr. And Mrs. Smith own it. Their phone number is such and such. They’re like Facebook page is such and such. It’s like, and bottom line is, it’s a comp it’s, it’s, it’s everything you need to operate as a real estate investor in, in, in, uh, from, from quite clicking a button from the app. So, okay, so you utilizing our app to find deals. So let’s kind of start transitioning, let’s say this deal that we just close, how did you find that deal

Speaker 2 (37:37):

Through direct mail? And, um, actually I sent it out. I sent that out to a person that wasn’t actually selling a property, but I knew someone that was selling a property. So they gave him my information. They contacted me from there and we ended up making a deal. Um, they was asking between one 10 grand, one 10, I got it to 75,000, you know, from going through the training, which you all negotiation process, you know, it was a little bit of battle back and forth, back and forth, but we ended up settling on a great price for both of us. And, um, I presented the offer to you guys. And, um,

Speaker 1 (38:16):

Let me ask you a question, just so I get I’m clear at what point did our team get involved? Cause remember we’re in a partnership. At what point did our team get involved in this deal? And how did we get involved in like, kind of what did you do and what did we do and how did this thing come together?

Speaker 2 (38:33):

Well, he was involved throughout the whole process. I, um, presented you all with the address to get the contract, and then you send me over the contract. And then I went over to the, um, the seller’s house and we ended up negotiating the price right then and there. So you guys were definitely the very start of it. And, um, once we got the contract signed, I presented it back to you. And then, um, thank you, Laura and Mary know the whole back office team, you know, that helped me out in the process of it. So, um, and we went from there and, um, I think we closed and we initially was supposed to close in like a week after we initially got the deal and then someone backed out on us and then we ended up selling it in three weeks, which wasn’t bad either. So, and it was a profit about 27,000.

Speaker 1 (39:18):

You’re like, you’re, let’s, let’s, let’s make sure everybody understands what we did. So we bought the house. So you started at one 10, we got it negotiated to, would you say

Speaker 2 (39:28):

70, 80, 70, 5,000,

Speaker 1 (39:31):

You got it, negotiate it to $75,000. That’s awesome. Um, the team started working with each other, you know, the Mara back office stepped in, helped to there. Um, we bought it for 75,000 and then what was what’s what, how do we make money on this deal? What did we do with it?

Speaker 2 (39:50):

We ended up, we ended up wholesaling it, we was going to fix and flip it, but we, um, you guys looked at the deal and said, maybe, you know, Eugene, maybe this would be better at, off the wholesale. So we went from there and it was a great, great advice from there.

Speaker 1 (40:08):

Um, what did we list? What do we initially, w what was our sales price initially? What are we listed for? We S we bought it for 75 in an as-is condition. Oh, by the way, how much money did you bring the closing?

Speaker 2 (40:21):


Speaker 1 (40:22):

Okay. I’m just kidding. Well, that’s an important piece, you know, when we’re partnering with our partners across the United States, one of the things that we tell them, and one of the things we do across the board is that as our responsibility. Okay. So No out-of-pocket costs, whether it’s an earnest money, whether it’s on, uh, maybe some inspections that need to be done ahead of time. Uh, I always, always, always bring a hundred percent of the capital that is needed and our partners not only don’t do not have to bring capital, but, um, they don’t have to risk their credit. So those that’s another two big things. How did you, how do we find the realtor to sell it?

Speaker 2 (41:03):

Okay. Where you are, you are a realtor that you worked with in the past, which is Lindsey, where she was, she was great. Shout out to Lindsay. Um, yeah. And, um, she put the whole process, um, took over the, the deal and put it on the MLS. And it’s so like that we had multiple, multiple offers that was coming back and forth. So she did a great job.

Speaker 1 (41:25):

Uh, another important piece that I appreciate, um, you bringing it up is one of the cool things that when we work on deals is that, you know, one of the things we pride ourselves up on is building really a community, you know, community at the, at this point, we call it a family. Okay. We build a community of like-minded individuals. You know, the one thing we all have in common, um, is that we all, uh, are real estate investors. And, but w w when we’re working together, you really have the power, not just of us here in Atlanta corporately, but you have the power of the whole community, the whole family, all of our partners across the United States. And so, and I don’t know if you know this huge unit, but the backstory on Lindsey, the realtor that sold this property for us is that we met her initially through another one of our partners from Chicago, who we did.

Speaker 1 (42:21):

I can’t remember, we’ve done about three or so deals with him, Antonio and sold. Uh, she, she sold, I don’t know how many of those deals, but she was just a superstar. I mean, you know, she was just like an absolute go getter. And then we said, well, gosh, Lindsay, we got other partners in the area, you know, and, and you’re amazing at what you do. So how would you like to be part of the family? Right. And Lindsay is a realtor. And if she can have like more people to sell properties for automatically, she’s going to raise her hand. Right. And if we here at the partner driven level can have somebody that can help us do something. You know, let’s say as a realtor that could help us sell something. So that’s another huge thing that I always tell people about that. It’s not just, you know, you, the local partner, it’s you, the local partner plus, uh, literally, uh, a national national, uh, infrastructure of like-minded investors that are constantly like, okay, I got the top realtor here. Boom. I’m going to use that. Hey man, our construction crew was unbelievable. Boom. We’re going to start using that. Okay, cool. So Lindsay listed it for how much

Speaker 2 (43:33):


Speaker 1 (43:33):

1 55, 1 55. And what do we sell it for?

Speaker 2 (43:41):

We ended up selling it for, um, well, I believe we had to come down on the price, the zone, the zone,

Speaker 1 (43:52):

There’s 75 and you’re putting it right back in the market for 1 55. And you’re like spending no money, like fixing it. That’s I’d say, yeah, that’s pretty impressive. So finally selling it for,

Speaker 2 (44:05):

We ended up selling 111,

Speaker 1 (44:08):

Hey, audit for 75. We didn’t nothing to, it literally had the ability to close on it, which is a very important piece that we brought to the table. So we had the ability to basically bring the deal to haul. You know, sometimes, uh, people are rushing around, you got to do something in timelines and things fall apart. Simply because of that, um, you know, we have capital, we have the ability to capture things, stop time, literally, and things like that. And we sold it with nothing without doing anything to it for one 11. Right.

Speaker 1 (44:44):

I’d say that’s a near perfect business. I mean, think about it. What else? I mean, like, if you think about this, like what else can you do that in the world that you buy for like 75,000 and how long did it take us to sell it three weeks, three weeks. And basically you could call that appreciation, whatever you want to call it. Um, and go from 75 to one 11 and three weeks. I mean, I can’t think of anything. I don’t know if gold moves that quick. I don’t think so. I think if you buy a stock for $75, I don’t know if in three weeks that thing’s going to go to a one 11, I think that’d be like one of the fastest growth, uh, things out there. Um, I don’t think there’s a business you could buy for 75 then in three weeks, we’ll appreciate to one 11.

Speaker 1 (45:34):

I mean like really, if you start looking and analyzing the real estate business and when you understand how to find the right deals, how to analyze them, how the ability to move on them and all this it’s really, it’s, it’s an amazing business. So awesome. We bought it for 75. We sold it for one 11. We, we, we split it down the middle. You kept half. I kept half. Um, man, I tell you Eugene, you, you honestly, and I wish we could spend more time together, but you’re, you’re just, you’re just a really, really, really good cool guy. And, and, and, and, and, you know, honestly, when we started our partnering model, we started because we wanted to do more deals. And, but I could tell you, the reason we’re keep going is not because of the, just the deals, but because of the relationships, I mean, it’s just, it’s really cool to be able to help and to have impact and stuff like that. So, Eugene, before I let you go, you know, I know there’s people listening tonight or maybe listening at a later time and they’re looking at this and they’re like, well, I don’t know if I need to partner. I mean, maybe I want to do this myself, or maybe I could figure out how to do this myself or whatever it is they’re just trying to, or maybe they’re not even sure if we’re the right organization to go with. What would you say from your end for somebody that’s considering joining the partner driven, uh, community?

Speaker 2 (47:00):

Well, from my experience with you guys, I would say that this is a great fit for anybody that is looking for a partner because, um, you don’t have none of that. None of the pitfalls will be on you, you know, your credit won’t be destroyed. You won’t have to deplete your savings or anything like that. And then what I can say partner-driven is the they’re legit. Um, the support that I got from them, um, hands down second to none, you know, um, I say if you’re all on the fence about joining what partner driven, um, go ahead and take that leap. I think it’ll be a leap you won’t regret in the long run.

Speaker 1 (47:40):

Well, that’s awesome. I appreciate it. Um, again, I’m going to let you, uh, kind of a log off here. I’m going to finish off myself, but Eugene, listen, I appreciate, I really appreciate you taking the time tonight. Uh, what I really wish, like when we were, when we got on this thing, a couple of minutes beforehand, your wife was in the background also part of, of, of, of helping. And she’s an intricate part of the team. I wish you would have kind of walked by. I would’ve, I would’ve, uh, said that, but that’s, uh, that’s another big benefit. You know, what other things can you get into and, and have your husband part of it, your wife, part of it, your daughter, part of it, your son, part of it, you know, not too many businesses, ultimately turn into legacy businesses, not too many businesses turn into businesses where you could literally get your whole family involved. And, and, and so, uh, shout out to the, to, to the young lady behind you. Um, was it not what, give me, what’s her name? Absolutely. Uh, shout out to her. She’s an integral part of itself. All right. You gentlemen, to let you go, I’m going to close off here. Thanks buddy.

Speaker 2 (48:46):

Shout out to the whole team, everybody. Thank you guys.

Speaker 1 (48:50):

Thanks you Dean. I appreciate it. Um, well gosh, what else can I say? That was easy. I mean, you know, when you get a partner like Eugene on board, it’s just, it’s just, it. That’s what this thing’s all about. That that is what it’s all about. It’s real life people doing real life deals with somebody like the goddess. Who’s been there a little bit longer, uh, has achieved a little bit more success. Uh, but we too want to grow and we too want to expand, and this is how we do it. We do it by brilliant. You know, we invest back what we’ve done. Uh, before, you know, we invest our knowledge back. We invest our money back. We invest our construction piece back and things like that. You know that that’s what the partner driven model is all about. Um, Eugene’s an Austin partner.

Speaker 1 (49:34):

Guys. I could tell you, this is, this is, this is a guy that, um, if I had a hundred Eugene’s, um, I would want more Eugene’s you know, there’s sometimes when you have something of something you’re like, I don’t want none more of that. Cause that’s like that ain’t good. Eugene is good. Is he’s a great, great partner. Everybody around the office loves Eugene, the pieces, uh, everybody here at partner-driven knows Eugene’s name knows a story. And, um, I’m just really glad he was able to join us tonight. All right guys. Well, that’s what we do. We partner with people. We do real estate deals. So for those of you again, that are already partners, man, let that be an inspiration. Okay. Uh, we bought it for 75. We did zero work to it. We put it in the market and we sold it within, I think he said three weeks for one 11.

Speaker 1 (50:26):

Okay. So if you’re already a partner, get to that next level, come on, let’s take it up a notch, take whatever you’re doing. Take it to the next level. And if you’re not yet a partner, we’d love for you to be a partner. Okay. We’d love for you to be part of the community part of the family. And you could simply do that by going to www dot partner-driven dot com and learn more about us. And hopefully you love us even more when you go there and just put your information in there. One of our team members will touch base with you. And then off we go, like I said, let’s get busy and let’s go to work. I guys as always, I enjoyed it. We’ll see you. Same time, same place next week. Go partner-driven. Thanks guys.



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