Speaker 1 (00:00):

I hope everyone’s having an amazing beginning of the year. I know we are here at partner-driven. Um, but more importantly, I hope everybody has a like way, way, way, even more amazing the rest of the year. Cause that’s what it’s all about. Right? It’s not about the past about the future. And that is exactly what I’m going to be talking to you all about tonight. So we’re going to be a skin starting hearing just a minute or so. Um, we’ve got some new systems in place, make sure everything’s working correctly, but I, I have something to really exciting to share with you tonight, guys, really, really exciting. And some of you guys are going to absolutely partake in what I’m going to share with you. There’s no question in my mind, some of you all, uh, you just, you just jump on board. I’m going to talk to you guys about some personal stuff today, but it’s something that’s going to really affect every single one of you potentially everyone has, will have an opportunity tonight and it’s going to be really cool. So we will get started here, uh, in just a minute. Let me just taking some notes.

Speaker 1 (01:06):

See, I work off of what you guys can see me. I work off of a board that we’ll leave it or not. That board right there drives a big part of my life. Um, it’s, it’s kinda my project board and uh, I just got off another call and I was taking notes on that call right here. It’s just as sophisticated as I get. And then I’ll go from here over into that board. So how hope everyone’s doing well? Um, let me know what you all are dialing in for, uh, from or zooming in, from love to hear from you guys. Always very, very cool. What’s up Brad and I need, you’re going to be here from Marietta. What’s up Erica. I’m still learning how to use this at a breakneck speed. What’s up Eugene man, Eugene. Uh, I feel like I know you w we we’ve done stuff together.

Speaker 1 (01:58):

We’ve been part of the family for so long. Um, it sounds like I need a trip to Chicago. Um, so how are you? Uh, what’s up Derek? We got Georgia in the house. We have Seattle in the house. Um, we got Miami in the house. Um, can’t tell who that is, but we are going to Miami in first week in March. We’re going to hang out there for a week. Um, and, uh, so let me know where you guys calling in from Greenville in the house. What’s up, Melissa? Uh, what’s up. Russell would sell Buffalo, New York, long beach, long beach. Great, great area, McDonna, Georgia, and a house. Not far from where I am tonight. I’m actually, for those of you that are all familiar with Georgia or Atlanta, I am in this place called bindings and my place in Vinings. That’s where I’m hanging tonight.

Speaker 1 (02:59):

And that’s where I’m coming to you live from. Um, so appreciate you all zooming in guides that got some pretty cool personal stuff to share with you, but it’s not one of those personal things that doesn’t affect you guys. It’s one of those personal things that does affect, uh, uh, will affect. And then I think will inspire a bunch of you will. Some of you guys are gonna want to lead the charge. Some of you guys would want to come along for a ride. Um, either way you guys will enjoy tonight. I promise you I’m going to give it all. I got what’s up Christine from Buford. We were just talking about you before I dialed in. Go figure, right? Uh, what’s up Margaret from Philly, John, what’s up. You’re going to house college park, Maryland. It’s funny. Um, I’m literally 20 minutes away from college park, Georgia.

Speaker 1 (03:51):

And here it is, college park, Maryland. Um, what’s up Miami and a house with something else. And, uh, Napoleon Ohio. It’s funny. I grew up in Ohio, Corey. I grew up in Akron. Ohio lived in Cincinnati, Ohio went to Miami university. I’m never heard of Napoleon Ohio. So I lived in three different areas in Ohio, and I’ve never heard of Napoleon Ohio go figure Baltimore city in the house. I guys make yourself comfortable. I got some really good, good stuff. I’m going to share with you a little bit. I talked to you a little bit about my goals tonight, but it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s how my goals now are directly impacted by what I can do with other people in terms of real estate investing. So some of you guys tonight, I think you’re going to get pretty darn inspired. Some of you are going to be like, I get it.

Speaker 1 (04:42):

I see it. I want to be part of it. Um, but if not, that’s okay too, because you will maybe apply what I’m going to share with you all tonight, too. A little bit about what you do and how you do it. What’s up mark St. Louis, uh, was in St. Louis A. Little while back, one of the top realtors I ever had working for me, uh, and working, not working, but moving to St. Louis, uh, what’s up, we got silver Springs, Maryland. Super-duper got a lot of people in the house get started here just a minute or so. Let everybody dial-in and settle in guys. Cause settle in. Tonight’s gonna, you don’t have to take any notes tonight. You know, I’m not gonna teach you like this unbelievable technique or strategy. Um, but I think what I’m going to share with you tonight in terms of like my personal 20, 21 vision, um, and goal and what I really want to do, um, one it’s going to impact, uh, well, hopefully it’ll impact some of you guys, uh, too, it’s going to incorporate, it’s going to help a number of you guys.

Speaker 1 (05:45):

And, uh, and, and you, you just kind of see to a certain degree, my mindset, my mindset behind stuff. So I hope you enjoy it. Um, I, like I said, I’m going to give it everything got all right, well, let’s go ahead and get rolling. First of all, my name is Peter of excellent. For those of you that don’t know me. Um, name of my company is partner-driven partner-driven is literally a real estate investment company. A lot of times people say, well, gosh, Pete, you do these like webinars or whatever. You must be a real estate educator, you know, gurus, they call it. I’m really not, you know, if anyone ever asks me who I am or what I do, I’m a real estate investor. I have been for 22 solid years. Um, I’ve done well, well over thousands of deals, you know, probably edging closer to about 4,000 deals.

Speaker 1 (06:32):

And, uh, along with being an investor, I’ve been through everything in terms of what an investor who’s been at it for 22 years, you would expect, you know, I’ve been through up markets, I’ve been through devastatingly downmarkets, I’ve made money, I’ve lost money. Um, I experienced some amazing highs, also almost made myself homeless in through real estate. So, you know, open the door cause it’s hot here. You know what there is to do what there is to be had. I I’ve done it in for a majority of my real estate career. I did what any typical real estate investor does? I found a deal. I negotiated a deal and I did the deal. And I actually, I’ll be honest with you. I got that model to a very, very high level. I got that model to the point where I even had a whole set of frontline negotiators.

Speaker 1 (07:25):

They were negotiating deals on my behalf. You know, we were sometimes taking as many as a thousand check this a thousand seller calls a day from, you know, sellers looking to sell their properties potentially to me, you know, I got it to the level where I was closing approximately a deal a day, sometimes, maybe two. Um, I had a whole operation, had a call center, had an in-house closed, closer, had a full-time construction outfit, um, just humming and grooving and somewhere along the line. And I expanded that model. I expanded it all the way from my, you know, headquarter of office here in Atlanta, Georgia. Then we set up a satellite office in, in, um, Jacksonville, Florida, and ultimately a number of years later had offices scattered through the whole United States. But again, still I was kind of the dude in charge. I was the guy doing the deals and, you know, running the show and, uh, somewhere along the line I was thinking, how do I expand?

Speaker 1 (08:24):

How do I expand beyond my own boundaries, beyond my own job, geographical limitations, uh, beyond my own capabilities of what’s possible in this business, you know? Um, and one day I came up one day, I came up with this idea, um, what am I start? Just like finding partners, um, across the United States. Why don’t I start finding partners across the United States and, and start doing deals with them. Okay. I mean, that was about a complicated as a God in the beginning, like here I was doing things locally. Then I started doing things as it related to my office. And then I’m like, how do I bust above where my offices are located? And I was like, well, why don’t I just start partnering with people? And that model in of itself in its infancy, infancy infancy, that’s the word in its infancy stage really went really, really, really well.

Speaker 1 (09:18):

Uh, we started partnering. We started helping people do deals, but it was very dis disjointed, not very organized. It was done here and there. Um, it was done sometimes with people that like literally had no idea what they’re doing. So after a while two things happen, I truly, truly started believing in that model. I started realizing that the way to grow and expand is to get other people involved. But I also started realizing you can’t do what, like loosey-goosey, you know, in the beginning, when you do something business wise, sometimes you do do it kind of loosey goosey. You kind of put your toe in the water and you kind of experiment. And then most of the time it just doesn’t work. So you back away and it’s kind of like, Hey, no harm, no foul. Um, but when it does work, then it’s time to ticket to the next step and not take it to the next level.

Speaker 1 (10:05):

And that’s really where I found myself a number of years ago in my partner model, I said, this stuff works. It’s it’s, uh, it gives me the ability to close and do more deals. It gives me the ability to expand beyond my own geographical borders. And that’s when we made our initial step into kind of formalizing the partner model and without getting into a ton of deals, deal center, without going tons of details. I will tell you here we are today, a number of years later, and we are grooving. We are absolutely shaking and baking with the, with the partner driven model. Now to the point where the call center I used to have, I don’t have anymore. We don’t take inbound leads, uh, in Atlanta anymore to do our own deals. The closers that I had closing deals for me, Mary, she don’t close deals for me no more.

Speaker 1 (11:00):

She closes deals for all of our partners across the United States. My frontline negotiators that were like seasoned negotiators of talking to motivated sellers, negotiating deals, getting contracts out and getting them back. They’re no longer negotiating for me. They’re now in the gauche. They’re now helping our partners through our back office across the United States do deals pretty much everything that was done on my behalf now is done by the same team. Mind you. Now, of course, we’ve added on we’ve grown because we have a lot of partners now, but the infrastructure that was initially built for me and some of my satellite offices across the United States, it is still there. It is still functioning. The team is still there. It’s just a bigger team now, but now the following fall, the focus is no longer me and getting me to do more deals. The focus now is to help our partners do more deals.

Speaker 1 (11:55):

And that’s what the partner driven model is all about. So some of you guys on here tonight, you are partners, and I’m going to be talking directly to you guys tonight. If you’re a partner, what I’m going to say is a hundred percent directed towards you. Some of you guys are not partners. You’ve been kind of checking us out, feeling us out, getting comfortable with the whole thing. And you’re some of you guys are here tonight just to just decide, do I want to be a partner or do I not want to be a partner? And hopefully when you kind of see what my 2021 goal is, mission is you’re going to realize, I hope that this is where you want to be doing your deals. This is who you want to be associated with because when you are a partner, you get a lot, you get unlimited coaching and mentoring, you get tremendous amount of leads.

Speaker 1 (12:39):

You get the latest and greatest technology. If, if, uh, um, uh, if the property needs money, when we buy it, if the deal needs funding, I provide a hundred percent of it. And by the way, I assume a hundred percent of all the risks associated with, with doing deals. Um, and, uh, if construction needs to be deployed, our construction team has the ability to help you locally, where you are. And then we just put the properties in the market, sell us with the profits down the middle. So if you’re not yet a partner and you’re ready to get started tonight, there’s a S there’s some team members that are on standby tonight, and right after we’re done here and they’re at 7, 7 0 7 4 6 8 5 8 5 7 7 0 7 4 6 8 5 8 5 8. If you’re ready to make the commitment tonight, all right, we got all the pleasantries. We got all that. Like that was my opening act.

Speaker 1 (13:26):

Looks like, you know, if this was a band, this was a rock concert. That was the opening act. Um, but now we’re ready to get serious. Now we’re ready to talk about something that is very near and dear to me as it relates to 2021. And I really hope that tonight I turn the needle. I hope that tonight I turned the needle for a number of our partners who, uh, I want to get you to the next level. I want to get you to motivated and re motivated and recharge and reset. You know what I’m talking about, if you’re a partner, um, and if you’re not a partner, um, this’ll be properly a decision maker for you, you know, in terms of whether or not you want to be a partner, but what’s happened here. I’ll tell you to give a little background information and the story behind this super huge, huge goal for mine.

Speaker 1 (14:09):

See what’s happened when we build out the partner community. And initially it was literally us and our partners. This might be too loud with the door open. Now, let me close it. Um, but it literally was us and our partners, uh, disjointed dislocated partners, literally across the United States doing deals. And we put a lot of emphasis or as much emphasis as needed on each individual partner, wherever that partner may be. Right? So if a partner happened to be in Charlotte, you know, we’d help them in Charlotte. If a partner happened to be in Wisconsin would help them in Wisconsin. If a part on happened to be in California, what up in California and the partner driven model was totally flourishing. But in order to, to the next level, not just for us, not just for us personally, but for our partners, we have to figure out a way to unite this whole thing.

Speaker 1 (14:59):

Remember, it’s hard to unite somebody in Wisconsin, somebody in Ohio, especially since really there was not necessarily anything from the unite over, right? Like they were doing their deals with us. They were doing their deals with us. They were getting their training from us. They were getting their training for us. And so what happened, I personally decided to put a tremendous amount of emphasis on not just doing this with dislocated partners across United States. I wanted to unite this as a community, as a movement, as a bunch of people, truly helping each other and caring about each other and encouraging each other and working as a team. And everybody, everybody is stronger than one individual, right? Told me a team. You know, you’d show me a professional team where there was a 5, 10, 15 players in a field and you put one guy against it. I don’t care if it’s the best guy in the world.

Speaker 1 (15:54):

You give me five out of, you know, professional level players. They’ll beat that one guy anytime. So working as a team is always, always much more powerful. And, and there’s a number of ways that we have United here at partner-driven world. I think the biggest way or one that’s really coming to light the most. I think that’s the most in terms of, you know, being able to be showcased right now is, is the Facebook community like, think of there’s a, so like when I told you as a partner, what you get, you know, funding, coaching, mentorship, lead gen technology, uh, uh, construction. The one thing I didn’t say as a partner, you also get a private Facebook community, right? Because I don’t think, you know, when people think about doing real estate, the one thing they don’t think about is, oh, I need to be, uh, uh, in a private Facebook community, or I need to have my own private Facebook community.

Speaker 1 (16:48):

Right? That’s just not a thing that people think about it. Like when I got started as business, that was like the last thing. But for some reason, inside our partner world, our private Facebook community has become the unifying force. You find every behind everything that’s taking place here, it is where it is, where people come to share it is where people on a daily basis come to learn. It is where people come to inspire it is where we showcase some great stuff. But we also talk about the kind of the disappointments of the day we, we share in our own man, I drove to another seller and here it is my sixth, no show. Um, but what happens, something magical happens. Like people start commenting and that a boy and you could do it and don’t be discouraged. So this whole thing, you know, sometimes you don’t know what the glue is, there’s organizations, and you just don’t know why they just work.

Speaker 1 (17:49):

It’s kind of like that they have the magic dust and that magic dust could be different things. It could be an individuals, it could be what they’re doing. It could be whatever it is in our world has become this unifying, private, Facebook community. And, and as I, you know, as I was thinking about this, I started realizing that in order for us to move forward as a group beyond just encouragement and help and teaching, you know, unifying place, we all gotta have some common goals. Okay. We all have some things that we want to shoot for and showcase and go after and chase. Okay. So what happened is, and through this space for private Facebook community is a good way for me and the staff here to communicate with the partners. Right? And, and, and, and, and so let me digress just for a second.

Speaker 1 (18:41):

So you’ve got this incredible Facebook community, by the way, if you’re a partner tonight and you’re like, what is he talking about with Facebook community, please, please, please email support tonight and join the Facebook community. And if you’re part of it, thank you, thank you for showing up. But the one thing I also, so we’ve got this incredible Facebook community, the second thing is I’m trying to always figure out, okay, how do we get to the next level? How do we go to the next level? Because first it was about us doing more deals and getting partners. Then it was about getting, helping partners do more deals. Then it’s about unifying the partners, but it’s all kind of in-house. So there’s two things I know that need to be done. If you want to be successful. These are not my own principles of success. I think these are principles, success of anyone who’s ever gotten to be successful.

Speaker 1 (19:27):

You know, whether you read these books or you talk to successful people, there’s a couple of things that successful people all tend to have in, in, in, in, in common. Number one, they’re not afraid to go on a limb. They’re just not. I realized that successful people are not afraid to lose and to fail. It’s one of the things that makes them successful, you know, and we got started here tonight when I was kind of waiting to get logged on. I, I, I pan over to that board over there. And that board over there literally is how I run my current life. As it relates to a lot of things, specifically, the partner driven world. And on that board over there is a, is a bunch of projects. And these are projects that I am currently working on. And I can tell you without a shadow of doubt, and most of these projects get a race.

Speaker 1 (20:13):

Not because they get accomplished. Most of these projects get erased because they don’t work. It’s just, it’s like a dead end. I get excited. I get fired up. I put it all like, God, I get some team members involved and they explode, but that’s okay because I’m not afraid to lose. I’m not afraid to fail because every once in a while a project goes on that board and boom, I, when I succeed, so one big principle, one big pillar of success is successful. People are not afraid to fail, which means they are not afraid to start, which means their own are afraid to go for it all. And one of the things, one of the things, when it comes to not being a, not being afraid to fail, it’s, it’s, it’s telling people what you wanna accomplish, because that’s a scary thing. A lot of times like to share your goals and to share your vision and to share what you’re going for and say in the public format, or even sometimes just to say to your friends, it’s not a lot of people want to do it for one very important reason.

Speaker 1 (21:12):

A lot, most people are afraid to fail. They’re afraid to disappoint. They’re afraid to let down. They’re afraid to once again, come up short. So they don’t go public with what their goals and what their vision is. And a lot of times when you don’t go public, you don’t do it. You just don’t do it. I mean, why it was just, you know, it’s between me and me and I’ve failed me, you know, for the whole, my whole life. And it’s just not going to do it. The second thing a lot of successful people do is they learn ways of giving back. They just learned, they learned that it’s beyond themselves. You know, they’ve learned that it’s not just about themselves. Sometimes it’s not even just about their organizations. It’s about having a true impact. That’s about giving back. It’s about leaving a incredible ma a marker somewhere.

Speaker 1 (22:05):

It’s about doing that. So you take the, the two pillars of success, two pillars of multiple pillars of success. You’re not afraid to fail, which means you’re not afraid to tell others about it. And number two, you want to share and you want to give back, and that’s what I’m doing tonight, but I’m going to do it in the way that it’s going to. It literally could impact every single one of you here. Or it might just impact 15 of you here. I just need 15 people to buy into what I’m about to tell you. But I hope everybody buys into what I’m about to tell you a member. One of my visions, whether it’s through our private Facebook community, this is to drive, drive the partner driven family, the model forward, forward, forward. And part of that is by establishing goals, mile markers and stuff like that.

Speaker 1 (22:56):

So one of the goals, I, by the way I talked about, what about the Brady talk to you tonight on the Q and a session I did. I never do that. I never like repeat myself, but this is so powerful. I think this is so cool that, that I just felt like this morning when I woke up, I was just on fire about what I’m about to share with you. And I’m like, I’m going to live with this thing again tonight, but this is what, one of my major goals for 2021, I want to have 20, I’m sorry, 15. I initially said 20, by the way, for those of you that saw me go public with this. And then I said, no, the goal is not to make this out there to goals, to get as close to us as possible. So 15 separate partners from the first of the month till the 31st of the month is the, it has to be 20 separate, but it has to be 15 separate partners, meaning it can be one partner who did like five deals and another partner who did four deals.

Speaker 1 (23:56):

Cause we have, we have partners that do multiple deals. So if you do four deals in a 30 day time span, you only count everything for you just counts as one. But my mission and my vision, and one of my huge goals that I am fricking just lit up excited about is this starting this year from the first to the 31st of each month. And I’m really thinking it’s going to probably take us with the run rate we have probably till right around. Well, I don’t know, somewhere more, probably July, August, September, right around there is where I think this is going to become, become more reality. But this is where we start 15 separate partners close, at least one deal.

Speaker 1 (24:45):

Now here’s what’s going to happen. Then when that happens, I’m jumping on a plane and I’m coming to see you. Okay? And when I come to see you, we’re going to hang out, we’re going to have fun. There’s going to be zero agenda. It’s not about anything other than we’re going to have a good time. We might grab a beer, drink beer, but we might, you know, we have a cigar. We might hang out at a local club, like a country club. We may just hang out or drive around the city. You’re in stupid show me. But we’re the only goal. The only thing that’s closest or it relates to an agenda, we’re going to have fun. And we’re going to build a relationship because we’re partners, we’re going to have fun and we’re going to build a relationship. And I promise you something magical happens when you could do like eyeball to eyeball.

Speaker 1 (25:40):

Okay. And unfortunately right now, because of what in the world of COVID, because we have partners scattered all over the place, it’s very prohibitive, you know, to, to be able to do that. Okay. So we’re going to hang out and we’re going to have fun by the way. I’m bringing with me when I fly into your city, half of your profits, right? So if we close the deal for 20 grand and we’re making it, I’m going to 10 grand on me and I’m handing it to personally. And if we’re going to go out there and we’re going to have like a really, really cool time, most importantly, we’re going to get tight. I could tell you the people that, that I make the most money with the people that I have, the biggest visions with the people that I have the most fun with are the people I’m the tightest with, right? So if we’re in business together and we’re in this thing to do deals and we’re in this thing to make money and we’re doing it as part nurse let’s get tight, right? So that’s gonna be one big vision.

Speaker 1 (26:39):

But then remember I said another huge pillar of success as people that are successful, have learned how to give back and giving back. Literally most of the time is not as like it’s beyond them, beyond their job, beyond their company B it’s like literally giving back. So then here’s what you and I are going to do before I get there. You’re going to tell me a cause a charity, a family, a church, an organization, someone local, where you live, that you believe in that you are like, that’s good right there. That, that right there I could fall for. I could support that group. I could support that organization. You know, it could be anything, it could be battered women. It could be shelter for animals. It could be drug abuse victims. It could be the homeless. I mean, there’s just so many true, true, amazing things that, um, that need help.

Speaker 1 (27:45):

And so you’re gonna tell me what you truly believe at a local level. And as we have fun, and as we build bond and this, we build a relationship, you and I are going to head over to that organization. We’re not going to make it. We’re not going to announce it. The only responsibility you’re going to have is that you’re going to make sure someone’s there. Like when we go, that’s it. You know, when I make a big deal about it, we’re just going to show up on the way to going there. What I’m going to do is out of my half. So if we close the deal for 20 grand, I’m going to bring 10 Katie that day. But outta my portion of my profit on that deal, I’m going to give you money out of my side and I’m going to hand it to you. And we’re going to walk over there. We’re drunk. We’re probably going to walk. We’re probably going to drive. We’re going to get over there. We’re going to walk in and whoever’s there. You are going to give them that money.

Speaker 1 (28:44):

And it’s going to be really cool because you’ll have the ability to truly impact someone outside of me, outside of you outside the partner-driven, you’re going to impact somebody locally. Somebody that truly believes it needs it is living it every day, but they could use more funding and there’s tons of organizations. And if you think about it tonight, I promise you, you could probably come up with at least one, two or three, someone local. And as we spent a couple of minutes, there is the goal is not to do anything more than to spend a couple minutes. I’m going to put you, I’m going to put it in along with you, because what I’m going to tell that person, standing there to just receive a bunch of money from you. I’m going to say, sir, ma’am going forward. You can count on him or her.

Speaker 1 (29:40):

You can count them because they believe in what you do. And they got a vehicle to keep on helping you. So going forward, whatever that looks like monthly basis, every other month, you can count on them. And this is how we get beyond the partner driven world. This is how, what we do is no longer about what we do. This is how we have impact on people, families, communities, organizations, right around this. This is how you truly scale something. See, it’s hard to grow and scale something when it’s all about me. And remember I started all about me and I built a pretty darn big business all about me, but then I came to a hall because I couldn’t figure out how to get out of my own way. And then I said, why don’t I help some people build this thing? And then I said, why don’t we, why don’t we like take it seriously?

Speaker 1 (30:46):

And the partner driven way of doing things was born. And then we United as partner driven family. And we said, let’s do this as a family. And now I tell you tonight, partner-driven family. It’s time to take it beyond us. It’s time to truly, truly, truly impact and grow. Because see, when we, I think when we start impacting others, not just helping ourselves grow, I know you can’t help others before you help yourself. I get it. So that is still the number one mission for our partners to help you grow. But I’m gonna tell you where the real fun comes in, where the real growth comes in, where the real opportunity will come to you is when you start impacting people that have nothing to do with partner driven.

Speaker 1 (31:40):

That’s when you truly start buying in into what we do works. That’s when you truly start believing, there’s a reason we do what we do. There’s a reason I slept in my car. When I got started 20 some years ago, there is a reason that when everybody told me that I was the biggest idiot for being in real estate, I stuck in it. There was a reason and all the way when everything came tumbling down, and I didn’t understand how to work with market corrections, I lost pretty much everything again and stood around. When we could start showcasing what we do and helping and giving and elevating other people promise you that crap we go through is like everyday investors. You know, the challenges that you think you have, oh my God, there’s so much easier. So much easier when you wa you know, you know, when you walk into a home or a hospital ward with kids that have cancer, and you’re able to start impacting those kids, do you think you’d give a crap that 20 sellers told you no, the next day, when you walk in, you’re able to help somebody who’s been abused most of their lives, and you’re able to directly impact what they’re doing.

Speaker 1 (33:12):

You think when you drive across town for an hour and a half, and the seller like forgets, they had a meeting with you, you and like give a crap. You know, when you, when you, when you could feed somebody that until you were able to feed them for a certain amount of time was struggling to figure out where they’re going to get their next meal. You think any real estate challenge is even a challenge now. So what happens? The reason I’m so passionate about this? So by the way, if, when this starts rolling, I know it will be month in and month out a month, and I ain’t stop it. I’m coming back to see you. So when we do the first month, and then we’ll do the next month, my butt’s on the plane again, that I’m coming to seeing all you guys, because it makes what I do so much easier.

Speaker 1 (34:08):

See, sometimes people are like, thinking this business’s too darn hard. It’s too difficult. It’s like, oh, it’s because you really don’t know what difficult is. And the reason I want to steer it in this direction, where we could funnel money into some causes, because causes usually help people that really have a tough, we don’t have a tough business business. We have an easy peasy. The hardest thing we do is probably deal with rejection. No, I think it’s, it is the hardest thing we do. You’re going to tell any, cause you believe in that what you do is more difficult. So the reason, the reason it’s so critical to buy into something outside of yourself and to help someone above yourself, the reason that’s become so important is it makes what you do so much easier. It makes it so much easier. I promise you when you help someone in the need, you get fired up about what you can do when you put like a sparkle on someone someone’s eyes.

Speaker 1 (35:16):

When someone truly like, like, you know, when you could, like, they there’s gratitude there because they had no hope that they before and you’re able to like truly help. It just elevates you to the next level. It truly does. It absolutely does. And so the reason I want to do this tonight is cause I to constantly need to remind myself about the pillars of success. One, don’t be afraid to fail. This might not work. This may not. I might not get 15 different ones. We’ll do more deals in a monthly basis, but it might be with fewer than 15 partners. So, okay. Uh, I’ll be, I’ll be cool with it. So I’m going public tonight that I want 15 different partners from the first to the 31st to close the deal.

Speaker 1 (36:23):

The second thing reason I want to do this tonight is I want as many people as possible, quit worrying about the day-to-day crap of real estate and start worrying about how I’m going to help someone local. I want you to get excited about that. I want you to like, and by the way, I’m going to challenge you to, to not just make that one day event with my money. I truly am going to challenge you. And I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, we’re going to be accountable that you’ll do whatever the heck you got to do to keep it going guys. There’s people in your communities, in your small worlds today that need you. Like they don’t need, you need you. They don’t even know who you are, but you know who they are and you see what they’re doing and you see how much they’re hurting. And so I need at least 15 of you tonight for part of the partner driven world or who are going to get started maybe tonight with the partner driven world, I would love to at least 15, I’d love for a ton more of you, but at least for 15 of you to buy into this thing.

Speaker 1 (37:37):

And then I’m telling you this will get bigger. Remember, first it’s Peter doing deals. Then it’s Peter building a little organization about him. Then it’s me expanding some offices across the states. Then it’s finding some partners along the way. Then it’s organizing the partners. Then it’s uniting the partners. Now we’re taking it beyond partners. Now who knows maybe this crazy real estate idea sometime back of partnering with people could have, uh, an incredible impact on people that have nothing to do with real estate. What nothing to do with real estate. But maybe this one organization could literally start impacting at the local level people, groups that really, really need us. And so that’s, that’s my message for you guys tonight. I want public and I need some help. That’s what the driven world’s all about. So if you’re a partner tonight, I’d love for you to join me. If you’re a partner tonight, you could actually, I’ve been talking about this Facebook community, right? Go to the Facebook community. The very top post I put on announcements as me announcing it this morning, go tell me right through that post the year end if you’re in, if you’re not a partner tonight, but you’re like, yeah, I can buy into this. There’s some team members on standby at 7, 7 0 7 4 6 8 5 8 5 that’s 7, 7 0 7 4 6 8 5 8 5.

Speaker 1 (39:15):

That’s what the partner driven model is all about. It’s about people helping people do real estate deals at its core, but I’m challenging everyone tonight to take it above that people helping people, helping people, and then ultimately helping people that have nothing to do with partner driven world. So guys, as always, I loved it. I enjoyed it. I believe it. I promise you. I lived this every single day, every single waking hour of my life. I’m signing off tonight on behalf of myself, the partner-driven staff and everybody associated with us. I’m glad you guys visited. I enjoyed it and we’ll see you. Same time, same place next week. Good night.

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