teaches real estate negotiation strategies which are some of the most profitable techniques on the market. However, Peter Vekselman works far differently than other gurus. You receive personalized one-on-one training duplicating his methods…

00:36 My recent three deals
01:12 Is $6000 worth your time?
02:01 Real estate negotiation strategies convert to big and small money
02:57 What else do you have working?
03:18 Focus on the front end
03:35 As long as you’re working deals the numbers will get better
03:40 Get in touch with me for a personalized consultation

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I am Peter Vekselman. Profitable real estate investing always hinges on the strength of your real estate negotiation strategies. Anyone can make offers. But few investors truly understand how to negotiate properly.

My coaching students get an inside look at my proven real estate negotiation strategies. There are many facets that go into every deal so it’s imperative you fully understand how to drive them forward for profits.

Whether you’re new or a seasoned veteran to this business, there are thousands of opportunities in your own marketplace. One of the things my students enjoy is the collaboration part of my real estate negotiation strategies training. We will work together as partners as I guide you through all the parts of your deals.

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Remember one thing about using my real estate negotiation strategies. They’re unlike all the others you’ve seen online or at weekend seminars. The reason is simple. You learn to build enough leverage in your deals so that they are beneficial to everyone involved. The results are profits on your side.

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