trains people how to be a real estate investor. Don’t forget that although this business is profitable, it can cause enormous losses. That’s why it’s smart to consider investing your education before negotiating deals.

00:43 A fantastic weekend
01:41 How to be a real estate investor can lead to this lifestyle freedom
02:51 My sister-in-law has to work
03:33 Frustration and lack of success
04:01 I lost $500k in my first year due to bad advice
05:07 Do you really want to do this business?
06:21 Leverage yourself by outsourcing
07:13 Get beyond doing it yourself
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My course, how to be a real estate investor, teaches you the same methods I use to close nearly a deal a day. If you’re a seasoned pro, I can show you how to bring your business to the next level. I’ve bought and sold thousands of properties in the last decade. So I can assure you my formula works.


Anyone can teach how to be a real estate investor. But most instructors lack the depth of my expertise in building a network of lead generation sources. That’s the difference between what my team does compared to other trainers.

My coaching services outlines how to be a real estate investor training by looking over my shoulder how I do my deals. My students get to see how I do between 8-10 deals per week and the funding sources I’ve built up over the years. That’s the smart way when you’re ready to learn how to be a real estate investor.

Many companies have limited resources and often teach outdate techniques. Or worse, by cramming you into a hotel convention room for a weekend boot camp to learn how to be a real estate investor. Instead, I work with you one-on-one showing you how I’ve built my large network of private real estate investors.

If you’ve watched other videos on YouTube how to be a real estate investor, you know I’m considered one of the leaders in this business. But I know what you’re wondering. What am I doing differently than others?

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After thousands of deals, I can assure you will learn the best way how to be a real estate investor working with me.

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