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00:27 When do you cut cords with people?
01:11 Buyers and sellers have issues
01:52 I had to cut off future deals with this buyer
02:29 Being treated professionally is a must
03:02 How to begin investing in real estate isn’t hard
03:28 Cut ties if you’re not being respected
04:24 Contact me to learn about real estate investing

If you’re ready to learn how to begin investing in real estate, my coaching is designed to help you build a thriving business or grow and existing one.

My name is Peter Vekselman and I work with a select group of students across the U.S. If you’re ready to increase your income and close more deals, please call me at 404-990-4395.

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1. Did you know many people go bust trying to learn how to begin investing in real estate? The reason is they don’t understand how to negotiate creative real estate investing deals. I should know since I’ve done more than 1500 deals in the last seven years. Other real estate mentoring programs simply don’t teach my methods.

2. No matter which how to begin investing in real estate programs you’re considering, do yourself a favor and look for ones that teach negotiating techniques. Don’t make the mistake of winging it. Deals can appear lucrative until you get stuck with them.

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3. Remember, of the thousands of how to begin investing in real estate programs on the market, many earn their money by teaching instead of doing. Sure, there’s many courses and books you can learn from in your education. However, these days many offer you outdated techniques which no longer work.

A long time ago I starting working with students because my how to begin investing in real estate training is designed to work together one-on-one. What I do isn’t magical but it does include strategic planning during the negotiating and inspection process.

More than a decade ago I started my real estate investment business for one reason: I wanted the freedom to live a quality lifestyle with my family. After hundreds of requests from people interested in pro how to begin investing in real estate programs, I decided to help others interested in this business learn my techniques.

5. If you’re serious about learning how to dominate this business whether you’re new or a seasoned pro, please call me directly at 404-990-4395.

how to begin investing in real estate

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