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Some of my coaching students came to me with zero experience but wanted to learn how to get into real estate investing. In fact, I’ve worked with some who were very nervous learning real estate investing 101. However, you can do this business if you follow a proven formula. One such as my that helps me close 8-10 deals per week.

Often the question I’m asked is if it takes a huge investment to learn how to get into real estate investing? My answer is always the same. Absolutely not.

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Too many real estate investment coach programs don’t give you real world exposure like I do. Be very selective who you invest your money in time with as this business can be tricky.

The formulas I use in my own deals are far different than what you will see in your marketplace. That’s why so many people contact me about how to get into real estate investing.

It begins by developing a lead generation machine that brings us thousands of leads per month. It doesn’t happen overnight. However, my approach in my real estate investment company is built around a systematic solution that helps you generate enormous quantities of seller leads.

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How to get into real estate investing

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