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Coachingbypeter.com are the experts teaching you how to invest in commercial real estate. Too many real estate coaches lack street smarts how to negotiate profitable deals. At some point you need to look over the shoulder of an expert doing 8-10 real estate investing deals per week.

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Millions of people are desperate to learn how to invest in commercial real estate. What usually happens is this: they read a few books and take a few courses. Unfortunately, most of them fail.


Having done thousands of deals, I know there are some very good real estate investment courses on the market. But the problem with many of them is they don’t help you see real-world deals that generate huge profits.

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My real estate coaching clients love my personalized how to invest in commercial real estate training for one reason. They get to see how I do between 8-10 deals per week. How? I have guidelines that every deal must pass to move forward toward closing.

Replication is essential in how to invest in commercial real estate. Very few real estate investment courses let you see exactly how they do their own deals. Here’s the problem. Most real estate gurus aren’t actually doing deals themselves. It’s the, “If you can’t do it, teach it,” dilemma.

If you’ve watched other videos about how to invest in commercial real estate on YouTube, you know I’m considered one of the leading authorities in this business. But I know what you’re wondering. What am I doing in my real estate investment business that’s different than yours?

Honestly, the how to invest in commercial real estate formulas I use in my own deals are far different than what you will see in your marketplace. It begins by developing a lead generation machine that brings my company thousands of leads per month. Then comes personalized lessons how to negotiate enormous profitable deals. my techniques won’t turn up in any of the best real estate investment books.

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Don’t forget, how to invest in commercial real estate requires learning from an expert.

We don’t offer lame real estate investment courses. Instead, my team teaches formulas you won’t find anywhere else. After thousands of deals, I can assure you we are the leaders in this industry.

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how to invest in commercial real estate

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