teaches people how to invest in real estate the profitable way. Remember, you can do this business if you follow my techniques…

00:19 Willie picks up 3 commission checks for the week
01:10 Deals are everywhere if you know where to look
01:37 How to invest in real estate is about networking
02:00 Always make calls and email your contacts
02:49 Build relationships and match up properties
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I teach my students how to invest in real estate and how I close nearly a deal a day. If you’re a seasoned veteran, I can show you how to bring your business to the next level. I’ve bought and flipped thousands of wholesale properties in the last decade so I can assure you my formula works.


Anyone can teach how to invest in real estate. But most instructors lack the depth of my expertise in building a network of both investors and a lead generating machine. That’s the difference between what my team does compared to other trainers.

My coaching program instructs you step-by-step how to invest in real estate. You get to look over my shoulder how I do my deals and how I wholesale properties. My students get to see how I do between 8-10 deals per week and the funding sources I’ve built up over the years.

Many companies have limited resources and often teach how to invest in real estate using outdated techniques. Often they cram you into a hotel convention room for a weekend boot camp. Instead, I work with you one-on-one showing you how I’ve built my thriving business.

If you’ve watched other how to invest in real estate videos on YouTube, you know I’m considered one of the leaders in this business. But I know what you’re wondering. What am I doing differently than others?

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After thousands of deals, I can assure you my how to invest in real estate program works and I have hundreds of students earning phenomenal money using my methods.

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