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00:46 People are your most valuable asset
01:17 Case study on the best real estate investments
02:05 My friend Greg
02:57 Then we brought in a new person named Ken
03:49 The new market that was unsuccessful
04:28 Jacksonville was different
05:26 Rental properties
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My coaching students get an inside look at my proven how to invest in commercial real estate one-on-one training. There are many facets that go into every deal so it’s imperative you fully understand how to drive them forward for profits. Too many how to invest in commercial real estate courses simply don’t have the tools to turn tough deals into lucrative profits like I do.

One of the things my students enjoy is the customized one-on-one format I use to help them learn how to invest in commercial real estate. We will work together as partners as I guide you through all the parts of your deals.

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