teaches how to start an investment company. I’ve done 8-10 deals per week since 1999. Hopefully those kind of numbers catches your attention…

01:36 The new empowerment approach
03:50 How to start an investment company
08:01 Evaluating why other businesses succeed
11:22 Automating your business
14:04 Online marketing
16:31 Quantity of leads are the name of the game
18:29 Contact me for a personal consultation

You have a decision to make right now. You can either continue dabbling watching videos and doing your research or you can be bold. All of my students over the years shared one characteristic. They got serious about learning the proper way how to start an investment company.

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You deserve better than learning from expert theorists who make most of their money teaching rather than investing in real estate. Often they advertise more of the sizzle than the steak how to start an investment company in the real estate business.

Who wants that?

No one. In fact, most investors want a combination of risk control and consistent profits. Does anything else really matter? No. But the nuts and bolts of being successful comes in two flavors. First, you make dumb investments and learn from your massive losses and failures. This path isn’t fun and may just destroy your future.

The next approach is to be smart. As in replicate the formulas used by proven investors. But not gurus. They often sell their brand and market products. I don’t. Instead, my mentoring is an all out assault on what not to do. Then give you my formula I use accounting for more than 3000 profitable deals since 1999.

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how to start an investment company

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