So pick your poison.

It’s crazy. Isn’t it? How things can change? Like if a year, if a year ago, when COVID hit, if somebody would have told you, like, especially you, because I know how hip you are in offices having, you know, to like right before code, if somebody was said, you know what, we’re just gonna let everybody go home and work from home and do their own thing. What are the chances of you’d be like, okay, I think that’ll work.

The chances weren’t that good? You know? Um, what is the word like you’re eating cigarette, eating cut. I don’t, I don’t know, but I’m eating my words on that because I’ve always been a proponent of being there on time doing that. And there’s just a technology. It’s weird how you can accomplish the same thing. Right. Um, but I do like having the office, so, um, where is everybody else eating Crow? Jennifer said that’s right. Not cut Crow. Thank you. Thank you. As everybody’s dialing in, let us know exactly where you’re from. We have got Brad woods from Marietta, Georgia as always what’s up Brad. Good to see ya. I’m Stephanie from Mansfield, Georgia day from Texas. Um, also David from St. Augustine, Florida.

That’s a, that’s a, a place that’s near and dear to Julia and I, the very first office she and I ever set up remotely, uh, besides Atlanta was in Jacksonville and a member of our partner today, or used to have a house in St. Augustine’s. So when we did, what was that place? We used to stay by the water in Jacksonville.

The hotel was the one.

No, no. The one is in Miami, in Jacksonville, the hotel we used to go to all the time. It was like a little resort almost. And they had all these shops in the back, but anyway, it was so long. It was like 10, 10 years ago. But anyway, so when we did stay in Jackson state in our partners place, uh, in, uh, St. Augustine and so St. Augustine as a, uh, very familiar with it, very, very, very, very familiar with

I actually, I laugh it at the time. Remember, and our partner had all those vacation rentals and the hurricane came through and he’s like, you guys can stay in the house, but there’s a big hole in the roof. And I’m like, I’m a country girl. Like I got no problem with her being a hole in the roof. And then that night we’re staying there and I kid y’all not, there was like a torrential downpour, Peter and I are up to like two or three o’clock in the morning with towels all over the floor.

Oh, I remembered that feeling literally just about

The rest of the roof caved in while we were there. We’re talking million dollar beach house.

Yeah. I remember that driving in there and looking and realizing this thing’s about ready to cave in, and you’re right. As the night went on, that thing just started caving in on us. Yes, that was, uh, that was crazy. That was absolutely crazy. Um, so where’s everybody from here. I can’t see Julia every time I hit chest.

So Edgewood, Texas Stephens, Arkansas Ezell, Texas Los Vegas, Nevada. Um, done some deals in Henderson right next to a Vegas, Texas Trisha from Indiana Keegan from Crete queen Creek, Arizona Howard from New Jersey still be from Lewisville, Texas, Melissa from Denver, Colorado, Robert from Riverside, California, talent from Boston Russell from Buffalo, New York, George from little rock Arkansas Demetrius from Fayetteville, North Carolina, Jenn from Billerica, Kevin from Wisconsin, Katie from his spirit, California, um, and St. Louis, Missouri. So yeah, we’ve got everybody spread out.

All right. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Well, well, let’s go ahead and get rolling guys. We got some really, really good stuff, very pertinent. You know, sometimes Julie and I get on these Tuesday night webinars and we teach, we teach techniques. We teach strategies. We’ve taught contracts in the back in the past. Sometimes we talk about our partner successes. We’ve had partners on these Tuesday night webinars. We share with you all. What’s really taking place out there in a field tonight. We want to talk to you about something very relevant to everyone that’s dialing in today. We’re going into holiday season. Like, so what happens in real estate during the holidays, right? Like what do we do? And in, in, in Julie, and I want to be relevant in what we share with you guys. So we’re going to share with you, um, what we suggest should take place here over the next month or two, as we dive into Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s. And I think there’s some couple of other religious holidays, right? During that time. Uh, and things like that. But before we get into that, just from a point standpoint of introduction, some of you all, probably a lot of you guys already know us here tonight. Some of you guys may not. My name is Peter Vekselmanon the other end, Julia, how come it says Julie Muse on my name?

Julie: (05:19)
Oh, oh, because you sobbed in because I sent you my panelists late. I’m sorry.

Peter: (05:23)
Okay. My name is Peter Vekselman, I looked down, it says, Julie Muse, is no, I am not Julie. My name is Peter on the other end is Julie Muse. Julie and I have been together over 10 years and what we are as real estate investors for 10 years, we have been investing into single family homes. We’ve done all kinds of tech cases, strategies with them. We bought them, we fixed them. We’ve done creative financing them. We wholesale them. You name it pretty much anything that could be done with a single family home we have done. But some years back, we made a very, very pivotal turn, very pivotal decision in our business. And that we decided that we want it to grow to like, not just the next level, but like the ultimate level. How do we do this? What we do, not just here in Atlanta.

Peter: (06:09)
And some of you guys heard us talking about Florida a couple of minutes ago, but how do we do it all over, all over the United States? Um, and how do we cover ourselves to make sure that we do correctly? And that’s where initially the partner driven model, uh, was born. And now if you move, you know, years down the road where we are now, now what Julia and I do is we partner with everyday people all over United States. And we help them facilitate real estate deals by literally providing what we call our to pillars of success, to real estate investing. So once someone becomes a partner of ours, they get certain commitments from us. Number one, we commit to teach them how to do this. We know real estate is not an easy business. It’s not a business that you could YouTube your way through.

Peter: (06:54)
Um, you really need daily hands-on instructions. And so that’s what we do. We literally help our partners on a daily basis, um, put real estate deals together. Uh, so when it comes to the educational side, our goal is very simple. We want each and every one of our partners to become extremely savvy, real estate investors. Number two, it’s all about lead gen and real estate. It’s all about lead gen and most businesses, you know, you gotta know how to market. You have to know how to find opportunities. So what we do there is we get very involved right in our partners, local markets, and we help them identify and find good real estate deals all the way from the proprietary CRM system that we have that generates leads for them to everyday coaching of them, to, um, pulling lists from them and all that. Number three, we provide technology.

Peter: (07:46)
I tell people any longer technology is no longer, just a kind of a comfort thing. It’s a must have thing. And so we have what we consider to be the premier premier, uh, app in the real estate industry. And that’s called deal, um, deal driven and through deal driven. You could pretty much just from the comfort of your home and in your cell phone, you could pretty much do everything you needed. As far as being a real estate investor all the way from Liz stacking, to driving for dollars to direct mail, you name it, you could do it next. When we find the right properties, we provide all the money, uh, for our partners to do the deals. That’s right. We provide them earnest money if needed, be the down payment money, uh, the purchase money, rehab, money carrying costs, you name it, that’s all on us or partners.

Peter: (08:36)
Don’t have to bring any money to the closing table or beyond. And then we just simply put these properties in a market and sell them us with the profits down the middle 50 50. And that is what the partner driven model is all about. We’re here tonight to, um, to show you to showcase what we’ve done. Matter of fact, Julie, if you don’t mind, I do want to showcase a little bit, you know, you, you, you, you were mentioning names a minute ago and you mentioned somebody, uh, I think you mentioned somebody in Arizona, did you not? Is that somebody, a city, uh, somebody ate that

Julie: (09:12)
Somebody that wasn’t Graham

Peter: (09:15)
Graham, but there was somebody in Arizona. And, and so if you don’t mind, I want to showcase some of the deals we’re doing right now with Graham. I know he’s not on, well, maybe he is, but we got a deal we’re doing with Graham that we’re buying for $2 million, probably less than 50,000, the fixed and the property already appraised at about $2.9 million, or would you like them? Apples? We have an incredible deal with one of our great partners and Lindsey going on, and we’re buying it for 2 75. It needs about 60,000 worth of work and that’s worth about what do you remember? Julie’s at three 30.

Julie: (09:49)
Um, no, it’s four 50 to 500. I’m still narrowing that down.

Peter: (09:56)
Okay. That’s a hundred thousand dollar mistake. I’m proud that I made, we got an incredible partner Francisco and Julie actually, uh, the inspection just came up back on this deal. Um, but we’re buying it for 900,000 needs, about $60,000 with the work in an appraised for 1.5 million. It’s about a half a million dollar cool spread there and on and on. So the best way I could summarize what Julie and I do is we do deals just like this with partners all over the United States. And we’re always in a hunt for new partners. We always want to do more deals. So if you’re not a partner here tonight and you’ve been following Julie and I maybe through these webinars, maybe through our daily emails, maybe through social media. And you’re like, you know, it’s time, it’s time for me to level up in life. It’s time for me to, to, to, to know, to, you know, to get to the levels.

Peter: (10:47)
I want to do it. And I want to do it in the real estate business. Then tonight is a great night for you to get started with us. Uh, if somebody could put in chat with a couple of PA, uh, uh, team members on standby tonight that are going to be available to answer whatever questions that you may have, um, or if you’re ready to get going, they can get you started as early as tonight. And, uh, I don’t know what that number is. Hopefully somebody has it there in the background and could put it in there. Do you remember what the number is Julie?

Julie: (11:17)
Um, no I don’t. And I forgot to go over that with, um, the person that is handling the webinar this evening. So if we’d like to learn,

Peter: (11:29)
Go, go actually text Patrice Ruffin, a background there, and she’ll give you that phone number. And, um, anyway, well, let’s go ahead and get started. Guys. We’ll want to talk to you about something very relevant tonight, and that is the holiday time, right? And this is a very fair question. What should I do during holidays, but by the way, Julie and I, and our other partners, or just in a call about an hour ago, and there’s some corporate decisions that we’re making here. And part of a decision making process was that, Hey, we’re going into the holidays, like, like as we make these decisions, how do the holidays out of the holidays influence what we decide? Um, and I could tell you in the real estate business, um, let’s say, uh, I would say if you walk into probably 10 or random real estate realtor offices, right around now going into December, you know what you’re going to realize, there’s nothing going on there. You’re going to realize that there’s no sales meetings going on. Uh, it’s very quiet.

Peter: (12:43)
This is kind of how I look at what you do, uh, over the next month or two, as far as real estate investing is concerned. There’s always a reason to do something. And there’s always a reason not to do something always. You know, I always tell people, there is never the perfect time to be successful. Like this success doesn’t come down from, you know, heaven’s one day and say, okay, it is now time. You know, I, we have, we have now put 30,000 different things together and it is time. And that’s really how the holidays all. And, and so what I’ve learned after being personally an investor for a couple of decades now is that, um, holidays is a time for people to do usually one of two things fall ahead or fall behind that’s it. And it’s a decision. It’s not a decision that’s determined by the holidays.

Peter: (13:40)
It’s mostly always a decision determined by the individual. For those of you that are for those of us that are not quite a hundred percent committed to our future. And by the way I’ve been there. So I’m kind of, I’m including myself in there for those of us that are not what I call all in. For those of us that still have some things that need to be overcome on the road to success. How are they is a perfect time to slow down. Holiday’s a perfect time to take a step back. Holiday’s a perfect time to, you know, put it all on a hold. But my argument is quite different to what holiday time means to us here at partner-driven. You know, I held up this, um, I held up this list a couple of minutes ago, and I’ve never had a list of deals that we’re working on.

Peter: (14:41)
Like this, what we do here at partner-driven is once a week, we get together with our spec office staff. And we literally just go over all deals that we are going on. They would do it through zoom. Like we’re doing it here through Google docs. And I can usually look at that Google docs and formulate in my head, what needs to take place. I could tell you right now, we are absolutely in the abundance stage of deals. We are literally doing more deals than we have ever have with our partners for the years that have been partnering with our partners. And so if somebody were to look at me right now and say, well, Pete, we’re about it’s, you know, I don’t know, two weeks or one week, I’m not even sure what, but a week or two away from Thanksgiving, or then rolling into obviously December.

Peter: (15:33)
Oh, by the way, for those of you that don’t know, I have a baby doing this solo Thanksgiving, baby, do Christmas new year’s. And like I said, there’s some other anniversary. I mean, it’s just like talk about next. So not, not think about how silly this is, what I’m about to say. I can say, you know what, let’s stop. Let’s just stop. Because like, there’s every reason to stop. I mean, we’re going to be in Turkey. We’re going to have a relatives over a couple of days from now, Julie and Zabalazaa and I were getting together for kind of a partner dinner. So like, I mean, literally I’ve been, I can roll out for the next six weeks, something going on every six weeks, I’m talking about probably like 10 weeks for the next 10 weeks, something going on, tied into the time of the year. But if we were to do that, we would literally literally put on hold. And by the way, real estate, there’s nothing putting on hold. You’re just, you’re going to throw it away because someone else is going to grab it. We could literally say, uh, forget about $2 million of the profits.

Peter: (16:42)
Or we could say, we’re just going to blow through the holidays. And if nothing else, if, if anything, we’re going to actually increase and that’s exactly what’s going to happen here. Not only are we going to capture what we have going on right now, but we’re actually going to level up and we’re going to increase. So for my personal opinion, then I want to ask yours, Julie, from my personal opinion, holidays is what you make of them. Understand. We are in a real estate investing business that listen, this is very important. Real estate investing works off not the time of the year, but by motivation of the seller and the motivation of the seller is not influenced by the time of the year. Like, um, what are some motivating factors, divorce sickness, job change. We’re coming out of COVID with, uh, what’s going on with Fort worth, you know, foreclosures, none of those things are influenced, you know, upsizing downsizing.

Peter: (17:53)
So the interesting thing is it could be, it could be argued in the retail side of things. Like if I’m just a homeowner. Yeah. I could see probably not wanting to list my house like December 20th, that probably right. But in the invest world, because we do not work off convenience, we actually work off inconvenience because we’re working off motivating factors, which these motivating factors, like if you get bad news from a hospital, or if your husband or wife serves you with a divorce, or if all sudden your bank is now allowed to foreclose on you, they do not distinguish between January, February, March, April, December, November. So it actually could be arguing in that. Now this is a very important point. Listen to me here. It could be arguing. And it’s, this is a very valid argument to make. Since motivating factors are not influenced by the time of the year, but time of the year does affect the people doing this business, because I promise you, there will be a lot of investors going onto the sideline here.

Peter: (19:00)
So what that means you have less competition for a lot more inventory. The reason I say more is because with all these pre-foreclosures, and I know that when I get and all that, but because of all these new pre-foreclosures that are taking place, um, there’s actually going to be more pent up demand for a lot of people to sell and less competition. So I would say if you’re an investor right now, whether you’re with us or you’re doing this by yourself, and you’re trying to figure out what, what do I do? Do I shut it down for the next month or two? Like so many of my friends are, or do I actually kick it into next gear? My suggestion is kicking into next gear, less competition and more opportunities. This is the time to really, really take advantage of what the market has to give us.

Peter: (19:53)
And I can tell you here at partner-driven, I’m sure there’ll be time off. I’m sure there’ll be Thanksgivings that the us and the team take and the Christmases than yours. I’m not saying I’m not saying anything radical. What I am saying is don’t look at holiday time as well. I take a month off. Don’t look at holiday time as well, I guess, from like they do in college, like my daughter goes from Thanksgiving Julianna. I don’t know if you know this. I mean, your daughter’s just going in, but in college they go from a lot of schools. They leave on Thanksgiving. They didn’t even come back to the January. Right? Well, not, not in this business. I could tell you right now, we are literally sitting. And Julia was just, we were just remembering, we’re just talking about this. I think yesterday, maybe, or today that, you know, with all of these things.

Cause you know, now that we’re coming out of COVID with all these pre-foreclosures people were, a lot of people were saying, it’s not going to be, oh, it’s all overstated by the media. There’s not going to be anyone in trouble. It’s just the media story. That is not true. That is absolutely not true. And it just so happens again because motivation doesn’t have a timeline and motivation. Doesn’t recognize seasons. A lot of us taking place right now, as a matter of fact, this deal, Julie, this deal that I just pointed out to you from Graham, that we’re buying for 2 million and it’s worth almost 3 million. I don’t know if you know this scenario, but it is exactly this COVID scenario. You’re on mute.

Julie: (21:27)
I said, so is Ed’s deal?

Peter: (21:29)
Yeah. Yeah. These are people that went into COVID. I mean, not went  into COVID the government said quit paying where you don’t have to pay. Or just when the government says you don’t have to pay it. That’s like I’m saying quit paying. Um, so this guy stops paying on a multimillion dollar house to listen, listen to this. This is so fascinating during COVID this guy goes $1.7 million in the rears. Think about this house, Julie, to go. What points like, when did you hear somebody going 1.7? So this is, so this is like a business decision. This guy made, he said, okay, so I could pay $1.7 million in mortgage, right. Or I can just hold onto it. And then when the whole thing ends, like it’s ending now, he’s like, I got an extra 1.7 million in. So he just made a business decision.

It was like a very tactical decision. So now, now, because motivation doesn’t have seasons and in Arizona, they’re coming into, you know, they’re, they’re able to start now taking the houses back through Oreos. Um, he’s just like, okay, I got my 1.7 in my pockets. I’ll want another, the reason it’s not 1.7, but the price is actually 2 million to us. Cause he wants a couple hundred grand in his pocket and it’s fine. And then we’re able to step in, put about 50 or 60 work into it and all that. So Joe, what’s your overall opinion on the time, the seasons and holidays and all that.

Julie: (23:00)
Well, you know, really for me. Um, and I definitely agree with everything that you just said, right? But real estate is such a business of follow-up, right? So let’s say like today you negotiate a deal with somebody today, realistically, with the way that the title companies in the speed that they’re working right now, you’re not closing on a deal before 30 or 40 days. Now I know a lot of you were like, that’s crazy. Cause you tell them you can close quick. It doesn’t matter if we want to close quick title companies and attorneys, aren’t moving that fast. So even if everything went perfect today, you’re not going to realize the deal for at least a month and a half away. So the biggest issue that I see or that I’ve seen in the past, and actually I learned this lesson because I made this mistake.

Well, let’s turn down the pipeline in November and December. Guess what happens to your February and March of next year? I’m not even worried about today with this being a business of follow-up the business that you stat now, the follow-ups that you set now are your first quarter deals. If you skip a month and a half now and don’t hit it hard, when you’re ready to really hit it hard beginning of next year, you’re not going to have enough in your pipeline. So I consider this time to literally feed and feed and feed my pipeline. Like if I were to slow down or if our tele was slow down, I realize that their profits are not going to be met to where they need to be next year. So again, just like Peter said, I’m not saying don’t spend time with your family on the holidays.

Right. But don’t get lackadaisical, a cold watch and lifetime movies. Right. Um, take this time to build up deals and like, here’s another thing. So I was on the, we were on the phone with the seller the other day. Um, jeez. Oh, it was Shannon. I’m in Philadelphia. And we were talking to a seller and he’s got a tenant in the property, the tenants month to month. So we get in the tenant, knows the estimates. Well, do we as investors or even the seller or even Shannon. And I do, we want to serve somebody notice a week and then have to be out of their house a week before Christmas. No, I don’t want to do that. Right. So the gentleman literally says to me, he goes, yeah, I want to wait till after the Christmas is over. Give him extra time. So maybe just call me back into December.

My answer that to that is, let’s do a deal now. And I’ll specify in the contract that we won’t close until January. So what you’re going to see is you’re going to see a lot of people that say, I don’t want to sell now. I want to sell in January and you know what you’re going to say. Okay, cool. I’ll follow up with you. January 1st, January 5th contracts can be changed to specify somebodies needs. If you don’t grab the contracts, they will then have enough time to work with somebody else. So it’s twofold. Build your follow-ups now as big as you can make them. Because like Peter said, a lot of the competition’s gone. This is a perfect time for you to get in there and build the stack. Huge cause then come January, February, you’re doing deal after deal. After deal after deal. I remember, um, mean obviously very clearly that you know, Peter and I ran an investment company.

Our biggest month of the year, Peter was February and March of every year. That business was not gathered in January. That business started October, November, December of the year. Prior, most deals require follow-up. They require, um, a finesse. They require a lot of things. So most deals, you’re not just going to close immediately on your first call or your first meeting. But the more of those you have stacked up the better off you’re going to be also know this. A seller that needs to sell during this time of year is actually probably more motivated than any other time of the year. And you’ve got to step back a little bit and go into what can I do to help you to best suit your needs. Right? Um, some people to Pete at the end of 2021 is the end of tax season as well. Sometimes sellers need to sell this particular tax year or right to gain their, to take certain tax advantages, right?

Some people need to wait till January 1st, 2020 till a new tax year. The point is is that this is not the time to slow down. It’s the time to speed up. It’s the time to where you’re going to have the biggest opportunity to build this out. Now we haven’t really talked about this on a webinar. Maybe you guys have seen this. I’m going to give you a couple more reasons. Um, this is not hearsay. Um, and I’m, I’m jumping on this. I mean, everybody can do what they want to, but does everybody aware giving me a yes in the chat? Is everybody aware that the company, Zillow purchases real estate give me a yes in the chat.

So what’s going on is Zillow was going out and guess what they were doing. They were buying properties at market value. Now, when people asked me, Julie, how do I compete with that? I would say, well, number one, number one, you’re not a big, huge company like they are. And number two, I always thought, how could they do this? They stopped purchasing homes. They’ve already, they’re already in the works of laying off, you know, 25% of their staff it’s upside down. So the mentality of sellers has changed even over the last two weeks. I’m starting to get messages on my Facebook and I’ve not marketed myself in a minute. Julie, I want to sell my house.

So there’s a lot of things that are going on. That that is something that you need to get ahead. You don’t have that competition anymore. And let me tell you that was a big competition, right? So all of these things are lining up and you need your stacks. I mean, and I wished I had no books. You sorry, I drunk. You need stacks upon stacks, upon stacks in the side of a CRM of deals. Now’s the time to fill your coffer. Now’s the time to build those systems. Because again, what did I say earlier, even if you started to build today that the likelihood of you closing it in the next 30 days is going to be hard. Not because the money’s not there simply because counties and banks and they’re just taking longer than they used to. So, um, I see a lot of good things for investors now, again, when I say that I don’t mean that, that I want our American people to be suffering from anything by no means it is always my dream to make it a win-win for all of us.

Right? But you being able to go in and buy somebodies home prior to them, losing it back to the bank or them losing it to something else and saving their credit, their sanity. These are all things that we can do, but you’ve gotta be in front of this thing and the holidays are coming. Yes. And it’s a beautiful time, but 1000% now is the time to get on this thing. Okay. I want to be like this. Like you really got to push forward to get it, get on it. I mean, because that’s, that’s my message to everybody.

Yeah. There’s no question. There’s Julie, there’s something else you hit on. That’s very important. And um, because let’s face it. A lot of people do take time off during this time. But I, I always share with people, real estate is a business of momentum. It really is either you have it, which means you’re rocking and rolling or you don’t. And if you don’t, you know, you’ve been there for those that, for those of us that have been there, know, you’re pretty much just stagnant, then you’re stale. And um, you don’t want to lose momentum because you know, Julie was saying, you know, Hey, we’re starting deals now. And it’s taking 30 to 40 days to close her that’s reality. But that’s like, after we’re starting a deal, do you know how much time it takes to get a deal? Started the marketing, the negotiations, the numbers, you got to go through the nose, you got to get to finally get a deal.

And then you’re packing another 30 or 40 days on top of that. So realistically, if you make a decision that in the next month to month and a half, I’m taking time off and Amanda, but I’m going to hit it hard. Starting in January. You’re potentially looking at like this next month and a half. And if you’re going to just hit it in January, you’re potentially looking at not having. And this is if everything works out, right, your potential looking at not doing any deal till March or April of next month. So the decision you make now, what you do over the next several years, like in essence, it’s like a half a year decision. It really is a half a year decision. So remember, this is really not a decision about the holidays. This is no different than a decision that most people make on a daily basis. What do I do today? What do I do today? And let’s face it. If you’re not in the mode of chasing your dreams, if you’re not in the mode of chasing your goals, if you’re not in the mode of making things happen, it don’t really matter if it’s the holidays or not anything, right. There’s always a million reasons not to do something.

Julie: (35:10)
I don’t know. Peter getting that a credit card statement in January, from December. My motivation.

Peter: (35:16)
Yes, there are. There are motivating factors, your right to do it. Uh, unfortunately money times are not as strong as the motivating factors not to do it. As a matter of fact, I know we record these Julie and I want, here’s what I want to do. Um, right around, I don’t know, mid January. I want you and I to do another one of these together, right? And I want us to kind of spend the first half hour replaying some of the highlights highlights of what we talked about today. Okay. Because we’ve already made a corporate decision here at partner-driven that we’re not slowing down. And a huge majority of our partners have already made a decision that during the holidays, we’re not slowing down and riding around mid January. I wanted to take some highlights, some snippets out of this webinar. We’re doing here tonight and I want to play it back.

And I want us to kind of, uh, dissect around mid January. What’s taking place because I could tell you, well, as I said, when we got started, we’re literally in the middle of this incredible, incredible influx of deals, pure partner driven. And uh, what is it? 50 56, 56. You know, we’re working toward, towards taking 56 deals to closing guys. I can tell you that’s phenomenal. You know, for those of you that may not understand what that is. That’s not like 56 contracts we’re trying to put out. That’s not like 56 sellers. We’re trying to connect with. These are like deals that have gone through the scrutiny. And now we’re taking them towards closing. It’s phenomenal. And we here, I’ve already made a decision that we’re blowing through the holidays. We’re actually going to utilize the holidays as a time to take advantage of the same motivation, even pent up, but less competition.

We’re going to take, not take advantage, but we’re going to, uh, we’re going to capitalize by helping a lot of homeowners that are in, pre-foreclosures think about this. If you know, you’re going to lose your home and it’s the holiday time like, like what better present can you receive than the somebody say, Hey, listen, I can help you. You don’t have to get a mark on your credit. You don’t have to go foreclosure. You don’t have to have a potential lawsuit. You don’t have to lose your credit for the next eight years. You don’t have to do any of that Olin. And on top of that, we can put some money in your pocket, right? I mean, that’s like a blessing. That’s like a blessing to a lot of people during the holiday time that they’re not even thinking of it a lot. Here’s the crazy thing about a lot of people don’t even realize that’s possible.

A lot of people who are behind in payments, they just kinda think, okay, well, the next step is I lose my house. Um, I, uh, potentially get a lawsuit. I, uh, lose my credit. Uh, and for the next seven or eight years, I have a, uh, you know, a Scarlet letter on my chest. They just, they buy into that. They just think that is the way it is. And during the holiday time, not only can we put ourselves in a position of doing more deals, but during the holiday time, we could literally be a blessing to a lot of families that don’t even know there’s opportunities for them to avoid everything I just said, and even put money in their pockets as they make moves to the next destinations. So I know for some of you, this may not be what you wanted to hear for some people listening to us tonight, the message that you thought were going to deliver is, Hey, this is when we all kick back and celebrate and look back at the last 12 months and plan out the next 12 months and do a three-week retreat to see what’s possible and shut it all down.

And no, that’s not what we do here over the next

Julie: (39:29)
Retreat in the summer, maybe, or this

Peter: (39:31)
Spring, I’m with you, I’m with you on that. Um, the time will come for all that. And by the way, we are partner driven. We do enjoy, we’ve taken a number of trips together. We’ve met a number of our partners on a number of trips to share. So don’t think that we’re just so hard-headed that we’re just, it’s all, all business. It really is not here. Partner driven. Um, we just happen to choose a business that gives us the ability, not only to be successful on the financial side, but also reap the rewards of the lifestyle side. But we do not buy in to the premise that during November and December, you shut it down, we actually buy into a totally different premise that during November and during the Sember, there’s an opportunity to take it a step up. We buy into the premise here that this literally not listen to this.

This literally could be the best month and a half of this last 12 months. You know, you might find yourself here in the middle of November thinking, gosh, the last 12 months did not get me what I wanted to get. You might find yourself in a lot of stages of this year saying, gosh, I had all these goals and I had all these aspirations and you know, here it is, we’re in a holiday season and I’m not there, but I will tell you literally in the next month and a half, Julie, did you say last was it last year? February was our best month.

Julie: (41:04)
Um, yeah, February and March has been our best months and probably five years.

Peter: (41:13)
And why do you guys think that is, do you think it’s because like in January, we’re like back to work from not being at work for the last two months? No. Is because we know this is, this is the month. This is the month and a half to not only take it up a notch, but to a degree, like play it out for the next year because here’s, here’s one thing about real estate business. And this is what I just said a couple of minutes ago. It is a momentum building business. My argument tonight is this is actually the best time to get momentum. And here’s the thing about momentum, momentum. It’s kind of like going down a sled on a hill in snow, it just builds up. It just builds up. And the further down you go, the more momentum you’re actually able to build up. And so the cool thing is, you know, sometimes people say, well, I get it, Pete, I get what you’re saying. So like, if you want to have a good January, February or March, do you know, do this well? Yes. But I’m also saying that if you, as you build up momentum through these holiday times, not only will you reap the rewards in February, March, and April, but you’ll have momentum during that time. And it’s always easier to sustain momentum than to gain momentum. So

Julie: (42:49)
No, Peter, you know why I, like you asked me why is that the best months? And why do I know? Because already made this mistake. Like I literally remember like six, seven years ago, you know, I slowed everything down at the holidays because I started work. It was realtors love more. I started a real estate team and kind of let that get in my head. Guess what? My commission checks on the deals were slim to none in March and April when I vowed to never do that again, because that’s what I realized, like Peter said, it’s, it’s easier to keep a wheel going. It’s getting it started that that’s tough and you should never have to restart your wheel. It should just always be turning. So that’s, that’s kinda why I asked that.

Peter: (43:43)
Yeah, well, no, no, absolutely. No, no question about it. All right guys. Well, as you guys go into the next month and a half, I will tell you the next month and a half could literally be a life changer for you. Life changer, from a perspective that you’re going to have less competition and more opportunities. Are you going to take advantage of it or are you going to take time off till the competition jumps back in and maybe opportunities aren’t as rampant we are partner driven with. So, so many of our partners have made a decision that we’re going to step it up a notch and we have here. And this is why you see here more deals. I think Julie mentioned 57 deals that were taken to closing here, 56, sorry. We have to six deals that we’re, we’re taking a closing here. Um, if you’re a partner here tonight, let’s take it up a notch.

If you’re part of this momentum, you know who you are, let’s just keep on doing it. If you’re not part of this momentum when you’re like, well, that makes sense. I want to jump in. Let’s go. If you’re a partner here tonight and you know, you could take it up a notch. We challenge you here tonight to take up a notch. If you’re not a partner here tonight. And you’re like, you know what? This is an incredible opportunity. The timing couldn’t be any better. Cause literally the timing could not be any better. You may be following Julia and I for a while here and you’re ready to get started. You may have a couple more questions, but you’re ready to rock and roll with us. We have some team members on standby here today at 770-746-8585. So 770-746-8585. You can give them a call and they’ll answer any questions. And if you’re ready to rock and roll that, get you started as early as, uh, as tonight,

Rafa: (45:41)
Peter, Rafa here, jumping in for a second. Awesome webinar tonight, guys. Thank you so much for the incredible information. You’re absolutely right. It’s definitely the time to turn it up. And a few of the, uh, there were a few really great questions, uh, inside the chat that I wanted to bring up because there’s people asking. It’s like, all right, if we can turn it up, can you tell us the difference between, uh, the partner program and this new done for you program that we’re, we’re beginning to hear a lot about and we’re, and we’re beginning to see a lot of, uh, results from. In, uh, I didn’t know if we could take a moment, Peter, Julie, to, to share with them a little bit about, uh, the, the difference about this new program and, and, uh, and what it’s doing,

Peter: (46:29)

Julie: (46:30)
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Um, and I love talking about the different things that we offer or different, um, partnership levels. Um, and you know, I fell to talk about this a lot because I’m very selective with who we bring in to what, um, what is called partner-driven max. So you guys heard everything that, that there is with partner driven, but for a few select people, I am working directly of myself and my team, Peter, to work with a few select people across America to literally share our team completely with yours. Okay. So the goal is this is that in real estate, there are a lot of unnecessary things that must take place to become successful, right Pete?

It’s nice to have the right business. It’s good to have branding your websites, um, a good CRM system with a dialer with automatic text messaging, automatic, um, calls, automatic emails, knowing what lists to pull, skip, tracing that list, to find the right phone numbers, the right email accounts, right? Building all of this stuff, like a funnel to get you to a point to where you’re talking to sellers that want to sell their house. Okay. So at partner driven, we put all of those tools and give all those tools to you. Okay. However, I have been doing something for a little while now, Peter and I have where, and if you’ll understand how much work it is, this is why him and I don’t put it out there time. Okay. Um, or why we haven’t put it out there in the past. But what we will do is we will take all of those tools, our team that built these, these things that I’m talking about. We’ll put all this together for you, as well as hire and train someone whose job is literally to, um, do nothing, but get qualified leads on the phone for you. Because I know if it was your job, just to talk to people that want to sell their house, I don’t matter what the price is. Okay. Because if somebody wants to sell their house and they give you a price, listen to me, don’t ever type. The first price is whether that’s a good leader. Not everybody has to be cultivated.

We’re going to give you at least one of those opportunities every day. And of course, we’re going to fund your deals. Of course, you’re going to get complete one-on-one with Peter and myself and Barry, who, by the way, is a rock star dumpster. You’ve seen him on a year. That is the difference between Partner-Driven Max and Partner-Driven. We give you the tools, you do it. Partner-driven max. We take those tools and do it for you. Because again, like I said, the more often you were talking to an actual seller and making an offer, the more likelihood you’re going to be successful. If you’re not making offers to sellers right now, you’re a long way to close in a deal. I don’t mean to be ugly about that, but that’s all this is about. So again, so that’s, that’s really the difference between Partner-Driven and Partner-Driven Max. And if you would like to talk to one of my teams or myself about it, even if this, this is right for you, okay, then you can schedule a call. I think he put this up there. You can schedule that and be on there and be on there with me. Peter, what do you think the big difference is?

Peter: (50:54)
I’ll tell you from a personal perspective and I share this with people all the time. You know, I was literally the first PD max partner when we started, you know, it wasn’t intended to be that and all this, but you know, when I came out of the oh eight crash and I reentered the market, I brought Julie on board and ultimately she ended up building my business for me. She, like she says tonight, she branded me, she got the calls coming in. She got the calls answered. She got the appointments set. Um, she made me look like a real estate investor. She may gave me the ability to function like a real estate investment investor. Uh, and in the end, everything that you know is required thereof. Um, so I would say this, if you’re serious about this business and to you, time is of the essence.

What I mean by that is this, look, you only go around once in life. It took me years and years and years to get to where I’m at, what I’d love to shorten it. Absolutely. Why take 10 years to do something that could be done in a year or two. Right? So if that factor is important to you, if time is of the essence, if you do want to go from A to Z as quickly as possible, then PD, max is no question the right direction for you to take. If time is not of the essence and you don’t mind taking a little bit longer than there’s some other options that that could be explored, but if you want to do it as quickly as possible, then, um, there’s no question PD. Max is the way to go. No question about it.

Julie: (52:40)
Absolutely. Well, you know, if this is your first time on this call, whether you’re going to be with us to the feature or not. I know this is what’s about the holidays. Hey, either way. I hope you have an awesome holidays that are coming up. It’s a great time for families. Heck my mom’s even getting married. Believe it or not here in the holidays. So, um, no matter what you’ve got going on at which you all, all, all the success, just keep the will go and right. Put the effort in. We got this.

Peter: (53:20)
There’s no question. There’s no question. Well, guys, you now take, I’ve taken Julie’s and viewpoint on what takes place during the holidays. Hopefully, that helps you make your decision on how you’re going to treat the holidays and how you’re going to treat the real estate investing business. So on behalf of myself, Julie Rafa, who’s helping us drive the ship today. Most importantly, this incredible team that we have assembled here behind us that makes all this possible. We loved it. We enjoyed it. We hope to see you guys back. Same time, same place next week. But most importantly, let’s go make it happen, guys. You only go around lunch. Let’s do it. Talk to you soon.


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