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Peter (00:02):

All right. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Peter Vekselman here with Julie. Muse on the other side, excited to have you guys excited to have you guys we’re going to get started here in just a minute. We’re going to be talking about some seller leads, how to get them, where to get them, which ones to go after, which ones to stay away from very, very, very relevant topic. If you’re in real estate, it is never a bad time to talk about leads and owners and potential sellers. But now, especially in today’s marketplace, but they’re old, amazing things that are taking place, uh, unusual things that are taking place because the COVID the it’s it’s it makes even what we’re going to talk about here. Even more relevant, right? Joey? Yeah,

Julie (00:53):

Absolutely. It’s funny. I was kind of looking down at my phone because I’m literally texting with a seller right now, as we speak, trying to get an appointment to go see the house. So I don’t know, you know, for me, um, I mean, I love working direct to seller. I love, um, uh, you know, solving people’s problems, um, you know, things like that. So, I mean, super, super excited, um, about what takes place. There

Peter (01:21):

Never been never a bad time to talk to a seller, right? Never a bad time to talk to a seller.

Julie (01:27):

Lord. I think I’ve spent two hours now texting the same man back and forth, you know, um, which is, which is fine because a lot of people think this business is all about numbers. You know, everybody says, oh, it’s the numbers, it’s the numbers. It’s the numbers. It’s the numbers. If you build a good enough relationship with somebody to where they trust you, when it comes to talking about the numbers, they trust what you say, because you know, personally, I’m not out there trying to steal anybody’s house. I’m trying to make good deals with good people. You know? So understanding the importance of building relationships with sellers will take you so far. Not only to get that deal, but I’ve had many sellers after I worked with them. They referred me to somebody else, which, you know, that’s the best leads you can ever get as a referral. Right? You didn’t pay any money for it. They were already set up. So yeah,

Peter (02:27):

You got that, right. You got that. Right. So we’re going to talk about today. We’ll get started here in just a minute or so. We’re going to talk about, uh, different avenues to get leads from. We’re going to share with you, um, what are good type of leads and what are bad leads? There’s a, there’s some sources out there, guys that I would not get leads from. And we’re going to spend it just a couple of minutes talking to you about that. And then we’re gonna share with you the right way to get seller leads. And then we’re going to be, we’d started doing these pop-up trainings, literally just, uh, you know, aside from our daily trainings that we do for our existing partners, we just kind of said, you know what, let’s do some pop-up training, uh, kind of unannounced scattered throughout the week.

And they’ve been working out really good. So today it’s all about sellers. It is all, all, all about sellers. It’s all about lead gen the right way, the wrong way to do it. And how, you know, it’s funny, there are times where multiple strategies work and, and honestly, Julie I’ve been in the business for so long. Now there were times that almost all of them were kind of equally across the board. Like there were times where, where I can go to this source, this source, this source, and they were all pretty good. And might not know if there was one Benny better necessarily, but they were good. But, but man, not any longer, right? Not any longer. Now there are actually some bad, bad, bad sources to, uh, to go. So why don’t we do this? Why don’t we get going again? My name is Peter Vekselman on their side is Julie muse where real estate investors were partner driven real estate investors, meaning all our real estate deals any longer are with partners all the way across the United States.

And for those of you that hang on all the way through this training, you guys will see that we will actually give, uh, if you’re not a partner, we’ll actually give you an opportunity to, uh, become a partner today, if that’s what you choose to do. Um, and, uh, and we’re also going to give you as a special bonus today, for those of you that stay on long enough through the whole thing, we’re actually going to give you a hundred seller leads, right? A hundred seller leads. So don’t get any better net. Right? What I want to do first is I want to kind of hit on the major, major sources of where we as investors get our leads from. Okay. And if you think about it, what are the big ones? The big ones are working with a real estate agent. The big one could be working with a wholesaler and the third bigger one biggest one is, uh, working directly to owners.

Right? Um, and when I say the third biggest one, I don’t mean like that’s the biggest, and this is the smallest, I think, across the board, if somebody would say, what are the three ways to get properties, see the, through a realtor, through a local wholesaler or direct to owner. So before I flip this over to Julie, I just want to kind of, I want to share with you today, them that are no longer good sources. And then I want to talk to you about the w the good one. And then Julia is going to walk you through the process of getting leads from them.

I used to get real estate deals almost exclusively from real estate agents. There was times where I would buy hundreds, literally hundreds of deals, hundreds of properties from local real estate agents. Okay. They, to a certain degree back then, and this is about 15, 20 years ago. They certain, they certain, they like monopolized. I I’d say that’s a fair statement. They literally monopolize all the deals. All the deals were moving through them, whether they were coming in from banks or they were coming in from institutions or they’re coming in directly from owners, they pretty much monopolized. So back then the game was very simple. You had to get on to their AA list, right? When you can get deals from realtors directly, it was all about cause member, even a realtor, right? Who monopolize this, something has a finite number of leads or a finite number of deals.

So I remember the big one here in Atlanta is named one of the big ones. One of the three big ones was named Mike Berry. And I kid you not. I literally called Mike for six months straight and asked him about his deals. And every time Mike would say what I expected him to say, go to my website. Those were all the deals are. I always knew there was like this inside list. Finally, six months into me calling him constantly bugging him. He threw a bone my way. He’s like, all right, go check out this property. I ended up buying that property. And then literally couple of couple hundred deals later, Mike and I had an incredible relationship where every time Mike would get a deal, he would even put it on MLS. He would call a couple of guys like me. He’d give us an hour or two to go check it out.

If we liked it, one of us would always buy it. Those days are gone. I haven’t bought a deal from a real estate agent in years in years. And there’s a number of reasons why technology, who you’re competing against, um, how lead flow works now is what you’re competing against. And so I don’t want to get into too many reasons why, other than I could tell you, working with local real estate agents is no longer a legitimate source. There was a time where I bought quite a lot of properties from local wholesalers. And I’ll tell you why, because there were legitimate. I mean, they were really putting them under contract. They were getting incredible deals. They were passing them down to guys like me and things were just rocking and rolling. Okay. I can tell you those days are gone too and not to get into specifics about that, but that whole industry is just literally falling apart.

I mean, I could just tell you the legitimacy of the, of, of, of, of common guys or common wholesalers has just fallen apart. Now, everybody that gets in the business, they think they want to be a wholesaler. And so almost all the properties that are flying around out there, right? For us as investors to get, they’re not coming from the source, right? You’re not talking to the person that really has them in the contract. Almost all of them are just being shopped and reshapes. By the time you get the fly, if you’re getting a flyer, you get an email. I guarantee you, you’re not dealing with the source. Okay? So that industry literally has just fallen apart. And so the base of getting deals from wholesalers are gone also. And so that leads me to the third source direct to owners. And that is the premier source of where to get deals from right now.

I can tell you as somebody that buys or does deals across the country, I would say a hundred percent. I might be wrong by one or two percentage points, but I would say pretty much a hundred percent across the board. All of our deals are now coming from directly to owners. I can tell you, I know other real estate investors in the game, and I can tell you across the board, all the legitimate ones who do this consistently, not just, one-offs almost all of them are getting them directly from owners with the pandemic. Now it’s even made that side of the business even more lucrative because now there’s pre-foreclosures going on, which weren’t going on before and all this. So the name of the game any longer is you got to, got to go directly to owners. And when you go to owners is where you’re able to help people. And most importantly, from our end is where all the spreads are. So Julie, I’m going to flip it over to here for a couple of minutes. Talk about how you would go about getting a deal from an owner or the value of their,

Julie (09:55):

You know, um, Peter too. And I would like to expand on what you said just a little bit for me when you’re talking about going direct to owner. The biggest thing for me is, is not, it is the spread you’re going to, obviously you’re going to make more money, but it’s the ability to do different types of deals. Okay? So if you’re buying from, let’s say a realtor or you’re buying from, let’s say a wholesaler, they have a certain contract in place. They have certain agreements in place. So you must 100% follow the river of the deal that they’ve already put together. When I’m direct to seller, I’m able to do more. I’m able to be a problem solver because maybe I might wholesale a deal. Maybe I’m not buy, fix and sell the deal. Maybe I might buy it in a creative financing, creative financing way to do that.

I need to be able to be direct to seller because it’s their house that’s who makes the decisions. Um, but you know what I’m going to show you guys today is we’re going to talk about a few different types of lead sources out there, um, that you can, that you can use to find some, some motivated sellers. One is a vacant house, right? Um, and guys use the chat because I’m going to be asking some questions and I want you guys to help me help other people on this call. So, you know, Peter, in my opinion, there is nothing worse than a vacant house. Okay. Um, I mean, even me, I pulled a house. I have a house for sale down the road here that needs work. And I thought I bought it a little while back and did a little work on it. And I thought, you know what? I’m going to try to sell it. Like it is, well, guess what? It didn’t sell. Like it is, it didn’t sell. So it’s been sitting over there vacant for five months. So what I did yesterday, because I know this is I pulled it off the market. And the reason that I pulled it off the market, it’s sort of what I’m about to tell you. So guys in the chat, give me some reasons why you do not want to leave your house vacant or why anybody should never leave their house vacant.

I love to hear. Peter says vandalism. Yeah, absolutely. If it’s sitting over there and no one lives there, I mean, it’s very easy to get into a vacant house. Even if the doors are locked. Right. Um, Kristen, she said, you know, critters, obviously you could have rats getting in, uh, you know, raccoons, possum birds in the attic. Um, James says quarters, absolutely squatters. Cause if you’ve noticed right now in America, you’ve seen story. After story, after story of someone having a vacant house, someone breaks into the house and starts living there. Do you know in a lot of stakes, you can’t even get them out?

So I want to put that to perspective to you. You own a house you haven’t vacant and someone breaks in and just decides to start sleeping there. Do you know? They can continue to live there. And a lot of states you can’t even get them out to me. That’s asinine. That is nuts. Okay. So absolutely squatters like, or in the winter time, frozen pipes, no upkeep on the house. Whenever it’s vacant. Hey, what about this? Like the house I had vacant. Guess what I had to pay every month? The power bill, because I’m not going to turn power off at a house in, in Georgia where it’s 95 degrees outside without running the AC a little bit. I have to pay a water bill. Okay. Because if I turn the water off to reconnect it, you got to pay a reconnection fee. Then I’ve got to pay somebody to go over there and we’d eat and mow the grass.

I’ve got to go and, um, open the windows, run the fan so that I’m getting the air flowing through the home. Okay. So just to have a house sitting vacant, just between insurance, a power bill, um, a water bill, getting the grass mowed. I mean, you’re looking at like $500 a month and I’m not making that money back. That’s just me throwing it away. Just so you don’t run into things. I’m about to tell you when you live somewhere with how humidity or it really anywhere you can have just a tiny little water leak. Okay. The humidity in the house calls is mold, right? I don’t want my house molded. Okay. Plumbing. There are seals and plumbing. There are seals and water pipes. If the way that those work is there, seals, if water is not running through the seals, they’re going to dry rot.

So I’m giving you all of the reasons, okay. As to why you should never leave a house vacant. Okay. And I know that’s going down a different road of what you think we’re going to be talking about today, but I wanted to go through that with you because this is the exact conversation that you should be having with sellers. You know, I have people tell me, they’ll say, oh, it’s sitting vacant, but I don’t need the money. Right. Or it’s not bothering me. Yeah. Well, every month that goes by, you’re going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper in debt. You are from paying all of those things. Like I just said, but having bad things happen to the inside of the house, you do not want that. Okay. Then I would rather have someone live there for free than leave it vacant. Okay. So I wanted to go through that today so that you understand some of the conversations you should be having with sellers.

And today, I believe in this so much and I believe in our software so much. Okay. For those of you that are not partners at partner driven, if you are a partner at partner driven, you already have access to a thousand of these a month. Okay. But today what I’m going to do is what Peter and I have done is we’ve developed a way for you guys to go in and enter the area. And what are we going to provide to you? We believe in this strategy, worked in direct to sellers so much with vacant homes that we are going to give you 100 free. I mean, no obligation. Literally they will email you a spreadsheet with the vacant homes in your area that have equity. Okay. I didn’t want to just give you a hundred vacant property leads and there’s no equity in them because if they don’t, if they don’t have equity, there’s no profit in there for you. Right. So we’re going to give you not only those leads, but you know, what if we also gave them the phone number, do you think, you know, guys, if you’re on this call right now, do you think if you have their phone number and you could call and talk to them about what goes on about their house being vacant, do you think that would be useful?

Let me know. I mean, I really do want to know. Do you think that’d be useful for you to have their phone number for the vacant houses in your area? Yeah. James says yes, absolutely. Absolutely. Well also what would it do if you had their email address, would it be helpful to have phone number and their email address to contact them? Absolutely. It would. So if you would put the link in the chat box, so for those of you that are not partners here today, what we would like to do is give you 100 of these motivated seller leads. You now know all the reasons why someone shouldn’t leave the house vacant. So that should give you some big talking points. When you’re talking to sellers, for those of you that are partners out there, you should be having these conversations with sellers, right? We’re in the business of doing deals together, get up, you want to get on it.

So, you know, what I would like to do Peter is I would also like to show people how they can pull an unlimited amount of these leads. Is that okay with everybody? Would you like me to show you how to pull unlimited about, of these leads in your area, whether you’re a partner or not? Okay. So to me, this is just incredible. Okay. Because I’m, I’m getting to be a little bit older in this industry and I’ll tell you the way that Peter and I used to have to do this is asinine to look at now. I mean, it is nuts. I’m going to show you how in like literally one minute I can find all of the vacant properties with equity in my area. Okay. So inside of the chat, um, like last night I talked about this and I pulled up some leads in my area.

Um, if you would give me your city and state and I will show you how to pull leads in your area too, just put it in the chat. Okay. So Jamie she’s in a Norcross, Georgia, not very far. We got San Antonio, Texas, Maricopa, Arizona. Okay. So what we’re going to do is I’m going to look at San Antonio, uh, Lily you’re in a Palm coast. I love Palm coast. They used to have an office in Jacksonville doing this. Um, but let’s look at San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas for a minute. Okay. So what I’m doing is I’m sharing my screen here. Um, and I’m sharing the screen of our software deal driven. So I want to go into the nationwide property search screen here. Um, and I’m going to enter my area. So I’m just going to go ahead and go to San Antonio. San Antonio, Texas is very, very hot right now. Um, hold on just one second.

Okay. So I’m pulling San Antonio, Texas, and I’m going to be doing a 20 mile search radius around the city center of San Antonio. Okay. Well, when I pull that, it’s given me 10,000 plus properties. Well, I don’t want to just everybody in San Antonio. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna look for just the vacant properties there. Y’all check this out just within a 20 mile search radius of San Antonio. There are 5,054 vacant properties, 5,054 people just letting their houses sit there. What an opportunity that is. Well, you know what? I want to narrow down my search a little bit more because I don’t necessarily either want to just call everybody with a vacant house. And so I’m going to do what’s called list stacking on top of a vacant property. So this is the criteria that I use. These are the top of deals that I do.

So I’m going to do single family homes, townhouses, condos, duplexes, triplexes, quads. Um, you’re probably not going to see row houses in San Antonio, Texas. Maybe you might infill it, um, in Pennsylvania, somewhere like that. Um, but there, you’re not going to see that in, in Texas here. Now I want to go after the equity painter. So equity is the difference between what someone owes on the property and what the property is worth. Okay. Theoretically, the equity is where the money is made. Okay. So if they have zero equity, there is no room in there for me to make a profit, unless you go after some sort of creative financing deals, which I’m not going to go into today. So I’m looking more for properties that have equity. So of these 5,213 properties here, I want them to have at least, I don’t know, 40% equity or more 40% equity or more.

Julie (22:37):

Okay. Look, there’s 4,243 still left in San Antonio. Okay, well, let’s see. Another thing I might want to do is, you know, maybe what if they purchase this house like last month or couple months before now, are they probably going to be interested in selling maybe, but probably not. So I want them to be been sold the last transaction date. Let’s see, maybe January 1st, 2017. I want these properties to have been purchased before January 1st, 2017. Generally they’re going to have equity in them. Generally. They might be more motivated to sell because they’ve been there longer. I could eat and break this down to, you know, what I’ll only want them to have, um, at least three bedrooms maybe, and two bathrooms. You could narrow it down even further to say, I only want them to have three bedrooms, two baths or more in San Antonio, Texas bought more than four years ago with at least 40% equity.

Gosh, this is incredible. I mean, it is incredible. The amount of detail that I can pull here. So now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to pull a list here. So now what, this is what I would consider maybe my super hot list. Um, if you, um, are able to work more leads in that, then I would take out the three and two part of it. And don’t worry about that because I don’t mind me personally. I don’t mind wholesaling one in ones or two in ones or three in ones. Okay. We’re talking beds and baths combos. But for the purpose of this call, I wanted to show you just to the extent that you can narrow down this information with pinpoint accuracy. All right. So I’m going to go here and select all of these. Okay. All at one time, check this out.

I’m going to add them to my list. Okay. I’m going to create a new list. I’m just going to call it. They can’t San Antonio. You’re going to name that. Whatever is going to remind you of what type of list that you pulled. Sometimes I even will put a date in there. Now what the system is doing is it is populating this information as we speak. Okay. And you’ll notice it’s already ready. It’s already ready. How incredible or how powerful is that? That I’ve just found 752 properties. I live in Georgia, San Antonio, Texas, probably. I would guess it’s probably a 16 hour drive from where I live. I’m sitting here in north Georgia. I can now do deals in San Antonio, Texas because of this 10 years ago, I couldn’t have done this five years ago. I couldn’t have done this without paying an absorbent amount of leads used to, I would purchase my leads from a company called ListSource. And guess how much money I had to pay for that. Peter had to pay for each one of these leads. I mean, take a wild guess. It’s going to blow your mind.

It’s anywhere between nine and 15 cents a lead. So these same 752 properties. Let me get my calculator. 7 52 times, let’s say 12 cent average. It costs me just for their address. $90 and 25 cents. On top of that, I would have to go and skip, trace them and pay another dollar, a piece that’s another $752. People still do it this way right now. What we’ve is that we have developed a software that is meant for everyone. I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. And when I got into this business, I didn’t have a lot of money and there weren’t resources like this. When we put deal driven together, we wanted to put something together that no matter how much money you have, you have the ability to go out and find deals. Similar programs, charge $2,500 for what I just showed you.

So today, and I want you to put this in the chat, because if you’re on this call and you’re not a partner and you don’t take these free hundred leads in my mind, it’s absolutely silly. Cause at minimum that’s $150, but the way that I’ve just showed you, I just told you about, okay, now I’m going to take it even further. Okay? I’m not going to skip, trace this whole list, but watch this. I want to, I don’t want to lose all my credits, even though we own the company. I don’t want to go through my credits here because I’ll have to ask for more. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take these eight properties right here, this first eight that I showed you. Okay? And I’m going to do a skip trace. Now one benefit to being a partner here at partner-driven is this button right here.

Do you see here where it says free skip trace. It’s not that the skip traces are three, literally that they are free. It’s that partner driven, picks up the tab for these skip traces. Okay. But that’s okay. If you’re not a partner, you still have the ability to skip trace, check this right now, it’s sitting here and it’s running all of this in the background for me. It’s going out and it’s finding all of the information for all of these eight properties. Again, in the past, I would have to go to every address and skip trace it myself. You’re even when I was as efficient as possible or pay people to be as efficient as possible. It would take three minutes or so three to five minutes just to skip trace one property. That cost $1. Okay. So just while I was speaking on, we are able to have our properties skip trace, which is nuts to me. I mean, you can literally go in individually and check this out. Here are their phone numbers. Here’s their mailing addresses. This one. Didn’t come back with an email address. And sometimes they don’t that’s okay. Um, so if I’m looking at this property, you know, what’s in the reason we know they’re vacant is they’re most likely vacant. The list comes from, um, the list is going to come from the postal service. The service has deemed this property bacon because of the mail. Okay. So right from this screen, I know who owns the property.

I mean, she’s living, it looks like in an apartment in a Roy Illinois and owns a property in San Antonio, Texas. That’s a four bedroom, two and a half bath that has an estimated valuation of let’s say it like $270,000. By the way, she only owes 42,391 bucks. Well, it does. Why is Maria governor house sitting vacant and San Antonio, Texas. It is hot. There it is hot. You guys to us, it seems, it seems ridiculous, right? But not everybody’s in real estate. Not everybody understands these things. So you better believe I am calling Ms. Maria, because now I have her phone number. I have no problem. Cold call it Ms. Maria, or sending a letter to miss Maria and letting her know, you know, Hey, what if I good help your situation by coming out and buying that home as is because it’s probably gonna need work.

It’s been sitting vacant, right? You’re not even gonna have to worry about it with you living in Illinois. Just let me get into the property. Let me get access to the property. You can Le I could literally close on this house in San Antonio, right? And her never leave Illinois. Technology’s great. Okay. Because in her mind I’ve taught the sellers thousands and thousands of times she’s thinking, oh my gosh, I got business in Illinois. Now I’ve got to fly back to Texas and put it on the market. And I got to get this done. And I got to get this done because the realtor says, if I don’t do this and I don’t do this and it’s not going to sell no Ms. Maria, here’s what I can do for you. I can buy the property as is, and I can take care of all of this for you.

So you don’t have to worry about it. Wouldn’t that be nice? And you never even have to leave Illinois. I want to send a notary to you. You don’t even got to go to an attorney’s office or a title company. We’ll send a mobile notary to you to get the property closed. I’m passionate about this gas because I’ve done it. I’ve done deals like this. And a lot of us are out here, you know, waiting for something or the next biggest thing, breaking things down to common sense, right? The old school way of doing it, what we’re doing is we’re just, you know, before I’m out of drove for dollars to find all the vacant properties, the old school way of doing it works. This is like taking the old school way and pumping it full of steroids. And I don’t know if I should use that terminology, but I’m serious. So like look at, I mean, there’s, I have tons of these properties that I could work right here. Just like Tony. He’s got a three bedroom, two bath, you know, when a quick look it’s probably worth, you know, maybe a hundred thousand dollars, he only owes 56,000 bucks on this house. And look, this house was built, was built in 20 15, 20 15.

Julie (33:25):

Okay. So I could go the owner’s details. I could get his phone number right directly from here. So guys, I definitely want to value your time. But today, what I really wanted to show you is the absolute value of calling vacant properties that have been skipped traced that have been, um, w been your leads have been stacked. Okay? There is no excuse with us giving you these hundred seller leads. I believe in this so much. We’re going to give you those for free. You will then if you like it, great. If you were gonna either way, I believe in it, we’re going to do that for you. Then we’re going to give you the opportunity to have an unlimited amount of leads and unlimited. So today, if you would like to take advantage of this, who’s, who’s ready to take advantage.

Thank you, Gregory. I really appreciate that. And start. And Caroline, thank you to today. It’s time to start taking action. Today’s the day to get off the fence. You’re on this call. I’m assuming, because you’re looking to be a real estate investor. You’re just, you’re curious about it. And you want to get more information. You’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of people become successful in real estate. Let me tell you, 80% of all the richest people came from real estate. Real estate is one of the only industries in the world where there is no cap to your earning potential. Today’s the day to get off the fence and either do it or don’t do it. I just showed you a way for zero money to find deals. My question is, are you going to take the time to do it? Or are you going to spend your time? This even, even in watching manifest on Netflix, I think that’s the new cool show on Netflix. I don’t know. I don’t watch TV that much, you know, but, um, but because this, this business brought me to where I am now. That’s why I’m passionate about it because I know you can do it.

I re I really, really do. For those of you that are partners. Get to work. We’ve got a tsunami coming and we’ve gotta be ready for these deals.

Peter (35:56):

Great stuff, Julie, great stuff. Well, guys, we told you today where not to get leads from, we told you where to get leads from most importantly, Joe, Julie showed you a tool and how to correctly get the leads. And on top of that, we threw a hundred bonus leads at you. So if you’re already a partner, everything we showed you today, you get automatically. Don’t even worry about it. If you’re not a partner here, just follow the link, grab your a hundred leads, uh, get yourself registered for, for deal driven on the back end. It absolutely works. If you want to find deals, this is the way to do it. So on behalf of myself, Julie, and everybody else here, guys, we love it. We appreciate it. We glad you guys joined us. Grab your free leads. Um, follow the link if you’re not a partner and, and, and do something with it. Okay. Don’t just grab it, but actually do something with it. Okay. Actually do something with it and, um, um, make the calls follow through and let’s get some deals going. All right, guys. Thank you.