Speaker 1 (00:00):

Hey everybody, Peter and Julie here it’s Tuesday night live seven o’clock we, uh, I don’t know about you, Julie, but I feel like this is just like part of my week. Like there’s certain things you do on a weekly basis. You don’t even think about, um, this is one of them. This

Speaker 2 (00:16):

Is hanging out with your buddies, man.

Speaker 1 (00:18):

I hear ya. I hear you. We’ve. As long as we’ve been partnering with people, we have been, we have been consistently doing this so glad you guys are here. We got a super duper, I don’t know if that’s a word, but we do have a super-duper uh, next hour for you guys today. I mean, we, today we’re going to be talking about shortcuts and who doesn’t want a shortcut, right? Who doesn’t wanna a way to get somewhere quicker, who doesn’t want a way to, you know, make less mistakes. So tonight’s all about shortcut in the system, all about crossing the finish line as quickly as possible. Um, we’d love to hear from you guys. We’re going to get started here in a couple of minutes. Tell us where you’re dialing in from, or I guess what is it called zooming in from

Speaker 2 (01:03):

Yeah. W where you Zimmerman from. We’ve got aid from Buford Shane from coming John Walker from Rochester, New York, Brad from Marietta and Marietta. Jim brown from Dalon, a guy Eric from, Georgia Fallon pool from North Carolina. We got it. Lana, Steve Ross from Fresno, California, Christine from Buford, Georgia. We got a lot of George’s in, um, come on, God’s put it in the chat. Where are you guys from the villages in Florida?

Speaker 1 (01:40):

Um, and I was just going to say the villages. I think it’s the largest retirement community in the world. Something like that. Or at least the United States. There’s like part of the villages that are like ungodly Moto retirement homes there. Um,

Speaker 2 (01:56):

Actually you have not visited that area one time where

Speaker 1 (01:58):

I remember, I do remember that. Absolutely. Did we go all the way to the villages or are we still up in Jacksonville? Talk about,

Speaker 2 (02:04):

I think it was the outskirts of the villages, but what had happened is, um, a buddy of ours was building an entire neighborhood of rental houses. And as an investor, you could go in and buy brand new, new construction, no homes, but somebody was from St. Augustine. Not very far from there.

Speaker 1 (02:23):

Yep. St. Augustine is near and dear to Julie and I we’ve done tons of business, uh, around that area, especially in Jacksonville. And we used to stay. Right. What was that hotel that we used to stay in?

Speaker 2 (02:34):

I don’t know. It’s right in the middle of town. Maybe that the gentleman knows it’s on there, but it’s so beautiful. It’s like

Speaker 1 (02:40):

V I think done that like V something

Speaker 2 (02:43):

I can’t remember. I actually was talking to somebody about it the other day and I couldn’t remember the name.

Speaker 1 (02:48):

Yeah. It was like one of the original hotels, uh, there. So, um, what guys, we’re going to be starting here in just a couple minutes, so glad you guys are here. Tonight’s about shortcuts tonight. We are going to give you a Whopper. We are going to show you how to shortcut, shortcut the system, how to get to the end goal quicker. So tonight support tonight’s the night you want to maybe take some notes. Tonight’s the night you want to definitely pay attention. Julie’s going to be demoing something really, really, really cool. Something that she and I and the team have been working on behind the scenes for quite a long time. And tonight we’re like, okay, let’s go. Let’s uh, let’s make it live so

Speaker 2 (03:26):

Well. We’re so glad to have Walter from Maryland Russell from Buffalo, New York. I’m assuming Andy from Oceanside, California, a net from Corona, California, hedge bill west, Virginia. Uh, Brooklyn’s in the building.

Speaker 1 (03:44):

Awesome. Awesome, awesome. Hope everyone’s enjoying the Julie. What was this? I was hearing you and the girls talking today about, is it like a storm coming here to Atlanta or something like that?

Speaker 2 (03:54):

Actually a pretty bad one. It’s coming. Um, it’s, it’s, it’s a tropical storm hurricane. And by the way, we live in Georgia. Um, I live in north Georgia, Peter lives in Atlanta, but, um, it’s, it starts like new Orleans mobile area and it goes up and comes through the, the east and it’s heading with the other storm, the other big snow storm. It just went through the west, heading east and it’s going to come together, you know, two years ago with the last hurricane came through and we are nowhere near the ocean guys, just so you know, I’m nowhere like six, seven hours from the ocean. My house was out of power for, I think it was six days.

Speaker 1 (04:38):

Good. Let’s hope the history doesn’t repeat itself. Right.

Speaker 2 (04:45):

I’m really glad that, uh, I have a construction company and I have multiple generators. I know that’s like so selfish to say, but man, they really come in here.

Speaker 1 (04:54):

This reminds me of the story. Julie member, you came to the office or maybe you called the office. This was before the virus and you like stayed home one day and the house almost burned down. Yeah, that was another storm. Wasn’t it? Or no, I thought it was a lightning.

Speaker 2 (05:09):

Uh, lightning hit my pond and there was a pond and I have a, uh, like a what’s that called, uh, a water fountain in it. And the Latin went all the way from the power, from the pond all the way to the house. And it literally just busted in my garage. It was crazy, but we, everybody was safe only Burt, one side before I was able to put the fire out. So no harm, no foul, no

Speaker 1 (05:36):

Harm, no foul. I love it. I love it. All right, guys, we’re going to be getting started here in just a minute. W w w really, really good stuff. I mean, tonight, um, as you guys know, we love to share it stories. We’d love to tell you about our history. We’d love to share a model. We love to share, uh, partners. Uh, but sometimes we get down to the brass tacks, like, how do we get this thing done, real estate investing, you know, how do we, how do we get there quicker? What are we doing to gotten to a level we are? And that’s what tonight’s all about. So if you’re here tonight and you need like some, like a boost, like something that’s going to propel you a little bit quicker, a little bit sooner, a little bit faster. That is what tonight, uh, is 100% all about. So get ready, zero in. Um, we got some great, great, great stuff coming up here from you guys. Let’s say we’ll start here shortly. Um, actually

Speaker 2 (06:27):

We got a Kenneth from Tallahassee, Florida, Michael, from Utah.

Speaker 1 (06:34):

Super-duper oh, well, let’s do this. Let’s get rolling. Let it, let’s get rolling for, for those of you that don’t know who Julie and I are. Julia and I are real estate investors. We’ve run a successful real estate investment company for many, many years. We’ve done literally thousands of, of real estate deals. And, you know, I guess if you put us on some kind of a scale, um, aside from like the hedge funds, I would say, uh, she and I built an extremely successful real estate investment company. Uh, we did tons and tons of deals. Um, we had tons of exposure. We knew how to market at the top levels we had top-line frontline negotiators. Um, we had sophisticated systems that was able to support multiple offices, uh, literally across the United States. Um, and you know what by, I think by any standard we were doing very, very well, but like anything else in life that you do well, you want to do better, right?

Speaker 1 (07:29):

Like who wants to do well? And just kind of like, well, this is a time to slow down, you know? Um, when you do well, you want to get to those next levels. So she and I, sometime ago, Julie and I, and the team behind us, and by the way, we credit our team with so much, you know, Julie and I’ve kind of become the, the, the, the, the, the face of the organization, the, the, the, the talking piece of the organization. But we have an unbelievable team behind us. That’s been with us for years, literally years and years. So we collectively, as a team, we’re trying to figure out, like, how do we go beyond, like we were talking about Augustine, we had an office in Jacksonville where we’ve done. We did tons and tons of deals. We had offices all week, all the way to the west coast, all the way in California.

Speaker 1 (08:11):

But at the same time, we were limited. We were limited by like where offices were located. We were limited by where we were doing our marketing. So we were trying to figure out how do we go beyond our own boundaries? How do we deal beyond our own borders? You know, we developed tremendous amount of skillset getting the business to where it was. And then, you know, a piece that was important, especially to Julie was how do we help? A lot of people do this too. It wasn’t just, just like, how do we grow? Cause we were, we were doing pretty good already, but how do we like grow and expand and do more deals and bring a bunch of people with us. And that’s where this idea, which has now become a full fledged business model was bursting. It’s the partner driven model. And that’s where we are that way, way down the road from where we were, we now do deals.

Speaker 1 (08:59):

We’re still an investment company. So when somebody asks us, what are you guys? We never say, we’re like gurus. We never say we’re educators. We are at heart real estate investors that has not changed. The mission has not changed for, except for one thing, the model has changed. We now partner with people all over the United States and we do real estate deals with them. And so, um, it helps us to do what we’re doing tonight because you know, our, well, by the way, we never hide our goals. We never hide our mission. Our mission is to find more partners. That’s why we’re here tonight. I mean, as much as we love being with you guys, but tonight, it’s all about getting our existing partners to the next level and finding more partners because that’s how we expand. When we get our existing partners to the next level, we’re able to do more deals with our existing partners.

Speaker 1 (09:45):

And when we bring non partners into the partner driven family, we’re able to do more deals. So that is like the big win for us tonight. The big win for us tonight grow the existing organization and bring in new people to help grow the existing organization. Um, now having said that, having said that everyone here tonight falls into one of those two categories, you know, some of y’all are already partners, and we’re so glad you guys are here. This is like, this is just one of the many ways we connect with you guys. You know, we, we, we connect with you guys on a daily basis, both in a group environment, we connect with you guys on a daily basis in a one-on-one environment. Uh, for those of you that are partners, you also have the ability to, for us to help generate leads for you, for us to provide technology for us to provide capital when deals are done for us, uh, to provide back-office to the deal all the way through the process for us to help you with construction.

Speaker 1 (10:41):

And the model is simple. Once the properties run ready to be put in the market, put it in a market, sell it, split the profits. So for those of you that are partners so glad you guys are here, you know what it’s about? It’s about resetting recharging, recommitting, and get into the next level. Uh, and those of you that are not our partners yet, we hope you guys do become our partners. We feel like probably you’re not just listed, like, like literally I had like, uh, I jumped on the computer today, like 10 minutes before we went live. And like, I did not go to YouTube and start like watching real estate videos. I don’t think anybody goes to like, watch is real estate just because that’s so, that’s so cool. Right. I went to Netflix and I started watching this cool series called blacklist.

Speaker 1 (11:19):

Okay. It’s kind of a total sidelight thing. So we feel like if you’re here tonight, you’re not just filling an hour that you have. You’re like bored to tears. And you’re like, let me listen to Pete, Julie. We feel like if you’re not a partner, but you’re here tonight, you are here, uh, for a mission you aren’t here is a way to grow your real estate investing business, start your real estate, investing business, expand your real estate investing business. And you’ve heard about our partner model and Bulli bottom line is you checking us out and we’re glad you’re here. And, and, and we hope you get started tonight. I mean, really will you literally hope to get started tonight? And so what I’m going to do, I’m going to check my phone. I’m sure. By now there’s a text on it. What I’m going to do is give you two options of how to get started tonight.

Speaker 1 (12:00):

One, for those of you that I check this out enough and you’re like, okay, this is it. I’m rolling. And he ready to get started tonight, like literally ready to get started tonight. We have a team member on standby. His name is Jim brown, and he’s on standby at 7, 7 0 5 1 6 0 8 4 1. I’m sure that’ll be in the, in your chat, but for those of you that like, aren’t quite ready, but you need even more information than just, you can visit us anytime at www dot partner-driven dot com and check us out. And then from that, maybe that’s your first step into, to becoming a partner with us. So, all right. So let’s get rolling guys for those of you that have been on here for the last 10 minutes or so you’ve heard me kind of do, I don’t know if it’s called a teaser or what, but it’s like, what is tonight about?

Speaker 1 (12:46):

And, and I feel like these Tuesday night calls fall into a number of categories. Sometimes, literally, Julie, just get out here and we just tell stories, like things we’ve done, things we’ve experienced in this business. Like, do you remember when this happened? That happened. Sometimes Julie get on and I get on Tuesday night calls and all of a partner with us, like a real life partner that we’re doing real life deals with. And it’s a way for us to kind of validate the whole thing that it’s not just Juliana, it’s like real life people doing real life deals and they love sharing that. And we, those, those are phenomenal. Um, sometimes we get on here and, uh, um, we teach, like we teach, we teach like maybe it’s a particular technique, a particular strategy, a particular way of doing something. Um, well tonight, tonight falls into a category of, on the two itself.

Speaker 1 (13:38):

Tonight, we are beyond excited and pleased to announce a tool like a brand new tool that, uh, we have been working on behind the scenes for quite a long time. It actually originated as a result of another tool, but it’s better. It’s faster, it’s cooler. And, and, and, and so the thing is when you talk about tools, the very first thing you got to figure out is what’s the tool do like, you know, what does a hammer do? What does a ranch do? What does a, uh, a protractor do? What do scissors do? Each tool that we’ve ever come across does something tonight. We’re going to talk to you about a real estate tool. And if I had to like, define what it does, it’s a shortcut tool. It really is. It’s really, it’s, it’s a way to shortcut the system. It’s a way to learn a little bit quicker, learn a bit, a little bit faster, do everything under one roof.

Speaker 1 (14:38):

Um, it’s a tool that anybody can get by the way, if you’re a partner tonight, you’re, you’re getting this tool. So the only tonight, just we’re going to just going to showcase it for you and you’ll see what you’re getting. Okay. So this is yours. Um, if you’re not a partner yet, and maybe tonight, you don’t, you’re not quite at the level, you ready to become a partner and I, sorry, this is a no brainer. This is an absolutely no brainer. Um, so like when I got started in real estate, and sometimes I hate to give that, like tell people when I got started, cause they’re like, oh, it’s okay. So that probably makes you what, like 87 years old. So I don’t like showcase it, but I got started eons ago. And I got to tell you when I got started tools were not as important as they are now, because back then there really were no tools.

Speaker 1 (15:20):

Okay. They’re really like when people say like, like what system did you utilize to pull your leads? Like what databases? And I’m like, I’m like, Hmm. Yeah, not really. It wasn’t that. I mean, I just kinda like, uh, found some tax records, which is like basically calling off the white pages and I went to town. So back then, whether I had a tool 22 years ago, or I did not have a tool 22 years ago, um, wasn’t as critical as it is now back then actually skillset was a lot more important. See, 22 years ago was a lot more important for me to negotiate well, because we are all in negotiating. Okay. And we didn’t have these unbelievable marketing systems and, and lead gen systems and all that. It just wasn’t around the internet. Wasn’t as sophisticated social media was like, what? Uh, and it didn’t exist.

Speaker 1 (16:09):

But in today’s world, I could tell you, if you do not utilize tools, if you do not utilize shortcuts to get your from a to Z, I don’t know if it’s possible to build this business. Now, I’m sure you could probably like bully your way through. I’m not saying you couldn’t do that, but I don’t really think you can get it to any level that’s of significance. I don’t think you can get it to such a degree while you’ll be happy with it. So bottom line, and this comes from a guy that’s done this thousands of times over, you know, a couple of decades in the business, you absolutely positively needs, uh, shortcuts, and you need the right systems and you need the right tools. And so I’m going to flip this over to Julie, because really, as we develop this, uh, this tool, Julie became the face of it.

Speaker 1 (16:59):

And, and, and Julia was the right person to become the face of it because Julie, every day is in the grind of this business. You know, sometimes people say, oh, well, you guys don’t really do this business. You know, you got no wrong. That is like totally 100% wrong. I don’t think Julie could pinpoint the last day that she did not do something as it relates to real estate. So, you know, Julie, as we were developing this business became the, the face of this business because she was like, okay, so for this, okay, let me do a recording here. Okay. So for this part, okay, let me put this under. And so she, you know, with our tech team behind her really developed this whole thing, put this whole thing together and literally became the driving force behind it. You know, I think, and I’m not going to speak on her behalf so she could do her own talking.

Speaker 1 (17:46):

I think she’s kind of like, okay, what are the, like, what are the basic things that are needed to be successful in this business? You know, what are the things that I need to do? Like, how do I do I need to access you and Peter and you know, Peter and Julian, a weekly basis, do I need certain scripts and all this? And I think like, it’s almost like she put together her favorites, wrap that all under one bow, put it all together and said, okay, boom, let’s make this thing easily accessible. A hundred percent affordable and a total no-brainer to utilize. And, and I know Julia, you’re probably going to be, I think you’re going to demo it today. You’re going to introduce it. But guys, today’s literally the first day in, uh, we did a little test marketing of it, just a couple in the last couple of days, but today we’re happy to release.

Speaker 1 (18:30):

We’re happy to announce the tool it’s called one deal away. Uh, that’s kind of why we and Julie will kind of get into why we called it one deal away. Uh, and by the way, it’s because literally you’re one, everything away from this business, you’re one call away from an amazing, uh, uh, amazing deal. You’re one marketing piece away from an amazing deal. Literally in this bit. This is one of those two businesses where we don’t say it’s easy. Cause it’s not, it’s not an easy for us, 20 years in the business. But the cool thing about this business, you literally won many things away from just like killing it in this business. And that’s why it’s so exciting to be part of this business. So Julie, I’m gonna flip it over to you. One deal away is officially a goal. We’re going to give you guys the link and just a little bit a member. If you’re a partner you’re getting this, don’t worry about it. It’s all part of being a partner. It’s all part of being in a family already. Um, if you’re not yet a partner, we’ll get, uh, we’re going to get your link of how you could test drive this. Absolutely no charge, uh, see how much you love it and we’ll go from there. So, um, Julie,

Speaker 2 (19:32):

Take it away. Yes. So I guys, I’m so excited to talk to you tonight about one deal away. Uh, you know, and I kind of wanted to give you a feeling behind that, um, who on this call has never done a deal, never done a real estate deal. Go ahead and put it in the chat and don’t be embarrassed. It’s okay. Okay. So we’ve got some people that have never done a deal and, and I’ll tell you, you know, for me, when I got started in this business, I had this one feeling and you know what it was, it was, if I could just do one deal, I could do blank, right? Like ed said, he’s been close, but I knew if I could just do one deal, I would, in my mind, understand this business more. I would have confidence in myself to possibly go into this full time.

Speaker 2 (20:33):

Right. And I would definitely be able to, um, start heading towards those dreams of real estate that I’m looking for. So whenever we, you know, we put one away, which by the way, this is a downloadable app inside the app store that I’m going to show you when we put this together, you know, what, what we wanted to do is it not just give you the basics, but give you action steps of the basics. Okay. A lot of times when you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re seeing a lot of these training videos, I don’t know about you guys, but do you see a lot of where, like everything’s conceptual, does anybody see that with videos and nobody like ever says, do this, do this, do this, do this. And you know this, no matter what goes on right now and with all the technology that’s going on, this is still a very much a people business.

Speaker 2 (21:36):

I know people, Peter would agree. It’s all about talking to sellers. Okay. It’s all about negotiations. It’s about understanding this business from the very beginning to the end. So, um, what we’ve done is we have compiled all of this information, brand new training, um, in an app format, I know I’m in a lot of trainings and different things as well. And a lot of times you got to log onto a website, which is fine. Um, but sometimes it just been asked to just open my phone and start watching my training videos. Right. So that’s exactly what we put together tonight. Hey, would you guys like me to just give you a demo and show you exactly what it’s about? Give me a yes. In the chat while I’m getting this go in here. Okay. Awesome. All right.

Speaker 2 (22:35):

Now I’m not trying to be rude. I will be looking down on my phone. Are you seeing my screen, Peter? Yes. Okay. Awesome. All right. This one deal away challenge can actually be downloaded inside of the Google play store and, or, um, your apple store. Okay. So literally it’s with the idea of being one deal away. What do you got to do to do one deal? I know what I need. I need an, I need to, you know, have understand exactly, you know, um, what deals are also, um, I’m going to show you how to use our other technology called deal driven. Deal driven is a tool that we use to find motivated sellers. And actually, if you’ll see right here, we’re gonna give you a 30 day free trial right here to deal driven. Okay. So you’ll have that to me. This is one of the most important things.

Speaker 2 (23:52):

Every week live every week, what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be doing a live coaching call a live one. This is not prerecorded. If you’re in this challenge, you will be able to get on this call every Wednesday and talk to other people that are just one deal away. Okay. And ask any questions that you may have about this business. And we’re going to be here for you right here from literally your smartphone. Um, we’re going to go over exactly what a wholesale deal is, fix and flip deals, buy and hold creative financing. Again, we’re wanting to start you from the very beginning so that you understand the different exit strategies. Okay.

Speaker 2 (24:39):

Um, we’re going to also explain some different times and things that you need to know to move forward. So it literally, if you are brand new and know nothing about real estate investing, you could pick up this app, start going through the training and you can literally start doing deals. We’re going to give you everything that you need. We’re going to tell you exactly where to find deals, what deals to look for. We’re going to, um, show you how to find those using deal. Driven, talking to sellers. We’re going to give you, this is even one of my favorite things. You’re going to get all of our scripts and contracts. Okay. So I have literally went through and did a video recording of all of every one of these scripts in a training on how to make every one of these calls. Maybe it’s, pre-foreclosures, maybe it’s cold calling your marketing list.

Speaker 2 (25:43):

Maybe it’s driving for dollars. We’re going to show you exactly how to make those calls. And as a bonus, we are going to be able to give you a masterclass in negotiations, which I feel is, is one of the most important things. I mean, even if you learn how to get an extra five, seven, and eat it up to $10,000 off your next deal, would that not be worth? It? Absolutely. It would. And all of this is literally at the touch of your hand. And guess what guys we’re giving you a free trial tonight as an introductory to our, um, as an introductory, we’re going to give you a free trial to the app. Um, Kristen, will you go ahead and put that in the chat right now? And then after, after seven days, it’s only $99 a month, $900 a month. So again, w w what does it work for you to know exactly how to talk to a seller, how to get a house under contract. Okay. How to have the, the right contracts to use, which by the way, this contract, Peter, how much money do you think over the years you spend on this contract?

Speaker 1 (27:07):

Well, I know there was a time span where I literally spend over $25,000. And only about a couple of months. I mean, you know, one of the things I always talk about, Julie, you hear me talk about it as an unfair advantage. You know, people always talk about unfair, unfair, unfair. Well, to me, Hey, I’ll take on unfair, but I want an unfair advantage. And I could tell you just, just the contract itself will literally give you an unfair advantage, both on the acquisition side, in terms of finding the right deals and submitting this contract to a legitimate seller. And it’ll give you an unfair advantage on the exit strategy, because what this contract will allow you to do. I mean, this contract literally in itself, Phillips the whole wholesaling model upside down. It’s like everybody, before it it’s contract things, wholesaling is this, you know, you do this, you do this, you do this and you make this. Then they look at this contract. Remember just the contract. We’re not changing the strategy. We’re just changing the contract. And now sudden wholesaling, you do this, you do this, you do this, and you make this because of the verbiage in the contract. So yeah, an absolute positive, unfair advantage.

Speaker 2 (28:20):

And Peter, let me show you something that I just did. So I was literally on the app. Okay. I sent this contract to my computer. Here is an example of the contract that we are going to give you. You’re going to be able to edit this contract. You’re going to be able to completely use this contract. So imagine right now, being able to literally know what seller to find that maybe motivated, knowing how to talk to them, how to negotiate the deal and getting an executed signed contract. And by the way, knowing what to do with the deal when you’re done, what is, what is that worth to you? I mean, seriously, put it in the chat who is one deal away to their next goal in life?

Speaker 2 (29:15):

Anybody? Well, I know for me, I am, I am, whenever I got started, this particular information changed my life. This was the absolute cornerstone of everything. Um, that built it. I would say, you know, the beginning, part of this understanding how to deal with sellers is my superpower. And it, like, I, you know, had crypt to not, and just became my superpower. It was from a lots of practice. And it was from doing this business. I closed two deals last week using these same strategies, own my own, because I’m not afraid to talk to a seller. I know what to offer. I know what exit strategies that there are. And we want that for you. And like I said, all of this can literally be done from your phone. I actually don’t know of a training application or tool that is even out there right now. I’m sure there’s tons of them, but I mean, literally you can be laying in the bed, learning your next business. I think that is it’s, it’s absolutely monumental. And for those of you that are partners, we’re going to have all of this new training for you in a new university coming up here in about 45 days, Peter, and I’ve redone lots of our training. This is brand new content that’s coming out redone. Um, so yeah, this is going to be coming out in a little bit for our partners and I’ve got to get it into the new university.

Speaker 1 (31:02):

You know, Julie, let me do it. Let me just say something here. As you’re talking real estate could be an overwhelming business. Let’s face it for those of you that are like, actually try to do this. You’ll all agree. But it’s an overwhelming business from like two sides. It’s an overwhelming business from a side of like, just doing it. I mean, it’s just a lot of moving pieces, a lot of things to do, but it’s also an overwhelming business from learning. I mean, you literally can right now go to YouTube type in real estate investing and then just scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll. And by the way, a lot of you guys find yourself in that trap right now, right? You’ve gone to every seminar, listen to every webinar. You got to every product on the shelf. And at this point, you’re not like you’re not in any way.

Speaker 1 (31:56):

You’re not one step closer to when you, from where you started, you know, a lot more, but you’re nowhere closer. So the other really cool thing that I love about what Julie has been able to do here with one deal away is she took the pertinent information. Like she took the stuff that we do every day to do deals. I mean, we can also like overwhelming with training. I promise you there’s things that we know that we don’t even do ourselves because we know they’re not worth doing. I mean, from a knowledge perspective, they sound really cool. I mean, Julie could like really put on a whole subject to thing, but we don’t do a bunch of those. Um, so, you know, as Julie, I know as she was putting this together, you know, the framework of work of this was very simple focus. Let’s get focused, let’s get focused on truly what is needed. Like, do you like, um, do you need to know how to, um, pick a pink color for a house? Eh, probably not. I mean, something along the line, I know you’re going to be painting a house probably, but that’s not something we’re going to train you on. You know, do you need to know how to save maybe 50 cents on nuts and bolts for your construction team? Do you know how to rate?

Speaker 2 (33:12):

It’s not even that right now, anyway, it could structure costs are double right now.

Speaker 1 (33:16):

There you go. Like, or do you need to know how to raise money at, you know, 6% instead of six and a half. Good to know, but not really not going to make anybody any real money, but there are some things you need to know. Like, you need to know how to talk to a seller. I promise you if you go in and talk to a seller and, and you do it in the non-professional noncommittal, non confidence building way and not say the right things, you’re gonna lose that deal. I mean, cause you’re dealing with people’s most expensive asset they got, right? Like it’s like, you know, it’s like going in for surgery. Like if I needed surgery tomorrow and I go in and the doctor’s like, um, I’m out. I want to go in and I want that doctor to say, we’re going to do this, this, this, this, this, and here’s, what’s going to take place. Okay. I’m in, I’m in that. And so like for instance, the ability to communicate with a seller in an effective way utilizing the right script is that’s it that’s right there. It’s a confidence builder. It’s, it’s, it’s a shortcut in the business, you know, negotiate

Speaker 2 (34:26):

Peter like you, like you were talking about. And thanks for bringing that up. Another thing that’s really important is the part of the training where you explain exit strategies, where we explain real estate terms, you’re better at your script and you’re better at talking to sellers when you have knowledge of some of the basic information in real estate investing. What, I mean, what you agree in, that’s all explained here.

Speaker 1 (34:54):

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you know, um, the, the way to do this thing is you got to get good. You got to get good at certain things and you have to stay laser-focused. So as Julie kind of put together, this one deal away things, you need things you need to be good at and stay focused on the relevant stuff. Um, and the one thing Julie mentioned, but I want to make sure that I also emphasize it. I mean, we do live training there too, you know, for those of you that are not part of the partner driven family at this point, and you’re just kinda trying to get in and like, well, training’s good. Like, is there a live environment somewhat? Yeah. We include a live environment once a week, Julie or member of the team, or sometimes even myself jump into a live environment training where we teach a very specific topic. Uh, like Julie, give us some topics you’ve taught on the, on that live training for the, uh, for the previous release of this.

Speaker 2 (35:59):

Well, I mean, we go over everything from really from start to finish from an understanding purchase contracts, to, um, understanding how to make an offer on a deal. I mean, that’s really important is understanding what an ARV is, as opposed to an as is comp understanding. What’s a good deal for a wholesale deal. What’s a good deal for a fix and flip. What’s a good deal for a rental. What’s a good deal for, um, maybe a owner finance deal, um, knowing what a good deal is also laugh Q and A’s. I mean, that’s incredible. Cause sometimes people get stuck on these small steps and it’s like, you think, you know, right. But you don’t know. So just being able to ask a community of people, because it’s not just me, it’s, it’s a meeting format. So there’s going to be other people that are going through the same thing.

Speaker 2 (37:00):

So they’re going to have similar questions. We’re going to go over marketing strategies. Okay. Marketing’s huge. As a real estate investor, you got to know how to market yourself. You need to know how to be able to maybe send letters, make phone calls, do Facebook marketing, do tons of different things. This is all stuff we’re going to share with you every week. Now I’ll tell you it’s actually more powerful than you would imagine. Being able to do this every week on a Wednesday. I’ve committed to that. For those of you that are in this program, I don’t know, for $99 where you can get on a live training call with someone that’s done over 1700 deals for $900 a month. And, and the reason why I want to be there for you every week, something new happens every week and I was one deal away.

Speaker 2 (38:00):

I was, I know what it feels like to be one deal away from of it changing your life. I want that for you. That’s why we put all these things together inside of this app so that you have it in the Palm of your hand. We literally want you to be able to, no matter what, you’re on the subway, you’re on the bus. You’re, you know, maybe your significant other is asleep and you got your headphones on. And you know, everybody’s got time to learn a lot of people, Thomas, the most valuable thing, you have not money. It’s not your possessions. It’s time. You’re never going to get more time. But whenever your time is used wiser and you can like are able to do other things with that time. That’s what’s impactful. You could do this from your phone, with your headphone while you’re getting on a plane, no matter what you’re doing. And guess what our first live call is tomorrow. And by the way, it’s a seven day free trial. So like you could come to the lab training tomorrow really for free. So we are going to give you these steps, these roadmaps that it’s going to take to get to one deal away. I do want to share something with you. So I want to show you when you go to,

Speaker 2 (39:32):

Oh goodness, let me get it pulled up here real quick.

Speaker 2 (39:42):

All right. So we’ve got the actual website in here. This is a landing page for this app. Now it is going to direct you to download from your apple or Google play store. Um, but this is literally everything we’re going to have here. So it’s a free apple and Android, um, download, I mean, and this is kind of the look of it, where you’re able to learn your deals, how to find property, how to get your deals close, how to make money on these particular deals. Um, I see something that I talk a lot about each and every week. Do you guys see this word here?

Speaker 2 (40:27):

Pre-foreclosures I’m going to get back to that in just a second. And I’m going to show you why it’s so important to understand these things. Now I don’t mean a year from now. I literally mean now. Okay. But what you’re going to do is you’re going to get it right on your phone. You’re going to get your step-by-step training videos. You’re going to get access to our cash buyer partner database. They closed that deal. Weekly coaching call that negotiations, bootcamp. The word for word closing scripts are done for you contract that you can download from anywhere. Okay? So understanding right now, what the motivated sellers are going to be coming up super important, understanding what they are and how to contact them. It’s huge. I’m going to like leave this as a question in the chat. Does anybody see? What do you guys think is going to be sort of the next wave of motivated sellers that are going to be coming out? Put that in the chat. Now think of what a motivated seller is. Somebody that needs to sell their property. They need to sell their property. You guys all know what’s going on right now. What do you think is going to be probably one of the biggest factors for motivated sellers coming up?

Speaker 2 (42:00):

Great answers. So I saw this a whole bunch pre-foreclosures people who were in a bad way, missed the payment, lost jobs when everything is going on it, you know, right now there’s going to come to a point to where there’s going to be a breaking point. Okay. And excuse me, I’m sorry. I got terrible allergies. Um, you’re going to have default landlords. You’re going to have regular defaults with foreclosures. Peter, could you help me with that? Sorry.

Speaker 1 (42:40):

Yeah. Bottom line is there’s a segment of population that own real estate debt because of what’s taken place with the COVID with the pandemic and things like that. Um, they’re going to be in trouble. I mean, again, it’s, it’s no fault of anyone else. That’s just the reality what’s taking place. And so two things, how we address that with this number one specifically, we’re going to, we’re going to teach you through one deal away app, how to go after these, uh, motivated sellers and they are motivated. Make no mistake about it. We’re going to teach you how to go after them. We’re going to teach you how to approach them. We’re going to script you on what to say to them, to build confidence in them and all this. But the second piece, and we mentioned this a little bit ago, is you also as part of getting one deal away, we’ll also have a 30 day free trial subscription to deal driven app.

Speaker 1 (43:34):

Okay. And then it’s $49 a month if you stick with it, which by the way, everyone sticks with it. Once they get it, that coupled with the, with the training, you’ll get one deal away with the ability to find these motivated sellers, the ability to pull pre-foreclosures w you know, think about it. I want to go after pre-foreclosures. I need two things. One. I need to know how to go after. And I’m like, what do I say to them? How do I approach them? What’s the script? What do I say? What do I not say? What’s the second thing you need? Where are they? Who are they? How do I get access to them? Well, these two tools, the one deal away and deal driven, put together, boom, you’re going to go after the most motivated set of sellers, maybe this is a stretch, but I don’t think so.

Speaker 1 (44:18):

This might be the most motivated, sell set of sellers that have ever, ever, ever, ever, ever existed in real estate. And guess what? We’re just on the forefront of it. What’s going to take place in the next several months and the year or two, it’s going to be an avalanche of opportunities for investors like us, to help people that genuinely need help selling assets to get cash rich after being cash poor, get out of situations. I mean, you know, we’re treating this at the partner driven family. We are like the red cross. You know, we’re not the red cross, but we’re like the red cross. You know what I mean? We’re we’re, we are, we are a family, a community of people coming out, helping real life. People get rid of situations that unfortunately is no fault of their own. They have been put, uh, put into as a result of this pandemic and these two tools, the one deal away and the 30 and one deal away and the deal driven, put them together. They literally give you, it’s like, if you’re a red cross, what do you need? You probably need trucks. You need medicine, you need bandages. You need doctors, right? You’re armed. Well, if you’re about ready to go after a tidal wave of opportunities that are going to take place, you need the right tools. These two coupled together are the right tools.

Speaker 2 (45:41):

And you, you really it’s, it’s not, you know, it’s, it’s about the tools, but it’s about understanding them, right? Like in this training and on these calls, we’re going to talk about what this situation these individuals are in. Okay. And if you look at all, the pre-foreclosures are out there. And actually by the way, I talked to a seller today, do y’all mind if I shared this with you about an actual seller that’s in pre-foreclosure and the after repair value, or basically not the aftercare, but what it actually is worth right now is $145,000. Okay. 145,000. She is going into foreclosure over guess how much? $53,000. I don’t know if y’all understand, like, listen, that literally means this lady who, by the way, her husband passed away two years ago and she was barely making it as it was now. She’s facing foreclosure. And before my phone call with her today, Peter, guess what she was going to do,

Speaker 1 (46:51):

Just go into foreclosure, just give

Speaker 2 (46:54):

It back to the bank and go rent somewhere. I mean, like, I’m almost like I was on the phone with this lady almost in tears. She didn’t understand that she had equity and I’m like, no, ma’am not only can I stop the foreclosure, but I can pro I can put, you know, a pretty big chunk of change back in your pocket and it won’t be on your credit report. It won’t be closed on you. You literally, you know, what she was the most embarrassed about is that she’s lived in this neighborhood for 32 years and she knew if she had an option on that house, all of those neighbors would know that.

Speaker 2 (47:36):

I mean, think of all of these emotional things that are attached to that guys, that is one example of one person using deal driven to be able to find these, using our training, to show you how to talk to them. There’s I don’t even know how many of these folks there are around. I mean, there’s a real laugh people going to walk away from their house that have equity. That could number one, it could not be on their credit report for seven years. Because if you get a foreclosure it’s on your credit report for seven years, do you know what that feels like? Anybody that’s ever been through a foreclosure or bankruptcy? It’s like a Scarlet letter just like pulling around with you. We can stop that. Maybe their credit report might be a little bit, you know, um, not what it should be, but you can fix miss payments over a year or so, but you can stop someone from going into foreclosure by buying their home prior to them, losing it back to the bank.

Speaker 2 (48:39):

And even in a lot of cases, you’re able to put a little bit of money back into their pocket so that they’re able to move on to the next stage of your life. Now, if you want to help people and you want to make money doing it, stop sitting on the fence about this business, because I’m talking to real lot people right now. Okay. And for me, just like Kenny said, he said, the number one reason he’s in this business is to get to serve people. Money’s cool, but it’s not everything. You’re right. You know, it’s, it’s, that’s one thing I love. I love meeting with sellers and I love being able to have the opportunity to be a problem solver. This is the things that we’re going to talk about on our training calls that we have every Wednesday. This is what’s in the training. Let me ask you guys whether you do one deal away or you have any of our products whatsoever, is everybody on this call ready to help individuals that are going to be in this situation going forward, put in the chat. Do you want to be able to

Speaker 2 (50:00):

Thank you. Thank you. So just make sure your toolbelts ready. Okay. Ed said it’s a win-win situation. You were so right, but make sure you, uh, you have all of your knowledge, your knowledge and your time is everything okay? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do this. You don’t have to. I mean, listen to my accent. I go talk to like all kinds of across the world. I’m myself. That’s what we teach you here, helping others and helping themselves just like John Walker said. So I heard you guys get the knowledge, get it down now, or you’re going to be behind the boat.

Speaker 1 (50:44):

You know, guys, I think the decision. So the decision you got to make, really you probably already made before you logged on tonight. I don’t know how serious you were about it. The decision you got to make is do you want to really be successful in this business? I mean, are you willing to do what it takes? Most importantly, do you want to reap the rewards of this business? And I can tell you from someone that’s done this for a couple of decades, who’s got quite a lot of experience. There are some must haves in this business. Okay. There’s just absolutely some must haves. And in what we showed you today is a must have, especially, especially if you’re towards the beginning of this business, it’s already a mountain to climb. Like, you know, usually when you start out a journey, you don’t start out by climbing Mount Edwards, right?

Speaker 1 (51:34):

I mean, you just, you start by walking training, maybe climbing a small mountain, then you work your way up real estate. Like from the get-go you, you better get ready to go up mile numbers. And, and, and I know it’s not what you want to hear. Many of you, I know it’s like, some of you are like, well done it ain’t worth it. I get it. But some of you guys are like, okay, I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready to take on Mount Everest. Is that important to me? If you’re going to take on Mount Everest, you got to have the right tools. And so, um, we got a couple of tools for you guys. We’ve got a couple options for you all tonight. Um, option number one, if you want, like the full, like you want the tools you want the guide, you want the tent, you want the, like a helicopter ready on standby and something in case something goes wrong.

Speaker 1 (52:24):

If you’re like, you wanna, you want to get about as close to like a fail, safe mechanism as possible. You gotta be part of the family. You gotta join the partner program within. I know Julian and I didn’t really spend time talking about it today, but there you get the whole caboodle. Right? You get everything. I mean, there were like, we’re giving you, we’re like even bringing a stretcher with us in case we have to carry you the last mile and a half up the hill. Um, but, but w in, in our partnering program where coaching, mentoring, generating leads, giving you all the tools, including the one deal away, we’re providing the capital. We’re helping with construction sell and with the profits. That’s the whole, if you right. If you’re know what that program is all about, you’ve talked to us about already. You’re ready to make the commitment.

Speaker 1 (53:05):

You need to touch base with a team member tonight. He’s on standby. His name is Jim, and I’m sure somebody’s going to put his number on the chat, please. Thank you very much. Uh, but as number 7, 7 0 5 1 6 0 8 4 1. That’s like you ready? Um, if you’re not quite at that level, but you’re like, okay, I need at least a couple tools. So I could even see if I’m ready to go all the way to the top. Okay. This is probably not going to get your top. We don’t want to deceive you. You’re going to need some more tools along the way, but this will get you far enough to know you’re going in the right direction. And that’s the one deal away. Okay. So for those, you guys were giving it away tonight. I mean like really seven days to ride out on us. You love it.

Speaker 1 (53:47):

You stay, you don’t, you go simple. I mean, I don’t know. Listen, if you can’t make a decision based upon three, probably this is not the business for you. I mean, I hate to say it, but like, this is probably not the business you want. Like, if somebody’s giving you something in the business that you need to be successful and you’re like, nah, I don’t think I’m ready then maybe it’s very possible real estate, just not for you. Okay. Um, but we want you to make one of those two decisions tonight. Okay. Um, if you’re not ready for either one of those that’s okay, too. Um, but then again, you might fall into that category that this is just not the, you know, if this is just not right, the right avenue for you, if you fall in those categories, come back here next week and we’re going to have something else for you.

Speaker 1 (54:31):

We’re going to hit it from a different angle. We glad you come back. We’re glad you’re here. And in, in, you know, we’re here as soon as you’re ready. Okay. So you’re ready to go for the whole, from zero to hero it’s, it’s, uh, touch base with, uh, a team member, Jim, you ready to take that initial climb to make sure you’re in the right direction with the right people, the right organization. That’s the one deal away. If you don’t fall into any of those categories, come back and see us next Tuesday again, uh, Julie and I will be here again. Uh, and we’ll, uh, we’ll try to kind of hit it from a different angle, um, but either way, um, and I’m going to flip it to you to finish off Julie here in a second, but I personally, I loved it. I’m glad we’re here.

Speaker 1 (55:17):

Um, I really, really, really do enjoy these Tuesday nights. It’s a way for us to really, it’s a way for us to showcase ourselves. I mean, I, I, you know, I know it sounds kind of weird, but we’re proud about what we do here. You know, there’s some businesses they’re just, they’re not necessarily like they do things they do, but they’re like, well, let’s stay in a download while we do this, not here, a partner driven family, we like, we get on the mountain type types and we shout it out. We are so darn proud of our people, our organization, the people behind us that make what, what Julie and I do so much easier. You know, we just kind of show off. Um, we’re proud. We’re proud of our partner driven partners and the family. That’s, uh,

Speaker 2 (55:59):

I see how good they’re doing right now. I mean, like, that’s the, I mean, well, everything you’re saying, but you’re so right, Peter, our partners are freaking killing it, you know? And it was just like, oh, it’s so awesome to see

Speaker 1 (56:12):

More deals with our partners today than we’ve ever done. Since we started the partner model. Guess what? In a lot of other businesses it’s upside down right now, like less activity today than ever less customers than ever less opportunity, less red, less, less, less, less, less with us more deals because really in the bottom end, it’s all about doing deals with partners. That’s what, yeah. That’s what this whole thing goes down to. So we, we get here on Tuesday nights and we showcase what we do cause we’re darn proud of it. And we feel like it is the, it is the ultimate opportunity. So, uh, for me personally, I’m glad you guys were here. I’ll be back here again next Tuesday. Um, Julie, was your show tonight? Take us out of here.

Speaker 2 (56:59):

Well, um, I just want to, you know, say everybody, um, go ahead. If you have not went ahead and clicked that link yet to join one deal away and it’s something that you want to do. You should want to do it. Go ahead and give it a trial. We want you to give it a try. It is the easiest way to get training by, by getting an app straight on your phone. So give it a try and join me tomorrow for our first live training call of the week. And guess what I’m going to do a Q and a, I want to talk to as many of you as possible. And, um, I’m, I’m not going to limit our time. We’re going to be there. We’re going to really get down to business about really getting some deals done. I hope everybody has a blessed evening. Thank you for being here with us. And if you have the ability to shop at your local shop local,

Speaker 1 (57:57):

Hey Julia, I got one question. If someone’s listening to this in a recorded format and they don’t see this link and they just go to the, uh, app store and type in one deal away and this’ll show up. Is that another way to find this?

Speaker 2 (58:12):

Um, might be, yeah, you can do

Speaker 1 (58:14):

That. That’s another way to do that. Okay. So there you go. I had, I got the last word anyway. Thanks guys. On behalf of Julie and I and the partner driven family, we enjoyed it. We loved it. And we’ll see you back here next week. Bye-bye

Speaker 2 (58:27):

By 2:00 PM Eastern. He never asked.

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