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Julie (00:00:05):

Welcome. Welcome everybody. So glad that you were here tonight. Um, on this Tuesday night, this is definitely a webinar that we’ve continued to do every week for the last 10 years. So 10 years, goodness gracious. Two years. So super glad that you’re here. Hey, as you’re popping on, let me know where you’re from. Where are you in the country right now? I’ll tell you that. Um, I’m in a different place. Um, normally I’m in Georgia, um, but I bought a house in Louisiana, so I am here setting this home up as a vacation rental. Um, but welcome, uh, Brad over there in Marietta, Georgia. Brad, are you back in town? I know you were in Florida for a little bit. Um, Gordon from Delaware, Shannon, Michelle. Johnson’s from Philadelphia, Karen and Carl from Massachusetts, Eugene from Chicago, Illinois, John from Rochester, New York. This is Sandra from Arkansas, Gram and Jenny from frying Phoenix must be pretty hot there today. I’ll tell you, uh, Louisiana is a different type of hot that I thought Georgia was hot, but my goodness, the humidity here is nuts. Uh, we got Victor from Bronx, New York, uh, Mr. Samuel from Austin, Texas, Debbie from Maryland, Dave from St. Augustine, Florida. Love, love, love St. Augustine, I believe day. Um, say now Florida is the oldest city in America. I believe in if you’ve never visited St. Augustine, Florida, you have got to go. It is a beautiful, beautiful place. Lots of history. We’ve gotten this one, Nita from Paris, Texas bill from Sacramento, California. So glad you guys are popping on. Thank you so much as everybody is getting ready, we’ll start getting into what we have to talk about tonight. We’ve got Steve from Charlotte, North Carolina. Um, he said, yeah, it was incorporated in 1565.

Yeah, that was a long time ago. I got some buddies there, um, that owned some hotels and a bunch of vacation rentals on the beach there in St. Augustine. We’ve got Michelle from Kent Washington, man. We’ve got everybody all the way from Florida, all the way to Washington. That’s a big span. So glad to have you on tonight. Well, as I mentioned, I’m actually located tonight in a small town called port Barre, Louisiana, which is literally Sportsman’s paradise in the middle of nowhere. Um, if any of you’ve ever been to Louisiana, it’s beautiful in its own way. Right? But this, um, this is the first time I actually, the second time I’m seeing this house, um, since I’ve purchased this home, um, the last time I was down here, visiting family, um, I wanted to, because my husband’s from here, what I wanted to do is I wanted a place for us to stay and then, um, rent it out to people whenever I’m not here, uh, like a vacation rental by owner.

Cause it would cool lake behind here. Yes. There’s Gators in the lake, which I’m not sure how I feel about that, but so glad you guys are deciding to join us tonight. Again, we’ll get started here in just a minute and let everybody join on. Did everybody have a good 4th of July weekend? I know we, uh, took off Monday here at partner-driven to celebrate the 4th of July to everybody. Have a good time. Shoot. Some fireworks, have fun with family and friends. Awesome. Awesome. That is so cool. So glad you’re there. I know Karen and Carl had a good time.

Yes. It’s Karen and Carl. I have got to book my hotel and room for your wedding. I’m not going to miss it. Just letting you know. So there’s my RSVP, Karen and Carla, or, uh, one of our partners here at partner-driven and they invited me to their wedding. So I’m super pumped about going there cause I’ve actually never been to where they live before. So looking forward to that. Oh, John Walker, you celebrated your birthday. Well, happy birthday. Happy birthday. Awesome. Awesome. Well, God, we’re going to be talking about today is how to live every day. Like it’s the 4th of July or like it’s a holiday, right? Whenever a lot of people will ask me, um, like when I go out of town, are you working? I’m always working and I’m always on vacation and real estate has done that for me. Um, and I’m going to explain to you the night exactly how I was able to get to that spot, how I was able to get there, um, with no experience starting out and tell you a little bit about the partner driven way, if that’s okay.


Also, uh, tonight I will be taking some lob questions. So you’ll be able to come onto this webinar. I’ll be able to allow you to speak on here so we can just talk amongst each other and kind of go over some stuff. But first, before I get started, kind of with my story. Yeah, I got into this business. I, if you, you guys don’t mind, if I tell you a little bit about partner-driven, do you okay? Good, good. Well, I am co-creator of a company called partner driven real estate. We talked to you guys about this every Tuesday night because we have put our heart and our soul into this company. And our entire goal is to work with people just like you across America, realize your dream in real estate investing. And this is how we do it. So man, for many years, Peter and I, um, mother counterpart, what’s usually on this webinar, it’s just not here this evening.

Speaker 1 (00:06:30):

We did our own deals. We did deals to the tune of about maybe between five and seven a week. We had multiple offices across the country, had an entire call center. Um, and we just did deals on our own. Did deals on her own for the longest time. And obviously I love doing deals and I love doing that. But you know, Peter also ran a coaching company. So one day we decided, well, why don’t we just integrate the two? And if we work with people across America to reach their dreams and their goals, we both benefit. Right? And then inevitably we’ll be able to do more deals simply because there’s more people out doing deals. And my goodness, it has taken off. We have had and are having some incredible success. And I promise you the best is yet to come because we’re still growing the teams.

We’re still looking for more partners, but this is what we do. Okay. So number one, we want to show you exactly how to go find deals direct to seller. Okay? So when, when, when you’re learning to do deals, direct facilities, some things you didn’t know how to talk to people, how to pull the lists, how to skip, trace, how to give them a call, maybe how to do other marketing strategies. We’re there to help you understand how to do that. Not to mention if you are a partner, we give you access to our proprietary app or software called deal driven. And if you’ve not heard about deal driven, let me just tell you it is something amazing for those of us or for those of you that did deals and was in this business in the past, it was a lot of work to get the information that you can now just get with a click of a button.

So utilizing deal driven, you’re able to pull leads. Okay? So motivated seller leads in your area. We show you how to do that through live daily training calls. And on top of that, we provide the skip tracing. What is skip tracing? Skip tracing is where we go and find a seller’s phone number. The reason why we people call it skip tracing is do you know like, like somebody skips bail? Well, when someone skips out on bail, the bells box bin does, what’s called a skip Trex to find out where that person is when you’re, when you are a real estate investor, it’s a light version of that. So that’s, what’s called skip tracing. We’re essentially just wanting to get in contact with the actual seller of the property. So we’re going to give you access to this information that we literally built mostly all for our partners.

You can get deal driven outside of our partner driven model here at partner driven. We’re going to give that to you at no additional charge. Along with a thousand, you heard me right. 1000 skip traces just to get you started every month. Okay? Now it’s important that you understand the complete business. So that’s why Monday through Friday at 9:00 AM Eastern standard time, we actually do a lab daily training call for every day. You can get online with one of our master coaches, myself, Peter people from the office like Mary and Laura, um, and, and teach you just different things about the business. Different ways to find deals, different things within closing processes, lots of Q and A’s on top of that 12 hours a day. We make our, our master coaches available for you to be able to schedule one-on-one calls. Okay, let me say that again.


12 hours a day, we make it available for you to schedule one-on-one calls. Why is that important? It’s nice to be able to talk to someone who’s closed deals before and know, and get your questions asked immediately. Or sometimes maybe you already know the answer, but you just want to run it by someone. There is nobody in this industry that gives the amount of support that we do here at partner-driven because our entire focus is closing deals with you. And I hope it’s okay for me to be selfish and tell you that because whenever you find a deal, if you need the funds for that deal, guess what? We will actually fund the deal for you. Okay. And split profits, 50 50. So the more, you know how to go out and do this business, the more, you know, you know how to find motivated sellers, the better you are negotiating using the technology, utilizing what just came out from us is deal engine.

Now I know we named all of these software’s kind of the same name, which looking back might’ve been, might’ve been a mistake, but we also have a proprietary software called deal engine. Okay. Why is that important? So you you’re pulling your list. You got the phone numbers, right? So one way to work, those leads is to just call straight from there. Maybe print it off on a piece of paper and call them. But what if you took that exact same list, placed it into a system for you that calls them for you, then text them for you and emails for you on an automated schedule. It’s like making you one person turn into three or even four different people all at the same time. And it’s an absolute game changer. Just like she said here on, on this call, because you, you were able to keep up with your leads.

You’re able to follow up with your sellers. We do not charge our partners for this program, either others with similar products, just like this charge, anywhere between $1,500 and $2,000 a month, we absorbed some of this call, stop building this out ourselves. Because again, if you’re doing more deals, we’re making more money too. So we want to provide you everything we have, along with the financing, we’re going to be there to help you with the back office stuff. So a lot of times when I was seeing investors getting started in the business, they got a good deal. They find a buyer and they lose the deal at the closing table, right? There’s a lot to learn in this business. We feel that if you spent your time doing things that actually make you money, which is making offers to sellers, right, you’re going to be more successful.

So we take our back office and they will help you close your deals, like making sure the contract is right, making sure you’re inside of your due diligence period correctly, your closing dates correctly, um, getting it over to the title company and or attorney understanding, um, different ways to close the deal and getting that done for you. We handle that. All of that for you here at partner-driven cause our employee goal. I’m going to say it one more time is just to do more deals with people like you across America. If this, if you’re not a partner now, and you’re on this call, I really, really suggest that you check this out. Um, I know we’ve got partners on here right now and I’m not afraid to say, you know, you could talk to any one of them, you know, via the chat here. And, and I believe they would, they would vouch for me for everything that I’m saying here for you today.

So we’re looking for more partners. We want them to be you. Um, Ms. Kristin, we have a phone number for people to call up a lead. We’ll put that in the chat. Cause I can’t remember it. Or you could go to the website, but right now I have people standby for you to talk to. If you just want to learn more about, you know, partner driven and there’s a way for you to join partner-driven tonight for as little as three to $400 a month. That’s crazy. Right? So all you gotta do is call this number (770) 746-8585. Again, that number is (770) 746-8585. We’re looking for more quality partners across America, people that are really wanting to get to that next level. So now that we got that out of the way, um, I want to tell you guys a little story about me if that’s okay. And if you don’t mind, I’m going to be a little bit vulnerable this evening. This is a hard subject for me to talk about. Um, but there is a silver lining in a good to the end of the story. Okay. Um, I shared a little bit of this story at our lab event.


Um, and I think it was the last weekend or the week before we had our lab event two weekends ago. And I shared a little bit of the story, but I think that this is going to resonate with a lot of you. Okay. So, you know, for years I worked probably 70, 80 hours a week. Anybody on this call have a work schedule. That’s that demanding? I know you’re out there and no matter how hard I worked for someone else, I, I was never making more money. I was making everything for the owners of this company. Okay. Um, built the company up. Uh, it was actually a lawn care company. We had, uh, we did fertilization and weed control got that company up to about 6,000 clients, which is a lot had 22 drivers that, that, that did their routes and things like that. Um, and I loved the business, but every night before I would go to bed, always had this impending feeling inside like, oh my God, I don’t want to go do it again tomorrow.

I don’t want to go do it again tomorrow. Is anybody feel like that? Or maybe like on a Sunday, you’re sitting there thinking, oh my God, I got go to work Monday. I just wished to stay with last longer. I felt like that every day. And I knew that I had to make a change. But what I didn’t realize is is that investing in myself was the way to do that. Okay. I was nervous. I was nervous about how was I going to feed my family? How was I going to feed my daughter? How are we going to close them? Get them through school if I wouldn’t, if I didn’t take serious action. Well, um, if you, you know, years go by, I worked there for about 10 years and I had an opportunity. I had an opportunity to change my life. It just wasn’t the way I thought it was going to happen.

Do you know, have you ever heard that God has a plan for you, but it’s not the, exactly the plan that you laid out for yourself? Well, that’s exactly what, what happened to me. So man, all of it about a couple of months, um, I quit that job. I went to the doctor because I was feeling so terrible that they wanted to put me on anti-anxiety medicines because I was so anxious every day, running this company. And so I just had it and I quit. I didn’t care about any, you know, anything else I just was not going to let, I was not going to feel that way anymore. Okay. And the reason for that is because at the time I was pregnant now, moms, you I’ll work there for 10 years. And I made a salary and I made pretty good money, you know, between 70 and $80,000 a year. And I became, when I became pregnant, I went to the doctor because I was having some troubles. So they wanted me to only work 20 hours a week until all the numbers got, got straight. Well, I go to, to the owners of the company, mind you again, after working there 10 years and let them know that, Hey, I’m going to have to pull back from this position a little bit, because there’s a chance that I’m going to lose this child.

And you know what they told me, they told me that they were going to have to adjust the money that I was making down to 20 hours a week because I needed to rest to save a child. They wanted to put me on, you know, anti-anxiety medicine. They wanted to do this. And then I lost that child. I ended up losing the bait. So when that happened, I quit. There was no reason for me to stay there any more, if they didn’t appreciate what I’ve done for them to me. Well, it was kind of a, um, it was a little bit of a domino effect. I ended up getting divorced within that next month or so I ended up going bankrupt. I had to move, um, to the back of my dad’s mechanic shop while my daughter lived down at my parents’ house. So even though I wouldn’t have chosen that as a path for myself, I was put in a position to make a change.


I hope you guys never get put in a position to make a change. Uh, at the time my daughter was younger and I looked her in the eyes and I just knew, this is not the life I’m going to give her. I’m not going to give her this life. I’m going to do whatever I can do to support myself and my daughter, she’s going to go to school. She’s going to be able to have, you know, what she desires to move along the path of the life. And that’s when I chose real estate investing to start getting in and understanding real estate investing and how that would help me. So with all of that being said, obviously I’m not in that same place right now. I don’t okay. But it is, it is a lot of hard work when you’re getting started. But I just want to explain to you how, how I’d done it.

So once I decided to go into this, full-time because I mean, come on, I done lost everything and it’s not like I had anything to lose. Right? I was mowing grass to make ends meet. Have you ever heard of scrap meddling? I was going and getting metal and take it to the scrap yard for 40 and $50 here and there. And at the same time I was cold calling. I was driving for dollars. I was knocking on doors, whatever I had to do to get a hold of a seller because I knew once I got ahold of a seller and then I could go meet them that I could do a deal with them. And these are all things that you can do right now without having a ton of money. Since then. And this has been about 10 years, I’ve done a little over 1700 deals by now.

Okay. My point to you is if you want to live every day or every week, like a holiday, at some point, you’re going to have to put yourself out there. Take a little bit of a risk because I promise you there was nothing, nothing, nothing more important than investing in yourself. I had different mentors. I learned different parts of real estate. I actually practiced everything I learned and I took that to heart. So, but why was I able to do that every day? And I’ll tell you why, when you understand what your, why is, you’re going to do whatever you’ve got to do to make sure that Y happened. Okay. For me, my, why was my daughter Taylor? She was my why. She was the why, uh, was scared to death to pick up the phone, to call a seller and talk to them about buying their home. When I didn’t know anything about real estate, she was the reason why I didn’t have a problem knocking on doors. She was the reason why I stayed up all night long handwriting addresses on envelopes.

If you don’t know what your why is, it’s going to be really hard to get to your end goal. Okay? Now I’m going to tell you a little bit kind of, of, of what we’re doing now that we’re going to take some questions. And if you could put this in the chat, does everybody know what their, why is put it in the chat? Now I promise you if your why is strong enough, you will not fail. You will not fail when you know what your why is. Drew says his kids, Michelle, your four children, understand families, retirement.


Those are to learn. I learn more all the time. You know, guys, you can’t fail when you put your wife first. So you’ve really, you really got to break this business down to understand how you can get to that end level. Aaron says family. Jamie says freedom. Absolutely. What real estate has done for me is it has given me more time back 10, 11 years ago, I would have, I thought it would have been the craziest thing in the world to buy a house in Louisiana. And by the way, I’ve, I’ve been out, gotten remarried to a wonderful husband named Brian who’s from Louisiana. It would have blown my mind for the idea that I could buy something somewhere else. Yes. Okay. And be able to come here whenever I want to, to be able to work from wherever I want to and to be able to afford it.

That’s what I want from you guys. So how did I do it? Like we talked about I, and you know, did driving for dollars, by the way, a lot of us aren’t willing to do driving for dollars. Do you know how often that this house in Louisiana? I was here three months ago for a family reunion. I was here for three and a half days. I went driving for dollars. Us skip traced all of the houses on my list. And I cold called sellers here in Louisiana on this particular lake that are not, I was able to buy this house owner, finance, not even through a bank, through the seller owner, finance. And I’m now it’s just a regular little house. I’ve got to redo the kitchen. Here’s the living room just got some furniture in Bulli, been here a couple of days.

But when you know how to find deals, you can pick up and go anywhere in the country. I was able in three days to find a deal. Why? Because I went back to what I did when I first got started. I got my car used to I’d have to write all the addresses down, come back, go to the tax records, look, look, everything up. Now with the power of the deal driven app, I literally just drove down the road and was like, yeah, I like that one. I liked that one. I liked that one. I liked that one. I liked that one. And then I sit here and cold called a hundred addresses.

Could you call a hundred people to find a deal? Do you, do you think that’s too much work? I know, I know you can. Kristin. I know all of you can, when, if you’re doing driving for dollars for about every 80 to 100 properties that you call, which by the way we show you this in the training, you will find a deal. So if you really know what your end goal is and your why is big enough, you’re going to be able to do it. You’ve just got to put the work in first. Okay? And we have so many tools now to help us.

You, you, you’ve got so many tools now to the, in your tool belt to make things more efficient, like deal engine and like deal driven. Also writing down your why and writing down. Here’s another thing I did is I wrote down how much I needed to make a month to live comfortably for me back then it was $3,000 a month. I knew if I made $3,000 a month, I could, you know, not great, but I could support my daughter. We could eat, I could pay for somewhere to rent. So I took a little post-it note and wrote $3,000 a month. I put it on my mirror, in the bathroom. I put it on my refrigerator. I put it in my vehicle. Then once I reached that, I changed it to $7,500 a month. Okay. So I’m removed all my sticky notes. Then I went to $7,500. Then I went to $15,000. You know what? My goal is now, 83.3. If I can make $83,300 $83,000 a month, that’s $1 million in a year.

And I’ll tell you, I’ve been able to accomplish that with real estate investing. But again, knowing your why and keeping it in your influence is what’s going to get you there and not making excuses, excuses don’t pay the bills. Do they? So my question to you is, is I’m going to ask everybody that’s on this call right now. What’s your magic number that you have right now that would get you out of your full-time job and get you successfully doing this business full-time. And I’ll tell you the numbers you have to to get to, to do that.


And don’t be afraid to put it in the chat. Guys let’s play along. I would love to hear what your numbers are. Nothing’s too big. Nothing’s too small. Again. Remember I started with 3000 a month. So John, you want to make 500,000 a month. Well, good. That’s a big goal. Good job there. We got 6,000. We’ve got 4,000. We’ve got 10,000. 5,000. 8,000. 10,000. 85,000 a year. If we break it down to the months arrive, then you’re not looking at such a big goal. Shannon, that’s a good point. Shen she says 90% of all millionaires became through, through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than all industrial investments combined. So the reason I particularly like real estate the most is because there’s no limit to the amount of money that you can make in real estate. Now that doesn’t mean it’s a get rich quick scheme. It’s not a lot of work. It’s a lot of work, but you get paid handsomely for the work that you do do. So how do we get to these $10,000 a month, $23,003,000 a month?

Tell you how. One wholesale deal is going to average you. Even with splitting profits with us somewhere between 70 $515,000 one deal. So quit looking completely at your end goal. Your only goal should be closing a deal a month, a deal a month. What do you have to do to close one deal a month? What do you have to do to close one deal a month? I just told you one earlier another strategy. I said, go driving for dollars and call a hundred people, right? There’s one lots of calls. Maybe sending, maybe sending out letters, maybe doing door knocking, putting out signs. The old ways of doing things are not antiquated. Okay? So once you reach that one deal a month, which I think I’m kind of in there for a lot of you, for what you’re looking to do a month, you’re looking at one or two deals a month F you look at it that way. What you’ll realize is your goal is really not. As far as you thought it was

First focus on closing one deal a month.You can do it utilizing your deal engine and your deal driven, be willing to do what others aren’t willing to do. Did I watch TV at night time? When I came home from cutting the grass, cutting people’s lawns or taken off scrap metals, did I come Vedge out on the couch and watch TV for two or three hours and wasted my time away? No. When I got home from getting the money I had to to get by, I come home and I worked on this business. I came home when I worked on this business until that’s the only thing I ever was going to work for.

Now, it doesn’t matter where I’m at. As long as I’ve got good internet, I can do my business from here. I’m doing deals in Georgia right now. I’m not even there. And you better believe because it’s in, it’s just part of me. I’m going to be doing deals here in Louisiana, too. It just so happens. One of our partners lives right down the road from me. So I’m going to go back to the old fashioned way. I’ve I’ve already got signs ordered. I’ve already been building lists and I’ve just been here since Sunday, today’s Tuesday. And it was 4th of July. Once you know how to do this, you never, ever, ever stopped doing it, but it’s not as hard as you think. You just got to break it down and understand what your goals are each and every month. And I will tell you a partner driven.


This is exactly what we focus on every day is taking action, taking action. So, you know, I appreciate you guys being on with, on with me this evening, you know, listening to my story. Um, you know, as I said before, you know, at that point I went through a lot in my life, but I was going to have to make a decision on when I was going to change, change the way I was doing things. Maybe I was forced to, I guess I could have found another job, a high paying job, but I didn’t want to feel like that again.

Don’t be forced to make that decision, make that decision on your own. Okay. So if you guys want to chat here or have something to say or a question, anything, raise your zoom hand. Okay? Raise your zoom hand. And once you raise your zoom hand, I can allow you to talk and you can come on. If anybody wants to share some experiences where they are right now, we all are in the same place guys. Oh you, yeah, you can, you can raise your hand Gordon and in a webinar still in there on the bottom. Okay. All right. So I’m going to take the first one on, it takes about 10 seconds for it to Aaron Camon. If I said that name correctly, I asked you to unmute yourself, just unmute yourself and you’ll be live.

Aaron (00:37:02):

Hey, how’s it going? Yes. Ma’am. When did you ask those things? Um, calls every week. What I want to know is what is your, um, before as motivated sellers, what is your favorite list? As far as motivated homeowners?

Julie (00:37:21):

Right now there’s two options. Okay. Number one, I’m going heavily after pre-foreclosures right now because there’s 3 million Americans in pre-foreclosure. Okay. Right, right. Now the more tutorial on foreclosures just got pushed back to the end of July.

Aaron (00:37:42):

Okay. Well equity.

Julie (00:37:47):

Yes .So I’ll do a pre foreclosure with at least 40% equity or more. Um, and then, then I’m picking, uh, your single family home townhomes, duplex triplex is in quads as well as row. If you live somewhere that has row houses. Okay. I’m in Tampa, Florida. Oh my, you, you need to pull it now. Aaron, I checked Tampa, Florida. The other day, there are 560 people right now, 20 miles around the city center of Tampa. That is the exact list I’m telling you about. And these people are going to lose their homes or the bank’s going to eat up every bit of their equity so we can help people while helping ourselves. Okay. Um, you just pull that, you can pull that list on deal driven, download them, skip, trace, and, and send them a letter. That’s a great question. My next favorite lists, if you don’t mind me saying is a vacant non-owner occupied out of state owner with at least 40% equity or more. I mean, someone has a house there that they don’t live in and they actually live in a different state with equity. Um, those are, that’s our really good motivated seller list to,

Aaron (00:39:14):

How many years of ownership?


Julie (00:39:15)

Um, two years or more. Okay. Okay. Thank you, Aaron.

Julie (00:39:25):

All right, Joe Church, I’m going to allow you to talk, just take yourself off mute, dear. If you would just unmute yourself, Joe Church. Okay. We’re going to go down to Karen and Carl.

Karl (00:39:57):

Hey Julie. Um, my story. And I was thinking my why, my why is a treatment center. I do now why another person to die from alcohol and drug addiction? So my why is to open up the treatment center. That’s the whole reason why I got into the real estate investing business. Um, you know, over the weekend I was talking to somebody today and they were doing, uh, they were doing some research and everything. Cause I asked because, so I could have numbers. So when I go to get, try to get help to open up a treatment center and he came, when I seen him, he came to me and he says one person, every four hours or every two hours in America, dies for alcohol and drug addiction. One every two hours. And I just sat there. I had to fight back to tears because I know what it’s like to be an alcoholic and drug it. I know what it’s like to be there. And I also know what it’s like to come up and out of it, you know? And

Julie (00:41:12):

I’m glad you did Carl.

Karl (00:41:14):

I turned around and I said to him, I says, it takes one person turn around and go over to the person and say, I got your back. I can help you. You know? So when you were talking and you were talking about scrapping and stuff like that, I’ve done the same exact thing. Just winter I was doing Instacarts because I was out of work because of my knee. And I was given cards out. I stood out in the cold and 10 degree weather, Karen out of the car because I left the door open for a half an hour with a guy trying to talk to him and everything. And he actually called, he told me he contact me in the spring. After all the snow melt, he did contact me since I love it up here. I want to stay the summer. I’ll call you in the fall.

So I mean, it’s well way to build your pipeline. Carl said where you build your pipeline. I know, but you know, and then you would talk about, it’s not easy. It’s not hard. Just a couple of weeks ago, three weeks ago, we had three, four under contract on a Thursday, We lost one. Friday, We lost one. Saturday, We lost one Sunday. We lost one and I was ready to quit. I said, I was so upset turning around that sort of that’s it. I looked at Karen. I said, that’s it. I’m done. I’m not doing this no more. I cannot do this. And she goes, you’re not going to quit. You’re not going to give up on your dream. Monday morning, Mary called me and talked to me and told me, I have Karen, you go back to work. I got Karen, I got Karen’s back. We’re going to take care of this. And she has no. Um, so it’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Put your why in the first and foremost things I do as Karen can tell you, the kids, my kids can tell you I’ll tell them no I’m going to drive for dollars. I’m going to do that. I moved somebody. I went and moved a washer and dryer for somebody. You know, every time I help somebody, I a way down to Georgia, a couple of weeks ago, couple of weeks, about a month ago, I met this little lady, went to try to buy our house. It wasn’t going to work out for us. But there things she kept saying to me is I just want someone to clean my windows on our way to Georgia. I looked at Karen, I says, I get back. I’m calling that lady. I’m going to call. I’m going to go wash your windows. We pull into the motel room. We’re sitting in a motel room and a lobby waiting to, um, be able to check into our room. Karen gets a text. Did you get my email? I signed the contract.

We got that contract because I, I said I was going to call that lady and go wash your windows. I did call her. She was someone she was able to get a friend of her sons came over and did a four. But, um, I would have gone over and washed the windows because I been shown on it’s happened all the time. Every contract that I’ve had is always because I’ve gone and I got outside myself without somebody else. So

Julie (00:44:50):

Carl and in, can I tell you another reason why you’re, you’re not gonna quit? Cause they ain’t. None of us going to let you yes. The day that you’re on a webinar like this or the day that you’re on stage. Cause you know, we have the lab events, you’re going to give your story and your story is going to inspire others to know that they can do it is going to inspire people to get off drugs and alcohol because of what you’re putting in there. So I can, I can go ahead and vouch for everybody on this call. You we’re, we’re all here for you girl. And whenever, you know, like what you’re talking about doing with these sellers, when you help others, first, you’re gonna it’s you’re always going to be helping yourself and things will come back to you tenfold. So thank you so much for that story, Carl. I know everybody loves to hear that and I’m rooting for that treatment center. You get your, um, you get your it up and run. I will be donating to that treatment center.

Karl (00:45:56)

Thank you so much. Truly.

Julie (00:45:59):

Thank you so much. Thank you, Ms. Karen is in the back room. Yeah. All right. Let’s see. Who’s next. And by the way, the reason I’m able to bring you on this is different than you’ve ever seen us do it before, but I wanted you to hear from other people to not, not just, um, so let’s see who is next. I’ve got James, if you will, um, you are able to talk now you just have to unmute yourself, which should be on the left-hand bottom side of your screen. If you will unmute yourself. Hello? Can you hear me? I can. What’s up James?

James (00:46:47):

Hey, what’s going on? Um, I just had a few questions about, um, the app, like working with the app. Um, cause I think, I mean, from what I see, I think I’ve located like some, uh, some good properties. Um, but I just want to understand a little bit more about, um, like the value, like for example, like and everything that I’ve found, like the lowest amount of equity that I’ve found, it has a 377,400 in equity. And that’s the, that’s the lowest one that I’ve found in the highest. It’s like almost a million in equity. But the question that I like, for example, there’s one, all right, this one says valuation $10,194. It says last sell 147,000 and it says equity 920,442. So like what, what does that mean in terms of like the valuation only being $10,000?

Julie (00:47:53):

Um, would you mind sharing this address with me and I’ll show you?

James (00:47:59):

Okay. Um, 96, give me

Julie (00:48:03):

Just two seconds where you, let me give me just a second. Okay.

James (00:48:25):

97, 96 96 Homes Ave, H O M E S A V E uh, Dorchester, Mass. Yup. Best second one.

Julie (00:48:37):

Okay, so you got this on a vacant list. Okay. Okay. So this is a trapline. It’s not a single family home.

James (00:48:51):

Um, so we only want single family homes.

Julie (00:48:57):

You Can do what you can do a trial plucks. The problem is, is let me tell you why you’re having a hard time trap. Duplex. Triplets is in quads are considered commercial. Um, so sometimes they’re hard to comp out. So when you’re looking at the value of, um, if you’re looking at what the value is on a triplex, you’re going to be looking at top of cashflow. They’re getting every month. So when you go to call Gretta here, um, we bought the way, looks like she lives in part of it and then rinse out the other, other two, the other two pieces, I believe the other two units, um, you’d be wanting to ask how much a month is she getting in rent? And a lot of times your values are going to be based off of what the cashflow is on a property like this minus what, um, what, you know, some of the fees are for maintenance, taxes, insurance, things like that.

Julie (00:50:04):

If, if you are a partner or if you’re a partner, what I would suggest is, um, you are James, right? Yes, I am. Okay. Um, schedule a call with the master coaches when you call her. And you ask for that also, when you’re talking a seller, you’re going to ask, um, also how much you’re getting in rent and are the tenants on a month to month lease or are they on a yearly lease? And if they are on a yearly lease, when does the lease expire? When you get that information, what we can do is we can help you determine what that’s worth and what’s your offer price should be

James (00:50:49):

Okay. Um, yeah, no, it was just, that was just one, you know, like in the list, like I was actually just looking in a, in a certain area and I clicked on it, but when I saw it, all his numbers, I was like, I don’t know what it’s like, this looks like this, you know, but I was like, and there’s another one where it says the valuation is 800,000. What a valuation is the same as the equity, but it says the last sell was 91,000. And this is one that, um, that I’ve actually seen, like I’ve been by there. Um, I couldn’t really tell if anyone was living there or not. Um, but I was, I was thinking to go by there, like I said, just like knock on the door. Like that was something I hadn’t thought about, like knocking on doors because I’ve skipped, traced a few and some of them didn’t bring me anything back. So I, um, I was thinking like, what’s the next step? Like, you know, would that be to just go knock on the door, just send them some mail. Um, but I mean, just being more proactive.

Julie (00:52:00):

Yeah, yeah. Call them if you’re in the area, knock on the door, maybe send them a letter with a handwritten envelope. That’ll increase your chances on that one. If the equity’s the same as the valuation, it means they don’t okay. Is what that means.

James (00:52:16):

So basically like, that’s just like, like for example, it says the last cell, that’s what they possibly would, that person brought, bought it for. And now, you know, what I’m seeing is what is worth now because that’s one thing where they could have already paid off the mortgage. Okay. Because that was one thing now, too, that I’m like, where I’m at, like in this area, I’m like, oh, Chester in Boston. Like there’s a lot of people who’ve owned their houses for a long time. And now like these houses, you know, now million dollar houses and stuff like that. So, um, I think a lot of it has to do with that to, it’s just like, you know, there’s a lot of themselves too, or from a long time ago. So it was really recent.

Julie (00:53:03):

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you people that own something for a long time have a lot of equity left in there. So that’s, that’s what it’s for. But when you have like a tricky deal like that, don’t ever be afraid to schedule a call through our master coaches and then we’ll, we’ll go over those comps with you. But thank you for coming on.

James (00:53:21):

Yeah. I just, I just had a question about that, so I definitely have to.

Julie (00:53:26):

Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Um, let’s see here, we’ll go to a Koachy. Samuel, let me allow you to talk. You’ll find yourself. I did you hear me? I can hear you.

Koachy (00:53:44):

I just have question on the pre-foreclosure uh, you said easier work, uh, work with the ones that are fake it or the one of the ones that are owner occupied.

Julie (00:53:59):

Well, if they’re vacant, I would say they’re easier because you’re going to be able to show it a lot better. Right. Are you going to have to get your inspections done, but they’re both worth going after, because if they foreclose, those people are going to have to move either way.

Koachy (00:54:15):

Right? Okay. Yeah. I’m working on one that I get, I got a, uh, respond from on the, on, uh, diesel engine trying to figure out what to do here. So yeah.

Julie (00:54:37):

And sometimes you’re going to see a lot of investors in pre-foreclosure because they weren’t, they hadn’t been getting rent money for over a year sometimes. Right. You know, and they still have mortgage payments to pay and it’s really hard for them to do so I think I need to change the battery in the fire alarm here. Yes. Thank you so much, Koji. Thank you for that question, but I’d go after both, but um, the vacant would be easier. Probably gonna need more work though. Awesome. Awesome. All right. Shannon Johnson, do you will unmute yourself, hon. Hi. How are you? Oh God. Shannon.

Shannon (00:55:29):

I’m good. I’m good. I, I, I have it in mind what I want to say, but I also want to give a shout out to that gentleman and Dorchester Massachusetts that’s right next to Roslindale. Isn’t it. And anyway, he doesn’t have to answer

James (00:55:46):

For that. I know. I know that area. Yes. Yeah,

Shannon (00:55:50):

Yeah. Razi is where I had a, I worked at Dunkin donuts there and then I, um, started an accounting service there. Anyway, it is a great melting pot and I love Roslindale. So anyway, um,

James (00:56:05):

You understand what I’m saying? But you understand about what I’m saying about the properties, like a lot of the values. Oh yeah.

Shannon (00:56:11):

Oh yeah. Definitely. Everything’s a million dollars in Boston, but that’s the way it’s going to be in Philadelphia. Anyway. Um, my, my comment is this systems, procedures, controls McDonald’s has fries on the right coats on the left. There’s a system. If you know this system in every McDonald’s, you’d go, you go into well there’s system, a procedure and a control already done for you with partner driven. So to anybody who’s on the fence do not be on the fence. It’s there’s just no sidelines. You got to participate in the game in order to win. Otherwise you’re just auditing a course. This is an education. It’s a process. It’s a journey. I love Carl and Carl’s journey with his Y. Um, and I it’s quitters never win winners, never quit. And that’s the motto dry used for? Um, for one I was running track and that’s, that’s just the way you have to be.

Just know that everything you have coming full circle, you can use in this, in this business. And that’s pretty much everything is just going to anybody who’s in this now you’re, you’re just about to, it’s just about to reach a precipice with this, um, with this, um, moratorium being lifted and everybody’s going to be calling you if you call them back and follow it up. But, um, I’ve just loved this business and it’s, you don’t have to go fast. You just gotta be consistent, be an accountant, be consistent, you know, and fall forward. You there’s never a mistake. And I love Carlos. Um, this fell through this, fell through this, fell through, it gives me scenes from coming attractions. But knowing that when, if mine falls through it’s, it’s, it wasn’t meant to be, you know what I mean? Like if anything falls through and then you can fall back on calling the back, just like Mary did, she works hard for the money. That’s for sure. Anyway, you’ve got a winning team here, Julie, and you definitely are. I mean, to get to Julie’s level, all we gotta do is just do what Julie did. You got with the right people? You got an, a partner and um, everything’s paid for my mother. My mother taught me how live my life. It’s like, if you need it, don’t use your own money to buy it. But if you have to use your own money to buy it, make sure it’s tax deductible.

Well, guess what? The Partner Driven, and then once you’re in it, Peter’s got your, your nuts. He’s got the whole system already set up so that you don’t have to spend another dime, buying a property or losing money. That’s a, that’s another great thing about partner-driven. They are the biggest safety net. You cannot, you cannot fall. Even if you fall off the balance beam, they’ve got you covered. You’re you’re on the, you know, they’ve got the biggest net. So anyway, that’s my story.

Julie (01:00:18):

Well, Shannon, thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Uh, you know, like I tell him, I mean, you’re, you’re part of the best thing about partner driven. You know, we’re building an army ourselves and it’s not just me and Peter it’s people like you, it’s people like James it’s people like Karen and Carl that just spoke. We can build what we want to build. You know, that w what was that movie where they said, if you can dream, it was that field of dreams where they, if you build it, they will come. So, um, I appreciate everything you said. I’m gonna see if I’m missing anybody. Um, all right, Jamie Caldwell, if you will unmute yourself, sweetie. Jamie, unmute yourself. Hey, this is Bruce. Can you hear me?

Speaker 3 (01:01:18):

Uh, I just got a notification to either unmute that you, that I was asked to unmute. Maybe you hit, uh, did you want me to speak, or did you try, or you maybe need to hit Jamie? I don’t know.

Julie (01:01:29):

Yeah. Um, I’m not sure. She’s un-muted so I’m not sure unless you have something.

Bruce (01:01:40):

Oh my God. Do I have something? I am. I feel like, you know, if, if heaven kissed the earth, I got caught in the middle of the smack. I am not a partner here. This is my first time joining. I spoke with Jamie about, uh, five 30 this afternoon, and she told me I need to get on this call. And boy was she right? I am very excited about what you guys are doing. And I’m looking forward to joining. I am. This is exciting. I mean, I’m down here in port St. Lucie, Florida. Okay. And I can see, I mean, from what I can tell, it’s wild down here. I’m from Texas. I lived, I was born. I was born in Texas, grew up there. I Texas like the back of my hand. I’ve been in Florida for about three, four years now as well. I bounced back and forth, but I am very, very, very excited about the opportunity here. And I have a daughter who’s in real estate in Dallas, Texas. She’s a realtor in Dallas and she’s doing well. She’s been doing it for a few years. And, uh, I’m really excited about joining up with this group right here and becoming a partner I’m excited. And I’m thankful to God for this place right now.

Julie (01:02:47):

Well, thank you, Bruce. That, that really means a lot. And, and Hey, man, I look forward to seeing you on the other side of the deal though. It won’t be long. No it won’t. And you are in a, in, let me tell you, you are in a prime market. When you get started, really pull your pre-foreclosures there and start calling them. Florida has got, is going to have a huge need here in the next couple of months. Is that right? Oh yeah, absolutely. Um, I mean, I’ll just show everybody here. You live in port St. Lucy, right? Yes. I’m going to go and pull a list and show you. I know we’re running over a little bit gods, but for those of you that are partners, you should be seeing this yourself.

How am I spell it yet? Um, but if not, I want you to know how to use deal driven. Okay. So I’m going to do, uh, uh, are you seeing my screen bros? Yes ma’am. Okay. So I’m going to pull a search to run the city center here. 20 miles of port St. Lucy. Okay. Now I’m going to select my search type and I want pre-foreclosures. Okay. So you’ve got 272 of them there. Let’s go do some more. I want to pick townhouses, condos, duplex, triplex quads, and in row houses. Okay. I want to have at least 40% equity or more. There are 95 people, rod here in your town that are going to lose their house back to the bank that have $40,000 in equity. But you think they’re ever going to make that money back from the bank? No, we can literally go bother home prior to them, losing it back to the bank and put a little bit of money back into their pockets. So they’re able to move on to the next stage of their life as well. I think their credit, because before closers on your credit report for seven years, which is like a Scarlet letter. So you’ll when you call a partner, you’ll see all these trainings we have every day and you’ll see how to pull these lists. But I, this, I used to go to the county records office to get this information and I’d have to go through all one by one. You can do this now in a couple of seconds.

Bruce (01:05:15):

Wow. Okay. That’s awesome. I love

Julie (01:05:18):

So I’m, I’m gonna show you how quick. So I’ve just created this new list in port St. Lucy. Second. It just needs a second to populate. Now it’s ready. Boom. That’s everybody watch this. You’ll be able to click this button. And when you’re a partner, you press free skip. And within 24 to 48 hours, you’ll have everybody’s phone number. I’ll show you the power by paying for it on here, but fully you’ll see this is it still running in the background, but what it’s doing is it’s going and finding everybody’s name, their phone numbers and their email addresses. It’s still running. It’ll be done here in 45 seconds. You can go in. You can see who owns the property. How many bedrooms and bathrooms see, look at this person. They owe $86,000. Their house is probably 300 K. They’re going to lose this house over 86,000. And it’s worth 300. Well that’s, everybody’s sick the stomach a little bit. It does mean, and it to see there’s 93 or 95 of these. Wow. Yeah. Okay. So, um, yeah, I can’t wait for you to be, but anytime someone tells me they’re a new, you know, gotta be a new prop PR partner. I’m like, well, you gotta do this and you gotta do this.

Bruce (01:06:59):

Right. Good. Hey, I need, I need more mentoring. I need help. I need people like you in my life. Okay. I’m, I’m straight up with you that I work hard. I know what, let me tell you something. I know how to work and I work hard. I can put in the hours. I just need, I need somebody that can guide me

Julie (01:07:16):

Well, we’ll, we’ll definitely, we’ll definitely be here. We’ve got a whole staff are ready to help you every day. Um, but more to it, Bruce. Thank you so much.

Bruce (01:07:27):

Do you know if you have anyone in this area now as a partner?

Julie (01:07:32):

Um, there’s um, we have people in that area. Um, can’t think of their name, but, um, I mean, a city is big enough for lots of work, but when you join, you’ll be able to join our private Facebook page. Oh. Suggest find out the partners that are near you and go have little meetings on your own. You know what I mean? Like an accountability group. Uh huh. Okay. That’s another wonderful thing you could do with partners because we don’t stop our partners from talking to each other. We have nothing to hide here, so.

Bruce (01:08:10):

Sure, sure. Okay. I’m excited. Thank you so much for your time.

Julie (01:08:15):

Thank you, Bruce. Have a good night. Okay. Yeah. All right. I’m going to take one last call here. Um, on none on the radio, I guess one last zoom. All right. Miss Ann bay and Lee from Fairbanks, Alaska. Unmute yourself. You there. Miss Anne and, and you’re you’re un-muted so if you talk, we can hear you. Well, all right. Well, I don’t know if we’re going to be able to get an on, um, this evening. Um, I met her a couple of weeks ago in person at our live event, but Hey guys, if you’re wanting to learn more about being in our partner driven program, you’ve heard from several people, you know, on this call that are doing it. We want more partners like you, um, you know, to help build our teams out. And if you would like to speak to us tonight, um, and, and see what everything’s all about, then all you’ve got to do is call this number. Let me find it. I don’t ever remember these phone numbers. (770) 746-8585. And Hey, will everybody do me a favor? Remember how I told you about putting your monthly goal in a sticky note and placing it everywhere? Do it. It’s the presence of blind do it. It’s not silly, you know? Right. Okay. All right. Well, y’all have a blessed evening. Um, I hope the best for everybody. I hope you have an awesome week and I will talk to you later. Bye bye-bye.