is a powerhouse real estate investment firm. Too many investors miss out on profitable deals for one reason: they don’t use new negotiating techniques to lock in phenomenal sale prices…

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If you’re ready to learn my real estate investment firm formulas, please take this advice: get references and make the calls if you’re hiring an investment coach such as myself. It’s smart to check on their references and confirm their active students are doing profitable deals.


The problem with many real estate investment firm trainers is they earn most of their money teaching rather than doing deals themselves. So what makes me different? I have done thousands of deals (3000+).

I’m different than thousands of real estate investment firm coaches because I do this business everyday. The reason I coach students real estate investing is because often I partner with them on deals in their markets. It’s not uncommon for me to take my students under my wing and help them turn tough deals into successful closings.

Too many real estate investment firm coaches gloss over the topic of prospecting.

For example, my investing in real estate company receives between 800-1000 calls on a busy day from motivated sellers ready to sell me their properties. That’s how you get successful learning how to make money using my real estate investment firm marketing methods.

If you’ve watched the thousands of YouTube videos about wholesale real estate investing, I’m considered one of the leaders in this business.

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