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My name is Peter Vekselman. If you’re serious about learning new formulas for investing, call me at 404-990-4395. If you reach my voicemail, please leave a message. I promise to return your call promptly.

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If you search on YouTube for gurus teaching this business, you’ll get lost in a sea of outdated techniques. The problem is in the last five years the economy has changed the way you can find profitable deals. I should know. I’ve closed more than 3000 of them since 1999.

The good news is you have options. For example, there’s many for sale by owner properties (as in millions) on craigslist and many other free sites. These are motivated sellers. Some of them are willing to accept 20+% off their asking price. This one technique has made me enormous sums of money following a simple formula.

My students come to me for one reason: to learn the right way about real estate investing. You’ll have access to me 24/7 and I’ll walk you through ever step how to generate profits within months.

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Too many people get hoodwinked by weekend seminars. Beware. These types of training solutions are designed to pack in the crowds to upsell them into clunky programs that no longer work.

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