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All right. More than one in the morning, but for buddy ready, ready for today. Ready for the week. Literally ready for the rest of your life. All right. That’s the question. You gotta be asking yourself, are you ready? You know, so many people just go through life, go through the motions, just go. And, and, and you know, if all you’re going to do is go through life, go through the motions, except what life gives you. What I found is most of the time, life don’t give good stuff just by itself. If you’re just going to accept what you’re given, I found most of the time, the things that you’re just given are just accepting. Aren’t the things you want. So my point is this living life just kind of going and taking it day by day, going with the flow. Usually that flow don’t turn out good. That’s just, my that’s been my experience. This is why. And by the way, this is how most people go through life. They just go through life, right? They accept what they got.


They go with the flow kind of huddle up, curl up, and whatever happens, happens. And look, I know it’s easy to do, right? Cause that’s kind of what we’re taught to do. So what I really found, why there’s a lot less successful people than there are broke people is because success actually takes above and beyond effort. Right? Being average and mediocre really takes no effort. I mean, don’t misunderstand me average and mediocre people work extremely hard, right? Because it’s a full-time gig, staying average and mediocre, but that’s all that’s going to give you. That’s just kind of going with the plan to go above that. You got to go above that to start hitting it out of the ballpark. You got to do more than just average and mediocre to level up. It’s a conscious decision, right? So look, it’s Monday morning, right? Why don’t you do something that you may have not done in an extremely long time? Why didn’t you do a reset this week? Like right now, Monday, what? A great time to do a reset and reset and decide that this is the time to level up reset and make a conscious decision that it’s time to go to the next levels reset and say to yourself, okay. No more meaty being mediocre.


No more. Just going with the flow. It’s time to level up. It’s time to do more than the average. It’s time to start hitting on the ballpark. I’m telling you being successful or being just more successful than you are right now. It starts with a conscientious decision, right? You have to decide success. Just doesn’t sneak up on you. Success just doesn’t happen. Success. Just done a roll in out of the blue and oh wow. Look, nothing worked, but now I’m already successful. It, it, it just doesn’t work like that. Nobody ever you’ll never hear a successful person say, well, boy, that’s just an accident. I have no idea how I got here. Right. I just don’t happen. So today, today, Monday morning, make a conscientious decision to do more towards being a successful, at least than you did last week, right? Just, just, just whatever you did last week.


Just level up a little bit. You don’t have to go crazy. That’s another thing. I don’t think you should go crazy like overnight, because because of your whole life, you haven’t leveled up consistently. And all of a sudden you’re like, okay, today, I’m just going to go 24 7. You just, your body’s probably not made for that. So you’ll quit pretty quickly. So level up just to the next level, right? Level up, just go above and beyond what you did last week, right? Like, like let’s say your, your, your, whatever that looks like, right? If you’re in real estate investing this week, you’re going to make 20, 30% more calls than you did last week. Right? You’re going to reach out to more owners than you did last week. You’re going to make a couple more offers than you did last week, right? Whatever you did last week, this week do more of it.


And it could be different areas, right? It could be in health. You haven’t worked out in a month. Go work out. You haven’t worked out in a month. Go work out, right? You’ve been eating like crap for a long time. This week don’t eat like crap, eat some good. You’ve been negative all over the place. This week be positive. I’m telling you, when you start leveling up across the board in different parts of your life, you will start teaching your body how to be a winner. And I promise you, your body does want to learn how to be a winner. If it ain’t a winner, yet it wants to learn. He just don’t know how. So you have to make a conscientious decision to teach your body how to win, win, and small scale, right?


Be healthier this week in, in, in your line of work and your line of business level up level up. Get that project done. That’s been sitting forever and ever, right? Let’s get it done this week, right? That’s really a level up with it and let’s get it done this week. It’s all, all successes. It’s a starts with a decision and what a better time to make a decision than Monday morning, right? The week’s reset the week. Reset itself. Now you reset yourself. Go to those next levels. Let’s make this thing happen. Guys. Success is worthy of the effort, a better lifestyle. You’re worthy of a better lifestyle, right? You’re worthy of making more money. You’re worthy of being more successful. Don’t let anyone tell you. You’re not. Don’t tell anybody. Don’t let anyone tell you. You were born in the wrong family, in the wrong country. You don’t know enough. That’s all crap. I went through all of that. I bought into that for a while too. Didn’t think I was worthy. Didn’t think I could do it. Didn’t think I had it in me.


Okay. And then I slowly started teaching my body how to start winning. Right? When at the small scales guys reset this week, Monday morning, let’s reset. Let’s recharge. Let’s recommit. Let’s do a little bit more than we did last week. Let’s make things happen. Okay? Let’s really make things happen, guys. It’s worth it. You deserve more, a hundred percent. You deserve more. I promise you. You are the one. Keeping yourself from that, your false beliefs, your false intentions, your false way of looking at things. I’m telling you. It starts with you. Doesn’t start with your parents. Don’t start with your coworkers. Doesn’t start with your neighbors. Don’t start with your government. That start that it starts with you. You have to make a decision. I am ready, ready to level up. Right? Let’s make it happen. Right guys, listen. Here’s how I can personally help you level up.


If you, if you live in United States, you’re ready to level up and you’re coachable. I can help you level up through the real estate investing business, right? That’s what I do. I got partners all over the us and we do deals together. I’ll PR I’ll coach. You I’ll spend money. Generating leads for you. I’ll provide you all the capital to do deals. And then when we sell the properties, we’ll split it down. The middle 50 50, you take 50%. I take 50%. That’s the ultimate way to level up. So you want my coaching. You want my leads. You want my money. And you want to have to profit a loved opportunity to connect with you as long as you live in the United States and you’re coachable and you’re ready to level up. D M mean the word partner, D M E the word partner, and let’s connect our guys up an amazing day. Thanks.