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All right. Good morning. Good morning. Everybody rise and shine. 7:15. I’ve already been up for a little while. A couple of hours actually got all my admin work done. Right? Cause that’s what we do. Non none money-making hours before 9:00 AM before 8:00 AM. We do everything that does not make us money, but still needs to be done. Right. So that’s when I get my, um, that’s when I, uh, admin things like emails, paperwork. If I still have any paperwork and all this, now I’m off to the gym. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Now I’m off to the gym and then after the gym, it’s gonna… I’m going to go up to the lake, I think. Um, cause I parked my boat, uh, be bold. I love it. And be bold. Let’s go. Let’s go. So after I’d work out, I’m going to head up to the lake.

Uh, literally when we left, I didn’t leave my boat inside our dock. I left to kind of tie to the side. I don’t know why, why I’m going there to move it and think I just need an excuse to go jump in a lake and swim a little bit. So that’s what I’m doing then. Good morning, everybody. Good morning. Good morning and morning. Gonna get a little swimming done. Uh, parked a boat back in the lake, a black and a dock. And then I’m going to meet with one of my partners, Sandra O’Strander. She’s one of my partners here. Uh, she lives in Atlanta, actually. Amazing lady known her for several years. She’s done many, many deals. Um, and um, we’re going to get together today to talk a little bit about some, some other things that we can do together. She’s very networked. So we’re going to take it from that angle.

Um, she’s going to introduce some people to, uh, our partnership program. Um, we’re going to do some creative stuff. I want to share that with her. So then I got that. Then I have a meeting with, uh, Rafa and Julie and Kristin, uh, around three o’clock just go over some corporate stuff. And then afterward, um, I got an interview and then tonight, good morning everybody. Morning, morning, morning. And then tonight, uh, Ir and I are gonna meet some friends for dinner. Cause it’s some kind of day-to-day. It’s like the seals day. What’s the day to day. Anybody know it’s like a seal, the seal, some kind of a holiday today that I have no idea what the heck it is. Uh, good morning, everybody. I just wanted to let you guys know when you guys have an amazing, amazing morning, amazing day. Remember guys, we, we, we decide if we’re going to have a good day.

Not our circumstances, not the people around us, not our incomes, not anything like that. We are in charge, right? Are deciding, are we going to have a great day or are we going to have a screwed-up day? So get your head on straight, get focused, be prepared. Cause today’s going to throw some challenges all of our ways, right? Wayne, Wayne living if link, conquering challenges, are we so get your head on straight, get prepared, get focused. I predict an amazing day claim. It just claim that you’re going to have an amazing day, right? Put it, you know, put it, put a stake in it, right? I’m claiming right now this week, this day is going to be amazing. We’re going to go knock it out of the ballpark. Will we have challenges? Absolutely. Will we embrace these challenges? Absolutely. We embrace challenges, right? Because you know who has, who has challenges, people that are out there making things happen, right?


Who has challenges are those that are out there fighting for stuff who has challenges. Those are the ones that want to make things happen. So we embrace challenges, right? The worst thing you could do. Okay. The worst thing you could do is, is, is, is, is not going for it. Okay? The worst thing you could do, the worst thing you can do is be still, don’t be still in your financials. Don’t be still in your pursuit of success. Don’t be still and accepting mediocrity, fight all those things, right? Take it up a notch today. You decide, literally we decide today how today’s going to go. Not our circumstances, not the crap that may or may not happen. Member’s never to crap. It’s always the reaction to the crap. Right? Always, always, always, always. So I claimed today for everybody going to be great, amazing did they were going to be like superheroes, right?


Who’s ready to be superhero today. Do superhero kind of things do stuff that you never done before. I’m telling you it’s all possible today. Literally could be one of two things the best day of your life or the very beginning for the rest of your life and that and that and that a great in that. A great, great, great way to look at things. This is going to be either the best day of your life or it’s going to be the first day for the rest of your life. And you’re going to blow it out. I have no question about it. You’re going to make things you today. We’re going to make things happen. We’ve never made happen before. We’re going to at things differently than we’ve ever looked at before. If something was negative before and a broadest down today, we will conquer it and overcome it.

Right? If before certain things used to get us all in a spinny dizzy way today, we’re going to laugh at it and embrace it and tackle it head on, right? I’m telling you guys, this is, this is, this is your day. There’s no question in my mind. This is your day. I mean, I am so confident that today you will do things that you have never done before. You’ll you’ll, you’re added, you know, what’s going to change today. Your attitude’s going to change today, today. Your attitude about who you are and what you want. All the crap today is going to change right today. You’re rising above right today. You’re going, you’re literally today going to go to the next level, the next level of success, the decks, the next level, whatever that next level is to you. I’m telling you today, you are going to go to that next level.

Speaker 1 (07:06):

I have no question about it, right? Cause right now you’re going to make a decision. I am changing how I look at things. I am going from negative to positive. I’m going from low to high. I’m going to embrace everything. Everything that used to get me upset, I’m going to embrace it. Everything that knocked me down mentally, I’m going to, I’m going to work through it. I’m telling you guys, I’m telling you, today’s the one to two options. That’s it just one of two options either. Today’s going to be the best day of your life or today’s going to be the very first day for the rest of your life, right? I mean, this is simple as that. There is no there’s no, no other ways to look at today, the best day of your life or the beginning for the rest of your life. I’m telling you learn, learn to have that kind of attitude on a daily basis, right? Every day, wake up with the attitude of it’s either going to be the best day ever in my life or they’re the beginning for the rest of my life, right? That’s how we’re going to do it. That’s exactly how we’re going to do it.

Embrace the suck, embrace the things that used to get you all the tizzy on all upset. I’m just telling you guys are at your attitude, makes your breaks. You and it’s easy. It sees, Hey, what’s up? What’s up? Hey, it’s easy to have a good attitude, right? It’s easy to have a good attitude when things are going great. Okay? But today’s the first day of the rest of her life that you’re going to decide that you can have a good attitude no matter what. Even when the suck happens, even the things aren’t going right today, you’re going to decide that they’ll matter. I can, you control your attitude. I’m telling you, you decide whether it’s going to knock you out or fortify. You see a challenge is there for a reason, okay? It’s there for a reason. You know what? It’s there for to make you stronger to, for, to fart and fire.

Speaker 1 (09:17):

You. You know, when I started in real estate two decades ago, I just about me and myself homeless. I did make myself homeless. And for three years I struggled, totally struggled. And people always say, okay, Pete, but those three years, man, you must have learned a lot. No you don’t. When you’re losing, you are not learning, right? That’s what you’re losing because you’re doing things wrong. But you know what happens when you’re losing, you get toughest Hale, you get tough. So during those initial three years, I just got tough. I got tough. So challenges make you tough. They either break you or they make you okay. Challenges will either knock you off your feet or they’ll get you. Refortified they’ll get you to be better. And that’s the only way to embrace stuff like this. Guys. I’m telling you, sometimes you just think challenges. You’re the only one experiencing challenges.

You’re not BS everybody. Everybody’s experiencing challenges. And either you let challenges control your life, right? You decide, you know, the challenges control your life. The financial situation control your life. Do circumstances control your life or do you use all those things to get tough as a rock? That’s it. See, I choose to use those things to get me tougher, right? I choose to get those things, to get me tougher. More, more, more four to five more impenetrable guys. I’m telling you the first day over the rest of your life, or today’s going to be the best day rest of your life. I said, that’s the only way you’re going to look at. It means that we’re not even putting, it’s going to be. We’re not even getting, we’re not even putting in our mind that today could be a bad day. The worst day, the only thing we’re letting inside our mind, it’s going to be there the best day to rest your life, right?


The best day of your whole life or the first day to rest your life. See when you give yourself options, give yourself good options. Give yourself positive options. Don’t say, well, today will either suck or be good. Those are two bad options to give yourself because naturally guess who’s going to win. The suck is always gonna win because we gravitate towards the suck. Unfortunately, a lot of literally gravitates towards the suck. So those aren’t the options. The only options today, the best day for the rest of your life or the first day for the rest of your life. Right? So those are the only two options that we even let inside our mind. Right? And when you start thinking like that, you start training your body. You start training your body to win. I win. If this happens or I went up, this happens. See, I don’t put myself, I put my, I don’t put myself in a position.

Well, you know, I could win or I could lose. Okay. I stopped the position I put myself into. I put out my session of I could win or I could win even bigger. What’s it going to be? Do I want to win big at all? Or do I want to win even bigger? And when those are the only options you give yourself, you will teach your body. That it’s a win-win right. You will teach your body that no matter what, it’s going to be a win, right? No matter what happens, it’s going to be one. If I have challenges, I’m winning. Cause I’m getting tougher. If I don’t have challenges today, I’m winning because I don’t have any challenges today to overcome. And I kicked some butt, all right. Learn to put yourself in win, win positions. You wind up. This happens. You wind up.


That happens no matter what we’re going to win. Right guys, I’m telling you so claim it right now, right? Claim it. Let me see it. Today’s going to be either the best day of your life or the first day for the rest of your life. Those are the only two options. Two positive options. That’s how we’re rolling. Right? We’re only rolling with positives going forward. I challenge you for the next next month. Every day you’re going to claim this. It’s going to be the best day of my life or the first day for the rest of my life. I was only things that you that’s, how we’re going to look at things. That’s how we’re going to respond to things.

That’s the only thing that’s going to matter, guys. I’m telling you, we, we, we decide what the outcome of the game is. Not the circumstances, not the challenges, not your family. You decide what the outcome is. Okay? You decide who the winner is. You choose to stand in the winner circle. You choose to claim first prize. Not any, no one else. You set your rules in such a way that you’re going to win or win or win even bigger. Okay? So mentality is very important. How you approach things, how you look at things, start out with your head clearly on every single morning, you’re either we’re either going to win or we’re going to win, right? That’s it. We’re going to win or we’re going to win. Those are the only, only two options. And then take action steps. Guys, take action steps to make sure you’re winning, right? Align yourself with people that think like that, align yourself with winners, align yourself with people that believe the only options are win or win, right? Those are the only two options. Either win or win.


If those are your two options, you’re going to be winning. If you’re going to let the date decide whether you win or lose, chances are you’re going to lose. If you’re going to let your paycheck decide, what’s it going to be your paycheck’s probably not going to be where you want it to be. If you’re going to have let the people around, you decide what the play of today is. You’re not, chances are, you may not be happy. So you, you decide, you decide, you make a decision. Today’s going to be a fricking win or a bigger win and then go for it. Right. Just go for it. There’s always ways for all of us, right? There’s always ways for all of us to level up. Right. There’s always ways to.