Real Estate Accelerator Weekend


Want to get started with Peter? Want to be the student who comes in prepared? Ready to rock and always anticipating the next move? Our Accelerator Weekend is a crash course on how Peter does his deals. You’ll get the step-by-step on how to find the right property, execute contracts, negotiate, structure the deal to maximize profits, and get your deal funded. Want to partner with Peter? Get ahead of the game with our Accelerator Weekend!


“When I first started working with Peter & Julie, I knew NOTHING about real estate investing. I just knew that I wanted to be successful. I interviewed several coaches to work with. Even though I am in L.A. and he is in Atlanta, I picked Peter because they do not just teach, they actually partner with you in your success (and deals!). I have been working with Peter now for 2 years and I am on track to have a 7 figure year. Seriously… If I can do it with Peter, anyone can!”

- SETH CHAOTE, Los Angeles, California

“Real estate is less complicated than people make it out to be. At the core, it is all about having the right partners to monetize every deal that comes to you. I started with zero funds for marketing, but I had a partner that taught me how to generate serious money from deals even if I did not have money to start out with (thanks Peter!) I have made several hundred thousand dollars and still partner with Peter to help me break through to the next level of my success. I absolutely recommend Peter & Julie and the community they are building!”

- JASON CHESTER, Atlanta, Georgia

“Peter and his team are the real deal in this industry. Peter will teach you everything you need to know about investing in real estate from wholesaling, fix and flipping, and buying and holding. The most important part is that he knows how to get your phone ringing with deals! Need funding? No problem!!! He will even line up the funds for you. There are no more excuses when you work with Peter & Julie. I have been working with them now for 4 years…I’m making 4x’s my old income. If you are serious about investing, schedule a call with him and get to their live events!”

- PETER KUC, St. Augustine, Florida