3 Real Estate Investing Coaches from Partner Driven, here to answer your questions.

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Barry (00:00):

Who’s the takeover. And we’re taking over this call today because they asked us to, okay, so today special gas. Well, first of all, I want to know where everybody’s calling from. I got to look and see how many people we got, where they’re calling from. Um, let me look and see here. Let us know where you’re calling from. Guys work. What city? What state we got Brad from? Marietta. You guys want to take that Fresno man? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, one’s in the house. Cool. All right, man. What else is in there? Georgetown? Oh, that’s the Carolyn. That was the lady I talked to earlier today. All right. We’ve got people. Carl and Karen and Brent cloudy Phoenix. Oh, Graham Phoenix. All right. We got, we got, we got the people from, uh, all over United States. My, my girl, Tammy Jones is in the house. We got a lot of partners in the house tonight. So, uh, so welcome guys to the Tuesday night webinar. Like I said, you’re going to be hanging out with the coaches. My name is Barry. You got Bob over there. You’ve got Steph down here. I mean, that’s the way it looks on my, my pan on the, it looks like on your guys, but, uh, it’s a night. We’re going to do something special for you guys. We’re just going to introduce ourselves to you, uh, about what we do and why it is so great to be a part of the partner driven family. And no one of the things that Peter and Julie always talk about in this call guys, is that this call is for two people, two sets of people, one set just generally our partners, who we talk to every day, they get to see our smiling faces generally once or twice a week. And they hear us every day on our coaching calls. Correct? Correct. Yep. Yeah. So for you guys, we appreciate you guys being on this call.

The second set of people that we do this call for, or people who, you know, always wanted to get into real estate, right? And some of them have been on somebody’s weekend programs, you know, where they sell, we can teach you how to do be a real estate investor in a weekend. You know, we’ve all been there, right? I’ve also been trying to teach people how to, um, graduate medical school in a weekend. Right. Captain obvious. I stayed at the Holiday Inn. It’s on smart now. And so that’s, you know, and you spend a lot of money and all that good stuff. We know we’ve all been down that road, but as for those people who come on every Tuesday, just to hear Peter and Julie drop some knowledge, okay, Peter, Julie been doing this for, I’m not sure how many years they’ve been doing this Tuesday night webinar without fail. And so when they’re on the call, they’re truly trying to appeal to everyone, to everyone, listen, we, I think we have the best program out there. I mean, we’ve been around, I know Bob’s been around, staff’s been around, we’ve been around a lot of programs. And this is by far the best program that I can say without a shadow of a doubt is out there. And the reason that I feel that way is because of us, well, I’m going to say us three, but because we actually no support you guys, you know, a lot of other programs, you know, nothing bad against those guys, but you know, when it comes to supporting their people, I think they fall a little short compared to what we do. There’s nobody out there doing what we’re doing. And so on this call, you know, we want to make sure that if you want to join us, right, I think the link is going to be in the chat. You know, if you want to join us, uh, go ahead and join, click on the link. If you want to be a part of partner, if you want to learn more about it, go ahead and click on the link. Or you can call 770-7 46-8585, and somebody will answer your call. Um, so you know, that’s, as far as I go, does any, I mean, uh, Bob, tell him what you think about the program real quick.

Bob (04:15):

Sure. I, I mean, I think that, um, you know, there’s, there’s all kinds of, it’s like you were saying about the, you know, you can buy a book, you can buy a program that will support you on a weekend that you’re there. Uh, but if you’re talking about someone that day in day out is a family and support you on a day-to-day basis, five days a week, you could book a coaching call with Barry or with Stephan or with myself. And you’ve got a one-on-one person there who was going to be an, um, uh, someone who knows about their field. And so, I mean, like for an example, my field, uh, or my field of expertise, I guess, would be marketing, Airbnb accountability, and just getting the ball rolling, Steph, um, you know, uh, probates and, and the various things that he’s done. Barry’s the same, you know, we each have different things that we’re kind of known for that we specialize in. So I think that if, if you’re looking for something that has a family that pushes you forward, that, um, you know, hold you accountable. And that is on a day to day to day basis, you’re not buying a book. You’re investing in yourself to get into a family. That’s going to invest their time and energy in you. And I think that’s the difference.

Barry (05:24):

There you go. We’re about to Steph.

Stephan (05:26):

Well, one of the things I think is fantastic is that, um, we’re not salespeople hired on by partner driven to sell their program. We’re not even just, uh, educators that are been trained to do education. And they brought us on because of our education expertise. And they want us to teach this particular product. All three of us are actual real estate investors, and it’s not like we did real estate investing 30 years ago. And we’re trying to tell you what used to happen back in the day when I used to be out there in the field. No, we’re active real estate investors. We’re doing things right now. And so we know the industry right now. And so we are able to bring that expertise to you. And so the things that you would face as you go out there and build your real estate business, we’re going to be able to relate to that.

We bring relevant topics of, you know, laws that have changed and, uh, options that are out there for the sellers that you may interact with. So you can be a person of value, as you often said on the training calls. So, um, bringing that level of expertise and that current knowledge to me is invaluable. And like both of you said, uh, there’s nothing else out there like this, because I’ve been connected with other programs before I’ve seen other stuff I’ve been invited to the free afternoon thing and the weekend training seminars and all of that. And I’m not to say that there’s no value in any of that, that there’s no information in there, but what I’ve seen usually as a stumbling block for most folks is the, uh, as they say, the devil is in the details. It’s that small little thing that you don’t know how to answer the now all of a sudden you said, okay, hold up, wait a minute, let me not move forward because I don’t want to make a mistake. And then you don’t do anything. And it’s because of a small thing, a little thing about a real estate contract, or a little thing about negotiating skills with the seller, a little thing about how the closing happens. All of this information is stuff that you can get from the coaches when you’re talking to them. So, yeah, I think, um, the fact that you’ve got five days a week of, uh, unlimited coaching calls that ended up the partner didn’t do anything else, but that, that would be, you know, mind blowing in and of itself. And that’s just one component of the partner driven program. Yes.

Bob (07:48):

And I think you are, and, you know, I mean, I was just going to echo that. I was just going to tell you a couple of recent successes that I’ve had and one of the fields that I kind of coach a lot of the partners on. So we had our first guests in our first RV Airbnb, for those of you don’t know, I’ve got a pretty successful Airbnb business here in North Carolina, and we’re bringing in RVs and we had our first guests in an, and an RV Airbnb, which is kind of a totally different experience. So, um, I think that one of the things that, and, um, Steph really kind of hit on it is the idea that it’s always expanding. You know, if you want to talk to somebody who went to the moon in a, in an Apollo rocket, I think that’d be a little bit different than somebody who’s flying there in a, you know, in a, uh, in a, in one of the most recent rockets that today everything changes, everything grows, everything, the growth kind of idea. And I think that one of the things that we’re full of is growth mindset people and people who are, you know, pushing the growth mindset and to push forward. And, uh, you’re not going to get that in a book. Guys, you really are not going to get that from a book isn’t going to happen.

Barry (08:54):

Exactly. And so both of you guys hit the nail on the head, we try to stay relevant in one of the ways that we try to stay relevant is through our technology. Right? And so as a partner, you know, some of you guys have been on the webinar where we talked about the deal driven app, or we talked about the deal engine and we have those things and those things are there to help you navigate and accelerate your investing career just by providing simple data. Right. And then, so what we’re going to do on this call is each one of us is going to take a little bit of what we do, whether it be, you know, the accountability or the Airbnb or the probate. And I’m going to talk about one of the things we have is a deal driven app. We’re going to just share those things with you guys who are, maybe you’re thinking about becoming a partner you’ve been coming to this webinar on and off for a couple of months, years, however long it’s been. And you’re like, I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. We’re just going to give you a little bit of a teaser on how it is when you’re actually talking to one of us or when we’re doing our daily training calls. Okay. And so, um, what I’d like to do is remind everybody, if you decide you want to become a partner, then go in the chat. We’ve got the link in there. Uh, Kristen has that put it in there for us. The phone number is also there (770) 746-8585. If you call that number, now somebody will talk to you and get you started joining our partner program. Okay. So check this out. She did put something in the link that makes a lot of sense. All of our coaches are from our partners. We’re still partners really, but we came from the family. Right. And I was the first one I got dubbed the first one. Um, I think a year later we dub Bob the next woman and a few months after that staff and the next one, and we do have another one coming because we’re growing so much guys. I mean, if we, wasn’t doing such a great job, we wouldn’t be growing like we are right now. And so we just want to make sure you guys understand that. So, um, Bob, I’m gonna let you kick it off this. Just remember.

Bob (11:11):

Absolutely. You know, me, I’m always pretty sure

Stephan (11:15):

That to me, cause I’m usually the one.

Bob (11:20):

Sure. So, um, let me just throw out. Um, I mean the, um, the accountability I think is really important, but um, I just want to leave you with some nuggets that will help you kind of, uh, maybe take something away from this right now and take something that you can use. So let’s just say that you book a call with me and you want to talk about Airbnb is great. I’m going to give you three assignments right off the top of the top of the bat. Number one, I’m going to tell you to go to airbnb.com and look at Airbnbs in your area, look at what they’re going for. Look at how much they cost and look at their, and then we’re going to get that information. And from that information, we’ll be able to craft how you can turn that extra room into cash coming in every night, I keep my beds booked.

In fact, all my beds, except for my RV, which is kind of a new thing that we’re trying out, um, are booked now through the end of, or I’m sorry, through the middle of October. Um, and it’s much better to have a filled bed than an expensive bed. And I kind of craft the way that you would work your business around that. I know a lot of people with $80 beds, I would never have an $80 bed. I can always find a hotel that’s cheap. If I’m traveling on my own, especially I can find an $80 a night hotel. That’s an easy fix. But for me to stay at an Airbnb, it has to be low cost. It has to feel like a home. And we take great pride in that feeling like a home in each of our Airbnbs there’s artwork in each of our Airbnbs, there’s a coffee pot.

One of us greets the Airbnb guests. Who’s checking in. That’s why we have a check-in timeframe. So I get you thinking about this. I get you going through questions. I get you answering questions. And before long you have an Airbnb business plan. Doesn’t have to be real detailed, but it does have to be thought out for an example, who’s going to stay at your Airbnb currently where I’m sitting at I’m about 15 miles from the back gate of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. And in this particular Airbnb, I would say probably 60% of my guests are from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. So all that to say, these are all factors that you need to consider and think about if you want more details and you want something to hold your hand and walk you through that, that’s an easy fix join partner-driven book, a coaching call, and we’ll go through this. Step-by-step

Barry (13:39):

Okay. So, uh, one thing I do want to point out about that is that yes, we do have core, uh, program that we use to go by, but this is something that coach Bob does. Okay. And if you actually wanted to learn about the Airbnb, that’s the guy. Okay. So make sure you, you know, when you join an NFS festival where you want to go, uh, make sure you understand that when you join partner-driven we do have a specific, um, schedule or criteria that we use for the program. Okay. It has nothing to do with the Airbnb. However, like he says, we are no, so know our investors. And we also, you know, when people ask questions, we can answer those questions and you can kind of guide them that way. I mean, that’s the difference between us and everybody else. We do stick to our program. So if you’re trying to submit a deal to us, you’re going to have to follow those guidelines. However, if you have an interest on something else, then we don’t mind helping you out in that situation. But just remember partnered revenue is not going to fund your Airbnb program. Uh, but if you do some deals, you can take the money that you do deals with and do you start your business. Okay. But that’s the great stuff because he, you know, he knows it. So that’s another thing I can talk about accountability or marketing or mindset too. I said that email, that text out and I was just like, I’m gonna let you do what you want to, but anyway, that’s good though. I appreciate that, bro. Uh, Steph.

Stephan (15:18):

Oh yeah. My big thing is that I’m like you said, I was a partner before I was even a coach here. We’re a partner driven. And one of the things that drew me to partner driven was the app, the deal driven app. Uh, I thought that was phenomenal. Um, because two of my main, uh, strategies with lead generation is, uh, driving for dollars and probate leads. But, uh, even with the driving for dollars, you know, I will go out, I see a property. I had to jot down the property on the notepad, take a picture of the property. Then when I got home, I had to remember which property picture went with, which address that I wrote down. I still had to try to skip, trace this information. I had to keep all this information somewhere back in the day. I used to just keep it in an Excel file, which wasn’t always the most efficient way to keep. It was better than nothing, but it was still challenging with the deal driven out. I can do everything right there. I can save the, uh, property. Um, look it up, look up the owner’s name, skip trace it. I can even call the person right there while I’m sitting in front of the house if I want it to. So, um, when I saw that by itself, I was like, yeah, I need to be a part of the partner driven program because you know, this app is phenomenal. And then when it was all the other features that partner drive and offers, I was hooked, but it also just helped elevate my business because like both of you and Bob said, one of my big lead generating sources is, um, probate leads. So I’ve shared that with lots of people on how to generate leads, um, because there’s lots of different ways to generate leads. Some people use bandit signs, some people, um, do, um, um, a referral marketing like Bob has mentioned in the past, like getting a pizza delivery people to help you find properties. Um, so there’s lots of different ways. One of mine I liked the most is, uh, probate leads. I’ve talked to people and told them how to go to the courthouse, get that information and, um, follow up with those people. And you can still keep all of that information in your deal driven app so you can stay organized. So, um, it’s great information. Uh, I love helping people. I think that’s one of the big pluses with all the coaches here. We all have that drive to help people and help others succeed. Uh, cause there’s plenty of, uh, there’s plenty of deals out there. It’s not like, oh, if I help these folks get a bunch of deals, I’m not going to have any deals.

No, it’s not a shortage, you know, out here so everybody can get plenty of deals out there. And um, we also, uh, act as cheerleading coaches too, at times, help encourage people. Sometimes life happens no most of the time life happens and it’s gonna be frustrating and discouraging sometimes. And you need somebody to bounce an idea off of and help get you organized again, the coaches can help you in those arenas as well. But having that person, that’s a skilled real estate investor, be somebody that you can talk to pretty much whenever you want to. I don’t even know how you put a price on that. You know, um, I would have loved for partner-driven to have existed when I first started. Cause that was part of the challenge I had when I first started. I was like, I can’t really get anybody to answer my questions without, you know, giving me the side-eye or give me a piece of an answer or whatever.

And if I did happen to get somebody to give me something, it was just a piece and it’s not like I could come back to them and say, I’m calling you again tomorrow and no, you know, so it was challenging. So when I first got started, I made myself a promise that I said, once I learned this industry and was able to, um, know how to operate it, that I wanted to be the person I was looking for when I got started. And so, uh, have that opportunity being here at partner-driven and being able to be a coach for folks. So, and when I hear the sparks, um, they go off in people’s heads and like, oh thank you for that advice stuff in there. And then especially when I see the deals on the books and I know I helped them come up with their numbers and things like that. For those particular properties, I feel like I, I had something to do with that deal now getting none of the money, you know, but I’m happy for them know, but it does still encourage me. And um, because I do deals also, like I said, I close on a deal just a little while ago that, um, that I’ve done. So, uh, I’m out there actively working on deals. And I got one in, um, that I’m working on right now because I was out networking. And we talk about all the coaches, talk to the partners about being out there, networking on networking and um, letting people know what you’re doing. So you’ve got to be able to market yourself, um, talk to people and feel confident that you’ve got partners and you’ve got business partners in your back pocket that have done hundreds of thousands of deals. And you can talk to somebody on the team any day, you know, again, I don’t think people fully understand just how amazing that is. So that’s my 2 cents.

Barry (20:32):

Yeah, I know. That’s right. Good stuff guys. Um, they don’t just like you. I wish I would’ve had somebody when I first started out, especially when I got that first, what a second home and one of the contract, which is a HUD home. And if you’ve never done before you don’t mold the process, you’re learning process. And then if you don’t have buyers at the time, I didn’t have any buyer. And you always say, if you don’t find no buyers go lose your earnest money. And that’s what I was really afraid of because you know, you ain’t got no money on you put that money down. I was like, oh my God, I’m trying to find a buyer or what I’m doing. Thank God. They, they felt sorry for me. And they gave my arm to some money back. But those types of things we go through and that’s how our experience that we are able to give you guys.

And like you says, we’re all still out there actively doing it. Me personally, I’m being here in California and uh, my business partner I’ve been talking and we just got ahold of another realtor out here. Who’s actually, uh, he just finished his own flip where he netted 900 K that’s this profit. So we’re going to be working with him because he wants to work with us. He’s going to be something that we’re going to be able to utilize out here on the west coast. Um, but God, if you have not decided to become a partner, um, please take the opportunity. If anything, just give us a call, you know, click on the link, get somebody to call and talk to you or just call 770-746-8585. And just listen to what’s going on. Right? Because this doesn’t happen every day. I mean, there’s a lot of programs out there.

There’s a lot of people doing a lot of things, but I, I changed back. I keep coming back. We still are head and shoulders above everybody else, just because of the, the, the commitment to our people, the coaches, we, we really do care about you guys. We want to make sure you get the best Peter and Julie, they really care about it. Peter didn’t have to set this up, you know, but he said, look, I want to, I want to do more deals. I want to help people. And then he got to Julie. And so of course, Julie, she cares about everybody. And so she’s the one deals it and it just grew, grew, grew, and it’s continued to grow. And so guys, if you take the opportunity, just get on the line, click the link, call the number, uh, and all that good stuff.

Let’s see. Do we have any questions? Uh, let me look and see nothing right now. Um, you did mention something about the deal driven app. Okay. And so one of the things that we try to do is we try to improve upon this app all the time. Everybody who’s using it, you know, they find something wrong. They send a text or an email to me or send an email to the support line. One of the things that they just recently approved upon is the comp comparables. And so if I’m able to, I, I want to share that so people can see that real quick. If I’m able to let me see if I can share, uh, he said, wait a minute, there are some questions in the Q and a section. What is the QA section? Oh, there you go. All right, Terry Moore, what’s up?

Barry. It’s been awhile. When did you start off? When I started to see Omar Rahim. So when I have a question on anything home, would that question go to nevermind that question? What are the hidden costs? Smart answer. I said, what is the longest? And the shortest time you can close a deal. Somebody always asked that. Yeah. All right. Uh, so Omar, um, the hidden cost, there is no Haley cost. Once you get on the line with, uh, the individuals who handled the, you know, the, uh, intake, uh, call the number, they go through everything and then you make the decision right then and there. Okay. There’s no, uh, well, once you get in, you’ll have to pay an additional $8,500 just to talk to the coaches or get this or that there’s nothing like that. That’s all included. So you just go ahead and reach out to him and give him a call and talk to him, make an appointment. That’s all you can do. That’s the best you can do. Um, but you know,

Bob (24:56):

Can I jump on like, you know, how long it takes to get a deal? Um, because I get, you know, we all get that question a lot, especially from people who are just getting started and that kind of thing. Well, how long is it gonna take me? How long is it gonna take me? And I have, my fallback is always to get back to the story of the chicken and the pig and breakfast. You know, I’m a chicken and a pig. We’re walking down the street and there was a sign in the store window. And the sign said, um, help wanted, and it was, it was a restaurant. And so they went in and they said, yeah, we need, we need, you know, breakfast, we need something for breakfast. And the chicken said, well, you know, great, I can do that. I can help the pig said, yeah, you’re dedicated, I’m committed if we do this, if we take this job.

So I think you can, you kind of have to make it, make a decision, whether you’re the chicken or the pig, you’re going to have to be a pig in this thing. You’re going to have to be committed. And, um, you know, it’s one of those deals where you can’t go in and just lay an egg, you’re going to have to be the bacon. You’re going to have to get out there and you’re going to have to push and you’re going to have to mark it. Um, you know, for those of you who, uh, don’t know, I’ve got these little marketing cards and on one side, it says we buy houses, any condition as my phone number on the other side, it says, we pay a referral fee, commit to getting 200 of those cards out a week, commit to getting 300, um, text messages going per week commit to marketing. And when you commit to marketing, you’re committing to building your business. One of the, one of the, um, I don’t want to say one of the oldest partners, we have one of the, um, one of the more senior partners that we have, um, is this amazing guy, Dale, and he’ll, he will constantly tell you that he’s made 99% of his deals by word of mouth, by just connections, by just networking, Stephan tapped on it. Uh, Barry tapped on it. It’s all about getting out there and being a pig. If you’re ready to be bacon, get in, you know, I mean, that’s, that’s the best thing I can say. If you’re ready to be bacon, get in, because this is a contact sport. If you ain’t making contact, baby, you ain’t even on the playing field. So you have to get in with the idea that this isn’t being done for you. This is a group of people who are committed to doing it, and they want the encouragement and the structure and the, the accountability and the, the family atmosphere. That’s going to give them the right mindset and the right push to get there. Um, so yeah, you gotta be committed to be the bacon, but then you have to realize what you’re buying into. So that’d be my words of wisdom.

Stephan (27:32):

I’d also say it’s the same thing, you know? Um, you can’t, uh, I’ve often said when people have asked, how long does it take to get a deal done? I would say, does it really matter for somebody? Because what if I said, uh, several of our partners are doing deals within a week, does that mean you’re going to do a deal in the week? Not necessarily a, what if I said it takes everybody a year? Does that mean it’s going to take you a year? No, you might do it in a week. Somebody else’s activities. And what they’re willing to commit into their business has nothing to do with you and your resources and your level of commitment. So you’ve got to determine what you’re going to put into the business. Like Bob said, what’s your level of commitment. If we said we were here training, track stars, you know, the Olympics just happened and said, we’re going to train you to be a great track star. And they said, yeah, well, I’m already fast, you know, but I could use a little more training. All right, well, we’re going to start training on Monday, but like, I can’t make Monday, you know, I’m I’m, you know, got something else I got to do. I can’t, you’ll never come out there. You never train. And then you go and have a meet and you don’t finish in the top, you know, group, you didn’t train, like we told you not doing the work. And so you’ve got to be willing to commit to do the work and that’s in building any business. But especially in building this business, you gotta be willing to do it. And so if you’re putting in the level of commitment, the only promise that I can tell you is that you will succeed. Um, the time period, as far as when you succeed, I can give you a guarantee on that. Nobody can.

And, but I can tell you that if you keep putting in the work, you will succeed us. Just like I said, if you put together all the pieces to build a car, you eventually going to build a car. I can’t tell you when that car will be completed, but I can guarantee you going to build a car. You keep putting all the pieces together that are required to build a car. You’re going, gonna end up with a car. So you gotta be willing to do the work and how much time and energy and effort you put into it is totally up to you. We’re just here to support you and do everything we can to help you succeed so that you have no excuses.

Bob (29:35):

Well, Linda just asked a question, which was a really good question. Uh, Linda, the difference between the deal driven app and the

Barry (29:42):

It got answered, it got answered. No. Um, but uh, you got out of there absolutely. Right? With this, uh, you know, doing the deals and stuff. You know, one thing we always say, this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You’re going to have to put in an effort, but utilize, utilize the resources. One of the things that most people think about, I got to have money to do deals. You don’t have to worry about that. I got to know how to do these contracts. You don’t have to worry about that. Okay. So how do I get leads? Somebody is asking them to check, how do I get leads, deal driven, app, driving for dollars, bandit signs, you know, Facebook ads, all those things. They all work in hand in hand, okay. Somebody is asking, how do I say to an appointment with a coach? Well, once you become my partner, right, then we can tell you how to schedule a coaching call. I cannot put that out there right now because Molly, everybody on here is the partner. And we don’t want more randos coming in asking those questions. And they’re not a part of the partnership. No pun intended, no disrespect. I’m just saying we have a protocol. So we want to make sure if you want, if you’re really serious about this, reach out to, uh, I forgot who was doing this tonight. Is it Jamie?

Stephan (31:05):

Jamie is answering calls tonight.

Barry (31:08):

Okay. I’m answering calls Barry. Oh, okay. So we have a couple of people on the team answering calls. So, you know, click on the link or just dial 770 746-8585. Let’s get you plugged in. And then we can go from there. Uh, somebody asked on here, what if I find a good deal on the MLS, Bob? What is your answer to that?

Bob (31:33):

I mean, well, you have to kind of look at the MLS and ask yourself several questions. Number one. Um, how many people have already picked over it, which is generally just a few billion of your closest friends. Um, and outside of those few billion, you’ve also got, um, bots to be concerned about. So there are bots that basically scour the MLS. They scour the MLS for big time investors. They scour the MLS. As soon as something gets put on the MLS, they scour the MLS for hedge funds. Hedge funds are another concern because hedge funds will pay dollar for dollar. You’re not going to win this game on the MLS 15, 20 long ago. Maybe today, it’s all about going direct to the seller. It’s all about going direct to the person who owns the property, whose name is on that title.

Barry (32:19):

There you go. That’s the answer you’re going to get from all of us. Uh, and that’s holding true, direct to seller. Um, we got

Stephan (32:30):

Barry, uh, on that. I always tell people that you’re trying to build a business here. And in building a business, you have to know how to get these and the best way to get discounted properties. You’re not going to consider, even if you randomly got lucky and found a decent deal on the MLS, you’re not going to consistently be able to do that. So how are you going to have a business if you can’t consistently get deals? So if you are only getting things on the MLS, you’re hoping that a real estate agent is talking to a seller and talking them into listing their property at a low enough price. So you can find it on the MLS before anybody else, and then put it under contract and hope to get a deal out of. It doesn’t seem like the best business model in my opinion. But you know, you know, I only know a little bit about real estate investing

Barry (33:26):

Just a little bit, just a little bit. Okay. So we have another question then beer that says, uh, there’s this partnership program open to luxury homes. My niche is 500 to over a million dollar properties. All right. So really what that tells me is that, uh, wherever you’re living at and shell, if you’re out here in California, you know, those times there was a two bedroom house, those houses are available, but you know, in all honesty, we try to stay in the medium range, right? And it really depends on what the medium range is in your neck of the woods. Not we know where it is in Florida versus where it is in Georgia or, you know, it’s all different everywhere. And so what we always say, if the numbers work, then we can do the deal. Okay, that’s all we can go by. We go by numbers.

If the numbers say we can purchase this house at 70% of what it would sell on the retail level, minus annual repairs, we can get it under contract for that. We can do a deal. That means we can turn around. And if we have to do a little work to put it back on the market, we can, or maybe we don’t need to do a bunch of work. We can clean it out, put it back out on the market and sell it at the retail price. So it really just depends on the numbers once you get the property at, uh, and what we can sell it for. And we go through all that with our formulas and wants to become a partner. Uh, we don’t, we don’t try to let their emotions. That’s one thing that you cannot do in real estate is allow emotions to dictate, you know, the deal, you know, like I got this house, man. I know if we just added a pool and throw no 40 acres on the back side and throw some barns up, we can make a story, right? You know, that’s time that is money spent on something. You can spend that money on the holding costs along the way, and else getting two or three more houses on the prop on the contract. So you got to think about it in those terms. And then if that’s your niche and what you’ve been doing, no more power to you continue to do that. But with us, we do have a structure and we aren’t going to follow that. No structure. Now everything is negotiable, but we tend to stay within our guidelines because that’s what makes people successful. Getting those deals, turning them out, not spending so much time.

Stephan (36:03):

And I would say this also, Barry, it’s not just because that’s what makes people successful. It’s what we already have a proven track record of succeeding in. So, you know, we get people sometimes with various skillsets, they want to come in and I guess, uh, give their advice on our business model where our business model has already worked nationwide on closing hundreds and hundreds of deals. So why should we change? What’s already working. So understand that we have our business model and we’re going to stick to that business model because it’s a proven success. I view it. Uh, our, I can show my age a little bit. I remember back in the day when Coca-Cola who the leader of the software, uh, soft drink industry decided to change their formula into new Coke. And then they, uh, I don’t know if you remember new Coke, Coke. Back in the day, they have a hundred year formula that was leading the Coca Cola top of the industry. And they decided the brilliant idea to change their formula to new Coke. And it was the biggest colossal failure that they had ever done, and they quickly changed it back. And so it’s like, why change? What is working? And so right now, we’re going to stick to the guidelines of what we do here at partner-driven because it works. It works in every state works in all the cities around the country, because we’ve got partners all over the country who are doing deals and are following our formula. So I would recommend that if you come on board with partner driven, stick to the formula that we’ve got, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You know, it works. We already know it works. We don’t have to wonder if it works. We’re closing deals, you know, almost daily, you know, so we know it works. Okay.

Barry (37:59):

You got anything to add to that senior? Uh, Bob.

Bob (38:04):

Yeah. Just, um, um,

Barry (38:08):

Get in and

Bob (38:10):

Get in and decide that it’s something that you want to do. You know what I mean? It’s something that you’ve got to, you’ve got to want. Um, you know, you can’t get in with the idea that it’s going to get done for you. And I keep falling back to that because, um, that’s what I see as like the biggest reason why people don’t succeed. Um, there’s two reasons why people struggle with this. Number one is they don’t get in and get plugged in. They don’t go to the daily training calls. They don’t book the coaching calls, they follow the structure. But then the other thing is that they, they don’t want to put forth the effort. You know, I would just tell people, this is kind of like buying a franchise, but there’s not a franchise in the world. That’s going to tell you. Yeah, okay. You buy our franchise and you won’t have to do any work. I mean, that’s buying the franchise is the beginning. That’s the starting point. Um, and you have to decide that it’s something that you want to build because it’s, it, it goes from there. So, yeah.

Barry (39:04):

Nice. That’s so true. Um, all look like we have got what Q and a, I don’t think we have that many in there. I know she’s asking him what she ask him.

Stephan (39:19):

I did see somebody in the chat asked earlier about, um, 24 hour support on there. Now we don’t have 24 hours. We’ve got a lot of support, but, um, I don’t think anybody’s answering calls at two in the morning.

Bob (39:40):

Steph was taking that,

Barry (39:45):

Put him on the late, late, late.

Stephan (39:49):

So it’s just a, a situation. We’ve got a lot of support here and we do everything we can. That’s why we grow as we continue to grow. And we recognize that our time slots are filling up faster, then they’ve added coaches. That’s why, you know, it started off when Julie was the coach, you know, when did she realized she couldn’t handle it all? And that’s why she brought Barry on. And then after a while, I realized that she and Barry couldn’t handle it all. That’s why they brought Bob on. And then they brought me on and we’re bringing on another coach. And you know, we’ll be bringing on additional coaches in the future as we continually grow. So we’re here to support you guys as much as possible. I do tell people all the time, you’ve got to be reasonable with things. I had somebody, uh, asked me for the umpteenth time today, you know, can I just call you directly on your cell phone?

And if I have questions now, we don’t have stuff like, we’re not trying to hide our cell phones and we’re not trying to hide our email addresses and stuff, but we can’t just promote that on there because then our phones will be blowing up twenty four seven. And then we would get called at two in the morning. And like, I can’t be on 24 hours a day. You know, we actually have lives. We actually have real estate businesses, and we have families and stuff that we have in time with also, um, this is a very personable business. We do our best to, um, not just give you cookie cutter answers, um, to actually walk through your questions and make sure you have an understanding of what you’re doing. Uh, we’re not saying, oh yeah, we’re the coaches here. And then all three of us have our assistance. I remember when I was in college, back in the day, I, uh, I went to Florida state years ago. Danielle had a big school like that. You sign up for some of these large classes and they got professor so-and-so is this class, but you never see the professor. They have teaching assistants that actually teach the classes. So you never actually see the professor. And so we’re not like that. We don’t have assistants that were saying, oh yeah, schedule a coaching call with coach Berry. And then he has his assistant actually get on the phone to give you a script that they read and off of the answer, your questions or anything.

And so we’re there to answer your questions, to go through your issues with you, to pull up your comps, to look out so we can give you legitimate answers and, um, and help guide you in what you’re doing. But, um, and so, like I said, I think even before I was a coach here, I was singing partner-driven praises. Um, I think it’s phenomenal. And I know directly that there’s nothing out there like partner driven. So, you know, even if you say a little partner, Driven’s not for me, cause you don’t have enough, you don’t have 24 hour coaching calls. I challenge you to find anybody out there. That’s got 24 hour coaching assistance out there. Please let me know. I would love to find out about this magical place. You know,

Bob (42:45):

I was going to say there were some questions on where the coaches located in some of the, some coaching questions. Once you’re a partner, you can book coaching calls with us. Um, typically we start at like nine o’clock and I think we got coaching all the way. I mean, this is Eastern time. Cause I’m on the east coast. I’m in, I’m in Broadway, North Carolina, just outside of Fayetteville. Um, we have coaching calls that start at nine and typically go till about what, uh, what’s your last call about seven Eastern time varies over there on the left coast. He’s over there on the California stuff. Um, and um, and then, uh, and then staff you’re down in Atlanta, right? Yup.

Stephan (43:24):

Yep. And then we, and um, and the good thing about it too, is not like, oh, I scheduled a coaching call with Bob and you know, and so, um, you know, I, but I need some information and maybe Bob didn’t have the exact information I want or maybe Bob has somebody else’s requested him directly. Now we try not to do specific coaching call requests. But sometimes it’s a situation where somebody has an ongoing scenario. They might have been working on a property and they’d been talking a couple of times to particular coach. Then when they schedule a new coaching call, they get a different coach. Well, if that other coaches available, we’ll adjust the and say, Hey, can you take this call? Because they’ve been talking to you about it, you’re already up to speed on what’s going on with this particular situation. Now we can never guarantee that. But if at all possible, if we can do that for you, we’re going to do what we can because we’re going to do everything we possibly can to give you the best support. That’s going to allow you to succeed and allow you to move quickly and allow you to move with good information. So we work amongst ourselves to make sure we’re there for you guys. So, you know,

Barry (44:31):

I liked the, I liked the idea too, that as a coach, I actually liked these two guys here. Don’t tell him, I said, you know what? I’ll go ahead, Bob. Cause I know you got something you want to say, go ahead. I know what it’s about to go ahead. Say it, say I’m the only long hair

Bob (44:52):

I want to belong here to coach. I wouldn’t say that. Um, But yeah, I, I am known as the only coach who does it in some way, resemble Yoda, but that’s Mars. I’m going to go that’s as much as I’m going to say about

Barry (45:08):

That. Okay, I’m going to

Bob (45:10):

Go there. I wasn’t gonna say anything, but

Barry (45:13):

I brought it up is my bad. I’ll take the, I’ll take the liquid. It goes, nobody said we went almost 45 minutes without the hair being brought to the very beginning. This one that’s me. Okay. So listen guys, somebody, you know, if you really want to become a part of, this is something that you really want to join. Please click the link, make an appointment, or get on the phone and call (770) 746-8585. Somebody will talk to you and get you pointed in the right direction. Are we always this funny? Yes.

Bob (45:52):

I mean, you might’ve, you might as well ask if their heads always shine by God. It’s true.

Barry (46:02):

So we’re always like this week, we’re like you said, this is a family oriented thing. We like to have fun, but we also know when to take things serious and your success is so serious to us. We really do care what you do with this now, like Bob has, you know, he’s the one that an accountability group with a small group of people, uh, it’s going to be like going to bootcamp, right? You know, he’s not pulling any punches. He’s going to make sure that you’re going to take this serious because you put up the hand, those guys put their hands up, says I’m going to be committed to this. Now, if they don’t do what they’re supposed to do, uh, I can’t say, I can’t say, you know, you out, he already said they going to be out. So we’re going to be that way.

But we also know that we have to look at your situation. We talked to you, we understand that life gets in the way, but we also know that you said, yes, I want to do this. Now we’re going to hold you accountable for that. So when you sign up for partner driven and you actually, you know, go through those process, we’re already saying you’re a successful, but you have to do the work. As long as you’re doing the work, we’re going to be committed to help you. Once you say, I can’t do this no more, I quit. I don’t want to do it. We’re going to try to encourage you to continue. But if you just continue to be going the other way, there’s nothing much we can do for him. So, you know, that’s the honest truth. We’re almost out of time. One thing I did want to say, because you mentioned that staff, you know, about pulling comps and the deal driven app. And I just wanted to show this real quick. Um, one of the things that got changed, if I can share this.

Okay. So, um, on the builder of an app, guys, you can actually, you know, pull comps on it. Once you add a property to your property list, then you actually go into the details page. You’re going to get some information. You’re going to see this valuation. This is always there. Uh, we talked about this earlier this morning, what that meant, but comparables. So this house was a three bedroom, two bath house. So what we’ve done now is that we’re able to kind of pinpoint a little bit more with accuracy about the comps. And so when the map opens up, you’re going to say the subject property right here is a three bedroom, two bath house. Okay, got the map over here. And it’s up here is going to do a search by default of two mile radius. And it’s going to go for sales a year and a half ago.

Well, we know in this economy and this market price has changed on a weekly. They are slowing down, but they change on a weekend. So now you can adjust to the last six months of sales. We’re going to make another upgrade, change where you can do the last 90 days. That should be coming, uh, either at the end of the week or next week. But for now you can do the last six months of sales. All right, then what you want to do, would you want to zoom out? So you see this two mile radius ring and you always want to go as close to the subject property as possible. So what you do is you just grab one of these buttons here and you just bring it in, right? It’s going to get close to the subject property, right? We’re with like a half a mile away.

And we’re really got a whole bunch of them right here. So I want to go a little bit closer. I’m just going to go loop. So that way it’s actually going to pull all the three bedrooms, two bathrooms, houses that sold the last six months or less. And that’s going to give me my average sell price. What a three bedroom, two bath would sell for in this area. Then you can actually do a dropdown menu and look at the property, right? You can see how much it’s so forth. Last sell price. When that date was the type of bedroom and everything, bathrooms, square footage is within 200 plus or minus of the subject property. So that’s good. That’s a good comp, you got another one right here. We’ve got sold. Save distance almost. So this is how we run our numbers. This is one of the things that our deal driven app can do. And I just wanted to show you this, that we’re always improving on the app. We want you guys to be able to utilize this. So you want to be a partner. You guys know what to do. I’m going to stop my share, go in, make that call. Get on that, uh, that, that, that the link make the call at seven, seven oh seven four six eight, five eight.

Stephan (50:28):

Anybody got one of the ad. I saw somebody make a ask the question, couldn’t you do this business. If you don’t have a car, if you don’t have a vehicle. And I would always say any resources, you have always make it easier. But, um, it really goes back to what Bob said. Uh, uh, originally it really boils down to your, um, level of commitment. You know, if you’re going to put in the time, you know, I’ve had some people say, well, I don’t have a car right now. I can’t do driving for dollars or I can’t go here or there. And then I’ve talked to people. Um, there was one guy in particular. He said, I don’t have a car right now, but I’ve got a friend of mine. Who’s got a car. And so I called him up and asked him if he’d take me around.

And if I did any deals on these properties, that I would split them with him. If he was willing to give me a ride in some different neighborhoods. So you’ve got to be creative, you’ve got to decide what I I’ll put it this way. Somebody told me once your level of commitment is only as strong as whatever the smallest thing is. That’ll derail you, you know, so if just a little shove, like this is all it takes to derail it, then you’re not truly committed, you know, but if you’re saying I’m going to make this work, I’m going to figure out how to make this work. Uh, I’m going to figure out what options I have now. There’s still options that you can do without driving for dollars. There’s leads, you know, list that you can pull through the deal driven app. We’ve got a deal engine CRM that you can organize your stuff, but that’s just one component of all the various things that you can do in order to do this business.

So, um, it’s not about saying, oh, can you do it with justice? Or can you do it with just that? There’s lots of different little things in there that you can do. And that one thing might work. But what if that one thing is not working out so great for you? Does that mean that one thing is not working for me? I’m going to have to back off of this. I can’t do this. No, you might have to try some other things. So it’s about, are you committed enough to say I’m going to figure out what things will work and what resources I do have access to, uh, to make this work.

Bob (52:37):

Let me just jump on that too. Uh, so one of the things I do is I teach mindset because it all starts in the mind. And, um, guys, if you want to know, um, if you’re capable of this, here’s what I want you to do. Go onto YouTube and type in growth mindset. Just do a research on growth mindset. The only people who can’t succeed in this have a fixed mindset, a growth mindset finds ways to adapt and overcome. And let me give you just one way that that partner-driven does that. Um, I worked during the day I do, I’m pretty busy during coaches coaching and everything else. So what I do is I put in 200 leads and I send them a text. At the end of the day, I used to call, I used to try and make 50 calls a day. Can’t be done, not with my schedule and not with how tired I am and not with the fact that I’ve got a new puppy, but here’s what I can do if I put in 200 leads and I come back and I’ve got seven people saying, yeah, I’d be interested in selling this property.

Great. Now I have seven calls to make, to people who already know why I’m calling and people who already told me they want to sell to easy. So take, take a look at YouTube growth mindset. There’s a great book by a lady named Carol Dweck called mindset that I’m teaching to some people right now. And, um, and decide whether you’re a chicken or a pig.

Barry (54:03):

All right. Great stuff, guys. Uh, so guys, we appreciate you being on the call. Uh, next week, Peter, Julia will be back in his time slot, but if we ever get a chance to do it again, yes, it’s going to be takeover Tuesday by the coaches. We’re going to do what we do. We may even have comedy show with Bob. I don’t know. Bob has a greater meaning that we all know that he is. He’s hilarious. He cracks me up every time. All right. All right, guys. Uh, so thank you for being on the call. Uh, make that phone call to that number. Make sure you know, 770-746-8585. I know. That’s why I’d done. All right, guys, you guys have a great evening. I’ll talk to you soon.

Bob (54:56):

All Right,