Speaker 1 (00:00):

Everybody, Peter Vekselman here. Everyone’s doing super-duper we’re in the middle of the holiday season. Like literally we’re in the middle of it. Right. We just came out of one Thanksgiving. We’re rolling into the next Christmas and we’re rolling to the next new, year’s all this to say. You could be doing a lot of things tonight. You could be shopping, you could be hanging, but you’re here, man. And I’m glad you’re here. Honestly. I’m really glad we’re here for you. That tonight, tonight will be one that, um, tonight will propel you in this business tonight will absolutely propel you in this business. Um, and so it will be really, really cool. We’re going to begin starting here and just a little bit, um, I had love to know where you guys are dialing in from, um, put it in the screen where you’re calling in from or you’re dialing in from.

Speaker 1 (00:56):

It’s always interesting. Um, always interesting to hear from you guys. We got Buford in the house. We got Marietta in a house in New York and the house we got Dawsonville in the house. We got Rochester, we got Dawsonville. We got another Georgia. Self-will let Columbia, uh, what’s up. AEMO’s college park in the house coming in the house, Philadelphia. What’s up owl. What’s up? Erica, Georgia, South Carolina. All right, man. I’m you know what I’m like, I’m inspired that in the middle of this season, you know, where millions of people could be doing millions of things you guys are here. That is really, um, really, really cool. And tonight we got a special treat for y’all. I mean, tonight is going to be one of those things. Like I said, I don’t care if you’re a zero or already a hero in this business, you are going to be moving forward.

Speaker 1 (02:08):

No question you are going to be moving forward. You’re going to be inspired. You’re going to learn some stuff. You’re going to be propelled. You’re going to be super duper, uh, excited. Uh, so, uh, I am very, very, very excited and you should be too. And it’s going to be one of those things that you’re going to be like, you know what? I got to listen to that again. Cause I mean like that’s really all true and these guys are doing this business like this. I want to listen to it again and again and again and again. So we’re going to begin starting here in just a minute or two again. So glad you guys are here. Shout out where you’re calling in from. We got Buford in the house. We have Tennessee in the house, coffee county. Wow. I wonder if like, did they grow coffee inside coffee county or is it just happens to be named coffee county?

Speaker 1 (03:04):

So Buffalo what’s up Russell, Miami. We are actually going to be going to Miami, uh, uh, not this weekend, not next weekend, but the following weekend, we’re going to hang into Miami for the week. Uh, or at least half the week. We just came from Florida. Uh, last week, what’s up south Florida. What’s up Billy, um, Kansas city in the house. What’s up? Archie? Um, Scott, what’s going on? Um, oh, that was like question answered about coffee county, but blew so quickly and got buried in my thing. Uh, champagne, Illinois. That’s right. That would be a cool place to be. Uh, but I do. I’m almost, I’m like guessing. That’s definitely not where they do champagne. Uh, what’s up John, Miami, Florida, like I said, I’m going to be there the next couple of weeks. Um, yes, Brad, the answer is yes. Every like the next day or did they, after we always do, uh, uh, we’ll email you replay.

Speaker 1 (04:18):

Um, oh, there it is. Somebody answered your question, bro. Oh, Bowie, Maryland. I got it. I got it. And we can hang Bowie Bowie, like David Bowie. Um, all right guys. So glad you guys are here. We got something really cool for you guys really special. It’s going to be motivating. It’s going to be inspiring. It’s going to be teaching. I mean, again, it does not matter if you never done a real estate deal before in your life. If you’re on here tonight, or if you’re, when you’re going to be listening to some recorded, you will, you will like move forward. Uh, I don’t care if you’ve done 10 real estate deals in your life after tonight. And after listening to this, you’re going to move forward. I don’t care if you’ve done a hundred, um, you’re gonna, you’re going to propel yourself, your growth, everything, uh, forward as a result of tonight.

Speaker 1 (05:09):

That’s how cool tonight’s going to be. So we got a very special, uh, partner, really friend. Um, that’s going to be joining us here in a little bit. Um, and uh, if you would all follow us to any degree, whether you’re a partner already, um, or you want to become a partner and you just kind of been following us, uh, who I’m going to, you know, this person, I mean, you just know him because he gives, gives, gives, he showcases, he inspires, he helps as many people as he can. Oh. And by the way, he does deals too. So I don’t know if he gets any better of a combination then, uh, all of those. Um, alright, let me make sure I’m uh, um, what’s up Chicago? What’s up Melbourne. How you doing buddy? Uh, what’s up James? How are you Mel, Pete, this California.

Speaker 1 (06:09):

I can’t say I’ve ever heard of that. Hmm. Interesting. Um, but GLA guys glad you’re on. This is kind of like, I always say, ah, tonight don’t take notes sometimes I’ll say like tonight, definitely take notes. You know, sometimes I’ll say just pay attention. We’re going to do some demos. I think tonight is everything like tonight. You don’t need to take notes. You can just listen. But at the same time, I guarantee you there’s gonna be some nuggets that you’re going to be like, oh, Ooh, Ooh. So be ready to take some notes. Um, gathered a whole family around tonight. It’s going to be really, really super-duper. Uh, cool. So, um, I guys it’s about that time of night. First of all, thank you for being here. I know there’s a million places you could be when you’re, you know, when it’s Christmas time and Thanksgiving time and new year’s time.

Speaker 1 (06:54):

And it all happens within like, you know, a 30 day cycle. Uh, but if you’re here tonight and I assume that you are here because you love the real estate business, you’re probably already are in a real estate business, or you love the real estate business and you want to get into the real estate business. I mean, I think 1 0 1 way or another, you fall into those categories and by promise you, we are going to make tonight worthy of your time. Um, we’ve been doing this for a long time, these Tuesday night webinars. Um, it’s like when we initially switched to the partner model, this was the first or one of the first things we did is this a Tuesday night webinar. And all our partner model has evolved, uh, over the time that we’ve been doing it. Um, the one thing that has not evolved, the one thing that has not changed, the one thing that has been remained absolutely the same was this, this Tuesday night webinars.

Speaker 1 (07:46):

And I think the reason for all of those I think is a two fold reason that these twos in that webinars have just kind of become the, the staple of what we do. Number one, for those of you that are not part of the partner driven world, um, we realized that almost everyone that ultimately does join the partner driven world in whatever fashion that looks like somewhere along the line, listen to one of these Tuesday night webinars. Okay? So we feel like this is like the one common gateway that everybody that ultimately joins us has, okay, they’ve come through the partner. Uh, they’ve come through the Tuesday night webinars.

Speaker 1 (08:23):

The second reason that we continuously do this, this is not a chance for us to connect with our existing partners. And I could tell you guys, if you’re an existing partner, you should be fired up. That’s all I could tell you. You should be absolutely fired up because we are going into, I’ve been in this thing for over two decades in the business, I’ve done thousands of deals. I’ve had some incredible highs. I’ve had some tremendous lows. I mean, I’ve done it, I’ve run the gamut. I’m still standing. And I’m proud of that. And, uh, uh, I can tell you for those of you specifically that are already partnering with us, there’s never been a better time to be in this business, um, than right now. I’ve never seen where, what I call the equilibrium stage, uh, equilibrium means, you know, this business is always out of balance.

Speaker 1 (09:09):

Meaning, you know, you don’t have enough motivated sellers or you don’t have enough cheap money or you have too much demand. You don’t have enough, much demand. You know, you have appreciation, you have depreciation. So this business is constantly fluctuating. And by the way, it will continue to fluctuate. Don’t think it’s gonna remain this good forever. It’ll, it’ll move off the balance and it’ll again. But right now it is perfect equilibrium. What I mean by that is this, there is tremendous, tremendous motivation on the seller side. We’ve never seen this kind of motivation for a lot of reasons. You know, the pandemic, the economic uncertainty, political uncertainty. So there’s huge, huge, huge motivation for people to get liquid and guess what they get liquid with, you know, not their phones. Cause that’s, you know, what are you gonna make a hundred bucks on that they get liquid with big assets, like real estate.

Speaker 1 (10:06):

So we’ve never seen this motivation that we’re seeing right now. And by the way, it’s only going to get greater because right now there’s a moratorium on foreclosures in a lot of places. There’s a moratorium on evictions. A lot of places when those things go loose, it’s like opening up the dam. I mean, honestly, um, but on the other side, why we’re at this equilibrium point? There’s a huge demand right now for real estate. Uh, both at the consumer side, you know, people that live in these properties because money is cheap right now, it’s almost like free money. So people that want to buy real estate to live into it, huge demand by them, but also investors, you know, there’s only two types of buyers. There’s a consumer buyer and investor buyer. There’s tremendous amount of cash in the real estate game right now for people looking for good deals.

Speaker 1 (10:55):

And so the equilibrium exists and I’m telling you, you got to take advantage of it. So, so those of you that are partners, the reason we continue doing these Tuesday net webinars, although you have access to it pretty much on a daily basis, this is just another focal point for you to connect with us, to, um, hear from us, uh, and stuff like that. Uh, and if you’re a partner, you know what I’m going to tell you, right? You’re going to reset, recharge recommit, and then let’s go, let’s take it to the next level. Like today, let’s do that right here tonight at this webinar reset, recharge recommend let’s go to the next level. Uh, once I bring, uh, Chris onboard here in just a couple minutes, I mean, you’re going to see you’re going to automatically do that by the way, if you’re a partner hashtag go 30 hard, you know what that’s all about.

Speaker 1 (11:38):

If you don’t get on our private Facebook group, it’s, you know, the goal for 2021 for us, a partner driven is very simple. We want to help more people do consistent deals than we’ve ever helped any, any, any time before, and by the way, we’re setting records on a monthly basis. So we have this kind of mantra for our partners. It’s hashtag go 30 hard, uh, and go do it, go, just, just get on our Facebook. I’m not going to spend tonight explaining what that is. It’s easy. Just go to our private Facebook community. You will realize what it is. Um, and if you’re not a partner tonight, thanks for being here. And, uh, our goal for you is very simple. We want you to become a partner. I mean, you know, you probably followed us for a little while. You probably like, think this is pretty cool, make a decision, okay.

Speaker 1 (12:19):

Just make a decision in or out. And either way is fine with us, but if you’re in, let’s do it. Um, and if you’re in and you’re ready to make that decision tonight, we actually have a very special, uh, team member on standby that could literally get you started tonight. And as early as tomorrow, we would onboard you, show you and teach you how everything works. And then off we go and that special teammate, her name is Erica at 4704512474 that’s 4704512474. I’m sure somebody could put that in the chat. And then we will, uh, rock and roll with that. Um, guys, listen, tonight, literally tonight we crossed the borders. What I mean by that is we, we, we do Tuesday nights based upon like certain pillars. Okay. Like one day we’ll, um, do a pillar of a strategy, a technique, you know, one day we’ll do a pillar of just kind of sitting back and kicking back and reminiscing.

Speaker 1 (13:17):

You know, sometimes we do pillars of what I call state of the union, especially in the last several months with the pandemic, what the heck is going on. So I would do these state of the unions every, you know, four or five Tuesdays. So we have these different pillars tonight. It’s an all encompassing one. It’s a state of the union it’s techniques and strategies that sit back, talk stories, it’s inspired, it’s like reset recharge and like, wow. Yeah, I got to get to the, to the next level. You know, it’s like everything, everything mixed into one. Um, guys that could tell you, um, people inspire me. Like when you talk about like what inspires me, people inspire me. I mean, that’s really the ultimate definition. Like I love watching who wouldn’t love watching a guy like an Elon Musk in the, you know, if you’re not inspired by a guy that like in the morning could be building a rocket in afternoon, could be like, you know, curing a disease and at night could be working on a car and like, do we, at the highest level that’s inspiring.

Speaker 1 (14:20):

I got like a Michael Jordan. I mean, I don’t care if he knows nothing about basketball, but that is an inspiring basketball player. You know? So what I’ve realized along the way, though, it’s easy to get inspired by people that are already kicking that are doing well. And it’s, it’s, it’s easy. It’s also, uh, uh, it’s, it’s, it’s also, um, you could learn a lot from people like that. Right? Well, think about it. If you, if you are in any industry and happen to have the top dog there that you could follow, you could learn a lot from them. Right. But I could tell you also, as we started this partner program sometime ago, I realized what I really, really, really get inspired by the hustle and not necessarily at the top level. I mean, those guys have already proven themselves. I get inspired by a hustle, like at the very beginning, like, show me what you got, show me what you got.

Speaker 1 (15:20):

And this partner model that we use has really put me in a position to do that a lot. See, before the partner model, you know, I’ve already achieved a little bit of success. I was hanging around with people that are already successful. You know, we were all kind of doing the same thing. We were all at the same level. You know, I was always trying to hang it up. You know, I always teach at hanging with your, someone like you or at the higher level. And that’s what I did. And then we started the partner model. We were taking people, everyday, people that were willing to hustle and battle and fight, and we started partnering and doing deals. We started like watching them. And I could tell you guys, the guy I’m about ready to introduce you. He’s gotten that of to an extremely high level, but what I’m like absolutely love about this guy.

Speaker 1 (16:07):

Like I met him when he was in that. And, and I say this because he’s going to say it too. You know, we didn’t meet Chris when he was doing, you know, 10 deals or he had any, I don’t think he even had any deals behind them. You know, we didn’t meet Chris when he had a ton of money. Wouldn’t meet Chris. When he was the top of the corporate world, when he was driving a Mercedes, you know, we literally met Chris, um, where, um, um, um, when he was like, he had a dream and he had a goal and we were fortunate enough to watch and, you know, somewhat participate in this guy’s growth. So anyway, instead of me talking to Chris about Chris, like in third person, Chris, either everybody.

Speaker 1 (16:50):

Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Man, let’s go check. Let’s go champ, follow Chris on social media, you know, on social media, you know, like you get notification like on Facebook, somebody posts and you’ll get an application like Bob did a post on, uh, or answered. And whenever I get it from Chris, like, and he posts, he is boom, he’s all over the place. And when he doesn’t like, when he posts them a mine, I must even go look at it anymore because I know it’s going to say, let’s go champ. He has absolutely branded himself. But Chris, let me, first of all, kind of at a personal level, tell you, dude, you’re awesome. You truly, truly are awesome. I mean, people like you, I’m telling you every day, I’m on a hunt for guys like you. I mean, that’s really it, you know, people say, well, what’s that perfect partner.

Speaker 1 (17:39):

What’s you know, who are you really looking for? You know, Hey, can I do this thing or, well, gosh, is this really what it seems in my mind in my, you are literally the stereotype, the epiphany of who it is we’re looking for as a partner. And, and so what I want to do, I want to kind of shut up here for a moment. And I want you tell the first time, so I’ll give you a quick backdrop. We used to have a physical office in Jacksonville before we had a partner model, we were kind of doing this all over the nation. We actually were setting up offices everywhere. We were killing in a Jacksonville, Florida. And we would go in there and visit our office. And when we go visit our office, like either myself, one time, I’ll go another time Julie will go. We’d have these like little get togethers. We’d like, people know like the local investor groups know, Hey, we’re going to be in town. We’re going to buy you guys some drinks. We’re going to do some networking, some socializing. And we’d had one of those. And Chris, you take over the story,

Speaker 2 (18:40):

Right? So I was working at two jobs, right. I always had two jobs. So what happened was I was, uh, getting off my job late, but I don’t have, I didn’t have a car. So I had to jump on the bus to try to get to the beach before, you know, Judy and them left. And I was so eager to meet Julie. You know, I knew if I met Julie, that would make me know you guys was real, you know, I physically seen one of you guys. So it was just so important for me to make it to this movie. So I kept texting her, Julie, please don’t leave, please, please, please don’t leave. So, you know, she didn’t, she stayed there. Um, I got there late. It was over, but you know, I was telling her, you know, I, you know, I want to do real estate.

Speaker 2 (19:28):

You know, that’s all I want to do. You know, I got two jobs, but you know, I, I don’t have the time to do it and I want to do this, you know? So she was like, you know, I can see it in you, you know, I can see it in you. So we walked out back and I couldn’t help, but say it again to her, you know, I had to look her in the eyes and I was like, Judy, seriously, you know, I said, you know, I’m going to make this happen. You know, no matter what I’m going to make this happen, you know, I got the two jobs, you know, I’m new at this, but it’s in my heart. You know, it it’s out of my hands. I’m going to make this happen no matter what. So she was like, I believe you, I believe you.

Speaker 2 (20:04):

So, you know, after that, you know, it just know I’m here now. You know what I mean? But that meeting, I had to go, it, it was just, I don’t care what it took, you know? And like I said, I didn’t have a car. So I had to take two buses. You know what I mean? To get there to this meeting, you know what I mean? I just, I just knew, you know, when, you know, you want to do something, you got to do whatever you got to do to make it happen. You know, I knew you guys were the people to be with, you know, like people don’t know, I watched you guys on YouTube for a minute. You know, you gotta do your research. You know? So I was watching them, watching, watching, watching on YouTube. But I say, when I heard y’all was going to be there, I had to be there. You know? So I just took the, now luckily she was there and it just inspired me to just do great seriously, Peter, when I met her, you know what I mean? So,

Speaker 1 (20:55):

So, so talk about Chris. So you had two jobs. So what were you like a, a doctor and an engineer. Tell us about your,

Speaker 2 (21:02):

I wish I wish I listened boss. I got the burns on my arm. That’s what I’m saying. We no more, everybody is regular. Nobody’s special here. Right? I got the burns on my arms from me putting the food in the ovens for people at restaurants. Like Chili’s, I used to work at the cheesecake factory, uh, TGI Friday, um, chilies, um, um, like a Cooper’s Hawk, you know, the nicer restaurants. Right. You know, I’m thinking I’m, you know, the man, I got my chef hat on, you know, my apron and stuff like that. But inside my mind, I knew I wanted to do something better. You know what I’m saying? So, I mean, I, you got to work, you know, we all have to work, but if, you know, you want to do this, you will have to work on side of that. Right. So once you get off work, you gonna have to do your other work. You know, that’s what people not getting. They get off that job. And then they not doing the work. They should be doing P you know what I mean? So I just knew, you know, I had these jobs, but I just can’t, I can’t keep doing this. You know, I just can’t keep getting burnt. So I knew I had to meet up with you guys.

Speaker 1 (22:09):

So, so, you know, and we’ll obviously walk through your journey, you’ve done plenty of deals, you know, and all that kind of stuff. And that’s awesome. Are you still a cook?

Speaker 1 (22:21):

That’s awesome though. I knew, I knew that I knew the answer to that. Okay. But walk me through this. This is one thing that I always kind of wondered. Um, obviously you weren’t a top of the world. I mean, mentally, you were in the right place back then. You wanted something, but you know, financially car-wise infrastructurally. You weren’t like what made you think that like, and this is a challenge that I see a lot of people have they predetermine their destiny because I am here. I’m only going to be able to get here and I’ll never get here. Like, they feel like, Hey, this is, this is the lot, you know, I’m going to be a cook the rest of my life. Okay. But to go from being a cook to where you are now, that’s like a big, how, what made you like dream? So big back then? Like what kind of, what’s the mindset of someone who’s working? Two jobs travels by bus. What kind of, what mindsets did you have to have to say? This could all disappear and I could be on top of the world. What, what, what was in you back then?

Speaker 2 (23:25):

I mean, it’s a drive, you know, it’s a drive this in me, you know, that I’m lucky to have, you know, a lot of people don’t have it, people, you know what I’m saying? But be honest, a lot of people don’t have it. So I’m just so lucky to know and know that I want something better in this world. You know what I mean? And I just, I knew real estate was going to be a way to get like, seriously, you look at all, you know, people that’s mean there is, you know, the 88, 80% of millionaires are made by real estate. I mean, so that’s one factor, right? And then, I mean, I’m a little older, so, you know, costing sheets, um, put stuff in people’s head like, Hey, you can make this money has never, never went away from me. You know, the real estate that he bought back in the eighties, I knew I can do it.

Speaker 2 (24:09):

You know, like, you know, selling houses, you know, driving cars, uh, living the life. You wanna live, you know, infomercial at nighttime. So stuff like that, that stuck with me too, you know? And then, you know, me working at these jobs, I always worked cooking jobs right. Since forever. Right. And I just knew I liked cooking, but you know, real estate is something, like I said, like it always always been there. So I just knew if I gave, if I never gave up, if I never gave up on the ideal of me doing real estate or me being free, I can do with Pete seriously. So it just, the drive that I just have inside seriously. I really, you can’t explain it. You know what I mean? Like, I, I don’t know why I get up in the morning. I don’t know why I, I want to do this real estate stuff so bad.

Speaker 2 (24:54):

Like it’s, it’s just in me. So, you know, I just, you know, once I knew, like right now, I’m just so excited, you know what I mean? Like, I’m just, I just can’t help my people be talking to me. They’d be like, I can’t get a word in. I’m like, I’m so sorry that I’m happy. You know what I mean? Like, I’m just that type of person. And I just knew if I never gave up Pete, you know, I just can make it to the goal, man. You know, it’s just like, you know, you think about it. You know, if we do something and we quit, we never going to get there seriously. It’s not just, just real estate or, you know, everything in life. If you don’t keep going, you are not going to make your people. That’s just, that’s just the bottom line.

Speaker 2 (25:32):

Right. So I knew one day, if I keep going, then I’m going to be able to be here and talk to people and help people. And that’s the thing now, too, people like before I was talking to, you know, the girl before I was telling her, like I was helping people do deals before I even did a deal. I never told you that. Like I was helping people do deals all over the United States and I never done a deal. So I don’t know why I was doing that. So that’s what I’m saying. Like a lot of people have this inner inner drive, you know, and I’m just lucky. I’m one of them, you know what I mean? And I just knew just never give up. And there’s people on the line, like if you have that urge in you, that’s special. Don’t let it go. Right. Listen to Pete, keep pushing. I swear. If you keep pushing, you’re going to reach your goals and dreams. You know what I mean? That’s just the facts. But if we give up, we’re never going to know,

Speaker 1 (26:24):

Hey, talk a little bit. And this is great, Chris. I appreciate it. Talk a little bit about like before you ran into Julie and us and the everything we do. Um, did you have some setbacks before you met us?

Speaker 2 (26:39):

Yeah. Most definitely. Talk

Speaker 1 (26:41):

About, talk us about some failures that you experienced before you even met us.

Speaker 2 (26:46):

Right? So, I mean, when I first started, you know, I didn’t know Peter and Judy existed, but you know, I used to try to go out and, you know, I, I used to live, I don’t know if everybody heard of flipped me live, man, you know, somebody gonna use to, you know, he out there putting video, I got a hundred videos, I got a hundred videos. So that’s what it really, that’s how I really started because I didn’t, I didn’t have a contract my, the way, the reason I didn’t get started. Yeah. Flip man. Right. So the reason I never got started really, because I was scared of the contract. I didn’t know like what you do with the contract, you know what I mean? Like, what’s that how I get it, where I got it from. So sometimes we go on YouTube and put in, you know, real estate contracts, flip man came up and that’s how I got started.

Speaker 2 (27:27):

So, um, he was teaching us to put Ben signs out, you know, Hey, get in the game. You know, that’s what he called it. Get in the game, you know, put the banner signs out. So I started putting up in the sides, you know, um, in the hoods, you know, not, you know, in the hoods and stuff like that. Cause he was saying, put it in the Lord neighborhoods because turnovers are quicker in the Lord neighborhoods. So I, you know, I had got a call from a property and I was scared. Right. So I hung the phone up because I didn’t have the confidence at first I hung the phone up and then I called her back. I said, Steve, I’m so sorry. You know, just, uh, I just got disconnected and I tried to do a deal with this lady, but I didn’t know the ARB P I didn’t know what they repairs, you know, nothing like that.

Speaker 2 (28:12):

Right. So I’m just asking, I’m like, well, how much, how much do you want? And she was like, well, you know, give me 30. I said, okay. You know, I, I didn’t know if that was a good deal or not, or not. Right. But she was like, give me 30. Right. So I took it, you know what? I put it under contract and I didn’t have buyers. I didn’t know what to do. So what I did was I’m sorry, what I did was, you know, I went to another YouTube video and they were saying, Hey, go on Google and put, um, you know, we bought houses in your city and that’s how you can find buyers. So come on. I’m like, you know, I’m calling people, Hey, you know, got this property, you know? Um, you know, they’re like, well, what’s the IRB. Um, what’s the, I don’t, you know, I don’t know, you know, can you, can you go, just look at it, can you go look at it?

Speaker 2 (28:57):

So, you know, that deal, I had the counselor and I listen, I ain’t even cancel the contract or nothing. I didn’t call the woman because I didn’t never got, like, I disappeared. You know what I mean? I didn’t have to worry about her disappeared. I did it for her. Right. No, I knew I couldn’t do deals like that. You know what I mean? I knew I couldn’t do this like that. And it was crazy because I was talking to some lady at a meetup and I was like, I, you know, I need a mentor. You know, I’m trying to just, you know, running into walls. And she was like, well, Peter veteran, you know, watch Peter Beckman videos. And, um, that’s how I got connected with you seriously through a referral, a referral from another young lady, I guess they cheaper had done a deal or was connected you, but she didn’t one turned me on to you.

Speaker 2 (29:43):

If I never asked or, you know, network with other people, I probably would’ve found you later on, you know, which would have sucked. You know what I mean? But network, right. Get out and talk to people. If you don’t know something, you have to ask questions. You know what I mean? Like right now it’s crazy because I teach people right now, how to do what to say whole Sunday. If you, if I were to, when I called you your first day, I am used to, if I say, you know what, I’m going to be teaching people how to wholesale out of sound like an idiot. Right. I know. But now it’s crazy because you know, going from, you know, working with you guys and never given up, I swear, I love it. I, you know, I don’t know how to rephrase.

Speaker 1 (30:26):

No, I, I, I did. I, I totally love it, but you know, you’re, you’re throwing out gyms and wisdoms, man. You know, Chris, by the way, the other thing I love about you, you’re real. You’re no nonsense. You’re real, we’ve sat in the same places. We’ve talked, we’ve had meals. Uh, just, just keep on being real, keep on growing. And you know, you’re thrown out so many nuggets that, um, I want to backtrack a little bit because, um, you said something really, really big. You try to do it yourself. Right. Which by the way, I tried to do myself and I like, I didn’t just disappear. I made everything. I own disappear. Like I made all my money disappear. I made all my credibility disappear, all of that. So talk, talk a little bit. You’re all right, dude. You’re the best you, you are. Um, I’m already thinking the next step, which I’m not going to share with you here. Cause I don’t want to totally lose it. I’m going to share with you, um, T talk to the guy right now because there’s a lot of people like you were trying to do yourself. Like I was 25 years ago trying to do it myself, talk to the guy that’s trying to do it himself. And he literally does think you can just Google this thing. You can go to YouTube, you could learn it all yourself and you really don’t need support. Talk to that person.

Speaker 2 (31:54):

Yeah. I mean, I mean, all those things, you know, we always don’t think that we don’t need that help, man. I mean, seriously. I mean, for a long time I was doing it, you know, I kept on going before I even tried to reach out to anybody. You know, I’m like, I’m going to do this. I’m going to keep trying to, you know, make it happen. That’s what I mean, just as a man or woman trying to stand up for yourself, you know, they going to try to, you know, keep going. But I mean, you have to realize that, wow, you’re going to need some support you to, you know, you’re gonna have to make that decision. You know, w if I’m going to keep, you know, just going out here and just, you know, trying to do this on my own, or I really want to get this done, you know, I really want to, you know, meet my goals and dreams. You know, people got, have you got to have something, you know, you got to set up a why, you know why I want to do that. So, you know, for, if, if I think if people really want to do this, like me, I got right boards up. I know you can’t see them. You know, I just always, you know, just remind myself, you know, what I need to do every day so I can reach my goals and dreams. I’m just so

Speaker 1 (32:58):

No, no, no, listen, dude, this is why we do this. This is it’s, it’s real. It’s raw. It’s unscripted. It’s dude, I’ve been there. I promise you. I’ve been exactly where you are. And, um, dude, let me tell you something. This, this is for real, there are people in our organization and I don’t know if you were listening before that inspire me. And I appreciate the kudos. You’re giving us, but I’m telling you, dude, you freaking keep me going. And there are so many people that talk about you. You have no idea. I mean, literally, literally Chris, you have no idea how, what you’re doing impacts the people around you. I mean, you know, it’s like, we always, we always get in this business cause we want, we want, we want more money. We want better lifestyle. We want out of our cook job. We want, we want, we want, and then something magical happens.

Speaker 1 (33:53):

We realize like we got, we got to give back to, you know, you get to a certain point, you do a couple of deals. And then it’s like, wow, it’s really cool to help other people. And, and let me just tell you something, Chris, you directly, but also probably more indirectly than directly, you helped so many people like so, so, so there’s, there’s so few people that can relate to me. I got 25 years on most people. I mean, it’s like saying, you know, I got a 25 mile headstart, you know, go ahead, beat me in a, in a, in a race, in a, in a marathon. You’re not going to do it. But man, you, you like you like right there, what you’re doing right now, this real man. And, and, and that is so, so cool. All right. So let’s get into some good times here. Talk about your first deal. Just walk us through your very, very, very, very first deal.

Speaker 2 (34:47):


Speaker 1 (34:47):

When did it happen? How many years, when did it happen? What year?

Speaker 2 (34:51):

Um, right now it’s 2018. Cause we’ve been doing it going and doing this like two years strong. So probably 2018. Um, I was working at,

Speaker 1 (35:04):

Uh, who are you talking to now?

Speaker 2 (35:06):

My girl Tasia.

Speaker 1 (35:07):

I know, I know.

Speaker 2 (35:10):

Then she say, hi, she

Speaker 1 (35:12):

Right there.

Speaker 2 (35:14):

She just said she was in class. So she,

Speaker 1 (35:18):

You tell her all the loved from us. Cause she is a ma she makes you look good, dude. She makes you look

Speaker 2 (35:23):


Speaker 1 (35:28):

You make sure you pass our, uh, our love. All right. So two years ago, was that your first deal?

Speaker 2 (35:33):

Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, so I was working, working at this job and um, these two guys is doing deals here, you know, uh, they do a lot of deals. So I was like, you know, try to figure it out. I’m still trying to figure out, still try to network. And they was like, Hey, we’ll help you out. So I, um, took action. You know, I started, I stopped doing the bandit signs. I just started like doing meetups at this time. I, you remember my meetup. Yeah. I just like before I did a deal, I started doing the meetups. You know what I mean? I started trying to bring everybody together so that, you know, new whole sellers can meet wholesalers. Um, cash buyers can meet oh, centers. Like I was telling the whole centers, listen, brand new deals here to the meetups so that, you know, I can bring the cash buyers.

Speaker 2 (36:21):

They can coats on them right now we can do the contracts. And that was my ideal in the beginning. No, sorry. So yeah, that was my identity beginning. And um, it just grew, you know, it just grew from there, but, um, right. So it just grew from there. Um, but the, um, the deal was that I went on Facebook. The lady wanted like $60,000. Um, I was telling her what, the team that I was working with, the diamond G guys, I was asking them, they’re like, wait, what do you think I needed that because I was still kind of new at it. I didn’t know what the price beats real. They was telling me they can do it like at 30. So I didn’t think the lady was going to go from 60 to 30 and this was on Facebook. I’m messing with her. I’m like, I never talked to her.

Speaker 2 (37:09):

I never, you know, never heard a voice or anything. And uh, she was like, yeah, sure. I take the 30. I was like, oh my God. So listen. I was like, well, where are you at right now? Like, I want to come over now. So she was like, yeah, come over. I went over and looked at the house is nice house. Um, I just, you know, put it under contract. And luckily I knew these guys, um, these two guys that sit there and helped me. So, you know, we did like a JV. So it was like 50, 50. They found the buyers, I just bought the property and I made $5,000. So once I did that though, I knew it worked, you know, I was like, oh my God, this is the work. So I went to work and I was like, well, you know, y’all guys are cool, but I can’t be here no more.

Speaker 2 (37:50):

I got a new, I was like, I seriously, my first $5,000, I knew I can do it. I knew once I get a check pig, seriously, I knew I can do it. I was like, I’m not going back to work. You know, I’m just going to go and do this. And this worked out, you know, cause I’m hungry. You know, like we just, I was telling her, we just got off the phone with relatives, tried to do some deals now and Georgia again, you know what I mean? So I’m, you know, I just gotta keep working, you know? And you, you know, you inspired me. I mean, I’ve watched you, I’m in your room. I knew you guys was, you know, great. So, you know, watching y’all man, it just made me want to keep going. So right now my goal is to do 10 deals a month here in Jacksonville alone, you know, and I know I can do it, you know, you know, working with the team, you know, cause I mean it’s 50 50, but they can do a lot of deals out of the deal. So I just got to give them the deals. They take care of the deals. I can go out and find more to say, I love it because I can give them the deals. They’ll go find the buyers and they give me a chance to go get more. So that’s why I’m closing two to three deals a month with these guys because they doing the, you know, the other half of the job by going out and finding the buyers. You know what I mean? So

Speaker 1 (39:00):

Let me, let me just say something. This is like, what you’re saying is brilliant because I, Chris, this has been my mantra here with our partners. I’m just like, man, I’m w obviously we’re recording this instead of me talking, I’m just going to play this thing back because you’re just describing, I’ve been telling everybody that’s how you do this thing. You leverage yourself at the local level because I can like, you know, like when you’re saying find buyers, I could only find X amount of buyers. But if I connect with people that know buyers, I could find a hundred X. I could only make certain amount of calls a day. But if I built a little team of callers around me, I could do like a thousand X of callers. Oh, I think you hit mute. You got on meet yourself or did I, there you go. You good? Yeah. Turn up your volume.

Speaker 1 (40:02):

Yeah, you’re perfect. Okay. You’re good. You’re back. You’re back. And I don’t know if you heard what I said, but what I said, what you said was brilliant. It’s what I teach in our partners leverage at the local level, leverage with resources. You know, my big mantra, Chris, that I’ve been telling people to leverage with and you’ll appreciate this is gets, get a couple of callers, get a couple of callers because marketing is where it’s at. I mean, mark in the back end is important. Buyers are critical. I got it. But my whole mantra is man, instead of pounding the phone yourself, which we all have to do, we’ve all done it. I know you’ve done it. I’ve made tens of thousands of calls, but man, find a couple people around you help you do that. So, I mean, it’s just, it’s like what you’re saying. It’s like it’s gold. Hey, tell me about, tell me about the toughest deal you’ve closed on.

Speaker 2 (40:51):

Um, right now, right now, Pete. Yeah, we supposed to close, um, last week, but uh, it’s a probate deal. So we waiting on title to get everything clear. We thought we were gonna have it clear last week, but it’s moving into December. I see. I didn’t say it right. Probably like now December the fifth. So that was, I, you know, I’m like, I suppose, cause three lasts, you know what I mean, three and as to when this was going to be, but yeah, it’s a probate deals. People were like, Hey, I want to probate leads. You got to understand those deals are different. Like the best deals are vacant. House deals. There’s nothing it’s easy. Simple is you. They signed the contract, homeowner, sign a contract. You can take it to the buyer to buy it, buy it. And that’s it. Other deals you got to go through hurdles or go through this and wait for this to get them done.

Speaker 2 (41:44):

But I mean, there’s still deals, but just to say, you know, probate deals just take just a little bit more time because of the title issues and things like that. They got to make sure it’s done. But I mean, I’m happy, you know, it’s just taking a long time. But other than that, Pete, the deals we we get is usually bacon houses. It’s not, you know, I try to make sure I’m not anybody in there. You know anybody in there, you know that I know. But uh, we don’t get that many, too many bad ones. You know, there’s just one right there. That’s the only one that we, I think, right. Yeah. I gotta ask her to make sure,

Speaker 1 (42:22):

Oh Chris, listen, because honestly you you’re. Um, and I said, you’re very inspirational, very motivational, but you’re real. And that’s what I love about you. You’re like me. You’re your hustle.

Speaker 2 (42:35):

I appreciate you guys. Seriously. I don’t know where I’d be right now. You know what I mean?

Speaker 1 (42:41):

I appreciate it. But I promise you it’s way more to you than us, but talk right now because there’s people on here tonight. Um, and there’s going to be a lot people. Cause we’re going to put this in. A lot of places are going to be listening to this. And they’re like at the point of giving up, I mean, they’re, they’re done. They’re like, they’re like screw this thing. It ain’t worth it. It’s theirs. It’s not real. They’re BS. Singh. S no, one’s really doing deals. I’m at the wrong business. I’m on the wrong city. They’re just, I mean, they’re going to be literally listening to you right now. And they’re like, I’m done talk to that guy.

Speaker 2 (43:18):

Listen, like, it’s going to be hard to get this job done. Seriously. Like when I first started, I didn’t know, you know, that was going to be here at this point. So that means I’m just here to tell you guys, right. You can’t never, never give up on your goals and dreams. It’s not about me or Pete. You gotta think about it, right? It’s not about me. It’s not about Pete. It’s about you guys and your family. So if you see people getting the job done, we got hands and feet. Everybody got hands and feet. So all we have to do is follow the leader, right? If Pete is the leader, right. So I will tell you guys, you know, um, I know it’s going to seem, I know it’s hard. I mean, I know it seems like you’re not getting nowhere and seriously, I’m going to tell you, like, it’s going to seem like times where nothing has happened, you know, seriously.

Speaker 2 (44:07):

Like, even though you put in work, you might’ve, you might’ve drove for some dollars. You might call a couple of people and nothing. Nothing got nowhere. Right. But if you keep doing it, that’s the secret. You got to keep doing it and keep doing it. I didn’t know that. That’s what, I didn’t know. Like that’s what we were trying to tell you. Like, you’ve got to keep doing this. Just like you go to, okay. If you go to work, right, you can’t go to work for two days. Right? If you work for five days, right. You go to work, you had to work all those all the days. So does, this is the same, right? You have to work for this. Just like you have to work for the other jobs, you know? And the thing about it to Pete, right? This is, I think it’s a skill, right?

Speaker 2 (44:46):

It’s like, you know, when I had my job to cook, I always use this example. Right? I had to learn how to make these dishes by watching videos. They wouldn’t let me go out on the floor. You can’t go out on the floor. I had to learn how to, you know, watch the videos, take a little bit of tests then that did a trainer to train you how to make the dishes. So that’s trained, I’m training, I’m training. It’s the same thing. Like we got the train, train, train, and then go take action. That’s what I try to tell people who asked me, like what to do or how, how, how get a deal done. Right? Or, you know, I think it’s, it’s, it’s the mindset, right? You gotta know you got Pete I’m here. You see me, I’m real access. You know, don’t just quit asking people questions.

Speaker 2 (45:35):

You know what I mean? I see what people can do to help you. You know? So, I mean, I know I just go around a lot of stuff, but I swear, it’s all to tell you guys like, please, please, I’m begging, I’m begging myself. Don’t give up. I’m telling you, like, if you, if I sit here and tell you where I came from, you know, and I’m here, like you wouldn’t believe it. I swear. So listen, Pete is here to tell you guys the truth. If you put in the work, I swear. I can show you my check. I just got, you know what I mean? I just got my checks from Pete, you know, for me putting in my work, Pete and Julie and the team came in and helped me just like my Jacksonville team. So, you know, watch the videos, but just don’t watch these videos, right?

Speaker 2 (46:23):

Take action in your business and then get Pete and then Julie and team to help out whenever they can. That’s all you got to do. Don’t quit. You know, if you don’t take the action P you know, they, they can’t, you know, blame it on yo guys. I see that all the time. It gets me upset. I see people like, oh, this don’t work. This don’t work. No, it’s you don’t work. To be honest. I know Pete don’t want to say it. They don’t want, I’m going to say, you guys are not working. You know what I mean? Because I’m not, I wouldn’t be here. So passionate and emotion about Pete. You know what I mean? Because I know people I’m doing this day, man. So you just, you know, if you want us to learn, please don’t give up. Please. Don’t don’t point your finger at Pete, Julia, nobody.

Speaker 2 (47:09):

It’s all us guys. Seriously. Thanks. So if you don’t get it done, you know, you look in the mirror, you know what I mean? But you know, seriously, please do not do not quit. Call me. I put my number in the group. Uh, you know, I’m here. I do this every day. You know, I, I don’t work. You know what I mean? Like I don’t work, but I mean, I’m just so passionate about it. You know, I talk to people all day long. I invite people, you know, to come and talk to me and ask me questions because I used to work. I have birth. That’s why I’m so emotional about this. That, because it, you know, it’s, you know, people are gonna blame us, blame you guys, because the lack of work that we do, I don’t think that’s fair. You know? So, you know, we gonna have to do and do the work ourselves, or you’re going to have to keep going to work and you know, them get burned. You know what I mean? Or do what you gotta do. And I swear it’s just that simple, you know what I mean? So, um, please don’t quit.

Speaker 1 (48:07):

I love it. I love it. Talk about, um, talk about your, some of your as big picture goals. What’s the, what’s the, what’s the future

Speaker 2 (48:17):

$10 a month right now, Pete, right now. I mean, you know, we got this board up behind us and we got 10 deals a month, you know, markers with the stars and all that. And we got contracts and we got 1, 2, 3, 4 over, down to 10. So, you know, that’s in my face. You know what I mean? Um, that’s what I was trying to say. Like, if you, you know, when I do my videos, if you put the stuff in your face, good to keep reminding you what to do every day, it keep you focused on your goals and dreams. So, you know, right there, that’s one of my goals and dreams. Another goal and dream is we try to close the apartment deal. I know you’re like, well, I know I can do it. You know what I mean? I know since you guys showed me how to do this stuff, and my competence is, you know, I’m standing up, you know, you know, I’m not shy or scared to, you know, try to make this happen.

Speaker 2 (49:06):

So I’m going to try to close right now. We got, um, uh, we still working on this one in safe and St. Pete, it’s been like two months. I don’t know what’s going on with it. But, uh, we, we trying to get the financials. We got the financials over, uh, we just waiting for the buyers to send it in, in CPA. And then we can see if they’re going to buy it, but I’m just trying to do things like that. You know, things I haven’t done before, you know, I think that’s what I’m doing. Like the deal in Georgia. I never done one in Georgia, you know? So I meant to that right now, right now I’m trying to do things I haven’t done before. So, you know, 10 deals a month, um, the apartments that’d be nice. And then, I mean, we want to take this money and do like Airbnbs, um, try to get some Airbnb so we can start getting some monthly, uh, monthly money coming in because wholesale. And I’m gonna tell you, it’s a hustle. Like we gotta be out here, hustling, hustling house in the house, which I love, I love hustling, but you know, you want to start getting aware monthly, you know, every month now we getting this gross income coming in from pro property. So, I mean, you know, um, I think that’s, that’s, that’s probably a hit, right? What else you want? And she want a Porsche.

Speaker 1 (50:18):

I want to do more deals on my new apartments on him. Oh. And she wants a porch. Sounds like a made in heaven. That is awesome. That is absolutely awesome. Well, let me, let me kind of, um, let me kind of bring this to a close a little bit, and I’ll tell you, Chris, when I was doing deals by myself for gosh, forever, it was all about me. I mean, it really was, it was about me doing more deals was about me building a company that we could do more deals. It was about closing the next deal closing than, you know, the next 30, 40, 50 deals. And, and then somewhere along the line, we switched to this partner model. Okay. But it was still about me to a degree. I’ll be honest with you. It was about me doing more deals. You know, let’s partner with people across the United States, do more deals and, and, and I’m realizing over the last number of months, Chris, that, um, it’s about guys like you, I mean, this is, this is why I continue doing this.

Speaker 1 (51:24):

I mean, to just be involved with guys like you and people like you and couples like you and man it’s so, so much more fulfilling than just doing deals in a vacuum. And then Chris, I gotta tell you, I am just so freaking glad. I’m so glad you got on those two buses a couple of years ago. I’m so glad you hung around that night. It’s just, you know, it was just these little tentacles, but man, for me, I, you know, if I, if I want to like, like right now, if somebody would say, well, Pete, you could talk about the, you know, the, and you know, we had a super-duper, uh, record setting month and assignee would have said right now you could have talked the last hour about the super-duper record setting month, or you could have done this. Oh my God. Years ago would have been, let me talk about my super-duper month right now.

Speaker 1 (52:24):

It’s about this. This is so freaking cool. I mean, I’ll tell you last night we did one of those. We do like, you know, we do our two, a Monday night meetings for our partners. And it was like last night was something really magical. There was like really cool things going on and I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t sleep because not because of the deals, it was because that magical stuff that took place with our partners, Chris, man, I’m gonna tell you right now because of fricking you, I’m going to lose sleep again. I know I a freak. I sleep like a baby. I go to bed early. I wake up early because of you tonight. I know I’m going to lose sleep and man, but you know, this you’re awesome. I mean, really you, I appreciate it. You guys are why I’m still in the game.

Speaker 1 (53:15):

I don’t need to be in the game. I mean, no, that’s not true. I still need to be in the game, but I can do it in a much different level, much different pace. But man, I never gotten the kind of gratification out of closing a deal as I have listening to you close your deals. I’m so happy. Yeah. I mean, I, so I personally from my bottom of my heart. Thanks Chris. This thanks for being new. Thanks for fighting. Thanks for not quitting. Thanks for showing up. Thank you. And, and more importantly, you’ve taken it to that next level. Thanks for giving back now. And I know you said you were always, you know, kind of you were evolved before you even did your own deals, but man, you’re really, really, really, really, really giving back. So I’m going to tell you this. Did I love you man? You’re, you’re

Speaker 1 (54:04):

A winner. I mean, you’re a winner. That’s what I could say. You’re a winner. You all, all the qualities, you know, you give back, you’re willing to, you’re willing to help. You’re willing to share. You’re willing to expose yourself. You know, you guys are willing to do things that, you know, aren’t necessarily gonna help you, but they can help Mary, Steve. And that, I mean, what can I say, this is, this is what this partner model, what the partner families is all about. And I’m just so glad you’re part of it. I’m so glad you guys are keep on fighting. And I’m so glad that it’s not just about you guys, but it’s about helping that next person, you know, helping the next two people and it’s helping the next five people. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna finish this off yourself. You can sign off Chris. You guys are absolutely fantastic. And I’m so sorry that you’re in a part of the partner driven family, buddy.

Speaker 2 (54:56):

I appreciate you, man. Well, I wouldn’t be here without you. So I will do, you know, anytime you’re asking me to do anything, you know, I’m going to run there, I’ll be right there. You know? So I, you know, I appreciate you doing this. You know, I tell her all the time, you know, we gonna have to, you know, get bigger, get, you know, we try to go out, try to do more and more deals in different cities. So sky’s the limit, you know, if you know, we started with nothing, you know, now my goal is to do 10 deals a month. He come on, remember I used to call you every day. But you know, as I call you everyday, what are we doing? What are we supposed to do next? People like, just do this, do that. You know what I mean? Like I always tell her, I tell her the stories. Like I know Pete, like, oh, that, that then Christopher, I just call him every day LP. What’d we do today? Like, Hey, come on, man. Pig. What’s up? Like, but I don’t know what to do. Like I did my job hiding behind the thing w we’ll go do tomorrow night.

Speaker 1 (55:50):

Yeah, I know I was going to bring this to an end, but I’m going to tell you this. This is enough. I mean, every time you speak it’s like nuggets, come out. I can tell you across the board. Like, let me get tonight was a night where Chris gave it all. Okay. But let me, let me give you a couple like little tidbits, Julie, like you heard Chris and I talk about Julie. I mean, for those of you don’t know, Julie, just get to know Julie. Okay. Julie, Julie’s beyond amazing. Guess what? Julie did the, with that with me too. Like when she and I, when she initially met me and I hired her, she cheap to get into my world. She blew me up. Like, you know what, let me get me. I was like, okay, fine. Here’s a chance. And look at her now, you know, my mother, big partners, like somebody like a Seth, you, I know, you know, Seth, you know thing.

Speaker 1 (56:37):

I mean, the guy called me every morning. I mean, I’d be doing my 4:30 AM. Walk in there, Seth and the west coast, like it’s four 30 in my time. It’s one 30 his time that’s calling I Pete. Okay. What do we do today? What do we do? Like, man, that was a huge thing. You were aggressive or aggressive, you know? And sometimes you have to be aggressive. You got to push yourself through the door. You know, if you’re in a place and there’s a fire and that door is only this wide, only certain amount of people busters. You’re fricking fighting for it. And I’ll tell you one thing, Chris, about you that Ashley Love, however you got them. I don’t know. However we got Gene’s parents accident. However you did it. You got the qualities of a fricking winner. I mean, some people love to read about it.

Speaker 1 (57:24):

Some people have to study it. Some people have to learn it. Some people have to fake them. You got to. I mean like, I mean, when you talk and you talk wisdom, I mean, literally you talk the things like you said today about leveraging through local people, you know about like blew you up. I mean about, Hey, like reached out to us. I mean, that’s it. That’s what gets people successful. So, dude, you’re, you’re amazing. I appreciate it. Go ahead and sign off. I’m going to close off here, Chris dude. Let’s keep on building. Yes, sir. Have a good night. Everybody.

Speaker 1 (58:04):

Good. Good. Well guys, I mean, what can I say? I mean, this is it. This is what we do with the family here. This is partner driven model. For those of you that are partners tonight, reset, recharge, recommit, go to the next level. We’ll do whatever we gotta do. I mean, honestly, we will literally do whatever we gotta do. We here at partner-driven Mo a family, the Julie’s the raw office, the Chelsea’s the Laura’s the Jew. He’s the Mary’s um, Daniella’s I mean, all everybody, we will do whatever we gotta do to help you. Okay. You just got to go out there and you gotta be to a certain degree of Chris. You gotta be willing to hustle. You gotta be, you gotta be dog-eared. We are here. And for those of you that aren’t part of the partner driven model, the partner during the family.

Speaker 1 (58:51):

If this is the environment you want to be in, um, we do deals and we split profits with our partners. And I know we have a, a team member on standby today. Um, her name is I’m already forgetting. It was texted to me was Erica she’s at 4, 7 0 4 5 1 2 4 7 4. So we’ll get you started tonight. I mean, so if you’re a person that can make a decision and like stick with it, you know, you don’t have to sleep on it. You don’t have to you’re ready. Like right now, this is the family you want to a part of, this is the environment that you want to be part of. Um, give Eric a call and we’ll get it going tonight. Other neck guys. I enjoyed it. I mean, I mean, this is it. That’s my life right here. It’s my job. Talk to guys like Chris and help guys like Chris man. Can I get it any better than this? Um, anyway, appreciate it, Chris. You’re a winner. You guys are, uh, uh, absolutely example setters. Uh, we’ll be back here next Tuesday. Same time, same place. And we’ll see you guys then see you.

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