Speaker 1 (00:02):

Hey, good morning, everybody. Peter Vekselman here. I got one of my partners, Steve Paul Acello on the other line. How are you, Steve? What’s

Speaker 2 (00:09):

Up here.

Speaker 1 (00:10):

Good to see you. Good to see you this morning. You’re at work and I’m at the lake house with a boat behind me and doing fun things today, even though we are quarantined and not supposed to do anything, but it’s true. The boats bum around out there. Hey, I’m glad you’re here. I know you’re middle of work. They appreciate taking a couple of minutes away. So a lot of good stuff. We already did a deal. We already split profits. We’ll get into that in a minute. First of all, tell us a little about yourself.

Speaker 2 (00:36):

Uh, I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, um, and, uh, worked for the city of Virginia Beach. I’ve worked here for about 16 years, but uh, also done I’m a realtor. So it’s been a realtor for, uh, since 2012. So pretty familiar with that end of the business and did that to, uh, have a backup plan in case something fell through with my job. Yep.

Speaker 1 (01:00):

So what transitioned you or what’s the goal as far as being a real estate investor?

Speaker 2 (01:06):

So, uh, that’s my retirement plan. Um, you know, the city is good to work for. The retirement is, is a government retirement, so it’s okay. It’s not the best, but, uh, the plan is to use real estate and dusting to, to have a very comfortable retirement. Yeah,

Speaker 1 (01:24):

There you go. There you go. How’d you, uh, curious how’d you hear about me and partner-driven,

Speaker 2 (01:30):

I think it was a Facebook ad if I remember.

Speaker 1 (01:32):

Right. Okay. Okay. And so we’re already working on a deal. We’ll close the deal. Tell us what you find it.

Speaker 2 (01:42):

Uh, I did a Facebook ad, so, uh, did a Facebook ad for, you know, buy ugly houses or, and, uh, the ad cost me 250 bucks to run on Facebook for the month. I got a phone call off of that ad and, uh, uh, went there and, you know, close the deal,

Speaker 1 (02:03):

Just like that one, just like that.

Speaker 2 (02:06):

It like that. And when I went, I viewed it, uh, did the pictures, uh, called your team? We discussed some strategy, um, because I was the agent as well as, um, the ER doc. So, um, yeah, it was just like that went back. Uh, and I think I negotiated them down and was $20,000 from where they wanted to be.

Speaker 1 (02:31):

Well, that’s so funny. You just make it say, oh, I just went in, met a deal and like 10 minutes later. Oh yeah. I also negotiated the crap out of it. What was the initial asking price?

Speaker 2 (02:43):

Uh, initially they wanted, um, over a hundred thousand and there was a hundred and 110 around there.

Speaker 1 (02:51):

And did we actually put it under contract at one 10 now?

Speaker 2 (02:55):

No, no. We put another contract,

Speaker 1 (02:59):

87, 5 87 5. So they asked for one 10, you went back in there. So it sounds like it was more than one meeting, right? More than one connection you negotiated down to 87,000. We’ll put under contract. Uh, we decided to do a quick turn on this deal and what do we sell? And you’re the realtor, which is cool. So you’re able to be the person that put it back in the market for us. Um, what did you, what did we ended up selling? What would you end up selling it for? Uh,

Speaker 2 (03:26):

1 0 9 9. So 1 10, 1 10.

Speaker 1 (03:29):

Okay. That’s awesome. That is absolutely awesome. Um, and you already got your wire sometime earlier today or not today, earlier this week. That is absolutely awesome. What’s the plan now? What’s like, I know the ultimate goal in real estate businesses to retire. I get it, but that’s kind of like the thing that’s a little bit out there. A lot of people interpret that differently. Sure. What’s your personal goal in terms of how many more deals do we want to do? We’re kind of, well, again, to the middle of this year. Um, what’s the goal for the rest of the year?

Speaker 2 (03:59):

Uh, Hmm. That’s a good question. So I would love to turn one of moms with partner driven. Um, plus obviously my, my business as well. So I mean, things are, things are moving well on that end. Um, but if I could turn, if I could turn one a month through partner-driven either the flips or the wholesaling, that would, that would be fantastic, honestly.

Speaker 1 (04:25):

That’s awesome. And, and right before we started recording this, I, uh, you know, I told, uh, Steve and I said, listen, I’m going to personally work with you aside from just our staff. I’m going to let’s, let’s get this into the next level. Let’s get this into, into high gear. I mean, my, my, my, my, everybody here says the world about you. Everybody loves you to pieces, love your attitude, love everything about you. So that’s awesome. So I’m going to start, so I’m going to start holding you accountable, start giving you tips. Let’s get this thing. Let’s, let’s really do get this thing to, to at least once a month and then really start scaling from that point on. Is that sound good?

Speaker 2 (04:59):

Sounds great. Yeah. I think once a month is a realistic, realistic goal for us in 2020.

Speaker 1 (05:04):

Well, you know, the interesting thing is, and I know that we didn’t talk about that ahead of time, but that’s the very first goal I have for people like for people, you know, every once in a while people get in and literally the old there, I mean, we’ve had partners that when they start with us, literally, they’re like, I just want to do one deal. And then I’m done. We have partners, honestly, we have partners with us. Their goal is to do one deal a year or something like that. Right. And so for people like yourself that have this kind of a long-term plan, that’s the first thing I would say the first kind of a measurable goal that we want to get to is, is once a month, because it’s very achievable, it’s hittable, but also kind of challenges you and things like that. Oh, right. So you and I are going to document that journey. Sound good? Sounds good, man. All right. Perfect. Hey, listen. There’s there’s people listening too to this. They’re going to be like, well, gosh, does it make sense to partner with Peter and partner driven staff? What, what’s your feedback on?

Speaker 2 (05:57):

It does. So even though I’ve got experienced in the real estate world as a realtor, it’s a different ball game as an investor. Um, so partner driven is really teaching me that end of the business, which will not only help my business, but will also help my clients as they come into. So I’m really learning a lot. Um, as far as the numbers, what makes it work timelines? Um, the important things to the investor, uh, is, and, and how to find those off market properties to

Speaker 1 (06:27):

That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Listen, I appreciate you. You’re you’re no nonsense. You’re kinda like me. Let’s let’s let’s set something achievable. Let’s go hit it then let’s go. Next one. Appreciate it. I’m glad you’re a partner. I look forward to doing many, many more deals. Thanks,

Speaker 2 (06:42):

Steven. It sounds good though.


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