is a creative real estate investing coach offering one-on-one custom mentoring. If you’ve read the news lately, more people are getting into real estate investing for one reason: PROFITS.

00:43 What are motivated sellers?
01:47 Life changing events aren’t necessarily needed
02:13 Creative real estate investing requires motivation
03:05 Are they willing to negotiate?
03:58 To sell their property
04:21 How to extract the best sellers
05:01 Contact me for a personal consultation

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1. Did you know the reason why so many investors go bust? They don’t understand how to negotiate creative real estate investing deals. I should know since I’ve done more than 1500 deals.

2. Creative real estate investing requires discipline in your negotiating techniques. Don’t make the mistake of winging it. Deals can appear lucrative until you get stuck with them.

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3. Remember, real estate investment business planning takes following a proven plan including creative real estate investing methods. Sure, there’s many courses and books you can learn from in your education. However, these days many offer you outdated techniques which no longer work.

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A long time ago I starting working with students because of my reputation with creative real estate investing. What I do isn’t magical but it does include strategic planning during the negotiating and inspection process.

More than a decade ago I started my real estate investment business for one reason: I wanted the freedom to live a quality lifestyle with my family. Although my early years were difficult, I was able to grow my efforts into closing nearly a deal a day using my creative real estate investing formula.

If you’re serious about learning how to carve out your own real estate investment business (or bring yours to the next level) please contact me at

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