Speaker 1 (00:00:02):

Welcome welcome everybody. It is Tuesday night. Um, so to not, it’s just going to be me. Um, and God, I’m so excited to share with you guys how to pull the super hot list inside of your area. Um, man, I’m so pumped to do this actually. Um, I’ve already done a few deals from what I call my super hot list. I don’t know if that’s like a, a great name for it, but I’m super pumped to share that with everybody tonight. So glad to have you on, um, Hey, if you don’t mind, shout out to where you are. I love to hear where everybody is. So welcome. Abe Bevere Beverley, Archie, Brad, Carl, um, Carlisle Darren Edgar, Eric Erica, Eugene for Hyde Gwyn. Uh, Jean Jeffrey, Jim Joseph, Kristen, Marilyn Morgan, Philip Randolph, Rob Russell, Shane Shannon Stanley, Steve Vitaly. Yvonne. I may have missed somebody, but I gave my first go at welcoming everybody so glad to have you on.

Speaker 1 (00:01:26):

So we’ve got Brad’s over there in Marietta, Georgia. Um, and editor Garcia is here in Georgia, Gwen from Phoenix, Arizona, Harry from New York Russell from Buffalo, Erica down the road in coming Jean from, uh, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Wisconsin, man, all over the place, Columbus, Georgia, um, Delano. What’s up Jim? Um, actually just so you know, um, I actually am from Dahlonega, Georgia, too. That’s where I reside for those of you that don’t know DeLonghi Georgia is in the foothills of the smoky mountains in the upper part of Georgia. Uh, strange fact, um, the first gold rush in America, a lot of you think that was like California or Alaska, but actually it was in this town, Dahlonega, Georgia, the Georgia dome in, um, the Capitol building in Atlanta, the whole entire top of it has a gold, uh, gold leaf on top. Actually all of that gold came from the lawn ago where we live another fun fact.

Speaker 1 (00:02:42):

I have a tiny little gold dredge at my house. Um, so as a hobby, sometimes, you know, we go down there and do a little gold dredging. Believe me, it’s not something that you’re going to make money doing. It’s just kind of fun, you know, to go the, go out there and dig around and find a little bit of gold, but I got Wesley from Chattanooga. Um, so, so great to have you guys from all over everywhere today. And, you know, guess what, no matter where you are in America using a revolutionary deal driven technology, you’re going to be able to pull what I call the super hot list. And I’m going to show you guys tonight a little bit about deal driven a little bit, how to pull these lists because inevitably I want you to pull list and do deals too. Right? Um, got some, two appointments tomorrow, went on one yesterday, closed a few deals last week. All of these came from my super hot list. Okay. So there’s, this is not a secret that I want to just keep for myself. This is something I want everybody to know about. So as everybody’s popping on, go ahead and put in the chat right now, is everybody excited to learn about the super hot lists and how to pull these to fund deals, put it in the chat box now.

Speaker 1 (00:04:11):

Great, great, great. Because I cannot, I cannot wait to show you. So what I’ve been doing is, is we’ve been cold calling these leads as well as sending direct mail to these leads too, which is another cool thing, is that now in deal driven with the technology, guess what you’re able to do. You’re able to send direct mail directly from the app, okay. To these lists or whatever list that you’re pulling from, which is like super, super cool. You’re not having to export your list, go to an auxiliary site. You’re able to do it all in one place. And if you want to, you can use your computer or you could use your phone, whatever you choose to do. So man, when I got started in this business, boy, would I love what I have loved the ability to be able to run my business directly from a phone.

Speaker 1 (00:05:11):

I mean, gosh, back then I was going to the courthouse. I was getting information from one place to another putting lists together, uh, all sorts of things. Um, just to kind of get one marketing piece together, which is crazy. You know, Peter said, he’s waiting for the app to send text. Here’s some upcoming things, Peter, because I’m just so happened to kind of be in the know of deal driven. But we are working on an autodialer and text messaging services inside the gap. For those of you that already have the app you’ll know that like we’re updating it all of the time. We’re updating it all the time with suggestions from people like you. So in a weird way, it’s like, like our app is kind of crowdsourced. We’ve taken all the suggestions, people actually out there doing, investing, taking those suggestions and implementing those, which is, which is super cool.

Speaker 1 (00:06:11):

Some of the best things we have on this app didn’t come from like myself or from Peter or someone else. It came from people just like you saying, Hey, I wish it did this. Or I wish it did that. So that’s, what’s super cool about it. Well guys, if you are on tonight, um, you are either one of our partners. Um, and by the way, if you’re one of our partners, um, I’m so glad to see you. Um, it’s just another way for you to spend a little bit of time with us, Peter and myself normally do these. He had, uh, an engagement this evening that he could not make tonight, but he’s normally always on. Um, so we’re excited to have you on, or maybe you’re not a partner yet, but you’re thinking, well, let me just check out and see if these guys are real right.

Speaker 1 (00:07:02):

I promise you paint. Uh, we are real people. Okay. Real people doing real deals with other real people like you. And that’s our goal. I mean, that’s kind of our mantra. We want to be able to, to work with people across the country to expand our investing business. Okay. For years, Peter and I had our own investing business and you know, one day we said, well, let’s partner with other people and help them do deals through education and through funding. So let me just go ahead and kind of tell you what that’s about. Also, if you’re starting the 21 day deal challenge, that’s another thing that we do. Um, it’s kind of like a starter program to our partner program. You may be one of those people. We’re glad you’re here as well. So let’s talk about being one of our partners. Okay. For those of you that are out of your partner, you already know.

Speaker 1 (00:08:01):

So I’m going to just go through it. Okay. So let’s talk about some of the benefits to being a partner of partner driven. Okay. Number one, every day, Monday through Friday, we do live daily training calls. Okay. These are not recorded training calls. We’re like you’re able to learn every day, be on there, live, ask questions, have accountability. Okay. You also have the ability to schedule calls with my entire office staff. If you have any questions, anytime you want to guess what, you also have the ability to schedule a call with me directly. Okay? Because it is imperative that our partners do deals. I’m not going to just sit behind the screen and not be here. I’m here to help you with anything that you may have. So you have that ability, right? We also have a university where we have recorded training videos of all sorts of stuff for you to learn on your own time.

Speaker 1 (00:09:10):

And also guess what, what I’m about to show you tonight. All of this is included just with being a partner of ours. Okay. We also give you a thousand that’s right. 1000 free skip traces a month just for being one of our partner. I’d be remiss not to give you every thing you could do to get a deal done. And that’s the goal. The biggest thing that, um, even though I think the daily training is, is one of the most important things. But when you find a deal, we actually will fund the deal and split profits with you 50 50. Yeah. That’s going to be no out-of-pocket expenses for you. Okay. So you’re not going to have to put money down and honest money. You’re not going to have to pay inspectors. You’re not going to have to pay contractors. We handle all of that for you.

Speaker 1 (00:10:05):

And then in the end we take all the expenses. We take the profits, slice it down the middle, you get half and we get half. That’s why we think our partner driven coaching program is like the bee’s knees, right? Because who else puts their money where their mouth is? I can tell you we do, because I don’t know, I do it all the time. Right? So that’s why we are so, you know, encouraged for you to be successful with working with us. And we’re also not individuals that just talk about doing deals. I do deals all the time. I do everything that I tell you because honestly, if you know how to do deals, why would you ever stop doing them? It’s like my favorite thing to do. I know this sounds super silly, but my favorite thing to do in this business is to go on seller appointments.

Speaker 1 (00:10:58):

I just love it. I love working with people. I love, um, getting that deal. It’s it’s like a, like a natural high in a way, you know, like, oh, I got the deal. It’s so awesome. But that’s what we’re here tonight to share with everybody. And God’s you want to stay all the way to the end. Okay. Because what I’m about to show you whether you’re a partner of ours or not, whether you’re in the 21 day deal challenge or whether you’re just a friend tuning in, okay, this is something super awesome and a great list in your area. Okay. So I’m going to be going on that, but Hey, if, if you would like to learn more about becoming one of our partners, that’d be talking to someone about becoming one of our partners or seeing if you’re eligible to be one of our partners, you can go to our website, okay.

Speaker 1 (00:11:51):

And fill out a partner application. We just want to make sure that you’re kind of a right fit for us. Um, you know, we’re looking for highly motivated people, people that are ready to take action because without taking action, you’re never going to be successful. Right? So we, we, we invest a lot in the people we work with. So we want you to fill out that partner application. Um, Rob, if you could, in the chat, would you give them a link to that place? And so you will be able to, once you fill out this application, you’ll be able to schedule a call directly with one of our, uh, one of our staff that by the way, almost all of our staff does deals on their own because that’s just how we do things. Okay. So you’re going to be able to schedule a call directly with them and talk about if this program is right for you or not.

Speaker 1 (00:12:49):

Um, let me go ahead and type this in here. If you go to our website at www dot partner, driven.com you, when you go there, you can actually go ahead and click for a partner proposal, then you’ll be able to fill out that application and schedule a call with us. Okay. So, so glad to have everybody on to that. Um, now before we get started, right, um, I want to share a couple, um, crazy things that’s happened this week. Um, I’ve, you know, really kind of increased my personal investment business really started putting everything I had into using data-driven to find leads. I mean, and I’m just overwhelmed with the amount of, of appointments that, that we’ve been setting, um, properties that we’ve been getting under contract. For those of you that don’t know me. Um, I do love doing fix and flips, but man, do I love wholesale and wholesale and is like literally one of my favorite things to do.

Speaker 1 (00:13:58):

Also, not that you make a, you know, not that this is an investment strategy that I’ve gone and talked to you about tonight, but I also love buying land. I don’t know what it is about land that I liked so much. Um, the first piece of land I bought from this gentleman named Robinson, he was 88 years old. And when I bought this piece of property from him, he took me to lunch and he sat down and he said, Julie, you know, they’re never going to make any more land. And one day, if you buy, you know, lots of land, this can be your retirement. So for some reason that’s always hit home for me. I don’t know about you guys, but what’s go ahead and put in the chat. Now, if money wasn’t an issue, what’s something that would interest you in real estate.

Speaker 1 (00:14:44):

Maybe it’s apartment buildings, whether it’s maybe it’s single family homes, maybe it’s houses. And by the way, I own some multi-family, um, definitely single family home piece of bland. And just recently I’ve made my go at building. So I’m building my first, uh, Airbnb cabin in a place called such as Georgia. Um, and it’s coming along real well. Actually the roof is being put on. Now it’s going to be, be like an Airbnb slash second home for us to, uh, be able to go play in cars. Um, let’s see what everybody says. Multifamily land to build rental portfolio. Morgan wants to build an Airbnb too. Yeah. I mean, it’s just, it’s something cool to like bother materials and watch it be put up, you know? Um, it, it was really something when I put $15,000 down and had my ward delivered just for the roof and I’m thinking my goodness.

Speaker 1 (00:15:46):

Right. It was, it’s just something to watch it be built and grow up there. It’s just a new feeling I’ve never had before. Um, build a county in Ohio, the whole county or build, oh, build something in a cat county in Ohio. Yeah, absolutely. Those are all awesome things. Do you know, what’s crazy about me building this cabin in such as that I’m talking to you guys about today, you know, I didn’t even, I don’t even have one loan on this place and you’re probably thinking, well, yeah, cause you probably, you know, maybe have money or something like that. Well, what I’ve been doing is I’ve been wholesaling properties. Okay. Like I’ve been doing for years, I’ve been taking all the profits from my wholesale deals and been buying materials to build this cabin. I’m like 75% of the way done. And I’ve already paid off the land and I don’t owe any loans to anybody on this cabin, but that would not have happened without doing other investment strategies such as wholesaling.

Speaker 1 (00:16:54):

And I’m about to show you exactly how I’m finding these deals to get this money. I mean, sometimes you’re making $5,000 on a deal. Sometimes you’re making $30,000 on a deal, right. So it just really, you know, just really depends. But man, it’s a good feeling, not to have a loan on something I could tell you that, you know, Daniel said, I also feel helping people is an important ingredient in creating success in real estate, Daniel, you are a hundred percent right. Being able to go meet with a seller and help them with solve their solutions is a feeling like nothing else. Okay. And I’ve always been a firm believer that if you, you know, if you ever have to hurt someone to make money, then it’s you definitely, that’s not something I’m going to do, but being able to help somebody is incredible. I’ll give you an example, Daniel, the house I closed last week here in my town, um, got from this list that I’m talking about now, and he’s an older gentleman and he fell and hurt his hip.

Speaker 1 (00:18:02):

Well, he, he did not have the money for hip surgery. Okay. So I was able to purchase the property and he got $55,000 for it, which was a fair deal for the property. And he got the money wired to his account on the closing day. And he’s already scheduled for his hip surgery. Cause he got to where he like, couldn’t get up and walk around. And this new hip surgery is going to make it to where he’s more mobile and he’s just a happier person. So that’s just one story of being a problem solver. And whenever I was talking to this man about this house, I was going to do whatever I could do to figure out how to purchase this house from him and give them that 55,000, you know, that I knew we could get him so that he could get that hip surgery.

Speaker 1 (00:18:53):

Cause I mean, I was just as invested in it as him, I talked to his daughter, his son, him actually, his wife answered the phone, you know? Um, then I’m gonna check back up with him in a couple of weeks. So whenever it’ll just like Yvonne said, when you’re a problem solver, it is an absolutely blessing. Right. Okay. Well I have probably bored you guys enough today with my crazy stories. Okay. So let’s get down to it. All right. So for those of you that do not have deal driven already, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and put this in the chat. This is how you get to this website. Normally somebody on the other end that’s here, but something must be going wrong. So let me see if I can top this in deal driven.com. If you go to deal driven.com, you’re going to receive a seven day free trial of this, by the way you get up to 8,000 list pools a month, okay. With your deal driven app. So you’re not paying for each one of these, these lists or you’re not paying for each data feed separately. Right? So let me go ahead and share my screen.

Speaker 1 (00:20:20):

Okay. So this is my deal driven account. Now, even though I’m in Georgia, you’re going to see different states here because when I’m working with my clients, um, or you know, our partners, I hop on calls with them and show them how to pull lists and how to look at property. So just happened today. I was working with somebody that was in Fort worth, Texas. So we’re working on pulling some lists for that, that gentleman. So that’s why you’ll see that there, but a few features okay. About deal driven that I want to go over just in case you’ve never seen this before. So with deal driven, you are able, let me see here, let me refresh my screen a little bit with deal driven. You can go to list view, or you can go to the card view. Um, I actually like the list view better, even though the card views pretty or elected list view.

Speaker 1 (00:21:16):

Cause it’s not so busy, but you can go directly to a particular property and find, okay, when you go to this particular property, you’re going to find a, uh, like a property card. So I know exactly who the owner of the property is, what their mailing address is and what the property address is. Okay. So this is a non-owner occupied property. So the property is going to be in, um, Anderson street in forth worth. But this particular owner is an Oak timber drive in forest hill. Okay. So, um, the good thing about that is normally people that are, they that own a property that they don’t live in are going to be more likely to sell their property. Okay. You can also come here and straight pull comparables. Now I’m doing this live. So sometimes you won’t find comparables in certain areas. Okay. But, um, and I don’t have this pre-planned out. You can go to the owner, find some more information. Maybe I want to skip, trace and figure out who the owner is immediately. I could do that too. So right here, I was able to find two phone numbers for this person. What do you think I’m going to do with their phone numbers? Put that in the chat. Now, what do you think the best thing to do with someone’s cell phone numbers?

Speaker 1 (00:22:51):

Right? I’m going to give them a call. Okay. Um, this is something that, you know, a coach on every day. A lot of you, a lot of people are nervous about making calls, but I’ll give you a hint. If you’re just yourself and you got to remember, you’re not trying to sell anything. And you’re just trying to build a relationship quickly over the phone with someone you, you cold call on is very simple. Okay? So this is just a few things. Isn’t this like totally cool that this in one program you can find an owner and skip, trace them to get their phone number, keep going in the chat with me guys. It keeps me going. I get nervous when I’m just speaking. And nobody’s answering me,

Speaker 1 (00:23:39):

Look at my cup. It says, queen of absolutely everything. My husband brought me my coffee this morning. And he goes, well, I guess you are the queen of everything girl, but you’re right. Yes. So you’re going to want to text them, call them. Um, th that’s something you’d want to do. A lot of times you can get their email addresses their social media URLs. Um, that is all stuff you can do directly from this app. I’m not going to have time to show you this tonight, but you can also do virtual driving for dollars. I wanted to save my time. Um, I wanted to save my time tonight to show you how to pull these hot lists, because it would simply take me hours to show you everything right. Um, on their w Yvonne avant way to notice it show you the phone number is a landline or cell phone. Actually it does. Um, it’ll say home or cell on here. Let me go back.

Speaker 1 (00:24:40):

These two are landlines. Okay. So it’ll say landline and or cell, right? So then you could be able to tell, you know, write directly from there. Okay. Again guys, if, and I’m going to put it back in the chat, if you do not have guilt driven already, you’ve, you’ve got to get this. This is like the coolest thing since sliced bread. It’s made my business so much better. Um, and, and I love, you know, employees and, and assistance and things like this, but this actually saved me two VA’s in my business that used to put all this stuff together for me. And in the end for just $49 a month, what I was paying $1,500 a person, you know, for my BAS it’s now $49 a month. Is that not incredible? Because they would have to, I would go buy list places. Then I would go to a separate place in skip trace.

Speaker 1 (00:25:37):

I mean, and now it’s all done in one place, but let’s go to a hot list. Okay. Here’s where I need your help. All right. Obviously I’ve already pulled list in my area. Okay. So a pulled list in my area, so already know what’s here. What I would love to do lav tonight is show you how to pull a hot list in your area. Okay? So I’m not going to be able to do every one, but I’m going to try to do a few of these. Some of y’all are on it. If you could in the chat, give me your city and the state, and then I’ll try my best to pull list in your area. Okay.

Speaker 1 (00:26:27):

All right. I’m not I’m down on a piece of paper, so I don’t forget. Okay. So what I’m going to do tonight is first I’m going to start with Tampa, Florida. Um, I went there last year, actually a little above that and Clearwater on a fishing trip with my dad. So I’m looking at that and I’ll see if we have some more time to do some more. Okay. So what you’re going to notice up here is there is some little tabs. So this is for a virtual driving or for maybe looking at one property where this is a list building things.

Speaker 1 (00:27:09):

Okay. I’m going to enter my city here. Let’s say Tampa, Florida. Okay. Now I’m going to go to my filter section. Now guys, listen up. You may want to take notes here. Like I said, this is my super hot list. So hopefully everybody’s got a little pen and a piece of paper. Cause I don’t want you to forget this part. So you go to the filters here. What this is going to do is this is going to take me on a 20 mile radius around the city center of Tampa, Florida. Okay. Now you can change this to 10 miles up all the way up to 50. We’re going to leave this at 20 and see where we are, because what I’m doing is something called list stacking. I’m stacking different criteria on top of each other to find the best lead possible in Tampa, Florida.

Speaker 1 (00:28:08):

Okay. So I’m going to take a large amount of information, stack it down so that I’m working some of the best leads there. Okay. So first off I want to start with only properties that have at minimum 40% equity. Now, remember equity is the difference between what someone owes on their mortgage and what the properties were, right? So generally if somebody, you know, if they, they owe what their property is worth, you’re obviously as a real estate investor, not gonna not going to pay them what the house is worth or, you know, so, and they’re probably not to the closing table. So I really want to work this, the ones that have 40% equity or more. So I’m going to get the people whose houses are paid off too. Okay. Now this is the next thing that’s super important is I want to have a max value for the property.

Speaker 1 (00:29:11):

Okay. I particularly love working blue collar working class areas, middle-class areas. Um, because let me tell you real estate investing. Is it what you see on TV? Okay. Um, I, I don’t, I’m not doing million dollar renovations. That’s not really my gig. I want to be kind of in the areas where palaces and regular people are. That’s kind of more my thing, not dimension. God’s put this to the chat. Who do you think buys more properties in America? Who do you think that is? Do you think it’s the super rich people or do you think it’s the rest of us? The middle class. You’re exactly right. So when you’re looking to sell properties, do you want your property to sit on the market for a year waiting for someone with a million dollars or $2 million? No, I would rather cater to something of abundance. Okay. Also if you’re wholesaling, other investors are going to have that opinion as well.

Speaker 1 (00:30:21):

So for those of you that know Tampa, what is the max valuation for Tampa? What do you think that threshold is for that middle-class area in Tampa? I think it’s about two, $250,000. 200,000. Okay. So I’m pretty close here. I’m going to say 250,000. I want to leave that there. Now I’ll also do not want to, I also don’t want to necessarily work someone that just purchased a property last week either. Okay. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go back and say, I want something that was sold before. Let’s say January 1st, 2018. Okay. You could filter this down more by bedrooms and bathrooms. Like, let’s say maybe you only want you, you, maybe you’re not wholesaling and maybe you only want three bedroom, two bath houses. Me. I want everything. Okay. Because I’m blessed to have learned kind of a lot of strategies.

Speaker 1 (00:31:37):

So no matter what type of house it is, I’m able to make an offer and sort of make money no matter what, but you could do that. If you wanted to. Also, we do have pre-foreclosures in our system, which is super cool. We’ll we’ll do that another night. So you could, um, go down with auction dates and things if we were working pre-foreclosures but we’re not deceiving now for this purpose. I’m only going to look at single family homes. Okay. Done. Now you’re thinking Julie, it’s not pulled up anything we’re not done yet. Okay. Now here comes where we’re going to stack this even more. Okay. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to pick all of the properties in Tampa, Florida that have at least 40% equity that aren’t worth more than $250,000 basically as is, um, who were sold, who were purchased over three years ago, that are vacant, um, Q pod and have a mail delivery change.

Speaker 1 (00:32:47):

I’ve never seen another service have this. Let me explain these things to you. They get properties. So the reason we know they’re bacon is because we get a feed from the post office. The post office has deemed that house vacant non owner occupied means a person that owns a property that they do not live in. Okay, y’all follow me. And by the way, you could just pull non owner occupied properties. You could just pull the vacant properties. You don’t have to stack these if you don’t want to. Okay. Sometimes I don’t because you’re not going to get thousands of these leads because again, there’s a super hot list here. What I want to talk to you about right now, it’s called mail delivery change. It’s kind of a misleading phrase here, but let me explain to you what that means to me. So do you guys know that like whenever you move and you sit, put that little card in your mailbox, I guess that used to be the old way to do it, right? You put the card in your mailbox and you request like a, an address change, or you go to the, uh, or you go to the post office or you go online and request a Belle change.

Speaker 1 (00:34:02):

So we get a feed from the post office. Anytime somebody does that with all of their records in the us. Okay. So what this tells me is somebody that owns a property. They don’t live in, has a vacant house and they have requested eight email change. What do you think that kind of means? What does that kind of bring to thought to you? For me, it means maybe a tenant moved out. Maybe a life altering thing has happened. And now this w they they’ve had a mail change. This is, what’s making this the super hot list. You’ll notice over here. It’s pulsating. Okay. So I’m going to click here under search. Ooh, we got one. Okay. So I may want to move this out a little bit further and see if I can find some more search again.

Speaker 1 (00:35:05):

Here’s three. Every area is going to be a little bit different. Okay. So maybe there’s three. Maybe there’s 150. Okay. You’re going to go have to look at this on your own. Okay. Another hot list is to simply take this mail delivery, change out. This is only active for 90 days. Does it? Does that make sense, guys? So you’re only going to see that for 90 days. All right. So let’s say I was to take this mill delivery change out. And by the way, I would call this list all day long to the vacant non-owner occupied properties. You could search that and there’s whew, 4,000, 215 with, with all of this with 48 miles around Tampa, I’m probably going to move this down to 20 miles still with me. I sorta live on the mountain, so my internet can go in and out. So to make sure I’m not just talking to myself here, everybody’s still there.

Speaker 1 (00:36:15):

Thank you. Thank you guys. All right. So what we’re going to do is let’s see here where I’m going to push the search button again, because I want to filter this down a little bit more. So maybe I might do 10 miles around city center of this. All right. So [inaudible], you could filter this down any way you want to. Let me show you how, what, what you’re going to do from here. Now, I’m going to select all of these. Okay? I’ve got all 750 of these leads. I’m going to add them to a list. Now, when you’re naming these lists, you need to think about this as like, you’re going to pull a list and using the system for a long time. So name these in a way you’re going to remember.

Speaker 1 (00:37:09):

So I might say Tampa hot may. What is today’s date? Let’s see. I can’t ever remember the date. May 12th. Thank you. May 12th. I’m going to save that here. So now what it’s doing is it’s creating a list. Okay? Now I want to go to my list. This is the card view. I’m going to go back to list view. It’s just easier for me. Um, all right. So now here’s the list. You’ll see where they say cash buyer here. Those are probably investors. It’s bought this house because this house was purchased in cash. You’ll also see they’re owned by LLCs corporations. It’s okay to buy properties from LLCs, right? So, one thing you may want to do is to do, to do, to do, is you could go here and I may choose to let’s see, skip trace all of these so I can call. Okay.

Speaker 1 (00:38:22):

So I’m going to go ahead and skip, trace these now for you. Skip trace to all of those. Now you’ll notice on my account. It says free skip. If you’re not a partner, not gonna say that this is only available to our partners because we pay for the skip tracing for them. Um, but if you go look, we found information on each and every one of these properties. So if you were to go in here, you’re going to see their owner’s information such as their cell phones look at all these. So it even tells you mobile landline, voiceover, IP, all of these are connected to this person, which is crazy, right?

Speaker 1 (00:39:15):

Um, so you can find all of this with each one of these properties, maybe you all, so might find some other pseudo names that go with these people. Like sometimes like if, uh, someone wants to get married and changed their name, their name might be listed under something else later. So it may give you some alternate names for that person, but here is the new cool thing, direct mail. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go here and start direct mail for this person. I’m not going to actually do it because heck they call me. I can make a deal happen in Tampa. I’m not too worried about it.

Speaker 1 (00:40:01):

Oh, Valerie, I’m sorry. I’m going too fast. So once I’m in here, okay. Into this property, I can go to this and go start direct mail campaign. When you go into here, Valerie, you can pick from a template that we’ve already used. And by the way, these templates are here because they’re templates we’ve actually used before. Okay. There are templates that we know that works. Um, so you’ll see, there’s a bunch of different ones, actually. Some of these, including this one picture of the house. Okay. A Google image of the house on here. Okay. Such as this house, how you would do that is we would go here to photos, add photos. I want to go out and get a Google street view photo of this property. And you can actually send a piece of direct mail with someone’s photo of their house. Now, obviously it’s only good as the, as the photos. So it might be an Ariel. This one’s a little bit weird because it’s a big tree, but by the way, just whoever’s on here from Tampa, Florida, you need your property. This is going to be a great one, but you could crop this image if you wanted to. And maybe the house I wish there was a house here for me to show, you could crop it. And then that’s how your direct mail piece would look. Okay.

Speaker 1 (00:41:40):

So we’re going to go here and I’m going a little bit fast guys. I’ve had like way too much tea tonight. I probably shouldn’t have did it before bedtime. I want to start direct to know I’m going to pay. Um, let’s say actually I like this one and I’m going to press start mailer. Now, once I’ve done that, it’s processing my Miller. Okay. I can now preview my Miller and give it just a second. And it, this is going to have all of your information on here. I’m going to close that out real quick. Cause I don’t want y’all to have my cell phone number or everybody to have it. Not that I don’t love you guys, but you can preview your letters. Now, if you’re going to send direct to mail though, you need to come over here under your signatures.

Speaker 1 (00:42:46):

Okay? Contact info. Oh goodness. No way under my account. You go to my signatures. And when you hear you’re going to add a new signature. So then you’re going to put your phone number on there. Your name. You could even put a picture of yourself, some direct mail pieces where you could actually have your photo on the direct mail piece. Okay. You can have your return address on there. Also. You may want to get like a, a Google voice number, have it forwarded to your cell phone. So put your business line on there. That way, when a seller calls, you know, to answer, but I’ve done direct mail for years. It absolutely works. Okay. So right from here inside of deal driven, you can pull list, do direct mail. You could skip traces, everything. You need to find a seller.

Speaker 1 (00:43:42):

Now let me get back to my list and I want to show you before I’m going to pull some more lists in your areas guys. So don’t worry, but let me go back to Tampa real quick. You can also do direct to mail on an entire list at one time too. So maybe I want to send all of these people direct mail, and I want to send them this one start mailer. So with a click of a button, I just literally, they sit there and did a whole direct mail campaign for every one of these properties. So I’m now I’m going to have to call these phone numbers, I guess, since it’s, I’ve already paid for them, right? Um, everything in this app is bought with credits. Okay? So to go there, you can go here and figure out how much your credits are. It really depends on how many you buy. Obviously the more you buy, the more you save. So direct mail piece is 1.5 credits. So it just, or your skip traces can be a third of a credit to one credit. So depending on how many you buy, this is kind of how you would get this in here. Now. Um, I go pull another list in another area. Give me just a second real quick and look at some of these comments. Okay.

Speaker 1 (00:45:11):

So you can choose a photo manual for each property on your list for your campaign. Yes, absolutely. Also, another thing you could do is if, um, if you were using this app, by the way, you can use your phone, what you could do is you could take a picture with your phone, add it to deal driven and use the picture you took to send the piece of direct mail. Isn’t that neat. Um, Ezra cash bar literally means someone purchased the property in cash. That’s all that it means. Okay. So what that is is that’s the start of, uh, another backend system I’m wanting to pull instead of deal driven. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to, we’re going to habit to where you’re going to be able to build a cash buyer database here in a few short months, but I needed to get the data started on that. That’s just another feature we have coming up. So I’m good. Okay. All right. Let me look at another area I wrote down. We’re not at that donut. Plainfield, Illinois. That’s what I, that’s what I had next. Let’s go look at Plainfield, Illinois. Let’s pull another hot list. Okay.

Speaker 1 (00:46:27):

And I better be able to get some on my hot list. This time, Plainfield, Illinois. I’m going to reset my filters here. Let’s go back to filter. I’m going to keep 20 miles around the city center. I will minimum equity of 40%. Whoever is in Plainfield, Illinois, or anybody that knows this area. What’s what’s the middle-class max valuation for Plainfield, Illinois. I’m sorry. I just don’t know. I don’t. I know two 50 Eugene. Oh, what’s up Eugene. He’s one of our partners. Cool guy, by the way, let’s see. We’ll put two 50 sold before January 1st, 2018 property type single family. Hey Royce.

Speaker 1 (00:47:28):

Um, okay. Let’s see here. I want to bake it. Non-owner occupied with a recent mail delivery change. See if we get anything here? Whew. Yes. Whoever filled, make sure you start working this list. Okay. This is a great one. So you’d pick all of these. We would create a new list. We would call it Plainfield or whatever you want to call it. Really I’d call super hot. May 12th safe. Okay. Let’s go to my list. Now that I have my list here. Um, now that I have my list here, what are some things we could do? We’re going to skip trace. We could send direct to mail. You possibly could get email addresses from them. Did you see how quick that was guys? I mean, did you see how quick it was to pull these motivated seller list in your area? A lot of times people don’t show you this kind of thing.

Speaker 1 (00:48:40):

A lot of times they want you to pay per individual per individual lead, which is crazy. I mean, I used to pay like eight to 12 cents a piece for these. Now all of this is included inside of deal, driven for guests. What $49 a month, you get 8,000 of these. If you already have deal driven and you’re not pulling all thousand of your list a month, you are like literally shooting your own self in the foot. Okay? Use your full thousand. Okay. If you’re a partner, you better be skip tracing all thousand and using your thousand, skip traces a butt and calling them. That’s the beauty of being one of our partners, even though it says free to you, that doesn’t mean it’s free. We still pay for this on the backend. Okay? Either way, whether you are a partner or not, this is a great tool for you. So here again is the link to deal driven.com. I wish to have some cool links to share with you guys. I don’t. So all I want to do is send you to the website. If you would like to become one of our partners or really do apply, become one of our partners and to, um, fill out an application partner driven.com. You can go there to do that.

Speaker 1 (00:50:07):

What does skip trace mean? Leslie? That’s a great question. Okay. Um, so do you know, like, do you know what a Bell’s bondsman is? Wesley? So, uh, bails bondsman is someone that builds somebody out of jail, right? So what does someone do when they don’t pay their bill? They skip bail. So what Bell’s bondsman is do is they skip, trace to find the people that skipped bail. Now I’ll tell you, this is not equivalent to what a Bell’s bondsman does. Okay. But what that’s, what really we’re skip tracing the term came from. But what you’re simply doing is finding people’s information such as their cell phone numbers, such as their emails and even sometimes their social media profiles. Okay. By the way, all of this stuff, this is not something crazy. This is something you could do on multiple websites. There are websites were just one skip traces between five and $8. Okay.

Speaker 1 (00:51:16):

So Aaron, there are no credits that come with the $49 a month. Okay. You’re going to have to pay for skip tracing because it cost us money to do that as well as to send the direct mail. Okay. But what does come with that? What does come with that is the opportunity to be inside of deal driven and to pull a thousand lists a month because we get these data feeds that we paid for. So you’re able to build these lists, but to do add on services. I mean, the company we get skip tracing for charges is every time, you know, you purchase it. So we have to cover that cost or direct mail too. So, but for just $49 a month, you’re able to put and do all this stuff together. So yes, Leslie you’re, you’re actually sort of tracing them by finding their phone number. Okay. All right. Well, we’re running out of time, but there is quite a few of you guys on here. So, um, if you would like me to would y’all like me to pull another area’s list or do you have some more questions I could answer for you guys.

Speaker 1 (00:52:31):

Tanya wants to know. Do we have any plans of adding, um, ringless voicemail feature to the deal driven app? Absolutely. We’ve got plans to do so much stuff. It’s just getting it done. You know, we have to hire, um, you know, just getting all of it done, but yeah, it’s on my list. Cause I use RBM ringless, voicemail. Can you move or recenter center? The circle? That’s a good question. Jeffrey. I’ve never tried that. Um, hold on, let me go see, that’s a great question. I’ve never gotten that one and I’ve never thought to do that. Um, let’s just let me just use my town. It doesn’t look like that. You can because I, I’m not seeing how you could do that. Sorry. All right. Let me see if I can see some more questions here.

Speaker 1 (00:53:56):

Once. What happens once I nail down a lead? How do I initiate the sell through the program? So if you’re working with us, right, obviously you would be doing your, your daily training calls. Maybe you’d be scheduling a call with me, but your whole goal, when you’re calling these people is to set an appointment with the seller. Once you set the whistle, actually find the cops for a property here. Then you’re going to make them an offer for the property depending on where you live, because everything is a little bit different. You’re going to be offering somewhere between 65 and 72% of the after repair value minus the estimated repairs. Okay. That’s going to kind of get you what offer price you’re looking for.

Speaker 1 (00:54:50):

How does direct mail go to the list to the homeowner? Okay. So how it goes to there is, is that it, the direct mail piece is going to go to the mailing address, not the property address because you don’t want it to go to the property address. You want it to go to where the actual owner lives. You may not be able to move the circle, but you can resemble. Yeah. So you could change it Valerie, to like Clarksville, Georgia, if I wanted to, and then you would just move the town over and it would move your circle. You’re so right.

Speaker 1 (00:55:34):

What are some market analysis strategies that can be done on the deal driven app? Um, I don’t really know how to answer that question, Peter. Um, um, I can sort of tell what’s a good market to, uh, to invest in based off of some information from deal driven. Does the $49 a month go to the torque total profit of our partner program? No, because if you’re a partner, you don’t have to pay per deal driven at all. That’s just something we give you. Cause this is what we teach every day, how to pull, lists, how to make the calls, what to offer people, how to get deals done. That’s part of, part of it, of everything, right of that. What we do, um, you can put a zip code in, so you could say, let’s see three, we think of another one in Gainesville, real Fabo six. So you could put a zip code in and it would come up with that particular city and say, okay.

Speaker 1 (00:56:40):

All right. Perfect. Perfect. All right. So, um, who here does not have deal driven? Um, I’m raising my hand, but I shouldn’t be, if, if you do not have deal driven, would you at least go try the free trial for seven days? I mean, give it a try. It is. I’m telling you, it will keep you accountable. It will help you with everything that you’re trying to do in your business. And there’s not a better program in my opinion, for this price. I don’t know if you know this or not, but there are similar programs out there just like this, that people are charging like $2,000 upfront a month for. Okay. Um, and whenever we, and by the way, I just want to say that I am a partial owner of deal driven. Okay. But I’ll tell you the real reason why we made it $49 a month. You know, when I got started in this business, I did not have lots of money. I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. I wanted to have a program that was affordable to everybody. So whether you’re doing this full time or whether you’re just wanting to see if it’s right for you, we wanted to put something together that that was for everybody. And that’s what we did with deal driven. Okay.

Speaker 1 (00:58:13):

Yeah. Pay, you’re finding an area with a lot of cash. Buyers would be a good strategy. Um, so I, you know, I can’t express to you enough what, you know, the, the, what you should do, um, to get deal driven. But, but it is something you should really take your time to do. And obviously I would love the opportunity for you to partner with us guys. Um, so somebody was going to do, I have to get leads from bill driven or you guys give us leads. So you’re going to get them from deal driven when your partner okay. Because I want you to have the power to pull leads at any time that you want to including pre-foreclosure leads. Okay. And you, you want to be able to be able to manipulate this so you can understand your marketplace. All right.

Speaker 1 (00:59:06):

Um, since let’s see here, since we have so many on, I do want to show somebody let’s see here, a gentleman was talking about like an area and whether or not it’s a good area. Yeah. Um, last show, you mule me to show you how I figure that out. I can show you just by even when I am in Dahlonega, where you are, whether or not I would invest there or not. Would you like me to show you that? Oh, and by the way, I’d be remiss not to go over with you. Give me your area. Um, I think it’s Peter, give me your area, Peter, and then I’ll show you that, that area. Okay. But also for those of you that maybe aren’t ready to jump on board with a full partnership. We do have something called the 21 day deal challenge, which is a full video series.

Speaker 1 (01:00:13):

And if you sign up tonight, I, yeah, but tonight, tomorrow at 2:00 PM Eastern, you’ll be able to join our group coaching call. We do a once a week group coaching call with everybody in the 21 day challenge. Okay. So, um, I’m waiting for an area, but I’ll just look at one that I’ve already done before that I’ve already got here. So you’re going to go up here to driving search. Okay. This is how I’m going to determine what’s a good area to possibly invest in. Okay. Does anybody want to see that or what other buyers are? Um, I w other buyers are looking in. Okay. So let’s just take, since we’re on Plainfield and I’ve never been here before guys ever. So bear with me.

Speaker 1 (01:01:10):

Let’s update here. I’m in the driving search. Okay. So what I want you to see is this little legend over here on the left-hand corner. Okay. If you’ll notice the purple dots are vacant, the pink dots are Mel delivery change. The blue are non-owner occupied. The green are cash buyers. Okay. So think of it this way. When you see a lot of dots together, okay. Like non-owner occupied and cash buyers and maybe vacant properties, all like in an area where there’s a lot of them together. What does that kind of tell you? And put that in the chat. What that tells me is that’s an area where investors are buying in. Okay. Or that’s a good and varied area too, in there. Like Peter said, there’s movement. There’s things going on there. So I’m going to take Illinois and I’m still look around for a bunch of dots together. Okay.

Speaker 1 (01:02:32):

And you have to give time for your computer to kind of catch up a little bit because I’m trying to run zoom and this all at one time, but it could shine. You’re right. It could be a ghost town, right. That’s why you can do this. Let’s scroll in here a little bit closer. When I get here a little bit closer, it’s going to give me the street address and name for this purchase person. Watch this Shannon. I’m going to go virtually to this house. Boom. You see that? I can tell now if this is an area or not, if I’m doing virtual driving for dollars, I can now walk up and down the street and look for properties. Okay. That maybe I would not find on a list. So you can literally just go up and down the street, look at the streets. Do you see how pretty this house is?

Speaker 1 (01:03:35):

They got some nice grass. Don’t they actually let me come back over here to this one. If I were doing this in Plainfield, Illinois, this house right here that I first come up with, I’d actually probably add this to my list. So right here, I know the just I’ll probably went too fast. You could press a densify in this house. It’s correlated with our systems so you can press identify here. Now I can add this to Plainfield or another list that I created. Now I could see the details of the property. Okay. So this, about how you, or this property, they have an estimate equity of one 16. Okay. So this valuation is more of like a quick comp, like an as is comp. Okay. Obviously this is owner occupied because their mailing address is the same, but that’s okay. Owner, occupied people sell their house too.

Speaker 1 (01:04:45):

Um, now I’m going to go down here. I’m going to show you how to pull comps. Here are all of the recent sales in this area. Okay. And you could see the distance away, the subdivision that they’re in. Um, I could go here to the owner. I’m just going to skip trace and just cause I can see if we get their numbers. So I just went to some city in Plainfield, Illinois. Right. And I was setting myself to say something cool. And it didn’t find it right. But if it does not find a number for that person, you are not going to be charged a credit, but I would send direct mail to this individual right now. I do value everybody’s time. I am done for this evening, but please, please, please. Okay. We use still driven to accelerate your business. Efficiency means a ton.

Speaker 1 (01:05:46):

My hair looks crazy. Um, you know, a Bishop NSI really, you know, helps you in your business. Your time is your money. Okay? So every minute, every hour that you save here goes into your pocket. Think of it that way. For those of you that are partners. Thank you for being on love. You guys, for those of you that are in the 21 day deal challenge. I appreciate you take your time to learn, you know, more about yourself to, to work on getting deals done, but to all of you have a blessed evening, a great Tuesday night. I, and as I should talk to you soon, goodbye.

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