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Peter (00:03):

Hey, good evening, everybody. Peter Vekselman here. How are you? Hope everyone’s having a good, good day. I’m going to share with you here in a minute, a little bit about my day, because I think it’s, uh, it’s going to be relevant to this topic, so hello. Hello. Hello everybody. As we got people logging in and zooming in and getting on, if you don’t mind, um, let me know when you’re dialing in or zooming in from what’s a brat, Brad, you better be at the live event, dude. You’re you’re like the most loyal, consistent, amazing dude we got here with, with what we do. And, um, um, so I hope we’re going to see you, uh, Brad at the live event here coming up. Um, how are you, Tammy? How are you doing? Uh, I guys, we’re going to get started in here and just a couple of minutes, if you don’t mind share with me where you are zooming in from zoom is like the great equalizer, right?

I mean, you could do something at a whim and say, let’s go zoom in. And then you can, all of a sudden have people literally all over the place changes the rules of a lot of engagement. What’s up Gordon, Delaware in the house. What’s up? Phoenix. Graham is in a house. Um, yeah, Brad, let’s make sure we do that. We gotta do that. Whatever it takes California in a house Sacramento in the house. What’s up, bill? How are you? So share with me where you guys are zooming in from what’s up Massachusetts in the house. What’s up? Karen? What’s up? Carl, we got New York. We got Buffalo in the house. What’s up, Russell. Um, you guys settle in. We’re going to have an enjoyable time tonight. Very, very enjoyable hope wherever you guys are actually so hot. The office here, I’m going to turn my, um, I’m going to turn the air conditioning on.

It’s getting hot in Atlanta, but it’s like it’s June. So I guess it’s time to get hot in Atlanta. Right? We have Florida in the house. We got Chicago in a house. Eugene. I heard we got a deal going on way to hang in there. Good job, buddy. Eugene, you like remind me of me except you’re doing it quicker than I am. It took me years to do zero really? Uh, what’s up Russell. Um, all right guys, we’re going to get started handymen or so help you guys set an amazing day. Hope you guys set an amazing time. This is going to be, I think, a good way to, tonight’s going to be one of those fireside chats. I call them. Okay. Um, we’re going to go over some really cool stuff, but it’s like, that’s what I call tonight. Fire side chat. We’re just going to kind of, um, bring it down a notch.

And uh, and we’re going to talk about an important topic, but you know, we’re going to talk about it at a very, very basic level, which by the way, like if I ever go to any T webinars or seminars or meetings, that’s the first thing I need always like, um, I’m like I need, um, I need to be talked to a very basic level. So tonight I’m talking almost to myself, all of you, all that need stuff done at a very basic unsophisticated level. That’s what, uh, that’s what tonight’s going to be all about. Um, but I do have some good stuff for you guys today. I promise you, um, I don’t know why my computer keeps on opening up windows bites. So you guys in the industry, you guys, there was things like these computers have minds of their own or somebody else’s controlling them because like, literally right now, my computer started opening up things by it self. All right, let’s give it one more minute. We’ll get rocking and rolling.

Boom, boom, boom, Oklahoma in the house. What’s up non or okay. Oh, we’re going to be talking about, um, um, we’re going to be talking about actually the live event today. So if you’re already going, tonight’s going to be good because it’s going to get you, um, anticipating and appreciating more. What’s about ready to take place in your, uh, in your business here, um, over the next couple of weeks. And if you’re like what live event, then I’m glad you’re here because hopefully what we talk about today is going to get you there. And that’s, um, that’s a level of kind of move. Well, let’s go ahead and get rolling guys again. My name is Peter [inaudible] with partner-driven real estate investing. Um, tonight we have a mix of people on some of you guys are partners. That’s awesome. Reset, recharge recommit. Let’s get you to the next level with what we’re going to talk about tonight.

Peter (05:27):

Uh, some of you guys are not partners. You’re kind of just checking out the partner driven model. Um, we’ll hopefully you’re here tonight and you’re ready to make a decision because I could tell you if you’re, if you’re looking to do real estate investing, whether you do it with us or whether you decide to go at it yourself, I can honestly tell you like, yeah, I think doing it with us as a smarter move, sharper move, a less risky move, you know, no brainer move all that, but I could also tell you if you decide to be in real estate, quit bouncing around and figuring out you got to jump in because it is amazing, amazing times in terms of what’s taking place in real estate. The dynamics are such that I have not in 20 22, 23 years in the business, I’ve not seen it. And the more I kind of try to get behind the scenes of what’s taking place, I can tell you it’s about ready to just let loose.

I mean, what’s going to happen. Um, it’s, it’s just amazing, amazing times. So whether you do it with partner, let me give you one, one specific example. So at my personal level, like not in the investing world, but on my personal level, I have this philosophy in terms of my personal housing. I like to own one house and I like to rent one house. Okay. That’s just my personal philosophy. You know, the one we own, it’s kind of like, it’s like, it’s a lake house, right? Well, there’s no bad, no bad time to be on the lake. Right. A bad day in the lake is a great day in the city is as they say, right? So that’s my permanent house. I mean, you know, you show up with the leg, you got the boat there, you got amazing times. There can’t remember the last time we were been at the lake house where it has been bad.

So that’s the permanent house. But like I said, at my personal level, I like to have one rental house. And the reason we like to have one rental house or one rental property is we do like a change of scenery. Like before, like in this place, I’m in tonight before we had this place, we were like in smack dab in Atlanta on a thing called the BeltLine. And we used to be able to walk out of where we lived. And within five minutes walking, this is not driving, but within five minutes walking distance, we could attack. We can get to 10 restaurants, 10 bars, 10, whatever. Right. We were like in the thick of things, then we want it to chill pill a little bit. And we’re live right now in a place called bindings here. Within five minutes of driving, we can get through any amenity we want, including the brand new stadium that’s built here in Atlanta.

Uh, it’s a little bit more centrally located. And we’re right now in the process of looking for our next rental property, you know, we have to, we’re going to be out of here within the next several months. Uh, so, uh, and we have the ability to terminate early. So, and just today we were talking, uh, we were talking to four people that have rental units and everyone had the exact same story. Can’t do anything right now. My tenants aren’t paying, I’m not making any money. I can’t do. I can’t get them out. I can’t show you the property. I’d love to rent it somewhere else. Can’t do it. But light at the end of the tunnel, because obviously the moratoriums are being lifted. And, and guess what happens when they get lifted? All these people that have all these tenants are going to be able to make a move, either make a move by selling it would that potential tenant make a move by evicting that tenant and selling it and all this.

So all this to say, guys are absolutely incredible. Like literally a tsunami we’re coming out with a special product, um, how to take advantage of the tsunami actually, guys. Uh, and it, it literally is going to be tsunami. So whether you’re with partner-driven by yourself, you need to get in the business, uh, you know, quit, quit messing around, could bouncing, trying to figure out how to do it. Just either do it or don’t do it. And, uh, I will tell you if you’re, if you are confused about doing it, you know, we think we hear a partner-driven offer to the absolute perfect model to do it with, because this is what our model is. We literally partner, we partner with people all the way across the United States, all 50 states, pretty much in every single city. And we do real estate deals with them. You know, our end of the bargain is very simple.

Our commitment is that we’re gonna, we’re going to train and coach and mentor. Every one of our partners, we will, uh, help them generate leads. And we have actually a proprietary, a motivated seller lead, um, CRM that literally markets and our partners’ behalf and kicks out motivated seller leads for them. We will provide technology for partners. That’s our next commitment to them, which is very essential and very important. When the right deals come along, we’re going to provide a hundred percent of the capital to do the deals with. And then we put the properties in the market, sell them, split the profits down the middle, and that’s the partner driven model. So that’s our commitment to our partners. What we’re looking for, our partners, we’re looking for people that are willing to hustle that are coachable, that want to level up that want to get a lot more out of life than they currently have.

Peter (10:34):

And we just, you know, we just feel like from what we offer, it’s a no-brainer for anyone who wants to be in the real estate either for the first time, or maybe you’re already in real estate and you just hitting a wall, you just trying to figure out how to get to the next level. So that’s what the partner driven model is all about. But tonight, tonight, guys, actually, it’s, I get to the topic of tonight, which is the live event and whether you’re a partner or not a partner yet, um, it’s a very relevant topic. And in the best way I think I could lead into it is, you know, as I’m, I’m just gonna tell you about what happened today, like my day to day and how it relates to the live event coming up on June 26th and June 27th. So for those of you that follow me on social media, follow me through this.

You know, the one thing that I do is I try to create shortcuts for myself in life because I’m a huge believer. There is actually shortcuts. There’s absolutely ways to shortcut success. Anyone who tells you it’s nothing but working hard is absolutely lying to you. And it’s just, that’s just their way of kind of keeping you in, you know, comfortable in the misery. Uh, but there aren’t absolutely shortcuts. And one of the shortcuts I personally follow when it comes to, uh, achieving success and you know, my ever, uh, wanting to step up and level up is, is this pillar of getting up early? Okay. That I believe that when you get up early, you absolutely create a shortcut for yourself when it comes to being successful. One, you almost always get an advantage over your competition, right? Because I guarantee your competition is not up at four o’clock in the morning or five o’clock in the morning.

Um, you create extra time just for you personally, right? Think about it. If I got up just one hour earlier every day, or if you got up one hour earlier every day, from what you’re getting up right now in one year, that’s an extra 365 hours. Um, obviously it depends what you do with that time. But if you use that time constructively, like maybe you’d like literally zero in that one hour is all about chasing my dreams and goals, right? That one hour is about my side hustle that ultimately will become my full hustle. Okay. Um, that’s an extra 365 hours in a year. You can get you imagine what you could do with that kind of time. So there’s a lot of reasons why I get up early. Um, so anyway, today was a typical day. I got up early and I could tell you, I S I don’t know why, but I just got like this anxiety over me, like, and you know, it happens, you know, some I’m not, I’m pretty good about not having too much of it, but this morning I got up and I just had the, I was just like anxious about a couple of things.

And, and usually like, if I ever have those kinds of situations where I get somewhat anxious about stuff, usually all I have to do is just wait for sun up. And it goes away just like, maybe it’s the sunlight. Maybe it’s just, I don’t know what it is, but whenever I have like any kind of anxiety in the mornings, usually by time seven or eight o’clock come around, I’m like split, it’s split. I will not split it. He split today. I mean, I had that nagging feeling in me all the way through the morning. Right. And I was supposed to meet with my son, one of my kids for lunch. I got a haircut ahead of time in the middle of the haircut. He texted me that like, Hey, I can’t meet you. Um, so, you know, we pushed that off and I’m still having this anxiety feeling.

And I get in the car from, uh, from my haircut and I get this text and this is a text from one of my, one of my, my neighbor at the lake house. And, you know, I know you can’t see it, but basically what happens is my neighbor has an easement. I have an easement from my neighbor over, uh, at my lake house, basically my neighbor in essence, the way that properties were divided, owns literally the very front end of my driveway. Now I I’m going to tell, I just got a weird neighbor. It’s the best I could describe it. Like, for those of, you know, me, I’m fairly social talkative that neighbor’s been there for seven years. I don’t think I’ve said one word to them. Right. And all of a sudden I get a text from them saying FYI. And they S they attach the PDF form.

Peter (15:01):

We’re taking away the easement. Like what, basically the land locking my lake house. I have no, uh, if, if this happens, I have no way to gain access to my own lake house. Now, remember, I’m already kind of a, this uneasy state for whatever reason today kind of anxious, I get this crazy text. And then there’s a crazy text, right? Like what, seriously, we’re rolling into the summer time. Right. We’re going to use the lake house more and more. We’re going to have friends there every week. Um, you know, and like, you’re, you’re, you’re telling me you’re going to land, lock me out of my own, you know, lake house. So, you know, I just forward that text over to my, one of my attorneys. So what does that do that builds upon my anxiety? Right. Well, kind of go back and forth to my attorney about the situation for the next hour.

What does that do? Alleviate that, not alleviate accentuate things. It right. And literally, like, as the day went on, it just felt like every single thing was just like another builder towards this anxiety. And like I said, usually if I have on my rarely have on, but when I do have, I’m usually boom, gone with him an hour or two I’m trucking on. But today when gone within an hour or two, we kept on building up and building up. And I’m sure many of you guys can relate to what I’m, what I’m saying here. Um, then a couple more things kind of hit me the wrong way. And, and I’m just kinda like, you know, I’m just kind of like retreating at that point, right. Because that’s what happens. A lot of times we retreat when things like that happen. It’s just a natural thing because you’re like, okay, let me just kind of slow it down. Let me kind of have a little bit of a pity party. You know, let me kind of feel a little bit, sorry for myself. Let me kind of, and, and even during those times when good things happen, they get diminished, right? Because like the anxieties here, the good things are here and, you know, just things aren’t falling together in a good place.

And then I’m thinking like, you know, my wife says, Hey, you know, we’re looking at, as you just mentioned that we’re looking for another property to rent. Like maybe we can go look at a couple of properties to rent. Uh, also, you know, our agent that’s helping with us is kinda like Mia, all of a sudden, what does that do? A little bit more anxiety. So I’m like, well, I’m just going to call a couple of these agents direct I’m in real estate. I know how to talk to them. You know, we look at a property, she sees a property online. She’s like, this looks really cool. You know, um, big house, you know, it’s got all the amenities features we’re looking for. So I called the guy, the realtor who actually turns out to be the owner. And we have a rough conversation all of a sudden, cause I think he, in the background, he may know knowing who I am, didn’t know why I was renting, whatever.

So what that do anxiety a little bit higher, but then we worked through that converse. They can actually cause me back. Second conversation we have is a pretty cool conversation. You know? He’s like, yes, come on out. I want to show you this. You know, we, we make the arrangements to go see it. Um, not what it was portrayed to be. What does that do? Boom, a little bit more bumps with this stuff, but then check this out. My wife and I are like, and at that point it’s like probably 4 35 o’clock right. And so era and I are like, let’s, let’s go get around some people, okay, let’s just go get a bite to eat. Let’s go around. You know, we’ve obviously been around all this negative energy today. She kind of went through the same thing, you know, with some issues and she, and she now like, let’s just go, let’s go grab a bite to eat.

And it’s so weird. We walk into this restaurant and all of a sudden, we’re not around the anxiety that we were experiencing. We’re around people with good energy, good karma, enjoying themselves. Cause a lot of people enjoy, you know, the restaurant we went to is one of those places, like little hippie plate, like pretty hip place, you know? So good energy, good vibes, people smiling, laughing, getting off for grabbing drinks. And it was weird. Like literally as we were sitting there, remember we’re just at a restaurant here, but we were around the right vibe or with real life people with the right kind of vibe. And literally as we sat there, I remember we didn’t go there to try to solve anything. We were just hungry.

But literally like, as we were sitting there and even talking about this kind of weird day where both having any, anytime from my end, I’m just like the anxiety started coming down and we sat there at of somebody eat around the right round, positive people. They’re not even talking to us, but you know, you’ve been in those rooms or environments where people are just happy. They’re smiling, they’re interacting. They’re obviously in a good frame of mind, all of a sudden boom, a level lower level, lower, a level lower. And then it hit me and then we hit me, gotta be around. People gotta be the route, the right people. You gotta be the right environment. I preach it all the time. I know it. I live it. I mean, I, I teach people to be around the right environment, the right set of people, you know?

Peter (20:47):

Right. Kind of goal oriented people. People they’re in the same lanes of life with you. I teach this stuff. But every once in a while I gotta remind, I gotta be reminded myself. Right. It just like, literally hit me. I’m like, dude, it’s easy when you’re kind of down now, you’re kind of in the dumps and you kind of have one of those anxiety filled days, you get around people. That’s what you tell people to do. It’s what you do. But see what happens is this is, let me tell you what happens. I do it all the time. Purposely, purposely do it. Like I get around the right environments on a daily basis, whether it’s, you know, my gym workouts or you know, the right kind of coffee houses to go to, or the right group of friends to have, or the right team around me, I consciously do it.

And so it’s easy. But what happens when you get knocked out of that little world? Like I did today, I just got knocked out a little bit mentally. I forgot them. I just literally, it slipped my mind. I’m like, you know, what do you do when you driving down the hallway? And all of a sudden you oversteer, you got to get back, got to get back in the lane. Right? Well, today it just kind of hit me quick and rarely happens in a kid. And it just, I forgot to get back in the lane. And when I got in the lane of good vibe, good people, good environment, positive situation. Boom, that just, and so I thought it would be very fitting to show you that story with you because that’s what the live event that’s taking place on the 26th and the 27th of June here in a couple of weeks is all about for some of you, it’s going to be exactly what I just described. Some of you guys are too anxious right now to edgy right now, too, on the, on the cliff of whatever, doing it, not doing it moving forward or not moving forward, quitting or giving up. Right. You know what I’m talking about?

And you need the love event. You need to live event to bring you back. Okay. You need the live event to kind of oversteer you in the other direction. Okay? You need a lot of vent to, to reinforce that you’re not the only one that’s taking place with your, not the OMI or mine that you’re letting yourself feel like you’re not the poor me poor I, that you’re feeling like [inaudible]. And so some of you need lots of event to get you back on track. Just get you back on track. You’re off track right now, for whatever reason, it could be a mental issue. It could be a physical issue. It could be a pity party issue. It’s all the issues that I used to go through. You know, when I got started in this business, right?

So you ended a live event to get you back. Some of you need the live event to actually accelerate you. You’re actually pretty much on track right now. And you’re feeling pretty good about yourself and you feel like you’re doing what you need to be doing, but it’s like, um, let me give you an example. It’s like there’s times in my life where I thought I was pretty good at stuff. Like when I was younger, I was like, I’ve actually was a pretty good tennis player. Like verifiably. Like I won a lot of things. I had a division, one tennis scholarship, you know? So I played at very, very high levels until one day I got invited to a professional tennis match and I thought, whoa, there’s that next level? There’s that next level. So some of you need the love event because even though you feel like you’re on track, you feel like you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing.

Peter (25:03):

You need to go there cause you need to see what the next level looks like. You need to like, you need to be pushed to the next level because you might not even understand what the next level is. Like. I, back then I thought I was the bomb, like on TV. I watched these guys play and hit tennis balls. And I promise you, if you’ve ever gotten a professional athletic event, you walk out with a tote, right? You know what I’m talking about? Right? You walk out with a totally, totally different perspective than when you watch that thing on TV. When you watch two grown men run across a field called the football field and collide in the middle and one is not seeing the other, you’d have an appreciation. What these guys go through that you do not have on, on the TV set.

So some of you guys need to be there now because you’re down in the dumps. Not because you’re off track, but some of you guys need to be there because you actually think you’re further on than you are. And when you see the next level, like you see the partners that are next level, you see the team here that we’re all going to be there. You see what’s possible at the next level, you’re going to be like, wow. You know, I thought this, whatever this is is enough. But the reality is that there is, I didn’t even know about this stuff. Like, I didn’t know. You can negotiate like this. I didn’t know. You could talk to sellers like this. I didn’t know the app does this. Wow. I had no idea that there’s scripts like this. Right? I had no idea how the back office really works, but now I do.

So there’s going to be a lot of things that you’re going to be able to get to the next level of you just don’t know. It’s like, you don’t know what you don’t know. Okay. Some of you guys need the love with them because you’re just not doing anything. At least the guy down in the dumps, he’s at least doing something he’s just hating life. And he’s like borderline suicidal, but you’re over here. I don’t care what emotions you got here. You just saying doing squat and you need to figure out what it’s going to take for you to do squat. Right. And by the way I’ve been in all these, I’m not like picking on anyone in particular. I’ve been in all these, you know, I’ve been in the pity party mode, but still doing stuff. I’ve been like, I’m doing great, but oh, let me see. Who’s really doing great. And I’ve been like, I I’m kind of out. All right. So these are all just different versions of me.

So some of you guys need to go there so you can have a blast start. Like if it’s like a spaceship, right. They don’t just roll out a spaceship anywhere. And just kind of like get a bunch of momentum and throw it up in the air. And like, and they say, go fly now to launch a spaceship, a rocket, a rocket ship. It takes some serious planning, some serious effort, right? They got launch pads. They got launched sites. They got launch crews. They got weather checks. They got like countdowns. How many guys just need to be launched? And that ain’t going to happen. Twiddling your, you know, your fingers. You ain’t going to ever get launched. You need like that boost of energy. Okay?

Right. Some of you need to be there because you want to quit right now. You might even not having a pity party. You might just be like, Hey, I’m going to quit. And it’s easy to quit when it’s like you and you, it’s harder to quit on a team. Right? Ever quit on the team of 12 guys around you. It’s a lot harder when you just quit on you. Something, you know, you shouldn’t quit stemming. You know that you, you want to quit. Some of you mentally have quit. Actually. You know, it’s not the right thing to do, but you’re quick. You’re out. It’s not the right time. Not the right place. Not the right business, not the right organization. Um, not the right talent. Not this, not that, not that, not this. And you’re, you might not physically have quit, but you’re out, right? You’re already looking at other things. You’re checking other things out. You’re already planning your summer softball schedule. You’ve already, you’ve already written out the speech that you’re going to give your life. When that final nail is nailed, why this is the right thing to do.

Peter (29:59):

But deep down inside, you know, you shouldn’t be doing it. You’re not going to share with anybody. You’re not going to admit it to anybody. You’re not going to tell anybody, but the downside, you know, and you’re having too hard of a time to figuring out how not to quit something. You need to be live event because of that, because you can’t figure out how to hang in this thing. You’re going through the motions at best. But you know yourself, it’s not anything worthwhile, you know yourself. It’s nothing that’s ever going to achieve anything. You know yourself, you’re not going to be a superstar, but you don’t know how to get through that. We’ll show you at the Lebanon. That’s why you need to go to the live event because there’s things we could say to you at 11 event that we can’t and won’t share over a zoom call and you know what I’m talking about, right? There’s things that you will tell somebody when you’re face-to-face with somebody that you won’t tell them. If you’re on a phone call with them or zoom with them, it’s that intimate stuff that takes place when you’re in a live event mode that that cannot be replicated through technology or email or text or zoom or anything like that.

So I can tell you this, no matter where you fall in that spectrum pity party, you’re doing good, but you don’t know. You could be doing better down and out. Don’t know how to get to the next level. You’ve already mentally quit. No matter where are you finding that? Your stuff in that spectrum, you need to go to a live event to get through your personal situation. Now, why do I say that? Why do I say that’s the magic that happens there? I can honestly say, I can’t really explain it like it is for some of the things I’m talking about. It’s in the live environment, you know, it’s more intimate. It’s, it’s more comradery there. It’s more reality. There. It’s more real people there. You could see it, feel it, touch it, smell it. You could be part of it. But there’s that also that kind of something happens at a live events. Something happens in those kinds of environments. You know, I shared with people many, a times like people say, well, do you go to libel a lot, a lot of events. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t.

I mean, I, I like when I got started as business, I, you know, I didn’t go to a bunch of them. I went to a number of them, biggest reason I just couldn’t afford them. And the second reason I just didn’t think I needed it. Right. And I went to a lot of them, a number of them that did nothing for me. Like literally I went there, paid to be there, sat there, participated, walked out, scratch my head. And like, what the heck did I just do for the last two or three days that happened that that has absolutely taken place in my life, in live events. The exact same thing that I’m telling you right now that you cannot miss, but I can also tell you, I was at a one lab event back then that changed the trajectory of this real estate business. For me, like it literally changed the trajectory of it. It was the ultimate pivot in my real estate investing career. Really not even the real estate investing career in my pathway to success. It was the ultimate pivot happened at a live event.

And so I will vouch. I will vouch that if you have not yet made your number one, some of you guys listening here tonight, you’ve already made a decision to be there. Please get fired up, get excited, treat that live event the way you would treat. Let’s say, you’re in a race, right? Let’s say you’re running a race and you see the finish line. And you’re like, thank God. Treat that live event. If you’re going treat that low event like man, it is going to be a winner. You are crossing the finish line, the finish line of the BS. That’s held you back. You’re going to finish it off there. The finish line of not understanding how much better you could be. You’re going to leave it there. The finish line of, I can’t figure out how not to quit, but I want to quit. You’re going to finish it there. You’re the end is in sight for you. Some of you guys, some of you guys have not made that final ultimate decision, whether or not you should be at this live event.

Peter (35:20):

I could tell you from everything I’ve just shared with you, you need to be at this live event. Okay? You need to do whatever you gotta do to get there. Now people sometimes say, well, gosh, Pete, how do you really know if it’s the right thing for me? Like you? I don’t, I don’t, but I could tell you my road to success, many, many other people’s road to success that I know. And I’ve shared and talked with and discuss things with almost always happen. It’s some kind of interaction, a live interaction, maybe not even a live event, but a lot of interaction. So the reason I need to be there is you’re going to have a better shot of being successful. If you go there than if you don’t go there. And that in of itself is worthy of going there. Right? Think about this. All life is, is a game of percentages and choices. Like let’s say, say, I’m going in for brain surgery. I got a choice. I can go to the doctor. That’s done 30,000 brain surgeries on every that’s that’s that’s quoted by 30,000 research, says out there whose name is known in the brain surgery.

Or I can go with the guy that just graduated college. And he’s excited about cutting his first barring. It’s just more chance. It’s just more chance. If I play one-on-one basketball against somebody, I could play with Yahoo from a local high school team walk could play with John Battle. A friend of mine who was an ex NBA player. It’s just, it’s just chances increase in them when you can and making choices. And if you’re already decided that real estate is where you want to be, I don’t think you’d be listening to me here tonight. If you, at least haven’t made that decision, then why not increase your chances by making the right choices, right? Here’s increasing your chances.

Here’s one thing I know that’s not going to happen. And if this does happen, I’ll give you your money back. How about that? Here’s one thing I’m, it’s not going to happen. You’re not going to get to Sunday and look at if you’re there with someone else or just think to yourself and say, well, this was a stupid decision. I guarantee you that ain’t going to happen. Like I said, if it does happen and you’re like, what, why would I show up? Just see myself or any of the, uh, of the team here and the payback, your admission.

We don’t need the a hundred bucks. You know, it’s not about that for us. It’s a chance for our partners to level up because when our partners level up, it’s more deals for them. It’s more deals for us. It’s more money for them. It’s more money for us. And I want to give my partners every possible chance I have of getting to those next levels. If you’re not a partner, then you need to be there because you understand the value of this business. You’ll learn what it means to be an investor at very, very, very high levels. And you’ll make a decision. Hey, I’m just going to take all this information. I’m going to gobble it up. I’m going to hoard it up and I’m going to use it myself to become successful. Great. Some of you guys are going to go there. You’re going to take the exact same information.

You’re going to hot, Hubble up. You’re going to take it up and you’re going to be like, um, you’re going to be like, well, I love it. But then, Hey, Pete, you’re telling me you’re going to give me money for my deals. You’re telling me you’re going to give me leads. You’re telling me you’re going to teach me more beyond this event. Let’s go do it together. Whatever you decide to do is fine, but it’s going to get you to the next levels. So having said all this, June 26, June 27th here in Atlanta, Georgia, actually, I was texted a little bit ago. I guess everyone’s staying in the same hotel and there’s like a shuttle. So they’re going to be taking people from the hotel. But I think the sh the hotel is where the meeting is. Well from the airport to the hotel. Sorry, it’s going to be from the, uh, from the airport to the hotel. There’s going to be shuttles. They’re going to be taking you there, but the hotels inside the airport, it’s got, it’s literally, it’s like, it’s, it’s the Renaissance inside. Hartsfield.

Peter (40:24):

Make a decision to go make it tonight. Cause you know what happens when you sleep on it, right? What does sleeping on it mean talking your way out of it, make a decision, make a commitment. All you gotta do. Sure. Someone’s going to put a link up these, go to partner driven, That’s partner driven, Like the registration is like $99 for the person. And then if you bring a spouse or a partner it’s like 40 or 50 bucks for that, it’s nothing not for the value you’re going to get out of it. So I challenge you make the decision, go to partner-driven The link is in your chat and make June 26th and 27th. The finish line of not being where you want to be in the starting line of getting to where you want to be, make it that exciting. That’s pretty fired up.

Exciting stuff. If you think about it. So that’s June 26, June 27th. Some of you guys have been following us for a little while now, and I could tell you, you’ve already made a, that you want to be a partner. And if you become a partner, you’re going to roll into that event and you’re going to be on like wildfire. So for those of you that are ready to get into the, and start doing deals even before you get there. Okay. We have a couple of team members on standby tonight, and they’re at 770-746-8585 that’s 770-746-8585. So if you’re ready to jump on board and start partnering. So guys tonight, tonight was about finish lines and starting lines live event is just kind of the byproduct of it all. If you’re ready to finish of all the things that have not gotten you, where you want to go to, and you ready to start all the things that are going to get you to, where you got to, where you want to be.

Then June 26 and June 27th, you need to be there. So guys on behalf of myself, Peter, [inaudible] the team behind me here at partner-driven. I want you to know guys. I really enjoyed it. Um, I, I love doing these Tuesday night w uh, webinars we’ve been doing with Adam for a number of years. Now, we have an incredible, incredible track record with him. And so, um, if you’re a partner here tonight, let’s go. If you’re not a partner here tonight, let’s go also. Okay. So again, uh, Peter Veksleman, Partner Driven investing. I enjoyed it. We’ll see you. Same time, same place next week. So you guys.