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Speaker 1 (00:02):

Hey, good morning. Good morning, I guess. Good. Early afternoon to everybody. My name is Peter [inaudible]. I have Julie mucin other side, Julie, how are you

Speaker 2 (00:14):

Doing awesome today. Thank you so much, Peter.

Speaker 1 (00:16):

I’m glad you are here with me because you are the center of attention today and that’s, uh, that is really cool. Today. We’re going to be talking about what Julie has personally done for me in the last 10 plus years, what she’s currently doing for a number of, of our existing partners. And, and I’m just going to throw something at today. Julie, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna talk to you about one of our first PD, max people, Seth. So when we get rolling, I’m going to talk about him also. Sound good.

Speaker 2 (00:43):

Oh yeah, absolutely. Sounds awesome. Actually,

Speaker 1 (00:46):

Seth and I, we just set than us. We just closed the deal, made a hundred, 5,000 on it. What do you think about them? Apples.

Speaker 2 (00:54):

Yeah, that’s the best apples I’ve ever heard of, for sure. That’s crazy. And what’s even more crazy. And you may say this, but we didn’t, you didn’t put any work into it. Did you?

Speaker 1 (01:05):

We bought it for 90. We sold it for two 10 and we spent zero fixing it. Um, he, now we’re just going back and forth. Uh, uh, we got eight of them right now with, with Steph. We got eight other deals going on, like literally already bought that. We’re moving to closing and I think we’ve got two under contract on the way,

Speaker 2 (01:27):

Man. That’s like $300,000 a month.

Speaker 1 (01:30):

Not bad for a 30 year old kid who like, when he met us, didn’t even think he, he couldn’t afford to get married. Wasn’t that right?

Speaker 2 (01:39):

Yeah, exactly. And now he’s got two beautiful little daughters. Um, just bought him a new home and airplane. Like I’m jealous of a set. It’s called styling. Yeah, exactly. I’m like, why did I ever think I bought an airplane instead of in bond houses? I’m just kidding. No,

Speaker 1 (02:00):

But the cool thing is, um, that’s what we’re going to talk to everybody here about today here in the next minute or two, about what we do with partner driven max, you know, we, we kind of kid back and forth, but really we celebrate our partners. I mean, it is, uh, I still remember Julie. I can’t remember. I think it was like four months ago. He texted me a picture with him operating a plane and I’m like convinced that the next text was going to be something like his buddy, let him get the cockpit. But, and then he texted me right below that. He’s like, Hey, thanks. Couldn’t have bought this without you. And that was really cool. Really, really, really cool.

Speaker 2 (02:36):

That is, that is, that is awesome.

Speaker 1 (02:39):

All right. We’re going to get started here in just a minute or two guys. We appreciate you guys, uh, zooming in. We definitely have some really, really cool stuff for you guys to go over and, uh, explain how some of the things that we do are currently working how well they’re working and how possibly possibly even they could be for you. So settle in, enjoy. I promise you if nothing else, uh, everybody, everybody will learn something today. Uh, you’ll get a better feel of who we are and what we do and what we do at the highest levels. This is today. It’s all about talking about the highest levels of what’s possible with partner driven, which is partner driven max. And, um, so we’re going to get started here in just a minute. It’s about as disorganized as overhead and my desk, I had like seven pieces of paper on it. Fix that. Um,

Speaker 2 (03:36):

All right. Uh, I’d like to welcome some of the members that are on. We got Annie bald, Brian, Bruce, Chad Dale. What’s up Dale Douglas Duro, Eric era, Jackie Janell, Jasmine, Mr. Samuel Mohammad, um, Mariah Michael Mike Nettie, Norbert Patrice fall, Peggy Philip, Rhonda, Ronnie, Sam Talon, William. So excited to have you here this morning, who is happy. It is Friday who is happy. It’s Friday. Let me know in the chat. Yay. Friday, Phillip says, you know, I’ll tell you used to Friday would be one of my favorite, favorite, favorite days of the week. Um, and you know, when really, when you’re, you’re living life on your schedule, your own schedule every day is a Friday, right? I mean, you know, with the exception of Sunday, Sunday for me is definitely family day, but every other day of the week is, is no different than the other, um, Sundays a hold, you know, to my family, but the rest of the week, um, I’m doing whatever I can do, right? So happy Friday, everybody. God can y’all believe it’s already August. Like I was about to say it’s nuts, but everybody that I know tells me, I say that all the time. So I’ve been really trying hard not to say it’s nuts.

Speaker 1 (05:10):

Funny. All right. Well cool. Cool, cool, Julie, thanks for that good stuff. Well, let’s get rolling guys today. We’re here to talk to you guys about partner-driven max and partner drift. Max is literally what Julie and I do at the highest levels. Matter of fact, partner-driven max really is what we did to build our own business. And this is how partner-driven max originated. It’s when I met Julie many, many years ago now. And, um, Julie came on initially as a caller for me, mostly do a lot of, you know, the story and she basically, Scott quickly, quickly rose through the ranks, ultimately became the CEO of my real estate investment company. We went on to do thousands of real estate deals together. And in essence, what Julie did is she ran the whole operation for me. And when I say ran the whole, it was, it literally got to the point that mine real estate investment business was hands-off one hands-off overnight one hands off immediately, but ultimately all of us here who are real estate investors, we are ultimately essentially business owners.

Speaker 1 (06:10):

And the goal of any business owners should be twofold. One you want to make as much as you can, nothing wrong with that. Number two, you want to create a great lifestyle for yourself. And the only way you’re going to create the lifestyle for yourself is if what you do is set up correctly. Okay? I know a lot of people make pretty darn good money, good money by anyone’s standards, but they have no time, no freedom. They have no control of their calendars. They have no ability to spend time with their husbands, with their wives, with their kids. And, and the last thing they lose is a lot of them end up losing their health because of that. And I say, in my opinion, there is no money in the world that’s worth it. So the ability to not only make money, which we all know the real estate business has the ability to make, but the ability to set it up correctly, in my opinion, is the central focus of running a successful real estate investment company.

Speaker 1 (06:55):

And in essence, that’s what Julie did for me. She did it, everything that needed to be done. Number one, and probably not, probably definitely the most important facet of what you did for me. She set up my marketing engine. There’s nothing in real estate, more important than the ability to find deals. You might, you could be the smartest person in the world, but if you don’t know how to acquire that deal, it’s worthless. You could have the best contractor on the back end on the backend, ready to fix your properties. But if you can’t find a deal it’s worthless, um, all, you know, you can have the cheapest money raise, uh, that that you’ve ever done. Um, and again, that’s worthless also, if you don’t know how to find a deal. So although Julie did all of those facets for me and she set up all the processes for me, the most important thing she did in the most important thing she does for our partner driven max partners, nurse now is set up that front end marketing engine, where I was able to where the marketing engine was able to sell, to generate responses, qualified to certain degree responses and get those responses in the right hand where a lead gets developed.

Speaker 1 (07:57):

And I can tell you if for no other reason that you need to really, really be part of partner-driven max, is that as exactly what Julie will do for you, including all the other stuff. But that was the big that’s how ultimately I was able to scale my business because when Julie initially started with me, she went from being a call to moving up the ranks. And then she started building out that front end line of marketing lead gen marketing Legion. And that is the most impact she had on my business because ultimately that in of itself among all the other things she did for me, which she does for other partners or Macs, that was ultimately what got me to where I am today,

Speaker 2 (08:36):

Take that,

Speaker 1 (08:37):

You know, that ride many years ago now and bring it back about three, three and a half years ago when Metta a young man, young gentlemen, his name was well still is Seth Cho. And Seth came to us. He actually came to us, kind of recommended from another friend that I had and Julie had in Florida. And, you know, one thing led to another and what ultimately happened, Seth, ultimately without us realizing became the second partner-driven max partner, do we ever have? Because in essence, we both like Seth a lot. Seth had a lot of gumption. Seth had a great, great look on life. She was extremely coachable. He also had some pressures of life, which we like. We always like to have a little bit pricier, nothing crazy. So you have the pressure of being, getting married in the next, you know, three or four months and needed to pay for that out of the funds that he used to join partner during the max.

Speaker 1 (09:29):

So we had that little timeline and in essence, that’s what Julie ended up doing for him. She set up his front end call engine. Um, she made sure that there was a lead or leads coming through it. We taught Seth everything we knew about taking those leads and converting them to deals. We then start left, started leveling Seth up to the level where, okay, now that we’re making money, now that we have a deal flow, let’s get that other side of the business. Let’s get the lifestyle side going. So we built a whole team around Seth back in the west coast. So now Seth, you know, three, three and a half years later, we’ve done well over a hundred deals together, you know, about one week out of every month, Seth and his wife travel across the world and across the United States. So they they’ve hit it on all cylinders.

Speaker 1 (10:17):

And, and, and once again, at that point, Julie proved, proved what she’s capable of doing when she in essence. Okay. Uh, when she ANSYS, uh, uh, in essence becomes someone CEO. Okay. But, but there was an interesting caveat there. Seth was the only person we did it with, aside from me for obvious reasons, lack of resources, right. We only had, you know, certain amount of people that we could pull Julia away from. We had some other things going. So because of a lot of, a lot of things, um, we kind of said, okay, we did it with Peter MI. We did it with Seth. We know what works. And then when we get to the point again, when we get to the point where we have more people, more resources, you know, more things around us, we will, once again, we will, once again, relaunch, okay.

Speaker 1 (11:06):

We will once again, relaunch the partner-driven max. And that is what we have done just a couple months. Short months ago, we, uh, took a select number of our partners at that point. Think that we’re all partners. And we, in essence, we, in essence relaunched, we relaunched a partner driven max, and I can tell you now the success is over the top. Matter of fact, Julie, I’m scrambling here trying to pull this stuff out of the Facebook. I don’t know why I can’t pull it out, but just, I was just, was going to just share with the, with, with, with our audience today. Just the interaction that happened yesterday in about a 10 minute time span. But I think it’s safe to say that, well, I know it’s safe to say over 50% of the people in partner, Joe max have already done a deal.

Speaker 1 (11:48):

Well, over 50% are in the middle of completing their form. And this is guys, this is like three, four months into the process. That’s like unheard of in real estate to have over 50% success rate. Julie, put the gauntlet down last night and said, just give me a little more time and you watch how everyone’s going to be doing the exact same thing. And that is very exciting. And that’s what we’re here to share with you guys. Julie is at the point now and I, myself kind of behind her are able to take on maybe, I don’t know how many jewelers she never really tells me, probably at least one more person this week, hopefully into the partner driven max program. It is very selective. She’s going to talk to you about selective. It is not for somebody who does never done real estate before and who like, you know, probably works at McDonald’s another one with McDonald’s, but then you’ll see there’s some qualifications for this.

Speaker 1 (12:35):

Okay. There are some specific qualifications for people that we’re taking on. You have to be over the top serious. You have to be Uber really committed. And the bottom line is this. You gotta be coachable. You gotta be willing to level up and you gotta be wanting to take, you know, take the real estate business to the next level. So I personally was taken through partner-driven max and everybody, I think pretty much knows the success I’ve been able to achieve Seth choke, who we talk about all the time became the second partner driven max partner. Then obviously his successes are well-documented at all over the place. And we have a new crop of people in the last couple of months that have joined partner-driven max. And it’s just over the top exciting and success stories everywhere over 50% success rate, which in the real estate is literally unheard of. So Julie, talk about what exactly is partner-driven max, what it is that you do for our partner driven max partners and in essence, what the deliverable is.

Speaker 2 (13:33):

Absolutely. Thank you so much, Peter. You know, I, I want to go back a couple of years if that’s okay with you. So I have had this vision of partner driven max for years and years and years, because actually some of the things that a lot of people hate, I actually enjoy, um, over the years, I’ve managed several hundred people, um, um, very, very good at delegation. Um, very, very good at making sure that tasks are aligned, keeping successful teams together. But a couple years ago, um, we were working with partner driven, which by the way, partner driven is one of the absolute best choices that someone can make when starting their real estate investing business. So with partner driven, you’re able to like literally learn this business, right? You’re able to, to be on daily training calls, you’re able to have one-on-one coaching calls, understand contracts, understanding how to create appointments, the whole nine yards.

Speaker 2 (14:42):

Well, what I started to realize is whenever we were, we were doing this, I’m noticing through the bunches that there are some people inside of partner-driven that I’m like, God, these people could really, and I mean really take this to the next level. But the problem is, is whenever starting this business full time, your marketing, your systems, your employees, that those type of things are hard to create. I mean, they can be very, very hard to create because instead of you spending time doing things that make you money, you’re doing monotonous tasks, or you’re doing administrative tasks or marketing tasks. And inevitably yes, they do make you money, but it’s hard to work on going out and getting deals and making money. And this other side of growing your business all simultaneously. Absolutely it can be done. It just takes quite a bit of work and effort.

Speaker 2 (15:43):

I mean, heck even if I were to start all over again, without the staff that I’ve created over the years that Peter and I’ve created over the years, it’d be difficult for me. Um, so, um, that’s when we came up with partner driven, uh, mats. So what we’re doing is I’m taking the best of the best of the best of my people and we are recreating what we’ve done for others and ourselves, um, with other people across, across the United States. Um, and the reason I sent that, I said, give me a few months and everyone’s going to be, everybody’s going to have success. I mean that, because for me, I know what it’s like to have to, to put this type of investment down. I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth where money is just this thing you just throw away or you just have, maybe you have it.

Speaker 2 (16:42):

I didn’t have that. So I understand the pains that that causes and for someone that is willing to actually invest in themselves for their future is somebody. I want to work with somebody that believes in themselves, like Peter said, coachable and is willing to go through the process over and over and over again until you’re at a point to where you’re seeing the success you’re looking for. So here’s partner driven. That’s number one, you and I, um, and a few members of our team, we work together. Absolutely. One-on-one I’m not talking about in a group setting, which we do have a group setting call with everybody in, in partner-driven max. Um, but we’re talking about appointments. We’re talking about deals every day and I’m literally going to coach you on what to say, what to put it under contract for what to look for, what should the exit strategy be?

Speaker 2 (17:45):

Because my entire goal is for you to start doing deals immediately. Mostly people think the reason why I want someone to do a deal immediately is because of money. Yeah. That’s pretty cool to make money, right? It’s pretty cool to close a deal and make money. The reason that I focus on getting someone’s a deal done very quickly because most people or whether you’ve done many deals before, is that I’ll want to you to create confidence in yourself and your business. There’s no amount of money that’s ever going to replace confidence that you’re going to have by doing, by going through a process. And by completing the process, it’ll give you like this all ha moment. Has anybody had an aha moment in life? Like whether it’s this or whether it’s something else where you’re like, okay, cool. Now I get it. I get it now.

Speaker 2 (18:38):

Right? So having that aha moment, uh, as quickly as I can, that’s my goal for people that I work with 1000% and not only do I want to create a relationship, a business relationship, but heck I want to work with people that I like that I want to work with because I’m not looking to do this and then only do it for a couple months and then not hear from you again, this is a lot of effort and time and energy and be you as well as you. And to listen to me. So virus, I wanted to make sure that this is something both you and I, this, this would be good for each other. Right? So as I looked, I looked at what are some things that are needed to start a business, right? Because if you’re going to do it, you might’ve told do it right from the very beginning.

Speaker 2 (19:30):

Okay. And I don’t S I don’t say that if you’re going to get this business, do you have to do all of these things? Because heck I didn’t either when I first got started, right. But I’m wanting to set you up from success from day one. All right. So, number one, it’s very important that you set up the correct business entity. Okay. Now, yes. Setting up a business entity is very easy to do, but I’m wanting to set it up with where the top people in the nation, um, for you, because I’m looking at it is that one day you’re going to be making serious money. And then I want to put you with somebody that’s helped you start this business. So in the future, they understand how to set you up for future benefits, such as tax benefits. Let’s be honest here. So we want to make sure we’re getting your business set up for you. Well, next, once you have your business set up, man, it’d be nice to have a brand, right?

Speaker 2 (20:29):

What big companies out there don’t have a brand. You’re not going to see one. Okay. I want you to have a brand that resonates with you that resonates with people in your company, unity. And what we’re going to do is that we’re going to, going to put you with somebody, the top person on my team that creates all of our logos, our branding, because I want that branding for you. You know how like you save a wear the shirts. So they got like the logo over here on their college shirt, or maybe their hats, or maybe a bag or something. You want to have a logo that you are proud to wear. So with your, with, with your ideas, right? And your creativity, you’re going to speak to my people. We’re going to talk to you about what do you want people to perceive you at when you’re out to, out in public?

Speaker 2 (21:24):

What do we want the look of the company to be now, once we’ve got that out and out, well, it’d be very important to have a website, right? I mean, this is 2021. So we’re going to build you your very own custom website with this branding and the look of this branding just for you. Okay. So now that we’ve got the business set up, we’ve got the branding set up, we’ve got the website going, well, you’re going to need Facebook business page. You’re going to need Instagram, right? Because you want to be everywhere. This is a digital world to an extent, and people are going to go on there. And they’re going to look at you. They’re going to look at you and your business based off of what they see online, to an extent, because I like to mix the personal side of things, the small business side of things, and look very professional online.

Speaker 2 (22:17):

Like for me, when I’m going to appointments and yes, I still do deals. I still go to appointments because absolutely it’s one of my favorite things to do is to do deals. I love the art of the deal. I love the chase, the deal. And there’s nothing else that feels better to me because it’s just so exciting. So once you have all these things set up, the worst thing that can happen is that you start getting leads from different places and you don’t know where they come from, right? So we’re going to set up a custom management program, um, or what they refer to as they CRM a customer retention management program. Just for you, the reason why I’m doing this is because I want your business to run with the most efficiency as possible. Okay? And with technology these days, it’s, it’s very easy to have efficiencies in your business.

Speaker 2 (23:11):

If you know how to set it up correctly. Now these minutiae of, of doing these things take time. They take energy knowing what the right CRM to use, no one, you know, what website designer to use, what logo designer, where to set up your business. These are all things that we have put in place. Now, inside of this CRM, all of your marketing pieces are going to connect to the CRM so that we’re able to know exactly where your best leads are coming from. Right? Because it it’s, sometimes it’s different in every market. And it’s nice to know where your deals are coming from, right? Because you know where to spend money in more well. So, you know, Hey, if I could provide all of those things to other individuals that would give them a good headstart in this business, right? If you only had all of that, all your systems set up your business, the business set up the branding of your business set up. Would that be useful to you guys? Do you feel like that’d be a good thing for you if you’re looking to get in the business? Yeah. Hey, play along with me in the chat. If I’m wrong, tell me no, I don’t bother me a bit.

Speaker 2 (24:32):

Absolutely. That would be great to have all those things for you. Well, you know what? The other thing thing, whenever you’re looking to get into this business, other than doing all of those things is marketing who want to hear has made cold calls. Anybody on this call make cold calls. Let me ask you this. Do you love making cold calls? Do you love trying to call 500,000 sellers a day? A lot of people are saying no. I’m like the weirdo that really actually loves it. Okay. Um, and because I’ve seen so much success with doing it, I’ve trained well over a hundred, well, over a hundred foam pros to do nothing, but do nothing but qualify leads. Because now I’m at a point to where I’m not in the daily grind where I’m having to sit here and pound phones all day to get deals.

Speaker 2 (25:38):

I teach somebody else to do it for me so that I’ll spend my time on money-making activities. What’s the money-making activity in this business. What really truly makes you money in this business is going to an appointments and making them offers. If you are not making offers, you’re not making money. Right? And a lot of us spend most of our time doing things that are never going to get us there. So NetEase, right closing deals would have closed deals. You’ve got to make offers. So the last part that I want to share with you, that I’m doing here is, and when I say I, it’s not me. I have like the best team ever. And without my team, we could not, I could not ever do this. Peter could not ever do this because like, I don’t care what anybody says. They’re like the best on the planet.

Speaker 2 (26:33):

So we are going to for on behalf of you, I am going to me and my team is going to hire someone for you. And what’s the goal of hiring this person. The goal of hiring this individual is for me to us to completely train them. They’re going to go through my training. They’re going to go through role-playing, they’re going to go through video sets. They’re going to go through objections, things that take time to get a, to get a foam pro to the next level. I do not call these individuals, um, callers anymore. They are absolute foam crows. They’re foam pros because they’re pros at what they do. What if you had somebody every day on your behalf hand, handing you a lead of somebody that says I want to sell my house. And yes, I’d be interested in them coming to meet with me to make me an offer.

Speaker 2 (27:42):

If you were to have that once a day, do you think that helps you close more deals? I mean, really? So like, if, if, if your job every day was to do nothing but to fall, well, not do nothing. So you got all kinds of stuff to do, but to, to, to, you’ve already got something that’s teed up for you is ready to hear an offer from you. And your job is to call them and build a relationship, make an offer and go to the appointment. Do you feel like you could, you could do some deals now you may be saying, well, Julie, I, you know, I don’t know all the different types of exit strategies, right? Maybe I only know how to wholesale. Maybe I only know how to fix and flip. When I work with people like you, we look at every single deal as an opportunity because I understand the art of wholesaling fix and flips, buy and hold subject tos and owner finance.

Speaker 2 (28:52):

We will absolutely go to appointments with like a tool belt of, of, of offers because you know, really when you’re dealing with sellers, it’s not about, oh, can I get this price down? Or, oh, can I get this deal real cheap? No, it’s about being a problem solver. There are people that need help. It needs someone to come by their house because of certain situations in life, right? You don’t bully yourself in and just make an offer. No, you try to understand what issues they’re going through so that you can be a problem solver. You want it to be a win, win for someone else. A win-win my question to you is this.

Speaker 2 (29:45):

If you were able to have all of these things, have someone at backsheet have your business set up, have your logos, have your branding, have your website presence a late a day. Oh. And on top of that, whenever you find a deal that we’re, we’re going to need funding on guests who funds the deals we do. And we split profits 50 50 on that. So you don’t have to worry about the financing up. Like for instance, like right now, I’m doing a deal with Ms. Patricia Dewberry in Miami. Well, the deal’s actually in Orlando, which is for those of, you might know that it’s a good ways away, right? So we bought the house for 400,000. She didn’t have to go to a bank and get $400,000. Right? Well, guess what? The house needs, $75,000 in work, uh, throw these numbers out. But let me tell you, this is big money when you’re putting your name on the line to get this kind of money.

Speaker 2 (30:48):

Okay? So we’re managing the construction. We, our team is the one funding, the deal. We helped fund the realtor. We are literally going to hopefully sell this house probably about another month because the $75,000 rehab is a pretty big job, right? And we’re looking to sell this house for 6 75, as you can see, I’m really not holding around here. This is, I am looking right now for one, maybe two individuals over the next couple of weeks, because I simply can only grow so fast. I don’t want to grow faster. Number one, the quality of my lifestyle matters to me. And this takes a lot of energy out of me because I truly care about people. I work with anybody that knows me, knows that your success is my success. Because if you really see behind this, the more deals we do together, the more we’ve split profits, that’s like more money that we make. So for me to come and work with you and you not want to be coachable, you not want to be able to give it all you got that doesn’t do anything for me.

Speaker 2 (32:04):

What does is working with other people like Seth, other people with like Patricia, other people like Shannon, who just got two deals this week. Other people like Ms. Emulated just got her first deal under contract yesterday, or miss Vonda Lynn that got her first deal under contract two days ago, when it’s listed today, nobody actually got listed yesterday. Um, this is the level of business that I’m wanting to get to. Okay? Now these things that I’m talking to you about, obviously they’re not cheap. It’s on the backside. I’ve got someone that does full time quality assurance for my employee, our employees. And by the way, let’s talk about your phone pro for a minute. Has everybody ever heard of VAs? And you could definitely disagree with, with what I’m saying here, and that’s fine, but has everybody heard of, VA’s like, oh, hire a BA to make your call, to schedule your appointments, to do this.

Speaker 2 (33:10):

I hire only, only American based employees and 90% of the time they’re going to be right here by where I live. Cause this is where my office is. Generally, when you have a VA, they are overseas, which is fine. I don’t have any problem with that. I personally like keeping my fellow American people in business. If I’m going to spend money, number one, because that’s what truly matters to me. And number two, I get better results. I get better results because I pay fairly managed correctly. And the results will show. I mean, come on, think about it for a second. You get a call on the phone and you hear that they’re from another country. Do you take them as serious as somebody that you think might live in your same, in your same area? Maybe you do. I don’t know.

Speaker 2 (34:12):

I believe in hiring individuals in this position that it’s going to benefit their life. And then I know that I know that I know right? That they’re happy with doing this because my tell you why it’s important that you do deal with another reason. Why? Because I’ll pay them a salary plus commission, the more deals they may, the more money they make. I’ve got ladies that has been doing this for years. Making, you know, even up to sometimes a couple thousand dollars a week. I don’t mind paying that if they’re getting you deals, do you?

Speaker 2 (34:52):

No, you don’t. So I do have a few spots available again, like I said, but I do want to give you a disclaimer. Here’s the disclaimer. I am serious about working with one or two individuals over the next couple of weeks. And by the way, we don’t, we just work or the next couple of weeks, I mean, this is a long-term deal here, but do not even think about this opportunity unless you’re willing to give it what it’s got. Okay. Which means here in the very beginning, you’re going to have to grind a little bit. Okay. There’s going to be, you’re not going to have the time or the energy to just sit back and not give it your all, because if I’m going to give it my all, I need you to give it your all, you got to know what your why is when you know what your, why is giving it your all as nothing, putting your head to the grindstone is nothing. Because in the beginning, when you put, when you get to this point to where you grind and you get to where you want to be, then that’s whenever lifestyle was created, because you can hire, you can delegate, you can train for every task. That’s there. I don’t even check my emails anymore.

Speaker 2 (36:13):

I spend my time on things that make me money. And right now what makes the money is working with people across America and helping them build their business and their success. Like you don’t even know what it feels like, like for somebody like me to work with somebody and see that aha moment for them to get that check. And to know I don’t got to push that clock anymore. I don’t have to have somebody else telling me what I got to do at eight o’clock in the morning. I don’t have someone telling me that I can’t go see my nieces band recital, that I can’t go to my daughter’s, um, you know, game right after school. Because somebody tells me I can’t get off of work. My life, my schedule, no, the cost of this. And I’m going to put it out there. I don’t lie about what this is, because this is a serious business venture and it takes a good bit of money to get this stuff going. The cost of this is somewhere between 45 and $65,000, depending on the amount of time that we work together, depending on if you’re already a partner or not. Okay. Because I will give credit. If you’re a partner, I love working with partners already. Um, that is the cost of this. Now for a lot of you, you probably wouldn’t like, oh my God, believe me. I know, I believe me. I know that that’s a lot of money call. It takes a lot of money to start a real business.

Speaker 2 (37:50):

So there’s two ways to get funding for this. Number one, we have an outside funding source to where, if you have a six 20 credit score or higher and make 40,000 plus a year and have been on your job for more than one year, or at least one year, you should be able to be qualified for this. What as little as eight to a thousand dollars a month in payments or for the right people help fund your business for you. Peter and I. Okay. So the minimum I’ll take down is 20,000 and then we’ll work out monthly payments after that, because in the very beginning, it’s when I spend a lot of the money and simply I need the 20,000 to get everything, going, to get somebody hired, to pay the people, to get all this stuff, go into where we’re getting at a point to where we’re actually running appointments, making offers and doing deals.

Speaker 2 (38:52):

If you are truly interested in this. Okay. Number one. Um, Hey Kristin, do you mind to put the link to the funding in the chat? Thank you. Okay. So this funding source is what I was talking to you about is using OPM, which is other people’s money. These individuals that are, that are learning this business purpose loan. They underwrote us as a company. They saw the success that we were receiving with our partners and said, Hey, we’d be willing to go on a lot. And, and loan money to individuals that want to start their real estate investing career. So when you purchase, whenever you, you get this loan, it has to be used for this business purpose, because it’s a combination of you and then their ability to underwrite this loan because of what you’re using this for. Okay. So if you would like to go through the application, it is super simple.

Speaker 2 (40:00):

And the good thing is, is that you can put your information in there and then they’ll give you a pre-approval or not. And the reason I like it is because it’s a soft pool, which is very, very different than you like go into Macy’s and saying, Hey, yeah, give me the 10% off so that I can, you know, if I get this credit card, that’s a hard pool things, your credit right away, this is what’s called a soft pool. So this soft pool, they’re going to take your information just to see if you pre qualify or not.

Speaker 2 (40:31):

So if you would like to look into that avenue, all you’d have to do is click this link. And then you’d want to apply between somewhere between 45 and $65,000 for this particular program. If you’re interested, if you’re already a partner, you do get a discount. Absolutely. I’m always going to do that for partners because you’re my number one. That’s not saying I won’t work with partners, but our partners are our family and anybody that’s important, or I’m definitely want to work with you because you have, I know how we trained you, right? So it’s, it’s just going to be able to be able to take it to the next level. If you have a way to do this $20,000 down or work something out with me, or you are serious, then what I will do is I will give you my cell phone number and you can text me right after this event or after this zoom call. And we can talk about you and we can talk about you and me working together here at partner-driven max. And it’s not just me. I mean, I’ve got, jeez, we’ve got what? 10 people on our PD, max team.

Speaker 2 (41:54):

I mean, we built this team where we are never behind. I know how to grow a business. I know how to expand a business and I don’t ever want you ever sitting there having a question, not having an answer, you’ll be answered immediately. So if you’re interested or if you have some more questions, but you’re serious. I hate to say it don’t be a tire kicker. Okay. But if that is true, here’s my cell phone number. And I want you to just text me and then I’ll give you a call. My cell phone number is six seven eight nine nine four nine, non non eight. Um, I hope this helped everybody on what partner driven Max’s Hey, Gus, come to the other side, man. I’m telling you the water is warm. I mean, we are killing it, killing it. And like, you know what? I I’m just going to share this because you know, I was telling you about everything, you know, because yesterday, because of all this successfully, I paid her. I couldn’t even sleep last night. Like I’m serious. I was up at three o’clock this morning and I’m thinking, I know Peter’s up. I should text him because I’m like, I just, I’m so excited because I know the backstories of people. I know where they are. And I’m like, my goodness, this one deal, the second deal, his third deal could change their life. We could really do this. We could really do this.

Speaker 1 (43:27):

So, so I’ll, I’ll, I’ll tell you guys, number one, Julie, look at my, I don’t know if you could see it. My IgE story. I was, I was up to 40. Um, but Julie, like yesterday around eight or nine and, and Julie, I think there’s a question there too. I don’t know if you could pick that up, Craig Soto at the top. Um, but, um, she just starts texting me yesterday about all the successes, just in that one day that they were having yesterday, people getting their first deals, going people, getting their contracts, except that it’s exciting. You know, it was very exciting when Julie and I had the run that she and I had doing our own stuff. But I could tell you is pales in comparison, the excitement we get out of helping our partners do the exact same thing. So yeah, absolutely exciting. Amazing. And, um, I’ll let you finish off. Joel, are you going to take that question or I don’t know if you can even bring the right hand. I don’t know if it was a little bit more difficult.

Speaker 2 (44:23):

Okay. No, I can do that. Um, Craig, um, I will take you off of mute right now. So just unmute yourself and you can talk and by the way, if you guys have questions, I’m cool with you, like raising your zoom hand, which is, if you look down in the reactions thing, you can say raise hand and I’ll bring you on live with me. If you have any questions or if you’re serious, you can always text me. Oh my God. Guess what? Marina got her first contract back. I just cut that too. Sorry. I forgot. Like I’m on the webinar marina. Yeah. See that partner-driven max till I get to yes, go her. She, um, left her full-time job, managing Burlington coat factory to do this and God late. Sorry. All right, Cynthia, Cynthia, if you will just send me it yourself, sweetie,

Speaker 1 (45:20):

You got Craig and Cynthia on, Hey,

Speaker 3 (45:27):

Hey Peter, Julia. I have one, uh, with me and you working together, do we have to be where I have to be away you at? Oh, what we do at, at work?

Speaker 2 (45:45):

No, Cynthia, we do everything through zoom and all this, the phone, you know, like chit chatting on the phone about every deal. Cause I can see your CRM system. I can see your leads. So essentially you’re going to get a lead and call me and be like, Hey Julie, I got this week. What are we going to do with this one? Right. So that’s how we’d be working together. Now we’ll say we do have events from time to time where you can come and visit us and we’ll have like little mastermind meetings and things.

Speaker 3 (46:15):

Okay. I know y’all got one coming up in September.

Speaker 2 (46:21):

We’re actually going to do that when lob this year. I haven’t announced that over the, over this yet, but due to,

Speaker 3 (46:29):

Oh yeah. Going to do it live. Y’all go. Y’all going to do it. It’s going to need to be where you going to do it? Um, you going to do it zoom.

Speaker 2 (46:40):

We are. We are, um, I feel like with the new, the new, the new variant and some other, you know, things that I just feel like we should go do this for this next one. Virtual. Hopefully we’ll be ready to do another one in person. Maybe in January.

Speaker 3 (46:55):

Okay. But we’re going to do this.

Speaker 2 (46:58):

Yeah. This, this next one’s going to be on and it’s going to be, it’s going to be bad. Well it’s yeah, it’s going to be great. I was about to cuss on accident. Okay. Thank you, Cynthia. Okay.

Speaker 3 (47:12):

So, um, okay. So I wanna I’m planning and I’ll try to do that when done zone then in September where we all do that because I’m aware of prod and I just warm up, get myself together and get it together. Got it. Hey Cynthia.

Speaker 2 (47:34):

Cynthia, are you able to join the uh, 9:00 AM Eastern training calls every day?

Speaker 3 (47:42):

Mine is central. Yeah. I have to do it central. So it would be [inaudible] Lam. O’clock Eastern. I do come me and that caused it.

Speaker 2 (47:54):

Yes. So what I would spend in Cynthia is, is the best way to get to there’s a direct correlation with people that get on our daily training calls at partner-driven to the ones that do deals. So at eight o’clock in the morning, don’t forget every day, Monday through Friday, your time we do live daily training calls. So get on those and you’ll see me on Wednesdays.

Speaker 3 (48:18):

Okay. That’s um, what Chan?

Speaker 2 (48:24):

It it’d be 8:00 AM your time.

Speaker 3 (48:32):

[inaudible] my a B mine might not wake up.

Speaker 2 (48:43):

Well, you know, just you’ll have to do what you gotta do.

Speaker 1 (48:47):

I can send you a recording, a link recording, Cynthia. Okay. And Julia, I know there’s a couple other questions.

Speaker 2 (48:55):

Okay. Let’s see here. Lawrence Lawrence. You there. Hello? Can you hear me? I can hear ya.

Speaker 4 (49:11):

Hey, good morning, everybody. I have a question about the Facebook and Instagram, uh, pages that we’re gonna be having. Um, they’re gonna, they’re gonna pretty much consist of advertisement, correct?

Speaker 2 (49:31):

Well, they’re going to consist of branding of your business. It’s going to be your responsibility to, and we’re going to train you how to do this, your responsibility to keep up your social media pages. Right?

Speaker 4 (49:43):

So like with the creation of maybe like an advertisement post or something, um, who is going to do that, but that’d be us creating the post or would you guys

Speaker 2 (49:58):

Lawrence? You’re already Lawrence already worked for me. They would just call me. Okay. Just call me, man. You got my cell phone number?

Speaker 4 (50:07):

No. All right. I’ll right. Mouse.

Speaker 2 (50:12):

Uh I’ll. I’ll help you answer anything, man.

Speaker 4 (50:14):

Okay. Hey Peter, how are you

Speaker 2 (50:17):

Mr. Cosper in Houston, Texas.

Speaker 4 (50:20):

Yes, sir. I’m ready to go. I’m ready to go. Make an offer.

Speaker 2 (50:24):

Well, we’ll continue to go. You just, I know we just started, so we’re still building your brand. Get your business going. So we are working on it now.

Speaker 4 (50:33):

I I’m just showing you motivation.

Speaker 2 (50:35):

I let’s go, man. Hey, I got an interview for an employee for you next week. Bye Lawrence Peter.

Speaker 3 (50:52):

Yes, Cynthia. And do you own the Instagram? Is it the Instagram and Facebook? We don’t, we don’t set up Twitters? No. Okay. What about a link? Okay.

Speaker 1 (51:19):

Right now it’s for the real estate investor, Cynthia. And we’ll go over all that with yet.

Speaker 2 (51:26):

Julie, Doug, I think I’ve got time for one more question here. Let’s see. Doug, can you hear me?

Speaker 4 (51:44):

Okay. Yeah, I’m a partner. Um, I’m partnering with y’all and all that. And I got a couple of deals. I’ve seen some properties have been, seemed like it had been abandoned. And um, I’ve been running to the courthouse and trying to figure out who owned the property, et cetera. Um, but you know, me having to work a job and um, turning to my kids and all that. It’s like, you know, nice. Can I help you real quick? Are you a partner already?

Speaker 2 (52:15):

Matt? All you gotta do is look them up and deal driven. You don’t even have to go to the courthouse anymore. We give all that to you, hon.

Speaker 4 (52:22):

Okay. Uh, I had, yeah, I had lost, uh, I had lost a family member. Well, when my uncle got killed, they really threw me off. So I sent a message to one of the things and let them know that I lost all my info, but I just recently got back on to the deal driven. But like my contacts are who to contact

Speaker 2 (52:46):

Douglas Douglas. I’m going to help you out today. Cause I sure hate to hear about your uncle. What’s your full name?

Speaker 4 (52:57):

I just text you. Yeah, I just check. I just text you on my, on your phone. Um, uh, uh, nine one three five.

Speaker 2 (53:05):

Okay. Gotcha. Listen. I’m going to have Ms. Jew here. When I, one of my assistants call you and I’m going to get you right back up to speed today and I’ll, you’ll get all your passwords back. You’ll get everything back. Okay. Now, um, condolences to you and your family, huh? We’re losing him a million right now. Well, she’ll call, she’s going to call you from a Georgia number. So just call her back today when you got time. Okay. [inaudible] Douglas. I would love to talk to you more, but I’m like a robot and I can’t understand what you’re saying, honey.

Speaker 2 (54:08):

Okay. But I’ll have her call you today. Straightened out. Okay? Yes. All right. Thank you. Thank you. Well, all right guys. Um, like I said, um, if this is something that interests you, um, just send me a text message at 6 7 8 9 9 4 9 9 9 8. Again, that number is 6 7 8 9 9 4 9 9 9 8. Um, because it’s about to get real crazy in real estate. It’s about to get real crazy and you don’t want to sit back and then she coulda, woulda in life ever. You gonna wish you could have, what are you going to do? Uh, so, um, all right, well, Hey, everybody have awesome Friday. Enjoy time with your family this weekend. Give them some love. Um, for those of you, it’s almost football season. So I’m sure you’re excited about that, but listen, y’all have a blessed day and I will talk to y’all later. Thanks Dylan. Thanks everybody.

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