Hey. Hey, good afternoon everybody. How is everybody doing? Peter Vekselman here.

You just get set up here away.

All right. Got some very, very exciting things to go over with you guys today. Very, very cool. Today’s the day for leveling up. I mean, literally today, I’m going to go over how within our organization, how we can not only do deals together, but how we can do deals together at the highest possible levels. Okay. Today is all all about leveling up today is all about getting to those next levels. Today is all all about doing real estate deals and doing them at, at the kind of levels that I don’t know if they’re possible do anywhere else. So we’re going to be discussing partner-driven live here. I’m excited that you guys are here. Very

Excited, very fired up, going to be a super duper day. We got a lot

Of people dialing in, calling in or zooming in on social media. So I’m so glad you guys are here. What’s up, Joe? What’s up Shaundra. What’s up Kesha. Quechee Larissa. What’s up mark. What’s up Michael Mike, a lot of things. A lot of people on excited to be here fired up again today. We’re going to be talking about partner-driven max and partner-driven max. Literally I love doing real estate deals. Partner-driven at max is taking wherever you are in the real estate business and actually having most of the things done for you. Okay. It’s a done for you model. We’re going to get rolling here and, uh, in a, in a minute or so, but fired up excited. Glad you guys are here. If real estate is where you want to be. If real, if you want to be at the highest levels, like what can I really, really do with the highest levels of real estate?

Then this is, uh, this then today is all about that. Okay. Today is all about that. How you can thrive at the highest levels, how you can get the most things actually done for you, how you can execute this business at a very, very high level. And so very excited. You guys are here. We’re going to get started here in just a, uh, um, in just a minute or so, but, um, get ready, get ready guys, because for some of you today, as I go through partner-driven max today will be the first day of the rest of your life. When it comes to real estate investing what’s up, Ashley? What’s up Kurbo. What’s up Daniel, David, ed, how are you? What’s up bill Bobby. How are you? Brian Carlo. Cheryl, how are you? All right guys, today we’re talking partner driven max and partner driven.

Max is the next level of executing and doing real estate investing. Partner-driven max is, you know, I don’t think it’s possible. It’s not all the way through real estate done for you, but it’s about as close as he can get to of everything being done for you. And that’s what partner driven max is all about. So I am fired up. I am excited. You guys are here. Um, we’ve got social media going. We got zoom going, man in the world technology. This is crazy. Like it used to be before this kind of technology would take us months to plan a meeting like this, but today, boom, we’re doing it right here in a spot. Very excited, very fortunate that you guys are here. Um, I hope wherever you guys are zooming in from dialing in from, I hope everything is good. I’m glad you guys are taking time out of your busy days to be here.

Um, I’m fired up. I’m excited. And, and the interesting thing is I’m going to be sharing with you. Partner-driven max. And the interesting thing about partner-driven max is that I personally was a partner driven max real estate investor. And then we had one more person become a partner driven max real estate investor. And here we are today where we are opening it up. We’ve actually had it open for a couple of months. Now we’re having great success, um, uh, at it. And we, you know, Julia has been kind enough to basically open it up even more. She’s brought more help, more support on. And so partner-driven max is alive and well and kicking. And man, if you join the partner-driven max movement here today, I think you guys are going to be beyond impressed and beyond excited about doing that. All right, guys, let’s get rolling again.

My name is Peter Vekselman with partner-driven. I am, for those of you that may not know me, although most of you, I think do I am a real estate investor. I’m a 22 year veteran of this business. I have done thousands and thousands of real estate deals. And I can tell you my, my personal journey to success, uh, could be attributed in a very simple way, very simple way. Okay. My personal journey to success came and started, um, uh, came and stopped. Um, gosh, uh, um, about 12 years ago, I was in this business for 22 years. Then the downturn of the real estate market obviously shifted everything. And you know, if you’re around in oh eight, I promise you, I promise you if you were around in oh eight,

Uh, um, then, um,

You got hit. I got hit everyone else surrounded got hit, you know, lost a lot of things. Um, you know, not proud to say that, but you know, that was my reality in oh eight, just absolutely kicked my butt. But as I left the real estate market, I then re-engage in the real estate market very, very quickly. So I was back at it within several months, you know, um, I knew the business worked. I just knew I didn’t handle the downturn very, very well. So I re-engaged back into the real estate investing business very, very quickly. I started initially. Okay. Uh, um, uh, I started originally just kind of, I set up an office and it was just myself and my money guy. His name was Bob, very small, tiny office, a couple hundred square feet. And, you know, I brought the money guy on for obvious reasons and, and literally, you know, Bob and I started out, I started putting some deals together very quickly.


I got to the point where I like I wanted to rebuild. I had built a monster before the crash things were going great before the downturn. So the first thing I needed to do is I needed to bring somebody on to basically help me make some calls, right? Cause if you’re a real estate investor, the first thing, the first help you need to get is on the marketing side. Somebody that makes some contacts when it comes to sellers. And so I brought her, this lady, her name’s Julie muse. She’s been with me to this day. And Julie, Julie became an instant, credible, incredible asset to my company, literally from day one. Okay. Um, she was, you know, she started in initially putting some deals together for me. I very quickly realized that Julie was beyond, was beyond just somebody to make calls. She progressed within the organization very quickly.

And ultimately Julie literally became my CEO. And when she became my CEO, she pretty much ran everything and did everything and grew our real estate investment company to what ultimately became the largest in Atlanta, Georgia Southeast. And, you know, we started, you know, actually even spreading all the way across the United States. But when people say, you know, what happened to you in those 12 years, when you reentered the market, how come it became? So, so, so big, so fast, so strategic. And I point people back constantly to this one person that came into my, into my life back then, and her name is Julie. Julie, literally single handedly took charge, took reins of my real estate investing company. And she absolutely absolutely started rocking it out from every aspect of, of what needs to be done. She got very, very focused. Number one, she got very focused and Hey, we gotta have the right brand.

We gotta have the right mission. We put that together. She then said that she realized very quickly that just how I hired her, we needed to expand that side of the business. And so she started bringing on full-time callers. Full-time negotiators. She brought on a full-time closer. I mean, literally Julie became the operations genius behind my real estate investment company too. She got it to the point where I was able to see, you know, a number of years down the road, step away from my real estate investment business. She pretty much ran everything. She’s very detailed oriented. She’s very operations oriented. She knows how to hire. She knows how to fire. She knows how to bring the right people on board. And again, for many, many years, Julie was the magic behind my real estate investment company. And then what happened? And then what happened several times?

Well, not several, a number of years back, a gentleman came into our Julie’s in my life. His name was Seth Choate and Seth, Seth watching what we were doing from the side. You know, he and I had some mutual context together. We, um, uh, I didn’t know who he was, but one day he calls me, he ends up flying into Atlanta. We became very good friends, very, very quickly. But the key is this. We tried to do an experiment with Seth. You know, we said, well, what about, what if Julie now become Seth CEO? What kind of results can we get that way? She had proven herself, you know, up way above and beyond what she was able to do for me at that point for a number of years. And so we, it was at that point, it was somewhat of an experiment. Okay.


What if Julie takes Seth who was actually brand new in the business at this point, I don’t think had ever done a real estate deal. W you know, didn’t have all his money lined up the right way. Really didn’t have too much to show for it. Other than he was a go getter. He was ready to make things happen. You know, he was on fire. As it relates to real estate investing business, he was coachable. He would like, he literally said, Hey, you guys tell me what to do and I’ll do it. And I’ll rock it out and I’ll make sure that it goes well. And so Julie became his CEO and she started doing the exact same thing for him that she did for me many years ago. You know, we, we brand that says she helped set brand themselves. She set them up correctly corporately, but then she started doing what really makes money in this business.

And really what made me money in this business. She started getting involved on his marketing side, right? She brought in a color for Seth. She trained guys, do you guys know that that color still sits in, in my office to this day? The color that she brought on back then to this day still sits in my office under the tutelage of Julie under the guidance of Julie. And that color started doing what callers were doing for me back then started making calls to sellers started, you know, setting appointments whenever possible set, started running them. Seth was constantly being tootled by Julie, literally on a daily basis. Julie, at that point, even, you know, in the early stages, even got involved in talking, you know, w you know, discussing his leads on a daily basis. I was very much on top of Seth. And to bring that story full circle now three or so, years later, we’ve done over a hundred deals with Seth, you know, made millions of dollars together.

Absolutely rocking it out. And guess what? Just like Seth was looking at me and what Julie had done for me, other people, especially those that are, that are our partners. We’re looking at Seth. Okay. Cause that’s name got to be huge. And, and we’re looking at Seth and they were trying to figure out, well, how do we get Julie to step up and do what you, what Julie did for Seth and what Julie did for you, Pete. And for many years, we never went beyond just myself and Seth. And the reason we never went beyond myself and Seth is because, um, because there was really, there was, we didn’t have the capacity. We didn’t have the capacity to go beyond Seth and I, okay. We didn’t have the capacity to, uh, to have Julie then start running other people’s operations to have Julie bring on a call for someone else until a couple months back.


About four months ago, we, you know, Julie and myself and the team here built up that capacity for Julie. And we released what we’re here to talk about here today. And that is the partner driven max and partner driven. Max is what w Julie did for me many years ago to get my business to where it is now. Thousands of deals later, Jay it’s what Julie did for Seth just a little bit ago to get Seth business to where it is today. And now, now partner-driven max is alive and well, Julie does have the capacity to step in with the right potential partner or an existing partner, and literally run his operation the way she did for myself, the way she did for Seth. And so it’s very limited. We don’t accept everybody into partner-driven max again, because that is extremely hands-on. It is extremely time consuming for Julie and the people around her, but we do have spots available.

We do have opportunities for people to step in, to enjoy all the benefits that have gotten me to where I am in the real estate investing business and most important and more and beyond just me where it’s gotten Seth. And now we’ve started, partner-driven max just a couple months back, and we’re really already an incredibly having incredible success with our partners there also. So what exactly is partner driven, max? You know, there’s a number of you guys listening today here that you’ve already maybe heard about it, seen it, maybe heard us talk about it, and you’re just like, okay, let’s tie everything together. Let’s tie the loop. [inaudible], let’s bring it all to a fruition. And what exactly is partner-driven max? So for those of you that joined the partner during backs or become part of partner-driven max, there’s a number of stages that Julie takes you guys in.

Number one, she steps in and literally as your CEO and she functions like your CEO and that’s many times a mentality thing. Yeah. Obviously that’s an operation. Um, it is basically, you know, a CEO is a CEO. Okay. And, and, and that’s the first from day one, she will assume that part and assume that responsibility next in order to be in order, especially in today’s environment, especially in today’s market. One of the things you need to do is you got to set up your entities correctly. Okay. And so Julie’s going to connect you with our entity and the individual. And by the way, if you know, they’ll nice name Brunson like Russell Brunson, this is the family, uh, hits actually his father that has set up all of our entities here at partner-driven are corporate entities are personal entities. It is important to set them up correctly, to make sure they’re done the right way.

And so one of the first things, uh, that Julie will do for you, if you have not correctly done so, um, or if you haven’t done it at all, is she will get you connected with the Brunsons. And on our behalf, she will set up the entities correctly for you. Now, let me tell you something that is important short-term and long-term okay, because there’s tax implications with being set up correctly, there’s tax benefits, there’s tax advantages, right? There’s liabilities benefits, liability advantages. So set, setting up your entity the right way is very critical. And that’ll be one of the first things that you haven’t done it correctly, already, that Julie will do. The next thing you do that you need in order to be successful real estate investor, you gotta be branded the right way. Let’s face it. We live in the world of technology, information, age, internet, fast paced.


And many times people make a decision about you, not after they meet you, but before they even meet you. And that is all connected to how are you branded? How are you branded to the world? How’s the whole world looking at you, right? How does the world, you know, what do they think about you? And so branding today is I can tell you when I started 20 years ago, branding was not that important branding was something that just kind of happened over a period of time and it wasn’t even discussed. Um, because back then really internet was not the focus and technology was not the focus and things like that. So then, so Julie’s going to get you branded number one, she’s going to set up the perfect logo for you. Okay. We have an in-house a logo designer and she will get you connected with them. And so you’ll have the perfect logo for who you are for what you want to do.

Uh, um, and, uh,

So she’ll, she’ll get you a, uh, get your branded correctly. Next next, you gotta have the right website set up for you, right? Because let’s say if you’re in, if you’re doing real estate today, and if you’re not, if you do not have your website functioning, if you’re not do not have your website set up correctly, then I promise you many deals that you could possibly do. You’ll never do for one very basic reason. It’ll never even get to you, right? It’ll literally never even come to you because your website is either non-existent or is set up incorrectly. So then Julie, Julie, with our team will coordinate an incredible website for you to give you the right kind of presence, because I promise you a lot of deals you don’t do. You don’t do because the seller doesn’t even get to you. They do a little digging around, that’ll check in around, you know, you may have some kind of a template set up that, that, that, that is very apparently a template.

You may have something not even set up at all, which means you’re not check out-able. So as far as branding, next thing to do is she’s going to set up your website. I mean, obviously today, social media is very important, right? Social media is absolutely critical. It is, by the way, just as many people that’ll check you out through your website. We’ll also check you out through your social media. And most of us, especially in the beginning stages, have no idea how to correctly set up the correct kind of website. I’m sorry. Correct. Social media. And so, so Julie, with our team, we’ll get all of that set up for you. They’ll get your Instagram set up. You know, a lot of you right now are watching me on Instagram, right? It’s an incredibly powerful engine. It is an incredible, powerful way of communicating with people.


And so she will get your Instagram set up and Facebook set up and all of that put together. That is branding. It’s your logo. So it’s your website. It’s how your social media looks. So basically, Julie, Julie, we’ll get you. And the team will get you the point that you are now presented will presented to the world, right? That when the world wants to Chen, and by the way, it’s not only a lot of deals you could have done, you won’t do because the seller won’t even get to you. It’s a lot of deals that you may want to do. And maybe in the middle of the day, that you’ll never get to finish because in the middle of negotiations, in the middle of interacting with the, with, with you, the seller may go check you Facebook out means, go check out your social media may check out what your websites, if they’re not there, or if they’re not set up correctly, that could be a deal killer.

So the correct kind of branding in the real estate world, as it sits today, is absolutely critical and is absolutely important. Okay. All right, next, now it’s time to start making money, right? And a partner driven max, we take making money extremely, extremely seriously, right? We take it extremely seriously. And what makes you money? It is the ability to connect with the right sellers. And by the way, at partner-driven max at partner-driven max, we stay very focused on everything that we do with you, including in the marketing. See, I could tell you if you’re out there trying to put real estate deals together yourself, there’s a very good chance. You might not even be marketing correctly, right? So there’s only really one source of marketing that works in today’s marketplace. And that is your ability to go directly, directly to the owners of properties where you live.

Right? So what we do, and this is very important. Now, this is very important. We will actually utilize our in-house app called deal driven, and we will, we will do this for you, by the way, not you do it for you. We will do it for you. We will literally stack what is known as stacking. We’ll put together the perfect list of potential sellers in your marketplace. You know, sometimes people are surprised, like, are you saying you could actually go to some app and pull the most likely people to sell their properties? Yes, you absolutely can. And we in our team here knows how to do it. So as, as, as, as a partner driven max, um, partner, you, we will actually stack the lists for you, the perfect list, the non-owner rock list, the list, you know, what the right kind of equity, you know, with, with where they live with, how long they’ve owned the property with some other things they may have done to the property.

So we will, we will, I actually pulled that list for you. Okay. We will stack that list for you. And then we ourselves, we will ourselves injected into our proprietary CRM system. Now let me tell you how powerful that is. So basically what our team is doing for you as a partner driven max partner. Okay. Um, what our team will do is we will literally pull the list of the most potential people likely to sell in your marketplace, whatever state or city you may live in, we will then insert that list ourselves into our proprietary CRM system, right? That proprietary CRM system we’ll then start marketing to these potential owners by itself on your behalf. Think about it, no matter what you’re doing, no matter where you are, there’s marketing, that’s going to be done on your behalf half by our team in your, under your name, I’ll send text messages to these potential sellers.


You know, emails will go up to these potential sellers. And so everything, you know, calls will be made. And it’s all on your behalf, the potential seller, literally things they’re getting to know you, they’re getting more comfortable with you, right? They might do some research on you. This is where branding becomes important, right? And then as they start responding back that they asked, I’m interested, we’re going to have an in-house. This is, this next piece is very important. What Julie’s going to do. If you’re a partner driven max partner, Julie will actually hire, she’ll actually hire a local. And this is very important. It’s the local it’s right here out of Georgia Juul. Julie will actually hire a local color to start calling on these potential sellers. What that means is we’re taking qualifying to the next level. You know, just the fact that a potential seller says I want to sell.

That’s fantastic. By the way, in my world, that is a legit, as it gets lead, right? It has a legit as a guest lead, but then beyond that, beyond that, okay, we, Julie will take her time to do exactly what you did for me to do exactly what you did for Seth. She will actually hire a local color. That’ll start making outbound calls, qualifying these leads. Okay. This is basically asking them some basic questions. And as a partner driven maps partner, this next part is mindblowing. Okay. Cause it took, it took, it took a very long time to get to this level when I was doing it. But now Julie’s done this very quickly. She will actually generate at least one lead a day for you. Now think about this, think about this. If you had over a 30 month period, a 30 month, one month period, 30 day period, if you had, if you had 30 people that say, yes, I want to sell my property.

Don’t you? I think you could probably convert at least one of them, right? If you had 30 people over a 30 day period. Well, I guess it’s weekdays on weekends. Obviously this, this is when I’m this. So 20 some people 21 or 22 people over a one month period to raise their hand and say, yes, I do want to sell don’t you think chances are pretty good that you could probably probably get at least one of them converted, right? What will happen at partner during max level? Julie will actually even show you how you can take the leads that don’t convert, connect with a local agent and even monetize it. It’s there. That’s a very, very big piece, very, very big piece. So partner-driven max is designed for those that to a certain degree, want a done for you real estate investment business. I’ve done for you real estate investment company.


Number one, we’re going to set you up correctly. And by the way, we’re taking partners on anywhere across the United States, all 50 states in any city, the partner driven max level, there is no restrictions. As long as you’re present here in the United States, you’re very coachable. You ready to level up? Those are the requirements. And so number one, she’s going to set up that entity for you. That’s very important from a protection standpoint, legal standpoint and tactics standpoint. Next we’re going to do it all branding for you. We’re going to brand you from a logo perspective, from a website perspective, we’re going to brand you from a perspective of a social media, setting up your IgG accounts, setting up your Facebook the right way. Next we’re going to actually pull lists of potential sellers. Okay? We’re going to actually pull lists of potential sellers in your own marketplace, right?

A potential sellers, right in your own marketplace that, uh, are the most likely to sell. We’ll pull that list into our proprietary CRM system and the CRM system on your behalf, we’ll begin marketing to the sellers, text messages, emails, some calls once the sellers raise their hand and say, yeah, it looks like a PR. I’m interested in selling. I feel comfortable with you. Then Julie’s hiring an in-house caller that she will supervise. It’s very important. Julie will personally hire coach, train that person and supervise that person to qualify that lead to a certain level for you and every weekday you’re going to get at least one lead like that. You’re going to get at least one lead like that. And again, think about a robot over a month, getting 20 some leads like that, of people that want to sell their properties pretty safe to say probably don’t you think you can get one person where it comes out to be, uh, an investment deal or over a couple of months when they start stacking on top of each other. So no-brainer so partners have been, max is exactly what I just explained to you. Plus a lot more, the keys you get the most trusted person I have in this industry, Julie, doing for you. Exactly what she did for me many years ago. Exactly what she did for Seth a couple of years back, and which he’s doing for a number of our initial partner-driven max people. She becomes your CEO. I promise you. She’ll also become an incredible friend.


She’ll also become an incredible influence in your life. And she’ll show you really how to level up at extremely high levels. Power during mass is not for everybody. We’re very limited and who we could take, where we’re very selective of who we could take there, a decent price tag that comes with it. And it depends how many months you want to participate in this. Okay? And that is four months at 45,000 upwards to six months where you’re at 65,000. Okay. It’s not a cheap price tag because it’s very expensive to operate it very expensive, pretty much all of the money that you, that you give to us. We then funnel back into you from a perspective of, from a perspective of,

Uh, um,

We then follow back into you from a perspective of, you know, marketing, hiring callers, setting up entities, setting up websites and all that. We want to make sure you take this decision very seriously, because this is literally leveling up at the highest levels in the real estate investing business. Now, if you feel like partner during the acts, as your opportunity to join, and you’re ready to get rolling, there’s two ways to make payment one. You could just pay the whole thing off right up front. If you do that, if you do that, you get a, um, a 10% discount. We could do some internal financing for you. Okay. We could do some internal financing for you. And if we do internal financing for you, then it’s $20,000 and then we’ll work out a custom payment plan for you for, for the balance. Okay. Or, or we have a third party finance company that if you qualify, we’ll actually give you the funds. We’ll actually give you the funding to join partner-driven max. Okay. And if you qualify with them, then your payments back to them will only be a couple thousand a month, like 2,500, 3000 a month. Okay. But to qualify for that type of financing, you need to have certain qualifications. Number one, you have to have a credit score. That’s over six 20, number

Two, number two, you have to have

A job that you’ve been in at, for at least a year, the last year consistently one job. Okay. Uh, and you have to make over $40,000 of income with that job gross. Or if you’re an independent business owner, you have to show last two years of tax returns where you’ve made that kind of money, but I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. For those of you that already ready to level up, enjoying partner driven max, by the way, some of you guys are here that you want to just basically, you might want to start a partner-driven level. That’s fine too. Partner-driven is 15,000. But if you, whatever you want to start a partner driven, or are you ready to level up to partner-driven max? I’m going to give out my personal cell phone. Okay. I’m going to give out my personal cell phone and I’m going to allow you to just, you have to text me, please. Don’t call me, but text me the words. I’m amen. Okay. Text me the words I’m in. And then I will personally touch base with you.


Okay. Well maybe fill in any holes.

We’ll work out a payment plan if it’s internal financing, but you have to have at least minimum $20,000 down at the partner driven. And for 15,000, you have to have a minimum of $2,500 down. So if you guys are in, you’re ready to level up. You ready to get going? Then you could text them

Me directly at 404-915-9685 404-915-9685. And that’s you you’ve heard the president.

You know what it’s about? You know, what, if it entails, if you’re ready to get started, texted that number 4 0 4 9 1 5 9 6 8 5. And I’ll personally get you started guys. Listen, I enjoyed it. I love doing this stuff. I enjoy it. Partner-driven max in essence is what made me, who I am today. Okay. Um, partner-driven max, hasn’t made my best buddy, Seth, who he is, and now I’m making a number of other partner driven max partners. We’re ready to expand it. So if you’re in text to my number 4 0 4 9 1 5 9 6 8 5, I’m in, and then we will, and I’ll touch base with you. Go over. Any other questions you may have, and most importantly, get you rolling. I guys enjoyed it very much. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye.