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Peter Vekselman: 00:00 I appreciate you saying that. I can tell you it was not your fault, but, but the point is, again, you know, when, when the, the reason that we’re excited about this partnership program is that we can really make real life people across the United States successful. But here’s the other piece you have to understand when you’re partnering with us. We also met a gate, what Julie just talked about, the downside of this business. Now this is funny. It’s happening. You know, I told you like to like I saw these things like I’m not going to use his name, but I told them I’m going to talk about him today. We got a partner that we’re doing a deal with, right? And we’re about ready to split some money. I’m not sure how much. Twenty, $30,000 it says first deal. Um, and, and this deal like every other deal, you know, you just kind of had some issues come up.

Peter Vekselman: 00:48 We battled through some things. We have to change contractors, we have unforeseen construction that needed to be done. You know, we had a person that was going to buy it that tied up the property for a couple months that ended up backing out. Again, these are just. These are not really problems to Julian. I. These are just. This is real estate. Like this is what real estate’s all about. Very few deals are what we call vanilla deals. Kind of like cdl deal, do deal, sell, deal that. That’s cool and a manual. That’s cool when you go to like a Webinar when someone or seminar where someone’s trying to pitch you something and sell you something and then get out of town so they don’t have to see the repercussions of what they’re selling. But the reality is that’s not real estate. Every deal is a battle.

Peter Vekselman: 01:31 I mean every deal you’re climbing a mountain, so now we’ve got a local partner who is just doing this first deal with us. We’re going to split a bunch of money. It’s more money he’s ever made in his life is going to get him retired from his job. Actually. It’s really cool and like I said, I’m not going to use his name, but I told them I’m going to use use an example. So like two hours ago, couple hours ago, I get a text from him and he says, he said something like this, um, um, God, I wish I, I erased it because I reached my texts. He’s something like this and we’re on our way to doing our second deal about ready to close on our second deal with him and said, Gosh, you know, I’ve been thinking about this piece and here’s what I’m thinking.

Peter Vekselman: 02:09 I got a buddy of mine who I’ve known forever who I wanted to, we wanted to do business with. So He’s a partner of mine now. And so we got a little money saved up for a down payment. So now really, instead of using you as a partner, because member I, he’s got to give 50 percent to this new partner of his. So he’s like, Pete, I don’t know if you know this new deal knowing, I don’t know if, you know, it really makes sense for us to do a deal with you because I mean, you know, we love you, we appreciate everything you did, but I got to get 50 percent of my 50 percent of this guy and you know, we got some money for down payment, you know, we’ve seen how you guys have done this deal. So he said it really eloquently written text.

Peter Vekselman: 02:54 He said, listen, I still want to get you involved somehow, but like wold you deal. So I’m like at the gym, I call them up like, dude, so let me see what you’re. Let me, let’s just logic this thing out. I asked them, how much experience does your partner have that you want to bring in? He said, well, he’s a lifelong friend of mine. I said, okay, how many deals has he done? He’s done zero deals. I said, okay, so, so let’s get this straight. You’ve got a partner like us who’s done over 3000 deals, is dozens and dozens of deals a month. You’re 100 percent of all the money who’s got people behind the scenes handling everything that you’re not even realizing because you have a full time job, which is totally fine with us and so you’re giving 50 percent to us as that partner and you can take us out of it and you want to replace us with another 50 percent partners.

Peter Vekselman: 03:47 You’re not going to make any more money with your partner. Partner has zero experience, no money as well, but younger than you. And Oh, by the way, he doesn’t even live in your market. He has to move to your market so you don’t even understand your market. And then the phone went dead for a minute because, I mean, I just, you know, just kind of boom, you know, it’s like hitting a car and you’re like, it takes a second and then you’re like, oh shit. I just got in a car wreck and thought about it. And he’s like, yeah, that’s a pretty stupid movement. And then listen again. And I told them, I said, look, you and I are going to be friends.

Peter Vekselman: 04:35 You’re a buddy of mine. He laughed about it and he’s like, okay, that’s stupid. I’m definitely not going to do that. And I said, listen, if you want to be your buddy, I mean you don’t have to give up a relationship over this. Don’t confuse relationships with making money, you know, don’t confuse being a buddy with making a business decision and really here’s what it came down to, you know, he didn’t want to give 50 percent to us and then 50 percent of his 50 percent someone else. So he just Kinda said it out loud, man. I just got greedy. I just got great. I get it. That’s exactly what it was.

Peter Vekselman: 05:19 It’s a very limiting thought and people get angry in this business and I’m around people all the time. Then get greedy. I promise you, being in real estate, I mean it’s just like people gravitate towards you so you know, boom. It’s like they see you, they see your, someone’s become successful and like boom, they attract, you attract them. So I could see it, but it’s like got to learn how to make decisions. And in real estate, you never want to make a decision based upon a deal, want to make a decision based upon one deal, you know, it’s no different than going to get a haircut and thinking I’m going to get one haircut the rest of my life. So I got a better, a better maximize. They’re going to be the best freaking haircut I’ve ever gotten. So I’m going to fly to Israel to get it.

Peter Vekselman: 06:06 Now we come to get another haircut like a month down the road. And if you go to Israel today, that means if that means I’m off from now, you’re going to fly to Israel and it makes no sense whatsoever to be getting your haircuts in Israel. So you would never make that decision. Right? And in real estate, for some reason, people lose all sense of reality. The old, they lose all sense of, you know, longterm make their decision, longterm decision based upon some very short term fast. And you know, sure, if you’re not partnering with us, you could potentially go out there and execute your own deal. Get the deal done, potentially make a little bit more. But think about this and if I’m going to use this story as an example, we’re cashing out our first deal, we’re closing it off here shortly. We’ll give them split a bunch of money in that deal.

Peter Vekselman: 07:04 We started out with this profit and we’re ending up with this profit. It always happens. It always amazes me when people are trying to grab that piece of, you know, we started here and we’re ending here talking to this guy. And I said, well listen, let’s say those mistakes happen and you want to deal by yourself. Like for instance, on that deal, what happened? We have the contract or open up a wall and son discovered something they didn’t see or foresee when they were bidding the property out happens all the time. I mean, you know, like links and that ended up being like a $10,000 mistake. I said, could you have absorbed the $10,000 mistake? Like No. Okay. I said, so that would have knocked me right out of that deal. You know, this deal is taking an extra two to three months to complete.

Peter Vekselman: 07:58 You had your own mortgage on it. And you were making a $1,500 a month payments, not got enough money for them payment, but did you have an extra $4,000 for an extra three or four month payment? And you’re like, no. I said, okay. So that would have. So contracting thing would have put you out of business. Three months in the business would’ve put you out of business, you know, and it’s just on and on and on and on and on. So in reality, the reason that we wanted to do this Webinar is not just so we could do more deals, which we do want to do, you know, in reality, the reason we wanted to do this as just bring some basic facts to you all. And it really is, you guys are thinking, well Gosh, do I want it, you know, next time I get a great deal, or do I want what will?

Peter Vekselman: 08:45 Or maybe some of y’all are like, you know, should I, you know, work with Peter and Julian are partner driven coaching program. You know, their expertise and how to find the deal. Do I need their expertise in how to security? You’ll have to negotiate a deal. How did that a deal, how to inspect the deal, how to hire a contractor for Neil, how to hire a realtor for Neil provides a contractor how to fire a potential contractor, how to create a, a, a flow chart of what happens in a deal, how to potentially sell the deal, how to accept the deal upon a buyer and a back end or rejected buyer in the back end. How to go within the Fha loan in the back end or you know, turn that away or potentially lower law. But maybe that’s a conventional loan. I mean, you know, million, million, million things that you got to understand and I’m just going to tell you guys from personal experience, it is much better.

Peter Vekselman: 09:40 So a $10,000 profit, two ways above potential, $20,000 profit yourself. Anything. You know, when I got started in this business I did or my son, you know, the reason I’m so adamant about this, our partnership program and our Partner Driven coaching program is I live the way that we provide. I lived it. You know, I started this business. I came out of some fairly successful businesses that I. I had to build a company that we franchise the cross United States. I had developed one of them. They’ll actually developed when I got out the largest mobile home brokerage and in Georgia, so I had a fairly fairly good track record is I overlooked the absolute basic in this business when I got started, like anyone to strategize with and talk with and mentor me because I was coming off a bunch of business successes and I jumped in and guess what?

Peter Vekselman: 10:42 It’s like down the road I lost half a million dollars. Now. I was fortunate enough that I was able to absorb it. Guess what? That’s like six deals. That’s not like 50 deals. That’s not like 100 deals. That’s not like eight years. This has six short months and six week deals, half a million dollars. And so the question so many of y’all have to ask yourself is how big of a loss can you take when you’re getting into this business? The only evaluate this business simply from the upside. You’re looking at a deal. Don’t evaluate this deal simply from, well, I could make 20 grand on this deal or I could make 50 grand on this deal. A smart, astute investor evaluates an investment opportunity from both sides. What can you lose on this deal and can you absorb it like [inaudible] deal that Julie just talked about. I mean, give me an hour, Julie.

Peter Vekselman: 11:38 How much is that going to extra going to cost me when everything is said and done? Probably Twenty thousand, $20,000 now I could do. I like them absorbing yet I don’t. Am I like excited that it’s going to cost me 20 grand to fix a mistake? I’m not, but I can do it and that’s why we did that deal because I understood the upside and I also was very realistic about a downside. Okay. You know, I’ll tell you a story here that were about, I don’t know, I’m a month or two. There were a couple of guys here that came in to see us. See me. Three young guys, you know, and they, you know, they kind of talk their way into this. No, they didn’t talk to her when office, they said, hey pete, we’re doing a bunch of deals. Um, we, um, we hear that you’re partnering with people, we hear that you’re actually coaching people through your Partner Driven coaching program.

Peter Vekselman: 12:29 We want to get our business to the next level. So they came in, we had what I thought was a great meeting, like I showed them how they could turn $1 profit into like eight or $9 of profit. So like mathematically made sense and um, and so we kind of just part of the company and then the goal was today start doing some deals together, play a week later, I get a call from one of them, you know, and he’s like, well, you know, we thought about it and we’re like, you know, we’re already doing deals and um, we don’t want to give you 50 percent of the deals we’re involved in and blah, blah blah. And it just, you know, you can see where that conversation went. And then I thought about it. You didn’t come in here to continue doing what you’re doing because really, that was our whole point, the whole point.

Peter Vekselman: 13:19 It was, hey, we’re already doing deals, so why should we give you 50 percent and I’m thinking idiot here, or we could go is because you want to do more deals. You’re here or we could go with [inaudible]. You want to be able to spend more money, you know? And so in the end, this kind of broke short term thinking of me, me, me, me, me, I want more, I want more, I want more. It really, really limits people. Why in the end, in my opinion, most people, most people never become successful in life. I mean, if you think about it like the uber successful people in life, you know, I’m not talking about the guy making a million, I’m talking about the guy paying $500 million. If you think about those people, all of them, all of them have very close, tight knit people around them.

Peter Vekselman: 14:10 See One man shows. I mean, look at it, Bill Gates had um, thing. Who did he have? I forgot his guy. Um, you know, Steve Jobs had, you know, one of them had Wazniak, one guy had the other guy. Um, I mean every one of these six, you know, the mobile guys, you know, there’s two of them. You know, there’s a very, very close partner behind Warren that no one knows about. I mean every single huge, huge player, uber successful person has someone around them, they’re split profits with those people. Those people aren’t just hanging around, they’re just not riding their coattails. And so, you know, as we talked to you all about our partner driven coaching program or just the ability to partner with those guys. You know, when I say this, this is when we say this is the best thing since sliced bread. This is the best thing since sliced bread. We’re literally putting our money, our people are experienced on the structure, our time, our resources, you know, our, our, our, our, our, our, our, our, and we’re still splitting the profits 50 slash 50 with you guys.

Julie Muse: 15:28 Hey Peter. There’s one thing that I want to add, it’s not just about profits when it comes to our coaching program is that in the beginning stages and whenever we’re doing bills to get details that we teach people will, you know, I have a couple students going on tomorrow. Well I know exactly what time their appointments are. They have contracts ready to go. Okay. Just waiting to negotiate those deals, right? We do not believe our people the chance. I don’t leave our chance to the fact that where hey, if you get a deal, just call us one day. We have every one of our staff members working on their deals, you know, you and I negotiate these deals because you know, and I, I’m very clear that if they are not successful then our time together is wasted. So you know, whenever we have something in the pot, go along with them. It allows us the opportunity to help them more. The worst thing that could ever happen is for someone to work with us and not realize because if they’re not successful, then why wouldn’t we want to ever work with somebody? You know? And that’s the thing that sits in the background is that I truly care and you truly care if they’re successful or not because if we’re just going through the motions and I don’t have card for that,

Peter Vekselman: 17:22 there is no question. There’s no question about it. And again, a lot of times, well not a lot of times we really don’t talk about this topic a lot. You know, we’re just trying to kind of, in essence we’re Julian, I a weekly basis. They’re trying to present ourselves from different angles because one day we may talk about today the value of partnership. The next day we may talk to you the value of helping us, you know, US helping negotiate deals with you and all this because we know different things resonate with different people. Now I’ll tell you as it relates to today topic, unfortunately you could say it’s kind of a little bit of a downer, you know. Whereas before we talk about all our successes, well when you’re talking about do I partner with someone or do I not partner with someone? Reality is only because you’re mitigating your, the downside, you know, let’s face it, if you could guarantee 100 percent, you’re going to be successful. Why partner? So it’s really kind of a, you know, so it’s, it’s, it’s, you know, as we talked to you guys about this, we’re using some examples where things went wrong is a reason to partner with you or for you to partner with us or to be part of our partner driven coaching program will give you some harsh reality. You know, let’s say you decide to do a deal with yourself and let’s say, you know, unless you have plenty of capital, you’re going to be proud.

Peter Vekselman: 18:56 Well, you know, the deal’s done eight tonight, but if you don’t get down the financing route, sometimes you will have no idea how much that financing is costing them. You know, you think, well I’m just gonna. Go borrow the money and you’re just like. And the conversation starts and stops right there. But have you figured out what the financing costs to you? Number one, let’s talk about what the facts. It’s going to cost you money to get into financing. There is very few people, private lender myself, so I mean I finance people every day. I’m not going to give everybody 100 percent of all the capital to get a deal done. So we got a deal and you’re coming with me. To me with 20 a $200,000 deal, you better be prepared to easily easily put anywhere from 60 to $40,000 down between 10 and 20 percent.

Peter Vekselman: 19:45 I mean that’s just really works in the hard money. Private money world. 10 to 20 percent. And by the way, anyone that tells you, well we’ll finance you know, five for up to five to 95 or 90 percent. What they’re not telling you is all the other costs that go above it, the closing costs, the points that have to be prepaid, you know, blah, blah blah. So when you add it all together, you’re not going to get away with somewhere between 10 to 20, sometimes 25 percent now. So number one, you better if you’re gonna, go the financing route. Be Prepared to put 10 to 20, 25 percent. Now on the financing way, you better be prepared to escrow quite a bit of money.

Peter Vekselman: 20:30 What I mean by that bottom line is people think, well, I’m in the deal. I saved up enough money. I’m good. Well guess what? Thirty days later you’re going to have to make another payment and usually it’s going to be a bot about one percent of the loan amount. So if you’re borrowing 200 grand, you’d better be prepared dish out about $2,000 within 30 days to make that first month payment. And by the way, in the way it works in a private world that ain’t going towards your first principle. That’s like gone to grant out the door never to be seen again because most of you know in this world, in this, in this financing business of working with, um, of working with private lenders or hard money lenders, you’re making interest only payments. So that’s like two grand gone 30 days later, another two brains on the 30 days to now, let’s say you get into the and now you know you spend an extra two to 3000, I’m sorry, two to three months in it longer than you thought on the construction side, which by the way, if you’ve got a construction project that’s anywhere over there to be spending more time in and then you thought, just just, you know, it’s like if your contractor saying I’ll be out in eight weeks, just automatically put 15 weeks now just, you know, the best thing that’ll happen is they’ll come in a little bit earlier, but the chances are that ain’t coming in earlier.

Peter Vekselman: 21:53 Okay, now you got to sell the property. Well guess what? At best it absolutely best if you’re prepared to sell it today, your best two to three months away. That’s like if a contract comes in today, that’s what the inspection goes perfectly. That’s if that loan closes within 45 days, eight stars need to align for that thing to call us out within 60 days. You know? And guess what? When that contract comes in, you know what’s going to stay in that contract inspection period and guess what that means they’re going to get some hard ass to go inside that house because member, it’s a fixer upper, but they think they’re buying a brand new home because they every bothered things that very fixed her up or needs to be fixed to the level of a brand new home and then inspector that’s making 400 bucks. Do you think he’s ever going to turn in an empty report kind of spectrum that gets the reputation for finding nothing so the inspector is going to go into your property that you just kind of did your best to fix it up and they’re gonna beat the crap out of it and they’re going to come back with an in. Julie can attest to this. I mean we’ve seen like how big are these reports? Inspection? How many pages are they usually

Julie Muse: 23:07 at least 35 and another. Another thing that I want to get on the hard money lending is yes, you’re right. It costs more than what people think. It’s a harder process than what people think, but have you not noticed lightly? These hard money lenders are becoming more like conventional banks. Their requirements are like conventional banks, so you’ll be four or five weeks and do a deal thinking you’re going to be able to close it and guess what? They never closed the deal. You lose relationships, you lose time, you lose money, and they don’t care whether or not lost your earnest when they really don’t, and for a lot he was the earliest money in the 10 percent down is all the money you ever had, so you just really need to be prepared. If you’re going to get into this business and dealt with hard money, you need to know what’s involved. Hard money lenders work on so it’s not up to them to tell you whether it’s a good deal or not. How much commission they can make for long and I know nobody wants to hear that, but that’s the way that it is. Hey Elaine, so glad you’re here.

Peter Vekselman: 24:28 Let me just kind of break this down to numbers. After borrowing, you know, millions and millions and millions of dollars and my 20 year career, when you start out, you could easily just spreadsheet easily, easily give up 20 percent of your profit to the money guy. That’s like a no brainer. That’s a, you know, four or five months, I feel like everything. But here’s what you got. Understand almost no deal goes the way you want it to go, so that’s going to cost you more. Almost no deal go shorter than you think, which means it’s going to cost you more. And here are the things you got to understand if you want to go down the borrowing route, you know, Julian, I brought up some real life experiences and that we’re going through right now with some challenges and not to us. They’re not really challenges. They’re just everyday deals and we handled them and everyone’s gonna make money in the back end and we’re all gonna. Be High fiving each other. But here’s one thing that lender will never, ever, ever do for you. When something goes wrong, they’re not going to show up with that property like we do and fix the problem for you.

Peter Vekselman: 25:37 When a contractor walks out, they’re not going to be on the phone getting contractors there. When the realtor brings the wrong buyer to you, reading your purchase contracts and say, Oh, look at this, this, there’s a kitchen here.

Peter Vekselman: 25:58 When all of a sudden you need an extra $20,000 in this deal that Julian, I just talked about, you think you’re going to call your lender to lend you that money and said, listen, I really screw this one up. I need an extra 20 grand like don’t even make that call because not only will they not give it to you, but you’re going to panic them. You’re going to alarm them and they’re going to be like anew, like, like white on rice. You’re never going to get that money back to them. They’ll ask thing you want to do. Well actually, gosh, we got running for office. The listening. Shay, he came from the back end. The last thing you want to do was get our lender involved. When you got a problem,

Peter Vekselman: 26:34 because lenders are very finicky people, they don’t want to hear about problems, they don’t want to hear that your construction is 20 grand over, hear that the six month loan you gave them is now going to be an indefinite loan and you have no idea when you’re coming out. They have no idea they. They don’t want to hear that. Like, Oh wow, I’m now like managed to flip this property upside down. Now I’m upside down in this whole thing. That’s not what lenders do. So the bottom line is a lender is not a partner, not a partner. A lender is a lender, just contractors. The contractor and realtors as a realtor deal is in there to make money off of you, wants to commission. The contractor wants their feeds once their points and interests that’s sold to you once you to be a little bit stupid so they can make the commission on the sale.

Peter Vekselman: 27:31 Every single person, if you think about it, involved in that deal. Every single person is making money off of you and here is there kind of reality about it. Every single one was making money whether you make money or not. See when that contractor makes their $10,000 and you sell that property, the last do you think they’re going to say like, listen, I just had this brilliant idea that 10 grand I just made on you. Here’s nine of it. Heck no real church that said they could sell it for 100 grand. Then you need that 100 grand to turn the deal and all of a sudden the best they could do and sell it for 85 and now you’re coming out of pocket $5,000. You think that realtors and be like, well, you know the six grand, I’m the whatever, five grand I’m making. Honestly, you know, let me give you four of it. You think that realtor that sold you that property in a front end and misrepresented some numbers, it’s going to take that call from you six months later when you tell them, you know what, that property is sold to him for me for $100. You know, you told me I could sell for $100. I’m only selling it for 80 [inaudible] some money back. You think they’re going to take that call from you?

Peter Vekselman: 28:38 Do you think that hard money lender that you all four points, two or three points to is going to come off their points just so you can make a little bit more or not losing as much? The only person that gives a darn about you in the deal is a true partner. Partner is somebody who makes zero money unless you make money. The reality of it, you know, it’s nothing to do with being a nice guy. We could sit here and say we’re the nicest people in the world, but we could be total jerks. There’s nothing to do with who’s nice and who’s not nice and who likes you, who doesn’t like you and who’s black or white or man or woman or east coast and nothing to do with. That was when our profits made a true partner like us. Why you should feel like beyond happy to be working with us.

Peter Vekselman: 29:35 We don’t make them money. A dollar when the property bought, what properties fix? We don’t make a dollar if financing needs to be put on the property, we don’t make a dollar commission on the back end. We all take our first dollar when you was our partner and US ourselves. So don’t matter if we get along or not. Although we get along with our partners. It don’t matter if we’re here in Atlanta or with you and I. well it don’t matter what really what Julie’s and our intentions are to do this. You know, some people say, well you guys are just trying to get more deals done. Well yeah, no shit we are, but who cares? The only thing that matters is what is the intent and winter profits split up. And so when you look at this from a business perspective on some of you all become with some of y’all already part of our partner driven coaching program or some of y’all are like sitting in a fence or like, well Gosh, do I want to do that? Yeah. Where some of y’all trying to figure out, do I want to bring deals to these guys?

Peter Vekselman: 30:46 You know, it’s Kinda that, you know, this is a bad comparison. I’m not comparing it to this, but it’s the only thing that kinda comes to mind when people say unconditional love, right? People always say, well, I got unconditional love, or I got unconditional friendship, or I’ve got this. I got that. Well, in real estate, unconditional love is when did you make your money when you split it, but he wants a piece of the pie. I get it everyone. No one’s ever come to me and say, Pete, people a bit more. Everyone comes to me and says, I want a little bit more,

Peter Vekselman: 31:20 but the reality is the reason that we want to do deals with you all this, because we’re going to stay in there with you till the come hell or high water, bad deal problems are no problems, issues or no issues. We’re going to be in there. The one thing that Julie and I have never ever, ever done is walk away from a partner or a deal that we had challenges along the way. You’d better believe it and we’ll have challenges going forward. I guarantee you, whatever deal we buy tomorrow, we will have challenges on it. That’s why what you’re getting when you’re working with Julian, I is the two things that most of you lack experience and money

Peter Vekselman: 32:05 and we feel so confident in our experience and our money. Take no money out the long way. There is a copy cats, people that do this kind of a program across the nation. I know a lot of them, but guess what? They make a little money on the front end to make a lot of money in the front end. A lot of them actually want to sell the deal to the partner. They’re like, well, yes, we’re going to partner with you on the news we find and you buy and we’re going to fix them. So they make money on flipping the deal to you, which you’re not realizing they’re making money on construction, which you’re not realizing and if the deal goes to hell, that’s fine because they already made their 15, 20 grand. That’s the same as bus tours that people pack them. You know, these gurus pack people in, not us. We don’t make them money on the front end, middle line. We only make money on the back end.

Julie Muse: 32:59 Go ahead. Mark had a question. How long does it take to get a yes or a no? You will be partnering on deal. How aware do we submit the deals and I would like to answer that mark are working with either Peter or myself or a combination of both of us on a deal. We know about this low priority ever going on the appointments and we’re going to give you specific criteria on what we buy, what we buy and what we’re looking to do. So that’s how you submit a deal is whenever you’re working with us one on one. Um, I mean strangely enough, you know, and I know this is antiquated, but I had this book here of everybody that works with every bit of personal information. I knew about them every day. That’s the level of commitment that heater and a half. And I would say what everyday, every other day.

Julie Muse: 34:02 And I go over every body that we work with one on one and we’re not talking about Monday through Friday. We’re talking about all week that him and I go over each personally work with because you know, as he was mentioning about the downfalls and about everything that we do, most of all guys, we, we care about the people you work with and we 100 percent want them to be successful. So whenever you do work with theater now one on one before you ever even tried to go get the deal, we’ve already told you how to go get it and whether or not we’re going to approve the deal. So no, there’s not some Internet based program where you can submit a deal. It’s talking to him and I was submitting a deal or not. Sometimes that may mean talking to me and me calling Pete, talk him into spending his money.

Julie Muse: 35:00 That happens a lot. It’s weird how him and I have, it’s like a Mama Daddy relationship where they may say, you know, they’ll call me and ask me for it and then I got to call Peter and talk him into it. But look guys, we’re here for you one on one and 100 percent. There is an upfront cost to work with Peter now one on one, our time costs money and really that separates people you know, that we are looking to do deals with because if you put money into yourself, then won the world. When we put money into youth, I know that ugly to say, you know, and I’m sure you’re going to be amazing, but I don’t know, maybe you can expand on that.

Peter Vekselman: 35:53 Well, it’s a simple as that. I mean, you know people. Here’s the reality of it. If you’re not willing to invest into yourself, we’re not willing to invest into you. I mean, it’s really no more complicated and if that needs to be explained to you beyond that, that probably you’re not the right partner for us. And I hate to say it. You might not even be really a business owner kind of mindset. Um, so he here, here’s, here’s, here’s the facts, guys, never, ever, ever let money get in the way of success because most, because the cool thing about what Julian I’ve devised and her partner driven coaching program is that the kind of money that people put up to work with us is something that 100 percent of people can get 100 percent.

Peter Vekselman: 36:45 How do I know this is? I used to freaking 20 years ago sleeping in my car for awhile when I ran into problems in this business. I do. I know this because I used to eat freaking my one meal a day, used to be in hotels in a breakfast at certain hotels and that’s how it eat. Pay The big price to be successful in this business. When people say, well, I don’t have the couple thousand dollars, really go get a job, we’ll get a second job. Is your future not worth it? But the reality is you’re not willing to do that, then you’re probably not going to do with Julian. I got plenty of people that want to work with us. If you probably are not the business mindset, you know, I mean I talked to a guy today that called me and he and when I got done talking to him about what we do and he said this is exactly what I’m looking for, and he followed up that sentence, but I ain’t going to do it because I’m scared that you’re going to screw me. Oh my God. Really?

Julie Muse: 37:45 Seriously. I mean, I’ve had people say that to me is, well, you know, what, do you know how quick my lifespan is? Business would end if I miss them. You know what I mean? I’m in the business to help them. Right? And, and, and I don’t know the outside looking in that you can, you know, that people can get that and relate to that. But not only do we want to help people, but we work with and I think that’s why it’s so special. But um, you know, at least I’ll ask him that question and if you would like to know how much it cost to work with, what you need to do is go to www.coachingbypete.com. And you will get a call from either Peter or myself or one of our associates will explain everything to you when great depaul. So there’s no questions, you know, we don’t, I don’t want it to also have a Webinar, how to work with us one on one because it’s important that we get to know you and get to know is what your intentions are. Because sometimes things change for people that we talk to. Wouldn’t you agree, Peter, that you know, as you talk to certain people, some of the things we do change based on the person we talked to and it’s much better to go to paypal.com and you know, fill out the little, the little thing there. That way you know, to call us. We’ll call you

Peter Vekselman: 39:28 guys. So, so the answer your question is absolutely. Well let me leave you with this spinal thought guys. We’ve never done a deal with a partner. Your partner didn’t make money. Simple as that. We deal with the partner. We’re a partner. Didn’t make more money than it costs them to get started with us. We got a pretty much 100 percent record, so the decision today for you all is very simple. You want to make more than you spend. It will cost you some money to get started with this kind of dollar to make $2. It’s really no more complicated than that record. We have history. We have credentials were all over the Internet, so we’re not hiding from anyone. We got our phone numbers everywhere so we’re not trying to deceive anyone. We are exactly what we say we are. So for those of you all don’t want to be part of a partner driven coaching program.

Peter Vekselman: 40:29 Like Julie said, simply go to coaching, www, coaching by peter.com in there. You’ll get more information. You’ll see some amazing people with their faces or their names. Do you have any testimonials? Talking about real life deals done by real life people. Get more information there and then either fill out a form and one of us will touch base with you. There’s a phone number on there that you could call, but guys will tell you if you fill out the form or if you call, be ready to move forward because Julian are very busy with people that do want to move forward. We’re very committed with people that are action takers. If all you’re looking for is information to put in your bag of 30 other things that you’re looking at, whether or not your people for you, sorry we’re not your people, but if you’re ready to take action, if you’re ready to invest time, money, and energy into your future and you’re ready to have a blast doing it because I promise you we have a blast doing it.

Peter Vekselman: 41:29 You don’t have. You don’t how many texts I’m getting. I’m going to keep on looking down. It’s sort of some of y’all that are listening to this webinar. You know, I just gotta I gotta just get three texts in a row. Literally basically saying the same thing. Hey, you’re the man. You the man. You know, I mean, this is really cool. So I know we resonate with the right people and we’re excited. But guys, whether you do a deal with us or you don’t do the deal in the US, where we strongly encourage you all do the business, we do, you do two deals with us, we do hope you become part of our partner driven coaching program because then that program, we’re going to help you find deals. We’re going to help you secure the deals. We’re going to fund 100 percent of the purchase.

Peter Vekselman: 42:11 We’re going to fund a 100 percent of their rehab. We’re going to help you fix the deals and then we’re going to sell them together. I’m going to split the profits 50 slash 50. If you’re trying to figure out, well, is this for me? Well, I don’t know. Is that for you? US help you find it, US use our money, US help you fix it, US help you sell it and we split the profits. If you’re still thinking, well shit, I don’t know this. I don’t know that information. So the wire, you’re not the right person for us, but if you can kind of see and say, well that’s. That’s pretty damn awesome. Then we want to talk to you further. We want to be, we want to, we want to get a better feel for you. So for those of you that you, if you fall in that category, go to www coaching by peter.com. Fill out the form and we’ll touch base with you and we’ll look to do some deals with you.

Julie Muse: 42:58 Absolutely. And, and you know in Dana, I want to give a shout out to Dana down there in Florida. She said you answer your phones. That’s impressive Dana. Not that I want a lot of. No we won’t. We won’t. People just like you swimming a couple of weeks before she even started. She was already working on deal, but she understands what this business is about and I’m so proud and excited to get to know you. So that’s exactly what I’m looking for. I’m looking for partners that are looking to be successful without making excuses. Is that ugly to say, Peter?

Peter Vekselman: 43:40 No. Hell No. You’re too soft. Everybody was like paid year to year. Hard year to our real. Everybody lives in. A lot of people get in because of me, but they stick around because the Julie, so I get it. So anyway, listen, we had a great time with you all tonight while we look forward to working with a number of you all and um, it’s a great business and we’d love to partner with you guys data.