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All right. So here’s a question that I get asked so often. And, um, how do I get it to this partnership model? Like people always want to know as a real estate investor, like what made me, what made me transfer everything I was doing? I remember I was doing well as an investor. I had thousands of real estate deals already done. So what was, what was kind of the, the stepping stones that I took and why did I set up this partner model? We are now partnering with people over United States. Well, what happened is this and this actually, we were doing our own deals and I was doing very well. We had a call center here in Atlanta. We were literally taking thousands and thousands of calls from sellers. We would get, literally check this out. Like if you’re an investor and you’re thinking, right, it’s all about generating inbound leads.

We were taken up to a thousand calls a day for motivated sellers, right? So we were running on all cylinders. Like literally we were running on all the cylinders, things are going well, but then we want to, to, uh, expand and we want it to start growing beyond, beyond just our own territory here in Atlanta. So our first expansion, uh, first expansion, uh, Ottawa Atlanta was actually into Jacksonville, Florida. We physically set up an office. Okay. We set up an office in Jacksonville, um, with, uh, back then was a really, just a coaching student of mine, his name’s Pete. And we started doing very well in Jacksonville. Okay. We started doing very, very well things were going well. Um, we were still very centralized, meaning we were, um, everything that we were doing, like marketing wise, taking inbound call wise stuff like that was all out of the Atlanta office.

Okay. And we were generating appointments for our boots on the ground in Jacksonville and things were going so well so well that we actually became the largest investors in Jacksonville after being there for about a year. And we had an incredible, incredible run. Uh, we had an incredible run, um, in the Jacksonville market, um, for a number of years. And then we’re like, okay, we think we figured out how to do things remotely. Let’s expand beyond that. And we initially started with a model called trifecta and trifecta was really, was almost closer to like a franchise model. We had literally set up 15 people across the United States. I guess you could say pseudo franchises. And, you know, they span only from Atlanta to Jacksonville and we had offices set up all the way to west coast, California, right. And that became our trifecta model. And we started, you know, we, again, we centralized everything from a marketing perspective, lead gen perspective, taking inbound calls, perspective, setting up appointments for a local partners perspective.

So that was our next step. So our first step was to master and dominate Atlanta, Georgia. Our next step was to dominate one outside market, uh, Jacksonville, Florida. Our next step was then to really get into 19, no 17 markets across the United States and do really, really, really well there and start really dominating them. And we had perfected that, and that was initially where the partner driven model was born, because then we said, well, how do we get beyond just the 17 markets? How do we start doing deals with people literally all over the United States, right? And that was our first step to what is now known as the partner driven model. And in now, initially when we started partnering with just random people, I’ll be honest with you. The first year was a difficult year. You know, we actually, I lost, I lost a ton of money, lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We didn’t have the right checks and balances set up. We didn’t have the right infrastructure set up. You know, when we had 17 offices across the United States, we had our own people there, but now all of a sudden we started partnering with random people across the states and it wasn’t our own people. We didn’t have the right checks and balances set up. So the first year, the first year was kind of a rough year. Okay. And not a kind of rougher year. It was a rough year. Um, but here it is, years and years down the road and now the partner. Mmm Mmm, Mmm. Partner driven model is just absolutely killing it. Okay. Absolutely killing it. We have partners in almost all 50 states. We know how to support every single one of our partners. We’re doing more deals with partners than we ever have before.

We just closed a big one with Patricia Newberry last night, $400,000 house, 75,000 to rehab and almost six and a quarter to sell. And now the partner driven model is we literally help everyday people across United States close and do real estate deals. And we do that. Why, because what we do is we provide what a really in the end known as the pillars of success for real estate investors, right? These are like the must have you want to be a real estate investor? These are the must have things. They’re, non-negotiable things. These are the must have things that you need to have in order to be successful. Number one, we coach and mentor all of our partners literally on a daily basis. So all of our partners themselves become exorbitantly savvy as investors. Number two, it’s all about finding the right properties and all it’s about finding the right deals, right?


So we literally generate leads for our partners across the United States. We invest money into marketing, into the local markets. Next, we provide them incredible technology, you know, into these marketplace. You know, if you don’t have technology in real estate, um, you’re going to be way, way, way behind the eight ball. So we provide technology for our partners. Um, once we find the right properties, obviously I provide a hundred percent of the capital needed. So my partners don’t spend and, um, any money out of pocket, um, that’s all part of my responsibility. And then we just put the properties in the market, sell them and split the profits down the middle 50 50. And that right there is the partner driven model. So we coach our partners, we generate leads, I provide all the capital. Um, and then we sell them. We split the profits. And like I said, we are rocking and rolling with the partner driven model more than we ever have.

We’re doing more deals with partners than we ever have. We’re doing more deals with different partners than we ever have. And so, um, it’s very exciting. And so now my mission is I no longer look for, um, I don’t look for real estate deals myself. You know, remember we used to have a call center. I used to have full-time negotiators. Well, my model is changing now. Now I look for partners to help do deals together. So now when people say what, uh, um, um, you know, said, you know, people say, well, why are you always looking for partners? Well, that’s just the way it used to look for deals. And I look for partners and I PR partners into my system and then deals come out. So I don’t have to chase after deals anymore. My company doesn’t have to chase. I chase after partners.

My team behind me helps facilitate, uh, our partners. You know, we set them up into a system all the way from onboarding and the mental process, um, to, uh, uh, um, you know, everything is just literally plug and play. Um, and yeah, yes, seven. Um, I see your question. So many of your partners recommend and refer the partners. That’s exactly right. You know, the partner driven models. Now, a lot of times, ton of times, a spread by our own internal partners, which is ultimately how you want it. Right. Which is ultimately how you want it. But, but, um, but yes, the party, the model is alive and well, I’d say probably at the, at the national level. I am. Um, I’m the only one at this level who does partnerships to sway at the national level? You know, people always partner at the local level, uh, uh, Isaac, uh, do you accept partners from Canada?

Yes. You just have to have some boots on the ground or be willing to find a couple of boots on the ground to do some running around for you, but all your training could be done through zoom lead gen could be done technology. You, you know, we’ll just pick a market for you, Isaac, if you’re in Canada and we’ll pick a market for you, you’ll get some boots on the ground there just to go look at some properties, you know, make some evaluations and the rest is done through technology and things like that. So that’s, that’s very easily done and that’s a very, very, very easily, uh, very easily, uh, handled. Um, um, but yeah, my mission now is very simple. Um, my mission is very simple. I want to do more deals. I want to partner with more people. I want to help more people.

Um, um, are they, are there any other businesses trying to compete with this model? Not that I’m aware of. You there’s always let the local level people partner real estate all the time. Okay. There’s people that partner in real estate all the time, um, at the local level, but there’s no one that does it, um, at the national level. Okay. The way I do it, um, there’s no one that does deals at the national level with partners cause no one really has the kind of infrastructure that, uh, um, that I currently have. So that’s why that’s what makes this, uh, but Isaac, if you want to touch base with me again, as long as, as long as you’re, uh, by the way, if you want to partner with me, just DME, the word partner, right? If you want to partner with me, you got to live in the United States or have presence somewhat like boots on the ground.

On the United States. You gotta, you gotta be very coachable, right? You gotta be very coachable. Um, you gotta be willing to level up. You gotta be wanting to make a lot of money and do it in real estate. And it, and I’m not looking for, if you’re looking for a handout or freebie, this is not for you. Okay. Real estate or business in general. You know, if you want to be in business, if you want to be successful, you can’t a freer way today, or you can’t hand out your way to there. You know, you gotta, there’s a price that comes with success. There’s an investment that comes with success. But if you, again, us bound or have boots on the ground here, um, coachable want to do it in real estate. You know, we’ll coach, you will mentor, you will generate leads for you.


I’ll provide all the capital to do the deals. And then when we sell them, we split the profits down in the middle 50 50. So the next step would be just DM me the word partner, DME, the word partner. And, um, uh, and, uh, I’ll tell you, uh, what the next step is. Uh, yeah. Isaac, no problem. Hopefully we can do some, do you have some boots on the ground here, Isaac, that you could, uh, deploy to do some running around for you? Um, as long as you have some boots on the ground that you could deploy that could do some running around then, um, that’s a, that’s easy. We could start partnering, um, um, and, uh, and doing deals and really, you know, the key is looking for people that want to get to those next levels. Okay. I’m looking for people that really, really want to get to those next levels of life, um, that want to do something with themselves that are not satisfied with, you know, just the average and are not satisfied with just status quo, um, are looking to level up, you know, we’ve taken partners, you know, we’ve, we, it was funny.

We’re on the zoom call today. And the young lady from Florida Dyneesha, um, uh, was on there, right? Uh, young lady, the Neesha, uh, was on there and, um, the Nisha and I did our first deal a couple years ago. She’s a single model out of south Florida. And she was so excited when we did that first deal. This is crazy. She literally flew to Atlanta, Georgia here to grab her, to take her first check. Okay. She literally flew to Atlanta, Georgia to grab her first check. And we took this iconic, we took this iconic picture of her giving me a hug and me handing her that check. Um, and she was on zoom, um, uh, yesterday. And so we’re, uh, about redo, uh, we’re about ready to really, um, really, really start knocking it out. Um, um, so Isaac. Yeah. Well then we need to get started right now.

There’s a little bit of a ramp up time. So if you’re ready to get rock and rolling, if you’re gonna, especially since you’re moving in the U S a couple of months, we need to start like today. If you’re ready to level up, if you’re ready to start doing deals, just DME, the word partner, and, um, and, uh, we’ll connect. You know, people seem to always ask like, who’s this not for honestly, this is not for people that are looking for freebies. This is not look people for looking for handouts. This is for people who generally want to level up, but they understand that there’s ways of leveling up in life, right? There are shortcuts in life. And one of the biggest shortcuts is, is getting mentors, getting coaches, and really getting with people that are further ahead than you are. Right. And that’s really what partnering with me is it’s a shortcut, right?

To shortcut that way. You don’t have to go through, um, that way you don’t have to go through your own, um, uh, learning curve. Cause we got you and we’ll teach you everything you need to know. You don’t need to, um, generate just leads for yourself. We got you. We have lead gen system here and we’ll help you generate those leads. Um, you don’t have to figure out how to get the money. We got that. Um, so all the way, all the way around, we got all that going and, uh, uh, and all that. So, um, let’s see somebody from Russia written in Russia, I believe it or not, it was born in Russia, but I don’t know how to read Russian and not to talk it. I don’t know how to read it. Um, but, um, yup. So that’s it, man. I’m looking to do deals.

If you want to do real estate deals, as long as you live in the United States or have some boots on the ground here, then, you know, on the guy to connect with, I’ve been doing this for 22 years. Uh, we’ve taken another kid. I remember Alex, Alex was 21 years old. Um, 21 years old, um, worked as a bank teller, right. Um, uh, worked as a bank teller and um, $1,500 a month. That’s all he was making, you know, and he, you know, he was able to pay the little fee that we charge, you know, because you always have to have the, uh, um, you always have to have some skin in the game if you’re going to be in business and you have no skin in the game, you don’t believe you don’t belong in that business. Okay. But, uh, and so with Alex, um, got, uh, got them to do our first deal in a couple of months.

And he said after I do my first deal, Pete, I’ll never, ever, ever, ever, uh, yes, I can still speak Russian. I just can’t read it or write it. Um, but he yet, um, so, um, but anyway, so when, when we’re working with Alex, he said to help me be one real estate deal and I’ll never, ever, ever go back to work again. And the very first deal we did a couple of months after partnering with Alex since then, it’s been a couple of years now. He’s never gone back to being a bank teller. He’s a full-time investor and just rocking and rolling, um, you know, and, um, so that those are the kinds of success stories that I love hearing. Um, what’s the helps you the most? What’s the best quality that’s helped me the most? Uh, probably perseverance. There’s no question. Perseverance is the one piece that has helped me the most, um, um, you know, no quit attitude.


I mean, do I get discouraged? Yes. Uh, is there, um, times I want to quit? Yeah. You better believe it, but you know, my reason to continue has always been bigger than my reason to stop. I mean, that’s really what it comes down to. My reason to move forward has always, always been bigger than my reason to quit and, you know, in the end, um, that’s really, um, uh, um, you know, that’s really what things were, what it comes down to. Okay. Um, it’s really, what’s, this stuff comes down to that, you know, how bad do you want something? You know, how, um, you know, how important it is for you to be successful? Um, yup. I live in the USA now. Yep. I was born in Soviet union and Russia been here for many, many years, but right now I do live in the U S obviously, but that’s really the, you know, my biggest thing has always been, you know, um, uh, uh, um, I’ve always had enough, big reasons to continue through the challenges, wanting to quit, wanting to stop.

Um, and that’s really the big thing, you know, what is the you’re happy always in your life? Well, yeah. Remember I always teach people, you should stay in your three lanes, two lanes or one lane or five lanes, but it’s important to stay in your lanes of life. You know, the things that are important to you. Um, and my three lanes are life, um, is that, uh, um, my three lanes of life is very simple. Um, it’s either health, wealth, or happiness, health, wealth, or happiness. Right. Um, and those are the three lanes that I stay in and as long, um, as long as I’m doing something to do with my health, my wealth and my happiness, um, then, you know, I’m all about that health, wealth and happiness. And so I always tell people, figure out what your two lanes in life are. Okay.

Figure out what your lanes of life are and stay in those lanes. Right? So every, you know, happiness is one of my lane. So I try to align myself with things that make me happy. Uh, wealth is one of my lane. So I try to align myself with things that will keep me wealthy, um, and, um, happiness, health, wealth, and happiness. So, you know, I always teach people, stay in your lanes, figure out what your lanes are, by the way, if you can’t figure out what your lanes are, you know, health, wealth, uh, um, you know, health, wealth, and happiness. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. Absolutely nothing wrong with starting out. Um, you know, um, with those three lanes. So remember, so I was just sharing with you guys earlier about the, the history of partner-driven you used to be an investor, did thousands of deals by myself.

We did our first expansion into the Florida Jacksonville market. Then we expanded into 17 other markets, um, perfected all that along the way. And then we just started working with everyday people across the United States years ago. And so not a partner driven model is alive and well. And so I’m looking for more partners to do deals with. So if you live in the United States or have boots on the ground here, um, if you, um, if you’re ready to level up, if you want to be successful as a real estate investor, if you want to make a ton of money, if you’re coachable, just DME, the word partner, and, uh, um, DME, the word partner, and then, um, as long as you meet those qualifications, then, um, that, uh, it’s a good, it’s a good starting step for us to possibly connect. Can someone invest in your business?

Uh, possibly, you know, possibly, I’m not sure what you mean by that, but, uh, send me a DM. Tell me a little bit more specifically, um, specifically what you’re looking, uh, in terms of possibly that what you’re thinking, and we could talk how much capital you need to start doing something small business. Well, it depends what you’re doing. You know, it all depends on what you’re doing, how serious you are about it, but you’re asking the right question, because if you’re going to be successful in any business, you better be willing to invest, invest your time. You invest your capital, you invest of yourself. If you’re looking to start something and you’re just looking for some kind of a freebie, um, you know, some kind of a handout, um, it’s just not going to work. You know, there are no freebies in life, not if you want to be successful, that there is a price with success.


There’s shortcuts to success. Like if you want to be in real estate, the ultimate shortcut, I think, is align yourself with myself. I’ve done over 3,400 deals, you know, don’t you think I could propel you further on, then if you want to do this yourself or go out at yourself. Um, so, you know, there are shortcuts, okay, there’s absolutely shortcuts to success. And so you need to tap you, you have to be willing to pay the price, but you also have to understand what all the shortcuts is. The number one shortcut is fun. Finding people that are more successful than you, and literally aligning, aligning yourself with them. Um, and that is a very, very, very, very key, very, very, very key form of success. I guys listen, thanks for your support. I appreciate it. Love visiting with you guys. Love sharing as much as I can.

Um, again, uh, partner-driven is my model. I’ve done thousands and thousands of deals with people across United States. Connect with me. If you want to do deal, you got to have presence here in the United States, you got to, um, you got to be coachable. You gotta be willing to hustle. You gotta be willing to level up, get to those next levels, and you got to want to make a ton of money and, and, and do it together. If you fall in that category, DME, the word partner, and I’ll touch base with you and tell you what we gotta do to get going. Uh, thanks guys. Appreciate it.