Peter (00:03):

All right, what’s going on? Everybody. Peter here. I got one of my partners, Chris west on the other side, Chris, how you doing? I literally, just, as we were setting this up, I literally asked Chris. I said, Chris, isn’t there a deal we’re working on. And he’s like, dude, you already closed the deal today. So I’m like, that’s a good problem to have. Well, congratulations. That’s awesome. I’m sure the wire hit today and your money is on your it’s way. Um, so the other thing I told Chris before we got started, not scripted just off the cuff. I want to just talk to you a little about it. First of all, Chris, tell us about yourself. What did you do pre real estate?

Chris (00:40):

Uh, pretty real estate will currently on in my second year in college, actually. So I’m just going to school before this.

Peter (00:46):

Yeah, that’s amazing. When I was in school, I was not trying to figure out like how to make money in real estate. I was trying to figure out like what to do Friday night.

Chris (00:56):

Everyone has said that to me so far,

Peter (00:58):

But that’s, you know, that’s true. That’s, that’s fricking amazing. That is like the vision that someone like you has, honestly. I mean, you know, sometimes we’d pump people up, but I’m just telling you that this is no pump up. This is reality for someone like you, your age to have the vision, to have the fortitude. And here’s the biggest thing. I always tell young people, you have an advantage. I mean, think about this. I mean, literally you get this thing done in the next 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 years. That’s like, start it, start it. So what you have is you’ve got time on your hand. That is absolutely awesome. So congratulations. What are you studying

Chris (01:35):

Finance actually,

Peter (01:37):

Dude, that was mine. I study finance at Miami to this day. I tell people I’m hopefully I don’t mess you up too. That is the most worthless degree I made it. I made it worthless. I made it worthless. Cause like if you go to Miami, when I graduated, um, literally I was at the bottom of the class. Like there’s a person at the top and here’s a person at the bottom and I was at the bottom. Like if I would’ve gotten one letter grade left lower, I would not have been graduated. So finance is probably not a worth less degree. Well, anyway, that’s awesome. Congratulations. So what, okay, so then you got to talk about this next thing. What got even thinking real estate at such an early age?

Chris (02:19):

Well, my brother actually just got his real estate license, so he’s one of my realtors that I work with for this program. But so I grew up caddying at a country club near here and I just grew up hearing all of them, talk about basically how they make their money. And I would say 90% of them talked about their real estate. And so I was like, so I always knew that something, you could do something with basically. And so for the last like two years, my senior year of high school and last year just nonstop read about real estate. And I’ll eventually my goal is to get into like apartment complex and stuff. But I actually saw an ad from like private money goldmine for the partner driven program. And so I was like, oh, I’ll check that out. And so like for three days I just researched you guys constantly. I was like, okay, they’re legit, let’s do this because there’s so many scams out there. Kind of, I feel like that just like trying to take your money for these programs. So yeah, that’s how I got into it basically.

Peter (03:16):

No, that’s awesome. Here’s one thing I want you to talk a little bit about, cause you know, the, the, the one person you’re going to hit with obviously is the younger crowd. And I’ll tell you personally, what I’ve seen the biggest issue with the younger crowd that I’ve seen is, um, the perspective, you know, it seems like the young people, they want something immediately. Okay. Yeah. And we know the real estate doesn’t happen overnight. I mean, anybody tells you real estate is gonna happen overnight. That’s just, it’s a full of BS. So w what, Y you, I mean, what makes you have the vision? Where is, you know, 99 out of a hundred other kids out there, your age, they’re not, they’re looking for, to like, you know, work today, get paid Friday, or try something for two weeks. And if it doesn’t work, they quit. What, what do you think separates you from that?

Chris (04:06):

I don’t know. I guess, well, I’m the youngest of seven. So, um, everyone that I hang out with is older than me. And so I’ve kind of just seen the perspective of all my older siblings working a day job and basically hating their lives. And then I see my friends from high school, basically doing nothing with their lives, except going to college and getting a degree, which doesn’t really work for you unless you have like the drive nowadays. And so I basically was like, well, I don’t want to be that. And so I started like, I guess my biggest thing was I was listening to like motivational speakers and stuff, but was just basically just doing something like, no matter what it is, just start something. And so I guess that’s what it is. I just want to be different than what’s surrounding me.

Peter (04:50):

What, what, like, from your perspective, and I’m sure you won’t mind, how old are you, what do you think? Do you think you’re going to head more towards what you kind of answered that question? Do you think you’re going to utilize your finance degree more? Or is the goal to kind of swerve towards real estate? Or is it kind of a mixture of both? Like where do you see yourself? 25 30 at that age?

Chris (05:15):

A hundred percent of real estate.

Peter (05:17):

That’s awesome. That is, that is, and look, I’m not telling you anything, I’m sure you don’t know. I mean, although you were having, you know, it’s great that we’re closing deals and all that, but it’s, this comes with sets of challenges, right? Real estate is not easy.

Chris (05:29):

It’s not easy at all.

Peter (05:30):

So let me ask you this, when crap hits the fan for you and it will, I promise you there’ll be that it’s you out of the left field that you’d be like, is this even worth it? How do you think you’re gonna get through it? I mean, is it just your attitude? Are you ready for it? Is it because you have been always associated with older people, two steps ahead of you. What’s going to get you through those tough times.

Chris (05:53):

I think it’s on my, me and myself. I’m always looking to, and for those challenges, actually, that’s why I’m doing real estate at such a young age. Cause I saw your program. I was like, oh, I’ll try this. Cause I’ve always been shy. And so I was like, oh, you have to cold call these people. I was like, okay, let’s learn how to cold call. And so I think that’s, what’s going to get me through is I’m always looking for a challenge and basically pushing through that barrier and onto the next step.

Peter (06:18):

No, that’s awesome. That’s awesome. We close their deal today from my understand. But the wire is in the house are going to be in a house sometime today. So you’re going to get, so let’s talk specifically about this deal. Let’s talk from the, from zero. How did you go about finding it?

Chris (06:35):

I drove around.

Peter (06:39):

That’s pretty sophisticated. Cause people tell us every day that doesn’t work. I mean literally every day we’re like, oh, that doesn’t work. Okay. So walk us through. You drove around and what, what happened? I mean, what about this deal stood out? Where does property

Chris (06:52):

A little like hotspot areas downtown that are being revamped because there’s old historic districts that are super in right now. And so every everyone around it is basically brand new houses. And this one is the, was the only one that was basically, it was falling apart. It was real. It was really rough. And so it was the only one I was like, all right, I’m going to write it down. And so I wrote it down, went home, put in the app and I got his number called him up. And he was like, all right. And so we set an appointment, uh, the first time it was kind of iffy if you wanted to sell it. But then like I convinced him, he was our guy with it. Cause he, he was working on like two other projects and he just didn’t have the time to get to this right now. And I was like, well, we can do this right now and you can sell it. So he was like, all right, I got to tell you that, that

Peter (07:39):

That’s awesome. So you can put it into our deal driven app. You skip trace that you got, you got a phone number you called the owner happened to be at the right place at the right time. It was good. You did some negotiations from the time you make that initial call to the day you put under contract, about how much time passed

Chris (07:58):

Two days,

Peter (08:00):

Two days. Perfect. You know, that’s one thing I tell people it’s amazing to me, how many people make contacts and then it’s like, you’re talking to them. They’re like, oh yeah. I contacted that seller like three months ago or three weeks ago. I’m like, you know, you got to create that sense of if there’s any kind of inkling of an opportunity, you got to go for it.

Chris (08:18):

Yeah. I think I’m working on my fourth. I’ve gone. Well, I guess the one that I just closed, all four of my contracts had been from follow-ups like two days later because they were like iffy on it and then I called them again and then they were fine.

Peter (08:31):

That’s awesome. Do you happen to know the numbers off hand on this deal? We just did.

Chris (08:35):

Um, bought it for one to seven, wholesale it for 1 35. So at 1 35 minus the 6%.

Peter (08:42):

Not bad for kid your age. Right? Do you live now? Do you live in a dorm or do you, are you by yourself? No, I

Chris (08:49):

Actually live with my parents.

Peter (08:51):

Okay. I don’t know how many pairs. I don’t know how many girls that live with their parents are cranking out. Like I dunno what that adds up. 15, $20,000. That’s awesome. Now is the plan to continue living with them. Save up some money. Is the plan to go on your own? Ultimately? I mean, ultimately I’m sure. Yes.

Chris (09:09):

Hopefully like a year

Peter (09:10):

Get out of here. Okay, good. Good. I like, again, long-term thinking I like it. So, so look, this is the question of the times of where we are right now. There’s a lot of people because you know that you got the virus by the time a lot of people will listen to it. I’m sure we’ll be gone, but there’s always a reason for people not to do something right. While the virus is going on, I’m not going to do it. Oh, I’m getting a new job. So I’m going to lay low on this. Oh, it’s just move in. Or my kids just moved out. Oh, I’m not feeling good. So there’s always a reason for somebody not to continue their pathway to success. There’s always a reason for someone to say, well, I’m just going to take a little break right now is the ultimate reason to take a break. Right? We’re warrantying. A lot of people can’t leave their houses. What do you tell that person right now? That’s listening that says, uh, I’m just gonna kick back. I’m just gonna, I’m just going to crawl underneath my bed. I’m going to wait it out. I’m not going to do anything. What do you tell that person?

Chris (10:08):

Um, I think my girlfriend actually told me, showed me this the other day is you can have a million reasons why you can’t do something, but all you need is one reason to do it. And I was, my reason is I was bored and school got turned online and I saw your program. I was like, all right, let’s do this on my side time and

Peter (10:26):

Got it done. You know, it’s amazing you say it. Cause I tell people the exact same thing. Everything is a matter of perspective, right? This situation is happening to us all. Uh, like, I mean like we’re literally, we’ll all need it together. Some people look at it from this perspective of, oh, I’m going to crawl underneath my bed. Cause you know, just hit the fan. Other people look at it. Just like you do. Oh, well I, Hey, I gotta be here anyway. I gotta do something. So I’m either going to better myself. You know what I mean? I’m going to better myself. I’m going to grow with this thing. I’m going to go further and all this, it’s all, everything in life. It’s all about perspective. It’s not what happens. It’s how you react to it. It’s the perspective you take and all that, man.

Peter (11:07):

Listen, listen, first of all, I appreciate you taking the time and I will tell you Chris, without a shadow of a doubt, you’re an absolute, absolute, absolute inspiration. Not only between, not only seeing this deal through during the times run right now, but at Urh having the forethought, the attitude, having the gumption to do this thing, I’m sure not every 20 year old, one of your friends is doing this with you. You know, it’s always felt like you have all your buddies saying, come on. I mean, you know, as much of an opportunity as you have to do this, I also know you got a lot of things going against you. You know what I mean? And, and, and you’ve you’ve you, you battle through it, you battle through it. Not all your friends and show, like I said are supporting we’re in some weird times, you know, you’re sharing a place with your, with your parents.

Peter (11:54):

I’m sure you got to have some compromises there. I mean, th that, that is absolutely awesome. You’re an absolute, positively inspiration. Chris w I want to do more deals every time we do a deal. I want to bring you back. I want you to go through, I want you to go through and I want you to get tougher and tougher and tougher. And I’m telling you people like you, you you’re a, such a, such an inspiration. I’m just so glad to call your partner, Chris. I mean, I really appreciate it, buddy. Call your partner to enjoy it. Absolutely. Hey, email, Mary, your wiring instructions. Your will, your wiring. Congratulations. Congratulations. That’s great. So glad. See you, buddy. Bye bye.


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