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Speaker 1 (00:00):

So many times I meet people and they literally tell me, Pete, I don’t know like how on track I am, how well things are going. Um, am I going in a right direction in life? And you know, there’s different, there’s different check marks for all of those things, but I’ll tell you one of the biggest checkmarks I’ve learned is very simple. How excited are you when you get out of bed? Yeah. Like literally, how excited are you when you get out of bed? And that many times literally will determine just how on track you are. Just how financially set you are. Just how lifestyles set you are. Um, I’ll tell you, you know, if you’re one of those people that literally mopes out of bed, then when you wake up, you’re hitting the snooze alarm four or five times is getting, if getting up for you is, is, is, is, is one of the biggest chores do you have going on in the daily basis?

Speaker 1 (00:45):

I can tell you probably chances are, you’re not very on track in life. Um, check it out. Look how excited you are. I mean, are you bouncing out of bed or are you moping out of bed? Are your eyes wide open with anticipation when you get up in the morning or are you cloudy and fuzzy in your head when you’re getting up in the morning? See, I’ve learned that the more successful I get, the more I track, I get the more things work out in my way. The more I surround myself with the right people, I literally bounce out of bed. I mean, is that possible? You know what, when I was off track in life, when things weren’t going well, I was totally opposite. I literally literally pushed myself out of bed. So a huge, huge pillar of success. How on track are you, how are things working out for you? Are things going in a direction you want them to go to? Well, are you bouncing out of bed every morning?

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